The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, September 08, 1899, Image 4

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Popular Medical
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Science t)
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! e.oi l iw i i.l-K-rt It t
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In I I i . . ! (I ' 'r
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jl.,,,,! I.. It I I t'l !.( ,!
l,i I ttnrtn tif t"id II ,! f,
j n,,. n ltiifiitt ie! "IHM! tfc "
Sensible M for Curious IV rlc I mIqI M U hmttj,
If tHMil It
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i l,i I . It. m n i t O ' l ( it
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(rsw rrt
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HlMI ,". .f" t '
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u waaat 4 ' iw
link a4 tml t-
The lMn.U of Mon timing li
mit ,h mlil .) hf n-'l he
Amnl. Ki. Tir " ,"','n
tier Ihe rtlltottal maiiaarmi id of Joint
II. ltinr lll HrH lit rcllnmeut
from the iriwniilli" imwIHoii lie Iia
tni long ami al'ly ami o featleMlv
fllleit on thai apcr. wl.Utt iwcuiretl
lth the lue of Annuo! 15, 't
will ihry may, for I ho vrry w m
if U( T) li-r I'liiHuliu'tl a vmy rom-llla-Uiy
nnl a hlKhly cnmmi'tulniory HI
tmlnl of JcauHlfHl Uonir'a alUtiltlf" In
ward FiiM'maNonry-anmHhlHg thul
aa iirvir pormlltt'tl wlill Ih'iiwiictl
aa at t ho hilmnml Ihul, loo, hll
mu h illHialt h a na Ihla ro tn li foinul
In i dully i'm of Ihla rouniiy:
Niw York, Hrpl. I. A HiH-h to
lhn Jouimtl ami AiIvimIIhit from
liMinca aaya;
Th anil lxi-yfiw rt'a of I'iu Ih ai't'in
tt 1'ilnU lliry airmk a vital lilow nl
41m ilift'iiHo tli In montltiK nvIkii tlii'y
jirlnlfd pioofa (hut lri-fiiH In a Kri't'
itMHOti. Thla (luit'K luia fivuiiill.v
Ikci niailo hy lhn falliolli' pnaa, wlilt h
la I'quiilly hit (ft MKiilunt Drryfim Hint
tha MiiaoiiM, Iml up to now proof hit
1mu lurking. Yrwlenlity, however,
tMinuMHio furnlNlii'tl Mllli'voya of l-ti
J'alrln lih a copy of Uik ofTli liil report
of lhn auprenifl Mnaonle connill of
Franca for 1H!!I, wherein Iheyfna nj-
-tM'ara a hnln lakrnlht thlrty-arn'onil
-"Tli'Riw , The Idea la Hint Ihla will
liiDieucr the Catholic JihIcm, (wu lit
leaat of whom are very active piirllmma
of (heir faith, There la no doubt Hint
Ihla la more or Icaa trim,
Win n one renda Hint and tlnn rend
the editorial apokeu of nliove which
appeared In th" Tyler he nnliirally
wondera if llrownell luia heen aucceed
ed ly a .lemult. If not, how can we
Hccoiint for thla editorial ?
The London Chronicle of London,
lCiiRlnnd, Iiiih, for aoine time paat,
Klven over Ma colitinna to Itoinan Culh
olc cnrretiponilenla who dlacima Krce
maaniiry and tlie bun phiced uhui it
1y I he Tloinhdi church,
While a few of I ha l llr have heen
written In the Intolerant aplrll, we
liava heen accnatonied to expect ntnoiiR
Itomlali wrltera when dcalliiK with the
milijet t of FreeniMaonry.yet (he greater
majority of them moat certainly dla
lday a more rational aentlment, and
would acem to call for a friendly and
4'ourlcmia conalderatlon at the hand
of ineinheri of the craft, who, for the
flrat time In I ha hlalory of the oppo
sition of Home to our iIhIiikm, appear
tn Im regarded mora :m fellow-men and
lirolhera, rather than Inmlcla Intent
on the overthrow of religion -or n
Mich'ty aiihly ngKreaalva to It t itn ;t it
The Tyler In ninth gratified nl the
apparent awakening of thewe progrea
hive ItoiiuinlHta, The uhl riiwlilonnl
Higiinienta of Homan Cutholle wrltera
that riciiiiiisoiiry la Imd, hecauae It
la hud, and that It U tenlhly wli kid
1ecauae the head of their church hnv
atild an - have, for Hie flrat time In our
iperlence, been challenged by Cntho
llia who appear to have an opinion of
their own, and do not haltafa to en
ures It; and we can hut acknowledge
a feeling of aatlnfacllon that It la tu
tor we are firmly convinced that once
Jtoman Cathollia have the pluck, or
aeeura the neceaaary permlNidon, to
examine Fteernaaonry for themaelvea,
they will aoon And It la by no nieana
the "bogey" they havo alwaya been
taught to conalder It, and a better
tinderatandlng all round muat tiecea
aarlly result,
Thla corrcapondenca luia brought to
the front member of the Itomleh
church who boldly aak why they are
Itrohlblted from Joining an luatltutlon
which ha the aupport and patronage
of the lilgheet In thn land, and which
r(;fcaae and practlcea the beat prln
rlleg of their religion; and more than
una of the writer ha evinced a deter
mutation to overrlda prleatly Inlerfer
we In thla particular, and go atralght
lo thn head of their church for an
explanation of the prohibition, and, it
, , t I . n .i t M . It"
l -lt. ( lt- ItHl I , t 4 ' 1
, , , . tt hr C tM l l t ttf
I. , ,i : . Ui I'n tui.n nt br
lil (M M
, i( tt. h hkii a ! t '"
m An' tti-
,.f a m ., !!i,!t tf tmifiiH toiiw
, but It U 1i Hft vi )! tl tnH,t t (.''
,. ,. iitt. m , Ih ait f it "o
t,li )tntiM irpm. t
ii) gtftttt.tieg :P In It"" nth dii-
Don We okIv ak fr a fulr and !'
i,,iihlriHin of our polllin a op
d to the fiitfl plduie oiijHH'd
up III tltP luind" of our llld npniun litu
in the HotiiMt i bur h
.I.miiI Ittiwllng ha aaaln appared
In a elgned article In the Wot Id Herald
and thla lime he Jeaultlcally aaeall
the iharlty of the late Colonel Holier!
II, tngrraoll. He diM-a not ay that
Ingerwdl waa not charltahle, but he
want to know wherein hi charity
cxleted or of whet It coiihlated - a-
miming thai where there waa ao great
a pretenne there ahould be aome out
ward, vlalble evidence.
Without nenmlng the role of n de
fender of the dead aguoatlc, but aaautii
lug the ground taken by Ihla Jeault,
whit know neither law. loyalty or
morality from the code which lie wa
taught, and which he, In obedience and
under coinpulMlon, ngulnat reiiaon and
In tho face of facia, tenchea to othera,
we nek, aa doea the Urea! Teacher In
the New Teatumetit. "Why beholdeat
thou the mote that la In thy brother'
eye, but conalderral not the beam Hint
la In thine own eye?" We have heard
In the day a. that are gone of the great
harlty of Hie Hotlety of Joan (how
blaapheimiua! . and we know that their
rnrdlnnl vow are poverty and obedi
ence, amuimod no doubt that they may
the more conveniently practice charily.
Yet mi one of any repute ha ever yet
recorded Hie fact Hint that preaumptu-
nu aoclety, collectively or aa Individ
ual, had ever auccored an Individual
or a community In the hour of lla dla-
treaa, yet tha aoclety of the Jeault I
probably the rlcheat of the many fabu
uloualy wealthy order which permeate
the t nurch of Home; and all It wealth
haa been filched from the people under
vnrluua, aye manifold falae pretenac -the
chief of which pretetiaea being that
the order wa a charitable and n ben
evolent I ii nt II nl Ion .
We are glad that thl Jeault, who
pine for public notoriety, who, with
out provocation, vault Into the very
nler of the editorial page of n con
temporary, ha choaen thl aubject of
charity for hi theme, a It afford u
an opportunity to, unveil hi aoclety'
game-that of wheedling money from
the feeble-minded and the devout rich
for n piirpoao lhntauuilng the
ground Inkrn by the Jeault- ha aa yet
been unfulfilled. If It la neceaaary for
Colonel JngeiaoH' friend to produce
u caae, alnguliir and noteworthy, of
charity, to prove that he wa entitled
to tun credit that attache to great
chin It) ami unfeigned liberality, will
not Jehiiit Howling feel It Incumbent
lipuii rim, elnce lie, for bla aoclety
iniiet receive many donation and he
,pn i fur the apecltle cauae of charily,
die ii (tingle noteworthy Inatance of
the ihiirity of hi order? If not, why?
We me ao lined to the tumid ot iih ii
who, l:Un aiiiikea, uiiiiiate Hiemnelvea,
aim crawl Into every posalblit poaltlon
wii' ie they think to advance and en
Inline Jetiiiltlkiu, and then, when
i lialli tiged for lhn proof of their pre
liin luim, which muet be almllar lo
Ciom dicy lmva an vocifcroualy tl"
maimed of another, glide nolaeealtv
haik Int'i (heir den iint'l another
iiiintdclou moment, then aa alletitly
and a adroitly worm (hemelvea back
Into o position to command public at
tention, that we ahull expect thl par
lUular member of thla band of peat
(o aneuk to hi retirement without
mi nulling tha ilenlred proof and then,
when the Incident I forgotten, brazen
ly reappear to advlaa and nettle quo.
Hon of both national and Interna
tional importance. Km h 1 Jeaultlam,
Such will b the attitude of Howling, j
tn e.j ,..t , leoi't'
. n t -' ' i ' ht. l
e,i It-tr tl miu and t
ti . hi l ptt (i(tl i ti V -t
, l . m t. t,fd d.dir it
II l Im bi and , mien I
iii-,hr a t--l iitili ileilill
idiuiIxi f,irt i '"t I ititn ioi
Klvm IM fxl ittde, Ixtl rhiM, ht
alien we . we wie no null tn mil'
rbti ,t Ibe WMoii alainUiil wedilii '
mlnid to tum tompleielv anniiid and
do onlv lhie Iblua whhh We found
kmiii tinned In the tm, lilna of CIkIkI
There we found Hie ibMiitno of bnuh
illy love permeated ever) eniteme,
end thai w antiielhlng we had never
piaitl.ed, alrnply doing unto nthcr
a we would that they ahould do unto
u. Hut we got hold of the dotlrlne
wrung and while we woibed bard lo do
a we liellevoil i nrini lauani. we ihiuh
llnd no atom of love for I hone whom
we had perelHtcntly and coiiaclentlona
y npiiiieed for more (ban acven year.
We aaw In Ihla a falling abort of the
bloat, and ateadfiiHlly atudlod the word
of Hod for light on Hie nuentlon. Tin
ally It came, We took up (he fl.uentlon,
Who waa Chrlid brother?" and when
we had allowed Him to nnawer, we
found no dltllculty In practicing broth
erly love,
Chrlai waa teaching and Ilia mother
and Ilia brut her came necking Him
and the word waa carried lo Jean and
lloanawercd I Malt, xll., IN, 4!) and Mi);
Who U my mother and who are my
brethren?" And he alretclied forth III
bund toward HI dlaclplc and aald,
'Heboid my mother and my brethren!
I'or whoaoever ahall do the will of my
Knl her which la In Heaven, the aame
la my brother, and alater, and mother,"
cleiirly ludlcallug Hint only thoae who
did the will of Ilia Father who I in
lleaVen wa a member of the family.
If that would not aottla who wa en
titled to a brother' love thl luatanca
would; "I pray for them; f pray not
for the world, but for litem which thou
haat given me, Neither pray I
for Iheae.itloue,. but tfor thepi alao
which ahall believe on me through
I heir word" (John xvll., It ami 20.)
Hut, you any, If they are not our
brother, then are they not our neigh
bor and ahould we not love our neigh
bor a ouraelvea? That I ChrUF
doctrine, Hut who I a neighbor, ac
cording to JcNiia' definition? (In to
1. like x, and read the parable found in
thn to the Itttfh verae; "And
behold a certain lawyer atood up and
templed film, aeying, 'Mimter, wh'tt
ahall I do to Inherit eternal Ufa?' He
aald unto him, 'What I written in Ilia
law? How readent thou?' And he
auawerlng, aald: 'Thou ahait lova tha
Lord thy (lod with all I by heart, and
with alt thy aoul, and with all thy
alreiigth, and with all thy mind; and
thy neighbor aa ihyaelt,' And He aald
unto him, 'Thou Itnai anawered right;
thla do and thou ahall live,' Hut he,
willing to Jimllfy hlmacif, nht unto
Ji-atia, 'And who la my neighbor?' And
Jemia nnewerlng, anld, A certiiln lit tt ft
went down from Jei iiMiilem to Jerb ho,
and fell among thieves, who atilpped
Ii I m of bla raiment and wounded him,
and departed, leaving him half dead,
And by chance there cant" down a
cerium prion) Hint way, mid when he
aaw him he pitxxod by on the other
able, And llkewlae u Levlie, when be
waa at the ibicn, cnnie and looked and
piiHNed by on the other able, but, a
ceiialn Hatuarlliin, aa Im Journeyed,
dime where he waa, and when he aaw
hi tn he hint rompmialnn, and went to
him and bound up hi wound, pouring
In oil and wine and ei him on hi own
beaat, and brought him to an Inn, and
took eara of him, And on the morrow,
when ha departed, he took out two
pence and gav to the hot, and aald
unto hint, "Take care of him, and
whntnoever thou apendent more, when
I come again t will repay thee, Which,
now, of these three tlilnket thou waa
neighbor unto him that fell among th
thieve?' And he aald: 'Ho that
anewed mercy on him,' Then aald
Jean unto It I in ; 'Ho and do thou like
wine.'" Thl clearly Indicate that
ill. nm Will t i Cfhnli ulled
1 .i n b"i)' e It ti ! tn Iha
IteM' I a nce fiiuti Catdlhal
"To the p.iple of whulcvn fallh,
have n.oiKKo, huve innli.b Inc. Ho mai
ler how ! ' weluhlid down ly
piml htn, -hilt' bbid will make )ou
fine," iiinaha World Herald
I lo II where due the ItoliVih Catholic
pro! with hi prajera or maw for
the dead come In? HIIiImiu I fooling
(be greet man of the people, or the
Church of Home la fooling all of her
eottimimlcatita. Hither the Human
Cut hollo Cardinal (ilbbon I deceiving
the public i.i (hat meamtge, or he haa
deceived and robbed every Homan
Catholic for whom he ha ever aald
H ia not often Unit tlto father
ntnl at ii, hoth iiiiintiging etlitor
of a iluily paper at (lilfeieut
perioila, are, at ilillVrent time,
acctiacil in the columns of oilier
ilaily paper, with having raped
or rcduc 'd j;iil in their em
ploy, yet aneli charge have lccn
puhlialied nnaint IMwatd Homo.
water and hU aon Victor l!o(e
waler, hotli now connected with
t ho ltee; and lite woral of it i,
the charo-CH have not hceiijnude
hy innendo, hut have lcen alat.
eil in a hold and fear leu iniiii.
nor go hold and mo fcarltH
that tho people imiat wonder
at their ncrvo in attemplinj; to
iinieociato with rept ctahht people
and in their effort lo diclato the
nominationi an well im lhn pol
icy of tho great Uepuhlioan pal
ly in Nohraaka. Theso chared
may fiirnish tho key to tho mip.
port no ardently and periialenl
ly accorded certuln vicious char
itclcr who havo stood fur ollice
in tho pait, A "fellow feeling
would niako thoni woinl'roui
kind," If ihcao cliarfjeiaro not
dinproved it wotihhiot ho out of
order for thorn to tin full a hiiu
tier overthcir headuurtern with
lhlniiiMcripliou, ' Virg'niH Utiindd
II ore."
If you are Inlereated In poultry, by
alt inenn end cent In poatag't
atitmpa lo (be Aoclaled fancier, 4011
North Third at reel, I'lilliidelphlit, 'a
for their new book, on the ithteiiacN
of poiiltty. Although rompiirallvoly
umiill, It In ao couclii", term and lucid
aa to be of great value to be fancier
end breeder of poultry. II abowa how
lo maniiKi,' and rear fowl, bow lo de
tect their different allineiiia, ai d bow
to them by either allopill hie or
homeopathic remedle. It I front the
pen of Mr, John K, IHelil, Hut well
known Anierlciin I'oullry Aaaoelalhui
judge, one of Hie hlghext authorlllea (ill
A IKKIK (N I'til'll'ltV,
Coutaluliig 111) page, g beaullfiil lllho
graphic plnla of a groiift of different
fowl In natural color, engraving of
all kltida of land and water poultry,
deacrlptlon of the breed, plan for
poultry houaea, how to manage an
incubator, all about rnponlxlng, and
the value of different breed, It will
be mailed to any of our reader for
15 cent by the Aanrlntei Fancier,
ion North Third at reel, I'hlladolphlii,
If tho Heiitiment
cxpreaaed in thi paper
meet your approval we
should lo pleaxed to add
)ournuiiio to our list, l'riec j
111! l.,1llll,
llll I IMI I 'I
I or I n t ti
Tmk Im hi
Ml win w
I oi l It In
I.iam fc,
r i
lit allv loun r.nrr ccoej in cn unci vctuvc
MS! t MMMS Alt! ttltlg fM.'Sli l V!HTHll HL fl'lll.
cmbi'wc pisndi of mi rum i ana n rii. trn rcsfl 'rfviir fno hot- ttttl
t in. nii tu aocr roNaatH atuiaixit, iKnoaa, aiionn, hiimui m mi rooNftiif
t tv. wraovmiM of HMSir,t A iiu Itm !ai hmkud tin ,t no aort vi in Hi
tr rnT"TT?NTT1' f1 w W itofiit ! ieM i.'f n,t 4 iKt-m m,
i I L-liiJl ' '" ! tiAil't ti'Hi ! I M k ftrH i p tvt. llMOtlw
ki A '14W"k !. HtillU IH ) ii! ( Pit V ti'
TnlT "f of ih, il ili 'i.i,ii,,ti it nr t.. lift, ,fai
I'iU tiitk 1 M'HMl "I ''fi.l'li !.' ! n,.wlly Ulni luff.
to rz.Arri. it onnomoi. too itxtxiTnATiom.
h Hulnmr Hun h4 nt MnniUMt 1 a
VMint t r rHiii,nl I ntrm I irimt
Wir ' lii.i.irlln. mi r ml
r i
4ro You Woll?
noli nr ti in
f...n I, hi i,M,riiiit(i iiidii,il,
'I . MM' llrtllMIMK IV Olll. HI'
Hum it lli'iil I I" Ii HI.' ni'l 1,1
In. ,n kl. w el Ok II In HUB,'.
It It pi m. lltM i,r ill-!'
ti II Midi In, 1,1 Ii Hi, m
,Htt ll Out tm , e
,i,.i i imimuIi l"l all, t, li
! i,l, nam ll, I lii all i an il,i
,f ,i,Hi, "I'lalll II,, lee
I nth" mi 0,f i anma ,, eu,
l aw, i-ltnta III llli I , .ani.ll a,
,i,ii.aalti IIM'il l-aOMtf, li'a
ami n.rt-a Mi mi laiir, If,, eaa
r i hIimmi ul al, "ilt'ill, a, l'i"
U, tialilia ( i ii, On'
tm lnl, in nl rtruta t
, n.inl'Hi iitiilnrmlita llunr if iiiaiil,,M,i ai iiai l'r
lia , a i t trail mt li, i,b a ,mii 8h, il, lliiiilfiirn
n, , i .it. ma tlrea ill abulia, lhn i,t ai , ,i Iml'll
It Mini llillil lai Inn In Hum, ii, i ll' , H' , ami II"' ail
ii.iMr,ifii tiialiiina nl aiM lilf frlii-ri'liv le'iny et Om
taai ut lain, ai'tea ata i,m,iiM'i i,i "aiii'lnl atHttn
tliHI." Hila l liae'iT alinita lif lllniit -Inn imiliX
'iiiaa tn aatrar, li"w ir,unliiel,,ii daa In -i ,,n i' tm
am, till II lll In 'I ilntfll, Ihiw lla lianrliil ilt-i
if r, nit,,, oil to II i "liiiiiii l iil "- i""l ataillll, awl
liljieriaul lai'la l,i hltntv, d
Tim n,iiia nl i jail etiaait fur Wralllt, nt euf,
ai'ta, i,trr atinlv, fallMii'a in lttl,ii't, I Im la, I thnt
nailli It ih Imala nr fi nltli tmi f, r-i ami Urn
ua anil illirn nt Imrrliili' llii lnlirlieli Oiimi
l hi ill hull, ra n wuulil Im m il Im m I" O'liia ''
Aro You III?
1 1ll:, t n nn linlw.l n rnrn lurn
If I'm ai Ii,,). mill Ii I, ii ii
liniv II. i nun, n if . wlinl'a III"
t,l..ltl.l Ml..! t.1,1.1 M ,.l I..I ill. I. II.
i ,fii'.ii).'
Al V r, "'I V Imllier M Im llf I'el'l.'1 H
I r l',l I H'O'iii'' iiiiiuilii nt kii-i tiltirf
ir-iir i l"" ""''Old
. T ,7 I, llll ,im iiiiiaa i, "-"
Wl.V V I "iiliilil loll. I'l" aiiinli I ii'llOiil
f y ii mil Im tiii.,ii., it I ., ami hiiai l'i
Ul V kWlil ll, i Inf Hi. llw II Oil' in Ui r, ll li
TV I ii 1 til Ii .ml l.iiiir'li" In Inn lililn
W ' ) A'til:4 Jiiiw" II lai'l. r Inn le t Ih
v ' A'.'i "l'i llll..iWl'Ml"l-lel;'illl'
lyv . Wtl") Of, i, nit Im y our iiii nlnf
ni. I, in tiiii
Miihmh Ii uf
l,ki,'la 1 1,1 11 inn 1 hil ImiUll li,l
W--' liil.i nil 1 III liuinliia III" lii-t.
Iicttiinlanf fiyutatliiH On ati vital him 0, i If .,
,a tmi i,r nilii.a, imliia, hi iiialalu tir iIii'himiu
i.lll, It Will aii'flr l.iif I'l l""ll ili 0," 'r (iialialiil
limn nff aiir.'ir vol) "in I, want t i In Klc I ll.a Intnl.
una trim, I.. ma n( HfUlit'a I'laciar, nr nOi f ll",
ltiijt,. ilia anna i
I hil "i" nl I, i in Inn it iilfant," ainl
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POPULAFf ROITIONa Cloth Binding, Prepaid by Mall, 01 .DC
'aittous l iclioii by (lie World's (rcalsl Aiilliorst
Ten of tho Groatest Novels Ever Written
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