The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, March 05, 1891, Image 6

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    lb Sioux County Journal.
orncuL cocstt fapih.
Subscription . Price,
KitMmd at the Harrison post office aa aee
ead claw matter.
Thcbsday, Mabth 5, 1891.
1 . II ' '
bu'nng s&lhe controversy which Las
Men going on-in Sioux county in relic
tion to the acts of former officials tlie
Herald has claimed tnat all was straight
and it was simply a misrepresentation to
state anything to the contrary. The
fact that an examination is about to be
made; by which all will be brought face
U face with the facts,' causes them to
change their tune, and as a prelude the
editor of that paper takes occasion to
Ulk of a number of things. The Herald
states that "Every pretext possible is
used to' malign some one, ofttimes by
sneaking insinuations and always by mis
representation and distortion." ' He calls
attention to the fact that this paper pub
lished some bills presented in 1S88 by the
Herald Publishing Company','- and' de
clares that neither of the present propri
etors ' of the herald had acy interest in
the paper then. While in Omaha prior
to locating in Sioux county, the editor of
THK JocxnaL was informed by a person
Who was in a position to know, that the
Herald and the Republican published at
Harrison were both owned by the'same
person and.the name of that person was
Satterlee. We have been informed by a
reputable individual that within the past
few weeks the Herald outfit was offered
to a party for 400. In tbe'office of the
county clerk is recorded achattelj mort
gage on the Herald officefor 300 in fav
or of Ed. D. Satterlee. Now; there are
two members of the firm, and by sub
tracting the amount of the claim of Sat
terlee from the price asked for the outfit
the financial interest of the editor of
the Herald can be determined. We
grant that the individuals whose names
appear at the head of the columns of the
Herald did not have any interest in the
paper in 1888, but we claim;that"the cir
cumstances go to show", that the same
party who did have it at that time has a
controliog interest in it today, and that
no more regard Is' entertained by- the out fit
for tfce welfare of Siousr county in
J8l tbaft-tBsre was in 1888.
Again in order to' show the immense
interest the Herald has fft the county,
we will state that the records of the
county treasurers office do not'show that
one cent of taxes has ever been paid by
t1i Herald Publishing Company, D. P.
Davis, W. H. Davis or C. F. Slingerland.
The talk of early days and the hardships
thereof, the struggles made by the pion
eers and all such stuff falls decidedly flat
when it is considered that the outfit has
taken hundrds of dollars out of the treas
ury and yet never contributed one cent
towards the paying of the county expens-
change of heart, but during court week
one of Ukj would-be cattle barons called
at the office and informed the editor of
the Ili-ralil that lie had beu too quiet of
late, and must stir tilings up, and tlie is
sue of Feb. 2th shows what effect the
instructions had.
If advocating honest elections, honest
officials, development of the country, se
curing new settlers, thorough farming,
establishment of industries, improvement
of stock and their care is being a "tool,"
THE Jocbsal pleads guilty to tlie charge
and it will continue to work right along
on the same line regardless of the gang
and its organ.
Senator Wilson's bill to create a nor
mal school at Chadron has passed the
senate. If any normal schools are to be
established northwest Nebraska ought to
be remembered.
In the Tbaye7-Boydquo warranto pro
ceedings the supreme court made the
arguments a special order for Wednes
day, March 4tb, and limited the attor
neys to one hour and a half on each side.
Senator Paddock succeeded in getting
an amendment to the agricultural ap
propriation bill for 1150,000 for tlie dis
tribution of seeds in the drouth stricken
districts. He was aided by his colleague,
Senator Manderson, and it was only ac
comDlished bv verv vigorous work. It
is to be hoped that the appropriation will
meet with no further obstacles.
It was reported a few days ago that
some of the members of the legislature
had been receiving goods from the relief
commission, sierninff a receipt therefore
to the effect that they were needy aud
had no means with which to procure the
necessities of life, while at tlie same time
they were drawing f-5 per day as legisla
tors. A resolution was passed appoint
ing a committee to investigate the mat
ter. There are some people who are
always ready to take all they can get,
whether they are entitled to it or not.
We are in receipt of an advance an
nouncement of the Nebraska state fair
and exposition of 1891. This is a reminder
to our people that now is the time to be
gin to prepare for an exhibit at tlie state
fair1 which occurs in Septemberr There
i sxe reason ' wiry Sioux county should
not make a very creditable exhibit. The
management have arranged to offer
33,000 in premiums.
The Herald also states that a majority
of the men who signed the resolutions on
the Woody letter did not know the con
tents of the resolutions. The editor of
that paper knows the men whose nam as
were attached to those resolutions do not
do things blindly and what his reason is
for continuing to make such assertions
is hard to guess, unless he believes that
"A lie well stuck to is as good as the
The gang organ states that little or
nothing has been done in the past year in
the nature of public improvements. Dur
1890 the county has secured and paid for
a complete copy of Bald notes, has laid
out and created more miles of practic-
1 A 3 A. 1 41..-
has ever before been doner ha held
special election and two terms of the
district court and added many necessary
things of minor account
The assessment is also referred to by
the editor of the Herald and an attempt
made to show that the amount of assess
able property had decreased. In 1889 the
improvements on government land were
assessed, while in 1890, all such property
was omitted by the assessors, and last
year the assessors listed property much
lower than had been don in previous
years ifl the belief that a saving could be
made, but the result was that the state
beard of equalization put a higher rate
on Sioux than on counties where proper
ty was listed at higher values.
Wt grant that roads had to be laid out
and bridges built, but there was no occa
sion for a road being laid out from liar
rison to Running Water entirely over
government land, no damages having
be paid, at a cost to the county of about
PSO, neither was that any call for
road oeteg laid out and a lot of work be
ing done a few miles aortbeast of, Harris
es, where the grade k so steep that
. moo mb could never m made of it. nor
- was there any call for the county to pay
for the building of private bridires, and
otiisr IMagt too numerous to mention at
IW&nM has a great deal to say
about tte editor of Tn wwul being
"tooT of other aartiea, He evidently
jaotiisnbylnnMtf. To illustrate
A fcw wesisi ago the Herald ohm out
wOout on wart against any one
. ttwtotarobsea rearing attfottoo
A Km km& for yov. In tke next Jamie
tfeoZi poSey.of the paper was so far as-
to CtCf flstaty,
tJ C3 t mskticTrje
According to reports English capital
ists have not lost faith in Hie ability of
Americans to overcome difficulties. A
company of Englishmen has been formed
uder the laws of New 1 ork wnose object
is to buy up farm mortgages in western
Kansas, foreclose the same when default
is made and then sell the land to actual
settlers on ten or twenty years time at a
low rate of interest, requiring no cash
payment at the time of purchase. An
other company is said to be organizing
in New York for the same purpose. Such
move will go a long way towards re
newing confidence in western real estate
protect his own enrk arvi Prni .roia
their deuredatior.-i would be serving jti 1
tice with a vengeance.
Such unreason
able legislation mates gou
The homesteader, the first few years
. h,s claim, is obliged to stake out Ins
team and his few head of cattle, because
he cannot afford to fence a pasture, i ne
more prosperous and successful agricul
tural sections of our state lae pa.v
through this condition of homestead life
under the protection of tlie herd law un
til titer re now improved aud fenced for
convenience- Such neighborhoods will
not favor tlie legalizing of stoc k turned
loose to roam on tlie public highways.
The convenience of herds wJiinbl
localities where there is open range pro
vides ample means for cheap grazing to
those wlK) have cuttle and no pasture.
Such lierds are carefully guarded, and no
loss or risk is incurred by the o ner, ex
cept death from natural causes.
Kirz: fit .'' Iji '''
.B, l .TI..l Hi."1"11"-
Ks rn.AW'V
Seasoned Lcmber: We have a good
supply of seasoned lumber constantly on
hand at our mill on West Boggy. 10
and 12 fett 10.00; 11 and 16 feet $12.00
r thousand feet First-class native
shingles always on liand. First-class $3:
second-class $2 jer thousand.
J. K. Ak.vkh.
Notice-Timber Culture.
r. s. omct, (
( ni.KDN, Seb. 1
MiurhS, MM.
Complaint No. St26 bavin been entered at
thU office br Kelluni V. Lindaey hkhIiihI Col
ville r. Trrretl for failure tocomnly with
lawaato timber-culture entry No. 1,1, (luted
17 1UHT iiiirMi tllf MA U AeCttOH i'l. UWn-
Blui Si'. ranWe M, in Sioux county, Nebraska,
willi a view to tlie cancellation ol wild entry; -anl aliening that said ColvilUi I'. Ter
ruH Li. nlr.w. or In anv way cultl
.-,,r. umv iwwlmi of aaiil tract duriliE the 3d
yoarufsuid entry Snd He haa failed to
plant to trees, tree seeds or tree ruttlnir
tive acres of said tract during tlie !trd year
nf nil entrv. and further lie ha failed to
plant anv portion ol hhIiI tract to trees, tr
heeds or tre cuttings during tlie third year
nf a,tid entrv. and halt wholly lailen W) cure
said defecu up to the date of thin affidavit,
to wit: t'ebyliU, ISM.
The mill parties are hereby niniinoned to
amiear at tlH oltlce cm the t day of May
1HUI, at 10 o'clock a. in., to reKnd and
furnish testimony concerning wild alleged
Testimonv of witnesses will be taken be
fore S. 11. Jones, a notary public, at his oftlce
In Harrison, on the oj yipru
1H91, at 10 a. m. T. rowKKS, Keceiver.
H. T. CONLEr, ContesUtnt's Attv. ii Xi
Each Season
Has iu own peculiar malady ; but with the
. blood maintained In s state of uniform vigor
and purity, by tbe ue of Ayer's Harsaparllia,
the system readily adapts Itself to changed
conditions. Composed of the beat alteratives
and tonics, and being highly concentrated,
Avert Itersaparilla Is the moat eflective and
economical of all blood medicines.
" For some years, at tlie return of spring,
j had serious trouble witli my kidneys. I
waa unable to sleep nights, and suffered
greatly with pains In the small ot my back.
I was also afflicted with headache, loon of
appettte, and indigestion. These symptoms
were much worse last aprlng, especially the
trouble with my back. A friend persuaded
me to use Ayer's SariaparUla. I began
taking It, and my troubles all disappeared.
Mrs. Genevra Belanger, 24 Bridge st,
Springfield, Mass.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
DJt. J. 0. ATFR ft CO., LowsU, Xass.
oldbjDracflau. '.'' Worth $6 boule.
On last Monday, Nebraska was again
honored by the election of Senator
Charles F. Manderson a-s president pro
tern of the senate to succeed Senator
Ingalls whose term of office expired on
Wednesday. No man has been more
honored in tlie same length ot time of
service tlian has Senator Manderson. The
fact of his re-election being brought
about without his even coming into the
state was an unprecedented compliment
and in his election as the presiding officer
of the senate, in the absence of tbe vice-
president, is an honor to tbe man and an
honor to the state, and in tlie act the re
Dublican members of the senate have
honored themselves.
Wagon and Carriage Makers,
Repairing done on short notice.
Good work and reasonable charges.
Shop south of livery barn.
Wells Drilled!
I have a good well drilling machine
and am ready to drill any sized well on
short notice. terms good and prices
low. Postofflce, Harrison.
C. 8. Scorr.
The Herd Law.
Weekly World-Herald
The present herd law or Nebraska is
one of the best laws ever enacted, be
cause it is a practical law, made so by a
common consent of its justice by both
land holders and stock owners a law
that can be enforced because its enforce
ment has demonstrated its usefulness. It
is a law that can be appreciated by every
citizen in every community. If stock
are permitted to run at large they very
soon become a nuisance to the general
public. Strife, dissentions and quarrels
are more frequently the outgrowth of
trespassing stock tlian all other causes
The herd law provides for such tres
pass in a way that has commended the
respectful recognition of stock owners
all over the state, in sparsely settled dis
tricts as well as thickly settled neighbor
hoods. There is no class of citizens who
will argue in favor of a free range law
except the large cattle owners and to
such it would soon prove a nuisance be
cause unguarded stock, no matter how
carefully branded, would stray over the
country and get among traveling bands
or droves and be lost. Nothing would
serve better to aid organized cattle steal
ing than a free range law.
Tbe pre seat herd law is one of the
greatest strides towards civilisation aud
order that the state has ever made.
Through it infloence our agricultural
boundary has each year been moving
westward. 1o fom the pioneer to fence
his graia fields, hit meadow lands, aad
tormented try hungry,
prowttag arouad his
FaagCas1l''iiiliilwM a stafcrtorj perm that
mrnmtktssmt m ut tzm to
Dr. Leonhardt,
1452 O Street, Lincoln, Neb.
Practice limited to diseases of the
Read the press notices,
Send for symptom chart,
State your case.
If you are sick and want to get well,
write all about yourself.
No trouble to read letters; send stamp
for reply.
14S2 O St.
Dr. Leonhardt,
Lincoln, Neb.
B. E. Brewster,
C. F. CorriK,
Vice Pres.
Commercial Bank.
Ecnsral Banking Business
Transacts a General Banking Business
Buys Scl.ov.l Orders. County and Village Warrant.
fJTlutei-e-it V""1 " Time lit-jxiK
Loans Money on Improved Farms.
And now is the
tu re.
Mm. m. sv a vj xxicj
ems min tmmt 7
sign Bwiiii,
iiourJnjiNTt'ANO rtowcMS 3
kaeurlHOMi CAiiurr:
hout1hou AUTirULl
BlPtt, laOttflii'a FcnnnsccHto or
; viactn.
tetiT Mwriesras MuXia.
The Drodix Publishing Co..
Loans no Money,
RoprecrntK no innuranc-e company mm. 1 1,K
no land to .) but Klv ihc-ir .ntlre tlmp ami
att;ntlon to the practice of tlip lnw.
Grant Guthrie,
Dialer In
All bnnlncM entniBted to hl care will
eclve prompt and cwlul nttiitioii.
Will practice before nil conn, ami iiw (.
8.Lanlomce. Hurtnc. M,irlpi, , ,y
car will reoelre prompt .ilictio,,.
w - - A'KHAHKi.
L. 0. HULL.
1 1
tNT ton fllQMH.L Srtft P,
j. r. .
T. II.
I.. 11.
A. K.
A. K.
A. . 1
e. r.
. !
T. I.
I. A.
y. p.