The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, January 26, 1894, Page 5, Image 5

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    "THE A M IE R I C A lJ .
I ft I ( .liittl .
.! I l'r .i s .
I .!. !! ' (. il i :i . M
i M I ! . i ' llu 'mi
' t leu 1, ! M I'-Ht )'' I'll' ...
(i t II) ,t tt ...I ..! I ' I It-It
II. . ,'nl I I, .1 tti'l, il i,lm I. I ,.i)'il
wf i Inn '. ! ', ' i ii !,ni. in, ' i- i,
" ii l."iii siinl I'M hIi, i h ! il, !- lb.
iui:i H.i.!rn tiiii1'!,!' ), I no uMIi.iii
I I't1.t'". I lit I , tl.f ,',' . jlM-llltl.
n'lii't, ln f;il, lit i .. fm ,'n
l III II n T HUM. III. Vll 11 till' tlilllli I HI. I
mi Hindi- IliM ).liw tt n tincil ) innl
fm in'i iiiiii i,( ii, i. ;: ii .1, in uii.iiiiiiii
lit IhI nlh' I liiV" tthitll Bi'li lllnl
I'lHM IIIIMIH: , IllN.p 'tan I lll (ill
Milled nil,' yl Intel) J'I, mi I fill' II
llllle lll'lll llllll I'llllll' fl'Ullt iH'tllltletliHI"
'M'n 1 1 y Iiimii 'l tin mi . Tin li I If' r 1 1
rex i v i tin' l ll'lll I" fill In three In i -fm
tihleli flu' mi Inxi'il fi.'i in
'I'liU lllilV i nlilil 1 1 M V r' ilillllril tlii'lil ItiT
i If fur lililf tin' ini'lii , IiihI flii' In I'll
iillimi il In tin mi, mm liifni iiiimI Unit
ttniiiv irnM'fi ottiii'iH wi'ii' ulilii'il In
i'll i Hi I mi iiitiiuiiI nl extreme In lit Inn,
'I'lii' Wombr In nil', il Miuniiii, till" h'tie
l i n, Unit nntv hum. with ii liiyli' iiirk
uf iiil clnl Ikmi, mIiiihIiI vote for niielt clly
liliiiiili'ri'f, In Clili'itpi tin' HhiiiIhIi
i'iil Mii'iit inn nv un lining tnilllonn of dol
lar worth (if ri:vi'tiui'-ii'( .IiicIiik irut
et'ty, cxellinlvo of it Iiiiih limine, wliirli
lii i' exi'lnpl from t u x lit ion. Tin' wi
called nlnti-rn dlart out. I wo by I wo
Motiilny morn i lie-ami li ;r Nyt, mut'ii'iilly
tititil Siil unlay tii"hl, mid i-vi"'y Inn-oar
yOU IIH'I't. Itl-nlll' H III'! J (lllllllllidt.d. lain
Mot, hii'lll( III!.' of t in iri'nclit, lint In form
llii' fi'MTit wanlty of employment.
Anil tliouyh IliU iivitrlrioiin iviriora-
llori In cheat inn 'I'" (,'ovoriiiiii'tii out of
liillliouii of ilollai'H, yet. ii in llu'ir hfibil
to font iiiiin lly liari alioiil. t he whool
laxi'M, It. In hint eoininn, hi that iatriiild
liili IVolonlnntn iiiuhI f tin! laxcn,
jenultd do lint ma nay int.', ami their
(H'oplit ffi-t olllci'M ami the money,
ami Uio A iii''i'i'!iui iIoMm, iim ihey are
ntyled by ji'MiiltM, Hcijiih'Mci'. Buttlu-y
iir'f itwitklnj.' from Unfit' li'tluiry at
lant, "John lirown'n liody n nuirch i nj;
on." Aiioi,h!t' oiitni(,'o on juntlni! I
nuif.t rm rit ion, in that Koirii' Uiillowi'd
to rmr K ami 10 foot ii-nwn aroiiml
wliolu liloi-kii in Uii! thickly noUUm! fiov
tiornt of Uio !lty,' wdorc. thu Ih wiIoom
not itllow fWHH, ami hIho to build
WTO " lh',y to th! (li;1rinii!iit of con
tltfuoin tron;ry, Tlx; lilti UwMn im;
mifffc"'nl iv. Our Lord wild, "Mti lovo
darkn''i fUv than liht Iioi-iiiihi!
th';if di,i!d nr'icvll." V? tiro (fliuJ to
know that Jilnhop M'-XHtnara delivered
hU lecture In Karma City in njilte of
the ItoiniMh lioodlutm. We lire hoping
he will eotK! here hy and hy, Kx
J'rfent Hlatt'ry wax here wnne time tijfo
lvt (he mayor wan deterred hy the
Kotnihh rabble from Kivintf him Jiei-tine
topeiik. If liinhop Me.Namiirfi eofiieH
here he enti nfienk wit bout it lieefme,
liml will be well paid for bin wrvrvn.
The people here now lire more aroused
than ever before, Truly your,
A 1iVI.H OF Jt.'HTKT.,
- - -
riflt't'tilh Mfn-t'l ' liciilrc,
'J'here tire ninny theiitre-tfoern whoie
preferenee in for burlewjiie, and Ibey
will have an opportunity to wliti''
their favorite performance at the, I'if
tecfitb Ktf'et Theatre next Week, open
ing Monday evening. Comedy, inunb
cal eeeentrieltieii, ami leading nfeenlt v
people, anions tin in thti "i,iiHi fiivin'
rUi family find Mile, Mltntin, the
tnarveloijM female Handow, tnakeujia
programme I hat will be mire to plcae,
KiH,i rrrv jtjmiir.t hi;ms.
It IH now Home, K t and Huln in
Karma City, but we nope to ce It
J'eaee, 'ro(j recit and IVofpet'ity, after
the KfivlDU election,
WoSliKlf If that frlent down on the
eiud, lot .tome made any tbitiK by nwear
liife' thoe men down there, ami ma (Ifif
them nwear they were not. A, I'. A'?
A KiloitT time (il'o we noticed an ad-
vi't'tixcmcnt beaded "'J'wo Kind rn Wa nt
ytbin." That'n nothing, tt do
. arly all the children in the Home of
the (iood .Shepherd.
TllK Nif i hown op In a v r,v di
raceful manner by pret-cnUnt,' a
porlerV idea of the public sentiment In
Miceriritf contempt, mixed with inor
ant hiii'i'imm, when diHciMi-in I he re
ci tit riot. Home of I he Kuia City
naily paper are eliding aloii' tie
trolley w!te of hell wot k with -urprWfij
W; AKK nlorin awny poii,t for the
comiiK; ehetion, and will make i-oine of
!c "pie-h" v,e, p hefore tn have rhakcti
tie- (lomati dut from 1 heir clot hen, Ve
are not to be bought. We thank ton,
' hut you cannot nhut our eolumtn- wlUi
a national bank full of money," The
''pUhh" bub money In not current in
our olliee.
,S'o IMI'KK lui" ever utarted in KiinoaH
t'ity wbii'b him jrown mi rapidly ii
'Ywy, Kanwah (,'itv Amkiucan. Tie
people know what they neiil, and are
taking hold, KomunUm struck a fiiay
when he at tempf' d to run im out on
the fi rut round. We are here yet, and
with the beli of rind will lijjr hi until
t h't liitt bre:ith ImJepi ivei) im, atnl will
never flinch.
fbtvv l it the HoitiMti Cathoiien can
procure the rcicaxe ;of men who Incite
H I .'t t-i , ' i;iia I' I f .Mm "I
I ! 1 1 k. I i' , t: ( .1 I. '
, U I ',. !. (it 1, l I I f 111' I ,' I (
'.. , ..., i , .. i,. . m !!,. tii- -
:. i.' . , ... I - . I
! ' ' t'-.u.. '" " n Li- Ii
c"'i ' lie i n ' " ' , i ' '
1 1 kiii ! "' i'i' Hfl. ,!,,) I'i n i t ii i i 1 1
: I, ill in! ,'!) II I , ' i'"
I 1,1 I I I U . ll!";lllll 1 1 ! i III tlMl il ll-e j. HI, '
I 111 HI! - H ' 1 I- i I ("lllHI'i IHi
: ii'li.-..
Tut pi!). I- iniikiii,' ii 'mill I'li'.
;lu., hlnl MM ill' liiinl In p jour
,1-JlK j'll II I! (.11 llll ll' IM"' lift' i lie
j Kllll, lllll" .Il I.-, !" Hot en ,,f!i l
tlie fi-lhiw who mii liiriil In iin Hie
lt!ll' but I'llllie llow II lie lllllll vim
! fill lii-lii d t h" liii'iuy tint! bought the
will", Ti n in him' iiu will run nciii;
Mill' III' llllll e I'f ImHI'II" t'ltj'f IHttiMil-
il Hlnl ennr khcp priMiinti r. It )mi do.
Illll the mipi'l'ilitemli III ol Hie pnnr
flint ott ii I he teiinm I hal were tued to
haul the coal front the llrie h ( 're , k
il lit i tin tu Hie chiirili ot the ll"l
Nititie, or did they ).'! uiir to I he t'outit y V
Il IiIhii liilt'hl be Well fur him in' uf 1 1 1 1
I'i ' i.e tl If t lie ellii ' i'H of 1 1 1 i count) do
lint do il, lo liml out ului paid for Ihe
eual. The tiiiiiKiicI ion look rather
Mt I'll !!(;, If it In till idyll I. Of eoui'w, !
lliliy be all I'ltfllt, but Hollie people nei'lii
to doubt it,
TllK iolieeinen Who were Uwlnj.' pro
fane and vulvar laiicuace. detiouncln).'
liir-hop .McN'amura, w hen I hey Mood In
fl Croup on the Htreet, on the tliehl, of
bin hitch), explain why the mob win
not dinpct'Kcd at. Turner hall on Ihe
tiicht of .liitniary Id, llll. Their
threatM went ho far an to nay. ''The
ouchl to be hunt'," Thin
l a nice lot of oIliceiH to euard the
public Hiifety, If they and the puliare
not, oiiHled in the near future, thin city
will not be tenautable, So much for
the (Ionian Catholic police and their
cllieleney an ofllccrH. A re the A uteri
cairn C"I"K bi allow thorn to remain?
Well, we think not!
Tit; reKirt come to im that Mr. VA
Flnlcy hired a hack and had It placed
near Turner ball, on the nltfhtof the
riot, for the purpone of having Binbop
McNitmani (irocure it for bin departure
front the hall. What would have been
IhodeM.iny of the biwhop had he been
enticed Into the vehicle (!itn be readily
dincerned, A one, of llmiii'' rioter
remarked "That wan ail d linefcchcine
of Ed' havlnc the buck waltlnc for
him, (the biwbop), watut't it thouch'"
However cunnlficly tin! plot wim laid,
thofi; who were on the look out readily
(Uncovered the dcicn a'i'1 thwarted
the bideoiw job, I thin one of Kome'd
political way of porpctuatf nif free
Suhw rcrlluoil Jiir1biitii.
Kdilor TllK Ami:ki''a,v: Will you
plcnxo nieiwcr the follow injf Uentiom
In your tiext inniie:
In there any by-law in the lawn
reulatinc Ihe cnmmnnloncrn rf oliee
that hUiU'x they mutt, appoint no man
lothe ponltlonof fiittroltuatt Utllenw he in
a I Soman ( athollt!?
Tan the (ire .lepartmefit ever have a
lend proportion that) U',1 iv cent of Ho
man (itbolicn and n III conform to the
law ad laid down In Katmad City'
If the "pllnh" in able to nucceed In
dtiiyinc in power thiit nprinc will the
people who tire not (,'alholicd and don't
nbind in with tbocantf, lie allowed to
remain in thin city without fcttlnc
wrltt';ti permitd to that effect from the
owner or controller of the town?
Id Mr. "'Herman" a heretic?
'Herman call Chief Speerd' attention
to certain neeljotid of the charier.
What in the nect ion that, nay d to keep
all police at, beadipuirb't'n while . Hu
man 'atholie mob turnd ltne,f loone on
the town?
Where a IJoman Catholic mob ntoia d
a pcrnon they do not like, tail, faild to
kill him, do the lawn of Minnouri nay
the victim of the nUinlnc nhall be huuc
or only put in j;ill for life, for hi crime
in vfuinif to die when aniiulted In due
(lecal or no I mean) Hoinau niyle?
Having watched the trend of eveiild
for nome time punt, I only ak the i
ipien'Jotm for information.
"IS'it lltCK,"
k 'ed III I n IT lii llrimuihcr
Ii tliat. the I!urliti(tiu Houte ha a
Ci'ealer mileage in ,Schrnku than any
other railroad and t bat., nine canen out
of ten, If tie- In,,. I, lake fur loe.ll
Lincoln, Vork, tiraud Inland. 11' ai
lice, H.ltili(n, Kellitie), Hwilt'il, ,N e-
hra-ka 'il , Ited Cloud, lloldreje and
Wymore are a few of tie' placen that
are eti'.lly and comfortably I'eaehe
f r' 'in Omaha via the J n-i ineion Uoiiin,
City Ticket Ollic", l.'l.'l I'arnaui St,
If yifi are ;'oin;; to travel in any
din el jon, call at Criind Jiinct ion Tick' I.
Olliee, Ninth, Main and Ite'aware
Sin, and ect their rate. The a;feiii,
Mr, A. Hilton, or any of hit a -.i-iaiil,
will be c-lad to furnish you with re
liable Informal ion, and nell you tii'lfi t.n
over flic bent IdM'ihlo fou'e tf
The WLbfERN 1 HAIL in oublihed
iiiarlerly by the ('IIK'Aiili, ll rK Irt
I. AMI A. I'A' II')'' KAII.wav, It telln
how to C't a farm III lh" went, and It
will be dent to you cratin for one year.
Kefid name and ii'ldivn to "Kdilor
Wi nU'i'tl Trail, ( 'hieii;;o," and receive
It one year free,
JOHN HUDDwill It -move bid Jew
elry ntore to tic. Midland Hotel. ;!I7 X.
Idtb St. l'ebriiary ,'th.
( 1 t 1 t i i ! i 'i
!' i i
' I',.. .i
1 i
n .
: i i . .
i is 1 1...
t ' "l I
,,. ( I. ( ' , ,
I I , . I, . . k r , , I , ,1 . I . r
A it i i . ... I 'II,. . i Hi i . (I l i k I I
I I-
,. .., . I l .. .,. II.'. 'H I. , ,
I i i'Iiii, i , i. , , u ii i i Unii"
M tllrtili, m I mill I tin,
"The ti""t iiiIUim' Hiliii.( I rtnf
liml," - il I I I f j i" . t, " n III fen t
lltn i i ir Miei' 'n'( Mi. h, I tn.l iliii
oniiill Imiiln r i H'iii m ti l Hi d t-i tnt in
mm i f tliii Intnl. prut I I. .1 (or I'm rh"'
Min n tn iitiiu . I'i n oil,; IIhIiI
fri'lll I llll tl"tt II, Mll'l "!lll( IMlll'," i'f lli
wi li it dliiuil v It n. i nn . I tu mi' Unit ti
Flit III' erlil H nd nil fit. Il l l litnl HII'I
lllt'"i, lllllli r llliil J tt t 1 t II If llli'ih'
tiuMi of (lri't'ii lt"h litiij h hluti tiiiiihril
niul t . ' 1 1 1 , i -1 1 1 1 1 u lh" iMi'l of III" mul'l
l i-iiiii t'n iy did' t'oiitil In lieuril duiiiul'
llkn Hi" llrllu( of I'liiili'Ui liiel III nlilli l.i
tif il) Inn liiiiiiim Ih II'ii. II. w.'i tin full
hut i.f llin bniiuh niul Iim nluhinu 'f Hi"
Wllul.l'Ut I lirii r lii'iiiil mi liiil'til'h' n mhiiiiI
nnr Iiiii'nwil mitti'ltil ttiel trrl I ) rt Ulit
lliil il y iiMnki'iiInu thu elliiT ini'ii In lh
rniup, I iiiiiunli'd n hi'i-Mi' Hlnl Ili il fteiii
tin' llnuin Hut ilin liiirM coiilil not ki'i'i
tmriiltli flu pniKlvn of tin fin. The
lurid I iiivi'im 1 1 ii ,b ei I ii tliniit,'li tiny with
lit tiinlli'll lii'ill, (he l t r Wild nt IMIliK, 1 1ll'
Kiliukii aliiinxl niillnr iili'd im', w lillii fallliiK
li'iivi'd and liniii;lid buriii'il my Imrni', nml
till nlcki'lilliK ud'ir of hlirulllK Ih'nli mldi'il
to tliii Iiiirmr. Wilhin Iwu or I hnm luaii
I mil In an i leu I ii it, uIiitc I mi no Imi
C'T III (binder, but my Ihiiik mm badly In
Juri'd, wtille my clnl hlnn md full of Imlen
wlier finhi'i'd had ulnick ine. I will tak'
my chanced w il It cycliuii d nr carl hiiiiilii'n,
but Imt with it buriilliK fnrent ncalll,"
Ht. lAHlid (iluhil Deliuientl.
Hi I'rnnbli'lil' ItlKlit III Collier".
The prcMldiMil, of Hut 1'nili'd Hlali'd Im
110 pcrwifiiil riwhl, III the limine of ri-prndi'llt
litlvcd. Ibi ran nend It mcnitfe, hut It
Id not obliged tocxti'lul any cuurlcdli'd In
tint way of quarter on ' h! door, Nuduiiht
lie would hn ceiirli'imnly treittcd If he
uliould come, hut, he never ha renin during
tho regular leuislal ivn denitiuiid ami prulm
bly never will, lint In tluiwnale it IndliriT
rut . Tint ri'lat luiid bet ween thu priwldi'iit
and I ha upper chamher are clone nml cnnll
(li'iilliil. It, pannid upon hid nomination
and ran bn very tmrecahlnor dlMiirei'iihle If
It, Held out, Them Id a premli'tit'd room
there, and hn ha a Hi lit. to count Into tint
chamber and deliver hid incnMaK't In pcrnon
If he need fit, I'rcHldenl, Madldott appeared
In the actinia frequently.
I)urln itxi'!Uliv dwlnim tlire In a
chair for prcdldent henldi! tho vlcu prrl
tletit'd, tlioiiKh It doc nob et wannml
with any frequency. It I onnof tho tradi
tion of the truMt that the pri-dldcnt hn a
rtht to tak pudnennlon of tho vlcu jin-nl
tletit'd chair whllfl ho I delvcrln a nm
wee, but no prcnldcnt Iin ever avullnd
himnelf of the rfehl, rind that, dmill boon
In tlll left ti fin dccond ofllccr of the gov
erninent, Wanhlncton I'odt,
ICiilllled to a I'Hi-'lon.
Many fttiecdolcn of General 8am Hon
ton ar told which ahow Ihat hi tniigue
wad by no meatid dlow or bin wit dull. An
Ocneral 15 had been financial agent
to ttio penitentiary for n tut tn her of ywr
and warmly opponed General Houdton'f
lant election a Kovernor of Texa, h
feared he would lone hid denirable olTlctt.
He Iherefore prcdenled it petition In dint
llmu, linking that, he miht b retuiund,
hid "loti(( and faithful dcrviced" belnx
ored a a reiHon for grant ln tho rwptiidt
of the petit loner,
"It aijieardfront thin petition, mmnrnl,"
iiald the c"vcrnor, "that you havtt httuu lit
tho penitentiary eiht yeard. "
"Ye, lr,"
"And you trny (hat you hnvo perforrned
faithfully each and every duty impound
upon you during that time?"
" Yen, dir."
"Then, dlr," iwtbl fhn "vernor, with s
twinkle in bin eye, "it nei-uid to mo IoiiKht
to pardon you out," Youlli'ii Companion,
T xiirllnr Verii 1'cn.
When ft Id connldered (hat writing with
pen l a purely mechanical operation ami
had to be bihorlounly acquired, theroeem
to b no reawm why any other mnchanlcnl
method may not abm ho manterod, I'er
aorid lono their hand nml turnout exfrt In
thoiido of their toMt or Kl iimp of urnidleft.
YtH many who attempt tho typewriter a
tk-rt that after continued uo they csuttot
rlcOiU It working to tho dubordliiHte
pioco tif automatlR effort, which It iniidt,
tflko to inaki fr! comfiodition poddlblo, A
man who hod, but finally conquered, diich
illfTicully ld ho did no by refraining
front tiikbiK a pen or pencil in hid hand
MtitlMt wad Hfcomplldhed, "Jt look tn
Itlnii month ill practice," he mild, "hut I
pernevered and gradually becnui pro
ficient. Now I find mynelf very awkward
with a pen."- New Vork Tim.
f 'li r-!- if II 'inem.
IVidtir Kru-ipp, (ho famomi dlnrovprer of
tho " barefoot cure," who rHH appointed
chamberlain by tho pope, rared little for
the honor. II" did not even lake the trou
bio to open (bn letter announcing the p
polntment and (Imt Jcnim-d of tho honor
emf'-rred upon hbn by the arrival of adep
ntatiori at. Ilia W'oemlhofen clointer to con
gril ulato him. He deelined to bo addn-nd
tvl, however, a "monnlgiior." It, w with
dlfllculty (hat. ho wa peidiifided (o leave
hi reln-at lo go (o Homo to thank Ihe
pojm, Home CorrcKpondcnt.
TwInhlliiK Hint Mean find Wallmr.
I have conntanlly observed nt era Ihat
dteadily biirtilngntard Indicated culm, fair
weather, find I bo more I hey twinkled Hie
worm I ho went her wa likely to he. The
foreeiht given by lb! variation In d'.lntll
la(ln wnd aliii'iht invariably correct in
(he high latlluded, tli'iif.'li It fallnd ciuic
time in Ihe I roplc. Nature.
Varlou exierimeiil are being rnndc I
wild tho new Hwedjnh nun k' lend powder
called nnyriie and lamed upon Ihe highly
fillrated cellnlone. Home of lheo tenln I
Khovv Ihe article to give nn Initial velocity j
of more than 2,100 fi ct per m-cond, giving ;
out fio (himo and looking like couiinou
block powiler.
A fiermait balloon, named the I'liotilt,
I llghli'd by In, :i 1,-li-ni-eiil lamp, eiicrgti d
from a nmalt buiti ry arranged on thu car.
It I lined fur In- purpono of comluctlng
eeli'iil llle Invi i-l igai ion at night.
When a girl allow a young man to put
hid overcoat on u it hunt iiMnting hint, It
Id a nlgn that nhe iloenn't waul him to
rornc back any limr-.
I'enclt ntone hate 'i ready market In New
Vork. J'ctfiiiiic, ravoring fx tract and
prusnio aeld am ilitili-d frntn them.
1 III A i Mi t t ft I I Ht!A Ml
thn t
Mil I
' I... i
IUI I lUihHi., It
I It, M
I '
,b I-
lit i . i
I'I', ' I I I I ' ' . I ! I i . I
t "i I till .. I . t 1 - '!
'!. ' I , i
I ' " ' I ' . i 1 . I
I I '." .' .-I ' . I - li e'
'II... .1. en I !,, (,, 'h .!,...
I l.-i
II, ; I I t ' 1 f,
1 Mill
'" ' t
Ill 1.1 li.'l
' I '. ' 1 . . I..
,1 I .. I tall .
, ll'l, IIM ll
V i. t. ! ! I ,!,i it.,. 1 1 1 nnl
i inn I .,i.. I lb. I hi, r I" i
I Im M hi I in !nl t 111 1 1, it 1 1
Kill It I
( I tl Itlll l
; til,. ,.. ,' ., hi . ,! . II,,., , .
k" ' Km , l lnl . I.llliili t Im ( Unit
III!) InUtllll : ( I I "I I ' III, . M i , .li,l'll
tilt t , n it ...! in rilil , 'l 1 lin t
'lit tie, It r J , i i I niiiitll u el f nh'ini 1 1
I'lil l '-It "It It I br i itrlnllli ( ('"Hi il n
' im It y er iin Ml i .1 mo l,i i , n il in i Ii' a t-tu ill
'M'!l. .f . It. ',1 IHl ,t ll.,,tn lllltlllll-
ll'l put lulu iliii i it tiy or i i ( 1 1 ti t iim tie
rut id nut tine, n I Im i (! tun y I. Ni'tit
' pin k Dm col I nit In, i'MIik tin M it I lh,' In nt
, lib', bul limit Iim pi Hi I niiinil i iiiuiyli .i
! tMltl'M lllllllll rl"iOI III llliml I'll''
I Ibid tt III i lul the (nil Lii'. lieu Ihe t'liliii
' are nib n it in I 1 1 lull r. paint I tt u or llii-ec
! I Iim, I tt ii iiiiuuii ii'iu I , v Ii li n 4 pr
! fi'lil tmlul lull of mi lillii' 'I'lii' pit! li lil Hun
have Iiiiii enl ill)J II (jiiil.l ileiil . flllil 'I II"
toiiiii niul iiiiii iiiid iiii'iiii'iiini' I'f llu
tun lilt tin '.'ib miiir hIhiiiih Ii liml lu tl
day the I net Inn lie w ill Ml urn,
tilvit IU (iiniim uf niihnii Untitle of bin
llllll II liml III ci-iiliid nf pbi'ltili rl ill III iiiii i
lllul li nimibtr duni' bi lin e nu Ii uf 1 1 1 - IIih i-
folluwliic liicnl, Willi a himitlvii, tf tii'i'tl
I fd, ami ni i.iiill fruit fur ti few day, mi l
It W III Imt. leliii ii. The name powder cv
I cry I wo hiiurd w Ii li ci'M,it Inn of fruit cat
llU( will flop III' piTHixli'lif, Inrinelll llll(
; iti'iiriilKhe .lobii II. Weaver, M. It., In
j .leiini d Milh r Mniillily.
Hi. Aiiua-tllite
The city of St. Aunm-I iue, on tint Mini,
ern count of I'lorida, hIiiiuN in onu redpetit
pre eminent auiiiut! all the ell iin of Iim
I'liHi'd Slides il In truly im obi city. It
ha many ot her claim lo eounhli'ial Inn,
but them are nhiti'id Willi oilier cillc
Hut In regard tn iikc It in t he unit tiieni In r
of II eland.
( 'imipari'd with the cllie of tho old
World, SI. Aucunliiui woiihl hit called
younc, but in Iim I'liiled Staled a t-iiy
Whom building ami tnonumeuld couiierl
I he midillcnKcd w il h Iheprenent limemay
ho coiiHldered to havi- a ooil claiui to hit
called am ieiit.
After vldititiK domn of our ureal, towtid
w hern tint no'.Hit and IniHtle of I raffle, the
(Ire and din of ma mi fuel nrcd, (hit l"HK lined
of buiblliiKd Hlri lchiiiK out In uvery direc
tion, w II h all the other evidenced (if active
enlerpriHc, proclaim (bene dl led creation
of tin preneiit day and hour, It Id refrenh
ln and renlful to o down to quiet Ht.
AukiimIIiic, v.Iiithoiio may cao Into tho
dry moat of a fort ofmedia val architec
ture, walk over ltd ilrawhridKCd, pad un
der lid portcullid and go down Into IU
duiiKi'ond, and w here In doft dcmltroplcal
air the vlnllor may wander through nar
row nt recta rt-xcmhliug thono of Kpitln and
Italy, when the houned on each dido lean
over toward ono another no (hat neighbor:
nilghtnlmodt tdiaku hamld from (heir tipfier
window and aro nurroumled hy orange
grove and rone gardetid which bloddoui all
the year. Frank II, Stockton In Ht. Nlch
ohid. Ho.iU lilliil'Kriill,,i
That the didlntegratlon of rock lao--coinfilinhed
by minute and animal organ
Idm a well a by atmtwpherii! ngrncle In
by I'rofednor Atwatercottnldered ad admit
ting of no doubt. Tho fact Id, of eotirae,
well underdtood that plantd of both the
higher mid lower order, growing on the
durfaced or In (ho flnntiredof rockd, lend (o
linin(cgml litem by the action of acid
or other w-crel ion a well a by mechan
ical meatid; but, according to I'rofeddor
Atwater'a ohdervatlon mlcrodcopln or
gatiiduid exert not only a dlmllar but a
mora nubile end far morn general liillil
once, for being of microdcopla dle they
aro able lopcuetraUi (ho capillary Inler
etlecdtif rock, and tho it I trio acid which
they produce, acting no rotidtantly,
through long periodd of time become an
effective tueaiid of dldlnlcgrallon, J!y (Hit
ting portion of dininlegrating rock Into
uterillzcd tube and making bacteria cul
ture wilh them tho prenenco of nitrifying
organinuid ha been dhown In the bare
rock of tho Alp, I'yrenei d, Ativcrgneand
Vongcd, Hoi k of I ho tnodt widely vary
ing mliierologlenl characNT granitn, por
phyry, gnelnn, mlf-a dchldt, volcnnlo rock,
limentone, datidnlone, etc, havo been thu
dhown lo bo covered with ultra bacteria.
New Vork Hun.
Ilnpiu HniiK of Ohio In Amerlee,
It I really appalling: to mmparw the
rnormou amount of gatmion t. It I mi eontl
lieiit at Ihe bi'ullilillig of the century with
tho wretched remnant of lodny. At that
time (ho American buffalo roamed (he
prairie In coiinllcNd thounanrl and wa
probably (he mont numerotid largo animal
in tho world, and now - hut nil American
know the nhameful ntory of lie extermina
tion. Little more Ihan a hundred year ago
gn at herd of elk dwarmed In tho Ken
lucky and Illlnold hunting grotuidd, and
even ad late ad )n:;o a few could bo found
in Ihe dintrict north of I he ( dilo river,
Today their fant dimifdnlilng hamld are
confined to tin- mounlaliid of the tmrlh
went. The nain- dad nfory nf fant ap
proachlng exl inel Ion 11 rue of (ho other
game anlrnaln, the antelope, big horn,
mountain goat and I In- varioiid klndd of
dei rlu fact, it la true of all fair larger
mammal. Manv person living today
w ill din (heir filial ii"iiiearam-o In A wild
Ntale. fnl ury Magaate-.
Il.-i fci-f.-ll.'r'd "It,"
John I), Hoeki-fi lli r, the ,-laiiilard Oil
millionaire, got ahum In businen very
well a plain John llm I, i f Her until In
began to eel ri' li. Then he ti.pri.prlaled
Ihe teller If an a middle, .Sobodv
knowd what thin letter I) ntaiuld for, fuel
nobody i ter ill.
The millionaire tluini.-ht he needed n
middle imi in I to round out hi nlgnalure
en a bank check, and be look the fourth
teller of the alphabet beeauni It looked
tvi II. Ill brother William, whom fortune
of fun, iinu. nun wa made hi oil, too, never
added to the tiauie hi pan uld gave him.
John It. biei a nun iiimi il after him, and
(be It In Ihe boy'n name I a tttynli ry loo,
Thi ne t wo are I lie 0111 one In the lloi ke
feller family who have more than one
f'hrlnl Ian name, John I),' three daugh
ter have nli'iit, dimple tinmen lli-dnle.
A Hit and K.liili. New Vork World.
A I tiieirii'iit Inn l'rriffr.
Judge - I biv yon hypnotized the prl
I'l-of nsiir I bav
"Well, what are tint milting for?"
" I atu w .-nt itig fur jnti to decide whether
I ehall make him cinfi-ss that ho did it or
make him cmifi-n tkul be didn't." New
Vork Weekly
1 - I l M.
1 t i I - ' 1, ,,'!( n v t it nh
'( I i- .1 i " I i ' I l
ilnt t. I", ( tl i , it unlet.
tV I ! ii j t " t ii.-t, t i. I I 'ii-
( li't-'lt I I t-" "1 Kill '. ' III t.l I
llllb I' I. ' it ,1 I, (l.'l. t
titui I i I ...i.e. I . t- " ,i II II- ,1 -
tt iiu.) I n , - -til ii h iii ti .i Itltu
l b" liim; 1 1 u ! I lh. ,tt..r e ' ' I f t
Mil l tin M l i p it. I f luo due w hl
Int. hi 1 b I it it H i f t b.i .'i 1 1, i U n
"I III lit I '111, I. HI lei, ' t . I tlumlil
d lie' It in I In ,ni lit Ji nt il uiittiltilil""
I Illll i iiilli l. d i f lb Lb i ... I, lb"
tltntiillief i-f Hut l' "III l"Min In , i
U.lMl'.'ll I,' I t' 1). I lie, ,it ,lt Linn
On,' il iv be I ml a v at' r tt Hit lliii l;i '
I.f I 'lii it' 1 1" I I lb, it be v. ml. I linl llli l
tn nil u an tiijlicr f n il IIimii tu t
Albr a l"i'' n.'iinh lh nut i t i" I Mi -I
n ttuiiiiiit t hi, illli' wim at l id
lieitiii'il I it (Mil t in lite III it mi i(i f, lilll lit II
lh" bill t put nil lltn "urn ui'd lii'ti'lifi'itr
hi ntipeiinr imlnn w a tit uttt ad
Itlltteil. All the Itulllld.
A I IiIiiuiiiiiii I litliti I iir liiilirmirn.
One of lliwli it' lliwiitaiii'ii iiien In
Mll'l II Mil il 1 1 building Vthlt II reived ail
I iii I mil I Ion I hi na ii t a ii both a hIhi and
liotlie, Tlie pulley t'tiVeld (blltlllfp
caiiM'il by Urn ami wale,, but John
Chlnalilllli evidi'lil ly Ihoilght hn va
pniti'i llng lilmm lf ngaiiiiil b "mi dun lo
tiny ciitiHii tvhalevcr, iim bt hIiowii by (he
following teller ll'l'llenieil tu thu IliHUI'
am i' coinpany :
S.. inn liml li"V brill my (inn itliinn. New ell
lure, ('iiiiii lay Iiiiiikii Imik lit new.
Jim l.lidil.
Jo't I'Xpecleil (Im conipatiy to innke
good Ilin damilipi ilomi by the "bud
boy," who id Ihe Ciiiiiamiin'H worst eu
my In the cily. Iluatoti Traveller,
t'rlitillilil tViininll,
I'lofeHMor KoinbroMo, the eminent
I I ;i 1 1 ii ii nrii'tilihl. who IioIiIh biii'Ii very
Htrong ndverHtt iipiniotiH ii to llieahll
l(y ol' women to i'eel pain iin iiciilnly a
nu n do, him lalcly been purHiiing hid
invcni igatiotis in niiofher direction, ami
he had now delivered hiliim If of the
uiiqiialilii'd iipluioii Hint women of the
-t t tin mi I nml liuuiural typo tiro Invari
ably largi i of lunula nml leet am hiiiiiII
cr in the heml than nveragii wotnnit.
(hint rahiing in an important anil
growing IndiiMlry in Oregon nml aottio
other iiot lhvvehb'i ti hIiiIcm. Oiki rancher
in licntoii county, Or., had ti lino herd
of 4m0 goal, which included a number
of thoroughbred Angora buckd, Twnn-ty-lwo
ceiila ii iouml id Ilin lowent thld
man hit ic-ceived (oru llnccu in a dozen
Jack rabliifd from tho far went nro
old In tho New Vork market. They
are dent fant In gn at number by firm
that buy of tlm pot hunter. They aro
Mold dido by rldu with tho imlivo liare
of IhnotiMt, mnl nacli Jack rabbit welglm
about twice un much hn hi naalcrii
The famoitd I rout notidd of the (Jnta-
?'!!.'! 'I. H'.-VI'I'. '-I'l.tX-l "-; .... ...1,1.11 ...
hiii iiii'iiiiiiniin iimj i'i luito nu ii'i-iiiioij
fit a laku near Ivmmotidvillu, Two oth
er new (rout jioiida will nldo bo pr
jiared In tbtt inountaitiM befortt long.
To keep (ortolan tthell comb bright
rub (hem after each wearing wilh Moft
leallier. When they become dim, clean
with rol ten Mono and oil applied with
Japancde cook aro tlm mont crutil In
the world. They cut every atom of
flenhoff a living huh piecemeal without
Hint CliUding dentil,
A loaf Htaibi from two pound of
Hour will weigh a pound 8j ounce
when taken from tho oven.
Cheap Hate, Quick Trip.
The (ravel from the north and north
went territory, tapped by TllK Ckkat
Koi'K iHf.ANlt Itiil.Ti:, ha demanded
dcrvlce of thin character, and beginning
Octoln-r filli, lourldt card will leave
Mimii'itpolid every I humility morning
and join the regular tourint train out
of Chicago evry Tburmlay afternoon
at ( iilumiaid .lutict iou, in,, at, j I p, in.
i -en t ml Iowa and the great went, dlope
dintrict nt Unit nliite, d'-mimd and will
receive a nlmllnrnerv'e.e, ami In elntiing
Oetohi r lOlh. a I'hilllfei-llock Inland bar will leave Alin'it l,ee
every Tiionilay morning, and via l.iver-
more, i'i, inline ami Angun, will arrive
at lie Moinc that evening, and
Wcdnonday a. in. go wi-m on the liig
I'ive," via Omaha. I.ineolti and Hollo-villi-,
at. which point It, will join the
regular Tuemlay train from Chicago.
Kitll particular im lo cheap rule
tiekeld fnf tbid trip, ami ulno tin to cunt
of berth In the tourint. car cheerful! v
gi .'en on a ppl icat Ion to it ny (real I lock
Inland Itoute 1 lek' t Agent, or ag nl. at
coupon Mat ion of connect in I i lien.
' 'h ieago.
Via Denver and Salt Lake City.
I 'alt'oun of th" Ol'eal, I'l-litrai I'olile
VVeeklt I'eur-ioli- to ( 'il i I forn i.l via
the I'liion I'nei be e,m loiv e I h'ir I ielfi'lh
read via Ii-iiu-i' and Hull 1 ,.- i( . t'ity
without add il lonai o.peiinc. t"l for
(older glviiij,' i.-taiii ami n Ivahlaj." i
iilTereil, I', I'. nlll Aid i;. Mgr..
K, I 1,'iM V. :d to. I'lark St,
li I', .V T. Agl.., liieii'.oi.
' lliiiiha. Ni ii,
lint Spring. Ark,, Without (liiiiige.
(in and after Junuui y 'Joih, liu- Mi-
noun l ai'ibi- I ai I w ay v. ii l run a itiroue n
nlei pinj.' ear from thnaha to Ilul
Spring-, Aikan-a nilhoul change,
via Kaimitn City, Ft. Sniltii and Little
Itiick, h aving Omaha iiu i ! y at u p. m.
l-'or further informal ion, rat- n, etc.,
call at ilepol, I'if lei'iil b ami Wcbnter,
t-ltji ticket ollle.', N. I-;, cor. Thirteenth
and I'ltrtiiiiii.
.1. . I'HU.i.ii'n.
A, ( I, 1'. and I'. A.
l-'.'i;-l Tuns. I-'. i.Kid Ki.Y, C T. A.
School Shoo
t lilt DDI N
VtttMl N s Mis
illel imi mil N ft
Siiliit Oil mill Gram Imi M
Scliool Slincs,
at low rNict:n.
WOMI N li hMOl ft,, ;ihi n mi, $.i, moo
113 S, 15th St.
Mii,b r (vt or t tit In i I'ei lie
..liOlll'l Willi at otic" tii.buiN N 1 .11 A h I1 1 A
Ji T. A , I'. I! I IV II. U,, rhie,ie,
Tl 'N I I N I'S, Iii nl ainpn, per p u k for
Hie nticlicM Cllliln 'on I'tct' thnllleil.
I'm' I OH loll Will receive fi'i'o by r)
pt i nn leu piielin,
Li'l'.iil Noltre.
I'llol lit: I: I I l.lMns i
V IliM'lil'l , Nu. ,'li"
.1 t nil l.ll I I
III II niul y i iiin t nf liniiKltin coiinly,
nl lite of Nelil iti.1.11 :
.III. Mill till, ilefeniliilil. Mill till,,' linlli'e
llml nit Hie ,, ilny nf I icccinlici . , 1 1, l-'H
I'll,,. I.e li I lllil, in, ,1 ii I , I 11' heleln. Illeil
del H III inn 111 1 In- , , 1 1 1 , 1 V I'llllll of llouulll
enlllllV, N i I ill -U ll. liMlilnnl Mll'l lit tcllibllll,
ii nil I lie eoiiii I v ,iul i;e If ii l im imler nf u l -liii'liftieal
fur tin- niuii nf imhi Ul mild iii'llnii
pi-uillliK I I nlllil i'llllll tt lii'l-eln pi lie U. I'
)'.. billion Im IiIiiIiiIIII. nml Jiu'iiI. I. ul. in tie.
feiiiliiiil, llml properly nf llicitcfi'tiiliinl enn-nli-tiliu
nf bill lltlioe pmil liililc, hIiivi-,
clillll'i. i'lni-1. lee-clienl mill line. Iin lii'i'it
llHlielieil llliller "lllil illili-r; mi III 111111111111'
prti y h luiluuii'iil iti'iilii-ii wiltl ili'feiiiiiiiii. fm
Hie Niiin nf nlimii tint- fur n-nl nf Imllillim
un il niul oectipli'il ul nil nml Din r-iiiilh
'Illll leelil II Hlleel, (lllillbll, Nelil -link II , Hllbl
en tine tvun ci ill 1 1 ti i ii'i I I o I lie Til li ilny nf Mil re It,
Vull Hie liilfliy li'iirell tn lllmHer "Illll
pel II Iiiii on nt In fine mii III "il Ii (Iii y ul Mai'i-li,
imi-l. nr ii J ml f me ii I will In- In ken iihIiihI ynu.
Oiiiiilin, .Neb., .1 it ii ii rt f v I ntt 1 1
I'll'il'.liK . - y , N N .
Hy .liilin 'I'. I 'ul linn, lier a Homey. I - M-4
Special Master Commissioner's Sale.
I'nilii niul by virtue of a ii orilor of mile on
ilecreenf forei'liittitie of inortuiliO' Inmui-iI nut,
of I In- illiililcl i'llllll, of I Ii il l tc I it h cniinfy,
Nelil iimIoi, anil llllei-leil loine, I Will, on Hie
;!iilli ilny of l-cliruiiry, mm, al. I o'clock
p. in. of niilil day, at. Hie norlli front,
iloitl of I he cull ill v i'oii 1 1, houue, lit Hie i-ll y
of (liiiiilni, coiialy, nf IiiiiikIii mill nl ill e of
Ni-IiiiihIoi, mil al, )iubllc auction, lo the
hlnlieni, libliler for canh, Ihe iroieity
ilencrllieil In n'lld nnler of mile an follow, to
wn ;
but, eltfht, id) la block Ihree CP la lliliftfn'
i'biee lulillllon liillie rlly of Oliililili, III the
ml li t' of Nelii itnloi.
Hald mile In to nullify Ihe JuilKiiieiil. of nu lit
courl reiuleiril nl Un l i'liiiiary term. Id'.i;i, In
a eerliilu aelloti la which lite llelkliiiu Kav
liiln Hunk of biiciiliiii, New llllliii-lilie. Id
plillallll, and Win, II. Ilityilen nml oilier
weiii ill feiiiliuilM A ppcariilice doclii't ll't.
No. I7H,
(laiiilui, Nelil iinli ii. ,iinuitry V.i. IH'.ill.
Itl'.UIAII f'.l'iil'IIIIAN.
Hpei-lal Manter f loiiilnlnnloiier.
I. II. A tidrewd, dltoi ney. l-Wi-ft
I flj NflWl!(I "hy
To Ihe iiiiknuXr Tut t0 aI'I"'!,;HrTt rl,-
IliK. ileei-fideu: "T, ehfyiy ti tn---
t nu iiiiii eiien in you w r ,i, r ' " '
on Hie Hilt iliiynf i-vm.,t il'La, '.Vmbellii I,.
I'ecli, (il ilI It It IT herein, (lied lief pel I Una III
tlm dint rlel cnitrt of liouKhm cotialy, Ne-liiii-liii.
ninlii'il W, A in n lie Koi'i lliiK and
I, Hit l.ulnon, Hie oli)ecl Mini prayer of wlileli
Into foreeliiNii a faorlioure fceiil'( oil Hill
,li (I ilny of April, mill, hy W, Aniitlle KoerllaK
10 l.iiveiie ( :, llnlen, anil by him tiNdltfiii'il U
Iniib'-lhi (,. perk, pluliitlir lieri'lli, iiioa lint
pioporly ilencrllieil a follow: l.ol tluee I'M
III block ncven (7i III Koiinl.n l otlllh Hup-pleiiii-riliiiy
lulillllon to Hie elly of lliiuiliii.
In Hiecounly of IioiiIim. ami the .lute of
,N elan nli it. In ni l-lire the piiy meiit of ll ftole
for Hie mini of fl.ffli.Ht dm- a ml pay able April
II, mini, on which ant" niul iimMtiiKc I here I
now 'Iue it ml pay utile to I It" pin i it l lit I he nmii
of f:. avian wilh lalerenl at rule of ncvciiiVi
per cent tier aiiiiiiiii from tie- Hid ibiy of
April, mill, fur which mii in with liilerenl..
plaintiff pliiyn for a decree, (bat I b" ilifin
ilioiln pay Hie Kim, e. anil Hint In llef.iilll nf
nuett piiyuienl, mii til piciiilM-M may In- nold lo
nnllhfy Hie iiinoiinl found due, I li Hi all of
mild defendant Im forever barred of their
lull-lent Iii niul ri al enlalJ'.
Von lire reuiilri 'l lo aiinwer t be nald peti
tion on or hefore the fit It day of March, h't.
Milled at Oiaitlia, Neb,, January gird, imi-l,
IdAltKI.I.A b, I'M K.
Ily II. )', 'I'boiiuid, heriilloriiey. l-'iii-i
Notice to Non-Resident Defno,nts.
To . (nine (I, Hinder nml Altltil 1', fhilter.
iion-renldeni defend mil n:
Von an- lu ri liy nnillleil llml on Ihe lltli
liny nt lieceiiilier, iwi.i. I uniiy lliyitiit (tud
wlrt ni pluliitlir, filed lu-r pet il Ion In Ihe din
lil.-l i-iiurt of IioiikIii coiinly, NeUrunku.
111 Iriht. you iin defeiidiuiln, tin- oliecl. and
prnyer ef wlilch I to forei'lone a innrliiiiiot
em i-Hleil on Ihe '.Jiilli ilny of .lillie, dd!i hy
Mlchiu l (loiuielly to I' Uieiie (', liMe niul hy
loin nl)iied lo I uniiy llryiinl 'indwln,
phi let III In-1 el n. ii pi in Ihe priiperl y ilencrllieil
an follow! 'I he wel one luilf ( W, 1 ,1 tit lot
clyhl "i In block I'lcveaOli lit lieed l lrnl
mill 1 1 Inn lo Hie illy of I hiuihii. In I he county
of liiiinliin, and nliiie of Ni-hranka, to i-i-iire
Ihe pliyinl lil of It ll'ile fnr the "Illll of 4 iVllKI
doe nml pnyttlile Julie :!:t Ii l-'i-l, na which
"urn Ilii-re I now due H'el puyulile In the
pbillilllf Hie -inn of if l.;.Vl.ii wilh llllefent
llll ll (III III Ihe lull- of M-U'll (Tl H t ccnl per
11 li iKiii, from Hie !iilh day of liecemlier, n!r,
for which um. with Int rent, plaliil ill piny
fol a decree thill Die (K-felid a III n pay Mm
nniue. ii ii'l thiil Iii ilef nil! of -iii'Ii ii y in' r t
mi lil premUi-. limy be nuld In nnllnfy the
in,,, .mil fniiiid due, n ud Ihiil all of mild de
feudniiln tuny be fun vr Imiieil of llu ir la
lelenl Ui mil'l renl I -.title. ,
Vull lite II llllel In llllittl-r I lie Mllll pell-
Hon mi or lielole tin- ah day nf Mnrch, l',i
Haled nl iiiiiitlui. .Neli . .Iiiiiunry :si. I't.
I ANN V II. i.nliW IN
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Carpenter and Builder.
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6747 , Sturm Doors and Windows
and Furniture.
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8hop IM7 Dutnnptii t Slrrat, OMAHA
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207 North 17th St., OMAHA, NEB
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