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AMEKH'A FK AMEKIl'ANS." W'r hold that all mm are Am"rci who Swear Allrianoc to the 1'iutrd Stattk without a tiirntal reservation.
Nl'miieic 1M.
A Poll of the Island Shows
That Outside of the Orange
Strongholds in the North
That 90 Per Out r the Population
Favor Spain Id IU Conflict With
the lnud St.te.
English Roman Catholics and Jews Said
t Paver Spain.
London, May 2 The question as to
whether British r.vmpatby in really
with America is still agitating those
who are chiefly interested in establish
ing a good understanding between the
two nations.
Mr. Alfred Harmsworth, who per
fonally and through his papers has
been doing the moBt efficient work in
this direction, is convinced that a large
majority of the people of the United
Kingdom are unreservedly in sympathy
with the United States.
He bases bis conviction on a careful
canvass of the country which he has
just bad completed. It shows that
Scotland is practically solid for Amer
ica and THAT IRELAND, except in
tbk NORTH, is hostile to America.
Of the merchant?, shippers and business
men generally 30 per cent are Ameri
can sympathizers, 35 per cent are neu
tral and 35 per cei t are against war
The non-conformists are solidly pro
Americans, while 90 PER CKNT OF
Spanish, in all cases, according to the
figures collected.
The British aristocracy, aside from
the Catholics, is evenly divided, while
the Jews are opposed to America.
On the subject of Catholic opposition
to America the Daily Mail in an arti
cle printed today says: -
"It is largely due to distinguished
members of the Catholic aristocracy
and to the Catholic prelacy of the
Waited Kingdom and Ireland that a
slight sympathy lor Spain has been
worked up during the past few days.
The priests and people alike are intent
on showing their interests in the coun
try which is a firmer stronghold of the
church than Italy, and great efforts are
making to force the trend of public
"This fact and the strong Irish feel
ing explains why so few nationalist
members of the House of Commons
have spoke publicly in favor of the
United States. Messrs. Redmond and
Dillon have spoken, but the latter was
Immediately attacked by the probably
widest circulated Catholic organ in
England, the Catholic Times."
Blessed Spalns Arm.
London, April 25. The St. Peters
burg eorrespondeai of the Daily Tele
graph says:
"Emperor Nicholas today granted an
audience to the Spanish ambassador,
Duke De Tanames, acd discussed with
him the Cuban question at great
length. A conference of the ambassa
dors of the powers on the subject of
Owba baa been held at the foreign office
and well-informed persons declare that
Russia will now support Spain."
The Berlin correspondent of the
Standard bays:
"Germany will take no steps prejudi
cial to the United States, nor probably
join in any intervention on Spain's be
half, it is evident, therefore, that the
meeting yesterday (Saturday) at Dres
den between Emperor William and
Bmperor Frances Joseph signally
failed to bring Germany into line with
The Rome correspondent of the Stan
dard says:
"The queen regent asked the bless
ing of the pope upon Spanish arms.
HI holiness replied that he sent it
from his heart and hoped to see a vin
dication of Spain's right, which had
been tramped upon."
Before Meeting Dfwey.
Madrid, April 24. The archbishop
of Madrid has issued a diocesan letter,
Two Reports which Confirm Our Charge that Their
First Allegiance is to the Church.
The Government Should Realize Who
Spies" Really AreThey Are Roman
KANSAS CITY, MO., May 5. A dispatch to the Journal from Sedalia Mo., says: "A letter received here from Mrs. II.
V. Dodge, a sister-in-law of A. S. Dodge, of the Cotton Belt, says, SPANISH SYMPATHIZK KS IN KI'XSO, SCOTT CO.,
Alexander Schlegel, file clerk in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Douglas County, Nebraska, asserts publicly
that he was informed by a niembea of the Bohemian Roman Catholic Church of South Omaha, that Roman Catholics had contrib
uted money to a fund now being raised by the Roman Catholic Church to aid Spain in her war against the United States. He is able
to furnish names of his informants, and is endeavoring to learn the names of the contributors and the amount raised.
"T1USASON against the United States, shall consist only In levying war
against them, or AMIBKIXG to their Enemies, G1VIXG THEM All) and
COMFORT." Sec. .7, Art. Ill, U. S. Constitution.
A dispatch from New York says, Governor Black has approved the idea of placing ONE HUNDRED ARMED GUARDS
around the Aqueducts from which the water supply of Greater New York is drawn, in order to prevent Spanish sympathizers or
spies from poisoning the water supply of the great city. The sympathizers are understood to be Roman Catholics.
in a flamboyant style that occasionally
sinks Into absolute rodomontade, differ
ing widely from the high style of Car
dinal Cascajares y Azira, archbishop
of Valladolid.
Toe archbishop makes the war ap
pear a question of good and evil, with
Spain all white and the United States
all black. He appeals to all the saints
to protect the Spaniards, almost prom
ising invulnerability against American
bullets. There are several fine pass
ages that redetm the letter from out
and out puff and bombast,
Drive Tbeu All Out.
New York, May 2. A copyrighted
cablegram from Singapore to the
World says: Aguinaldo's policy after
the Philippines have been captured
embraces the independence of the
islands and the internal affairs to be
controlled under European and Ameri
can advisers. The insurgents desire
American protection, temporarily at
least, on the same lines as proposed
after the Cuban campaign. The scheme
includes free trade to the world; safe
guards enacted against an inllux
ot Chinese aliens: a complete reforma
tion in the corrupt judiciary under ex
perienced European officials; the entire
freedom of the press and public utter
ance; a general religious toleration; the
being represented by secular priest
hood; provision for facilities to exploit
resources; the building of railways;
the removal of the restrictions on en
terprise and the investment of capital.
A Mother Fonder Mill Destroyed.
Auburn, Cal., April 30. The Clipper
Gap powder works, seven miles from
here, were blown up this evening.
It is supposed that lightning caused
the explosion. These works resumed
operations a lew days ago after several
months' idleness.
The Vatican Host W orking For Spain.
J a me Creeiman, special correspon
dent of the New York Journal, writing
from London under date of May 3, says:
"The Vatican is putting forth its ut
most strength to induce the European
powers to Intervene in Kiua form. I
can say, however, on the highest possi
ble authority that the British govern
ment spurns all who approach it with
suggestions of interference.
"Everywhere in England are evi
dences of the extraordinary activity of
Catholic priests and other church dig
nitaries of that church to turn public
sympathy toward Spain and induce
the government tq lend countenance to
an attempted concert of the powers.
So far, no overt proposals have been
made between the continental governments."
Another of Konie's Murderous Tricks.
Springfield, III., May 3. Experts to
day who have tested the contents of a
package found in one of the company
boxes of the Third infrntry, Illinois
National Guard, pronounced it dyna
mite. This morning a rigid examina
tion was made of all equipments and
bRggge but nothing else was discov
ered. There is no clew to the party
who placed the infernal thing. The
men believe they have narrowly es
caped the fate of the sailors of the
Maine. Guards have been placed at
every dcor and other entrance to the
buildings, and only persons having
passes are allowed to entt r.
Dragging In Kcliirion.
That group of nobodies who are en
deavoring to whip up a popular feeling
in favor of Spain has also lately been
playing a most unfair game by endeav
oring to add to the bitterness of the
struggle by dragging in religion. It
had been whispered at first and then
loudly uttered in one or two corners
that this war was really one of an anti
Catholic sentiment in the United States
against the most Catholic nation.
Absurd and unfounded as such a
statement is. still it has met with be
lievers of the simpler sort, and there
were even found ignorant men who in a
public meeting muttered that because
they were 0 the same religion the
Irish sympathize with the Spaniards.
I am glad to be able to say that such a
heresy as this has met with an indig
nant denial on the part of the Irish
Catholic public men, one of whom well
says that when the question at issue li
liberty v-rsus tyranny Irishmen do not
stay to Inquire as to the religion of the
combatants. Nor do fair Englishmen
forget how many million of loyal Cath
olic citizens the United States contains,
a fact which alone is sufficient to es
tablish the utter foolishness of the pes
tilential invention. London corres
pondent Chicago Tribune, under date
of April 30.
Abuse of England.
An English correspondent writing to
a London paper from Madrid, (ays
"England is. of course, abused in all
the papers as much as ever. Today a
leading article proves that she does not
belong to Europe or civilization at all.
We are fit comrades of the Yankees
and polar bear?, a may be seen at
once from the horror our language, so
harsh and wretched after the warm,
hospitable flow of French and Italian.
German and Kussian are discreetly
omitted, for the hope of help from
Ilusria is very strong: but just now
there is something more novel than
sneers at England. In London the
readers of Stock Exchange papers re
member seeing the headline, "The Hope
as a Bull." Hut here we read "Tte
Pope as a Filibuster.'' That is his re
ward for declaring his interest lies with
neither side, but with the suffering
Strong ames.
The last change in the Cabinet cir
cle, which makes William II. Day Sec
retary of State, will introduce to the
society of the capital a new hostess in
the circle in the person of Mrs. Day,
1 who is a pleasing and attractive woman
with dark hair and eyes, a slender and
youthful figure, and one who is not
easily forgotten. Mr. and Mrs.
Day have four sons, the oldest being 14
years old. Three of them are humor
ously designated by their parents,
"Luther, the Reformer," "Stephen.the
Martyr," and "William, named Mc
Kinley," and the fourth, Lucas, is just
plain Lucas, who doubtless has possibil
ities that will develop later. Chirago
Did Thee Cowards Mow I'ptbf Powder
Dover, N. J., April ;U) Slaty-three
members of Company M, N. J. N. G.,
the 44 Spanish
were burned in effigy. Stuffed figures
were ridden on rail and there were
cries of "cowards, cowards," in the
streets of Dover, N. J., last night.
These sixty-three men have refused
to give their services to the govern
When the action of the company was
learned by the towns-people yesterday
indignation ran high. By 9 o'clock
half the town had turned out, and a
march was made te the armory. There
a man climbed to the roof and hung a
sheet on the flagpole. In the mean
time a fire had bea started, and the
guards were burned in effigy. The Dg
urea were stuffed and carried through
the streets on rails. The police were
Highest Komau Authority.
The present pope has ordered, by an
Encyclical Letter, that the writings of
"St." Thomas Aquinasshall be studied
in every school throughout the world
In obedience to this order the English
Jesuits translate into r.ngusn a por
tion of his works, under the title of
"Aquinas Etbicus." We have fre
quently quoted from this translation
what Aquinas teaches as to the lawful
ness of exterminating heretics out of
the world by death, says the Protes
tant Observer, But Father Iticakby,
S. J., who issued that translation, sup
pressed an important portion of what
Aquinas said on this subject. The sup
pressed portion is, however, as much
approved by Pope Leo Xlll. as that
which we have so frequently quoted.
Last year a new translation of that por
tion of what Aquinas teaches relating
to heretics was published by the De
partment of History of the University
of Pennsylvania. It proves more clear
ly than ever before how much this
popish saint, together with the present
pope, approved of religious intolerance
even to blood, and therefore we reprint
it below. Aquinas writes iQuaest. XI.,
Art. ill. r
"Heretics must be considered from
two points of view; namely, as regards
the heretic himself, and secondly as re
gards the church. As for the heretics
themselveo there is their sin, for which
they deserve not only to be separated
from the ohurca by excommunication
DEATH. It la, indeed, a much " 'ry
aerioua offence to corrupt the faith,
upon which deHndn the life of the
out, than to falsify coin, by mean of
which the temporal life la sustained.
Henco, If counterfeiter and other
malefactor are justly hurried to diath
by secular ruler, tu ueh the more may
ihoito who are oouvlc'cd 'A hcrey cvt
only le excommunicated, HIT JUSTLY
I'tJT TO A KI'KEOV OKA Til. Hut on the
side of tin) church there is nierev look
ing for the conversion of the erring.
She diHta nut, therefore, condemn Im
mediately, but only after a first and
second admonition, as the A poetic
teaches. Should the heretic still
prove stubborn, the church, no longer
hoping for his oonverslon, shall pro
vide for the safety of others by e par
ting him from herself by a sentence of
excommunication. She further relin
quishes him to the secular judgment to
be put out of the world by death. Je
rome also says (on the pat-sage in Gala
tlana V.), 'a little leavon,' and a pro
vided In 21 qu. 3, cap. 11, 'Foul flesh,
must bo cut away, and mangy sheep
mutt be kept from tbo fold, lost tho
whole house be burned, the whole mass
corrupted, the whole body be destroyed.
A rius was but a spark In Alexandria,
but alnoe this spark was cot promptly
quenched, the whole world has been
devastated by tho flames.'
"As to tbe first argument, namely
that which relates to the meekness in
which a heretic should be admonished
a first and a second time, If, after that,
he refuses to return, ho la looked upon
as perverted, as appears from the au
thority of the Apostle above cited.
"As to the second argument, any ad
vantage which may proceed from her
etics, la in no way intentional on their
part, as, for example, they furnish, ac
cording to the Apostle, of the constancy
of the faithful, or as Augustine says,
Lib. I. de gen., cont. Manlch. (oap. I.,
about the middle), 'Let us put away all
slothfulness. carefully the Holy Scrip
tures.' Their Intention Is, on the con
trary, to corrupt the faith, and this is
most harmful. We should, therefore,
give more weight to those conscious
sins which would cut them off, rather
than tbe unintentional good, which
would seem to countenance their toler
"To the third argument we may re
ply, as it is written in the Decretals 24,
qu. 3, cap. beginning, 'It Is to be ob
served that excommunication is one
thing ami extirpation another.' One
is excommunicated with a view, as the
Apostle says (I Cor. v. 5), 'that the
spirit may be saved In the day of the
Lord.' That heretics shall be totally
extirpated by death is not, however,
contrary to the command of God, for
that command Is to be understood as
applying only in the case when the
tarei cannot be destroyed without des
troying the wheat at the same time."
Was He an Irish lioman Catholic.'
New York, May 1. The man on the
monitor Puritan who was put in con
finement because he was found In a tur
ret where he did not belong and who
was suspected of being a Spanish spy,
is Charles Yglesias of Ocean Grove, N.
J. His real name is Charles Ilutledge
Garrigan. He assumed the name Yg
lesias a few years ago when he married
a Spanish woman of that name In New
York City. Garrigan said he wanted
to retain his own name, but his wife
Insisted that he should change it. She
is now dead.
Another Irish Spy.
Philadelphia, Pa., May 4.-Another
alleged Spanish spy was arrested on
the St. Paul today. It was learned to
night that the name of the suspect is
Howard U an Dan. He claims to be an
Austrian. He strenuously denied that
his intentions had been hostile to the
ship, but a rough draft of the interior
ot the vessel, showing the location of
her magazines and engines was found
In his possession.
To Cora I'oaatlpallon Foravar.
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