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The Sioux County Journal
His Sioux County Journal.
Subscription Price, fl.00
ieo. D. (anon, ... TMifor.
Kiitern at the Harrison
pftcond class mutter.
post ofllce on
Last Tuesday was dedication day for
General Grant's Monument at Riverside
Drive New York City. It was the great- J
est demonstration in honor of one of i
a nations most distinguished citizens that j
wn ever known in the history of the
world. And there is no doubt in our j a msasure was up before every ligisla
ininda but what the honor is justlv to- i turn that ever convened in Nebraska but
stowed and tlie nation should continue to
rioaor its old soldiers, whether dead or
living our country can never repay them
for the sacrifice they made in giving
their lives by the thousantls, and those
who returned, the liest days of their lives !
with the poorest or heal Ui left them tojtroloftlm state all express, telephone
Ultict and destroy their hnppinesH during ; and telegraph companies.
the remaining few- vears or their lives . 1,0l'8(J 2"7 u l-mibit corpora
... 7 . 'i i , tions from contributing money or means
winch were shortened a num'.ier of years lo illtUlem.e or control eleclions or to co
ns a result of the privation and hardships rs or intimidate voters,
of the civil war. Senate file 47 making chat tel mortages
! on household goods void unless signed
The Cross or The Ci esccni, Which ! J !,y w ''-
I Tlie above are only n partial list of
. ,. ,. , , imMrtant measures passed, not to men-
The fross which represents true j tifm lhe nulllfcrotls obno.xioui laws t hat
clwislianity and beimr defended by the j have been stricken from the statutes, be
rtnetiksas against the Turks who have ! sides doing this the fushionists unearth
lor their emblem, the crescent which j a defalcation of $55(),()IH) m the ollices
A which were heretofore consented by the
itresents Paganism, are now engaged ; republiL-an party, and it will probably
jn a death destroying war between one j reach a round million w hen all the iri
Tiother and which bids fair to iuyolve i stitutions aro fully investigated, lie
nil the nations of Kuro. Greece al-the PKislature appropri
.' . ated f2;0,000 less in round numbers than
lltouun a small nation nus riau me
-ourag to defend its God-iven rights
m have said by their acts that they
will defend the cross at any cost, even to
'.be lyir.jf down of their lives. It looks
Iwvd for England, Germany and France,
smd a few smaller nations of Europe
which claim to to the most
ci'ihzed I
iwtionsofthe obi countries, that they i
Itave permitted the Ottoman Empire to
go on murdering christian people, des- j
i . .i i . i f .ti
wio Imve dared to live on Turkish ter-
litorv. We lioiie the time huh or win
' i
luon come
when the Turkish Empire I
' ;
will to blotttsl olf the map of Europe.
Turkey, like Spain are bartorous, inliu
tt mile, of low grade civilization and
should to given to understand by the
civilized nations of the earth that she
ritist abstain from butchering christian
meq, woman and children because they
lo not embrace the Mohammed or
fmgan reliiiion, or they will wipa her oir
the earth. Rut instead of doing s) the
gieat nations of Eurojiefpretending to be
christian nations to) are as we see it, if
not actively engaged giving counsel
ttnd atotting the Turkish government as
much as possible to defeat the Greek
government. We try not to to prejudice,
Imt our sympathies are witli Greece and
ve hope they may be successful, if by so
idoing it will increase religious liberty to
the people of Europe and especially
.Sonio of Tho Luwh passcil Ity
TIm- 25th IglHlatiir
of Nohriihkii.
M'hat Ktfert Tliey 111 Have on Trunin and
( nnibiii, Ainu Monompolips.
The 25lh nession of the Nebraska legia
lature jiassed more laws calculated to
tjive relief and assistance to the common
s-ople of the state than any sessiou in
' tlie history of the state. What corpora
tion legislation was enacted was far to
, tween tle citizen and the corporation.
Of course the corX)rntion, combineH
. and trusts fought every inch for their
tonellt but for the first time in the his
' tory of tlie state the paid emissaries of
llie monopolies were routed and let it to
, written in letters of silver and gold to
the everlasting credit of the reform I
'" forces that the yoke of bondage has been
broken and once more a bright light of
' hope is seen in the east. It Is Impossible
to give a fine eccount of all the good
measures that were passed as more than
183 bills were passed, and although it is
charged in some quarter that this legis
lature passed no good laws we desire to
respectfully in due fairness ask the tax
I ayers and citixen to study the record
of this legislature and the laws it put
upon the statute books which they will
fiave ample opportunity to do before the
liext session and if they ore good and
wise laws let them say so by endorsing
its actions by their vote from uow on.
'Some of the laws are,' senate file 94
prevent cruelty to children and prescrib-
tg heavy punishment and senate file 284
to provide against the adulteration of
'hod and prohibiting sale of adulterated
I Boll 150 prevent adulteration of
wine or cider- Senate file 287 and House'
KjII 4i'J winch tfives the state a revenue
amounting lo about $2r,000. er anuin
for filing articles of incorporatioa for
com pit n i ex find corporations.
House Roll 571 providing for state
printing which will save the state sever
al thousand dollars.
House Koll 17.) providing for deposit-
ing ninte and county tunds in bulk i
which will prevent Treasurers specu lat-1
intf on Hie peoples money. j
Senate Ilia and House Roll 18;!. provid-
ing Mutal Hail & Fire Insurance com-
, punies organized under wife laws which !
was asneu ior ny inousuntls ol (aimers,
j House Roll to prohibit combina
j tions of grain elevator. This is a strin
gent nieasure n rid will absolutely pre
: vent elevator menaiid train buyers from
fr")inkr trusts to coniroll the price of
....... .n Cl.. ...,. e,l,. omx : . .t - . .
pi.iu. OTimiD mo now is 1 1 e most sweep
ing anti-trust law ever placed upon the
statute books and there can he no ques
tion hut that it rings the deatli bell on
all trusts.
Senate file 83 is the stock yards bill
reculating the Omaha stock vanlx. Ku.-b
failed to pass. It will
save stock ship-
pers aniiiilly $75, 000.
regulating Railroads.
Senat3 file 145 j
Jins measure
places quasi judi-.'ial athority on the state
board or transportation and enables them
lo re8"11118 a,m iuou
freight and pas-
' un...e cu
251 nlaces under th enn-
the exlravigaut republican legislature of
two years njro, notwithstanding the fact
that 1100,000 was given the Exposition
and 50.000 to State University and
$75,000 to improve state hospitals etc.
Yet the ring republicans call K the bal
lot fraud session, becau-e they wanted
to assertion the will of the people and
W mjuibi ur iim, uvij men were
to take seut3 on 1l:o snrtreriiM heru-h
whi,.h wmlj out jU!,li(.H' reglir(
of who the legislatures were. No one
fan deny but that decisions of the present
court are always for cWpotiitious. When
defeated by corporation. That man J
was Hon. Samuel .Maxwell, tjnn or will
..... ...
".V tax payer or uurasitit say that a
i. .:. ,i ..i .i ...... . t
leisiuiiou iiiui ex poseu iiio rotieuess oi
the (.1. O. P., ring to the extent of H00,
000 and paKaed the laws we have rel'ered
to condemn them. The answer of eveey .
fair minded citizen who is not under the j
influence of the corrupt rinu at Lincoln !
w ho are engaged in attempting to shield
the Treasury looters and heal'the people
out of $S0O,00O. must be "well done thou
good and faithful servant." j
Notice Is hereby Kiven that the Interest
mid rcnt 'l U)oii Hie contract of leae sad
sale to the lollowine deHcllbeil Kduciitlonal
Lund Kltuatcd 1n Sioux county, Nebraska,
as set Oioslte the n. ines of the respective
holders thereof , I s deiiuipienl and, if such
delinquency Is not paid within ninty days
from the dale of this notice, naid contract-
w ill be declared forfelUMl by the Hoard of
Educational Lands and Funds and said for
feiture will be entered o( record in the man
ner provided by law.
I'art of Seti.
S. Tp.U. Name,
i lint jn.Alexander Steele,
Ileu s or assufus.
nei1,nl.,nwi1 . W -31-"..", A. C. Pratt.
w',nei, :it'-.!l-r,V,'. A. t.'rllifleld.
e'. swij.wUjHC :Ai-:il'i.i,llarvev J. Howard
All. i ai-.'J-.y.HiiKh W. Mae.-
w"i ',-?n ."".( lorton Nichols
e'3 wi-ifJ-fiJl.J. C. 5lowry.
All ;-SI-Ml, Joliu Otey.
All - it-is-.!, John S. Dlllen-
e''inwK Sfi-as-.-ili.K. 51. Prownier.
w'ne14,se,Uni;1i,nwl4,slil(i -3-ril,Tliouias Kas-
w!,ne'i,e,Vnw!4!t,'sw,i,w.lse.i39 H2 S'iebrgo
IF. Hhillp-,
w'wnwU,w)HWj .Hl-WJ -Vj.Hugli J. Smiley,
eVue!, e)vsn4 --,WIIiiiit W. Phil-
I lips.
:f.-r.-:z. J. L. 5taiu-i.
H,i :K-27-A:i;uHtiiV J.Mauel
e'ine1i,nel-,Nei.....lii-an-fi7, John Dunn.
All IB tf-M,C. J. Peterson
All Ifi-'.w-r.l, s. E. Copeland.
All - 10 -L1K.H Mrs. D. II. Hart.
All :-'' ;. H. HiirtMiiKrh.
Ail li;-'4-.'i4 M. J. Johnwui.
All. J4 5lathllda John-
Al! ll! r.4 J. II. Jensen,
All ;"! M M. Jensen.
All IC-yi-.M John N. Warp.
All 8rt-3t-M Julius Warp.
njn'4. ' nelj.n'nwli.sei-iuw 4..1(i-i7 '4
I Edward Downev.
All.. ,
U Hclu'a Wnrp.
.Hi-'iti-M George Frank
All - Ifi-'JK-M Jeo Frnnklin.
All Hi'r-30-M Amanda Frank-
All Ifi-.'fi-M Gust K I'eier-
I (.on.
All l(!-24-,'r, John Franklin.
All J;-:'4.ftj t hristina IVU-r
Ail 1 -Ki..7i Clias. J. Ilraman
All 3C-27-W 51 IH. Sophie llro-
All 1 24-M Victor Saniuel-
I sou.
All ..10-24-57 Ida K. Abraham-
so n.
All . . . JW-14-M V. AhriihauiHon.
All Dd-LM .'16 Jas. 51. Wusher.
lie4,RlseVt,nw4 e'inwli 3ll-.'t4 T4 II. H.
Harrison, Sloim Co., Neh., April 1J, ls7.
County Treauror.
.Mutter of applieatlou of Isldor Klclmlelu for
liquor license.
To the mayor and city couiibII of the city of
Hal rlon, Sioux county, Nebrnsks :
Notlcu U hereby Riven that Isldor Rich
stein hn 1 led bin appllMtloii lib the city
clerk of llarrlKon, Motit eonnty, Nebraxkji,
for license to sell mslt, splrituou and vm
ou liquor In Hiirrlson, Itoweu township,
Sious count v, Nebraska, from the 7th day of
May, ISM), to the 7th day ol Mnv ISMS. If I burn
to ho objections, remount ranee or protest
nlad within two we'ks prior to the 7th day
of Mny, IW, the said license w III Imi f ranti.
Itipon KiciitTKo, Applicant.
rlheriirs Kale.
Notice Is hereby rjiven Hint liy virtue of iid
order of sale to in directed Issued by the
i-urlr .tf II. u III..,,.!..
I NeliniwkH, lu nn action pending ill Said court
j wherein Asbury K. Hubson 1b plaintiff and
i Count I. WwNworth, GirMe M. Wadsworth,
Louis I. Wodsworth, Joseph ;. Morris,
Charles J. Grablo and Altmaii, Miller A t o.,
arc defendant-., I will on the 17th day of Mny, at one o'clock I'. M., at the Eest front
door of the Court House in Hernson. Nv
brnska, offer for sale at public vendue, the
following described real estate, to wit: i
The West Half (wl) or the South Bast
Quarter (ho') and Least Half (e,) of the
South-Went Ouartor (s-w'.O of Section Nino
(U) in Tow nship Tidily one (ill) X n Range
Htly-s1x (r,0) W'., of the Sixth () I', 51., in
Sioux county, Nebraska. U satisfy .t decree
of lurerloijuro entered in said cuusn by our j
Hidd Court at the regular November, 1803,
term ot mild Court to wit: I
On the. first day of Noveinlsr, whr - -
in our said court found duo to thu defend-
ant Altaian, Miller Co., on the chuhii of
action set out in Us cross-petitltion the xnirv
of $70.40 with ten per cent interest thereou
from said date and adiudired name to be a
flrat Hen o:i naid premise ' The said Court
uImo found due
the plaintiff on tint raw ot
action set out in Ids petition, the snru of
$-'30. 70 drawing ten per cent interest from
said date, which was declared and adjudged
by the court to be n secoud lien on naid
premises with costs and accruing cotn.
Said premises will be sold for the purpose
of satisfying said sums in the order nbove
David Uaktlett,
):!2..T.'i) Sheriff of Sioux County Neb.
Final Proof Notices.
All persons havlnir filial proof notices in
tins puper will receive a marked copy of the
Iu)H-r ami are requested to examine their
notice and if any errors exist report tiio
i same to this oftice at once.
Timber Culture proof.Notica for rublicution
Land ofilco at Alliance, Nebr. I
March 20, 1SH7. (
Notice Is hereby Riven that Edgar Mack
ey of .Mackey, lown, has filed notice of
intention to make final prof before 51. J.
I'.lcwett, Clerk of thu District Court at his
oflk-oia Harrison, Neb., on the first day of
May, 1K..7, on timber application No. 430, for
the WVof N' F.'i and Eii of N-W'i of Section
No. 1, in Township 114, ItaiiKO 54.
He names as witnesses:
Michael D. Jordan or Adelia, Neb.
Ncls I'. Itosenbiirg " " "
Aaron O. Wisdom " " "
mid Joseph BotTer ' .Montrose, Neb.
J. W. W'Ells Jr.
i?-:i4 KcKlster
Timber Culture Final Proof , Notice for
Land Oftice nt Alliance, Ncbr. I
March U, M7. - (
Notice Is hereby given that Kgwrt Koh
wr of HaiTlrti):), Neb., has filed notice of In
tention to make final proof before 51. J., Clrrk of the District Court at his
i o"1"8 1,1 Harrison, Neb., on the 1st day of
1 Mll'. " Umber culture application No.
i H", for the S-Wi4 of S-K' KX of N-Wy
N-K'4 of S W 'i of Section No. 9, In Township
2!, Itangu No.rl.
He names as witnesses:
J. W. Earnest, Edward Swnrtz, John Corbln
and W. II. Huiixh, all of Harrison, Nebr.,
J. W. Vitus Jk,
1 39114) Kt-Klster. ,'
Land Odkc at Alliance, Neb. I
April lj, I'.i7. I .
Notice Is hereby Riven that the following
mimed settler has tiled notice of ills inten
tion to make until proof in support of his
claim, unit that wild proof will bo made tie
fore M. J. Hlewett, clerk district court at
Harrison, Neb., on May 29, ls'.'V viz:
August L. Itiug of Story, Neb. who made
II. K., No. 8111, for the S!j of S-W'iof Sec. I,
aitdW'iof N-W'!4 Sec. 12, township 31 N,
Itange W.
lie names the iollowlng witnesses to prove
his eontlnuoiH residence ujkjii and cultiva
tion of, fa Id land, viz;
Fredrick Stcmuicr, John Weber, H. II.
Story, and Oscar W. Story, nil of Story, Neb.
Any person w ho desires to protest agaiiiKt
the allowaneu of such proof, or w ho knows
of any substantial reason, under tho law
and regulations of the Interior Department,
why such proof should bo allowed, will lie
given nn opportunity at the above mention
ed time and place to cross-examine tho wit
nesses of said claimant, and to offer evidence
in rebuttal ol that submitted by claimant.
J. W. WEIIX, Jh.
Xt ss Ucglster.
Order lor ncarinjc of Final Arroiint In the
County Court (d'Slnun County,
In tho matter of the estate of Charles J.
1'uddy, deceased.
Now, on the 10th day of April IR97, came
l'. Augustine I'uddy, the administrator of
said estate' and prays for leave to render an
account as such administrator. It Is there
fore ordered that the llrd day of 51ay 18117, at
I, o'clock p. in., at my ofllce In Harrison,
Nebraska, be fixed fur thu time and place
for examining and allowing such accounts.
And the heirs of said deceased and all per
sons interested in said estate, are reqnrted
to appear at the time and place so dcslgnat
ed, mid show cause, If such exist, why mild
account should not be allowed. It isfurth
r ordered that said C. Augustine I'udny,
administrator, give not Ire to all persons In
terested In said estate by causing a copy
of this order to to published In TyE Hiorx
CotiRTT JotiMSAL, a newspaper printed and
in general circulation In said county, for
threo weeks prior to the day set for said
Dated April 10th, A. D. WOT.
County Judge-
s'laa A. Ilolcouib Governor
James K. HairlH Lieutenant Governor
W. K. I'orter.
Secretary of State
Attorney General
Land Comrnissionei
-Supt. l'ubllc InsUncliou
John K. Cornell...
J. It. McKerve
C. J. Smyth
J. V. W olfe.
W. It. Jackson
John M. Thurston V. 9. Senator, Omaha
Win. V. Allen U. S. Senator, Madison
J. !. Stnxle. Conirrc.MsiiiMii 11. lil.t.
1). il. Mercer,
Samuel Maxwell,
W. L. Mark,
K. I). Sutherland,
V. L. Green,
- M- IOKt Chief Justice, Columbus
j l' ()- (;' "arrison ..As'te Judge, Grand Island
' 1-NorvaI Assoeiate Judge, Seward
JK A- t!aiii)beil..Clork and iteiiorler, Lincoln
M. I". Klnkaid Judirn. O'Neill
II. Westover ltushville
M. J. Blewett Clerk, Harrison
Robert Wilson County Jude
M. J. Blewett Clerk
Chun. Itiehle - Treasurer
W. 1L Davis Supt. I'ubilc Instruction
i). Bartlett Sheriff
J. E. l'lilnney ..Coroner
15. V. Thomas Surveyor
51. J. lilewett Clerk of .District Court
Grant Guthrie County Attorney
Frank Tinktium IstDisirict
M. J. Webcr(C'huirimiii) 2d "
James F. Young 3d
Otto Mutz.. senator, Dint. No. 14, springvlew
AE. Sheldon Hist. No. Ui, Chad run
E. Rohwer (chairman) Trustee
J. W. Scott "
D. H. Griswod
W. H. Sltirsteller
N. D. Hamlin ..
W. H. Davis clerk
Lewis (ierlaeh Treasurer
j. w. seott :
15. L. Smuck
Lewis Irlach
t' of court
District Court, At Harrison,
gn!;itertit April liitli, jury 14th,
Fall " October 25, Jury With.
County Court, At Harrison, commences
first Monday of each mouth.
5tetlioIIst Sunday School meets every Sun
day morning at 10:00
Superintendent. Secretary
JERRY RUSK I'OST, No. 34-., G. A. R.
Sleets second 5foudxy in each month in
the court house at Harrison.
E. E. Livermore, Com.
Harrison Camp, No. Sfi, meets on each al
ttrnale Weduesdiiy evening.
W. II. Davis, W. L. Hott,
Clerk. Con. Com.
51eets each alternate Saturday evening
at fl o'clock. A. R. DliW, V. C.
J. W. Smith, Clerk.
Regular business meeting first Tuesday
evening lu e.acli month.
W. H. Davis, President.
Devotional meeting overy Sunday evening
at 0:-l'i. D. J. Ci.akk, Leader.
5Iects each Sunday afternoon at 2:30.
5IRS. D. II. Gkihwoi.d, Supt.
Timber Culture Final I'roof, Notice for
Land Ofllce at Alliance, Nebr. j
March Si, is'J7. 1
Notice Is hereby given that Charles E.
Schilt of Harrison, Neb., has tiled notice of
intention to make Haul proof before. M.J.
Blewett, Clerk of the District (;ourt at
his office In Harrison, Nebr., on the 1st day
of .May, 18(17, on timber culture application
No. Dtfil, for the SW, of Section No. 22, in
Township 33, Range No. K.
He names as witnesses:
Charles Hiehle, Ncls Anderson, Eli J. Wilcox
and William IJIchlo, all ot Harrison, Nebr.
Also that Nels Anderson of Harrison, Neb.,
has tiled notice of Intention to make final
proof tit the same time and place, on tim
ber culture application No. 709, for tho N-
E4 of Section No. 17, In Township 3.1, Range
No. 5fl.
lie names lis witnesses:
Charles Uiehle, Ell J. Wilcox, Charles E.
Schilt and William Hiehle, all of Harrison,
Also that Charles Hiehle of Harrison,
Neb., has tiled notice of Intention to make II
mil proof at the same tune and place, on tim
1st culture application No. 70S, for the N
E4 of Section No. 4, in Township 33, Range
No. M.
Ho names as Witnesses:
Ell J. Wilcox, Charles E. Schilt, Neis Ander
son and O. A. Garton, all of Harrison, Neb.
I29S4I Register.
Try it six months.
The Jouu$al will publish your brand, ike
the following, for $;'M), per year. Each ad
ditional brand 7fj cenu. Every fanner or
ranchmen In Sioux mid adjoining couutie-i
should advertise their brands in THiiJot'K
nai, aa it circulates all over the state, it
may be the means of saving money for you.;matters in Justice, County and District
On left side of cattle and ou left
shuoldcr of horses.
Range on Antelope creek
Ghilchrlst, Sioux Co., Net).
On lei wide or hip of cattle,
On left shoulder of horses, i
Range ou the head of Warbonnct
Address Harrison, Sioux Co. Neb.
On left shoulder of cuttle and
jKSugeon Little Cottonwood.
J'. O., Crawford Nebr.
Scientific. American
Agency for
ror mroraiatlon and free Handbook write to i
HUNN & CO.. 361 Broadwat, New York.
Oldest biirenu for securing pntenM In America.
Kvery patent taben out by us is brought betoro
the vuIjUo by a notice eliiu free of charge in the
ff timiilk BmeftOT
Larerst circulation of nnr sclentlfle psper In the
world. Kuiendldlr Illustrated. No lutelllKent
wan should Ijo without It. Weekly. 03.OOa; 10elx months. Address, M CNN & CO
tnjuLisutua, tiiil Broadway, Now York City.
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a large clubbing list and when selecting
reading matter for the coming year call
and give u your order. We can save
you money.
V. 0.,
I U 3. J
B. E. Brkwstm,
D. H. GRISWOLD, Cashier.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
American Exchange National Bank, New York,
Omaha National Bank, Omaha,
First National Bank, Chadron.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Good rigs furnished on short notice.
Reliable drivers and quiet saddle horses always on hand.
Good accommodations for trnnscient customers,
ltorses boarded.
Prompt attention given to all legal
Courts, and before the United States
;Land OlHce.
Fire Insurance written iti reliable
C'Legal papers carefully drawn.
Harrison. - Nebraska.
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tion price of the two papers is $2.00.
C. F. Corrai,
Feed and Sale
: i'tv
' l
i'-- i: . .
. , v' - - . f ? t t
f - '"''-c.:.:, ;',,.i-'-..-.,
.-.-i - i.