The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 04, 1888, Image 3

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W Wossderlnl
, MttUtllWOt
werr known. Come
w-Ureat Hock Lsl
itt inducements of
jhtfu! journev io iUi
V Leave Chicago
Sari October '. and
V Nebraska, North
sa and Dakota.
tli round trip.
i good 30 dsjs for
live tliis opportuni
v nnotherin a seat-
aura your tickets
Jock Island Route,
I to principal point
? particulars, address
I Agent, Davenport,
k, G. T. 4l F. A.,
Jsversa! Uuguaje to
t asked svsry day.
I H was discovered in
L looking like sugar
jij near tbe equator
SV The plant grows
at high. The juice is
I taken in large quan
JsM as of light electric
Jt two hours giro place
as, during feeling that
I JM9d weal on a faint.
.Jsaaco, is tbe fisher-
aUs little word briep
f the nervous.
suryoui Proatrstios,
'SB, Yet all these nervous
IVtd by using
'Verve tonic
t for diseased con-
, I la 1 I l. : i.
. troubles.
a. Alterative, a Laxative,
"Hs fol full particulars.
t CO . Proprietors,
,NM, VT.
Itlvrlycurrtl by
ltw l.luiePillH.
' ' twsy also relieve DIs-
I "en from Iynepela,In
s I -Uon and TooHeart;
V I A perfect rem-
V7 ewrf)4cziueaa,Kariseo
'"' arstneaa. bad TantiJ
' V'Mss Mouth. OoatadJ
m LIVER. Thai
: -lata the Bowels.
4 Veeetable.
Jet 3ft Cents;
Small Price.
land PROMPT-
ld Stomach,
bated organs
f, and are a
,ly safe cure
' Liver Com--Pthc,
jBt diseases ari-
feLn!ed condi-
MJmiOA Stomach.
UJr reliable vege
4mU. harmless.
' V trtee ets. ear bex)
VSSSlt, postage free, on
Sob. Philad'e.
A i snb asd Bapt,
w. It is an sner
jsHf useful infor
i sW aU who par.
f lBxuri or tbo
.. of life. W
, Israish you with
' td, nnnwosasarv
k, danoo, elosp.
go so onurcn,
1 various eisea.
Jmt flmM nut
JU1 the things
H an maka a fair
ftfth BTJTKBB'
t bo aant upon
par poataga,
.AR0 A CO.
. Chloaco, LLL
wv aawslfaw'
jCwra Balm
nlato ach nostra.
m arraal,K.T.
aetkar kas wsea fw.
trSiblla Dmtalaswlli
aelatvaars. Sow ts
i as war ear.
taiMMaaS l(aaa
WM M Ik.
lb. tnisssvr. ill.
f railrf tor
vPrlrf Wi-bt. by maiL
Imimn.i, A t o.
CaarliwUi w a, tiaa
SStay warslae far si tha
tlthf ft rnnljTwttSi
(.0 SaffiMia, Mm,
arm II lKlit.K.l.ins
. Krtt. strs.vsttsr
V. hOtty.
twlthitiil saa rntfa.
pcitl tit: Aolr.e
n ut a, baa. Va IU.
suppose Mr. IJowsor isjtist like ao
otber man around tbe bouse, and I
suppose it la a wife's duty to put up
with a husband's iaooaaistencies. The
other day be came rushing in trotn the
barn and asked.
'Hare you seen tbe cork-screw any
where wilbio a day or two?"
"I don't remember."
"Well its funny. I left it in here
two or three days a;o, and it ought
to be here now. It's curious that I
can't lay a tool down without some
body eating it up!"
I'erhajia it's in tbe la-story."
lie weut rushing sround for fire
minutes, and then canie back to say:
'-If thoro's another bouse in Detroit,
run like this I'd like to see it?"
' Why, what's the matter?"
"Malior! DiJn't I leave the cork
screw on tbo stair steps duy before
yeslorday, and haven't you flung it
out doori, (;liooped it up or g.ven it
away to some beggar! It's singular
how good care you take of your own
things iiud how little you caro for
ruino. I'll never bring another tool
"Just sit right still and I'll find it.'
It's gone forever!" ,
' isn't. I rohicmber now whore
I saw iL"
1 wout out to tlio drawer of the
kitiihcn table und found it,
"What's that?" ho asked, as I return
"Tito corkscrew.
'Is a corkscrew a screw-driver?"
"15ut you asked for, the corkscrew."
"Mrs. Bowser, are jou going crazy?
Don't I know whether I want the cork
screw or tbo scrow-drivur?
"But you said corkscrew."
Well, the scrow-drivor is right
there ou the lablo within two feet of
"Olt! It is! And why could' t yoo
havo said so in the first place?"
One morning be wanted to use the
spado, and not finding it in tbo barn
came rushing in to inquire:
' How much did that junk dealor pay
you for the spado?"
"What do you moan?''
'Why, tlio spado is nowhere to bo
found and I prostimo you sold it."
"Havo you looked in the barnP"
"Of course"
"And in tho yard?"
And down stairs?"
"Yes. I had thnl spado ycstoiday.
and now it's gone! Xhoro are somo
rery queer hnppenings around this
houso, Mrs. Bowser!"
"But you don't oxpect mo to watch
tba barn tools, do you?"
"All'right! I've got my ideas about
this matter. You uiar have got
fifteen cents for a spado which cost ran
$1, but I wouldn't havo your consci
ence for f 1,000!"
At that moment a boy canto to the
back door with a spado and said:
"You loft it in tho' alloy last night,
Mr. Bowser."
"There!" said I, after the boy had
"Yes, there!" echoed Mr. Bowser,
"Don't lot this thing happen againl
I see through it and I givo you warn
ing!" Mr. Bows or has a rusty, old hand
saw which has boon tho causo of seV'
end girls leaving tho houso. If ho is
tinkering about be is suro
to li'itTO it under foot; and tho
lit xt lime ho wants it there's a great
row. . He charged ono girl with selling
it, and s i i quit just as ho found it iu
the gin re. He hinted to auotbor that
her beau bud tukoti it away, and she
had only gono when tho saw was
found in the yard. A girl iinitlly came
who, whon she found the saw on hoi
kitchen labio, removed it to tho sotteo
in the parlor, and as Mr. Bowser found
it there ho soratohod his hoad and went
about for tbe noxt half hour in a doep
Once when ho wanted the gimlet'
be came in and rummaged around and
"Mrs. Bowser if this houso needs a
dozen sorow drivers, why dont you
say so and let mo order thorn?"
"Why we don't need 'em."
Oh, yes, we dof There must be
distressing need of 'em. When I ean't
keep one at the barn tea minutes,
there must be distressing use for 'em
here. I'll order a dozen for you right
Do you mean scow-drivers Mr.
Bowser? '
Am I a. bat? Don't I know what
I'm talking about?"
He went to tho tolephone, called up
a hardware storo, and ordered a dozen
screw-drivers sent up at onoe. He
was walling for them to arrive when I
found the glmlot on a bracket in the
library and told him he had best tako
It to the barn.
Wbon I come in here and asked
you for this gimlet why did you deny
knowing its wbearabouts?" he sternly
"You asked for the screw-drivor."
"Don't I know what I asked fori"'
"WelL here it s. I wrote It down.
Is that screw-drivor' or 'gimlet?' "
Ho saw that he was ought, though
.ho wouldn't give up. but I had my re
vengo when a dozen sen w-dri vers
cnnie up C. O. D. and he had to fork
over fur Ilium.
And yet I don't want the police to
get an idea that Mr. Bowser and I j
quarrel or that our lit me is not a bap-
PV one, he U one of the best men, ana
just like the average husband. He
fuels it the duty of a husband to
know it all, and any coming down to
apologizing is beneath bis dignity.
After a call the other day he remarked
on the beauty of Mrs. blank's eyes.
"Her eves are bine, my dear,' I re-
Blue? Is your sight failing as bad
as that?"
"Bnt they are blue."
"They are coal black."
'Kverybody save blue?"
Weil, everybody might say yellow.
but thev are black."
A day or two subsequently we hap
pened to meet Mrs. Blank while out
walking, and 1 jokingly told her that
Mr. Bowser had blacked her eyes.
"1 wish they were black," she re
plied. "I prefer black to blue."
"And your eyes are blue?
"Why, of course."
"Well? ' I queried, as Mr. Bowser
end I wal ked along.
I see how it is," ho replied, "and
I am sorry for her,, sho seems such a
nice person. She is color blind, and
sees blue for black?" DclrUt Free
She Was a Daisy,
a Pulimaii sleeper the other night
I watched tin affecting parting
botwoou a youuz woman and ' her
swecthoart Slio was a bouncing
maiden of tho Daisy Miller typo be an
insignificant-looking young dudo with
caltorptllur colored fuzz on his upper
lip and a hat two or three sizes too
small for Irs small head. Bat what
matter? They were
Two souls with but a single thought.
The agony of parting almost over
came thorn. Their swcot sorrow was
long drawn out Their lips clung to
gether in many long kisses, whilo he
whispered airy nothings in her ear and
embraced her repeatedly, and slio
wept and sobbed into her freshly iron
ed handkorchict The eyes of every ono
in the car wcro upon them and cynical
and soolHng remarks were plenty. At
last they toro themselves apart and he
wont outside, under the glare of tbe
clectrio light; which displayed his
bounty to tlio utmost advantage, and
callod all sorts of tondor last instruc
t ons to, her through tlio window,
whilo she in the shrill American voice,
dirocted "Cliolly" to go and see "Mu"
often whilo she was away.
Mitrcuitonio, the cynic, who had
come to see mo off, suoercd audibly.
"Don't scoff at youth and beauty in
dislross uontsnoer-at loves young
dream." I said.
"Distress! Lovo's young dream!" he
gibed. "Mark my words, before
you've been out a half tin hoursho will
be flirting witli some other man."
The eastern-bound express rolled out;
of the depot, tbe passengers settled
(hemsolves for the journey and the
young Pullman conductor made his
first appearance with great brilliancy
and eclat. How it happened I cannot
toll, for my thoughts woro busy else
where, but after a little I raised my
eyes and lo! "Cholly" was forgotten.
Daisv's tears were dried and she was
conducting, according to the host
knowledge and in out aiillientio rules of
tbo game, a successful flirtation with
tlio young conductor. She giggled,
she made otes, slio frowned prett ly,
slio was so charmingly helpless about
tlio window she must have water und
oranges, and the dickens knows what,
and tlio railway fletlgl ng was at her
buck and cull. Next morning tbo flir
tation roado percept, bio progress.
Daisy went to breakfast with gilt
buttons and bluo clothes, and what
there was ins de of them. Slio donned
her ulstor and tho big flaring Gains
borough and wont out and r ode upon
tho platform "to look at tbo scenery."
which consisted mainlf of flat mead
ows freshly plowed, and was according
ly of surpassing beauty. She talked at
tbe lop of her lungs, and informed the
other passongers that now she guessed
she'd better wash her hands, and anon
she guessed she'd better have a pillow.
This being brought, she made further
subjugation of the nnhappy conductor,
for, taking it, she posed upou it in
such effect ivo attitndos as to win
glances of approval and speeches of
admiration from the infatuated, hope
lessly besotted youth. In fact, for
soveral hundred miles Daisy formed the
staple amusement for a car full of trav
elers. Ex.
Fasti's Castls for !
Mme. Patti's castle at Craig-y Nos
Wales, is advertised for sale. The rea
son given by the diva for this course is
the fact that she is being robbed by her
neighbors. They overwhelm her with
appeals for alms, and while she is search
ing in her puree for the wherewithal to
satisfy these demands the applicant
pocket ber choicest bits of bric-a-brac or
books. The park about the castle is
overrun with poachers, and even the
crops about the place are being cnt and
carried off at night Frank Leslie's.
WsBXXB'a Loo Cabin
Reut.diks. "Saras peril
Is," "Cough and Con
sumption Remedy,"
"Hops and Buchu,"
"Extract," "Hair Ton
ic." "Liver Pill-."
"Plasters." (Porous-Electrical). "Rose
Cream," for Catarrh. They are, like
Warner's "Tippecanoe," the simple, ef
fective remedies of the old Log Cabin
Ancient Pains la Hew Uleileo.
The remains of another extensive an
cient city have been discovered in New
Mexico. It is about a mile north of Ban
Mateo. The action of the windsbade
covered the larger portion of the ruir s
with sand and other detrious, and con
verted the whole into an extensive
mound, and it was only a severe rain
storm and cloudburst sweeping away
one angle of this mound and disclosing
some heavy stone walls that made the
discovery possible. Jiiiman skeletons
have been exhumed, and what appears
to nave been a citidel. Chicago Herald.
An Indulgent Husband.
'Td like to make a report that, my
wife has run away," said a citizen of
Cheno street at police headquarters
"When did she go?'.'
Two weeks ago."
"Haven't you been a little slow In
.getting around?" queried the sergeant,
"Well, you see. I was digging a
cellar, and 1 hatod to lose any tiuie.
And another thing, I didn't know nl
she'd get sick of the fellow and come
back. ,T
"But she hasn't?"
"Not yoU You can take tho report,
bnt give ber another week to get
around in. This is the fourth time
she's gone, and she's always come
back inside of three weeks."
"You must bo used to it?"
"Oh, yes. You've got to take the
world as you find it Give her another
wouk, sorgeant, and then if you find
her advise bur to conn) homo. Toll
li. r slio oati'l tin I many husbands dike
mo. " Detroit Free I'rcu. I
A Fortunate African.
New York Press, Angust 28th.
Amos Marsh, the Oranjrn (N. J.) Afri
can who won $15,000 in The Louisiana
Btate Lottery tho other day, dotli not
behave himself at all unseemly. When
he got the cash in his hands it came to
him by the Adams Express Company,
and the freight was $60 -he found the
man who sold him the half of the win
ning ticket and gave him $50. Having
relieved himself of this gift, the most
fortnnte darkey of his time proceeded
to give his son, a rather happy-go-lucky
youth, who does odd jobs about, some
thing like $1,200 or 81,500, merely as a
nest egg, as it were, to a future brood of
as many thousands. Then the delighted
A mos the next day he had probably not
slept a wink in the night, with all the
money in the house hired a hack,
though the distance to the savings banks
was only two blocks away, and rode,
with Mrs. Marsh on the scat by his side,
to mnke a deposit. It had been the orig
inal idea of Amos to buy two houses;
not that he was not satisfied with his
present accommodations, but because he
thought that would bo a good invest
ment to begin with; but his dusky mis
tress promptly vetoed that bill, and in
sisted that ono of tho bank officers,
whom all the people of the place knew
as a kind and wise man, should decide
for them at their leisure what should be
done with the money.
Minneapalis has decided to build an art
A Woman's Couleaalou.
"Do you know, Mary, I onoe actually
contemplated suicide?" "You horrify me,
Mrs. B. Tell ma about it." "I wae suffer
ing from chronic weakness. I believed my
self the most unhappy woman in the
world. I looked ten years older than I
really was, and I felt twenty. Life seemed
to have nothing in it worth living for." "I
have experienced all those symptoms my
aelf. Well?" "Well, I was saved at the
eleventh hour from th commission of a
deed which I shudder to think of. A n iend
advised m to take Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. I did so. Ia an incredibly
short time I felt like a new being. The
'Prescription' cured me, and I owe Dr.
Pierce a debt of gratitude which I oan nev
er repay."
Good advice, unasked tor, has an ac
eient and fish-like smell.
A Pill In Time, Saves Nine!
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Purgativ Pellets
are preventive as well as curative. A few
of theee "Little Giants," taken at the
right time, with little expense and no in
convenience, will accomplish what many
dollars and much sacrifice of time "ill fail
to do after Disease once gets hold of you
with hia iron grasp. Constipation relieved,
the Liver regulated, the blond purified,
will fortify against fevers end all conta
eious diseases. Persons intending travel,
changing diet, water and climate, will find
Invaluable, Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Purga
tive Pellets. In vials convenient to carry.
A straw-board factory at Iieloit, Wis.,
was wrecked by explosion of the boiler.
If all so-rallod remedies have failed, Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy cures.
The Duke of Oporto has been taking les
sons in photography
Half Hats Kxruralona.
The first of the series of Harvest excur
sions via the Missouri Pacific railway and
Iron Mountain route to Arkansas and
Texas, will leave September 25th, October
9th and 23d. Tickets will be sold at ons
far for ths round trip with a limit of
thirty days to return and ample stop-over
Edna Prortor is visiting the poet Whit
tier at his Maine residence.
Now that the rush of ths summer work
Is somewhat over, we desire to call atten
tion to soma matters looking forward to
profitable work for th fall months, and
through the winter. Writ to B. F. John
son A Co., lOOt) Main St., Richmond, Va.,
asd they will show yon how to do a grand
work, which oan b made a permanent
Th orientals do not know much, by
what they do know they know by heart.
Th Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul Rail
way sleeping'ar leaves Omaha, Union Pa
cific railway depot, at 6:46 p. m. daily, tor
Chicago and all points enet, reaching Chi
cago at 1.00 p. tn., and Milwaukee at 2:81
p. m. th lollowlng day. Passenger via
this lins are saved the annoyance and de
lay of transfer at Council liluffs. Pullman
Palace deeping cars and elegant day
coaches and dining cars on all trains.
Passengers taking this line can reach Mil
walks. Madison, Dubuque, Freepnrt,
Rockford, and all interior points In Wis
consin several hours in advancert all other
line. For tickets and further Information
apply at ticket office, I COl Karnaiu street,
Barker Block, 1802 Fartiatn treet,aod D.
P. Ry. depot. K. A. Nssa.
General Agent.
The last thing a man wants in this world
Is his ier.
Wbcs Bsby was sick, ws gave her Caatotia,
Wbaa aba was a Child, she cried lor Castorla.
Wees aba baeam. Mlaa, sba clung to Cantoris.
Wkea abe bad Children, she tttv Urn Castorla.
Dr. J a Dies .!. Hurkley and Professor
Editorial Rooms of "Christian Advocate,"f
James M. Buckley, D. D., Editor.
New Yoau. August 20, 1888.
Pref. A. Loisette My Dear 6ir: Yon
may remember thut, after I took your lec
tures upon ths "Improvement and Proper
Use ol the Memory," personally, at your
office, 237 Fifth Ave., I declined to allow
you to publish a certificate over my own
name, in harmony with a rule formed
many years ago; but, having seen the base
attempt to rob you, 1 depart from tbe rule,
and send you, unsolicited, the statement
that, in my opinion, if your exercises are
practiced sufficiently to master tbe system,
Ft is of great advantage to eveo a strong
memory, and furnishes incalculable aid to
weak one.
I will also say that, having various sys
tem, and not being unacquainted with
that taught by Dr. Pick, I believe that,
with the exception of such parts of your
system as you frankly avow to have been
taken from the common treasury of litera
ture upon such subjects, the stamp of orig
inality is upon your work; and that the
parts that are plainly original are worth
far more than all the rest.
A sin of commission More than ten per
BURNS and Scai'ls are instantly rendered
painless and Invariably cured without a scar,
by the use of CarbolUalve, the great skin
remedy. 23 and 50 conts, at DrutrK'ists ort)j
mail. Cole k Co., Black River Falls, Wis.
Houkusai, a Japanese author, has pub
lished a new novel in ninety volumes.
The Australians are going to start a
newspaper in London for themselves.
For Lumbago.
Prompt. fort Byron, III ., Mar 11, IMS.
Last Iprlr-f was uk.a with lass, back and snf
aS masts, was earsd by St. Jacob. Oil aad have
kae aa ntara at pais. Ja.CE SlLUSriE.
Sure. Dum, iu., star n, iss.
I safarae with pala la bach aboat 10 awatha
afs which laataa two month. 1 was cara by SB.
Jaaoba Oil, aaS tasrs a. b..o so retain of vala.
Permanent. Vsatta, Mich., Kay II, list.
Aboat ths aortas ol 'SI was talus with acbas
aaa aalas la hips aad bach; was carod by oa. bot
tl. of St. Jacobs 0U and has remained psmaaoaS
aver since. O. CHXI6. VUHHXLL.
True Economy
Diamond Vera-Cura
FOR dyspepsia:
tadlgostloa, Soor-Btoaiach, Heartburn, Houses, old
Slnsas, Constipation, rallaota after oatlag, FeoA
aialag la tho Moath and disagreeable taste after aas
lag. aorrooaaeas aad Low-spirlta.
Jit Tfruqgitlt and ika'ers or ami by mail on re
cript ol 2.'i cU. (.r bote 81 .00) in stamps. Sample
tent en tweipt oj 2-rent Stamp.
lSliltK fY
3 IP WJfl-W" YOHK.
The Largest, Chuaimst aad llest Iu the World.
cash Asss-m 120,000.000.
Speciui Agesl
VS. T. ALU?,
Oenernl Agent
The Celebrated Red Oak Cart.
Urirf Cart on artlL Ko hore motion. Tlreakititf
And Spwiliiig Cans a fpi'C-nlir. Price r.(JU im
U4.UU. V. O.Ii. cars Omaha. Send for Juta.
dealer In all klmls of
Carriages and Harness.
13th and IIrney fltrotn, Omaha, Neb
r ,rCnrMUl
t -T-.--?ATI,l
1.1 Mrmir-ytht
1 presort oe and folly en
dorse Ills it as tba only
specific for the certain cure
of trjia dlnense.
Amsterdam, N. Y.
We have sold Big G lor
many yearsL and it has
?;iven me dch wi aanw
D. R. DTCHK k CO.,
Chicago, ill.
l.OO. Sold by Druggists.
tie 00 1- sxten on a
ilvi IU eyaslll made working fur us.
Agnnls preferred who can 1 nmthb a horse andffive
llietr wliolo time to Hie bnnlness. Spare moments
any be tirolimbly employed nlco. A tew vacancies
In towns and clllea. 11. K.JOHNSON 4 Co., HKU
nlaln street lllciiinonJ. Va.
rnnonoAU'c nn j-t ! oat-
tUnilUrlHll O i'l.J-; 1,1 KSIMEJIhTT
PoM!le.y has no equil lor euriuir il'nie spavin. B g
Spavin. Hinr lttne, Nplini, tutli, Siains. Sweeney,
Kir. 8 .1 1 l.y Di-jgtfi.ts. l'ut ap by DR. E. F. ROOT,
fcxelor. Neb.
large Illustrated Catalogue FREE.
U.i. FosTHH. I-OV N., Miinuracturers,
r.3 llajL-on Siivi't, Ciilinso. Illinois.
J Sft John St ,
V John St ,
JNfcW 1 I
SftionprflfcPfphcm. Standard quality
allt'irrPR. trample doz. lOcentsi by fii.
II opi nlons on pa ten tab!
It. r. A. 1'. l.At r. ,
Patent Attorneys, Washing
ton. 1). C. Instruction anil
patentability rn.EE. 20 jt'8.eitixjrienco.
It Is tree si uejia t hoar Haas's Saraaparllla, Iaa
-an Ooaro Owe sM-w Is arbxt wKli and tn.s eas
this sarnies-in II las U turn wish to proee tfcia.
Swy ahgag MwasTa Sasispsrllas a4 naeusra Us -sass
els. Taw was Saw. If sa has MS teaipou.if-av
aw oamStsta Sltsctlsaa a d ywa will Sad that r
II si a esSercat ages Is leas
Taws at i art sis ly ee-clu.lve eW -
is economy sj'
avsiiaaa awao saw as
stem wf ska swawssar s1iisbIS
BawaTs Soneopaifwa
rjapisata. aawl sm3 Li
tar loss f appetiUw
sr. It SIS me a van
awawaatsf gap, aaj I Bsraw sw hesftaaiey Id recvaav
rssHpa - t. W. Wn i swan. Qalncy, IIL
Hood's Sarsvaparilla i
SaM k aB a naa lots sts SartV Prepared oal :
h C L BOOH aoa. ApaShi carina, Lowell. It j
IOO Dosos On Dollar 1
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i sissa law fsilnH.waweb pvvteet tbewoaaw
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W. L. UODULAH V 8MOK, the original anal
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Sroootb laslds aa a Hand Sewed Show. No Tacks or
Wei Thread 10 Hart th. leet. I
W. I.. DUUGLAH SS JW SHOE la ni'.-icelledt
for tteavv wear. Beat Catf Shoe for tn pr'ee
SHOE la the beat la tbe wecld lor rough wear; oast -pair
"tight to wear a man a y...r.
the best school shoe Is the wwrld.
W. L. DOUtil.AS S1.7S VOBTH'S School
Shoe gives the assail Boya s chance to usar IBS)
best shoes is tbe world.
All made ia Corae, Baikal and Lace. If aaS
so d by yonr dealer, write
W.L- lOt3s5L.A.M, Hrockton,Mtaft
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Tlie Great LiTBr ana Stomacli EeuiGtly 1
For the case of all disorders of tbo Stomach, IJ er. '-.
Bowels, Kidneys, Bljtdiler, nervous Diseases, LosaeS "
Appetite, Headache, Constipation, Coitlvcncss, .
dlawstlon. BlllouanMi. t'-v 1......... n. .1 '
Bowels, Plies and all derangements of the Internal)
Viscera. Pu-ily vegetabie, oonUlninx no mercurjvj.
minerals, or deleterious drugs. !
riPrsPPfl't ntnrriTinii win . .
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one of Railway Pills every morning, about tawh
o'clock, oa a dlnar pUl. By po doinc j
Dyspepsia, Foul Stnsnac. mrb neaa, wni be svotdedr
aa the food that la eatea contributes its nourishing;
sroperUws for tike support of the natural waste of ths
lr Observe ths rjaaowtas; symptoms rrmltlngc
from Dlaeueor tlHi Mgeptsro Oriana : OonstlpatkiB.
Inward Piles, Fullness or the Blood In the Heajd.
Actattj ' orthe BU-iach. Sawaem. Heartburn, IXsguaA
of Food. FoUneaa or Wearftt lathe Stomacb. Sone
EruMatloBs, Rluklnt cw-Flnuerln of tbe Heart,.
Choking or SiiSnntslnp; fa nsallona when In a lyln -posture.
Dimness of Viatoa, Dots or Webs before th
Sight, Fever and lull Palo la tbe Head, Deficiency
of Perspiration, Vellownewi of the Skin and Kven,
Pain la the Rids. Cbext, IJmus, and Sudden r'luibea
of Heat, Burning la the Flesh.
Afew doses ot ItAO WAY'S PII,I,Sivlll frew.
tbe system of all toe above named disorders.
Price 25 cts per box. Sold by all (lrtifflrlsf 8.
Send a letter stamp to !.. BADYVAYit f 'O.,
No. i-t wnrreu reef. New York. taT"Iulorirr
ttou worth tbouhiuiaa win be scut to you.
TO THE PUBLIC. Be sure and ask for HAD WAT'S
and see that tue name " UADWAY on what yoa
t7. 3. Sundtrd Sc&Iu.
Sent on trial. Freight
iaid. FuUvWarrantctL
3 TON $35.
Other sizrs proportio-
tely low. Agmtt well paid, lllustraied C-talcrKu
free. Mention this Paper.
OSGOOD ft TB01tTSON.Bishamton, K. V
.worth mm per lb. Petlt's hye naive I .
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W. K. li Omaha,
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periling Hhot lian 1 Price fur shot cartridges 74c. per bog. Send P.O. order for money, and order apt
sure, Klttns forwarded to any part of tho country Price gparanleed only for present int. Todrulenst
oroeitnsacaae of 10 rifles or more allbernl discount will be made. ntthlaowt aait will not appear agatjt i
WILLIAM HEAD eb BONM, 10T Waahlagtaa ttb, Bwwloa. UCstuUsaed IhSF '
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