The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, July 16, 1891, Image 5

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    t I I
fllffUSt I
f . t W Fcnnimore is the
yV'fCo De!.,ai.d lives
lute The sheriff is a
fiftv-nine years of age,
Scathe : 7 vc
15 ". ..,., Mr w :r for sev-
r" tlnn anv other remedy.
5Si Ibied with what I
rjLoJn a general headache
.kk and vomit.
!LUfti-V a pressure after eating
K tif'of the stomach and
rj!L when fxvl seemed to rise
C?y throat and mouth. When
fc,5?Si"IE if I take a
August Mower it relieves
CLdBthe 1st remedy I have
Kkeafcrit. For this reason
fat it and recommend it to
as a great leuiedy for Dys-
tc n.FiX. Sole Maoufacturcr,
. It D
fHMrr, New crCT. ti. J. .
Re-reenln of Ve-efahia
ii - - i. . . .
" 'jprnuoai tut to pair.
IIITlri i.. .......... -
K 0); rBrt H. ,,R.
TE!.r.GKXr II llirv
Asn other vroKjK.
, .j... (ij..v0 luk iij pa'pj
the lily or to gild the refined gold, bt
the reg reening of vegetables has as
sumed the proportions of gigantic in
dustry, which ha iu headiiu rters ir,
rrnuop, give employment to ?i,fii
persons, and reprmuts a business of
4O.CWJ.O00 francs.
Nine tenths at feast
preserved vegetables sold in Frauce o
wmiiow regreenetl with Hi, .,,. i,", , "
sulphate of copper to them 1 ,511'.
appearance of freshness, luring- the dav. Whn u,. . ...
Affm-rfino t II. a li,iti.i. ifj;..i ,riw in UK
.. - ' Mi . 'I 1 ' 3.1 JCUltl!
Journal the (Jlasgow health committee
l"et-h Brttni op th, i
Old "Ketch
ands of the Hudson.
ttSA .Konl...t A .. -
. . . . i'm'i t ii... iti
I'TO 111 III !,i((hl
have decided that fit tit. Vronli
Government have annulled their re
greening prohibition, it remains for
consumers to take care of themselves
"A foolish Uritish public," says the
Glasgow report, "expects to get preen
peas at Christinas such as it irt-U from
the market gardens in summer. The
r relH'h mumtf.ii't iirer r.tuki.a tlifm Irt
suit his whirn. The cousequtnee is , iitnce In the rear by Ketch.
Ihut U tu 1,U r.u ,M,..l -.itl, -
sulphate of copper all the year round."
A curious fact is said that the largest
Bale of preserved peas takes place in
inat period, or the year when fresh peas
are in season.
(rious Uematloiis.
-i- to increase hi revenue!
L granted
certain privilege
m mononlies. and among
ihUm manufacture of paper.
tise all tngl""' Ptr uor ln
in water ro arks. The parli
A made sport of
,u.i .mr iKsible manner, and
UimitiM to the memory i
Heal ordered that ID royai
tanmored from the paper and
.4. ItVt pun and belts should be
sWi WI " "r '
lauwUtitute. When the llump
vZntau nroroirued these were
jiawred, but paper of the aize of
I aarlimenUry Journals, wuicn is
' MDUUb ST" 1 ' L " " 1 vj -
in bears the name of "toola-
t itaries a?o the first monarch
lararince of Malabar gate one of
i si a reward for diatinguisnea
l hit sword and all the land
UK litniU of which a cock crow
It rtain temple could be heard.
tins circumstance tha town
Imwimin the center of tins
ras called Callcoda, or the
m crowing. Afterward it was
i Calicut, and from this place the
ton goods were imporU'd into
I bearing the name of cahco.
I(tie vt Stmrk'a Tk'U.
MBtei of some of the Pacific k -
kssf provided with neither
latuyitotie harder than the
Kti,of which the aUlis they
LUUi Jky HVUN fswui www
liasMd, for material of which to
itMii or weapons were it not
ten necessity had bred an
no leas inrenloaa than ef
This is nothing leas than the
Sart'i teeth to give a cutting
i tsar wooden k nirea and i words
of the shark contains 3U0
iBiBnd in five rows, cl-jeely ly
K other, except the outer
to constructed that as one
brokn or lost another takes
The teeth an not only
d keen edged, bat are finely
7 serrated, so that the cut
is greatly increased. In
treat a faculty bar these
fc toundina' that the imm-
HH weapons upon which they
Ilia fion vu
A 1-etch, "Brine the row h m ' r4
.t va tWiu:s! the uog did his Usk so
ell that he wac callt "Ketch.''
flnemltiy day h departed as usual
3n his evening tasic. From scattered
lhady and Erasy nooks he at last
I"' " me cme into the moun
tain road leading into the barnyard. A
part of the road ro through a low.
moist bpot. bordered by a thicket of
oiacii alder, and into thi imp iJ iIir
pnsried hor rav and Btood ouioilv.
otliers iaRed on. followed some
tlkn.fiultwl tViA 1 . ..... u
lie, ne quiclcenea his i aee. and hur-
I n Taut I iglit
To obtain a light instantly, without
the use of matches and without the
danger of setting things on fire is an
easy matter. Take a long vial of the
de .rest glass put Into ic a piece of
phosphorous about the si .a of a pea.
I pou this pour olive ou heat eo to the
boiliug point, the bottle to be one-third
full; theu cork tightly. To use the
light remove the cork, allow the air to
euter and theu recork. The whole
empty space in the bottle will become
luminous and the light obtained will
be a good one. As soon as the light
becomes dim its power can be Increased
by opening the bottle and allowing a
fresh sunulv of air to enter. In very
cold weather it Is sometimes necessary
to heat the vial between the hands to
Increase the fluidity of the oil. and one
bottle will last all winter. This in
genious contrivance may be carried in
the pocket and is used by watchmen of
Paris in all magazines where explosives
or inflammable materials are stored.
Saturday Evening i'oet
Proof ft he i rath' Motion.
Take a good sired bowl, fill It nearly
full of water and place it upon the
floor of the room which is not exposed
to shaking or jarring from the street
Snrlnkle over the surface ef the water
a coating of lycopodium powder-a
white substance which is sometimes,
Iadiett In makiim their toilets,
and which can be purchased of any vit. ii non the surface of
vl USS - i i
Mste coating or white powder make
with powdered charcoal, a siraigm
black line, say an inch or two In length
Having made this little lilacs: mar on
the surface of the contents of the bowl
lay down on the Moor close to the bowl
a stick or some other straight oojeor,
so teat it will lie exactly parallel with
the charcoal mark. If the line happens
in lie narallel with a crack In the floor.
or with any stationary object in the
room, this will serve as well, l.eave
the bowl undisturbed for a tew hours
nd ihen observe the position from
v.t t,i vtthat is to say. in that
.tireetinn ooooslte to that of the move
merit of the earth upon its axis, t ue
rth In simDlv revolving, has carried
- at-, ami evervthina else in uie
rieo nirwaru as it to say. "I ra here, at
tending: to business.' But his oomrila-
en-y Mdieturlied as the rows tiled
through the ale. HclVhined a little.
and growled a lUtl. attracting his
masters attention. Then he went to
the high fenoe surrounding the yard.
and slanding on his hind feet oeered
between two of the rails. After look
ing at the herd carefully for a time
he siarttid ot down the road airam ou a
full run. His master now observed
that one of the cows was miBsinir, and
he sat down mi a roe' to nee wha
Fetch was golug to do about U.
Bt-fore long he heard the furious
tinkling of a bell, and soon Ketch ap
peared bringinir in the nerveinecow at
a rapid pae. The gate, was throwu
oiien. aim the cow went through It
Ketch then lav down quietlv to cool off
in inuo lor up)er.
How th. Monlhl Wore N tn:c
January is of latin o i;iu, from the
word Tanuarlus, named by the ancient
Romans in honor of their so called 'god'
jamis, to wnom mc season oi me yei
K mi KJLrrpll
IVhi'imrir iniiiM fmm'lho laltnword
FehruariuH.derived from februtu. which,
in the aman language, wenia nurga
tiva " hence comes 1he noun Febnia
which sihnified the Roman festival of
liml rat inn and erittinn.
March is named in honor of Mars, the
11miR.n 1ikI of war.
April (lenveit Ue name Irotn uie mini
Ann i. and then from Arx-ne, wmcn
rnMnk In rnin.
May is a name whicn comes n om ine
Romans, in honor of MaiK. the mother
nf tt.ffnru mid flamMpr of Alias.
thst all will readily
think of when they read the iiistnry of
the goddess .luno. In this month, she
scmil,from accounts, to be ,'rcatlv
.lulv is in honor of the great Homan
( 'aiii .lnlliiR t Vser. who was born al
( uMunn nt lhM vcar.
t niriiot aim named in honor of the
nMDi I?. .man m rwvi'ur. A nonistus (.'jeser.
September was the seventh month of
the, Koman year, as iney ooihiukhotu
with march, and consequently derived
I to name from the latin word, septem,
muan i n r at A VP n
rictober leing the eighth month of
iUvir derives its name from octo.
Novemlier from novem, meaning
nine. . .
December la from the latin word decern.
len it being the tenth month oi tne no
man year. Chicago leuger.
A Ponsib'e Telephone Between
I'll in lelpht i an 1 I.oikHii
A distinciiUhed unthnrilr nil the
telephone says that it is rot improb
able that telenltjuic communication
may be established betweeu Philadel
phia and Livtn pool iu a few year. It
s admi tel that some are u
Uie w.iy.but the success of the tele
phone I ne between Paris and London
uas given the promoters of the iuter-
ocean c scheme new confidence.
The successful experiments which
have been tried on the cable across the
British chanuvl are regarded as an al
most certain presag of what may soou
be accomplished between this city and
au r.ngnsu port. 1 xpenuients have
already been tried on the Mackey-
ei nett cable with telephonic connec
tions, and, although something of a
failure, has not discouraged new ad
ventures which are soon to be made.
The experiments will be very exoen
sive, and may require some time iu de
veloping, but there it no doubt that
both capital and the brains will La-
found. A moveme t in this direction
is already afoot, and the future of the
promoter's plans will be watched with
intense interest by the scientific world
Xew York capital and management
will no doubt be united, and the firs
experiment will be attempted from
the Newfoundland end of the trans
atlantic cable. Philadelphia can al'
ready talk half-way across the conli
i ent, and if this city should be tin
tint to inaugurate a traiisocean tele
phone her triumph would exceed any
thing in ruceut discoveries. Kail wa
A StorT From Stanleys Too
A mnnr the most remarkable storie
i vt- nl.v' hoolt on Africa is one
t.,M in th Tn nrer nv mu
T f I la.
finxj ii. to. .... i i
The forest of Msongwa is lnresteo oy
ill- nf chlmnanzees of great stature,
.Irnmt nl.'htlv raids On the
villages and little plantations of the
. . lf I...- trilP
tv,iry vrir remarkable about inw
. ,.u lind of animals make
me water uuu o.-.jv"...B - ,KV, ,mOT "v., t, .
bowl around with it but th. ,,ow er Tl
upon the surface has been lelt taina the etaU,nnt that In these
, mile The ine wiU always oe louim
... .r Wn moved from 1 astto West
t IU M .V . ,
rhich is lierfectly good proot tnai
vervthlng else contained iu uie oowj
.u ! ui.ia tlio I'hininanzees make
f ili,iwl tirches to hunt out the
uaw "i
irons. . .. .
i I nnt hren mvsel a whiihim ui
.i.i....ia contained in the bowi 11 1 , V . o..,i. rv,rts
r cki) inn's v T t 1 this spectacle, .vti -
to be handled with great hftg ln0T6d the other way .-St Louis Kmina(i saying, nothing would ever
... I nk a ha ava mat HIIV IO,U ii
A Klngmil ialandera make
1 1 articles of shark's tattta.
7f7i' rtisrms ofUw lily-www roam
f"ial lona and laoaaiablof
"slsiat unanUMaaddrooiMlaUw
Marriage In Sumatra.
f' i Vw.nv that anv race of
nave iu" i" .
TvrafiU ine an, i
in.... i i
1a ti
B !..., aavs. a chim
. ir.. i.... ..r:itnnlralha tender - . .u. ,('..l!i,ront tribe stole a
Among auou v. - vanxee oi V . P,.nnHar
I t nenao bfB ff AM L W LIU TrYMTi LlieilUlO !
X- i ........ passion is m. ' "l.T . " " m.d off with it. beating li
i rwjioDii. V. aeeui that Oallcaie suacepu ' iroura
MMtiirlaf feaaaaahlM laet, " . t. .li.Kt rhanm nf de- be ran. , . ,v.
---I. at-, vats. ass. . ta, lhrlf. . The monv who
B,,,UU..cvwa.U1::S; Th:irlim are on rX
aaw h I a m m i. aa avhsa asaiah
at girl to -tie to" for life. The
te an
WSBDiai ti ! iw. U'l.m an it . v
lweaiid pity, but be ceases forefathers
J ng of beauty" worn down by traveled..
"""ess and disorders, subject
.aida inartvr to be
less a people. 'I heir lives are '"""""ian sold ers often heard
rr.ihers and foremothers have trrejuiar y , ltm chimpansee
la martyr to bearing
11 INuuu'a 1. a vr.l-1 1.
it a sure cur. lor thesedis- mind his choice, interview" J wlU never be known pos. T)
Vwplalnt., and will transform of the maiden "n"?Date bargains ly, but f the act jnasi
A drooping sufTerer into a can offe-in return. Jf ate ittleand
bBl)V blmiminw woman of the itinerant trader n. chlmpansees ever loimwea, uie
togivesatUfactionineTery gratifying, he may "" , of gay EgypM
y paid for It refunded. Unlfe, a iThThaa acted the; Uked it
of the nigni some "'"oi"-- - ,
. J :.i3 ,! -n and go to beating the
V if simply indeed is U 'ZZ'
what the Oiner
.... - II nrnar St mini .i .il.. nhliniuu ItWH
sap iiir. awtrfktnnnv. vs i'r.". v u. w.,t what ine uiiwi v...-
. Drf P ;;ee;s FaVoriw kubu youth, having se tea ht ot lhi. midnight .m p
mlna ms, -. wvat he formance win -A a.
cloth-poes, -to travelers; , .H lnteUI,ence
.... dammar an bs- ne chlmpan
wa wa - .are frolU anu "V"' , hl. .till far below mat iu---
w I . J,. UilS) BIlMsin ui m
aVttt Yoa era
alaua I wi - ...i.... .inks
f"T I . tntu a OBIIUJ ...
Tailor Goose
..! r Ml u rouows w
. if lwiiiA luinn. ' - .
it.. New York Sun: "Four years ago i
thsASW ',,... named three
mercnapv -".-- .
MlBineM. n.
wrc, a., sr
iyowbosiittm aantf under s tree, h Hi l dude gow ' x Overused
kW r.. .u. n..i. I maiden then publicly aii . th. notgetblm io pa, for
It,;,"-ouk r"" to the , b. rovn: - y - lh bm mr j-
V ,-" junniDwsma waw-awas
The Latest Mm ke torv.
Snake stories are always in order,
a:. d it matters little how long a bow
the story teller draws, everybody be
ueves him. It is a rule long establishes
that it shall be bo. Xow here is oiu
that comes from an liidianan:
About the middle of June, 8tt0, says
lie, a gas-well contractor, contracted
for a well to be drilled in South Amer
ica, on the Uruguay river, a few mile:-
below the city of Assumption Mr
Freeman's contract called for $100,000
at the completion of the well, s.i he inr
mediately shipped his tools and rig to
au Francisco. They were then loaded
ou a steamer and sent to their desti
nation. After everything was in run
ning oider for drilling, it was a great
sight to see the derrick, 600 feet high
and covering three-quarters of au acre
of ground.
We got along all right for a
while, when at the depth ol
feet the cable broke
and left all the tools in the bottom ol
the well. We worked for several days
aud nights, but without any success.
The cable was all broken to pieces,
with the exception of about 500 feet ol
irood cable, that was lett on Uc? shaft
We nulled some forty or fifty feel
of that over the derrick aud piled it on
the floor. I do not know why we did
this, hut it was done. We did not have
cable enough to do anything with, so
we iinally all sat down to talk tlie m t-
ter over and come to some conclualon
as to what to do, when to our astonish
ment, we saw a moustrous snake
ciawlina into the derrick. Mr. Steward
the driller that worked on the opposite
tower from me, threw the anvil at it
No sooner was this done than the huge
monster started down the well. Jt sue
ceeded iu getting in, all but about 50C
feet of its tail. We Immediately took
a rope, hitched it onto its tail, turned
on the steam and then wound th
i.,... i-ulil. that waa laving on the
iloor around Uie shaft Presently i'
uegau to raise the snake's tail. On, on
,t ih mis ne. DUlilUir MC tnase
imrher and higher in the derrick, till
Iinally the end of the tail went over the
,.mwn. within 10J feet of the shaft,
when, all at once everything stoppeti
r,.r ,he belt was slipping. We aouDieu
.i, ruble from the snake.s tail to the
shaft, then put pleuty of resin on the
k..h oiaekad back a little, took a run
aud shoot, turned on all the steam,
and nreaentlv something gave way.
We kent OU milling anil wiuuihk urc
shaft, when at last the head of the
3ake made Its appearance at the top
of the well, but to our astonishment it
i ...i i ,.1.1 nt f l.r. end of the tools. "
ILV iiv -
t,id overvwav notsible to get it loose
iv hammered it with sieace nammers,
..unit it with red-hot irons, but did not
oi in owttins- It loose. We linallx
suul - . .........
gave it up and went aueao. ana nuiaueu
.i,. -hII usln the snate xor a cao.e
It had uch a death hold on the tools
that we had to burn its head off after
itinff the tools out ol the aernca
... ..j.L.i .... A: A ,...
..... it si.nuia rsa aaia iuki we um nv.
.... . ...Mrabundance of natural gas
uut -r
B a 1 a Maa au
The snake was snippea w Amelia,
r, . .k.i.ton ! now on exhibition at
Noblesvllle, Ind , and the hide isjised
for a gas main in Hartrortt nj
Aapreelatad Devotlea. J
"No. George, our engagement must
be broken. Father has failed, you
AVhen did tour father fail ? I hadu t
heard of it," he said turning pale.
'lie failed yesterday and is very
much prostrated in consequence. My
whole time must be given w mm now.
He needs my individual care ana at
tention, and though it may break our
hearts, George, we must part forever."
-Noble B-irL tbousbt ueorge, as n
hastily grasped his hat and with his
broken heart went out into toe uigut
Chicago News
Victoria's liescciidants.
Oueen Victoria's family circle now
numbers fifty living descendants, in
cluding sons and daughters, grandsons
nd granddaughters, great grandsons
and great granddaughters, lieside
those she has four sons-iii-law and four
daughters-in law, five grand sons-in-
law and one granddaughter in-law. 1 ne
queen has lost one son, one daughter,
tive grandsons, one granddaughter, one
great grandson and one son-in-law. If
these were living her family would
number seventy-four.
For the' ii -c of a Cough or r.i
i liro t, "Brown Bronchial Troclies"
are a simple remedy.
What Woman Affect.
Thrn is a remarkable show of
"spiders" on Fifth avenue every morn
ing now, observes a ew lor corres
pondent of the Chicago Herald. This
does not refer to the insect, but to the
.peculiar variety of yehicle which New
York women affect. It is something
like a phaeton, with a rumble liehiud
for the groom, and it is the smartest
thing in carriages this year. Spiders
are invariably driven by women, and
they are usually drawn by thorough
bred little cobs with roached manes
and banged tails. There Is no prettier
sight in the world than a nanasome
woman drlv na one or umbo siyusu
vehicles through the maze of Fifth
avenue traffic A "tiger" invariably
lsits behind, with his arms folded ana a
ir of statuesque immobility upon
i,,afaM. No less than seven oi tnese
turnouts appeared upon the avenue be
tween 11 and 12 o'clock: yeswraay. iwo
of them were driven by ladies of the
Vanderbilt family, the third by Miss
Morgan, the fourth by the wife of a
famous Wall street operator and the
others by women more or lees known
In society, ine laaniwuaore uui iv,
women to drive is between 10 and
12. They never now me nuuuuo imv
1 o'clock.
Only Itll p9fttmVJIS!S
Boar wsnnt. " ia
Breath. IS OHa-lna-. wo Naaaea, s
fSm. atw.ll Win Safe Mil. Beat Fill.
School Teachers!
luring vacation, or when you have
spare time? If so address the
Iraham School Publishing Co,
York, Neb.
We want to correspond with every
. . . i . ii , !,. ;
teacher in tne iana, anu win
worth your while.
Our publications are new, arc iui
teachers and schools, have the en
dorsement of the best educators, and
WU1 SeU Rapidly.
Nothing Like Them
O.: The Market
Iraham Srtool Publishing Co,
aw smn-
I W Is ths arlcaowlaa)
laaillnf rasaadr foi all Ik
nnnataral aiacaaraM aa
IDnoavanM ' .... .
privata Slsaaaaaol mm. A
I canal a rarm ivr
taUrif waafcaaaa paeallat
to woman.
artnway . J praacrionti
. ttc"i,or Pf.Vrnars an
k . .. o lym-ij, -.-i.
The lareent stock of Artlfi.
.;ni L'..inlh.WMt An
jBortment of eyes sent to any
address snowing puim..
to select one or more and re
,.rn ihr- hulsince thus assurina
, perfect fiT Office, ifa State u Chicag-o, 111.
consulUng and operatina; surgeon to the CWca
Kye and Ear College. Pat.enta ata Astance treated
with anparalleled success and when visiting Uie city
..r.t.h.rf hoard and lodsinE at reasonable rates.
I ipbotogrop!.!
i ovititi mwH
Capyrlibt, ISM.
Fhthion's favorite
fart centers in that famous, fascina
ting game lawn tennis.
tut there are women u
engage in any pastime. They are
delicate, feewe ana easuy eiusu.
They are sufferers from weaknesses
and disorders peculiar to females,
whioh are accompanieu oy
complexions, expressionless eyes and
haggard looks. ' ,
Iter overworaea, --woiu-wv,
"run-down," debilitated teachers,
:n:nnM -oumalfpn geamstresses.
UltlUlOIB, v.- j .
"shop-girls," housekeepers, nursing
mothers, ana ieeme women
11 Ts Wi.rnn'a pavorius i
tVin crreatest earthly
airiuiivu w - e '
boon, being unequaled as an appe-
tizing coraiai ano rewiw
It's the only medicine for women,
sola oy aruggisva ry
quarantee from the makers, of sat-
.f in nvorv f.ise. or money re-
funded. This guarantee u
faithfully carried out iw y-
-mot list rush
mJ 2l5WaaAyCleai.
pvupn rann to STAY CURED.
HAY We want the name and ad-
&ieTUf1 A U.S. and Canada. Address,
AS I HMA ManI.T.i.S.,liSM.
HMlllrJUIJ lal MIl.Mt I
(rnTiiniliiU huviftilf
n tiiiiii iimiuii
sttiattvsairr-,T -.,
M.N. U.York Neb.
Fn?eTrade Prices
V- M..nnnll..f
air Sewing nowC
VISMachincsl on y A I
We are now sellinK our
tVestcrn Improved Singer
Sewing Machine same as
cut complete with all at
tachments and warranted
An. . mN fnr nnl Sta.
. j i. end sec full descoipUon of this
.Trii k, . c M. f Ml. W
.! other stvles 10 n. n. ovu... w, -o
Lake St., Chicago, 111. .
I. Ml P-"-"T
The moat eompleta line of
Dn-aa Keforrn In Us
north-west. Including the cali
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