The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 16, 1890, Image 4

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    fceatlllltliiB Price, 19.00
TteMMT, Oct. IS. 1800.
BlWa Htate Ticket
fm UMtacut Governor,
far IihiHit, stats.
J. X, HI I I,
Wm Com
of Public
Lands Sod
Bee Attorney General.
far Superintendent of !"sblls Instruction,
A. K. GOl'DV.
leyabUMUi Cmctwm1 Wears,
far Oongxnssnun, jd dlsfriet.
uao. w. b. ixmaisr,
BMikllMa LagfelatJw TVart.
Bar IsaaSoc. Isth District,
far sVipressntatiTs, serf District,
)UeBlleaa CMBty TVaet.
Bor Coanty Attorney,
far Conaty Commissioner,
I appears to be a question as to
fha Ifilitj of the election of state and
Be. county officers in Wyoming, and tbe
fctaiM for a big muddle is excellent. It
mt be that aoeae way may be found
a of the difficulty.
i Dorsey is in the district
and is making an active canvass, being
trilled to apaafc almost every day from
Bow until Nov. 4th. He ha expressed
hjjnjaif a being ready to meet either of
hie opponents in Joint debate, and a lively
pane ta looked foe.
Hem are being taken by those inter-
fl PTPM axbibit from Nebras
ka at tbe World's Fair. That
pve ia tbe right direction and this state
oofht to make a creditable showing. It
SU be ia order in the near future for
mix county to get to work and pre-
aam aomeUung to go into the exhibit
Cga (Bf fffSM says T55 Jocbbal, the
Bww leader are about on a rr. That is
psdeed compliinentary. Both tbe Inde
pendent and Leader are recognised as
being; the most influential republican
pasers of tbetr respective counties, and
V&le that ia tree of Tin Jocbxal, we
m aoi' thin that the doubW-primary
worker who edtts tat t&nua would ac-
kao wMge it
Tbe tow of L. D. Rkfaaros and Tom
Majors tbroogb tbe state is proving
trinmfJail warch. The fact ia tbe entire
repnbliran state ticket -ie growing strong
er every day. towers k practically out
of the raos and tbe people aw axpraesing
thimaalTsa as weft plsasid with the bend
of tbe ticket It is well understood that
Boyd was pot up by tbe democrats be
canai be was tbs possessor of a barrel
tad it is just such man and meestr
that the people are lighting against
Tbe 4tb of Hovembar will witness
rraod republican victory.
Tan Torn Hepuuteew aaa tuts to say
as ta. what the people of the county
Smk of the amaarvieor system: "Be v.
era fanners are riscalating petitions to
aahaaH the question to a vote to see
whether the people want to return to the
jptsaiasioaer system of managing tbe
aCatraaf York eooaty. The petitions
aw kaisar eagerly signed by nearly all to
twareprBBnte4. There is lit
tmtemetobewasted.if His to be eub
asftted at the next election. There is no
hemM bttt that tbe supervisor system
wig bs TQted ont of exieteace byaaover-
nr aMjortty."
rarafaaaltograattlMpetrof tbe
IJzJimtX to CeUey, who acta as
f laaaiyiis eonwey. tiorasy 10
taa iisamaiihsiii.-flsreM
tZksooi Wvtgp&Mot the
rji fata wmi by tfca gang ami its or
l", tta bbbWob to aakaaU tbs to-rnsfcj.
--aa treat, marBM yE.
ji'aa CM vary sterna- tbe
1-r-t TB9naa
i iltWarfdettaaw-od
aaerTt iwav Tbs Mt
. ,. J O TJ. OsTtr, aal
J C traa ta eata. . It
fa -jj J iaiMfe keMsffsai Mtm4
XI trs QaiajVir af
1 "I'Bm&ixt
"iiSieiS M te HerTlaoa post oatce
Tbe fotiowing is by a corraaptiadnt of
the Seward AVaJf, living in one of tbe
outlying ptacinrts sad abows the rasult
of tlie township organimtion system:
'If the delinquent taxes were paid, it
would make a big difference in the price
of county warrants, and if township or
ganisation could be ahoJIahed, the coun
ty might stand some chance of getting
out of debt"
There are now about 750 cases in the
supreme court of this state. Each vol
ume of the state reports contains on an
average 185 cases and therefore there are
enough cases ia court to make six vol
umes of reports and two volumes repre-
ssots tbs work of three judges for a year
so that a case taken to tbe supreme
court now, unless it was quo-warranto.
mandamus or injunction, would not be
daradad until three vears hence. It w
when matters are in such a condition
that corporations and capitalists carry
tbeir cases to the supreme court and by
the long delay virtually freexe out the
noor tartias who have had occasion to
become involved in litigation with them.
It is certainlv essential to the interest
of justice to the masses that the number
of judges of the supreme court be in
creased so that cases taken to that court
may be decided without a delay of years.
The legislature of 1801 will have tbe
railroad problem to face in about tbe
same shape that it was found by that of
1880. It is certainly the duty of tbe
next session to Drovide for a board of
railroad commissioners to be elected by
tbe people and wbo will not be compelled
to do such work in addition to that now
devolving upon state officials. A man
may be a roost excellent clerical officer,
one wbo would attend to the dut ies of
any of the state offices acceptably, but
because be did not do just as they waot
him to as a member o( tbe state board
of traoHDortatioo. a bowl is made to
lack him out and the state loses a val
uable officer. If the railroad commis
sioners were elected by the people men
could be selected for their fitness for
the spocial work of that position. As it
is now, there is one clam who want the
board of transportatioo to be cranky
anti railroad men or tbey are not suited,
and another class want them to be cor
do ration tools or tbey raise a howl, and
tbe result is that a fair-minded member
of that body is kicked and cussed by both
As 8. Barker is as mum as an oyster in
recard to the recent chann in these
columns, tbe inference isadmisaablethat
tbevare true statements of his short
comings. Herald.
It is a poor rule that will not work
both wavs. and from tbe above rule the
following may be deducted:
D. P. Davis, the "Mviaory" member
of the Herald company and the gang
candidate for county attorney, was
charged last fall with having "sold out
body and breech" at tbe stqatorial con
vention two years ago. This he has
never denied, and so it is fair, according
to the theory of the gang organ, to con
sider that he did sell out This same Da
vis has been charged with taking from
the county about $J00 more for insuring
tbe court bourn than other agents would
bare charged. He has never denied it
and therefore, according to toe gang or
gan's way of judging a man, be is guilty
of thataleo.
The editor of the gang organ baa been
charged with, doing double primary work
but July and baa never denied it and so
according to bis way of putting such a
case, be is to be taken as guilty, and as
the penally or that kind of work is a
term in the peniteutiary, tbe editor of
the gang organ on bis own theory must
be guilty of a crime.
Af Otkn 8m Hbm.
Under the above" beading tbe gang or
gan in its last issue republished tbe criti
cisms of tbe Mtrsland Tribune and
Hemingford Guide on what we said of
Mr. Dorsey and ha Columbus conven
tion. To show a man up "as otbers see
him" ia perfectly proper, sod the. fol
lowing in regard to D. P. Davis, the gang
candidate for, county attorney and "ad
visors" member of the froid AMuftmp
Company appeared in the .Daves Count
Journal in ft issus of September SO,
1880, and show bow that paper sees
' "C E. Davis, one of the firm of Davis A
Slingerland, publishers of the democratic
hawnrnaid known aa the Sioux County
Herald, nostaetar'at Harrison, and bog
wbo aola himself body, breeches and soul
by tbe pound last fall at Bush villa, and
also at Cbadroa,. baa recovered himself
jeaoogti to pay a half column of atten-
u immm oaiy reprouucea our comments
in full wt shouldn't bathe careful
ly smothers reference to (acta which be
evidently don't like to "draw asms the
screen aad abow ' tbe festering miss'' at
Davis ia aa animal wbo wouldn't
Irat Bay attention, from 10 satf ieajsut
I farf aarapapar or hoasstoitlasn, except
that ba la aesd aaa toot by a very ratten
a great deal of dirty work
asm trmtaeceat iatsres. oC Mat
FewwJavWtaak a paCtt card aaV
kwtke ret It ami tbe JhensVe raJl
f-M' ;iBvhaaalai wfcb wajrai ie
" r ir ; ua aiaaa
1 A v w "f WtteWft Bat to
. . it A. f o
4 rv r . i 1
A petition signed by ffty legal vo
ters, (just tbe number required by law)
was presented to the board of county
commissioners at their meeting oa tbe
7th iast, asking that tbe question of
township organization bs submitted to
the voters of Sioux county at the next
general election which will be Nov. 4,
1890. The board conavlered tbe matter
and decided that tbe legal notice could
not be given for tbe question to be voted
on at that time and so it was decided not
to submit it Commisaioners Weir and
Oreen voted against submitting it and
Commiianonej Grove voted in favor of
doing so. It was simply a question of
time as the law is mandatory on tbe sub
ject and could tbe matter nave been put
legally before tbe people it would have
been done. We do not know tbe object
of thus springing that question on tbe
people. It is to be hoped that Sioux
county will not adopt tbe township or
ganisation system until the laws govern
ing that method are very materially
changed. Tliere are a number of coun
ties in the state that are working under
the present law, and we do not know of
one where it is giving satisfaction. It is
exnensive in a number of ways. One
item of expense is tiiat of collecting of
taxes. The town treasurer collects taxes
and receives the same pay therefor that
is provided for tbe county treasurer, and
he turns the money over to the county
treasurer who receives tbe same fees as
be does when he collects the money di
rect from the taxpayer. 80 that it costs
iust twice as much to collect the taxes
as it does under tbe coramiasioner syi
tern. Then there is a supervisor for
each town, who is a member of tbe
county board. That would make,
Sioux county is now divided, fourteen
members of tbe county board. Ttiey
receive the same pay as commissioners,
three dollars a day and mileage. That
would make the per diem of the board
amount to 942.00, and tbe mileage would
be something which would appall the
taxpayers of the county. A sujiervisor
from Sheep Creek or Snake Creek pre
cinct would have to travel forty or fifty
mites to reach tbe county seat and where
would enough money come from to pay
him? The eroes amount of taxes this
vearin Sheen Creek precinct does not
rf a .
amount to enough to pay the assessor,
and if it cost double what it now costs
to collect them and a supervisor had to
be paid also, it Would take quite an
amount of money out of the taxpayers
or the other parts 01 trie county 10 maxe
un the deficiencv. The writer lived in a
county which adopted township organi
sation. At tbe time tbe change was
made the finances of the county were in
rood shape, and warrants were cashed
by tbe treasurer as soon as issued. Af
ter the township system had been in
vocrue a couple of years the funds began
to run low, and a little later warrants
were beiiur registered and not paid for
waqt of f rnds. a9 ld t a discount
We do no. bilieve there is a county in
tbe state w Iters tbe township organisa
tion system is in force, Inst is in a goon
financial condition. There is a system
of towashto omnization which is goon.
but it is not the one on the Statutes of
ai a miksui Moioa of the board of conn
ty commliwlonprs M'the county of ftloux,
and state of Nebraska, beid on tbe sixth
(6th) day of September, leso, It was by said
board of county comniimtonera, by virtue
and bv the authority In tbam veatm
by an act of the lKglslatnre of Mebran-
ka, appjuvefl Marcn I. vr,v, ana amenaea
In UM, resolved that the following qntw
tlona be and are hereby Mibmltted to the
legally qualified voter of Sioux coanty.
To the qualified electors of Woux county
The board of county conirntndoners of
aid connty hereby submit tue following
proposition :
Shall the county of Moux, state of Ke
brwka,iaaue iU coupon funding bonds in
tbe amount of eight thousand ittflOtM) dol
lars for the parpoae of paying the outstand
ing Indebtedness unprovided for by
warrants existing end now due of said
coanty sad appropriate the proceeds of
aid bonds to pay the outatandlng indent
ednem of said county of Moux, unprovided
for by warrant, eaid bonds to be of the de
nomination of tl floa t each, dated January
I. ISM, payable at toe oBtoe of the County
Treasurer of said county, and to run twen
ty () years With Interest at six () per
cent, per annntu, payable aemlahnualiy,
the county reserving the option of paying
any or all of said bonds at any time after
ten years from tbe date thereof, If the
county eommtettonera, by a mal irlty
vote, order the coanty treasurer to do so.
Said boDds shall not be sold for less than
PYurttjer, shall there. In addition to tbe
snnaal levies of taxes tor ordinary por
poses, be levied and eoUested a tax anneal
Iv u inr law iwovaded for tbe payment of
the Interest ea said beafts as uch Interest
snail become due, sna snail an aaaiuonai
amoant be levied sad collected, as by law
provided , su fBclen t to create a sinking fund
for tbe pay meat of said bonds M maturity,
or at anytime after saM bands have run
ten yasrs from the date tbereor shoald
the eoantv eommtmloners at such time
Lsoasadiir ft dseirahVe so to do. rrovided.
Hfeat not more rain is per cent, tm tne
principal of astd bonds, so leaned, shall
not exceed Bve per cent, of tbe aaaemed
r si nation of said coanty. Provided fur
tnerTtnat ae levy shall m made to pay
any part of the principal of eaid
bottd until after tea years from the date
Tbs form
Was sad
which the
prafjosttloa shall ' bo sabmittod,
snail bs by ballot, anon which said ballot
ASU M "THUS srirH, w tmmj jni
tea or partly prutad the words ror
fawdtag oods aad levying tax," or
aai.urandus? bends and leviina tax
aisf all MuJoSs east barlag tbereon the
words "Per reaesaa-
baada and levying
sshI taken to be In
tax" eaau ne
Lfawor of said
1, aaa airpsiiDts
IftosdtB boWs and levylag tax." shall be
tsemilaad team, ta ka. aamiaat sbm pro-
1 asemsiim.-sssa." wa, waua.
es lajsssaw un
Bevies ta tSaiaeters.'
kw Usi t-r t-a e
av-asasv J if -
at t y, a tae
f - t ee -
a as e
-v as 1
tf-a s-srta
t rWarie
-' aBBJ
- -lwiU
, 1 V. -sje Dev
I ft - a jaen
inu, A iolat resoluvlou Was aae
adby taelecislstaraof tbe state ef "sbras
ka. at the twenty drst Misatna taeraaf. and
eppnmd March SMB. A. D. ISM. iwopaslngsa
aaoeadmeat to secttous two (IJ. fear (j
and are (6 of Article six fJ of
tatioa of said state, and that I
as amended shall read as follows, towit:
mim I. That sertUMi two (t) of article
six () of the cotituttoa of the state of
Kebraska, be aiuendvl so aa to read as fol
lows: "Section t: Tbe supreme court shall con
sist of are i) Judges, a majority of whom
shall be nceMary to form a ouoram or te
Pfonounre a deofsioa. It shall have origi
nal Jurisdiction la eases relating to reva
aaa, civil eassa In which the state shall be
s party, mandamus, uuo warranto, habeas
corpus, and such appellate Jurisdiction as
may be provided by law.
ece. I -That section four ) of article
six (). of tbs constitution of the state of
Nebraska, ba amended so sa to read aa lot-
toSM-ilon I: Tbe judges of the sapreme
court shall be elected by tbe electors of tbs
state at large and their terms of oBsoe, ex
cept as berelnalterpro-id4 shall be for s
period of fle ( years."
fcwtlon I: That section ve() of article
six () of the roiiKtitiitloB uf the state of
MebraHka be auiMided so as to read as fol
lows: Kactkm (1 "At the first general election
to be held In the year 11, and after tbe
auiAtiiHi of this aiiieiiiluirut to Um consti-
tation. there sliall be elected three (i)
Judges of the sup
shall be elected 1 .
of the sunreine court, one of whom
be elected lor the term of one ( 1 ) yesr,
one for the term of three (J) years and one
for the term of Bve ) years, aad at each
general election thereafter there shall Ik
elected one indite of the supreme court for
the term of B.c ') years, rrovided that
the Judges of the supreme court whose
terms hare not expired at the time of hold
ing the general election of 11, shall con
tinue to hold their oBlee for the remainder
of the term for which I hey were respective
ly elected under Us? present constitution."
Hertiou 4: That each person voting in
favor of this amendment shall have writ
ten or printed upon his ballot tbe follow
ing: "ror the m-onoMed amendment to the con
stitution relating to the number of supreme
Therefore, I, John M. Thayer, Governor
of the stste of Nebraska, do hereby give
notice in accordance with section one (I)
article Of teen (l ), of the constitution and
tbe provisions of tbe act entitled "An Act
to provide the manner of proposing all
amend menu to the constitution and sub
mitting the same to the electors of the
state. Approved Kelirusry lsth, A. l. Irt",
that said proposed amendment will be sub
mltted to the qualified voters uf the state
for approval or rejection st the general
election to lie held on the lib day of Novem
ber, A, II. I"W.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and caused to be afflxed the great
seal of the state of Nebraska. Ikmio at Un
coin this with day of July, A. U. 1HWI, and
tbe twi'iitv loiirth year o) the state and
of the Independence of the United states
tbe one hundred fifteen Hi.
By the Governor. JUIIS If . TIIAYKK.
Bksjamis K. Cob-debt,
1ELJ Secretary of Stale.
Whibsas, A joint resolution was sdojtt
ed by the lrglslsture of the state of
Kebraska, st the twenty -Ant session there
of, and approved March soth, A. D. 1,
proposing an amendment to Section Thir
teen (IS) of Article Six (6) of the consti
tution of said state; that said section
as amended shall read as follows, to
Section 1: That section thirteen (U) of
article six (6) of the constitution of tbe
state of Kebraska be amended so as to read
as follows:
auction IS: Tbe judges of the supreme
court shall each receive a salary of
. L.,-. .. ... I pl I u as MSI ruit-
annnm and the judges of tkt district
court shall rirl a salary of tbree
thousand dollars (aBaW) per annnm, and
toe salary n bses wwi ims szaui w
' Section t. Kacb person voting In favor of
this amendment shall have written or
printed upon his ballot the following:
"Por tbe proposed amendment to the eon
stltntlon, relstlns to the salary of judges of
the sapreme and district court."
Therefore, 1, John M. Thayer, governor of
tbe state or Kebraska, do hereby give notice
In accordance with section one (1) article
fifteen (It) of the constitution, and tbe pro
visions oi an act enutieu; "An act to
vide the manner of nrapostiig all amend
ments to tbe constitution and; submitting
the same to the electors of the state." Ap
proved rebrnay Itth. A. D. 177, that ssU
proposed amendment will be quirailtted to
the t)itsJ tiled voters of Ibis state for ap
proval or rejection, at tbe general election
tn be held on the 4th (lay of November, A. I).
In witness whereof t bare hereunto set
my hand and ceased to be afflxed tbe great
seal of the stale of Hebraska. Done at Lin
coln, this Hth day of July, A. l. u, and
the twenty-fourth year of tbe state, and of
the Independence pf tbe lulled Mates the
one hundred fifteenth.
By tbe Governor, JOHN M. TIIAYEB.
(sbalI Secretary of State.
Wsjaxass. A Joint resolution was ador
ed by tbe legislature of the stats of Kbr as
ks, at tbe twenty -first, session thereof , and
approved February Itth. A, I). 18, propos
ing an amendment to the constitution of
said state, and that said amendment shall
read as follows, to-wit:
Section I : That at tbe general election to
be be Id on tbe Tuesday succeeding the Bret
Monday of November, A. D. lSsS. there shall
be submitted to tbe electors of this state for
spproval er rejection aa amendment to tbe
constitution of tatr state In words as fol
lows: '-Tbe manufacture, sale and keening
for sale of Intoxicating Honors aa a beVcr
i are forever pronwitea in mis state, ana
lextsletuse snail
datnre shall arovlde by law for the
eaforeetnahtof this
Wis mvtunon." ana tnere
election be separately sub
etors of this state for their
shall also st said
mttssd ta the cleetora
approval or rejection an amendment to the
words as follows: "The
mannfaetuiw. sale and keetrina for sale of
mating liquors ss a nevsrsge shall un
ed and regnlated by law
t: At ancll election, on Uie ballot of
each elector voting for tbe proposed amend
ments to the constitution, shall be writ
ten or printed the words: "for pro
pose lamendmsnt to tbe coustlvotlon, pro
nlbittngibe ttVahUfaetaie, sale and ksepmg
for sale of Intoxicating llqnors as a bever
age," or "Against the proposed, amendment
to tbe constitution prohibiting the manu
faetare, sate and keeping for sals of Intoxi
cating llqnors as a beverage."
there shall also be written or printed on
tbe ballot of each elector voting for tbe pro
posed amendment 'to tae constitution, the
wends; "Par mutidsed amendment to the
constitution that tbe manufaftbre, sale and
keeping for sals of Intoxicating liquors as a
beverage In this state shall br licensed and
isarnlated bv law." or "Aaatnatsald nroDosed
ameadnMat to "tbe eonstltatlou thai the
msanfsetnfe, sale and keeping for sale of
Intoxicating liquors ss a bessrag shall be
lleensadaad ragniated by tew.
see. s: u eimer as tne ansa muuuseu
sssBstssents sbsll be snnraved bv a aialor-
ny of te eleeters votswa at tae said esse
tlsln. ttssn It sbatl isaastiUta saetion twan-
tynsveaJtTl of arttcie one jl of Bis coaetl-
wa, I, Joan aJ.T
of alius she an
why give aotlea I
wise ssitina
one Til arttele
Sftesn t Ul of tbe emwUtavsoa and as Btevts
tans of tae net enttasMl Nss ant to Provide
ttsstsiskiaeref nrowoainf all ameadafsnts to
wjm an swssrasas. w w- nantr
ef a-e essse-r 'eassWvat dr -ra-
t- -eattaaf -sanralelesateslsaMaeM Oa
aaCyefV-er.A. .isd, .
as. aiiMSar wissfssr-vasennMyass ei
fca-4, es4 eanae te bs SB
ss4 aanfl
rri jar -re ef
aa af eW. A. D. i 4. e w-e tv J
. -,e
1r4 e state, isst ef nwsa iisa.ndia. ,1
mm bsaaaa, atMss tae ewf Ma4
i eO aeassw, JOKM at THATI2,
KoesTXB Baoa., Ksw Terk Cttf
riaar KssiowaL BsSX, Omaha.
Basra or caupeos, chsdrou,
Transacts a General Banking Business,
puys School Orders, County and Village Wnrrunts.
taflntereet Paul on Time LepoaiU.
Loans Honey on Improved Farms.
B. E. Bhkwbtbr,
C, F, OirrB,
Vice Pres.
CHAS. C. JAMESOM, Cashier.
Commercial Bank.
General DanScinj Business
OsTM tw toUowing brand on
right hip or left side.
Ranra on Koaroe creek. P. O. Barri
rison, Nsb'r.
ft T. OONLEY, Lawyer.
Loans no Money,
Represents no insurance com pny and, ass
no land to sell but fives his entire tlms snd
attention to the practice of tbe law.
C. E. HOLMEri,
All business entrusted to his care will re
ceive prompt aiu?. careful attenttap.
' W1U practice beis all oouru and tha V.
. LaaOtBoe. Business entrusted to. mjj
care will reesive prompt attention.
Ibavaafxwd wsU wrUliaa;
aad aaa ready to drill any eixed well
install Ternta good i
. aafloorr.
i . - tansas slim
S"e.jsei ssy jnnnnjsnsg asj an
.aTkssi IU.aa. A a east s.
Hf a-n aaja M ir.xe,
bAsst-t A, aa left sdar,
LV w'1 TT""'
Wm. Christensen,
Wholesale anil Retail
A larre and wsll salacted stock
at prices to suit the tiros. Afanta for-
OlmtlTQU, Neb,
Grant Guthrie;
ocaub iN-
L. E. BELUKX 4 ipf4
Vya.arrdffjf., MtifgfK
Bsaalnnnvoss en abort aotfat.
i , Y ;
i Oeaa worh aad resisBshls rtMtfaa ' ,
sssrsowta ef ryery ,kera(