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"AMEK1CA FOK AMERICANS." We hold that all men are Amercian who Swear Allegiance to the t'uitrd State without a mental reservation.
Volume VIII.
OMAHA, NEBRASKA, Fill DAY, A PHIL 21), 1898.
'Nu WHICH 20.
The Time has Come When
Americans Should Set
tle Which Shall Sur
mount the Capitol. '
The War Is Now On, and Romanists Have
.Already Caused the Destruction of 3
ol Our Powder Mills Tennessee
California and New Jersey
Their Field of Action.
They Have Broken Into and Robbed One
of Our Dynamite Magazines and Intend
to Bum Bridges and Wreck Trains
Carrying the U. S. Troops.
It Gives the Fortifications, Location of Guns,
Etc, and Offers Men as Guides to Lead
an Attack on San Francisco, Cal.
An Armory, Together With All the Guns,
Ammunition and Supplies of the Sou'h
Dakota Soldiers Burned Thursday.
Washington, D. C, April 27. The destruction of the Santa
Cruz powder mills, the largest on the coast, has added haste to
the activity of the government agents. The explosion referred
to may have been an accident, hut there are several suspicious
circumstances which are being investigated.
. New Orleans, La., April 27. The government dynamite maga
zine was broken open last night and a large quantity stolen.
Easton, Pa., April 28. The town of Dover, in Morris Co., N.J.
and the country within a radius of 20 miles, was startled this
evening by a series of terrific explosions, the first of which
occurred at 2:10.
The explosions occurred at the Atlantic Powder Company's
works, and the plant is a mass of ruins.
Sioux Falls, S. D., April 28. A fire at Worthing, S. D., this
afternoon burned to the ground the armory. The ammunition,
uniforms and guns of Company D. National Guards, were totally
destroyed. '
Washington, D. C, April 28. The post-orlice department has
received information of another letter being held because it con
tained treasonable information. The letter was addressed to
Premier Sagasta, Spain, and was mailed by a woman, and des
cribed the fortifications of San Frannsco, where guns are
located, etc. It also described point, dower down the coast
where Spanish vessels could land troope id said there were
men who would act as guides to attae,oe""' Francisco and seize
The di
s, therefol
Atlanta, Ga., April 28. Dr. Jan tj)g jeeipg, of Good Hope,
Ga., has notified Gov. Atkinson that . .- tish spies passed
through his town and had planned tt ridges and wreck
trains loaded with U. S. troops goin t.
Would Attempt to Nail the Cross on the Dome of Our
National Capitol Building.
NEW YORK, Ai'Rii, 27. Special Correspondent Evening Sun prints extracts from La Lucha, the leading Havana raper
Monday which. The leading editorial, says: "Let us go and NAIL THE CROSS OF THE REDEEMER, ENVELOPED IN
in order that all the nations of the earth may contemplate it with amazement and see how a nation, though small. in territory, can
do all when it has, as our Spain has, the heart of a giant, and the courage of a lion."
A Roman Bisjiop Says We
Have No Right to War
With Spain.
lluim a Mnjority of the Men Killed Id
the .11 aimi lHaaster Were Itoman
CnlliollcR Untrue.
Right Reverend Bishop Maurice F.
Burke rtferred to the war In his ser
mon at the cathedral yesterday morn
in?, nii while his views are considered
sensible by many of his hearers, others
are of the opinion that there Is an un
patriotic tinge to them. It is known
that there are a good many Catholics
in the city who do not coincide with
the views that have been expressed by
the bishop.
In his sermon yesterday Bishop
Burke said th re would have been no
war if the voice of the Roman pontiff
had been heard. The bishop expressed
the opinion that the war with Spain is
a calamity for the Unite 1 States, and
that it will remain forever a blot and
stain upon our national character. He
said the questions could all have been
settled by mediation, and that the war
is unnecessary.
A high tribute was paid to President
McKinley for his efforts to maintain
peace, in the face of all the opposition
against him, and in conclusion the bish
op said that Catholics would shed their
blood for their country In this war as
in all others. He did not advise Cath
olics to stay out of the war, but on the
other hand told them it was their duty
to fight for this country.
" I simply expressed my views of the
situation, referring to the war briefly,"
said Bishop Burke today. He atated
hit position mora expliclty this morn.
intr, but said be did not know that It
would be of interest to the general
"This war is a calamity, " he said in
substance. "It will be a disgrace to
his country. Here we have the spec
tacle of the United Strtes senate going
msd when these questions of such great
Importance are to be tettled. The
President has been forced into the
action he has taken by certain classes
of people, when he would have settled
the questions involved in some ether
" These insurgents in Cuba are a la--less
class, always in rebellion. This
country has recogDiz d a government
there when no government exists, ex
cept in imagination. To drive the
Spanish out of Cuba Is to drive away
from the Island all the wealth and in
telligence, and leave it in the hands of
a half starved people, incapable of
governing themselves.
" What have we to gain by it? If
Cuba is set free, what is to become of
it, and how are we to be benefited?
Cuba belongs to Spain by all the rights
of international law and all other law
that was ever known. We might as
well attack Spain on the claim that it
has been cruel to its people in Madrid.
Cuba is as much the property of Spain
as Spain Itself, and we have VO right
to Interfere."
Bishop Burke said he had told bis
people that the war was brought on by
the jingoes who cry for it, stir up the
feeling and then leave others to fight
the battles and pay the expenses. He
spoke of the enormpua expense that
attends war, and of the manner in
which it will interfere with business.
This country is widely known for its
business, he said, and we are known as
a business nation
It cannot be said that Bishop Burke'
expressions are unpatriotic In any de
gree. His views are based on the
ground that the Roman pontiff could
have maintained peace by mediation if
bis voice had been heard. The church
looks upon him as the representative
of Christ upon earth, and as that
representative he would have main
tained peace between the two nations.
The bishop also believes that the
war may lead to international compli
cations, and may involve the United
States in other wars. According to
his view of the situation, it is not war
for the rights of humanity. The in
surgents in Cuba brought all their
suffering upon themselves by the re
bellion. "Spain might as well interfere in
behalf of one of our states in rebellion,"
be said. "There would be as much
justice in it as our interfenence on be
half of Cuba."
"How about the Maine?" he was
" A majority of the men lost in the
Maine disaster were Catholics, I be
lieve," he said, "but still that was not
a cause for war. It does not enter into
this strife at all, it seems to me, having
been lost to sight In the talk about the
freedom of Cuba. There are other
ways of settling such affairs as the
blowing up of the Maine. They have
been settled before without the dread
calamity of a war, and this one could
have been adjusted.
"I did not advise Catholics to May
out o' the war," said the bishop. " On
the contrary, I told them it was their
duty to fight for their country. They
will be found on every battle fiield and
in every battle, in this war as they
have in every other war the world has
ever known where men fought for their
altars and their tires." -St, Joseph
Mo. New.
Ihe Tope's I'rajer.
St. Dlabolua-Most Worthy Father:
It is well-known that tbou art the cod
of all wrong-doing, misrepresentat'en
and killing that though we a-e com
pelled, ostensibly, to worship the other
God, yet the history of all ages down to
the present show that you are our god;
we were the introducers of yourself,
saw after the crucifixion of Christ and
in the first war, you, mas acred 40,000
Jews. We authorized Constantino
the wholesale murderer to be our
standard bearer. The orders to kill
and destroy all heretics have been
obeyed by th popes and tbeir generals
Fernando, the Catholic; Charles V.
appointed by the pope to destroy here
tics, Philip II, Alva, Louis XlV-the
great murder, Torquernada, and many
other most devoted followers. Your
orders have been faithfully executed in
the New World by Cortes and Pizarro
surpassing Columbus himself and
lately Weyler, the faithful soldier of
the most noble Spanish nation carrying
out her historic spirit to the letter.
Now, Most Devoted Patron of Killing
and of Providing Human Misery we
conjure you to aid our unfortunate
country, Spain, and her lonely widow
hoping against hope and for her we
offer our prayers and sympathy. Death
to heretics'. Yours in true fellowship,
ever faithful and devoted to your inter
ests, and pledging you to continue to
throw dust in the eyes of the ignorant
to keep them in ignorance and make
them humble slaves so that we can
manage them, Lko Xll.
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