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    oux County Journal
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HABmSON-7HEB.. MARCH 5, 1891.
IsTO. 25,
The "Hole of Iniquity" is having a
;,od run of jut) work of late and tins
ami the fact of railroads having lieen
I blockaded by tsnow causes tne
t . , . 1isturlK'i" to lie issued a day lute.
aitor na rvopru-.or. , &
j-by the
, (X., Security Co.,
' Officers :
jH,icn, 1'ice PrPkident.
,3tkWPS, scrftiiry.
' Veritt, Treasurer,
i H T. CONLir, Attorney.
W now t m
our lists over thirty
CEC 3 FARMS in this county
i - wt$we can st,H on LONG
, ' . and EASY PAY-
'4 t MENTS.
' fiic"wWiing to buy or sell should
1 1 sVfo' aDli Comn'""""
"iMlilars descrip
f;t)oi the county
r ci be nad on ap
ration, for dis-
; fcution.
- Harrison, Nebraska.
f . E. M. V It. E. Time table.
' rOst. Going East.
ixod,.... 10:15 1 No. SB, mixed 4:27
!5&gSce March 17th.
Rhafer informs us of the
rtshv trirl nt the home of J
'-je entertainment given by
on last Friday evening was
'If. Sutton is now in possession of J
y-rty recently purchased ry mm
nh of The Journal office, The
jamily have moved into the Gal
'Iding, formerly occupied by II, T.
as a law office. I
,'Wt first issue of the Youth's Cam
&R for March is on our table and is a
vme double number filled with
"things. This publication is one oi
W that can be placed in a family
Jot'ds information to both young
W. It in almost a family neceeity.
V h, Wn rumored for some time
in cas a bill wa .passed by the leg
ire affording an opportunity for
!ns to vote, whether free range or
llaw should prevail, the cattle men
ded to attempt to induce the pP1'
iote for free range, That accom-
Wl, Uie next htep was to run in a
iter of cattle from other hU.U and
B them Uxmw to destroy the proin-rty
Jhe grangers and thus force them out
ihe county, but it remained for U W.
Cdy to divulge the real plan. We
i informed that he stated t o ft neighbor
Wly that a (soon as the legislature
Ci iL M neeearv to provide for a
?B on the question, he Intended to per
illy cireolate a petition, get the
uisite number of signers and compel
V commissioners to call a special elec
0 on the question, Ho was sure free
ge would carry and then one of the
Wild-be cattle barons was going to go
gixas and purchase twenty-flve thou
Ta steers and bring thorn to
x county. Five hundred were to be
t n M Woodv and the whole lot
m to be turned loose to roam over the
Vnnt. fnr the Durnoso of running tiu
Wch out. That is like a great many
BM $ tb gang, it may be plewtani
d4Hi 0 lhmstlv(i but H w"
who recently returned fivim (hadron
where he had received treatment for his
eve?!, is now suMYiing from kidney trou
ble and has l- cn v. vy si U fur some days
lie U Home better, and it is liojied he
will soon recover.
ArraiiKi mi nts are bein;; made for a
irmml 1 vr i 1 1 nt Ibirrison on the evening of
St. Patrick's Dav, March 1 1 til. 1 lie par
ties interested propose to make this the
most enjoyable dunce of the season, and
bo eiiinv dancimr should not fail
to lie present, .1
The ladies of the "W. C. T. U. will
Hive a "Chicken Pie" supK;r at the court
house on Friday evening, March Cth,
from 5 to 7 o'clock, p. m. The time is
set so that people may take supper there
inste:id of at home anil all are jnvuea to
come and a special invitation is extended
U all lovers of chicken pie. Supper 2'
The V. C. T. U. has received quite
:i quantity of supplies of clothing, etc.,
for distribution to the needy. A com
mittee consisting of Mrs. Horick, Mrs.
Jones, Mrs. Jameson, MisaJlinne himtli,
Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. Simmons has
-cn nr.fxnnt.ed to attend to the distribu
tion and parties in need should apply to
m'emhu-9 of the committee. Rev. Rurick
also assists in the work. '
The winter term of school closes
this week, which will lie followed by a
vacation of one week, after which the
spring term will begin. The scliool
board elected both the present teachers
for the spring term. Miss Connor win
receive ftO per month and provide
for the janitor work and Mrs. Ohnger
receive $3 per month. This
makes a decrease in the salary of the
former of 'i per month and an increase
in that of the latter of $10 per month.
V. It. Smith tendered his resignotion as
moderator, which was accepted, ami
Robert Wilson was appointed to till the
Since the last issue ot iiik jolkmai
thin section has been enjoying a "spell of
a.-pathor." On Friday it snowed, on Sat-
m.,l:iv it snowed, on Sunday it (mowed,
' Mndn.v it snowed. For a change
Tuesday passed without any snow fall
hut. the retrular routine was again
tnlron iiv on Wednesday and more snow
fell, and to-day (Thursday) more snow is
niiim Th amount tliat has lauen uui-
' . . . . . -
ing the past week is from U to J,u incues
and the indications are good lor as muci.
more. This is the sixth week t he ground
has been covered with snow and while it
, .i, n Tjj,iti nt. nresent it
is a mu ik" t"-"i'
i,u,l-i. o-nod crons almost certain.
Th Inst isnue of the (.ra.VZ contained a
commau'Kation;?) from Montrose, which
in th main is a niteous whino to save
some people from the results of an in
vestigation of the county recoras. n
good "deal is said in regard to the inJivid
.,,.1 l,rv eirenkited the petition, Jame:
Farnum. He is sneeringly referred to
localise he pays but little tax. As if a
1. 1.. e t... !... ti ri.rllt
man must ue ricn oeiorc u --b---to
circulate a petition. Mr. Farnum is
also charged with being a striker for The
JofRSAL outfit. That is no disgrace for
The .loUliNAL and its friends havo always
,.,,-,l measures in the interests of
the people. The article makes a gjeat
cry to stop the fight that is going on in
Sioux county and with the usual consist
,.,. nr that nnner it urges the mer
chants to drive people out 01 men- u.ct
and applies a number of "pet" names to
individuals and to THE juuk.nai, a.m
seek to uphold former ofiiicials in ex
penditures they made and admits that
they did not comply with the law in all
.....,,t The article suggests the name
..p 'P , I n ) sturder lor inn uv-""
and the title of "Hole of Iniquity"
.u,a,Mna Tluit is all right. TheJour
sal and its friends have had a number of
titles applied to them during the past
three years, but none have had any ef
fect except to increase its popularity m
ira'm friends for those who are woriun
fr justice and tho advancement 01 me
inte'reas or Sioux county. The ixitifion
on file in the clerk's office, signed by 92
men will probably have as much weight
as an article published in tho Herald as a
communication. Iid any one know of
the jmn hinting at peace when they had
control of everything? It was not many
years ago since the same gang that auks
the merchants to keep people 0111 01
their stores attempteu 10 m
certain inei-chants in Harrison whom
they should employ as clerks.
The fact is, the records are vnmgs
which some do not want examined for
the results will not likely be such as to
make them happy, and hence they are
whining and nocking to divert attention
from them. The examination will lie up
to the date the work is done anil it mat
ters not whether it be former or present
otlicials that have gone wrong they
should be brought to account. ",iew ' to
; i..t 11... ,i,ii,i. In where thev
tna lino anu ,, "
... . " An official whose record is clcur
Ko,ir,! met pnruniit to call of clerk.
ITe-iit: fonmilslcjitrs Grove aud Knott
iiiid cii'rk. . , .
,.r itisr rean aim ui'
proved. , ,
The following official bond wcrt-preaenU J
an I approved :
l-hillip MoCunn. assessor Hat ( reek pre-
id ni t.
O.J.Oowey.ju-tiee of the P, Ixiwer
lluniiinK Water precinct.
Wiliiiun Wx.m, road ovt:rr, district o. 7
M n 'iu J. Fritz, ansfstor, Slierp Creek l".-
Kob rt WiiHon, justice of the peai'e, Bow-i-n
m- -inct.
( lmr:9 Valnicr, asiwHor, Snake Creek pre
Cli ft. .
.lo.non it. Story, justice 01 me peae.
SK.iomoii R. Story, me inner )u
mi,nic eountv.
,,1.1111 1 nfl,""
Statement ot O. C. Tally an road overseer
frdiitrictNo.8vriwpreMU.-d and, on mo
tion, as ref. rred back to said road oversew
utr vBUiu-iiiu". -.,
thA territory contained in sec
r oft i ami 3fi. towiiKhip 82, range
.W, be and the same is hereby detached from
White Uiver precinct and attacnou u.i
tonwood precenct.
Oil motion, board adjourned for dinner.
Board met as per adjournment.
Communication of M.J. Carroll In regard
to ro ids running across his land was taken
.. ,.,i uiirrlnn consideration, F. W. Knott
was, on motion, appointed to Investigate.
the records and premUes anil rei)'" i "
meeting of hoard.
Appieatloiis for seed taken Dyua i.,.
. ...,.., i nri (V Tidlv and presented 1J
S. M. 1!. Stuart were considered and referrod
to the Bioux county relief oomnimoo ami
tlie clerk ia hereby instructed to inform and
instruct said committee to compare said )
plications with applications tiled with tlic ji
,i nil those in which names aix-
not duplicated shall be forwarded to tae
,.l4of rAiini,W4l011.
a ,ti,(on His-iiml bv n citizens oi siyoj
county reipiestini? the board to employ
expert accountant to examine in
record from the date of oiniii.ation of
county to the date of examination waa )in-
seated and, on motion, tlie cleric wax aim
hereby instructed to correspond with an ex
pert accountant in regard to me amount
,.r,i,rtn furniMi to imaranteo a
true and correct report ot me cuuuiuu..
county records, and report at next mtet-
n mot.inn. allowed account f,o, M4, al
lowed August 2Sth, l-.Ki,trj tho Home Insur
ance Company, be n-cons-KU.rcd at next
meet ing ol board.
Communication of T. M. Tliornton m re
gard to his inability to nmsn oriupo n
Wlitl. Kb-' r precinct 1n timu rcqursed by
contract, (fas prcscnti,'-! and, on motion, the
time for finishing bri.lifn was exiem.
t.ii April 1st, tfiOl.
On motion board adjourn. unui .....i...j,
aarclt 9th, 1001.
Oounty Clerk.
Important to Assessors.
Tlie law nrovides that an assessors
meeting shall be held at the office of the
county clerk on the third luesuay oi
March in each year. . Section 40, chapter
77, page 6Wi, of the compiled statutes of
1HS9 reads as follows:
shall bft held annually on the third Tuesday
of March, at tlie oflice of the county clerk of
,. .. i, mriuUtia of the asscsfors of
iid comity for the purpose of consideration
In regard to the value of tiio variou kinds
and classe of property to lie by them us
aoua..,. onrt it shall bo the duty of each as-
sensor to attend such meeting, and to call
upon and receive from the county clerk the
necessary books and blanks for the assess
ment of property, and the failure of any
. assessor so to do shall be deemed sufficient
cause to declare bis olllce vacant, aim ior
the appointment of a successor."
There are none of what are usually
termed minor offices that are of so much
morlance as that of assessor, and in all
years the meeting of the assessors is a
provision of the law which should be
strictly lived up to, and. especially is
that Uie case this year. - There are , a
number of reasons why this is so. One
is that a uniform basis of valuation of
nrnnert v should be agreed on in accord
ance with law and another is the fact
that important legislation in regard to
assessment of property, failure to com
ply with which will make assessors lia
ble to severe penalties, is now pending
. , ',1 t. ln l Vii, fiuunca-
andilpassou win uppij w "o- '-'
mentor 191, and as a matter of self-
protection, if nothing more, every as-
sessor should attend the meeting at uie
office of the county clerk on Tuesday,
March 17th, in order to inform himseii oi
what the law requires him to do and
how to do it.
Financial Question.
Editor Joins al: Our friend, "No
Oteuljacker" picks us up quite crankily
for quoting official figures and makiug
some deductions from the same. He evi
dently thinks he is discussing the finan
cial ouestion by a rambling
aUack upon us. We were (bowing the
esultsofour present financial system.
A. system which he evidently endorses:
if so let him defend it. His article was
written to mislead and nothing more,
therefore we will notice it. The figures
we used were official and therefore must
be true. We stated that the money
imwer could render this a homeless and
propertyless people. He askes, "What
of ifr" Oh. nothing at all. It doesn't
matter whether the people have homes
or not, and of course they should not
want money, it is of no use only to bank
ers. And besides "wnai win me "uucv
power do with all our homos and proper
ty?" Do just as they do in every mon
archal Government, lease it back to us,
and this country will become a tramp
strewn land of homeless tenants. "What
of iff" That is the purpose of tins sys
tm. It. is a treasonable conspiracy in
stituted to build up an aristocracy of
wealth and destroy the liberties of the
rieoule. He would have us forget
(.hat the banks not only own all the mon
ev hut also have it all, while we owe
them a debt in excess thereof and our
property is security for its payment
Let me illustrate. It A be the people
and B the banks. A borrows from B
ifluO, which is the whole amount of mon
ey in the country, for 10 years at 10 per
cent. At tho end of that time, A has
naid back the f 100 to A in interest and
ol ill owns 1 he tiri nciule. A has val
uable property (wealth) but no money.
He oilers to turn over to 15, property to
settle Hie debt but B says "No, I am a
banker and . deal only m money. a
tries to sell hut the same power that he
owes owns all the money there is to buy
with and no purchaser is found. 13 says
'The law shall tike its course," and A
sees the wealth produced by many years
or hard labor (while 13 was iciie) put up
and sold to satisfy the debt but still there
is no buyer but those who have the mon
ey and to satisfy the debt, they rake in
the fruits of A's 10 yeajs of labor. JNOW
n i, . oinnnv nnd the nronertv of A.
J, nun uiiv. ........--J , ,
And asks, "What will he do wiui
ifr Just as he is doing every day; lease
it or sell it on au ironclad coiit.i-aet for
interest or rent, and A will toil upon the
same until the earth closes over him and
B revels in luxury. This is the differ
ence between the man who has the dol
lars fthe medium of exchange) in his con
trol aud the one who has the "poker
chips." And I again assert that this in
famous financial system was instituted
for no other purpose thou this: To rob
ha tailer and build tin an imperialism of
wealth. No, the people do not worship
the dollars but they understand that
those dollars have the legal debt paying
power and can save their homes and pro
vwl fond and raiment.
What is a dollar? Simply an invention
of organized society, as a medium of ex
change, issued by the authority of that
society (government) and endowed there
by with an exclusive and absolute power
in its domain, a debt paying power. Its
i45iip. rind the control of its volume is the
most important function of a peoples
government, and villainy is a mild term
for the act which placed the power in toe
hands of private corporations.
Do not suppose that the little debt of
$1,970,000,000 is all we owe, reliable re-,
ports state that the debts of our people,
public and private, is $30,000,000,000,
averaire interest at 6 per cent, annual in
terest $1,800,000,000, market value of
our staple productions wool, cotton, pig
iron, railroad bars, wheat, corn and oil,
$1,112,20G,SS3 last year which you will
nee does not pay 'the yearly interest.
These are some of the fruits of the sys
tem. Is it a success or a failure)1
H. O. Stewart.
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xr..o V H Price and children arrived
Wednesday from a protracted visit in
S. R. Story was in from Antelope this
morning and called at the "Hole of Ini
quity." -'-I.'
E. J. Wilcox wan in town on Haturday.
Ho says it ha niin b,1Ry s,10Velinl?
snow and feeding stock sioce tlie bad
weather tegan,
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