The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 17, 1891, Image 5

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J10 -.--krm. Bllloai
' m' " -7 i.
ffr S.U r ri.
b iot KfM Wits.
An eldeily u,rt,i .dy m fevfwd
. .--.- i(.r.,Krfy iu her uwa'riKlit Lad
, i T" "H" utru site is
couuecM, Llu.1i,al,. tH"',
oft. red. and, kii oruii.i:!v ,,.
ciely .determined on T-Writir .-7
"iie, the minister,
tiiwit lor Km. Th
, Ut-S.l !tj
1 ctiU -l.i'K ""-
ruelitl-" e"l
jV a million ooiiuis i'
liin the Chicago world's
t-jl ta'.ion; bmn; adequately
Tbe B"'r "Standard.'
rtKJar-i nf female loveliness
i .r ...r.i rvmntrM una
Uitidual ruuio
I IDii OUI' "1 .'l"-
Ul end .ylph-hke and some
T. i v mntflan. liut
V SOU 4urrni -
r ... ..f i,a f'nucnaian race.
ttol beuty is always admired-
L dear ntl fpouw" """r";""
C . .k. f.mnle be of the blonde,
tor bawled type. This first
L!j by a pure slate of the blood.
iSir good appm "m""""!
i'hn-h r secured by the use of
Gntttewl to accomplish all that
tj lor it, or money refunded. It
Lid btv a clear, lovely omplei-
float 'UitionB, room paicnw.,
L U.wery."
Kitico&l Medical wwocioUon
Lrtima.Bik-d to congrwa to
,'W-iiiiDct offlcer to b
Lil The Secretary of lJutUo
r -
niiji unciiiiinra in r,.j
nxjiU-ling tU-s nni-t;n; h..u
a ( liiuriuan of tbe Mriiiug
t aiini on ucr r a t onlriniili,,!,
i.rcsfiiU-d wiih a tliwk f..r I-
jrl -. f;yi1w!i v. out h-.tue hihlv t.rul.t
tut a bt, , (.trihiy aba, k die Uxl day
whrnthe lady i ImsLanJ aD.J 6,a cnlled to
j.niUM xiusl bj r munififinct. Tbcr de
l:;r,xl that she had n.H Uwn in har richt
nmd fur a long lime, M(1 didn , kno
u-hiaahewaadoiL- when khe yielded to
U undue lnHutm-e brouKl,i u bear upo
j mew
tlmt the was as sane as her husband to aav
tuf! least, and that the contribution was
IKrfcclly voluntary, yet a disinclination to
irumc mixed up in legal proceeding
which were hinted at, induce! him tobend
baik the money. So far, so good; but
tiow cornea the sequel. 1 be buJ.and re-
ccuuy aoiu a unci ot land. I ne dei-d
quiv urawn. maned
.... irr,i.ii(.il Tliront.
h.(ir Coltl, "ilroirn's Bronchial
yf are onereu wiiu mo iu
m in their elticacy. toia vmy
rttnsrkable old men In this couo-
M B. H. Ijtthrwp, a Uultiumre
r, ia enjfAiri? cxc;llotit licalth
uifiatiil tx) went at tlx) a'o of
i-cizht. anil one of the active kin
ImoIr'rovWenco w Ml Awmworw
nlr.etv' Old Undor BUcli
Hatiikws, who baa ben aJ
i;-U,i. flnda that it pertaina ex
,;y to civilized countries, and l"
ordanuo with tho degroa
.&, auu oeuieu uy tne
.ranlor, who pased It to his wife to i?n
t(.T the rr !llUM!,.t i.f Am 1... .
bin a-tormb merit she inlerpcied a slight
objection. "Mo, 1 am not In my right
mum, juu iitjv, sun my ai would be
void," wan her reply, and, in spite of all
tolicl.aticns. hbe refusia the conrtpmr r,i
tier til it.trrurtli and tl.j rAA
,t the land on his hands intenl nf the
'Hip Itat Qnestion. jmails to so t Jjust their freight rates
I ir:' a ' aii - j that tile out, oiug rate toward the east
i,.,-, ;.,,:,.,. ,f , , . , : mi ruarkeU ahould be lower than the
, Z tt, , 1 alna KwUlTy.h.BtHt; tiat sells more thau it buys.
: f. a subject of absorb'tig interi-st T he ; . , . . . ,,
... , ,, , 8 11 1 his state ia engaged principally in
- tott ,nedto be wrought 1 ! raishlg p 4iu audVoc.k and it wants to there Ix-nigtwofaons.,, ,tot.k ratLer tliau buy
Ulc ii'e- T 3 coff,e. His true that our
'!,-';i;;U "f ra;t8a,.'dUM' othrr ue;!ariils; ; qeopte i,.,, , ear ana coffee and huud
' ' busmess pon. y for rt(iaoiih,r gmall COInmoditie8, but
to purine at this tin u to let ' tbut ct,,lstitute3 but a small proportion
r:es alone and -stop , interpret u ou, busiliej!a lraU8actjolls. and the
.iti.u i'.s hi c.ipiuu, ,i! unr man f x-
t-regst-d it. The business men
ie let alone policy, while
An AfA Mala.
font Tr.m T!r..l.a,, . II 1
farmer livinr on the F renti Prr.a1
oenr lloyd i i reek, Tenn., it the owner of
a while mule 45 years of age. The veoer
able beast ws kept in ibe harness until
iww tvui ny, nu'u ntz was reureu on a
tciuuon. He has been in the nossession nf
the mule for thirty live yeari and can
vouch for hit age.
We have stk-cted two or I
three lines from letters
freshlv received from pa
rents who have given German Syrup
to their children in the emergencies
of Croup. You will credit these,
because they come from good, sub
stantial people, happy it finding
what so many families lack a med
icine containing no evil drui,, which
mother can administer with con
fidence to the link, ones in their
most critical hours, safe and sure
that it will carry them through.
Bo t. Wn.UTS.of Mn. Jas W. Kiat,
Alma. Neb. 1 rive it Daughters' College,
to mv children when
troubled with Croup
and never mw any
preparation act like
it. It u imply mi
imt denended upon
it in attacks of Croup
with my lime aaugn
ter, and find it an in
valuable remedy.
:uiuu, -
alf of our customers
are mothers who use Boschee's Ger
man Syrup among their children.
A medicine to be successful with the
little folks must be a treatment for
the sudden and terrible foes of child
hood, whooping cough, croup, diph
.i tVi. Hanirerous tnnanitna-
lUCIld O
dons of delicate throats and lungs. M
Bordrtt. on Th.ologUl
Do 1 Micvc in a personal devil, son?
IWtl? I don't know of any creature
in the universe more given to pr
than this tame dU to whom you allude
I believe In demoniacal imsesslona. I
. t i r . it .i.n men iiosHOsed wttn ae-
IlKnilV Willi a wuiuan ,1,111 which " u....." , ,..v
let health. But all tunc- n,yif
- ---- - 1 i-vil 11111 r. iii, i y
J ,1,-. ' . . ..,.,: .n mm but vea-
WOtnen tcrdny.piihly to day; more than likely
l. .1 1 1 tr . 1V 'o i" , ,,,. o-,.t tin in
mneir mnrL' ou neeuu t w ,v. mv wy, " i"u "v-r ? ,
VtW n. Vu-rr. Fa- the mornini; with a r,,:
j. iin.ui. ii. .v.-- - ncrversitv 01 nateiume, :'-
Prescription comes to XL. you? yja.ra5l
V rescue as no other medi- lM
L. 1l s.1 , '.. . dutiful : noliody eve
in unit tlie Oiuci, ni 7 ,
in, ana fin of
devil of perversity . u - ,
jal derangements and dis-
Jers peculiar to
m. it uurus UIV.-1... . l,"hm' " ord evervUKiyinthedining
cal pains, prolapsus and 'ranily U. you a, you
airpmJnts. bearing- 2 TU u-e bluer. r.1''
r , - y
" ie
01n your lip. to W
Iflo , eU:0 .mvJ yo y w frn.lh words that
a rful, restorative & EyK S
anrf nArvm imnartinff . 1 .i,n.-L
; our maintained ft surly.
me wnoie avaicm
A to
,,IIVC y,m neve, ,oving
. , . .1 mean, cruel u.oi.i , ,,
icrai, and to tne utcnuc . lnokin? up !nro uu' .V heevd
1 1 if tri'mir IU
and appendages m par-
! 'it'.fe l;:irnd, nltoii iio'.j the alliance
e mdidate for district judge led out iu
the I'fht for re:'mcti(m in a very
iipgressive manner, M. A.J. (instil
opened the aiguinwit sltowinc; that
there is a difference in tli system by
w hich eastern and w estern roads clas
sify their freights and that such articles
as fertilizers, ilax straw, tobacco dust
glasswure were lifth class on the
other side the Missouri river, while on
this side they were fourth chs. lie
claimed that th-rale 1 n tinware wa,
quoted at double find c iifi-t and asket?
the the railroads to exphtiu why they
mtl tinware as double first class
while It U only 11 ret class east of the;
Missouri river. To this Mr. Monroe
traffic manager ot the i 'liion Pacific
road responded, explaining that the
double first class rate on tinware
shipped in packages was to discourage
the shipment of tinware in that way as
it was liable to be damaged in handling
and the company would suffer more
loss on damaged goods than the freight
chaiges would amount to. He, how
ever, further explained that tinware
put up in boxes or barrels was only
second class, while if in solid packages
it is only third, class. As a rule tinware
is shinned in solid packages and pays
only third class freight. Tkis answer I
seemed to surprise Mr. Gustin and he
retired temporally from tbe argument.
Atthistoiul in the discussion Mr.
Holmes, a Kearney merchant, arose
with considerable leenn?; aim
wiDi much force, urgitg that u was
not to the Merest of Kearney nor the
state at large to attack railroads while
the state was yet new ana neem-u
friendship andco-operalion 01 ucuoau
and railroad buiiueni. jib
that friendship, and not Hostility
.1 1,1 ebitcterize. public ueiitiimmt
toward capital that had come west to
grow up with the coumry. "
farmers and bus.i.ess men had suffered
tart year through crop so had
the railroads, their constantly
drinking value should not be shll
further deposed by tlie anno , nceu ...
throughout the country that the state
" .w.MnU had dealt a harder
mrougu i . "--- . .
: 1 ... .in. lino loev nvii.
D10W Jltai a 1, ' ,
to be able to recoup themselves by the
.....!.. nf the nrosent crop. Farmers
business men mid everybody expect
.OI.r to retrain a part 01 iy
"""J" . . ..... ll, mil
1.1i.1ci voir and WHY nut. o'""
IVDI. lliuw J - , . to recover from depression on
tbesau.e plan that other peopie uo.
Mr Holmes staieu umu u...
railroad agitation was no u. a...
-W. the seuUuient or wisnes o, .
business .. and the progreseive
(0rCts of this state ana v -
thatuioa Yrholiau uu..-
. , i i.i utuiwi tin auu ica.ou
at state suouiu - -r
lW9 sentiment ofl.ostil.ty w . leh 1
alone until it got conrol ot w -i
of the state would ultimately do a groa
,ieal of mischief, lie spoice m oc...
of Kearney and the progressive sp nt
, nt thn sentiment of the
not repienw - ,MmM
town In which ho uvea. ... -"..-.....t.J
to tlM board an address
Zed by - .uun men of Kearney
9'81RU " .. rar tb ant -railroad
remonstrating uBa.Up :
cry which he said was driving back the
CIy liuu ,J . prowdltltr
tide of prosperity lnstou i
S'onlrd. .Holmes argued further
. fAreea in boc.cvt,
i..i.,i,i a are'u"'ti
...... v,ii,lintr forces. 11 "'"J
and prosper iuc, 6-
.. , v till tV Of
to the iiuai"-'"' - ,
Tlley have faculty -:- -lhe
avera; e farmar pays but a small pit
lance of freight charges (admitting for
sake of. argument that the consumer
pays the freight) on his annual pur
chajfcs of these s'aall commodities, but
the farmers principal transportations
coBsist In selling the products of bis
fai in aud he is interested in having a
lo'A' rate on east bound farm productst
and that is just what he gets under the
qresent policy of the roads.
A gentleman whose name was not
announced arose in the amliance and
isaid that the consumer always paid
the freight. "Then" said Mr. Holdrege
' if the consumer pays tho freight sure
ly the consumer of your farm products
pays the freight at the eastern end and
it would be no relief to save a still low
er rate on the eastern shipment of
these products . "So," said the gentle
man, "'''he farmer pays the freight wr
the eastern shipments of his products-
Then," retorted Mr. Jloictreuge, "u
you iiwi-a on having it tnai, 11 mo
farmer at this end of the line pays the
freight on shipment of his corn and
cattle to the eastern market, it must
follow that the eastern man who sends
his goods to Nebraska pays the freight
at that end of the hue." "i say," said
the gemleiiuui, raising his hand m-;
piratically, "that whenever freight,
rates go down the prices go up.".
"Then," said Mr. lloldredge, "il rates
were reduced on hard coal, the price,
of hard coal would go up wouldn't it?".
And so they had It back and forth;
until half a dozen men on either side
were firing shots at eacli other in uuicK
. , s 1
succession. The boara iuijouiueu. ia,
meet at Norfolk on the utn.
Hied fa Millions of Homes AO Years the SundarJ
IT is reported and Is probably relia
ble, that tbe last of tho Uorgiaa died
last week in Germany a poverty-stricken
street beggar. This degenerate de
scendant of an infamous ancestry was a
photographer by trade, and His wiie
washer woman.
Terrors of a Niehtmare.
A London artist of eminence has the
nightmare occassional ly, but with him it
invariably takes one form. He seems to
to be awakened by a sensation of coldness,
1. Q i,.t.. .-.0ncf.1l liv tlie Kndden ad-
BUC. ao 11111:11. uv '"..--- j
mission ofoutdoor air, and, at the same
time sees a man s nana misy won i"u
window-fastening, ife slips quietly from
his bed, takes up the poker, conceals him
self behind the window-curtain, hears the
fastening of the window tbrust Daca, ana
with a sensation of spiteful glee raises his
. , i. .j ..11
weapon 10 uring 11 uuwu nuu m.
force upon tbe bead which lie knows will
in a minute or two be thrust into his
room. The window is softly and slowly
raised, and be is in a quiver of eagerness
to deal the vengeful blow, a grim smile on
his face, a fierce flash in his eye, when lol
tho head appears.
lul nonor 01 uoriois: iuaLu.Liai.ouii-
it.A o.-r.. in t.-till nnil l-in-id- be CJin UOt Hi 111 1.3 Di.i
strike tbe blow. Aud the lace then turned
toward him is one ot lnaeous niocaery
and scorn, with a protruding tongue, the
fangs ot a wild beast and the expression of
i! 1 A .l . l.n p.m.iiim fllfp tn fftPft
a ilCUU All.) .li iwumua '
with his friirbtful enemv, utterly Iielpleas
and in a stale of indescribable torture.
The effect of nighlmare m this lorni is, no
tells me, an almost maddening one, and he
cau only account for its frequent repeti-
Oi.. .... iinnuiiollv nnu-pr.
110Q as lusuiliujj j.uii. an uuiw.iui.j
ful impression 'made upon his memory in
conjunction with its curious ally, the im
agination, which is in mis taai;, uuo ui
more than usual power.
Select School
Holy Child Jesus,
rfclInstitntionnr.dnctedbyttie8Mtorsc tin
Holy Child Josas from
Sharon Hill, l'lilladelphia Pennsylvania,
will open as a Boarding and Select Day School tat
Youut; iauict,
Prnt wiU find in this Academy all th fe
tnree of a lecluded an.i ref:ni home for (Ml
danghters. A ti oroliKh, ;fnl and W
pliBbed fducaiion is impur!i, , and parUeolM
itn :b bestowed on the moral improvement
"offFeenceof rnliffion no otatacU to th t
oiauon of pnpila.
lor pai Uouiara, adareM
Convent of the Holy Child Jena.
I4tu. and U SireeU.
. . . NKBRA8KA.
Free Trade Prices
'lice and figure but adds
1 to your lite. It S guar-
in mv cntifartion in
case. If it
Unsold Books in Paris
I'arisians-if we are to judge froln;
some statistics published do not ak;
so kindly at present to fiction in look',
i.nn l'ormerlv the vellow .vered'
novel, which costs usually about half ".,
crown or a little more whe' just issued;
was to be seen on every taie aim in,
the hands of numerous travelers by;
boat, rail or car. There is now, how
ever' a crisis threatened in the book,
trade and novels are at consnierauio-
n ia Pitimated that there are trotu.
nrtpen to twenty popular authors'
whose hooks fill the requirements of,
.!. ....i.iiai.ora To attain this end at-
LUO JJLlUlw.".
least thirty thousand copies of a work
,. iiomiW 7.0 a ana a lew omeia
ti.ia nnint easily, but it Ins hap
.,,,1,1 hitelv that one of the most eel
,.t..,. ,i of tbe latter-day nictionibis
Cill.ll -
i.,i mifnrt.iine to find that u,uw,
liJ.o of bis last production were re
wii"," ' - --- ...
. . . .. . i. V. M nenn
.u,l to f lip, niiblisners uy too
Liuiiv v r -
.. ...i,ii. 1.1m tbp. mnnonolv Ot
liacnewe, lyiiiv...
..ii,vnw bookstalls.
' Of a splendidly bound book by a fa
mous author, ornamented with designs
artists and advertised in
.1 i mnnimi.
the most extesive ana eiauoi.11.0 ....!....,
onlv one copy was got off. Ut anotner
1. t.o onmo 1 esermiion. uui icoo
TOUUluiomiii." r ,
.nivA oniv six copies wore sold,
the remainder being handea over at a
.:,ii,.,iinnar.riceto tlieseconanaiia oooa.
sellers that one publisher in Taris lias
now on band 3,000,000 volumes
i.o eannot sell-London leicgiapu
Popularity of tlie lime.
The sale of roses in this country
amounts to fully 1,000,000 plants a year at
the present time. There are no statistics
by which the exact number can be learned,
v.... Vr.,i0..iliro nf .flip, extent nf Cllltiva-
uub a auuiiivuv . -
i... i.o .-.vininiil i-irnruurjilnrs enables
us to estimate roughly as above stated.
The probability is mat, tue annum sate ca
,i nnni,t,riililv riitber tbnn falls short
of tlin amount. mese iiauw iuc iu.u
. ii : 1 . no lin.l.
wnony raibcu ou iuuu vju iuum, u.
ded plants, which at one time were quite
common, nave laueu luiu uuuci.uu;
will now scarcely commana a purcnasei.
The popular judgment in this respect is no
doubt ri"-ht. and will be sustained. Budded
plants, except with 'some weak growing
varieties, will never again be iu vogue,
and tbe number of excellent varieties of
vigorous growth is so great Jbat delicate
growers will be discarded for this fault
alone, no matter what other good qualities
tney may possess. ,
xne rose is me uiosi uiguiy cu..,
. il. a.nniiim llw. llint. O-pnenillV
HeAl lO ... gcmiiium. t)
cultivated flowering plant. These remarks
apply to amateur cutuvuuou. x ioiiuu
i .innate mnkp rnsf'-prnwintr a very
prominent part of their business, and lm-
f;il tlwrpra orn mipd rlnr-
meuse ijuiuuuu ui..v..a ----
irr ii,o mlntpr season for cutting. Ibe
statement is made by a competent authori
r . . ,nr .i......j. ;u m nun
ty mat in 1000 uio-uuuc oom
cut roses." This indicates, to some ex
tent, the popularity of this particular
Iu.. Pmlnrll.inl
No MnnopOllff 1
Kewinsr i nmvlr I P
lr!iiii.-l onlv J) I u
W!, era now fcfil n.r OUT
Western improved Singtr
Sewing Maciiine same hs
cat- complete vith all
and warr;inta
4nr e vears fnr onlv $16.
g a anA rr fiill 1
and other styles to M. A. Souil"
Lake at., unicago, aiu
I lsrrinlifin of th i:
tllin & Co., iv3 v.
WitSUl.UTO. l
U14 ' SI Itl.KT, '
fnr tlp General Ailments ot Horses, Cattle, Hon
lrn She" They purify the. blood, prevent and
",,7p iltsease Honest ana reuanic, in nun.
itite uiscasc. ,.....,,,i f,rnvi'r twenty
packHEes ; iuku . " , sh(ml(1
.a,N F.vervone owiiiiiK iiwi v"vv i ::
,V . . ...J..I Uiuhv K.U M R
riw it.
Do.. Clilcauo.
ikiit 1'ROriUIiTAliI
Sold by all druggists.
m vt'douiTtir .
Ell T,,,C.ea.rU!OI 00
Birr O Is the n'',??"i
lotdlng remfily lor all toj
unnntural dlcharie nj
private disewesot men.
certnl n cure for the a;!1
tatlQS weakneai peculiar
I prenctioe nnn '"'"'T
In roconimeDQlnf l
all ounerero.
Bold tT DrnSjrta"
We want the name and ad
dress of every sufferer in tae
A ATU1I A U. S. and Canada. Addrew,
U Ad I nlHH r.iu.Mby.M...tbia,u
the state
frit, lC l7ouW done some mc
. ibl b vour better nature revolted?
me at whi u our ia. ,
,NTr. nL W for and were
,ai. 'v Zrmll even as. you Uirtured
L.Jllllli" J
rtiraci, 'V"t ,-,
those wno." "",,-,, wr.hcd in
money is returned. "'"y
i Ah, yes; .you . rversity, ob-
OOCbUi, dutcb.ot iuouv auJ un
i 1 humor, ...
M-D York Neb
III. . meDl?1, in the human organ!-
Wm TT 1mm health, and there to m w e tjon 0f
iiltt s Hair DVG i,B "'i1 ,nxs-i" wiii-,d:
tf mWJ V vital aellon, wbUU '' when I
tagla anpllimtlon of thU
n.l . V . I l..fKllUM-
f Mnn.iHliu nothlriK lMjnr.o.M to ttao
i W at. driiKeUU, or lent hf
??Jlptof orl..l0. oau. aw
--.MW,,,,, iuik. .
lomriTift nrtuu
im f.kek av CkloaW.
ill huu.r. i"y'" -,- out
tenable ''IVud'cas(ootUie
'il,.you ts owing topbCJ
hear you ' ,.n witi It, because
health hs no.m ff t)ie WOru
omcof 1,etave ten entirely free
0f tbe meanest men , a whilU
llv'etl Tkn w yoli that when yon
J"'.. "ltZ arc posset o a devil
11 V LV-Urin him? My if.
ni'w' . i. r difference
... o n w
in .be toothache or . . Mme
oVxbarho is 'Tmc an" the man
And. beiweea you . i ,Ue world
Theyuavei..-.. - lhe
necnl ur force and energy
r o f enmmerce. A state
and progressive-..- - d
railr, cZmen. vvho follow and
by 8econd class men, w
try to unite ou - ; d;velo.)mellt
schemes aim p- la88
and progress . s ai vB: ;
.l.lA t.0 WlllCU U.D ......a--
'"'-' . oiif jo IV. lia lanu
world never ,
lifeless and dull, and l-ii
a particle ot - - h'0 -Micv
"nV.. ibl believe I
vmv0) iia WIU
cm iuJv will ma"6 A
aver, be very nfiitwsi
. -rrirvrT A T -
Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Swellings,
WOUU . i(g toW SB
oesbo(!Bing - - ' '" ,
11 IV ta-" -
peoplemaura ; i0 tQ this
Mr. sam - of
8Ute because it u- - ftU
being a I'e" y -
valueshad ne " wftUM U
e Hiidhad the
rp;:dvigorto "get there" In the,
'too at these suu;- said
Mr. Holmes. Waving b u
direction of the coniW
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Tim Mvstcr.v of Inheritance.
nf an individual animal
or plant is to be regarded from the
point of view of bereaity, w"s i
two distinct elements. These are germ
.....I. .,,.ii lmdv cells. the lormer uevoieu
to the important work of reproducing
-u. .p thn latter const iiuliuk
actual bodily material, and discharging
all the ordinary luneuons huub
which the individual lite is mmuui...
Inheritance is a matter 01 u.e
rth irerm psalm or germ cells
uiiandud down from one gen-
Wiov;.. LlJ t. to another in cumuiiauve i.u
ca'rrying with them in each case . not
the features ana quanuea v..
predecessor and parent, dui vi u
-..,1 ur (TAniTHLlLIUa.
Assuming that the germ psalm is
. vbibit varatlons, we can see
how and why such variations can be
..fitted tn new trenerations; but we
rriinaui.vvv. u .. ,
bavo also to take into account iu
fluenceonthe germ cells ef the body
to which they belong. mw,
inheritance preserves through the con-
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tiniiity of the germ ceuo
of the race, it gives the rein to
atlon, and by the comuineu iuu.u
actimr on the indivia
....i ..ponies the world with new and
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Pulleys and Sprocket Wheels,
Shafting, Hanjrers,
Boxes and Collars,
, vine, Steam Fittings, .
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Belting: Leather, 1'
Cwwilete Steam Outfits Promptly Furnished or Reoaired.
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York Foundry & Engine Co.,
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