The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, May 09, 1895, Image 7

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    11 T - -
Little Charley Foulc an I'aed To
bacco Hince Ht liood, and Ilia Fa
ther Htnukrd and Chewed fur the
plat Tocntj Veara- Both Set Fixe
t A.hi villc, N.C.
"Ia that true ':" a-k-J the Newa man a!
Frlhaiu'a l'liarniai 3', he lani down a
teller iii the prraciice of a duK-u int-r-filed
cnat"lller. !
"Ye, it i. It va writ t.-n heie on utie
f our letter hem!, mi'l trm-il by J- 1 '
r'ocleiiian." promptly aimered the pro
prietor, "You know I j tit). lo"t you?"
"( Vrtamly; he lives at N.i. 5 ltuMoti
itrwt. We' all know Foreman i a man
f hia ord."
"I am clail to hear it. There are w.
ninny un-U'ii'lllnr atateiuenla puhlihd
aowaday that lieu thin came in thi
morning mail I mine ritflit over to k
fuU alxjlit it. 1 read ilie letter three
times, hut you read it, and you will acr-e
with me that it ia Hliiioxt too itiiod ' "
true." Tina i what the letter aaid:
"(IfhVeof IVI'iiim'a i'hiirmuey. -
tm ftTenne. AkIm i ille. N. Sept.
JV.H. (ientleinen My little lniy. now f
years, t ciui i hewinc tobaeeo when three
years old hy the udviee of our family
ilirairian. in the plrice of wronger atiimi
ant. I'our or rive wk ago I Imi.mii
giving- him No To- Mac, wlinh I ImhiIiI
at I'rlluiin'a l'hann( y. and to uiy
aiirpriKe. and. it ia nee Memi to cay. my de
lipkt. No-To-Hao completely eur'd him.
He doe not aeem to eare for tulimio mid
la very uiurli improved in health, eat
heartily and has a in in It better eolor.
"I'indiiiii am-h remarkable renulta from
the uae of No To Hiu- I befiin myself, ind
it rured me. after tiiiif lolmreo. in nil iia
Tarioua forma, for a period of twenty
"I take pleasure in making thia phiin
tatement of filcta for the benefit of
othera. (Sie II J. I '( H i I.K.M A N."
"Yea, I know it's a fart, and ita one of
the BtrontreM. truthful testimonial I
ever read - anil it a true, fur 1 sold him
the No-To-Mae." '
"What's thut?" nuked Chief of I'olire
Jlawkina, whose manly form attired in
the new police uniform, like Solomon ill
all hia glory, riune to the door.
"Why, No-To Hae curea!"
"Curea? Why. I should any so. I have
used it myself. It cured me."
"Would you objei-t to umkinc a state
ment of the fact for publication?"
"Certainly not," and the Chief wrote
aa follows:
"AaheTille, N. C. Sept. 2.V 1V.H. IVI
hnm Pharmacy I hoiiitht one box of No-Tn-Bae
from trnti some time ainee. After
uatna; No-To-tiac I found I had loat the
deaire for tobacco. I a cured.
"I have used tobac.e-.hielly chewing
for et(tht () or ten (10) years.
KveryboUy lookel astonished and won
dered what would next turn up.
"Suppose it don't cure?" some one
ked. "Then they do the rixht thine
when No-To-Bar won't cure." "What's
that?" aaked the News man. "Kvery
drujigiat in America ia aitthoriwd to sell
lo-To Mac under an shsolute guarantee
tn rnre or moner refuhded. No -To-Hae
la made by the Kterhn- Remedy Co.. (ten
erol offices in Chi aifo, Montreitl and New
Y'ork. anJ their Ulwiratory is at Indiann
Mineral Springs. Indians, a big health
resort thev own, It'a the place where they
give Mud Hatha for rheumatism and skin
diseases. You ought to know the presi
dent. Mr. A. I.. Thomas, of lnrd A
Thomas, of Chicago." "Yes. of course
1 do. We get business from them right
along, and they are a good as gold.
Well, give mr their advertising books, and
.. will niae a statement in the paper about
mfiCx'yon have told me. for 1 know there
are thousands of gisid North Carolina
iieople who are tobacco spitting ami smok
ing their lives away, and No To-Bac is an
easy guaranteed enre and they ought to
know it."
Ttioae who leach joun children
iliould speak, to them properly, Dot lisp
ing or usin? silly words; for they cn
understand sens better than iiotisese.
(iood Ilouiekeeplng.
New deposits of phosphates have
teen dlacovered by French explorers in
the western parts of Tunisia. The
mineral capacities of Africa are still
Cut partially known. Gold alone ap
pears toabnorb the attention of modem
A Missouri cow went to drink at a
hole In the i -this whs in Glasgow
fro7,e into the hole and perished.
On Brut Introducing tills world famed mnli
cine tollic afliictvd. and for innny cr llirir
alter, it w aold under a Positive Ouarantce
ol givina entire Mtiafartion in every - (or
which it i recommended. to uniformly sue
ceful did It prove hn curing Hie diease de
rangements and of women that
claims for Die return of money paid for it were
aceedingly rare. Since in manufacturers can
mow point to thouaanda of noted curea effected
by it in every part of the land, they believe ll
past record a sufficient guarantee of its great
value as a curative agent, therefore, thev now
rest Ita claims to the confidence of the afflicted
HWrupon that record. By all medicine dealers.
Bcecham's pills are for bil
iousness, sick headache, diz
ziness, dyspepsia, bad taste
in the mouth, heartburn, tor
pid liver, foul breath, sallow
6kin, coated tongue, pimples,
loss of appetite, etc.. when
caused by constipation; and
constipation is the most fre
quent cause of all of them.
Oat ef the ntoat important thiaga for
trerybody to learo ia that constipation
tauttet luor thai half the aickaeas in the
ararlo., especially 4 won en; aid it can all
be prevented. Go by tae book . free at your
iruggiit's.or write B.P.AIIenCo.l365Canal
t.New Yorb. l'illt,io and 35 a lox.
aaaualiaba mors tSas t. an bi.
- r " s'aa ii m nion' Washington
DITFITS D C No su a fa. until Faisnl 00
a a. a aaaa w uubmi. Write for Inveator iouiua.
J I jeHai I
Fhe sat on the sliding ruhion.
The dear wee wol .u of four;
Her fe.-t in their shir trti rs
IJuuk dandling ov.f lit -Mr.
She ni'-ant to lie gi'.: be bad promised;
And su. with her tut rowu eyes.
She stared at the me-Ji'ig hoiiw window j
And counted the irriwling flies.
She looked far up at the preacher;
But she thought of the hom y l-ea
I ironing away in the bloi-.-iius
That hhiteiu-d the ch. rrv trees.
She thought of the broken b.-o-ket,
Where, curled iii a dur-ky heap.
Three sleek, round puppies, with fringy
Lay snuggled and fust asleep.
Such soft, warm bodies to cuddle.
Sin h ipiecr little hearts to beat.
Such swift, round tongues to kiss,
Such nprmvihig, cushiony feet!
She could li-i l in her lasping fingers
The toin h of (he satiny kin,
And a cold, wet nose exploring
The dimples tinder her chin.
Then a sudden ripple of laughter
Han over the parted lips.
So iiiick that she could not catch it
With her rosy linger tips.
The people hisTed, "Bless the child.
As each one waked from a imp:
But the dear wee woman hid her face
For shame in her mother's lap.
Iyondon Amusing Journal.
HI! horse is mine,
and you nor any
other hum Hlia'n't
rhlc him without
I say so!"
"And I say the
horse Is mine,
and I'll ride hltu
without asking
your leave, or
anybody else's!"
The two men
faced each other
'with ovver till!
3 43-5a brows and defiant
liHiks. wheu a
small, (iilet hxiklnt; man II in pod for
ward and Interposed.
"Come, now-, drop this foolishness!
If I hear another word alxiut that 111 tia
tnnjj I'll (diiKit bltn. and end the fusK.
I'm captain of this outfit, and as long
as I am. there's sot to be peace ill the
There wan a ring: of authority in bin
voice, and a flash In his bine eyes that
showed him to be a natural coiiiiimti
der. and one not to lie trilled with.
The two angry men Htood sullenly h1
leul, while he went on more genially:
"Cinie, shake bauds and pall it a
draw; at any rate till we get out of
here. I eau't have the two best men in
the outfit quarreling! You can't either
of you ride the horse now anyway,
and from the way things lmik, It's
a mighty slim chance whether you
ever will. If you're upoillng for n
fight, those redskins out yonder will
mvommodnte you, at the drop of the
hat! Come, drop It, I say, and shake
hands like men!"
But the two belligerent looked wowl
lngly at each other and then at Clay.
His Infiuehee was too great to permit
of a rontlnunnop of the quarrel In bin
presence, hut Instead of shaking bands
they turned and strode sulkily away.
They had trapped, hunted, starved,
revelled, dug Kohl and fought Indiana
together for years. Kach had more
than once risked bin life for the other,
in the same matter-of-fact way in
which he would have handed him his
pouch of tobacco.
When Hani Finch had been stricken
by small pojc In a Crow village, and nil
the Indians who were not yet attacked
had fieri lu tenllled baste, Tom Collins
had stayed, and for six Ion;; weeks
vap'd his solitary flj-'ht with death
bis onlv companions the unarlinir coy
otes and the heavy-winced buzzards.
his only rest the few brief moments
he could snatch when the raciiin dc
lli itmi of his patient was overcome by
bodilv exhaustion; till at last the sick
man crept feebly back to life, and
could lie taken by Ills devoted nurse
to where more etllcleut, tlioiiKh not
tenderer, carp and help could be trlven.
And now these two were as bitter in
ud as they had been close In friend
ship. The ipiestloit at Issue was the
ownership of a Kfand black stnjlloii
that had been htssoeil while leading
his wild held on the plains between
the Mogollones and the Colorado Chl-
tjtiitn. His neck had first been encir
cled bv Collins' lasso, but the totivth
hide of the lariat had beet) gnuwed by
a coyote, so mux 11 oioko wneu tne
wild horse plunged. Before he could
thunder away the lasso of Finch held
".My horse!" said Finch.
"I stopped him," said Collins.
"He'd have got 11 way without me,
for your lasso broke," cried Finch;
and so the quarrel began. At first they
spoke laughingly, then angrily, till
things were said on both sides that
neither mill) thought he could ever
forgive. Meantime the black, which
bad been broken to saddle in one day's
rough riding, was used by none of the
pnmpiK-tliig party.
As the disputants strode away Clay
muttered to himself:
"Queer what fisils men will make of
themselves sometimes! The Idea of
those two men iiunri-elliig about a
horse, when the chances are a Ihotts
liiid to one that their scalps will both
be fluttering at the cud of Apache
lances within twenty -four honrs!"
The sun was about an hour high,
nud tile wide, level mesil glowed and
quivered ll) the bent. North, south,
east, west, wherever Clay looked, h'
saw the cordon of Apaches. Nome sat
on their ponies like bronze statues,
some were stretched on the ground
asleep, some galloped down the little
catiyoii for water, but all waited quiet
ly for the time when their grim allies,
lieitt, ihlrst and exhaustion, should de
liver the prospectors Into their hands.
These were ft party of twelve strong
men who hud Htarted from Toon three
rcks earlier under the guidance ,f
John Burt, who caiue lu from uo o:
knew where, sorely wounded, and J rv.
tesling that b hail redivovered the
famous long b- Cauyou d Oro of the
"Valley of p..i:n" iu Ajlzona. ife
brought w ith (J ji a nugget of go) i as
lame as a ba'tf'0 hand to bear out tU
story; he told otw he bad barely elud'd
tin- Apaches, after they had killed ail
his frietvN; he awore that the Canyon
de (ire literally tdioue with gold; aud
the upshot was this prospecting ex
pedition tinder the leadership of Clay.
Two days before this. Juh's baud of
Apaches, out oil the war-path, had at
tacked Clay's party with an over
whelming force. Burt and three others
had fallen at the first fire, and the rest,
lighting desperately, had at last sue-c.-od.'d
in taking refuge on a mound
als.ut a hundred feet long by fifty wide
rising some ten feet from the plain.
Irregular lines of stone walls, jut
ting from the ground, and hollow pits,
w here the risjfs of the lower chambers
had fallen iu. showed It to be the ruin
oi oiiw of tbe old "pueblos, once so
common ail through that country. It
furnished a position impregnable to
tbe dashes of the undisciplined In
dians, who had at last settled grimly
down to starve the defenders out. The
whites had food enough for several
days, but no water. This the Indians
could pnsnre from a little branch of
the Colodado ChlqiiltJi, which ran
about five miies away, but the be
sieged had no HUcli recourse.
fine of their number, Aleck Pike,
wounded in the first day's tight, was
already delirious from his wounds and
from thirst, and the rest were suffer
ing greatly; for the two days' siege
and loss of rest. Joined to the burning
sun, w hich aggravated their thirst, was
telling fearfully Usm them.
"Sweet prospect, this, for a man with
a wife and two kids waiting for him
In Taos!" said Clay to himself. "Well,
Sitllle, you're a plainsman's daughter,
and you knew what kind of life mine
was before you married me and I
wish you'd been home so that I could
have kissed you good by before I
started. But I've been In worse places
than this before, now, aud saved my
scalp, aud please !od, I may see you
and the kids yet before the redskins
get me."
He limped over to where the men
were standing, aud spoke aloud.
"Well, boys, something's got to be
done. Those fellows out there seem
to have taken root. We can hold out
a couple of days longer, maybe, but
after that we'll be past praying for.
We've got to do something, and do It
quick. Anybody got anything to pro
pose?" "(inly thing I see," said one of tin
men, "Is to make a dasli and cut our
way through, If we can."
"Yes, if we can, but we can't. Those
fellows out there are tis many for us."
"Well, anyhow, I'd rather go under
with a bullet through me than stay
here and die, like a trapeil kl yote!"
"So'd I; but there's Alack," pointing
to the sick man; "we can't take him
with us, aud It won't do to leave him
"No use of the rest of us staying here
to die, when It won't do him any good."
"That may be, but we promised to
stick together, aud I'm going to do my
share of it."
"Cap," spoke up Collins, "how far
are we from Fort .Merrill?"
"About sixty miles.
"And what way?"
"Due north, as far as I can make it
Why ?"
"Well. I was thinking mebbe one of
us might slip through the redskins
yonder, and get to the fort and let the
triKips know how we're fixed. Cap'n
Klrby wouldn't ask anything better
than a chance for a slap at old .lull."
"Hum! ves; but I don't think any one
could get through." I
"There's no telling where lightning j
might strike; and a fellow might as-j
well die there iis here."
Clay hesitated. "Well, what do you
say, men?" he asked, presently.
"There aiut 110 show to get through."
said one.
We might as well try ll; we can't
do any worse, another protested.
We'd better stick together -we're
snowed miller anynow, situ anouier
"Well." said Clay. "If It's our only
chance, will any one here try It?"
"I will!" said Collins and Finch, lu
the same breath, both springing to
their feet.
"I spoke first." growled Collins.
"I'm the lightest weight. Cap," said
Finch, eagerly.
"Mh!" said Clay, gravely, "let's see.
The moon will be down by nine o'clock
and that black stallion ought to carry
a man to the fort by sun-up. Klrby'll
not wait a minute wheu he hears
what's up, and the tnsips ought to get
here by the middle of to-morrow night,
anyhow; we can hold out till then, I
think. It's our only chance; guess
you'd better try it."
"Which one of us?" asked Finch.
"Collins, I reckon; he spoke first."
"Just my luck!" growled Finch, an
grily, as he turned away, while Collins
smiled triumphantly.
One would have thought, from the
aspect of the two men, that the prize
won or lost had be mi some great satis
faction, Ifcsteud of merely the desperate
chance of saving the lives of others, at
the risk 0. Ids own.
lu one of the hollows of the mound,
screened from the sight of the Indians.
Collins begun, an hour lieforc the moon
went down, his preparations for Ills
ride. As each ounce of weight would
tell In the struggle for life which lay
before lilm. everything not absolutely
essential was discarded.
A hirliit, looped around the horse's
lower Jaw, and a. saddle blanket
strappetl tightly on the back, formed
the steed's outfit, Piilitahxins. light
moccasins, and a handkerchief around
tlm head to keep his long hair from
blowing Into hit eyes, made up the
rider's toilet.
"If I get to the fort I can get ft
jacket and bat from the soldiers; If I
can't get there there'll be less fur dd
Juh lo tote," were Collins' reflections.
Into his pis-let he supped a Derrin
ger, saying: "I don't luke any chances
on being taken alive."
Strips of blanket vere tied deftly
around the horhe'a feet, that no chink
of hisif on stoLe might warn the keen
eyed besiegers of Me passage: and
when the tinsin was fairly set, Collins
led bis stallion down the slois- of the
mound, vaulted ujsm his back, aud
saying quietly to Clay. "If the troops
ailit here by an hour after mooiiset to
morrow night you may know I'm gone
under," stole slowly away iu the dark
ness. Those left behind waited, listened,
with anxious hearts, dreading any mo
ment to hear the tumult which should
announce that their messenger's flight
bad been discovered.
Five minutes passed ten minutes
twenty minutes; Clay had just drawn
a long sigh of relief, aud was turning
away with the remark, "I reckon lie's
safe by this time." wtien a flash caught
his eye out on the plain. Another and
another succeeded; and the report of
rifles came to their ears.
"They-ve seen him! They're after
htm!" exclaimed Finch: but vainly did
the beleaguered watchers listen and
strain their eyes for further indica
tions as to the fate of their courier.
Would he outstrip his pursuers? Had
he escaped, or was he already dead, or
a pinioned prisoner, helpless to aid
them? These were questions which uo
one on the mound could answer.
The night dragged by, and another
day of thirst and suffering dawned. A
feeble groan from Pike, the wounded
man, drew Finch's attention; he
walked back to where pisir Aleck lay,
and awkwardly but tenderly adjusted
his head in an easier position. As he
stood liKiking down upon him. he
thought of another sick man who once
lay delirious in a Crow lodge, and
loathsome from head to foot with fil
tering disease.
He remembered, too, who it was that
had nursed that sii k man through that
time of horror, who had stayed by him
aud wutched over Iii 111 as tenderly as a
mother over her child, when even the
stoical Indians had fled appalled who,
when the grip of death was broken,
had nainfullv carried him for weary
mile uion mile, till help was reached;
and then, laying down his helpless bur
den at the post-surgeon's feet, had fal
len, senseless, in the middle of the
parade ground. ,
"And I have quarreled with this
man this friend this brother about
a horse!" thought Fiuch. "Bali! All
the horse from the Kio (Jrande to the
Columbia weren't worth one hair on
Tom Collins' bead! Ob! what a, fool
what a fool I've bi-en! Can I ever
make it up to Tom for the wrong I've
done him?"
The day, with ever-increasing mis
ery, wore away. With mouths, too
parched for talk, the men lay watch
ing at their posts. Aleck had died at
mam. Save now and then a plaintive
neigh from the thirsty horses, or a
distant whoop of derision from the
expectant Apaches, scarcely a sound
broke the wretched monotony on the
Clay sat and watched the red sun
sink behind the distant range. "I, nor
none of us, will ever see another sun
set," lie murmured to himself, "unless
Tom did get through, and perhaps not
even then."
(iradtially the darkness descended
and night gathered about them; but
still, grimly at their places, the front
iersmen lay, well nigh hopeless now,
but none the less determined to die
fighting to the bitter end.
But what clear, sweet sound was
that which suddenly broke on the dull
nud oppressive stillness of the dry
night air? It was-imd what a shout
ruse from these parched throats'. - it
was a bugle call. Hark! It sounded;
( (pen orders, fours!"
"Draw sabers!"
"Trot! Callop! Cliarg"!"
Then came flash on flash, and loud
hurrahs, blending with wild, tierce yells
and the rumble of charging cavalry.
Soon a dark form of a horseman de
tached Itself from the surrounding
obscurity aud dashed up to the foot of
the mound. An anxious voice called
out, "Hello! All safe?"
"All safe, thank (.iod!" answered
Clay, reverently.
"Show a light, then!"
In a moment a lire of dry sage-brush
shot up, and the light glistened on the
bronzed faces and the panllug horses
of Klrby's troop of dragoons. But In
the middle of the group, on a black
charger, reeled a swaying figure, sup
iHirteil bv a trooner on each side. On
his bare breast was a crimson streak.
Bushing down the slope of the mound
Finch reached bis side.
"Tom. are you hurt?"
"Killed, I reckon, old pard!" he
gasped, faintly; "the redskins have got
me this time. Kase tne down."
They lifted him down tenderly from
the horse, and laid him on a blanket
on the ground.
"Sam." he whispered.
"Yes. old pard; what is It?" Finch's
tirm went tenderly under the dying
ma u's head.
"Ham the mtistang's-yours. Don't
- hold It -agin me that I said -I'd
ride him. How dark it is! 8ay-say
gisxl "
The hand-clasp loosened, the head
fell back, and the quarrel between Sam
Finch and Tom Collins, as to who
owned (lie mustang, was over forever.
It Is believed that whales often at
tain the age of 4i(i years. The number
of years thi-se huge creatures have
lived is ascertained by counting the
layers of laminae forming the horny
substance known as "whalebone."
These laminae Increase yearly, Just as
the "growths" do on it tree.
Kvery boy abould remember that ev
ery decent man tn the world ha tried
to quit swearing.
About Blushing; Women.
Some time ago a man took it upon
himself to assert that the modern
woman has forgotten how to blush.
This imputation was launched at fem
ininity in general witli bo much bitter
ness and asperity that one might gather
therefrom that blushing is a virtue, and
that not to blush is criminal. What
ever the connection between the height
ening of color and innocence in the
case of women, however, the blush is
considered a sign of t(rnce men
Cynics have always maintained - that
women can cry about anything, and at
a moment's notice, and it. is indeed
pretty well known that many actresses
can squeeze out real tears nightly at the
proper moment; but blushing Is more
diflicult to acquire as an art. Hl ishes
are evidently considered as important
by the generality of men. For in
stance to call a man ' an unblushing
scoundrel" is a distinct slur on hiB
character, and to tell another that you
blushed for him used at one time to be
a pretty common form of Insult. Even
now the phrase "we blush to relate" is
to be found in our daily newspapers.
Tbe poet Young lays it down in his
"Xight Thoughts" that "the man who
bluahes is not quite a brute." Dar
win's observations determined the fact
that blushing is confined to the human
Announcing tli KdkK lueut.
An engagement should be autiounced
irst by the family of the bride-elect,
writes Mrs. Burtoti Harrison in the
Ladies' Home Journal. This ia done
jither verbally and Informally to friends
r by note to those whom it. is des te-l
iliall receive early inform itiou. The
nan may at Die same, tune write to
'.'nose of hia triends whom lie desires to
tave share, in his happiness and whom
ilie girl's family could not so well reach.
Uhurlish, indeed would be the spirit to
withhold interest in a new engage
ment, and the telling of it by the prin
jipals almost always inspires a kindly
feeling for them in those told. Lovers
have, perliftps, the best founded claim
to thinking themselves of first Interest
to a community of any class of people,
md are quite entitled to assume all of
the honors ana privileges of the situa
Dainty Vf liole-Wh Gema.
A tested recipe for whote-wheat gems
calls for two cupfuls of the flour mixed
with a ttaapoonful of salt and two tea
ipoonfuls of sugar. Separate the
whites and yolks of two eggs, beat the
yolks light and add a cup of sweet
milk, a little at a time, beating all the
while. Stir this mixture into tbe flour,
and wheu smooth and light add a cup
ful of lukewarm water. Beat the
white to a stiff froth and add to the
batter; fold them In lightly and quickly,
and turn into hot gem pans that have
been theroughly granted. Bake In a
quick ovec from twenty to twenty five
Of medicinal agents is gradually relegating
the old-tiiue herbs, pilla, draughts and
Tt'ltKianii' rxiricm 1.0 iuc irni nou 10015
loir into raneral use the nleasHiit. Slid el
fective liunid laxative, Hvrnn of Figs. To
get the true remedy ae that it is manu
factured by the California Fig .Syrup Co.
only. For' sale by all leading drnggiata.
The consumption of iron per bead la
nearly four tinea aa great in Qreat
Britain as in France.
The ignorant are never defeated In
any argument.
Hlf you havo
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Almoat Cheuper than Walking
are the low rates offered by tbe Bur- '
lington Route, Tuesday, May 21, when
round trip tickets to points in Ne
braska, Kansas, Colorada, Wyoming,
South Dakota and Utah will be on sale
at half the regular tariff.
Think of It Half the regular tariff
Travelers to whom economy is an
object and that meaus everybody
will take advantage of this muijey
saving opportunity.
For a time tab.e of the Burlington
Route as well as for full information
about rates and trains, apply to the
nearest ticket agent, or write to J.
Francis, General Passenger Agent,
Omaha, Neb.
The Portland police, not long ago, ar
rested a woman, who, 111 her cell, wept
and wailed for her dog until the kind
hearted bluecoats for the animal.
It was a pug, and its arrival stilled the
storm at once.
Mra. Wlnalow'a Soothiko 8YRCP for child
ren leetliinp. softens the liiiiiiR, reduces ltiflara
niation, alltiys pHin, cures wind colic. 5c bottle.
Newell Foster, of 1'igeon Hill, Me., N
lias a dog that he values greatly. Re
cently when his life was in danger iroua
the attack of an infuriated cow, tbe
dog grabbed her by the nose and Foster
got away all rieht.
After physicians had given me up, I a
saved bv P'iso's Cijrrj. Ralph Erieo, Wil
lianisport, Pa., Nov. 22, 1898.
The po.yp is a wonderful animal.
Cut one in two parts, aud two creature
result. ( ut it into six parts and six
beings sport around. If two be dividetf
each 111 two purls, and the head part ol!
each tie united at the severed ends,
they will grow together, producing a
mouster u .ih a head at each extremity.
Hall's Catarrh Cure
In tal; en internally. Price "6 oents.'
A cow in Norway, Me., recently killed
had in her stomach a big piece of
butcher's bone with a wedgo driven in
to it.
Tbe Greatest Medical Discovery
of the Age.
Has discovered In one of our common
pasture weeds a remedy that cures every
kind of Humor, from the worst Scrofula
down to a common Pimple.
He has tried it in over eleven hundred
cases, and never failed except in two cases
(both thunder humor). He has now in hi
possession over two hundred certificate
of Its value, all within twenty mile of
Boston. Send postal card for book.
A benefit is afwavs experienced from
the first bottle, and a'perfect cure is war
ranted when the right quantity is taken.
When the lungs are affected it cautes.
shooting pains, like' needles passing)
through them; the same with the Liver or
Bowels. This is caused by the ducts beind
stopped, and always disappears in a weeK;
after taking it. Read the label.
If the stomach is foul or bilious It wilT
cause squeamish feelings at first.
No change of diet ever necessary. Eat
the best you tan get, and enough of it.
Dose, on 4 tablespoon water at bed
time. Sold by all Druggists.
N. V. D. No. 334-10.
York Nat
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