The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 26, 1889, Image 5

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    jnfioganold gray mare
1 nnl in A TmiV hlh.
faad crafked he offered to
UftinUWiii)eVeck. After we
C) along for a quarter ot a
EJiknlj inquired:
C tbis ' thing in the
Ciatthe elixir?"
C nothing except what I
,ntr it sots au o!d man Lack
with one dose."
they tell wonderful stories."
It much (riven to sicli yarns,'
LgtA n hisbowback LumjK-d
more, and his chin took
... j. t : ' ,.
pr "HDL 1 IU UUiu LU
iii in it?
.,n twine to try it?"
i - a i s .... i
thki niornmr and told the
I was com 10 urive to
nn nnnlft imrer. I kIihII
it to the doctor s anil gel u
itbe elixir."
it miiv remvenate you.
exnectin' it will, iot
in' of it lust nignr, am
mia sleet). I'm seventy
mrs oI"I, ami 11 i"1" mi"!!
it me jnrk to forty It would
' . . I. ..! 1 I
rnte 01 oxen to iiuiu inr. i e
j planned out.
t do when I trot home.
Rill him sorter bin ruiiuin
tn suit liinm-lf fur tho last
ior four years.. Thinks I've pot
to even know how to wll a
in ton tin iel)ler. If tlmt
1 Ml J IKtl
linrtu on II 0 1 II UHl oiiimii J fill
. . ...
Wore the sun poen down. 1 II
Whim into the ImnliM-kH m n
hoonenhw e.vea. Whoop: 1 ill
Lhpnn Letter already!"
Lt'i rood," wuh all I could
infto snv in renlv.
r: . i ... i ..
Bdsav lie eom niiiiii, nn n
Whi the old mure with n shnri
fsir the hint ten yearn the old
Whan hill rnlliu' me crandpn
ferin' to imike out that I orter
the corner and let her hnndlo
Imm. SIio'h m v second, you
and only fifty, nnd she feels
Kyppart." Lnnils, butyou orter
fcrnrhen I walk in on her this
W and tell her to step down off
Worm! Whool! but I feel like
Win a corn field!"
Ml hone vou won't Ikj dis-
fcnt vc I don't lielievc I shall
Ewliumy bones that I'm jroin'
xk riylit back to 1 8,". Say!
mouther thing I'm coin' to
Ithiit elixir eiix is on me.
neeot a son-in-law named VeU
Veraft Puto bent mo out of four
last veitr. Alonz about nun
tfini'rM I'll uiilL- in nn IVte im
!milt:ng the cows, and if I don't
the stnflin out of him then inv
ain't Alisolom .loslvn! Whooo!
mvhuLorv shirt, if I'm u dav
HStv VMirn uliI tliU verv niinit
il'lllitlcan lift half it ton."
Market fur Human Hair.
is at present a scarcity
The Sent of Taste.
A ph.TioIo!ritT discoursino- en tfc.
sense of taste, says: Ktrietly s.eak
with the tip of the tomrtieo,,.
runt really tasleatall. If von nut a
small drop o( honey orof oil of bitter
almonds on that part of the mouth
ou '"' "odoubt to your great
r.i'.se, that it produces no effect of
any sort , you only taste it when it be
gin slowly to diffuse itself, and reach
es the true tastiiig region in thernid
die distance. I',ut if you put a little
cayenne or mustard onthesame part,
juu win nun that it bitcH Vm, in,
niediately-the exji-rimcnt should Iw
trie., sparingly-wlni,, if vou put it
lower dow n ill the trmntr. v,, ...Ml
swallow it nlrrwhut niil...,. .
.i . . - v twl" '"K if..
ine puiif'encv of the Ktii..l 'ri... wu
reason is that the tin of thp in,. k-.u wiui experimental gar-
is sui.i.lied u iJ tongue deus. '1 he resnlu of the work done Tare
llvn.- r ' f"'"9 Wl,"'h if tlie fr"tttc,t al,,e the German
nre re. lis nenes oftouch, not nerves t f;"'r. ho has learned to make daily
P boman hair in the market
fy. the scarcest hair is pure
.aad Us value is constantly in
land if it is unusually long
.from four to five foot the
'Can frnt. nlmnith lliu nu-n rtf.ij.a
, Jt of ordinary length it is
1 373 francs to 500 francs nn
' The fact that pure while
th court coiffure t hroughout
owteepn the demand for it very
f U )i much prized by Ameri
oiwn whose own hair U white
o desire to enrich it folds, for
pair is held to give certain dis
poa to tho wearer.
mi no fancy market for pray
JJt i to common. It is used to
fmtowigaof persons who are
Wold. Still, the
"cjl through the lienrt tho
"'.r uecause her linir was tnrn-
"J was a foolish creature. She
wily have found, you know,
inter wnvs of W-r.inrr
Mta I'liiladelphia Times.
Time to Kat.
1 mn and benst should have
Ptoat. Most, nf I .a linruts fill.
'Stae example of man bolt t heir
r'th but little chewinc. We
?wme owners who break un the
?on"ie part of their horse's by
rs "moot h stones tho siw ot nn
feed boxes, compelling
""c in gathering the feed.
ljome farmers mean enough
rjj through their menls so fast
L ""en, unliwii willing to act
ff annot complete their meals
r 'ame time; but thee are rare
".nd uaa rule the fault
IT0 Wen themselves. ' I con
j?J'n nyo minutes to do mo
CI '' nKK'"h. and the mnn
jphis boaut into execution
f' ; Wardion. . IJetter for cm
take a few minutes' rest,
'viCfldgo to work again
"v -National Htockman.
fc A Uft Farewell.
S"frirl of Los Angeles, Cal.,
wily wns about to moyo to
nd who had heard that
rJ'poken of as a forlorn and
C7 God-forsaken place, wns
prayers at her mother's
(ight before their intended
8he Mid all that had
2 taught bar, and then with
mphasis Mid: "And now
fv Qod, for to-morrow ws are
Arkoaa.,,8an Bernardino
Serleitlia.m .
Iim .! n "f ,wo experiment at.
cultural resesrch iu Germany, the liuJ.
,,f iefrc ? ai"1 ereitatilevelopment
; f wienlilie fanning,, and tbpge eu ,0
i' c,.tjncfeialista. Troia the beot
aeesuib e acconut, it n,,,r.. accord
tliJti ltoIef?r W. O. Atwster, that
control of commercial fertilizer., twen
im9i 'eediu;; tua ! thirty of
i r8 i. - . "'"H'ation of wares iu tho
interest of th purchaser; tliia, however,
iu most casen, beiu;; only prt of the
work done borne stations follow u
liiimbor of lines of inquiry, otlicia eon
au theniselvea to one or two. There
re fifteen devoted mainly to inven
tion. ln vejeUiblo physiology, inclnd
'iS nutrition of plnntM, aeveu to animal
l'liyaiolo-y. inrlndiiip; fHcdiug experi
luenti,; three to dairy industry; four to
sniiar beet and three to fruit and vine
cuimre. Jhere nre ninn with l...ii,i;n...
experiments with ani-
proper; they belong to a
totally .iifTcrcnt main i,rimi., nriJ
they go ton difT.-rcnt cent-r in the
bruin, together with thp
threads which supply the nerves of
smell lor mustard and pepMT. That
mi) i ii siaeii and taste of Ihese
ptiligent siiliHt.HiccM are hh mnr.1.
alike, as everv-bodv innut l.,.i.,. ,.
ti.'ed; a good miifT at it mustard -pot
producing almost tliesnme irritnt iiur
effi-cts as anilirautioiiH iiKintl.ful "
- Mil
Other IVrsoiis' rictuics,
from thr iMroit I'r Pr-wi.
".Misfit photographs for sale" is
the sign or. ti Michignn Avenue iho
togrnph gallery. The man who
owns the place says he hit on that
plan to get rid of pictures that peo
ple order nnd never pay for.
"But who buys the picture.!?"
linked the sketch
'!, many folks. You see, a
young man comes in here and sees a
nico picture of a girl, and he buys
oneiind sends it home to his friends.
Then ho takes one for himself per
haps two and in that way I get my
money back. I know one young fel
low w ho took some of my bent work
nnd sent it to (lermnny to represent
his wife. The picture could easily
have pa'scd for hers as far as tho
leatureH went, but she was uevor
dressed out like that. Mothers who
have little children often buy
pictures of children with lopg
tmir when theirs hnsn't grown
out and send them around to friends
at n distance. I can sell brides' pic
tures without any troubb. I some
tiuies think that pictures that ain't
taken for people, look just as much
like them. Besides, it saves joa ull
the trouble of a sitting."
A Trnrclinp I'll ilant liropist.
There were eight ot us who got off
the train nt the junction to wait two
hours for the train on the other road.
It was a small building in the coun
try, without a house in sight, and no
platform to walk on. The singlo
railroad ofllcial was asleep on some
bags of wool in the freight shed, and
the clock in the waiting-room had
stopped dead still. As we sat down
a the hin d benches in the waiting
room one of t he men opened his grip
and took out an eight-pugo newspa
per. Not one of the rest of us had a
thing to read. Noticing this, he
carefully cut the pages apart, then
cut. ea: h page in halt, and, passing
around, he said: "tientlemen, I nev
er did like a hog. Each of us will
take nn eight h, and as fast as read wo
will exchange with each other."
Kach one took his part and made
it his business to read it. and the
last mnn had just got down to a
mortgage sale and t ho death notice
of a pair of twins when the two hours
expired and the train drew up. New
York Sun.
use of the information furnished.
Ilia W'njr vf ExpreMlng (.
A RiisMan gentleman who has nn
American wife met some friends of tho
latter who were tiavelin in Kuropo re
cently, and Hinonii other things which
he told- tin m concerning her was the
fact that fch h;ul been bitten by one of
his bleydhoiiuds that hud started out
nnd ran iiinnck, so to any, otio day
upon Lis i slale. The Americana were
filled with horror mid were eager in
their impm-ies in regard to ulmtwas
'lone nml if there were any cwl results
from the wound. The. liiiKsian, who is
of high rank, hastened to reassure them.
'') hero wi re no bad consequences at
nil," he assured them, ''1 teoli it hot iron
and buine 1 out the wound. Jtsincllcd
alitllelikn mutton chops cooking, but
I didn't mind that."
A -Man of Itesoiirces.
l-'rnm tl.e Chirnire Trilmw.
"Mr. Clugston." exclaimed the fore
man, coming into the sanctum hast,
ilv, "I'm sorry for the accident, but
thehnlf-coluinnpiecnof reprint about
the Bchring Sea troubles was skew
jawed in taking the sidestick out of
the galley, and it will take longer to
straighten it up than to set the
wfiolo nrti -le up again."
"Haven't you anything to take its
place''" inquired the editor of tho
iloodlevillo Yelpcr, passing his hand
wearily over his pale brow.
"No, sir, and I ought to have
gone to press an hour ago."
"Slide the nrtielo into the forms
just as it is," said Mr. Clugston in a
firm, ringing tone. "But tho head
'Choice Keligious Miscellany over it,
and none of my readers willeverlook
at it."
Sullivan as Mayor of Boston.
From th Omaha. World.
It would indeed U a hugo joke on
cultured Boston if tho invincible
John h. Sullivan, should, as has been
suggested, ls'como a candidate for
mayor and securo nn election. Stall
an event is by no means impossible.
Sullivnn is an Irishman, and in Bos
ton tho Irish element nlmost domi
nates politics. Then Sullivnn would
secure an immense strength from the
sporting element, nnd young voters
in particular. If John L. should
i,i ..n it I. the idea and expend a
portloir4.i-wo.nt big winnings he
Lin.i.e. mnte auite a formidable
rival for any cuJididate.
WilkirColmn never married, and
the lady supposed to bo his daughter
was an adopted chlild. Sho married
his solicitor, Mr. Bartley.
Th Inwu.
. The number of recognized sttei ..f
inserts, according to Prof. Angelo Ileil
lnn U geuerully conceded to he up
wards of PW.OOO, and br some authors is
l'laced as high M 150,000, bat it is very
questionable whether these represent
wore than one-teuth of the number ae
,nJy inhabiiiua the earths surface.
1 robably not k-ss than one-half of the
indicated forms belong to the order
eolsoptera, or leetles, which is by far
l he most numerously represented of all
me orders. The lepidoptera, or butter
men, hare thus far yielded some 15.000
R'emes-or about one thirteenth of the
i;nai nimiher (2'JO.llOU) estimated bv
fwyer for the world at large-and a'u
equal number 111115-, perhaps, with a cer
tain amount of accuracy, be credited to
t leheiueuopterafbtes. wasps, and ants!,
tlia hemptcra (pugs), nnd diptcra (flies),
the orthoptera, or straight-winged in
sects, which include the locusts, grass
hoppers, etc., are considerably less
iiuraeroiis, while the secies of netted-
veined forms (neuroptera) probably do
not much exceed 2,000, or perhaps do
not eveu reach this figure.
Any article that has outlived 24 years
ot competition and imitation, and sella
more and more each year, must have
merit. Dohhins' Klectric Hoap first made
in I fc65 is just that article. Ank your f ro
crorit. He has it, or will get it.
A liny or ICpkC.
Sundry school superintendent. "Can
nnv if vou tell me why Sunday is called
a day of rest?"
( Little Dick (holding up his hand)
"I kin. Jt's 'cause we get up early and
hurry through brtakfas' bo's lo dress in
time for Sunday school, and then hurry
t'i Sunday school, so we wont be late,
and then skip inter church 'fore the bell
stops ringin' and then go home to din
ner nnd get fixed up for afternoon ser
vice, and then get supper an' go to bed
so pa and niaeau get. ready for evening
service. I hat's all we do. New York
is but ttie itepping-atoii to those dirine
institutions, the family and the home,
which constitute the very foundation ou
which our nation resU; and upon the
health and streneth ot thewita and mother
depends th sunshine and enjoy went ot the
home and the prosperity ot the laiuily.
Thousands of wives and thousands ot iir
i;le ladies drj out a weary existence in
n. sequence ot perplexing "lemale dieor
in total ignorance of the tact that
1''. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a pos
itive cure for the most complicated and
ohstinate caee ot leucorrhea, prolapsus,
weak back, "female weakness," antever
ioo, retroversion, bearingdown sensa
tions, chronic congestion, inflammation,
ulceration, mid kindred uilineuta. Guar
anteed to give satisfaction or money re
funded. All dru-:iata.
Dr. P.erce's Pellets cleanse and reg"1"
the stomach, bowels and system generally
Une aduse; purely vegetable.
Mr. William Ernest Healer, the author
and poet, began life as a laborer.
liny a In F.lll, Kansas.
This town is one ot the most promising
Kansas, located on the Union Pacific
Kaihvay. It is a division station ot that
road and has division shops, round house
and eating station. Mills and factories are
springing up nnil it is becoming a thriving
olsce. in the midst of a urosneroiis farm in
region. It is a healthy place anu the sou
and climate are excellent. Alhert ood
cock, General Land Commissioner U. P
Ky., Omaha. ,eh., or lroy !S. taters
Land and Eniig. Agt. L'. P. Ky., Kllis, tun
The dude is like an engine in that be ear
ns a head light.
If ffTrtpd wlih Pore Kve. it.- Or. Tliomp
Etjli 8 tie Vvater. Drugyisu nell a.
I'RW I'lOI'Li:, IMll.l l),
i have any idea of the value of stimulnnts,
if properly used . There are in Kurope sev-
I end estiihliriliiiiPiits owned and conducted
I by Monk; under the direct control of the
1'upe. which have for hundreds of j'ears
iievitleu their 1'iit're ener-'ifs to the manu
i fuel lire of cordials or tonics. Their busi-
i ne has been so extensive, that a short
. time ago twenty millions trancs WPre of-
fereil for one ot those plant.H hy au English
syndicate, nnn refused. It only demon
strates tho value of tonics, because their
tuiBincHH could not have flourished so unlc
I their uiaiiufactures contained considerahle
meilicinnl value. A good tonic, as for in
stance Kennedv' Kaat India Hitters, which
, are 'iuaranteed to be distilled with the tin
' est of Spirits and from choice roots and
herbs, is better than adulterated Whisky
i or wine.
Sirvility is to devotion
it to virtue.
I'lnii i: in inif.
In the August repoit of the secretary
of the Slale IVud of Agriculture of
Mi-souri, Paul raquin. slate veteri
narian, says regarding! lie above disease,
liieh has canned lnueh trouble ninoiig
enttie, le t only ill that but in other
western Males: 'there is an inflainnia-j
tion of the eye ball, with formation of
matter and nhitislt opacity of the lens, j
etc. l or these reasons I suggested, the
name "Specific Ophthalmia" lo distin
guish it from the ordinary inflammation
or ophthalmia. Since, a scientilic veter- i
inarian, In. liillings, lias termeil it
''Keratitis." Treatment consists in
bathing the eye frequently in cool water. I
A good way to do that is to place wet
clothes beforo nnd to wet them often, ,
daily, with a sponge or large syringe, j
In bad cases apply a few drops of tho
following to the eyes twice a day with a
medicine dropper: Sulphate of zinc and
iodide of potassium, of each 1 drachm,
soft, or rain water, H ounces.
Won III: iiloiiejr.
St, Leuli (Mo.) star Saying. Auruh !.
At the recent drawing of the Louisiana
State Lottery, $00,000 of the first prize
was won by three St. Louisans, and $3,000
ol the third capitid priie of $.10,000, also
came to two lucky St. Louisans.
August Kaltmeyer, who is the proprietor
of a saloon at the aouthwost corner of
Sixth and Franklin avenue, held a one
twentieth part of the $.'.0,000 priie. A
Ktar-Saylngs reporter called upon Mr.
Kaltmeyer at his naloon this morning and
found liim in excellent humor. Mr. Kalt
meyer said: "I never played the lottery iu
my" life belore, biat just a few days prior to
the last drawing a friend of mine, whose
name I cannot mention, came to me nnd
he said: 'Henry, poor people are getting
rich In t his lot tery game.' I said 1 knew
that, and he said: 'Let ns go in a half dol
lar each on a ticket this mouth.' The
next dav we purchased the ticket the
number of it. was T."i,;)5:i and 1 was never
so astonished in all mj life ns when I heard
that it drew $2,500. I got the money a
week axo. and gave my friend his hall. I
inlend to keep the money in my business,
but shall play the lottery right along,
though. My friend, 1 guess he is having
a good time, for 1 haven't seen him since."
Mrs. Amelia Partenheimer, who resides
nt 012 Monroe street, was also a winner to
Hie xtent of $2,500, she having held an
other twsntietb ticket of the $50,000
prize. Mrs. Partenheimer, in a conversa
tion with a reporter lo-ony, " - , Worth; Wuco, Taylor, Austin
H great eurpune : an.,,in
i.... I v..llo, (hat .nn nn hound ' Antonio
nionrj, ieii j
to win at it some time, sooner or later. 1
not. nlsved the lottery much: but I
what hypocrisy
Women are ever dupes or victims
their extreme sensitiveness.
America's finest 'TanalU'a Punch"
The crockery trust is broken.
against the servant girl trust.
It ran up
For Swellings, Bruises, Cuts and Wounds.
Yriii a. food Liniment for Bursa,
Sprains and Bruises. No family should
pretend to keep house without a Lini
ment Let us name a remedy,
by thousands, who bear willinp testi
mony to its virtues and action when
applied externally. Persona of erery
degree of intelligence and. every raalf ,
in life use
Pem Davis' Paln-ICillsr.
If any of our readers doubt the mario
of this old standard remedy, weadrisa
them to buy one twenty-five ccntbottla
and pive it a trial.
Persons Traveling
should -Jways have a bottle of Pain
Killer with tbem, as accidents are
liable to occur.
Sol. itrnliBi t Sb. n. 8 ij
PstcntcdAuc. 16. 1887. lMPiovtoJuiY30, 1889.
j. Biiamou-eU to cure Hie Ii-
!Rheumatic Complsinti,
."Lumbaco. General and
Nfrweu Debility. Co-
3t tiveneis, XidncyDiseascs
Ncnoufnpts. Trembliaf,
8cxul E.-ihaustion.Wt-
,1- ing of Body. lliltUM
W Indlscretior.s in Touth, Ae, IUr-
irie Lire, Uia.a.-.r
or ppiiiul orgHUH of m.le or fem.i
"Daily Sight! Piim and Curid V
At DRtJoaisTs and Dealers.
.... s
' .r- . .M .T
ine of Body
riedorMn- 1
Pr,owek's ELECTRIC INSULtSatriu.' .
MUtvou lu i ininsQlM envelope. McntioQ tliii paier. oor
S06 North Broadway. 8T LOUIS, BO.
Owen's Electrio Belt Attschment
worn wlih ana eoiuftirl. Tlie dir.
mnrf ml lil r.r clronil. Till, III til. OUlr
eluelrle triiKH auil licit ever nidc. It
ritb Or.
r tilt Irani.
.in 1 1; k a
'I lie Heal Yet.
In sililitiun to tlie unrqunled Dining Car
Servico between Council liluffs Slid Denver,
the Union Pacific, "Tli Oerlunu Route
will on Kundiiy, August ISth, and daily
tlieresller, run Duiing Cars between I oiin
it lilulfs and Porlliiiid, Ore., on "The
Overland Flyer," leaving Council Bluffs At
7:Ti5 p. in., Omaha 8:15 p. m.
'1 liese cars are models of excellence, and
tlie best meals the market affords will be
furnished at 73 rents.
.I. Il.tllVEST l?X I HMONS. 5.
Via the WAIiASH LINE to Missouri,
Arknnsns, Texus. Tennessee, Mississippi
ami I.i.uisi.iim at fikk. Tickets will
be sold Ausiist. Otli nnd 20th. September
1 III h ami li t, and October 8th. good for
:i(l diiys. Remember the Wnbash is the
iiiirkest route south with elemint reclining
rluiir and I'liHuum Puffct sleeping cars on
nil trains. J''r tickols anil further infor
nnition cn II on or write
0. N. Ci.avtox. X. W. 1'. Agent, 3 502 Far-
lisin street, Onialia. Xeb.
lliiffiilo, X. V., claims a population ot
Via ni.sourl, Khii.o. & Texas Rail
war, ami Viir.oiis I'lillmnii llulTutt
III. r m
I'l.xtllirl) cured by
ineoe i.iiiir rum.
They lino relieve Dil'
trea. from DyeuepiU.In.
1 jLtinc. A nerfaet
ledv Cor DIztinew.Hansedl
urowsisem, uad iau
in Hi. Month. Co.tedll
Toni(ii.Plii In tlie Side.
regulate th. Bowels.
Purely Vcavtabla.
Pries IS Cents,
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Sleolni: C!ar Dally Be. wccii Hauni
litr mid Hie rrlnclpsl Cillci of
The Missouri, Kansns t Texas railway
via the Kansaw City cS Pacific division and
Parsons, is absolutely the short line to
Texas and Mexico. Kvening train from
Kansns City has Pullman Palace Buffett
Kleanino I'm to Parsons. Penison, Fort
III Him nan
without chaniio. Connects at
Pnrsons with Pullman liuUelt Sleeping
Car for Fherman, Dallas, Corsicana,
Houston and Oalveston; connects at i'orn
Thniiplit I won Id Plsr it last month, at all , u" ".u V,' "VC; "Voi
hazards. My husband was very glad when I A , th B, ,
I.. l,..rH llmt I had made the winning. 1 poww, aim " ,, iji.h,.
uuess 1 will use a food deal ol the money
on more lottery tickets
"lllac'lc Henri.."
A correspondent troubled with "black
licads" asks for a lotion. Tliey should
lie pressed out cither with the thumb
imils or a watch key. 'I'lio operation is
likely to cause sonio congestion of the
skin, hence tho face should lie bathed
with water as hot ns it can hn born. As
n rule, those who have blackheads are
(.paring of I he use of soap, which oujrht
to be used quite freely by them. La
dies who object to it might use instead,
borax water, or water to which bran is
added. Twico daily tho following lo
tion tuny be applied: Ktlier, one ounce;
carbonate of ammonia, 0110 drachm;
boiucic acid one scruple; wntersufileieut
to make two ounces. 'J his should be
applied after tho "blnck heads" have
been pressed out and the fnce hns been
bathed iu hot water. lioslou Jlernld.
It is better a man should be abused tlisn
Rmomlrance is the only paradise outot
which we cannot be driven.
The oldest man in tin world lives in Hun
gary and is 121 years old.
The Texas cotton crop this year is esti
mated to b worth $84,000,000.
Southern California eitlmates her honey
crop at 2,000,000 poundi this season.
Kalamsrio, Mich., expects to realiin
$1,000,000 from its celery crop this year.
Cslilornbv lent 3,500,000 pounds of
honey to Europe last year.
Utah has a colony composed of natives
ol tin Hawaiian Islands.
Buenos Ayres Is to have a world's fair.
Bismarck hns Intimated to the pope that
lie must not liave Koine.
A new novel by Dumas ieexpected about
Mr. Marlon Crawford is described ae n
man ol really profound echolarihip.
The chrysalis i like a hired man; they
both make the butter fly.
The old bachelor who would alter his
ways should begin at the altar.
How to remove weeda-marry 1hc
h,0', ... v
A veeaal has been built at Belfast, Ire
land, 68 feet long.
car lor nouns in i'".
of Mexico. Morning train from Kansas
Citv runs solid to Parsons and Cofteyville,
connects at Parsons with solid train car
rying liuffett Sleeper for Denison, Ft. Worth,
Waco Tayornnd Austin; also carrying
Pullman liuffeLt Sleeper for Sherman, Dal
las Coreicana and (ialveston via Denison.
Beo Hint your tickets rend via Parsons and
tho Missouri Kansns .t Texas railway.
For tickets nnd further information apply
nearest ticket agent, or correspond with
.1. L. I "liberty, 'J raveling raesenger
Agent, 402 Court street, Des Moines, la.
The latest fad in bicycle breeches is in
Jersey made goods.
Send two cents in stamps to K. L. Lo
mnx General Passenger Agent Union Pa
cific railwnv, Omaha, Neb., and secure a
handsomely bound copy of Outdoor
Sports and I'ustiines, containing complete
rules tor Lawn Tennis, Croquet and Case
flail, free. Just, issued.
Tho packers want tho senate to pull
down its vest.
the catarrh
A psrttcle U sppllea Into seell nnltrll a d l a,jree
1,1,.. j'. cn ro cen at IiniRsn. n; by mall, rcRliicred,
.uu.l. K ,V iltU tir.UO.IWl "mini a... ..."
KMttIur In rrom AO I 1H Hit.. For full desrrlpi ion ''r.
Ovfo i Klcrtrii-O(ilvnlo Itvlls. Splnul AppUnnces. TruMMtuC
losciet seurl 8c- fr rutti llliisirrsiccl psuiplill wlilcll M M
MBt jou In piiB sele'lcnve)o. Sold only by tb
anA wte-m a. inrtivftr fln
3Uti uud aos Norlh liroadway, St. ,otii.i, iiu
famouF for Bnooeedintir where
other hare failed.
UriU 4 raps 00 1 M tiaiei
tVWHte M
iwbat wrkl .
to. wtak to
Bare ftul aiwayn n lishle. Lmalea.
ask Drutfirlit for Diamond Brand, in ,
rrm, raeuiiuo Doxrt, scaled with 6i A
ribbon. TstLeR no nthcr. AH niilsN
io pastoboisrd boxc-t, pink wrappers. nr
aunccrouMCouiiTcrri'lts. Kenn
(Rtanitm) lor particulars, tesiimonttli aa4
"Relief fop rudlea," tn Utter, by retsm
nail. Nam J'uner.
ilebMtcr t hs'l t., BadlMB 8- PaUa., tfe
rtnv ITnion Soaoand liiako a guess.
our grocer about it to-day
Hydrophobia itself is a sort ol dog daie.
When Baby was nick, we jare her Castorla,
When she was c. Child, tao cried for Castorla,
When she bocamo Miss, she clung to Castorla,
When she had Children, she ge them Castorla,
1 .i CAC
'iiBKFi .rtTM lrtary
s.irra n .nRTENs
.nanrinnnrcillATDR Cu. ATL
brtfturiu-u iiff aiueaiSts.
l'ntalred Land.
Abontft fifth of tho plobe's land snr
faw, according to Professor Loomis,
hits an animal rainfall of less than ten
inches nnil a considerably law nrt
ih too little water for agricultural pnr-i-oses
except iu tho limited district
hore irrigation ia practicable. In
North America nn almost rainless re--ion
exists in southern California and
Arizona, and a large area about Slate
luko has only ten inches of rain yearly.
i,l ie taken internally, and aete directly
,,,on Ihe blood and raucous surfaces ol tlie
,j stem. Send lor testimonial, tree. Bold
S,F'7cHKNKY4CO,Proprs, Tell., 0
r Cnraitn
SaaraalMS a tV
I I aM SlrUun. "
I I sre Mi; bribe
I 'inuCaeBlNlfe.
V oataVJ
I prescribe and fully en
rloree Blr ; aa the only
specific rorttiecertaiQCure
nl tuis aisease. D.,
Amaterdam, N. Y.
W have sold Bl( G lor
many yean, and II has
Ktven me uni ui m.m-
B. R. DYCHK k CO.,
Cbleaco. HI.
tl.00. Sold by Drugrlats.
I pteo's Betnedy tor Catarrh I the
Beat, Easiest to use, ana cd-i-
I Isold
by druKslsts or sent by malL
H. 1. liaxeiline, warnw, n.
Tha Largest" and Beat liqulnped School la tfce
Weat. Thorough Practical Department
Send for College Journal.
Hendnuartern for Hand Instrument. Drum Corm
Outfit p, Accordeon. Violins, linn jo, MAndolInn,
Gultnra. Zither, Iln.rmm.lcM. Strlnjsf for evtrf
Instrument made. Full itock of Sheet Music, Mutlc
Bookn. Hand nmi Urcliemra Munlc, Jtwna irutios.
Instruction Hooks tor all Instruments. Any one send
Iwr In nn order will reuetvo a copy of Music tries
Write to in for prices nnd cnitilojcues. statlnff what
kind of tjoods wimted.
OiiimIih, Nell.
nL(iu unntruLLii
The bent for &I1 mi r noses snd can he used In anr
climate and for any kind of building. Will not lptt(
rust or mt, win iaty() years as easy one. wirt
rope and ftxtui'es. Hydraulic Tuhe Wella, Steam and
Water Puinns. and Knit way Supplies. Correspondence
solicited. Klrklohlno Knjcin erring and Sup
ply Co., Room 509 First National Bank, Oman a, Neb.
7K 0ftC0Kn 0 A MONTH cunbe made
i 1 3i'IU (fiUUiMsioridug for ut. Agents
preferred who ran furnish a lioi-se and tfive their wliot
time to the business. Spare moment may be prodtablr
emploved 1jo. A few vacan;Le iu towns and olties.
h. V. JOHNSON & JO., lUOVMatn St., KU'liiHond, Va.
N. II. rienae Htate afft and business expurimius. N'sr
eriuind about Bunding bUnnp tor reply. B- J)'- J. &Ou.
Lute Principal Examinee;
U.S. .Tension uureau, auj
at Lnw, WatahiiiviOB.
I. Cs Socreanlully rrofecnteii..iJ0F,nsT
original, Incrpane, re-ratlnK, widows', cnlJdren 8 na
deicndent relatives. Experience: 3 yrs. in la
war, 15 yrs. In Pension Bureau aud attorney slnoe-
l. (J., guceesalnlly.
7 In. x 5 In. 70 nniros.
llliimiuiitnd ;over.
CITaiT roCC on eppll ailin enclinlng one
SCni f nCC ('.'c.) alamp. br HddlTnllllg. '
THEU. HOLLAND. P. U. Box 120. Phila.. Pi.
B0t!ougb Syrup,
In time. 8ol
Tastes vood.
Sold by druevtate.
A MONTH and more It earned by
graduates who spent 6 months or I est,
at the Col It re. Send address ot M
friends and get circular and beauti
ful s Dec t mens of nenmannhlD VUB.
Boib wiea attend. Shorthand taught by nail.
BClftEa COM.I!.R, Stcrllssg?, 1IL.
. . . reiici i
" W W . ' W UW.U'LM. Jt, f.
A mra ItTUtti
riirf for seinaw
aa s BUB STtllT. Book-awplw. Penmanalilp,
HOME AriUimeilc Slirlbaiil, e;e..tht.r.
miahly taiwhttirnmll. Ixiw rales, nrciilarafrae.
U lfvXWT'8 COIXBUS, til Main Bt.. ItulTalu, M. V,
ia SS a Say. Samples worth S)t. IS I'R K K
Lines not airier horse.' !. Wr'tebjew
star Safety Rein Holder Co..Hollv. tw
are oiii.'of ciniiiovnicm wrlto to us We
niako Die flnn.t oularsed Oil Portralia la
existence. Noeapital requlicd. Sample anil icrma
free. N. XI. Friedman uo., ilartlniburg, Mo,
lllfilf PCUCnV "'111 cure lVlooa" Folaon where
IHAHIW litWtUI men ury falls. Owned and tor
sale ony Ivy cKk Ueiuedy Co.. Oinnlia. Neb. Write.
W. N. U., Omalia,,
aud easy cure. Dr. J. I
Stephens, Lehaaea. Oale.
ATTosver, Waihlnftea
n. c. will oet rou
l'KNSION wlUMUldalar.
m We otter Uw mtt who mt WTka
(not style! a garment that win a tea
m m m m bbIbbB Itim dry in
.. .... 1.T....I...I irm Lhree
to nva dollars In a lubber Coat, and
at his ant half hoar's eipcrlenes In
a storm Units to his soimw that It li
hardly a betwr eruteetlon than a moa-
aullo nattlni, not oniy ie." "''"r B seas, aa
It eetni so badly taken In, hut also
fclilfVe does not look esaetlyjlke M im 111
called TOWKh's K1SI1 IIRAN1I
" SLICK KR,' a nana familiar to enty
Cow-eoy an orar in. wno. wiuiiHm
the only perfect Wind sua Waterproof ,
Coat Is "Tower's fish Brand Slicker."
tmka nn nllwr. If VOHf eilNelll SSSV '
iiilorthe-riSH IIKAND 'j"" ..""T" . 1 Tn.iL mi Simmon. St.. IVwIea. Meee.