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Sara a la Maklaf T- ee
ftaaae I'ropla Tale a.
Rotarillns the rtwt of nmnufactiirlnit
a firtt-cUsa bicycle. a writer In the j
Chicago Times-HrUI hu thU to say: j
To the doubting Thornm no are
ver aaswllnij thai the rout of a bi
cycle U liironvtjucntUl roniarel with
lis selline. price. tb following brief
ketch of the material that enter Into
the Intrcral part of a wheel are bore
A machine vm recently ' directed,"
and In the bearing alone W minia
ture iteel bulla were found. The chain
poaaeaaetl 138 plecea, comprlolng llnka,
rivet, nut and bolt. The two wheel
had sixty piano wire tpoko. each of
which was fastened to tha rim by a
nipple and washer. Tha saddle con
Uined eighteen parts, exclusive of the
rivets Unit help to fasten the leather
to the metal csntle. The valves In
tha pneumatic tires contained four In
dividual mechanical contrivances.
Each pedal had ten separata parts,
nd tha brake and connections forty
Component parts; add to those already
mentioned, sprocket wheels, crank
hafts, chair adjustments, girds, han
dle bars, tires, rims, frame, forks,
hubs, axles, cones, washers, etc., a
grand total of over 500 individual
parts la easily arrived at In a thor
oughly hlsh pratfe bicycle, esch 0 the
Integral elements la made by a costly
piece of machinery, operated by skilled
artisans, whose attention to detail and
accuracy are assured fact. The ma
chinery employed In the majority of
cycle factories to-day Is of an auto
matic nature, and tha cost of some
runs up Into hundreds of thousands of
dollars. Then take Into consideration
the capital Invested In buildings and
material In conjunction with theneces
eary expenditure for the proper mar
keting and selling of the product, such
as advertising, clerk and salesman
hire, depreciation of machinery and
tools, and othor innumerable facts, It
will be readily seen that a first-class
machine costs far more than the aver
se buyer imagines.
Gets Folk to I'iMe In a Group and
Than Walks Away.
Tha circus waa In town Wednesday
and with It tha customary grist of
countrymen, who were fooled In tha
same old ways that are told about In
story books, says the Syracuse Post
Not less than two score of them were
victimised by Just one man, and that,
too, In tha face of numbers of their
The vlctlmtzer was a common ph6
tograph "fiend."
He operated anywhere a crowd could
be found. He would gather together
several men or several women or sin
gle persons, whom he would Induce to
atand for pictures. He would spend
several minutes posing them; some he
would get Into tho most fantastic posi
tions. When he had them ready,
with a-crowd gaping at them, he would
silently fold up his apparatus and
walk away amid the imprecations of
the victim and the laughter of the au
dience. Toward the close of the day
he was forced to run for his life, how
ever, as nine-tenth of all the farmers
had organized to have his blood.
tJramlfathor A Now NneUI Coda.
Paul Hourget has had more then his
Chare of American attention, although
there isn't a first-class reporter on the
New York Sun who could not have
written a more truthful and Interesting
Account of the country as a whole than
he gives In "Outre Mer." Perhaps some
fine points In the analysis of an "after
noon tea mind" might have been left
out of Mr. Townsend's or Mr. Ralph's
account of New York, If either of thera
had been the Sun man chosen to tell
the tale, but they would undoubtedly
have given us a clear, historical, and
Interesting picture.
M. Bourget. himself Is deprecating
the discussions the book has called out
He wants to know why people continue
to talk about his donylng grandfathers
to Americans. He says he considers it
nothing against them, that he didn't
have a grandfather himself, that he Is
& man of the people, who Is quite satis
fied to be known by his works without
any advantages of family. It appears
to him, he adds, that Americans might
be content with their good qualities
without wanting to set up a new social
ode. M. Bourget lives in a beautiful
house In the most fashionable corner of
Paris, and receives his friends, when
they call In the morning, In a rustling
silk dressing gown.
Tha famlle.
The electric candle is in great re
quest In England for the lighting and
decoration of dining and other tables.
An Ingenious device for lighting the
candles Is provided by placing small
pads under the tablecloth, and taking
the current from them by means of
two pin points In the base of the can
dlestick. The candles, of course, are
extinguished on being taken from the
table, and are relighted when they are
placed In their proper position. They
are so arranged that the bulb and the
glass imitation of wax candle can be
removed, when the candlestick can be
tised for an ordinary candle. Whan
used with shades of colored silk, the
lectrlc candle makes one of the pret
tiest additions to a dinner table that Is
possible to Imagine .
Not Much Book-Learning,
Yacht Owner (at the helm) Do you
know that tho nautical term "star
board" comes from steerboard, and was
so named because the steerboard or
rudder was formerly at tha right side
-of the boat Instead of at the stern?
Hired Sailor No, sir, I han't much
book-larnin. but I know if you don't
move that steerboard, as you call It,
a little more to starboard, we'll b up-ot-
A Io( Thai Rfe4 la It tha rraa
rtf af Straacar.
I onca knew a dog In Ireland a
Urge retriever says a writer In the
London Spectator, who had been
taught always to bring his own tin dish
In his mouth to be filled at dinner time.
For some reason his master wished to
make a change and to feed him twice a
day Instead of once, to which be had
always bvn accustomed. The dog re
sented this, and when told to bring his
dish refused, and It could nowhere be
found, on which his master spoke
angrily to him and ordered him to
bring tha dish at ouce. With drooping
tail and sheepish expression ha went
down the length of tba garden and be
gan scratching up the soil where he
had buried the bowl deep down to
avoid bringing It at ao-uujf which
he did not approve. )mimir
In 1S73 wa came to live In England.
after a residence upon the continent,
bringing with us a Swiss terrier of
doubtful breed, but of marked sagacity,
called Tan. One dsy, shortly after
reaching tha new home from Switzer
land, the dog was lost under tha fol
lowing circumstances: Wa had driven
to a station eight miles off, East Hard
ing, to met a friend. As tha friend got
out of tha railway carriage tha dog
got In without being noticed, and the
train proceeded on Its way. At the
next station, Eccles Road, the dog's
barking attracted tha attention of the
station master, who opened the car
riage door, and tha dog Jumped out
The station master and the dog were
perfect strangers. He and a porter
tried to lock up the dog, but ha flew
viciously at anyone who attempted to
touch him, although he was not above
accepting food. For the next three
days his behavior was entirely method
ical; starting from the station in the
morning, he came back dejected and
tired at night At last, on the evening
of tha third day, he reached home,
soma nine miles away, along roads
which he had not before traveled, a
orry object, and decidedly the worse
for wear; after some food he Blept for
twenty four hours straight off. Now,
he was a dog worth owning, wasn't he?
An Eplclemla of Maiming Null flare
Btrnrk tha Mack Road,
Out at the end of tha Black road,
near the McCormick Reaper works, a
visitor stood on the bridge that spans
the slip known as Mud lake. He was
Intently watching a man coming out of
a saloon; tha latter had a growler In
his right hand; his left arm was miss
ing. When he reached the sidewalk he
was Joined by a man whose right arm
was off at the elbow. Tha attention
of the visitor was momentarily divert
ed by a bcow passing under the bridge.
As he looked at It he saw that the man
who was "poling" was minus an arm,
the left one; he rested his pole on the
stump and with ,thls leverage jabbed
the pointed stick Into the overhanging
bridge, and by throwing his weight
against It gave the boat a perceptible
motion through the Blugglsh water,
says the Chicago Times-Herald. At
this moment the two one-armed men
were joined by a third, who was also
minus an arm. A look of dismay
spread over the face of the visitor and
he started for Blue Island avenue cable
car, feeling of his left arm with his
right hand. As he turned the first cor
ner a colored man without any arms
came out of a house and got on a West
ern avenue car. At the sight of him
the visitor's face became paler and he
quickened his pace. When he took a
seat In the cable car he heaved a sigh
of relief and wondered what had led
him into that section of the city. He
was a solicitor for an accident-Insurance
Prajrrd While The Cnt Off inn Ear.
Joel Handst, an Amlsh farmer, who
moved to Henry County, Ohio, from
Pennsylvania about a year ago, Is a
typical representative of his sect. His
creed being to fij 'it no man at law,
numerous depredations were made on
his farm and no one was punished.
Becoming suspicious of his forbear
ance, his enemies began to associate
his name with several mysterious dis
appearances of farmers during the past
year. Recently a band of masked men
went to his cottage, but a search failed
to confirm their suspicions. Handst
was praying when the marauders made
forcible1 entrance, and continued In a
suppliant attitude while his premises
were being ransacked. The gang de
liberately cut off his right ear and then
left. Handst made no resistance. He
said he would leave their punishment
to their Maker, and urged that the case
be dropped. His wounds were dressed
by his wife, who takes the outrage as
calmly as himself. The authorities are
Investigating the case.
Heedless Driver.
A middle-aged lady, nicely dressed,
who refused to give her name, waa
knocked down on the corner of Fifth
avenue and Fourteenth street, yester
day, just before noon, by the wheels ot
a passing wagon, says New York Re
corder. This fact illustrates the danger
to pedestrians from heedless drivers.
The police ot New York, it might ap
pear to a casual observer, are omnipres
ent, but yet It Is Impossible for one of
ficer to be on both sides ot a street at
once, and the majority of drivers in the
city will slacken for nothing but brass
Split Open by atStroam of Water.
While William Simpson, head lann
dryman at the Hotel Colorado, of Glen
wood Springs, Col., was in company
with a crowd ot young teen in the
swimming pool they undertook to outdo
each other in fool-hardy acts. Finally
Simpson undertook to sit on the nozzle
from which tho water spouts, which
has the power ot 120 pounds. Tha
water buret him open. Ha will die.
Naval a vera, Ilea r a ratted b a Nil aaJ
Wife la Iba HrlM.h TiaL
A new profession for "geMlefolk"
ha been discovered In Lonili-a by two
Impecunious members of the class.
They have discovered that there la a
livelihood to be gained by "polishing
off" the neuveaux riches and others
whose manners "have that repose
which stamps the case of Vere de
Vere." 1 hey are a well-born, well
bred married couple who are still suf
ficiently young to be adaptable. They
have been used to the ways of the
leisure class and they are clever
enough to teach them. Anything from
the cure of the cockney accent to the
proper way to entertain a duke Is
taught for a "consideration," The wife
describes her share of the work thus:
"I generally," she says, "undertake to
engage the services of all specialists,
such as superior maids, who know
what Is what and can give Judicious
and useful hints to tbetr mistress; also
manicurists, teachers of deportment,
and sometimes teachers of elocution.
I have cured one very bad case of mere
outward vulgarity In three weeks for
10 guineas, and I have corrected a
cockney acent In three mornings for 3
guineas; while, on the other hand, a
certain city man who never aspired to
anything better than heavy English
dinners. Friday to Monday at Bright
on, and Mansion house balls, until he
married the daughter of a west end
restaurant manager she knew nothing
of life beyond her own narrow sphere
gave us carte blanche to make 'fine
folks' of thera. Not much could be
done for him beyond keeping him
quiet, but she lent herself to our pro
cess. Now they have a very pretty
place In Hampshire and entertain some
rather nice people In the summer. We
ourselves received 100 guineas for our
advice, but the husband must have
spent over 25,000 In adopting our hints
as to mode of living, and he tells us
that what he has got for It Is worth
double as much."
A Servant Girl Ha Illra Fined for
Locking Her Out.
An amusing incident occurred In a
London "mansion" or apartment house,
recently, that Is believed to be the first
step In an unwritten code of flat law.
A servant maid was refused admission
the other night at the residence of her
master by the Janitor on duty because
his sense of decorum was outraged by
seeing the young woman shake hands
with her sweetheart at parting. The
exhibition was too much for the Ideas
of this confirmed misogynist, and he
used force to protect the house against
such a demonstrative inmate. The girl
Slapped his fans, and then bad tha m&n
summoned for assault before a justice.
It then turned out this rancorous por
ter had kept her standing in the street
till 2 In the morning, and she had only
succeeded In gaining an entrance by
sending a telegram from the next sta
tion to her mistress, saying she was
waiting at the door. Mr. Janitor was
promptly fined $10 and costs, with the
alternative of going to Jail.
Kamtio'a Close Tall.
It was a Tennessee Methodist clast
leader who had before him a six
months' probationer, whom he was
questioning for admission to all the
privileges of the church.
"Well, Sambo," said the class leader,
"I hope you are prepared to live a
Christian life In accordance with your
profession. Have you stolen chick
ens during the last six months?"
"No, Bah. I done stole no chick
ens." "Have you stolen any turkeys or
Sambo looked grieved. "No, sah!"
"I am very glad to hear this good re
port," continued the class leader, "and
I trust you will continue to live an
honest Christian life."
After church Sambo hurried home
with his wife, who had overheard the
catechising. When they were fairly
out of everybody's hearing he drew a
long breath of relief and turned a self
approving glance to his better half.
"Golly" he said, In a half cautious
whisper, "ef he'd er said ducks I'd
be'n a lost niggah, suah!"
A Mean Fellow.
Mr. Blinks I met a woman to-daj
that I thought a good deal of once.
Mrs. Blinks Oh, you did?
"Yes. I used to do my very best
to please her."
"I did everything I could to win hei
"My goodness!"
"And at last I succeeded."
"Wha "
"She granted all that I asked, and
by so doing made me the happiest man
"Merciful '"
"I asked her to come right up to the
house with me to-day, but she had
some shopping to do, And cannot get
here until supper time."
"Mr. Sinks, I am going right home
to my mother."
"She isn't at home, my dear. It
was your mother that I met She gave
me you."
The Royal Road.
mall Boy (in growing village) Pop,
the boys Is gettin' up a little fire com
pany. May I join?
Pop (a well-read citizen) Yes, my
son, certainly, I am glad to see such a
commenaaDie ammtion in one so
young. Join it, and, when you are old
enough, Join the regular volunteer fire
company, and run with the machine
every time it goes out This town
will be a big city some day; and if
you've run well, and fought well with
a fire company, a grateful people will
elect you to high offices, where you
will get big salaries tor doing nothing,
and will have a chance to ateal all you
want to New York Weekly.
Tha Craal Premier af hlaa I-ookad
l.lka a Blaming Hrgcar.
A Chinaman, be ha king or coolie, U
devoted to bis father and mother.
When either parent dies custom or
dains that the son shall resign all hon
ors and employments (o go to the an
cestral tomb and mourn there for a
long period. Mr. John Russell Young
relates how the Chinese premier, LI
Hung Chang, was prevented from punc
tiliously observing the custom by an
Imperial decree. The aged mother of
the great Chinese statesman died, and
be hurried to celebrate the rites at her
grave, accompanied by bis brother, tha
viceroy at Wuchang. Everyone waa
expecting the premier's resignation
and his enforced retirement from all
official positions. His enemies thought
that LI had gone Anally, his place
would be filled by another and his pow
er become a memory. Suddenly there
came a decree from the throne com
manding LI to lay aside mourning and
at the end of three months resume of
fice. His brother was permitted to
remain at the tomb and do the filial
reverence. The decree was without
precedent; the emperor was sacred and
his command supreme. LI Hung
Chang returned to Tientsin, his home.
When Mr. Young saw the premier's
yacht anchored in the harbor of Che
foo he went on board to pay bis re
spects. The premier looked like a
starving beggar. He wore the coarsest
raiment. His beard and his queue
hung down from a clotted mass of hair.
Lines of sorrow streaked his face, and
his hands were grimy. The first man
in the empire, noted for his carefulness
In raiment and cleanliness of person,
appeared as the meanest subject that
he might by privation and penance do
reverence to his mother's memory, ac
cording to the creed of his ancestors.
A few days later when Mr. Young met
Li at Tientsin the beggar's meln had
vanished, and he was again the well
appointed nobleman.
Tha Liquid Iron Carried from Farnaee
to Mill It Train.
Great pots of molten metal go dally
skimming along the Erie railroad from
the Cleveland Rolling Mills Company's
central blast furnace to the Newburg
mills as sedately as If this traffic were
of long standing. The plan, put Into
operation last Monday, Is a perfect
success, says the Cleveland Leader. It
takes Just fifteen minutes for the metal,
after It is poured Into the big ladle cars,
to reach the mixer In the mills, some
five miles away. Eight trips are. made
a day, as follows: At 6:20, 8:20, and
11:20 o'clock In the morning, at 2:10 and
:10 o'clock in the afternoon, ana thro
trains at night These trips are made
at a time when the tracks are practical
ly cleared. Thus delays are avoided,
which would be expensive, for if long
continued the metal would cool and the
purpose of the special delivery thus be
defeated. At the rolling mills the car
is raised on a hoist to the mixer, the
ladle Is tipped by machinery, and the
liquid metal poured Into the mixer.
Relieved of their load, the cars amble
back to the furnace at their leisure,
In time for the next trip.
About 500 tons of hot metal Is thus
carried every day over this long rail
road route. The Cleveland Rolling
MUis company nas to pay a pretty fig
ure for the freightage, it is said, but
there Is economy in the operation.
A Mean Fellow.
Mr. Binks I met a woman today that
I thought a good deal of once. Mrs.
Binks Oh, you did? Mr. Binks Yes.
I used to do my very best to please her.
Mrs. Binks Humph! Mr. Binks I did
everything I could to win her affection.
Mrs. Binks My goodness! Mr. Binks
At last I succeeded. Mrs. Binks
Wha Mr. Binks She granted all
that I asked, and by so doing made
me the happiest man alive. Mrs. Binks
Merciful Mr. Binks I asked her
to come right up to the house with me
today, but she had some shopprng to
do, and cannot get here until supper
time. Mrs. Binks Mr. Binks, I am
going right home to my mother. Mr.
Binks She Isn't at home, my dear. It
was your mother that I met She gave
me you.
J Errors of Youth.!
Herms Debility, YomMal
fc. Indiscretions. Lost lascooi
m Mny mra, from the fffwti of ymithruA Impru
AuVnc, have brought about a atate t weaknea0
lhat haa rrduceU th general gvitftn o much aa to
A induce aimoat rvrry other disease ; and the real 9
cam rf the trouble carer! ever beint; tiitnertfd,
Q they are doctored for everything but the right one. W
During our extensive college and hmpital practice
W are have discovered new ai d concentrated reme-
diet. The accompermnf prescription it offered
aa a tirtain ami ftrKRov fruit, hundreds of w
eases having been rertored t perfect health by its
one after all other remedies failed. Perfectly jiure w
a ingredients must be used in the preparation of thia
0 R F.rythroxylon coca, ) drachm. 9
Jerubehin, i drachm. a
Helonias Dioica. ft drachm. w
Crelsemin, 8 grains. A
K.rt. ignativ amane ak-o-,l f riM. W
t leptandrs, ecrup4ea. 4)
m Glycerine, q. s,
Make 0 pills. Takel pill at 9paW an4 another W
on going to bed. This rentedy is admited to every
W weakness in either se, and especially In those W
cases resulting from imprudence. The recuperative
powers of this restorative are astonishing, and its
use continued for a ahorttime changes the languid, f
debilitated, nerveless condition to on 9 wwed w
life and vigor. . A
To thoae who would prefer to oWarn ft ofw, ta
m remitting 91, a seated package contain ff pills, J
carefully compounded, ill be sent by mail from
A our private laboratorv. or we will furnish pack- 9
age, which will cure moet caeca, for $4. AU mfrt
0 aai liaffy eowjlrfsanlnt V
B 12 Trtmont Row.JBotton, Mat. g)
XX7ANTED A buvfir tot a PDlenflld Pmlth
V Premier Tvoewrlter. Cost tlUS.00. and
practtrall; Is a new machine now. Will sell
for I75.UO in cash, and at this price It Is a bar
gain. Or will exchnnge for a Hrst clam
Kodak. Full particular lor a x cent stamp
t'lrstcome, flr atrved.
Rkv. J. W.Giva K.
Box 15. Custer City, 8.1)
Celebrated Female
owlr never fail.
L. ilk) Lajv. (I-. tiital
ft arid mm (after ftulinl
In. . I. Wi, u l
J. II. TAYLOR. Manager.
1116 Farnam Street. - - OMAHA, NEB
Bieyeles and Supplies
We Carry the Largest Stock of Standard
Bicycles in the West.
By Writing for Our Prices and Catalogue.
Will Consult Their Own Interest by Using-
L ockhart's N utritious Condiment
Purest and Best
Horse and Cattle Food
Absolutely Free From Poisonous Matter ot An Kind.
London, England, Glasgow, Scotland,?
New York, Chicago, Omaha.
HAVING investigated this Horse and Cattle Food, and having
become convinced that it was superior to any preparation
on the market today, I have consented to take the general agency
for the Middle and Western States. It is now being used by
many of the leading horse and cattle men, some of whom testify
to its worth and money-saving qualities. Among the number
who have endorsed it may be mentioned: Robert Bonner, Esq.,
of the New York Ledger; William Lockhart, Esq., Veterinery
Surgeon; Dan Mace, the famous trainer and driver, and H. E.
Bonner, Esq., Veterinary Surgeon, all of New York; II. M. Hosick
A Co., Tallow, Hides and Wool; The Lincoln Park Commissioners;
John Ford, Metropolitan Market; Armour fe Co., Packers; Miller
Sl Armour, Packers; J. C. Pennoyer & Co., Teaming; Gen. Tor-
rence; Lincoln Ice Co.; A. H. Kevell; William rnompson ice uo.;
Gen. Newberry; Consumers Pure Ice Co.; E. K. Bond Packing
Co.; Thos. J. Lipton & Co., Packers, and others, 01 umcago.
This Condiment is recommended by a dairyman who says
his cows itave one-third more milk while he used it during the
winter. It is just the stuff to build up ail stocjc, and is a great
feed-saver on account of its nutritious qualities.
Price per Barrel (150 pounds)
100 Pounds
60 Pounds
26 Pounds
Samole Package Containing 8 Pounds
Send in a
If vou use it once vou
it. Address,
Care American Publishing Co
Jesuit's Conspiracy
This was the book that the Romanists burned while In the bindery. Nearly
300 pages. Over 100 pictures. Speeches from worthy representatives
from most of the patriotic orders.
riRIGE IN CLOTH, $1.00.
A cheap paper cover edition Is being prepared at SO cents.
Trial Order.
will never be without
vs. Amoiicanisin,