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    Sioux County Journal. I
NllOl S PiTIKIHOV rklUhr
Washisgtos, March -4.- Lieutenant
I W. V. Kennoo, who has served for
four j oars on General Crook's staff, U
now on temporary duty in thia city and
very much shocked to learn of the gen
eral's death, 'lie was ::ne of the great
est general that tola country ever had,"
he said, a "wonderf ul strategist, a re
markable soldier himself, thoroughly
well versed in all iha principles of the
art of war. In Indian warfare he was
undoubtedly pre-eminent. Thia was
due in a measure 10 his wondrous
knowledge of the Indian character.
During the early part of hia army life
which has all been spent In tha weal,
with the eiwption of the war time, he
learned tc become a thorough huntsman
and woodman. In maiy respects he hud
the traits of an Indian keen, quick,
NUong and with good judgment when
in a wilderness. II knew the Indians
us I know my alphabet, and he treated
Item on all occasions with that honesty
that formed a remarkable factor in
his character. Whatever he said he
metit, and ha never went back on his
word. A promise was sacred with hiin
just as much to an Indian as to any
one else. These men learned to trust
him and to love him, although lie was a
terrible enemy to them. During his last
visit to me at Vernon barracks, in Ala
bama," said Lieutenant Kennon,"the old
Apaches whom he captured in Arizona
greeted hiui and even embraced him.
One of them once told him out in
the nest that his people looked upon
hioi as they did upon God, as being
tlte soul of honor and of truth, I hey
had the ulmoat belief in even thing he
did. His honesty was peculiar in
its intensity. He would not even
say w a man, "I am glad to see
you," ifhe did not really feel glad.
In matters of thought he wan slow,
cautious and logical in method and he
weighed argument carefully before corn
ing to a decision, with an unerricg
judgement lie had a kind, considerate,
loveable character, simple and approach
able, simple in bis manners and his
tastes and retiring and quiet in las act
ions. He was a constant reader of all
sorts of literature, especially upon mili
tary topics. have been in receipt of a
good many letters from the general
sine he left me here in January last, in
which he has complained of a slight ill
ness. It started with the grip, from
which he. soon recovered, but occasion
ally ' there would be reference to his
being 'under the weather.' (hi the 10th
of this mont h he wrote that he was very
much better. During his celebrated
Apache campaign he received an injury
in hie cvert f rem over exertion which
seemed to have an effect on his lungs,
ad he had a slight cough which worried
hiu, but when he went to a specialist
he was assured that he was in no danger
Xew York, March 2". Thegrand jury
today handed down a long presentment
to J udge Fitzgerald, in which the sher
iff's office is characterized a a disgrace
to the city and a shame to civilization.
The presentment in referring to sher
iffs' sales, says: "During the three
years eaded January 1, 1880, one linn of
auctioneers conducted sberffs' sale
from which were realized the sum of
11,387,508. Of this sum M.1,9CJ7 was di
v ided between the sheriff and auctioneer.
In the year 1889 the sheriffVproiits
were over $Mfl0O. How much more he
received for extra compensation cannot
be learned because of the looseness of
hia accounts. Under the system in
vogue the deputy sheriff, to realize sub
stantial pecuniary advantage, is almost
compelled to commit criminal acta,
certainly to lay aside all ideas of honeet
ty and integrity."
The foreman of the grand jury said
the inquiry had failed to reveal a single
redeeming element in the management
of the sheriff's office. It was a black
record of violated law, tardy justice,
forced settlements, corruption and brib
ery. It was no longer a question of what
ought to be done to remedy the existing
evils, but what must be done at once
and without delay. The foreman asked
that copies of . the presentment be sent
to the governor and the state legists
Koih Highly Baile.
New York, March 27. The fashion
able suburban town of Montclair, X.
is horrified over the discovery that one
of her most respected citizens, James
Tuthill, a maaoo contractor, is the
burglar who has been robbing houaea
, right aad toft for year past. II was
identified by an accident, one of hia vic
tims grappling with bim, in a house one
night last weak , aad unmasking him.
as arch of hia hjuae revealed thousands
of dollars worth of jewelry, money aad
plate bid in Uie osllar. Tuthill end hia
pretty wife are in jail. Ilia former
friands baiiere he is the captain of a
rabber bead and that his wife was hia
trusted lieateeaat. They were both
highly rotptottd In Montdair and were
good chnroh mesa hers. ,
' Wan Mvo In sjwllosftnws-&auKM94r-Ita
stated that
t ba feosM a riOa in Swiixer-
Xw Voaic, March 2..-AtL2uiu vestr
dar mornimr the iurv in the Flack case
came into the court and announced that
they had found all three of the defend
ants Sheriff Flack, his son William
and Joseqh Meeks guilty.
The arguments closed in the case
Saturday evening and Judge Barret
delivered a lengthy charge. It was divid
ed on two deiinations he gave of a con
spiracy in law:
1. ' To do an unlawful act oy unlaw
ful nieaus.
1 To do a laatul act b unlawful
means. Therein no douU the judg
ment record is that of fraudulent defense.
Under the first divisoo the jury must
decide w aether the suit was falsely insti
tuted and if Mrs. Flack had - given her
con Meet. Under the second division,
assuming that Mrs. Flack had agreed to
the proceedings and had a right to
divorce, it would be necessary to con
sider the unlawful means employed to
procue it. The judge also touched on
all the important points in the ei ideuce.
He charged the jury an to reasonable
doubt and left the ae with them.
A sensation was created at midnight
by the reKrt that a reporter had been
found in the room with the jury. He
wasDilworth Otioate of the World, and
ttdiuittrtl that he had eomealed hininelf
behind the curtains in the room. The
defense deiuaudt-d that he be punished.
Judge Barrett said the law did not pro
vide punishment. Choate was compell
ed to give up his notes and Judge Barret,
after expressing his alioniinution of the
act, asxed C'hoat to say that he would
not publish what he had herd. Ohoate
declined to make the promise.
The jury slrouglv recmumeuded olem
ency. The Judge said as it w as Sunday
all he could do as to except the verdict,
the defendants would remain under
bail of .haJ each. The penalty for the
offeni-es of which the prisoners were
convicted is one year's imprisonment, or
a tine of 8.'d(t or bonth. It is under
stood the defense will move to set aside
the verdict on the ground that the pres
ence of a reortr in the jury room
vitiated the proceedings for jounsel.
The Judge said he needed no counsel
He was allowed to go and the jury was
sent back to delilerate.
t'ugilivr riminHl-..
Washington, March SB. The conven
tion supplementary to the tenth article
of the treaty of 1812 between (ireat
Britain and the United States, concluded
at Washington July 12, 1s80, and ratifi
cations exchanged at London March 1J,
1800, was proclaimed today. The addi
tions to the old list of extraditable
crimes were made public some time ago.
The committee further provides that a
fugitive criminal shall not be surren
dered if the offense in respect of which
his surrender is demanded be of a polit
ical character, or if he proves that the
requisition for his surrender was made
with a view to try or to punish him for
an offense of a political character. Xo
person surrendered shall be triable or
tried for any crime or offense committed
prior to extradition.
Jkrvourlngc KUuum.
SrorKTox, Kai., March 25. Prairie
fires have devested a large portion of the
farming lands of Cooks county. Yester
day many outbuildings and an immense
amount of grain and stock were burned.
The fire was started by a man burning
corn stalks. He will be prosecuted.
.Vktiita, Kax., March 25. Two boys
playing with matches oc a farm north
if here started this morning a disastrous
prairie fire while the wind was blowing
a gale. Tonight it is learned that the
lire has practically burned out after
passing over about fifty quarter sections
of land, destroying a great quantity of
grain and hay. The loss of stock is not
severe. It is understood the pecuniary
loss will reach $150,000.
Mill Blola.
Xr.w Oauuss, March 25. Advices
from various points along the Missis
sippi show that there has been no in
crease in any of the levee breaks, but
at the same time not much headway has
been made towards closing them.
Water is still pouring through the Offuts
and Raleigh breaks in Mississippi and
northern Louisiana, and all the land in
that vicinity is badly flooded. Moat of
the people have been able to move
out of the larger part of their belojgings
to places of safety.
At Arkansas City the river is rising
again tonight and the water is pouring
down on the town rapidly from the Sap
ngton breaks.
Iwraalair rirM.
MiNSEAroi.i, Mimx., March 27. A
Bismarck, X, D., special says that, the
town is greatly excited over two or three
inoendiaiy fine started early this morn
ing. Everything ia wet from snow and
rain, nod thia aided the citizens in sup
pressing what might liave geen a conflag
ration., There is no clue to the miecre
ant. - WUIawtwele Jail.
Baltimokk, March 36. Mrs. Kilrain
has a telegram from her husband. He
Utea that ho will not lie aent to jail,
but will apond bin two months with hia
friond, Charles Rich, nt Richburg, Mkm,
whom Kilrain fought Sulliran. Rieh, it
fctBsmtoobM purchased Kilrain'.
nndar the contract Uaaiag ys-
4rU,y Ihi I'iMr
lii.o LiJiu-s t'-al., March 25.- Early
yesterday morning several shuts were
heard in the hallway ef the Windsor
hotel and Manager MeConky was found
dying with a bullet wound in hia breast.
A ride w as lying near hini end it was
supposed he had leaned uoa it and
suicided. In a few Minutes, however,
the body of X. C GreehaJU, foreman of
the Caligraph, (newspaper) was found
in the parlor with bullet wound
through the heart and a pistol in hia
hand. The theory is that McCookey
shot (jresham and then suicided. Jeal
ousy over a woman is supposed to be
the cause.
Kihum Agitation .
Londox, March 2Tb Dispatches from
Russia in regard to the agitation among
the university students are confused
and conflicting. The agitation started
in the agricultural academy near Mos
cew. In spite of the strict precaution
of th government the agitation has
spread to ot)er institutions and the
students have been holding meetings at
all the universities. There is a general
upheaval in the university world.
Arrests of s'adeola suspected of leiiig
leaders in the agitation have been made
at every one of the principal universit
ies throughout llussia.
t auM not b Adminn
Svs Fk vxciw o, Cala., March St.- Dr.
Whitney of Honolulu states'thut Siriter
Koee Gertrude, the English girl who was
anxious tj nurse lepers at Molokai, will
not become an exile in the leper settle
ment. The settlement of Molokni is in
charge of the sisters of the Sacred Heart
and as Sister Rose Gertrude belongs to
another order the could not be admitted.
She is therefore in Knliki, a relieving
clarion for leiers or those supposed to
have contracted the disease, where they
are car, for til it is determined lint
their ailment really is.
Thr HlMourl rsrinr lit
Cwcsi-o, March 27. Talking last
night with a representative of the Awno
cisted press regarding the cut in pass
enger rates west of the Missouri river,
Mr. Townsend, general passenger agent
of the Missouri Pacific said he wished
to deny the charges that his road is cut
ting rates in a spirit of ' piracy." The
Missouri Pacific, he said, maiutains the
'. same stand it has since the beginning
UflhA tr-iiM0 t).st it will mcftt mmtift-
t ition wherever found.- The cutting of
rates has been done, he said, to meet
those of competitors, and by direct
orders of 1 'resident Jay Gould.
fthot hisi Itosn.
St. bills, March 20. Cecil Knglieh,
an ex-driver, boarded a Washington ave
nue street car thia foreuoou and shot
Conductor Thomas Fitzgerald dead.
He then took the reins from the driver,
drove the car up to the stables and was
arrested. He claims that Fitzgerald
was intimate with his wife. Three la
dies on the car were terribly excited
over t he tragedy, and one of thein f ailited.
The l-slnd OsMid.
Mkmi-his, March 28. The low lands of
Mississippi and Arkansas seem to be
dooomed. The levees are continually
breaking and the floods are practically
beyond control. Work on lhecrevass
at Arkansas City has been suspended,
which means devastation for that sec
tion. At Shipwita, sixty miles below
Greenville, n big levee broke yesterday
morning, overflowing the little town and
sweeping away several houses. The
break was instantaneous. A leading
citizen, standing in four feet of water
and holding his child on his shoulders,
telephoned an appeal for a skiff and
boats to rescue drowning people. He
had seen some of hia neighbors drown
close to bim, and reported that many
more would suffer the same fa'e. He
claims the people living in the country
cannot escape. Repeated warnings
have had no effect on them, as they feel
secure beyond their big levees. The
break is bad and the levee is melting
like a snow bank. Rescuing parties in
boats have jeen organized nt various
points. Livestock will be drowned by
thousands, as no provision has been
made for removing them, and the gov
ernment boats patrolling the banks can
do no more than the rescuing of human
Kie Vfrfor KnbrtilraiHl
IUxmikhtek, X. Y., March 28. In the
court of oyer and terminer this morning,
Judge Adama presiding, John A. Davis,
late city treasurer of Rochester, pleaded
gjilty to the charge of embezzlement
and waa sentenced to Auburn state pris
on for live years, Davia made a speech in
which he aaid he had supposed all along
until the explosion chat his property
would make good any deficiency. . Xot
because of his failure to square accounts
but because of the offense. The amount
of the embezzlement ia 161,000.
Hlrlumt frt
, Coos Citt, Most, March 28. Work
on the Mountain Lion Silver mine, which
haa been in progress during the winter,
hsa iuat resulted in tlie dittooverr of the
greatest bod of ailver ore that has thus
far bean found in the stata of Montana.
Oarhsaa Win QaM.
Baitimobk, Md., March 28. The Bun
says: "It can be stated authoritatively
that first Assistant Postmaster General
CUrkaon will -attentat no 1st day.
Whan Mr. awteoafaecaptsd tfaa ofhos
it was wiU the uadaratendiac;that ha
would War it at tba and of tba yaar,
Seward county boasts a full nVded
farmers' alliance.
Broken Bow will have a new hotel be
fore the warm summer month.
County division and a new railroad
line are leading topics in Custer county.
Nelson proposes to have a oca' schorJ
house and w ill vote bonds to aid in its
The tire bell lower at Kud Cloud is be
ing built higher, so that all citiens may
hear the alarm.
Superior is oue of the twelie cities of
the state to be written up in the world's
fsir edition of the Chicago 7'iix
Citizens of Mnroe are import uuiiig
the Union Pacific oit'cials to a
station and build a depot in the village.
Shooting wolies by the light of the
moon is one of the sports indulged in by
Greeley county farmers and sjiortsiuen.
Managers of the different ball teams in
the state ure called to meet in Fremont
on the 25lh to assist m rimiiug a
Mm. Mary .Mi-Ye an old resident
Xebraaka City, dinl ut that place yes
terday at the advanced ii; of ninely
luo yeaas.
X'orth Bend is working for a hemp fac
tory in addition to the pro.osed llouring
mill. The former will le a branch of
the Fremont factory.
The tendency among the farmers of
the state is toward a greater diversity
of crops. The plan of raising so much
corn and so little w heat, llax, be
ing abandoned in ninny localities and
more attention to the small gntitiHuKur
lieets, etc.,ill lie given.
A somewhat noted crool;, hearing the
name of Charles X. Walker with a num
ber of aliases, has been syMemafii-ally
defrauding the hotels of Nebraska City.
A telegram from Kansas City requesting
his arrest for a offence arrived
too late, as he had skipped across the
river to Iowa.
The aid of the sheriff of Greeley
county was invoked to keep at u projer
distance, an over-infatuated youtjg man
of Loup City, who troubled with his at
tentions one of the fair ones living near
Scotia. When convinced that his suit v.uh
hopeless he left, but assured tht pres
ent that his dead Issiy iuil.1 son W
found in the raging Iiup.
I'rrHy llnr,I llspi-.
Sr. Lon'ip, Mo., -March 27. - A siM-cia)
I; f i 1 1 ) i i l.i., Hif. "This moru
iug John Raiqif, a Wabash tireman,
killed hia mistress, Mella Hone. She
was endeavoring to net him to return
from a sh1o;ii to the house, when he
struck her onjthe neck, Itiijiug her.
The blow hroke her neck. The woman's
relatives live at Stella, Xeb.
l-efl pemillrs.
Bckkaui. L Y. March 28. William
Rofut, agent for the White sewing ma
chine company, hits left town with n
valuable horse and sewing machine wag
on worth about 200, belonging lo the
sewing machine company. Koful left a
wife and six small children penniless.
KsllnMul Areidrnt.
Misiot'i.A, MowT.,March 27. The east
bound express on the Xi.rthern Pacilic
went through a culvert near Heron eta
tion yesterday. The express messenger
was killed and seven passengers injuied
none of them being seriously hurt.
Among them is J. II. Richards of S. D
Snf- blower.
Bimjbami'Tos.X. Y., March 2H.--.t 10.
15 o'clock last nightthe safe in Parker's
coal ofllce was blown os?n by men who
were evident ly accustoniei to the busi
ness. The three men killed at Red Hock,
Pa., are supposed to be the ones by
whom the btirgla-y was committed.
A Xew Wrinkle.
Paint from potatoes h a u-iv wr.nkU
Id the arts and sciences. Kvlilow't
Trade lievtew gires the manner of
preparutiou. Boil a kilo of peeled po
tatoes in water: uUev nuliin;; dilute
with water and iiass tliroiili a line
sieve. Add two kilo of SpaniHli while
diluted with four kilos of wuter, and
the result will he n color of Ixmiitiful
milk-white. Different colon can be
effected by the nddiiion of different
oiihres and minerals. Apply ivilh a
hrtuh. It adheres to plaxier and wood
very well, will not pec!, and, bctt of
all is cheap.
AipwU'i Beantlful Hhouldera.
The Emprcs Augusta was famom it
her younjrer dars for her pci-son.i,
beauty and especially for her rnnguiii.
cent shoulders. In the later years ol
her life her beauty of feature had quit
disappeared, but to the day of tier
death the wonderful shoulders re
mained the tame. And court goip
tellt the following story about it: The
Empress has always bcea excessively
proud of her beauty, and so, when the
unkind years began to leave their trace
upon her, the devised the most skillful
aids from art. For her neck and
shoulder Indeed, for the entire upper
body she had a waxen corci-Ing made
which perfectly simulated nature in
coloring:, . texture and outline. This
armor once asnmed, she was nevur
known to remove It, and Indeed for
many yean the fact of its Iming the
product of art was a matter of suspicion
rather than actual knowledge. Cer
tainty same about In this way. One
of the young women of the court of an
experimental turn of mind sliped sly
ly up behind tba august presence on
day and gars just the tiniest touch of a
aoed!e on tba smooth white shoulders.
Tae Eajpnai did not stir. She pushed
Ilttk harder, still tba Empress did
aai wlace, and ooart spacalatka waa
stUatwd foroTtr. A'. I. Smn.
H-r Nrw-Year's tiM.
it tl-i over stih er tvt'-r
- .... n.l.l 1-i lnauri- l
SIN 1 ... -
A,sfbH-. sUAIW. '
KNi .n-llR ,n.l.o. oJ 'n
tt ben Us. Ut U IMIO tr rcr ii..uirI
JlJw 1 l!!o my cuu-ta eiv
He wiiirlii lisve tent Die flower or '"f-.
Ilul t ir. .K r fell-.w !""".'.e
Of Is-srmd 1 fl I - l"le
j (.aJ i,iui ! w ilii a uoJ sod '
Ye nm-l.ow I llur!it the t.;iirMj w
Wuuld iTinfr ,ne n,.-wieor """'
I l.rt.lrt-rt so fix- ",lle
A teaJxl alilic U.iu-1 tier gltl "a""!-
Ble ktml It thrlcre lie mlllni fi
lj.fe. !.! 'in I '' l- f""
(Milt mi filliful Is-art." lie aIU.
MuJ 1 i-:l nl ;ur Hxpoi.
smtwir'ti'r!T Muiyotir hesrt," SsM kls
-Is i(r 0,-srri.l g-llt lu U wiwl'l. .i iw,
- M. f. Hri.lifs
Ke d lajr.
Wh-it i the lif.' of fu'hiouable and
emancipated Ij.K ? LM ''rn
S,utU-niH i -utufi and re:l hat Lady
r-Ulierim; Mimeu Gs-kell h:n to sa.
Here ii a spci-imeii of the day's routine:
Mie jiu s wiih the childiMi.
She -riic ordi i i lo tho cook and
oilu-r wrvaiiis.
Mic arrane for the reception of
iitor (cviH-i'lcd and unexs'cled).
.she takes a turn at Herbert Spencer.
Mie settle a (lignite between hiillcr
ami "unh tiir (ihejfardeuerliad "xiteu
onicrs'' to the hullci ).
She confute the l rcm li jrnvenie-s,
who complains of lliu chlot daughter
(iju'clle ctait d une impcrtiiu uco in
ci'otable). Sim soothes the. board schoolmaster
(the curate had been pnsiiinin ).
.She pacific a tenant who ttaiiH hit
rent reduced and doesn't liko beiu;
bitten in tho ler by t niastilf.
She im's for a tliie with her hiis-baii'l-
Slie ojs-ri a nuiic hall ami makes a
She rends the Bible to a sick woman
in the parish.
Mic receives her jriicu.
She eNjilain to her Imslian why the
li.sli iiu't up to the mai l..
And then perhaps hc uriles au ar
ticle for a iniinihly maaiiie. No
wonder that nervous evhaiiitinii is le
coiniiifj as frequent tinioii haiil-livin
woiucu aa gout aiiioti hanl-driiikiu
The Hardest Worker In Jamatoa.
Everywhere, here the water is qtiiel
In bays and harbors, one sees '.lie nmn
prove at its silent, ceaseless work. The
parent trunk, Trunin;; from a little
pink stem, bliools up into a low shrub
with lde-rprenilinjr brain lu , clothed
rerH?tuallf with f.''o.v rreen leave,
rroin those, branches lotijr. slender roots
drop iuto tho water lioneatli, V( here, in
the muddy soil at tho bottom, they
themselves take root, and hi turn lo
coino trunks and trees. And every
where under the snake-like net-work of
roots w hich rise out of the muddy soil,
and in a tangle of branches alsive, life
is pulsing and rustlinjr. Innumerable
crali, with lmij; red lers and black
bodies peppered with white spots,
curry and crawl io and out upon the
rank mud beneath the arching root',
ftud droll hermit-crabs draw them
nelves with a click into tlui burrowed
houses straujre-lookin shells with
lon spines, curioiu spirals, mottled
with blue and pray and yellow.
In tho days of the Spaniards vessel)
used to sail up tho Rio Cobra lo
Spanish Town; now it is welliiijzli
choked with the wash of centuries. To
enter it you pass around a long spur of
sand that stretches far out iuto the bay,
a roosting-place for sleepy pelicans
resting from their fishing,:old Joes."
as the islanders call them. Tliecbaunci,
barely deep enough for the liht canoes
of the fishermen, is tortuous aud wind
ing, and further up along its course is
nearly roofed in by overarching trees,
and bordered by impenetrable thickets
that now forever shut out the life that
used to come and go Ik;! ween the har
bor and San Jajro dc la Vera. -Huward
Fylt, in Harper s Magazine.
A Persevering Prisoner.
"Perseverance will accomplish any
thing." I had these words for a writ
ing lesson once, and I shall never for
get them. It is a great thing lo have
perseverance. There was once a uian
who was shut up in a dungeon wiih
walls 'AKJ feet thick, made of the hard
est kind of stone. He hail no tools ex
cept a pair of scissors his brother had
sent him io a loaf of bread, but he re
membered that a drop of water will
wear away a stone if it fulls on the
stone long enough, and that a coral
worm, which is so small that you can
hardly see it, will eat up and destroy a
coral reef if you will only give it time
enough. So he said that he would per
severe and dig a hole through the wall
of the dungeon with the scissors and
escape if it took him a hundred years.
He had been digging about a year
when the Governor pardoned him, and
the jailer brought him the joyful news.
But tbey couldn't get him to leave tho
dungeon. He tola the jailer that he
had undertaken lo dig bis way through
tho wall and escae in that war, uud
that ho was going to stick to it no mat
ter how long it might take. The jailer
urged him to give it up and walk out
of he door, and even offered him 10
to give up his dungeon to a new lodger,
but notluug could induce him toenail"
his mind, bo he staid in the dungeon
aud dug away at tho wall for forty,
seven years, and every six months ho
bad to par a big bill for damages to
the jail.aud he finally died when lie was
ball through the wall. This shows
what a splendid thing perseverance U
and that we all ought to persevere.
IK. L Aldeit.
UoW ' Favorite.
Brown: "How is it you are iR-n a
"Ol , that's easy enough. Wheuerei
anything pleasant happens to mo I knap
It to myself, so as to make nobodr eh
s lou.: hut all my miseries and ruWor
tunes I toll to everybody who will Roar
me. and you can't imagine how happr
they make entry body! mi them ll
Ju know, that misery lores
company. I dob f know bow thaT is.
hat company lores misery every tlraeV"
Wsew.i xra,-ieAa.-.
The Karl la (irnwiag lairgwav
ri.. -.n:. traveling' in its
' around 1 he sub aud onward with the
solar sstem around some unKuow4
snd stii'l gn:atr center of attraction,
is cinsiaiiily traversing new regions of
rpaec. which it depletes of meteoric
dti-t and meteorites, thus steadily no
matter how slow ly increasing ia
diameter. Now let this growth cou
linne till the earth has jul twice the
S aiir i' tiie (siwer which it now possess
es, we Simula men uae nut meuuin-U-r
of meteorite and double the
uiiantiiy of dit-t falling auoually upon
Fortunately for our head the eartli
has not j ci "attained Very formidable
d lMCIi-io'lit. but we luay look upon it as
su e-tabli-hed fact that it constantly
aius in weight, and lhat in propor
tion to such gaiu it attractive power
sieadilt increases.
1 he altraciive foriv of the sun is so
(jrioimotis that peip.-liial hail of
iiieleoiiics and a torrent of dust par
ticles in u-t rush iisn it from all di
rection, ami some of the foremost ob-M-rver
are now of opiniou that thse
tailing lsdies are the sole Caue of the
sun's heat.
In llie light of this theory our earth
is a young and growing, not au old
mid "ih ing I'lanel; a planet with a
future, which ought to bo cheerful new
lo all of us. although we shall nut lit
lo reap the. IsMielil of it, aud the sun,
far from being ou its last leg as au
expiring lumiiiary, is .steadily gaiuic
in heat and lighting capacity- -An.rt-
W here llcauiirs Are Itred.
The great Wauties who lake the so
cial prizes in marriage are almost all
bred in the lesser towns, where a less
conventional society gives wpinon a
snatch at freedom in girlhood. You
don't find thein grow ing up w itu cali
thenies health lifts, and a rujsjage-use
to do their exercise fur them.
You ail remember the painful storr
I of a girl in a city home, surrounded by
ci crv care, w Im was strangled in thu
! c ird'sof her health pull'' one evening
i little more than a ) ear since. Scarcely
niorc pitiful h her fate than that ol
girls bn. tight up to depend on such
mb-tiliHe for work and t-ltise if
they lis e. A siek, ana-iiiic woiirssi',' un-u-ed,
unable to Care for herself and all
others, is the most pitiable, repugnant
object on earth. You seldom liud a
lasting beauty which has not had a
si-iiii-Greck education of outdoor lif
and exercise behind it.
Take the Iw-autiful Gunnings, who
ran wild in their Irish country home,
till their calculating mamma had raked
a:id scraped enough lo take thein to
Dublin and tiienco to Ixindou. The
Gunnings were unlicensed hoyden
hut their races over tho hills gave them
matchless complexions. Later still
Mrs. Langtrr took her leaiity course,
roving the Jersey lanes with tier broth
ers in sea air, living on peaches and
coat se bread, with as little lvssous as
sulliced lo lit her fur London drawing
moins. ..iVV j''v:e Juunml.
Ar..irSln lo a liruiiptlos) OItss by a I
mil HrltUh Trarrlsr.
Tht (American) stonrkeejx'r nerer
says what a coinmodily is really worth
intrinsically or in his ftarticular market,
but places its value about 25 per cent
over what he will take for it and which
is in turn about 25 per cent over what
he aid for it. bargaining which goes
ou in all the provincial cities and town
is extraordinary. The process is called
".lew ing down," and proceeds some
thing like this;
Sene: Store. Enter prospective
buyer, Kints laconically to article and
loijiiitur: "Say, w hat's ! his worth t"
storekeeper --(bin dollar, and dirt
P. B. (who really wants H) Ah.
waul, it's not quite what I want. But
I'm in tio jtertickler rush to-day.
(Pauses.) B'licvc I'll give you 70eciil
for it.
S. - Seventy cents? VThv, I deelai
it's dirt cheap alfl; but j.piltooning
I'll let you have it for IK) cents.
P, B. That's quite ridiklons. How
ever I ken jist let tin rip! (Turns over
about a du.eii articles and then pre
pares to leave the store.)
H. Come now, yer shall have It foi
80 cents, thai ! I couldn't make it bet
ter nor lhat an) how.
P. B. (examining artido attentive! v,
but. grunting iho while) Xo, sir-ree.
it won't run it. Xow coniidentially
I II tell yer what 1 will do. I'll givi
yer 75 writs -75 cents (iwpressivelv),
and not a red cent more. What say?
Tim .sorekocer tires a bolt at tht
nearest fpilinon, shakes his liead, and
turns to serve another customer. Pro.
speeiiie buyer saunieis around the
store, and eventually reaches the door.'
At this tiioincui the biorckeeper calls
"Say, you can take that durneJ
thing, but como and see us ''ain, will
And so tho compact is concluded.
Both are fully atislied, ami think noth
ing of the ten minutes they have
wasted, for both concluded they have
'liested'' the other. This phrase "come
and see us again" is the usual fare
well. I have had it said to me scores
of times. ArUotr MmiUfiort in TenwU
It nr.
itells on Sheep.
A -Michigan farmer claims to bare
lived Ins huge llock of sheep from the
dogs by putting tt be. 'e.v,D on
When the sheep get frlghlened and
run the bells .lay a gran.f march aad
Hie Uogs caniei' off.
The Virt ue of Hot Milk.
ll is worthy of reiteration that milk
heated lo as high a temperature as it
cau lie drunk or lped. above 100 de
grees but not lo the boiling point, it of
great ralue as a refreshing stimulant
in cases of over-exertion,, bodily or
mental. To most people wbo Ilk milk.
It docs not taste to good hot, but that
Is a small matter compared with the
benefit to be got from lu Its aotioa It
exceedingly prompt and gralefaJ, -tht
effects much mora saUsfaotorr
far more lasting than those of aar i
holhs drink whatever. It safpUes ml
strength at well at exhilaration, waieh
s'vKoi Mvsr does "