The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, February 23, 1894, Page 6, Image 6

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V OS .vM-.fN
tt.tii i l ni tt, It -., t l
faai 4 !..! 1 Ixunta,
At Vr I ' I I
tmtti.t .1 l- p -! !-', t j-t
SSt t -A !l , .--..I . ., I 1 1 I . ,
f )""-' " l '
. . tt .. . it t ! I
t ! at.. ,. "i I H-uM I " I I
It .. F t. u i -- f .1 " St. I,.
Vt- n , t I 1 k - trtc It i
felii.! :!..., tt-m til-c !.(
A ' ' " '
i-1 ' It tl i "ttln I
tH I,! I llf -.. i I i. I . lit -1
(,-.V-i .-. I .. 1 tt-fl '' It--
1 ,.-. I- i (sin in ill I .i'm-!H
,,.,t .,,. l t -... , I t k ' ' ".
't I1 )-, l'-i ".'
M euti-l-S 1 I' '' ' 1 ' 1 I "
ttv t "! V"',,, "' i 4M, II lii,t ell t t.l I I Mil,
f.'l fii"U !.. 111!) ll'.
1 1( iludt i ( il. mini !.1 HH t Mill
Uit riti. in iunimi.t t. il"r
nit i Hi' i'.nii'r liiiiii a lot It
tin i H u. if atom IV ii I. r lUi ) n
ftii. ii i t iiiiH'ti-iil.Miio. 'I In innm
ahouhl tvtWl In inI'I' niii'i! !ii f'l
to III Inf.s li'in imliitv of 1li tllw-anr, In
Iru.iiuti them I'l I '" in'i' ii"l ni tlnl
to liK n n r. tnl. r llini-i'Hiiim Iihhh'
ni it, In tin- hiMimiiiiIU fiinloiiii'it f
tnM'trli'l't.i l tfliiiliiHtiii nf lli !
turn fr llii furljr tlliKiiiwIn ol1 t nl-rtli-
l(, III till" 'rHT lllllllii Hull l'f rinili "
miiliit f luli'ii iilur inl U itt Ix fui lln jf
r itulii ixHiiiinl I? mln r Htii, In tl
tmlalilUtuiiriil i( 'H til In hivllal fir llm
"PK'.il"". lniUt li'ii nii'l Irt Hl mint i'f I lie
eminiimi'tiiii lMir; In llm iiinrUni'iit nf
rttlniliMiH -wlilt'li kIiiiII UM tlifruiptujr
linnt uf lulH-rviilnr mlli'iil In mn h iti'i u
tmt limit kIiiiI I In jiini I ln nl fun of t Iiith,
in the mloplU'ii of mm II my ivKiiliitlmiit In
tm-Vt'lit IllP ill-i'lllllllli'll "f lllfr' lliill l'f
mmnn uf lulHTculiir iiiiluni In uliti'i uf
ni'iiilily, In Hi IiikhmHoii
of dnlry mtlln mill In III (lintrurUnu o(
thou foiiml to liu IhIhti ulnr,
Aiitii wilTi'fliiK from iiiilmoniiry run
uni)itlon nmy lienlmolutrly frrnnf iImiikit
to bl iikinIi Inllnifitii niimiotnti' or hi liu
nipillntB miiwiimlliinn If only Ilia imiitum
I 1Inih('i uf wltb nrriiimlmin riiro. Tim
putum, (inil tliu iiitinu nlonii, In ncmiti
wy In tho mmroe of (Iiiiikit, nml cominon
eniMi, kkhI muilljitlim, liuimuilty ntul t'Vi'ii
th roijnlnmuMili of uliiijilu oli'iinlliii'M ilo
niHiul Hint tliln tthoulii lioilitNlroyod orrcn
doml lmnulon. Dr. I,HwrciiiB Mink of
rillllMiI'lllllIn, Who llHBKltUllt'll tlllHltlllljwt
curt'fiilly, liu cxihiwhimI the firm mm via
tlon that with our inm'iit kimwIcilKO w
buy It in our power to ooniiilotfly wipe
out pulnumnry tuborculniila In n nIiikI
gnneriitlim, nml he nihln, "Wwo hnlf the
fnergy whlrli In liiMim npi'iit In the nlinoHt
hopolrm task of Ht'iirchlntf for n ttpotillla
euro fur tuhiTi'iiliiHln iIuvoIimI tn li e I'Xlfr
niliml lim tlenccoiupllKhmiHit would beu
unhI." Forum,
Th l.ii(llli lliiitmi.
In one ri'Nppet old llimlun le very much
1m ntlrncllve tbuti II luinii'mike mwn
th Atlantlu. It luilnnil hiiitiuiiiiIIuki
lire uVrlilfilly tllilovily ntid iiiiIiiIitcmI
Apprnnclii'it from imy ipinrliT, the pro
jn'ct In Hid wiiun lint land, iinlirnUcii hy
the HH!icNt plmplu of hill, HtrclcliliiK (in
fr n tlit eye rim miiko, every nrre c f It
cultlvdlod to the hlgliiHt pilch of pi-rfi-o.
tlon, the monotony of the wi'tin viirlcil
only ly en occmnIoii-iI clump of wind Umn
ed tri'i'M, or n inlimri't tojiprd wlndniltl, or n
cIiinIit of lirnvlly thntrlii'd cottiiKi' round
Ixmt one of the lirldKi' w hlrh ( nwn tint
tniiunicriihln Ilkm hy which the (loiinlry
liilcrHi'i ti'il In nil tllri'cl limn, or hy one
of the elnti'ly church tower fur which tho
ooiinty In fami'il,
Hlralulit, n nrronn run the fetilniul
rondM, ruined hlh iiinii IuiiiIih of luxurl
mit KriiHM nliuvu the illken, of which the
clark iimtlotileM wntrr U rich with crow
foot mid hi'ookllincM mid uieiiilow dwect
rid the rcnt Hun water futKrtineiiut, In
the more wi neutered riKlou we nmy meet
with eomeof the mielent fi'Mlliered luhnli
lUiitn of feiihiiid, with tin) .hiirp hilled,
hrlekliit( curlew, the white tnlled ennd
tilper, the bullylnn Nurwny crow, the
faerou ntul hlnek Imekeil kuIIh, hut theronr
of the MnculiiHliire imileulturtil mneliln
wy eeetiiM In Imve frluhleiied them nwy
from more frci'ilc ntcd dUlrlclx, mid the
rileinu M llliiemt of llm nlr, even during
the eprliiH muiit liu, lx rehiiirknlile. All the
Yeer Hiiuiul.
IVIimI Itermiiea uf llm OM Plrel lnrlxnf
livery yeiirthuufiiul of new illrectorle
ro iNNiied, hut vi ti it t. hccoiucN of the old
nenf Thl i'iickIIoii very eeldoin occur
to the mliiil of the ptihllc, mill yet. It lev.
Went Hint the I IiuiikiiiiiIii of old dlreclorle
which tire rilphtcfl hy new one every
yeer tiiut un kuiiic place,
In the fir-' pluce, Hume ;f the old Imiiku
re not tixlu -'! et all, hut nn kept hy
their oMiicri until tiny full In piece, when
they lire hunied. Many of I lie illrectorle
re n racked up at Hie end of the year
that they nre imt. lit fur further line, ntul ii
Krrnt tnitiihcr of Hiihi are eold mi old pa
per ami are manufactured lutoclulh, 'l'lien
lare liiiiuhirof Hieni lire wild toeii'ond
linnd liuok dcalerx fur price raiiln from
CS rcn l tn f I nud are In turn eold hy them
to people who do nut feel like pnyliiK fur
new illrectury, hut do not Ik-wiimIuu fl
or en fur mm n year old. Many mure of
tho old dlrectorle are eold directly hy the
owner to other men fur ahout Many
men take the new illrectury every year mid
lo ki'i plhclroliloiicN, and In Home place
of lmilm-iu may he een A collection (if dl
rectorle ilatluK hack fur lx or eluht
year. Thu ere the dlrectorle kept In
circulation (mill they wear out and nre
thrown nway or eold fur old paper. To
ronto World.
I.liclit ntul CnmpUtilitn.
In A certain limine, where the people
love nature eo well Hint no drapery cur
tnlti ere lined ami where tho ehade nre
Uenatly rolled to their hlKhent limit,, It I
olmevved that t he women nil look old. Jlut
et night, when nil tliemft Htthteinhliieout
from under their nlmde of pink ami yel
low, they uru yotuiK nud fulr. Tho oppo
site effect I oljeerved In nnolher houne,
Where the women look their licut In the
daytime, and where the light Ueoflened
by hRileHiid becomluudrupertc that era
never thrown hack from tho upper part of
the window. At rilht electric IIkIiU, vn
fler (tlohe that can hardly hu culled art,:i
tic, Klare down on eye that are tired end
bring out every mark (.f time. One wom
an abhor lamp In petticoat; the other
aetiphH! window In draperies. New York
I'cmt. '
A Mn and Cruel Sport,
By far the meanest, moet cruel andtnoet
lemorallzlng form of (port tolerated hy
the law are thoee which comdet In the
hooting, bunting or baiting of certain o
called "wild" animal, which are not pur
sued or killed in a true state of nature
but are first captured and confined inaomt
cage or lnclosura in order that they may
t afterward turned out and worried fur
! tKiMnwIil 4 !). Ul ' tj lit
ri.-l l -4H., !! 't lt.
rll)ll "l..f t I fc ' t t
,,4 i , lt- i ;- ..H't,lM
Ml. Hull II l't.-- l. tl!
I .. 4 I - ! I t r I
m S I ,. ,!.!( ; t ''1 lit
I . LI l k M)llJl lnl
I I t ) f. It J: I I
!.. ! O i i-ii us. e i t
i it h'iiw ' t. 1 1 1 r .ug t4
I ,i 11 r ... '.. a I "i i f a
Hr i.i .. .t. t a
t'tt-t I'l'ii-. ! ! w trii.t-a a 1 1
n a ii-t f i"1 i'i.f f ' i Ii
k. I iU l In a nr.. I it " - V i
, .i4 , 1.
tt.k Him I "I tint!!).
fit How l. I(i. ti a l!l, im
t-X'ti! H tl ), "1 ll )- .no r
ll.1i.H!l ttn I I I
tiC-l, .t. Il ..U!.lil if It'll (.I""
Jlti til, lw t - I III I" Ot '1 .H!l..l
tup. Il-n t-te a4 t.lf lit I " l-.iiui'ii ml ;
li i-ev a tut In hi ni.r In I'm to Mr
IIIIih m III 1. 1. il-- l i!l Hl.l
Ikiho e.iiiitiiv el iliiunt 1 he n!it n
In. 11 in 1. 1 M. Hliwii, end In diked tli
rrmm tl.le Hw'iiv, M llm amM lmol i.f
Hie tjiiiMo, liuetif ttii ut, a I h iuli all-,
lltied hi f.iik lliiw lliu tu lit" Miimili
mul imh lime Inld II ilmt 11 IHumt tel
liiij Hii f.wxl I imlile el l.i-1 lit li-olintil
til rmloeliy ItMmiT, he l.nrot out tuiid I y ,
Ml''iu in', luiiunleiir, ere ymi the I
ttiim ItntiliiMiti rritnue retuerkatil In
hleiory fWHan r'raiirlwii A t wunnU
A I nln't llt liirn.
tt I not often that a nuilked coin rme
put Into Hreuliillon Inn lurni'd tu Hi 'r
on nhn iiierked It. Mr. tiirK Troup,
eilperlntendelit of l'orel liwn cemetery,
Wfure he left Heulland, had hi mime
tnmx upon a coin of Hielmtie of (lemx
11. It wen ilmie In fun, end at. that time
lie never tlremned Hint the coin would ever
lie returned tn I1I111. The coin wn put Into
elrcnlHtlon, mid a short time nfu-rwanl
Mr. Troup ram to thl country. Mure
then Hit year pinned by, and he tlionnlit
nothluu more about the c.lrcumetrtneo. tine
day a friend of hi at Indue ald to him,
'I have a coin with your name upon It.."
"I nuked hi 111 tu let me ee the coin,"
enhl Mr. Troup, mid when I looked at It
I found It wn the Identical piece that I
bad marked eo lung ago. I wrote to the
man who wa present when the colli wa
marked In Hcotlaml, and he recHlled the
clreuniHtanee, and I got the coin from my
lliilTalu friend, and now I would not take
a good Hum of money fur It. Where that,
coin had lieen during t he 110 year no one
know, hut It I a strange coincidence that
it should have turned opto me In Buffalo,
the home I bad adopted. "liu Halo Ex
pre. A Strang liner.
"There I a race of people in Hnwkln
county, Ten 11., whose origin lea mystery,"
said (J. 1 1. Ilabblt to the corridor man at
the Laclede. "They ure called (he Miduri
genii and lire found no place clu. They
have been traced back to Nort h Carolina,
but further than that, nothing I known.
They are not Indians, they nre not negroes,
they nre certainly nut of any known race
of while people, lint few of them call
speak tho Kugllnh language, although
they have lived here fur over 11 century,
mid th language they do speak In an un
known one to the must nccompllnhed lin
guist, "They are dirty and degraded, but with
a race pride 11 hunt them that, prevent t hem
intermingling with the lower order of
American or with negroes. A Melungeon
will work when he Is hungry, biitonly un
der pre of neeemlty.
They avoid the town nml cultivate
small patches of corn on the most barren
mountalnnliles, the rent of their scant liv
ing being obtained by hunting mid Unit
ing, Kvery nl tempt made a yet to better
I heir condit ion ha 1 1 a failure, and yet
the racerout luuenluexlnt. Independently of
the white people, growing mi smaller and
('banning none of It attributes." St.
Louis (iloho licmocrat,
lllaenvery of Coliiiiiliiis' HI up of America.
The remarkable discovery of a copy of a
map by Columbus, drawn on a letter writ
ten from Jmnalcii In July, lftn.'l,! record
ed by Nat urn. This, alt hough only n rough
pen end Ink sketch, lum exactly the
opinion of Columbus himself as tu the part
of the world be hud reached, which he be
lieved to be the cant coast of Asia, The
original map, drawn by Columbus nml
hi brother llurtholumcw, was presented
to n prlint mimed Jllerouymo, who gave
It, together with a ihwerlpi hm, to Alexan
der Hlro.rl, n noted collector of curly voy
nues. He Is supposed to have copied the
original map numbly on the margin of
thu letter from Coltiinhiis, w hich he had
hutind In a volume with other documents,
end this volume Is now In Hut National
library lit I'lnretne, where the exigence
mul slgiilllcancu of the mnp were discov
ered 'by Dr. It, von Wiener, professor of
j'iurnpby at Innsbruck, acilug on behalf
of the Austrian Institute I'or lllsturlcul
HcHcai'cb, I 'nil Mull l iu.i'l le.
The king of one country wa angry with
the king of mtother,
"Let the people light It nut," said they
and went home to read report from the
When the war wn over, the conn tiered
king owed many million to the victorious
"Iet ','te survivor pay It," said they a
they sho:ik hands amicably, and neither
blushed. Kate Meld Washington.
Japan's Urrat Artist,
Mcljinn I tho mime of Japan's great
est decorator of Hutstuna art ware. A
writer on tho subject snys Mclztin is be
yond question tho flrt.t artist in Japan,
No one can blcml colors n harmonious
ly or paint flowers no delicately. Noons
is such a master of design as applied
to borders. No one save McUnn, to put
tho caso concretely, knows how to fill
bowl y Indu s in diameter with 2,000
cho-cho, or butterflies, making each ills-
tlnct end a thing of boHUty. Phlla
del phi A Press.
in (itinti wit.
She shook her bead sadly when La bad
sked fateful question.
"I wish you woro oil tho world," hs
"You suid I was thnt to yon onoe,"
she ventured coqucttlahly.
"Yea, bnt I don't think so now."
"No, for all the world loves lover,",
and bis getitlu wit won ber over to
reconsideration of tba question. De
troit Freo Pros.
Connecticut, the "land of steady bso
its," boasts of six cities with police ma
trons and bas a school suffrage law.
I'll M I- - . I I Wt V
Dili ttr Fictil Clttiitt CMj.
-V' I
" i---.- H t-i n I IKt M I '
., I'D - t' 1-
f 1 4 11 I i t o H
1 oo rrn to.
ii(iiMittittn ..-,. wi,
f rtmcnl. HUhcia & Missouri ViiUjr
. 1
KltKMtiSf, II 1ltt,
W'aIHmi, I.IMiM N,
SKWAItP, St I Kliliilt,
IHVIH -I'll V, YnttK,
A I WON, N'ntll iH.K.
tso 1 1
Northern Nebraska, Black Hills
Sioux City, Minntiapolis and
St. Paul,
Ticket (llllce tlul P1111111111 nl reel ntul Webster
HI reel I'nloti Hlulloti,
tlen'l MiitntKer, Uen'i Pints Alt .
Chicago Short Line
or Tim
cilice a o
Milwaukco & St. Paul R'y
Tho Best Route
Trains Hitlly cotiMlntlim of the Hkst I''K
Hleepluu ('arm Ki.KiiANT, Kiikk ( Imlr Cars,
l.lixiutKilin Coaehes, mid tliu Klnent, IMnltiK
Cius In tliu world.
I'ur 'I ' 1 1 r- 1 1 1 k 1 1 Tickets, cull 011 the ticket
axent, at. i.Vii I it tu 11 in nlrcet and at. lltilnn
Pliellle depot,
Kvery at tent Inn paid to panseiiKer hy
eotirleoiis employe of t his company,
Cen'l A K'l,, (liiialui. Neb,
Otieof Hie rlcbenl, books piibllnlied, glvltitf
the complete nnM'rlence of the famous Monk
Laws, Hi'tiil fur II, ipilrk.
lly enprenn. prepalit. Can't send It. by mall.
(!, H, pontiiueslampn taken, Aui'lilsciiinplcti'
out III l Wi, Address
Law Briefs.
Wo rniiku a spooliilty of brlof pt'lnt
Ing, it ml nttiirticyn biivlng this kind of
work should cull on us. Wn will hu
ploani'd to ninkii prices which uro runs
otmblu, nml (f iiiirntiti'o good work.
Amkhican I 'mi. Co.
Mkm i s! wfM
rwnririfHTHly ruml In in to Hft dnvit.
VVfi I'lliiillittfit Mil IkiInuI) fl'iiill ((in ny.
Icin, imi llmt tln'iM cmii ftt'vnr hit a
r. iiiifi itf lliri ilistn-it In any furm,
I'nithM chii lw 'ifitli'il ni iiufiiti sin
yi MM It'-in, frrr I hit kittfti' Jill. 'ft fill' I
iiihtur tln'Ufimi' tftiniriiiicn,; Imi with
IliuM tvlin (iri fcr Mi roniH Iwrt. wn I
will 'iiiiiiiiri. tu ciifo iticiii nr n nifMl I
nt itiiMM-y mul titty ciilhii fkfi ni nf I
(fiiMiiiitr, iMiiiiitMi rtm mul ii-iU'l tilll,
Our Made Remedy
i it,( i
fllMXt (ill. til
iintn raws, H cliwIltMirfn Itrn wmlil
fur a 'ai wm-rtti ui'lfuuu hltu' tli
lilM'irr uf mi ill' imm tMiHMi-lflnfor
Hviihi U liitiilifi'li Miiiilif fur hill iinvnr
I fMuml litilll our Mln 'ytitillin I
I M4'iivrri, vn ski I let I, UHMII'int I
ithttiuit rnr aii rhnltrm0 the I
Wtft'hl fnr fl fm0 W vttfinot eur. Thin
Mmaui iw alwaysj h.ifflrl r1 ukitt I
ti th0 i"( pmttirnf 'AtftUiHli I
900,000 CAPITAL
Mhlrtf iriir iiiic'ifxhtliinnl jftmmntiwi, I
Ahtutut lrt,nf$ SHtULsHNalvauUKIiitls- I
iook uvMrur 10.,
Room 107 IumIi Tpl. ltom, ttU
imu orjiwc issimmox
... IB.
I'nlt.J, .f tlt-.Ti.,
is r
y - A -.-.,
IHlVi fi i M I t t W I. Vt
Vt ... . i :Hr M I.I-
tlt ltllliH in .. ... .i t
,.-..., I
i , i . -
I'll l:... Ht.ll ML I.t Nil.
I I ; i. ,, ,, ,,t I,.., , ,,i , I,, ,,,), I, It t
K n.-n it :.yii t lin.l I ..I.. 1 i.l.i
uf," I sun , il l :h,
i Hi l l.f f l tn l.iivsl I'lnmii' ltb'i nl
It. I I itlltit Sltlit i.f .. .. ti. lllt
t ir nt hvl intf Hu fil-i lit. Ii ll Hint
elii inti nee eeili't 11 'nf In iniiivi v In Hie
ttillUlif turn Hill le lie i.lll:ll.l. it tlh
Hlntll'e .l !nrlit. tl,. tlitw ti t Hill. Ii.i 111)
Tin l.nynl titmice I nl II in Inn l it btulbi r
IiihI mul intef IhmiiI. Imlllill I jf tlil-tf 1il -Jinlti
e, Tmlli nml liltfliliiiiiiie
II liu. lui li aimn.
Il U I rnleiintl mul lli.ieviilim--itillliiu
and ptnlectlnil turn, Lit-, ulilli llvlnu nml
lln lr ttldiitm mid niiliiiii ttlien t lit v nre re
moved by ib ntli
Il iiilmlil- the rlulil i.f private Jmliitiii'iit --
tin- mil riiiiiiiielleil freeiluiii uf opinion; Im-
lleven I lie nililii' lu'liiiiiln are ail enselillul
nnfeviiard of the nlnte, nml nlmulil be kept
free from ecclenlimllcnl nr sectarian control
Hint Hint perMinn dliluyul to the government
Sim lit tltl a menial allegiance to the pope
of Uome-Hlioilbl be rigorously excluded from
tencbliitf therein.
It believes primary ulli'u luin'e In due to
the Kiiveriimeut which protect tho lives,
liberties and proper! len of It tt cltlf.eiis, and
that ecclenliintlcal aiithnrlty should not'
under any clrcumtttaticcs, be permitted to
meddle In the alTitlrn of nlate, ami that, coer
cion of aclllnen In the exerclMii of hln or her
right of friitichlne, under the uul-.ii of relig
ious or spiritual authority nboulil he pun
ished an a crime aitaluM the stale,
That It Is the duly of every citizen to de
feud the lawfully conntlliited authority and
Inst It til Ions of our country against corrupt
and Inimical Inlliicncen, as well as imalimt
armed anNiillantn, to the end that our glori
ous freedom be proti-cted and transmitted
unlmpiiired to iiosterlty.
It, encourages hablin of frugality and In
dilnt ry among Its members, and In prnud to
boast, that. Orangemen seldom become a
public charge or accept pauper bread.
H believes In the restriction of Immigra
tion and the extension of time for lhe tiiit iir
allallon of elll.i'tm, and that thepublli!
anils shall be held for act ual American clt l
xenn who become settlers, ,
Tim Loyal Orange litstltutlon of the
United Hlali'S of America ha cerlaln
reiiulreiiienls for memliernblp:
'I but. e man shall bean actual American
cltl.en. having compiled with the lawsof thu
United Htales with regard to nal.ura.lli'.at.lon,
and wit built, a mental reservat lim.
That, the applicant, shall be a Protestant,
and u I hi I h it i hln parentn anil wife shall be
protest a ntn.
That he shall he thrifty and successful In
Ills biinlness; lionoralilii and truthful In hln
dealings with bin fellnwman, and shall tin
known as a law-abiding citizen.
That be will endeavor to give his children
or any children umler bin charge at. least, n
good common school education, lining care
ful to avoid all iioiiInIi doctrines, arid
That, he shall be In sound health at the
time of making until leal Inn.
It, niaken no illll'erimce where a man was
born, so lung an lie meets Hid foreguln
Those are the (iialllcat Ions required o
every applicant to the order, and we do not
thins that any patriotic American order can
otrer a better iirrav of nrluclplen and teach
No, S;!l, ineeln the llrst, anil third Tuen
dav evening of each month, at S:im o'elock.
M. b, ZOOK. Hecy.
American Orango Knights,
Thin order In formed of pernonn whose ob
jectn In In malutiilu the niiiireinacy of law,
order and const llutlonal freedom j to pre-
nervn I ii v lr it ii the clllenn friinclilse; to
perpetuate ami defend the prcccpln and free
I ti hi 1 1 ti I lotto or civil nun religion tiuerty
giliiranleed hy t he Connt II ut Ion of t he f nltcd
Htales and established by our forefather,
luio a ins rr rocm,
I'or Information regarding the formation
of new l'ommnmli'iiii, nr siipilles. write to
Itie niitireine secreinry, m, I,. At a jk, Mec Vi
.1. M, ll tNSKit, ('. ' ifll.'i Howard Ml.,
Haganaw, Mich, Omaha. Noli.
Jr.Order Unt8dLAni3rJcan Mechanics
Inatltutod M,iy 17, IH33"EIIlblllty
for Mrimborahlr).
Any white mule person horn In the United
Htales of North America, Its territories, or
under the iirotectloii of Its flag, who shell
have iittiilneil the age of nlxleeu years, who
Is of good moral character, a hellever In Ihe
existence of a Huiireme llelng an Ihe Creator
and Preserver or the universe, In favor of
free education, opposed to any union of
church and stale, shall he ellglhle to mem
bership under the provisions of the law In
the stale and siiliordlnatn council to which
Ihe application In made; provided, that, mi
person shall hu received to heiiellclal mem
bership who In over lift 1 years of ago,
A person shall not, be permitted to thin
order who does riot, possess good moral
character, or who Is In any way Incapacit ated
from earning it llvllhood. nor shall ho be
under sixteen years of age,
Miih,)eels of a sectarian or partisan char
acter shall not. he Introduced Into any meet
ing of this council, nor shall any member
make use of the n.ime of this order at a
political meeting.
tiis oit.ircrn Aim:
Klrsf -To maintain and promotn the Iritfr
entn of Americans, and shlld Ihem from the
depressing elTectsof foreign competition.
Hecond-To assist Americans In obtaining
Third To encourage Americans In hunl
nesn, r'oiirthTo establish a sick and funeral
I'lflh-Tu maintain the public school sys
tem of the United Stales of America, and to
prevent sectarian Interference therewith,
nml uphold the reading of the Holy lllble
stats corisoit, or nkiiiiaskai
H. D.-WM. I KNAPP. Omaha,
H. V.t'.-I.KVI P. HllltUM. Omaha.
H (!. Hecy.-til'.O. U, I I'.NTON, P, O box TSi,
H. '. Treiis.-r. II. A I.I. KN. Hoiith Omaha.
Conductor - II H, II Il I lllil.H plalsmoul h.
Warden-1', h, McCA I' I.KV. Ho. Oninlia,
Herillneis-O. II HIIKUWOOK, Ho. Omaha:
It P, HOl.MAN. Omalot.
lliMireseiitni Ives to National Council WM,
I'. KNAPP II. I HAV, W. A. MMflt'K, P.
H. MeAUI.KY and J. W, Hot: Iil;l.
The lie tl regular meeting will he held on
the third Tuesday In .Inly, H4. at Omaha.
T?HA NCI" H. KKV COI'NCIf. No. n i tn
every Friday evening at (). A. It. Hull,
I'liittsmoiith, Neh, Vlslitiig hroihers cor
dlally Invited. W. K. Coor.iiioe.
Ifec. Her.
" everv Krldav evening In Ooiulrlch hall.
24th and Franklin streets. Visiting brothers
always welcome J. C. I'Aoa, Hec'y.
I ttt. lt t.nt itits mi ti.'-Mt,.
Stmulaul Anti-Honuut Catholic Hooks
Wliii Ii rirty rii. U( Attir lit an sIhmiM haI in trlrT Iti
lit l.iiuM lf jt..u , uj.u Hu. Biiihi.lf i f n v:
Rii, Chiniqui'i Books:
IH t t M I till I lit Hi t
toVI l,i,- ...
I lil t.t ti , it i v avuBttife . . &
M.-M i n . , ,t,
Fulton's Books;
HI1V II II 1 1t.i tt HI t' Iststi
.!!.. I I, ! .t
M1M.,I"N l 1 1 it-: l
I," tl -J i !t
T. M, Hards Books:
MMIMIoMi' I li 1 i ' n,.(h
t! ( Mollis Si Hi
Mr, and Mrs, Slalterys Works;
1-tiNV I I I II : I i i l" Um i
".S .-I i.l,
Sltbl is HI lititUsll 'UIIT I X-I'li-tll"
t. 4i it tit
' ' coin, N -1 .f it -1 it .
No, . tiieels In Mil-
J lilt' M III A CoUNfll, Nil, :i, meeln every
' ' Tllesdiiy evening III I'lllliTKOII bbs'k, Itlll
nml Kitrniiin streets.
H. T.
Wliiutts. U. Hec'y,
.H .liu'ksuii Htn-et.
VMNtlNA COUNCII, No. 4, meets every
" Haturdiiv evening In Hed Mens' Hall,
font Itienl ul hlock, t.Mli and lioitglitn Hln.
lino. M. Hiiavkii. Hue. Hec'y.
((JAHFIFI.ll COUNCII, No. . meetn every
v" Tiiendny night In Hum It Omaha.
Wii.i.iam I 'A lilt, Hec'y.
t II1KHTV COUNCII, No, 7 meets every
11 Tuesday evening. I. O. O. F. Hall, Louis
ville, Neh. T. II. I.ucas, Hec, Hec'y.
JM.UFF C1TV COUNCIL No 7- meets every
' VVednesilay evening In U. A. H. Hall,
Council lllutrs. la.
H. C.-ll. ,1. AHMHTHONO. Hi. bonis. Mo.
H, V.C.-U. N. M ITCH Kbli, Kansas City.
H. C. Hi.c'y-W. II. HTUHUKS, 2:i:i Adams
street, Hi. IOills. Mo.
Will meet, at Moberly, Mo Kebruery 13, 1HIM.
,x ,,Vi.y Friday night, at lllbl Walnut street,
II. C, Hill, Hoc. HecreUiry,
flObUMHIA COUNCII, NO. 1.1 Meet every
v Hiiturday night, at the corner of Twelfth
arid Cherry streets, W. V, Hheaver, Uncord
ing Hecretary, 1-107 Madison street,
1 Wednesday nights at, A. O, U. W. Hall,
Independent:!', F, W, Hlye, Use, Hecretary.
lATIIIOT COUNClTUo, lll-MeetH every
1 Wedni'sday night, at. A. O. U. W. Hall.
WH K. eighteenth slrei't,, .1, K. Fisher, Uee,
Hecretary, JJUI Flora avenue,
WICHT POUT COU NCI I, NO. ,'17-Meet s every
' Friday night, at. Went port, W, II. Hit fin k.
Her, Hecretary, I IKS K. Klghth street,,
Patriotic Order Sons of America.
meetn each Thursday evening lit Una
Men' Hall, Fifteenth and Douglas Hts,
WAHIIINOTON CAMP No, 1'J, V. O, f4, of
" A.. Council Hind's. Meeting In their
hall over Hit llroadwiiy, every Wedni'sday
night at S o'clock, J. II, Va I'attak,
Hoc rotary
A. P. A,
citn Protect Ive Assoclal Ion meelni'very sec
ond and fourth Wednenday of each month In
I. O. O. F. hall, I'lattsmoufh, Neh, Visiting
nieuihern nre welcome F. V, Hrown. Hec.
,v Meetn llrst, ,unl third Tuesdays of eacr:
month iit.H p. m.. In A, O, II, W, Hall, corner
l otiilli street and Minnesota avenue, Kansas
City, Kan. Hamuel Harrison, W, M, Win,
Hailagh, secretary, IW Northriiti aveniii!,
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
" Meets every Wednesday afternoon at. t
o'clock, at. the A, P. A. Hall, 4.17 Minnesota
avenue, Kansas City, Kan.
1 every Monday evening at, llm corner of
Twenty-third and Prospect, avenue, Kansas
City, Mo, Persons desiring to join may en
close I heir name, nlrcet and number, ward,
ago and occiiiiallon, and direct, to box fill
Kansas City, Mo.
rdliFK A COUNCII, No."l, W.A, P, A-Meets
" every Tuesday afiernoun til , ' o'clock In
the A, p, A. Hall, Houlhcnsl corner Packard
and Osage avenue, A rmounlalu. Visitors are
cordially Invited to attend,
1 ' mi et si' very Monday afternoon at, T'M at,
Hell's hall, Houihwesi, lloiili'viinl. near hi ii i
line, Hosedale, Kansas, Friends of other
cntiiiclls are cordially Invited to attend.
Fvery trim American diily Is Invited to come
and Join us. nod assist. In the good work,
Inliillon fee 11.110,
f.ATF, CITV COUNCIb No, , A, P. A.
u Mei'tsevery Hiiturday evening lit 417 Min
nesota avi'iiim, Kansas City, Kits, Visitors
cordially Invited.
fOUNCII, No. 1, A TTA.-Meetn every Moll
v day evening at Chamher of Commerce
Hall, Ulvorvlew, Visitors liordlally Invlied,
fOUNCII, No. it. A.A. Meets every at-
unlay evening at southeast corner Piu'k
ird and Osage iivemm, A ruiourdaiii, Visitors
cordially invited,
fOUNCII, No. II, A, I'. A.-Meeu at, Wood-
ward's Hall every Tuesday evening lit Kp,
m. sharp. Thl id street, and hafayctlo avenue,
A cordial Invitation In extended to visiting
A ItOKNTINF, COUNClT, No. 13, A, I'. A .
" Meets every Monday night. In Noken
Hall, Argentine, Kan. All vlsllorn welccmed.
TOPKKA COUNClb NoTll, A. I'. A. Meets
I'very Monday evening In A. O. U. W, Hall,
IIS Kansas avenue, Topcka Kansas, All
visitors will be cordially welcomed,
CDCCW-page Illustrated Hook fll fl ffllMC
inLL giving dales mid prices ULU llUIIIO
laid for Ihem. Hend two Mumps, Nnllnnitl
Coin Co., Olnrk No, I, 032 txi:lisnrn rtulldlng,
Boston, Mn. .!-!:.)--M
"Oonvent Life Unveiled."
This little work relate Hie hitler ex perlence
of a young lady who was liniin'cil l Iiioii-..i I lie
entitling of the .h-siills and I he Hlsli rs of
Charity to enter a convirit. Iter slory of the
heart reiiillng scenes enactd in those slnKs of
Inliiully in told In a convincing ntyle, prli e
In cloth ti.Z'i, sent postpaid hy
Pill Howard St., OtiAtlA, Nkii
AA NTF,I,- Man wanted lucoiisluri goods
v lo ilcnlcls. M mil he suiter, Itefetenccs
reipilred. l'y. Iiuthellrit, month, and ex
penses. Wages raised with Increase of busi
ness. To get, a reply and linn nlckle plated
sample lo do buslimsn with, endine Wie to
II. I'. Huhbell, Manager, Western Ollli:e, HKl
Hroudway. Hannibal Mo.
j tdiiti 0'Cormans Work's:
t I II I I M l (I I I' '!...
!' tl !V
div n vvk;i' Mstt
lllt ft Wl f tll lllMft
I in ntf mbKM !... t. lot
' bM IM-M I i. tl ,,.t tt, t.
H I t t I l. . l ' 1 t A I i n
IOllll t,t . . 1,1 t t'.l l
' I Ai I Ifit nil; II oil I ti-.-t.i-.
Thomas E. Leyden's Woiks:
sl l Ml TIWKt I Tlii 1UJI M IT
- .Xi ., His
ut H iiMMUV" .e,, t
"M. MONK" I'lbf . M eetil
CAN " s r iiuii.iii il. pin p. r tlmiisnttili
nllidlt' cup, it Ci lit
The Bible Cabala
- It V
A N. A. L.
) !, -i-i i
it v -
Now Rcdiscorcrcd,
ktnuiry niicirfio.
" insjvtuci
The 8rort of sll BnnroU, J'h Truth of sll Trtith.
Hcienoo of all Hointioes, Art f rimrvlls of sll
Ilthtei of sll Kthlcs, Ancient Arts, Lost lot
Riihgimi of sll KuligloDi, otnr 0,OOU Yeurs.
Tnlth of VotitoiilMi
The Hong of the Vineyard (Isaiah, I'll, V.
vs, 1-7) and Its "Cabala,' Invention and Its
derivations. Tkt living Irullti of thr Hibtt and
ktrtv torrinl thfm. The Harmony of Nature,
Hclcnce, F,t.hies and Hellglon.
Hong of the He volution (Proverbs VIII. vs.
IHl-IMli and Its famous "Cabala" Ihe unit
origin of thu I, awn of t un Unl verse.
fl.ATK IV,
The advantages of the "Cabala," It un
locks the mysterious stronghold of Intellig
ence, ena bling us to tun lie a pract ical
"Hevlslon" of the lllble, How wt ailnpt our.
telvtx to preifrve,jut at it hail hren tinnt by jormtr
rofitti tn former nun, The lllble the "Patent
Olllce"of Hclcnce, F.fhlcs, Hellglon, the In
ventions of the Patriarchal Age.
I'l.ATM v,
The Hurdeti of FgypKlsalali Oh. XIX), the
Plans of the Architect, for tho Hiilldlng of
Hie (Jrettt Pyramid Illustrated by lllii
gritms, llm passages ami chambers of the
same shown : how dimensions conform to t int
"Cabala," Meaning of Ktrypt. A hint, why
so many Pyramids were built,, The Ulscov
t rem of the Three I treat l.awn of the Uni
verse. How to learn t he "Cabala" and ninkii
It. Interesting and Instructive, Tl Cabala"
must b known to understand the lilblo in
all Its Meanings, Hclcnce, Kthlcs mid Hellglon,
I'I.atb vt.
The Hong of Joshua, after he commanded
the Hun and Moon to "stand still," The t.lmo
thereof ami lis meaning, Certain parts of
"Psalms," "F.norh" ami ".lasher" compared
to determine their relative age, ami their
related origin.
I'bA'rr, vii.
The process of aituftliig and mlnitliif lllbln
Literal ure In Nation Hiilldlng, from tho
(ireal, Model the 1'hlvcrsn, Tim ,lewn did
not. write t he lllble. and why, Tho dispersion
of the Authors of the III bin, am) the probable
time, and why, Protestiiul Ism and I lorn no -Ism,
who and how delltied, and when and
I'l.ATB Vllf,
The Abstract of the "Cabala" as shown In
the "Psalms," "Proverbs." ",lob," "Isaiah,"
''Fee leslasies" and "Hong of Holomon." Form
of I tin "Cabala" and their meaning, ',
HiHt "ptitnurHfihi" urn "iiiiiitu" itlnlHom, "tho
Ciilnila" reveals the hidden truths of which
It, Is Hie symbol." F.xampln of the "Cabala,"
giving verses I lo ft, I sa lull, Ch, X VI j also the
number ami lines showing "Cabala,
Author and History, The I'alrlarchs
tlm meaning thereof. Positive evidence that
Ihe lllbln wan written In Hill u In, The Tem
ples, at, "A bury and Hloni henge," built, ui
demonstrate the living lawn of the Uni
verses" the Heaven, at d Ihe Constellation
thereof, exhibited on the plains at, hi one
he mi".
Ill culling your kindly iillerillon to the
contents of the "lllbli. Cabala," us con
structed by 1 lit' Hard of Hrlt.aln, permit-run
the pleasure lo sa y ;
This In no wise conlllcl with the IIW or
Unit "Lnbiiln" const rucled by and an given
In Hie "Wlsilom of Huloinoiii1' this "key" of
Holomon seems to have been made for tint
purpose of preserving mi (iriirr n tm llnokt uf
Hit Itilili, Tills "Cabala" of Holomon, I sup
pose Is t he "Cabala" so of ten referred to In
later Jewish and other literature- down to
the present timet It of Itself presuppose the
existence of a "( iibala" then exlsl lug In l lm
Literature, and Its construction strongly In
timates that llm knowledge of tim form of
Ihe pievious or olip'nl 'Cabala" had been
I hen lost ," so that, lliese I wn "I abii la,"
Th" "Figure Cabiibi,"
mid the "Word or Verne Cabala",
assist each oi her, ( n frit showing the Hcl
ence, Klhlcs mid Hellglon of the Hooks of
the lllblei the second showing an order and
arrangement, of Hooks, In the lllble,
Hi nd names to Tun Attr au s, lohi Howard
nt reel, for subscription, without money,
Unit Pflirlu American Charts, Vol, I, Photo
II U W ncdUj l.llb., ivi- Morroceo, ;iVt.
Inviibi.ible to those who desire to become ac
ipialnled with (the Hclcnce ami Invention of
Hin ancients as shown I n i the lllbln,
WsOUTH and southeast.
TirlH Ofrirrs. 1 f Uwr lillh iintl r'ariiiiiii HU.
P T t-0 in the wr-vr. i
p V t-ll, (lit nt -w
intiter instioi ttf 1 le;
r-CHtCAOO, aoca itiAiso eciric n. n.i
.tolls oil about It mcl will he sent f-UiA-.i
f ,iii'" .nail i tiMdiiAS. ii, n, ii to i ,) i tam.Z
l.i.i...., , .n. , r..fn fctmw.1, I I '--I'l, III.
A llvfi rimn nr wonnin In iviry i
ifHiHiy wimt wtt iifivii tioi iiifindy ttii'Utui
. rf firf'Sffijiri i iv In mil tmr " Mmvtuin akii.a' '
' iid i m t -1 i iii n iiiyc
, f ork sniil Htmn lo i
ltnii'ii a no! itl iminl whjif n mlvpi t tut iii-aiu Ut i
I nlioiit urif-t' iilli Hm( if all vt f t,(. cfntncp nt 4 111-
T rill I V'-niri Klirir n riM'CMI Hi Wi'ltr 1 1 it II ttiit
Mtnt't ntfi'iils nvi'fiiKi I coin f f m i,,r will, mul
iii"t'l -Willi piiMff auli'fl yi-tvhffi-, mi (ffiiil tlm '
'I'-irmiril frr our Nolol MHmI liooila. liver (1.. Mo. 1
O 1 ("ii Ifollara' -worlli Hi flmly ii.i-, tf'nei. t,f aumuifm I
2 .. J(it IIOHI4MI, fllia.1, T
Ilfkfit Olflre.1. t Corner tilth nnd hm RU.