The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, September 01, 1893, Page 4, Image 4

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M tl.. I w
tihl '
MM (HI Ift t
thl, )'" I) t Mtn
tit It Hll
t.'l Jul t I I
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t up tt ! I i lll' mv fx.t.1 t(
tun I till militil, ni h lut Minn, -
H. ii l I I limit tv . I' t H'Hti.'T (thk
rtii . it si nni
iMil i nil m-
C. 1MOMlON. mid.
V t hllt- Iliinmm Mnwt
ir iim Anisic i ink I'lutirio or All
I nii. iit in i !( 1 lit lit. i ISo
I'lllen We lit HI- flH'lll pUltl" owing
n a year's Mtlonrlplloti Itefore Hetolier
1, 111.1, tliflr aivounW wilt Is' placed
with an agency for collection. Till N
Hot done btvauno wo need tho money
such jHTnoim limy owe, but liecituno we
have earned It. mid aro entitled toll.
No iiihii w ho U a triiti ihhI In) ul Amer-li-mi
will allow such h disposition to Im
made of hi account. This I tho IhnI
notice. Hunt ti one of tin) lilllit we
Iihvo sent you mill remit nt once. Don't
hlnino u if nu attorney gi ti after you,
WVhnvo done all wm could lo keep it
out of I lie I r lunula, but you would jmy
no attention to our notices,
TllK priest of tho Lincoln diocese
havo Htltloiiid Hulolll to remove
Mnho) Hiiniii'uni.
CdMrTHOI.LKK OliKHON In Credited
with txitiiff one of the bent eoiuiti'ollei'M
tho city ever had.
That Hiuiio never elm ngeH Im hovw
out by her reeetit UMNiiult on A. H.
Mertz. They iiHHiiultrd lilm heeuiiHe ho
wanted toexpohe Itoinnnlmn.
Wltt Chief lialltiii pleanc Inform
tho public iih to the illhpiihltlon he made
of thu money nuhocribrd for the benefit
of tho Injured firemen and thu fnmllltui
of thoHo allied In the Hblverlek lire?
Do you ever ito to think of the
roBMon your merchant docM not adver
tlau In TttK AMi'.HH'AN? Look the
paper over, and If you do not ilnd bin
BdvertlHement Hnk him the reawm and
atiMfy yourm lf.
Canuiiiatich for the city council arc
ecooiuinu (juiui iiumeruuN, uni in inn
Seventh, two new 'candidate havu
bloHHiimud out. They nm Menrn, Met
calf and Jnckwin, reptiblleaii and demo
crat, rcHpoctlvnly. The Klxth a!no Inn.
a new candldalo In tho 'inon of Capt.
W. II. Htephenn.
SatoiLI'8 order to a Colorado prleat
to Mulimlt to llbihop Mat, wan unheeded,
to thu American pope Ihin addrcMcd a
eoond letU'i' fotntiniiidSuy him tootilCY.
Great church, that. Hut what In tho
condition of a man' mind and eon
cleneo who will penult another to
order htm about a a ulave?
Jl'lMJK, K. H. Dlfl'lK wan juiliio of
the ninth judicial dlMriet of Iowa for a
number of year heforu cotiilnif to Ne
branka, and wu iM'lleve ho would lo a
credit to I bo bench of thin dlntrlet. ' If
ho neeurc tho democrat lo nomination
or a republican emlomemetit, Im will
reeelvij a vote that any man nils lit he
proud of.,
TllK much talked of Catholic con
jjroH meeU In Chlentro next Monday,
and wo lmll roon know whether that
encyclical I genulno or a clever forsery,
Wo do not prtend to ay whether It
i true or falno, but wn would remind
our friend that It font nolhlns to Im
on their suard. Homo will not ntrlku
If you ar awake, bl.o may If dIid Iki
Hhvc you are oleeplnif.
Amono tho prominent KoinnuUU
wbo are di'li gaU from this dloceno to
the Catholic congrcM In Chlcaso may
b mentioned Dr, Keoh, Drui:slt
Klnidor, John A. McHbane, U. J.
Smyth, John A, Crclghton, J. P. Dally,
Dr. Ulley, T. Pltniauricti of the lite,
John Hunh, Tom Lowry, W, P, Hryarit,
John llaumer, tho jeweler, 1', M.
Mullen, J. U. Puray, 11. H. Adumii, T.
J, Mahoney, J, l'oweru, Win. (Jentle
man, Hie groceryman, (i. J, Paul and
Thk following: from the. Troy Tde
gram would eem l Indicate, that tho
A. I'. A. I gettlriK In good working
condition throughout the ciiat, Tho
scene of election wa Lannltigburgh,
Now York:
The unexjiected utrength iihown by
Chun. I'urkN, the candidute of the Am
erican I'rotectlva AuMoclailon hI tho
recent mdiool election, throw thu fu
turn fjolltlcal nituatlon hero Into mora
epccuhttlon no fur a nfllceH nnd their
meeker are conwrin d. There were
671 vote cat for It candidal,! for tho
Important oflico of iichool truM.ce,
There l much giumMlng an to tho real
amngth of tLT body, which, it I
claimed, I not controlled by politician,
and members a.v that 400 of their vote
were not out. Nothing can bo learned
a to the name of it oJlioer, and it 1
evidently aaecret polillcal body, l'ark'
majority wa 207.
i Kn in !-. . t ' i tv
ll'h H . I
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(, J. u.
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An i U i-'.'k'
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An n ni i
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f W I ii. i,
ii h I lu I. I
i.l f ii. e t Hi i
m , Mf.i. li.-H (,'. ! l't U.
All i "sil) t ' t Ii wfi'i l; 1.11
Hu!.' fmi'l fmiinl itli In inimn. if
!.ill t.ii!n K I' ,1 S fc It
An i i iwiil) i..itiilTtiit r win Im
dinie iim: fir ti. 1'iin'y Ibnii tl. W.
,li I'lvtJ In Hi l' who lirt im!
IicI.mI nov iiunn'V Uitin lleiiiy Hidilu
An itinir whi h ainlnli
fnwi r Itotiiiin t'ntliolln ti nfllee Ihmi
DeniBe 1. Ih'infn;
An i'X jiuthv of th na(H whoalimi
tflveil an 1 1 il fHtUliiellun a Htlii't'
Arlltiti K. Htildwln, (i.u. P.. (.(Immui,
(Jen, (Ji'ii, II, Kmlth;
An ex iwtlhm juil(.'e who haeauwd
llliln eiiin'lHlnl im IiuIh lli ikii;
An ex tmuiilv nuiN'rliileinh'Ml who
lulu i(iinlli'd, not cM'i'llril, (i, W. Hill,
An ex-eouiieiluiiiu who bun In i'ii iik
eoiiNUti'iit and loyal to lit 'ontltueuiti
ii HalMim Jiieolwi u, I'.d. IIimvi'II or I'
(J, ImIwhi-iIh,
Now, (oiitletiien, you have no inueh lo
mty niNiut iiieninnti'iii men nein
forei'd iiMin the voters of thin eounty,
I but you are politely a-ked lo titund up
Ibe ex-oltlelalii who buve diiuu no mueh
lietter than the men who now 1111 tho
city and county ollloew. Wo have cer
tainly made lbecballen;ij broad enough
mi an toe imhlc you to II ml witiii.' man who
him excelled Home one of the present In
eiunbciitH, Who Im that manV Do you
know him? Can you find him? Wo
miy you cannot. Then tho nrcaent In
cumbcnU nhould he re-uomluated, and
if ro-nom hinted bould be ro-oleoled.
Mil. YJihSlilt'S ItEMEDV.
Mr. John O. Yelaer, a viuni): attorney
of thin city who liux mndu a careful
Htudy of political Hcletioo and economy,
hit (lev hied a new plan for relieving
the ntrlngency of the money market,
tho dlntrenHlng condition of labor and
thu well-founded dlHtruNt of manufac
turer and capital ImIh, 111 Idea I for
congpoH to piiHNalaw aulhorl.lng tins
appointment of labor overnerr, who
In turn hall havo iower to employ all
Idle men, canning them to work upon
national highway, cuiiiiln, river Im
provement, irrigating ditche, publlo
mine and quarries In fact In any and
all branches of IiuhIiich whore. klllod
or unnkllled labor t required. I hi
would havo tho government adopt "any
cheap, convenient and durable mixture
of metal, or paper, to represent this
standard" a "medium of exchange
based upon a common standard" and
pro rata thu same among tho several
state according to their population.
Ho would circulate thin money by pity
ing for tho work done on the alxivo. Im
provements, under the direct ion ol thu
overseer working under rule and for a
salary prescribed by the general gov
ernment. Thl money would havo all the debt
paying power of either gold or llver,
based on tho value of unnkllled labor
and li redeemable by the government.
That the schemo is original with Mr,
Yelser though verging very closely
upon the plan outlined by Itellamy in
"looking Iliickward" wo havo every
reason to believe, and that It appear
both feiinlbloand plauslblo we arc bound
to admit.
It may Im that Mr, Yelser ha found
tho solution for theso vexation crises
or "slump" In tho money market, that
occur every quarter of a century, At
any rate Ibo plan will bear discussion,
and wo doubt not Im will Isi abb) to
lucidly defend the advanced ground ho
has taken against all who brand hi
scheme with being "visionary" or Im
practicable. What do you think of It?
Probably at no tlmo since tha city of
Omaha was founded ha thera been a
many good men mentioned in connec
tion with tho mayoralty a there ha
been thl year,
The World-1 Itrutd ha been particu
larly ii nx lou to II ml soma man who
would awaken a popular entlment. It
ha mentioned some men whom TllK
AMKItlOAN would not object to seeing
elevated to tho position of chief execu
tive of thl city. Among tho number
of honorable citizen It ha mentioned
may li named Chas, Goodrich, Truman
Duck, Mayor Demi, K. V. Davis, Dr.
Mercer and A. H. Churchill, Wo do
not mean to say these men havo all
been endorsed by tho World-1 It rttld,
nor would they all bo endorsed by TllK
AMKIIK'AN. Hut they havo lxen sug
gested. Probably tho mont popular
men on either side,' at thl time, are
Goodrich and Churchill, but whether
either will ecuro the nomination, re
main to ho seen.
Mr, Hemls, in our estimation, has
made a very competent official, and
thera ha been llltlo or no scandal con
nected with tho city governmontsinco
ho annumed the oflico of mayor, yet
there seems a dlnponltlon on tho part of
a large number of citizen to supplant
him with Mr. Churchill, or oho of the
other gentlemen mentioned above.
Thl paper could, and would, support
It f tl WM i Hi
la tit ni '
I l!i i III W I. k I kHn
l .(i' ! ili.i fc.. tl-, Iw.l i ,.
...-t lo i nmti,lh li H f,..;.
' i nn (... ri i.
I'm hut nu I
1 v mv -... in, .
till ll fMII. tMltf.
M il it (Mt'.t 1. nn id (ni- or. at.!'
t.hlli.l. t lh lt. t.t lv In flitliUliH!
in t i.. ii. mi Im . I, tt,i Anie-
t on Win' tl
!.! Vi ilii'lj sfl. i (tin Ii of
ttu i!Mt ji" nu l la lli is',,i,ir i,,, i
Itinc. 1 1 t,iti;i si ml) . ,! .in,N
n.iiiiiimlinn 1'tc.i. t'siittutuHf fur li
H Ii I J'liliii. slel pniln't a M i unwit;r
eiiiiimlUiT to i Im i ttl y wt tvt lect. d.
Tilt Is ' p In adisee.. nf nil piinnit
Inj a tiim by the liar, Ili-tvluUrii tl
Im Inn etiiiU'tit lo siitftfosl t tin
vnl lmin pnill. a given lutttitn r of n
tl Hu ll who winilJ liink nillnti!e
judges, hut Ibis year they Imvp rv
ceded the illnirli i rMinventtotts by ri.i
iniihmj -not suggentlng for nominal ion
and election-their own candidate
.hint how thin w III suit the voter of
this dlntrlct w III not lie know n until the
votes have lieii coimied,
Prolmbly no one ever thought just
how far this question of bur nomina
tions would li carried,
Tho bar has censed suggesting- It
now dictate-and (ho people will lie
linked to decide whether or not It Is
proper for a Judge to depend wholly
upon tho lawyer for hi olllco.
Hut the dlntrlct bar ha lieen excelled
by tho action of tho bar of Dougla
county. It never appeared In politic
before, but after the adjournment of
tho district bar, tho Kormin Catholic
contingent, backed by Lee F.stollo, Lee
Itolsley, W. S. Shoemaker and Ed.
Slmeral, had the Douglas county bar
called together to nominate a candidate
for county Judge. Hut a very Binall
fraction participated, and of tho num
ber who did take part very few ever
had any business In either the dlntrlct
or county court being mainly oflico
clerks and young attorneys.
These gentlemen were aided by a
largo delegation of politicians who
were not member of the bar, but hud
turned out to help their favorite can
didate, Tho sentiments expressed elsewhere
In those columns show how tho better
clan of lawyer felt when it came to
nomination a county judge.
If tho people permit the bar to en-'
crouch upon their right thl year, they
need not bo surprised If, two years
hence, tho lawyer arrogate to them
elve tho rlgkt to nominate tho clerk
of the district court, tho hherliT, the
pollen Judge and justice of tho pouee,
They are all oHloer who deal more
largely with tho lawyer than with any
other class, and this would he but a
natural senuenoo to what they have
done this year.
The question now 1 will you ratify
their action, or will you act for your
selves in the coming primaries and
FHlllTINO TllK A. J A.
A friend hns sent u a number of
copies of tho Desert lOvcnlng AV, of
Hull Lake, Utah, which contain an ex
pose of the A, 1', A. These "exposes"
are becoming so common that we be
lieve wo see a "nigger in do wood pile,"
Wo believe they are started by certain
members of tho order for the purpose
of advertising tho association, for it
always ha an unprecedented growth In
cltle where uch cxpowure occur, and
tho bead olllcer, having become aware
of th! fact, havo evidently authorized
theso exposure knowing that the
desired end would more speedily bo at
tained than if tho order remained un
known In tho community, This u
position may bo wrong, but it look
plausible, and we anticipate a boom In
tho A. P. A. rank from the Ilocky
Mountain to tho coast. We hope theso
light may continue, for tho day will
surely come when American will pat
ronize American paper, vote for
American and finally drive the I Ionian
Catholic political organization from
tho United State, Wo know thl will
bo tho result and wo congratulate the
friend In Halt Lake for their shrewd
ness and sagacity li precipitating a
fight against their order. It will help
them win.
In perfect justice to County Judge
F.ller it must be conceded tiiat bl
reason for refusing to nllow hi name
to go before tho bar meeting, considered
In tho light of bis uxpresscd opinion,
aro at least entitled to respectful con
sideration, WorUl-lltrald.
American Orange Knights' Meeting.
Tho .adjourned meeting of tho su
premo cabinet, American Orango
Knights, will be held at tho Grand
Pad do hotel In Chicago, Tuesday,
September 10th, at 0 o'clock a. m. A
full attendance of tho member of the
cabinet I desired, as matter relating
to tho liciiefielary and other depart
ment will como up for consideration.
Hy order of tho commander-in-chief.
M. L. Zook, Sec'y.
When you buy, patronize tho adver
liner of thl paper, and by so doing
help to build our own people up.
- i .
Tako your repairing to The Drum
rnond Currlnpe Co., l8ih and Harney
St. Opp. Hie County Jail.
i i n ". j l r I . " I e -i
1 -
Ilttlrip ttir lll 'lf.ftlHl t4 tlW
M) Its Int. VM U tVr Office
f I final) J mire,
l mint)- J.nttn- ,!, i B.U" .1 tin i.j is imini.ii.'it) i 1. tlr Hit Hi-
i I I l I t! lllt-1 -..:ie!j lull :
"Tn Ibe M, iiilicr .f tbe lXMijjU
tnielV I tar- tli-men: Kmiwin
Itmt a :! lid Im n linih l.j wmie
litcmb. l- of the Iwr i.f thl comity hr
hr iillenltnn, with lew In nmtiin
aiingN eiiinliiliiie fur e.mty jndg 1
I g b sve to ute Uu rvunon why my
nnine will nut lie pr si-nteil at thl
"I have practiced law for more than
twctiiy years, and am frank to say that
I have alwajs striven lo command Ihe
ct and kissI will of all mem Iters of
tlo profennion, and It I needless fur me
to say that my delro In this regard
have not Is-en changed since my elec
tion to the Is-nch. During my term of
olllco the attorneys who have had bunl
nens In the county court have been
mont eouiiiious and resHiclful, and I am
confident that I have the rcsja'ct and
good will of all.
"Heing deHirous of having these
pleasant relations continue, especially
while I remain upon the bench, I shall
refrain from doing anything which
may disturb them. Kocolleotions of
the pant cause me to bear in mind the
bitter feeling engendered as a result
of a bur nomination. Again, I have
yet over four months to serve as county
judge. Should I now passively permit
my name to come before this bar con
vention and secure Its endorsement my
political opponents would Immediately
charge that I had used my Influence as
county judge to obtain tho bar recom
mendation, and this charge, should I
succeed in obtaining the nomination of
tho county convention, would boused to
my detriment nt tho election.
"Another reason is that many of the
duties of this court partake largely of
responsibilities which may bo classllied
purely as business matters, for the ready
dispute!) of which good business
methods aro essential. Of such
methods tho business men might claim
to be the more proper clus of citizen
to lake the Initiative step lis to who
should bo tho candidate for Judge.
Without seeming to boast, I wish to
say that tho system of ulnpatchlng
business with care which ha been In
troduced during my administration
will, I believe, commend Itself to all
good business men, whatever may bo
their calling or profession.
"The probate work bring tho county
judge in direct communication with a
larger number of peoplo and a greater
variety of classes of citizens than doe
the work of any other county olllclal.
lie is consulted upon all manner of
questions; Is often made n confident in
family matters and Is, in a confidential
way, regarded ai a counsellor and ad
viser In nearly all matter except In
itvil Hulls. This Is not the case In the
district court; the parties Invariably
having an attorney to speak for thorn.
"Hear In mind that the civil business
of this court, while it command one
half of tho time of tho judge on the
bench, coyer only about one-tenth of
tho responsibilities of tho judge of tho
county court, nnd this Is true whether
you consider these responsibilities from
a money value stand point, or of im
portance In general terms. Civil suit
may or may not he brought In thl
court at the option of the attorneys or
clients, but In all other matter tho
business cannot bo brought In any
other court.
"I will now mention a few of tho
classes of citizen who aro liable to
argue that their particular class should
havo It inllucneu felt with equal force
as tho bar in the selection ofacandl-
'date forjudge of thl county.
"We settle many estate where law
yer have nothing to do with them,
but few whore a doctor 1 not in
terested, "In tho matter of assignment of In
solvent debtor tho merchant aro
especially interested In having the
matter speodlly settled and tho money
"In tho matter of guardianship of
Insane nnd Incompetent persons and
minor, tho friends and relative of the
ward are especially Interested to have
a judge who will have the courage and
conscience to protect tho estate from
all kinds of unjust claim and losses.
"Abstractors might claim that they
were tho more capable of passing upon
the qualifications of a judge,
"Administrator and executor might
regard that they were tho most proper
persons to say who should be Judge,
"Tlio mention of these few classes
will suggest many others of equal Im
portance. "It has so long been the custom to
appoint the widow, or uny other per
son suggested by tho next, of kin as
administrator of an estate, regardless
of business qualifications or experience
In affairs, who regard it an unnecessary
expense to employ a lawyer, that tho
judge must act as Judge and lawyer in
tho whole proceeding.
",M i4 K,, i, rvt.1 i-'tta !
- ii .t ' . - ri t .
.')!. i;tK I .': !,
t-V. ft ;i"l ' ' ''' ' , o
, ,. ..! ,..,!. t'i.ii At 1 1 v, i
DH.l W 'tliiHf ti i ' -.I iti-vii- t otviw n
,.J-U-I..n in II. if ! - ' !.! On- I
I i ..!- m ml m l tl
iwf !..- tVr iV'i M Im .!, .f l'-, ii"
t, in tin ..!! Jiufciix . to '.tavtt
Ui.t Hi t i.i i: i tf . ( ii i
II.ib. , f, I N-ei'jni It, p rtgh !
any -' f i iu t.i inii..- Itn ir tn
fliu it,v .i tV I, it m ,t it 1 lii- i,
t tml In! ni-. I t ! i. I m or t.t in
(! l.-lns- Ibe lir l.t tint ie.-i nf inn.iil
ddle, bill l.t iti t JiHI lh f, r.ii
by I do iinl is mti? I -ft us tlm Iwrfun
"Wb1iVer msy le the pi.-!t lj if
one not In Ihe ntllee submltiing U
astne W Indorvinent- by Ibe lrrm
ventlon, 1 Iteliove It an lmpt'r Ihtng
for me todit.
"In wnelunlon 1 would rt'ns'i fully
request Ihst you accept this xplan
Hon In the spirit that tl in given, I
shall be a candidate for a second Wrm
according to the custom, at Ihe county
convention, subject to the deelnion of
the delegates selected by all classes of
HHiple, and hope that nothing may
occur at this meeting which will tend
to prevent my friends from giving me
their hearty indorsement and loyal
support at tho primaries, convention
and tho polls.
"Thanking my many friends for their
kind words and those who have assured
me that I could have a majority of the
bar meeting, I remain, your most
respectfully, J. V. ELLKK
Tho above letter appeared In tho
World-1 k raid Wednesday morning,
and the outcome of the county bar con
ventlon to nominate a candidate for
county judge was certainly an endorse
mcnt of tho sentiments set forth In
Judge Eller's letter to the bar.
After tho district bar had met and
nominated three candidates for district
judge namely, Judges Walton and
Dullleand Mr. W. S. Curtis, nnd after
a campaign committee consisting of E.
W. Slmeral, W. S. Shoemaker, Lee
Eskllo, T, J. Mahoney, II. II. Howes,
J. P. Davl and E. T. Langdon had been
appointed tho convention adjourned
Immediately after its adjournment a
motion was made that the Doug
las county bar bo called to order and
presided over by the sumo chair
man and secretary. Ex-Judge Donne
had acted as chairman and Mr. liwdlck
as secretary, but when the motion was
declared carried Judgo Doane without
assuming tho chair, stated that he be
Uevcd the bar had gone as far a it was
expedient for It to go. That heretofore
It hud experienced some chflloulty In
securing recognition for lU (selection,
and that If tho bar undertook to carry
this Idea of bar nominees to positions
beneath the district bench ho believed
It would bo wrong, and would seriously
affect tho good work already done. For
those reasons he would decline to act
a chairman or to participate H tho dc
liberation of tho county bar conven
tion, Thl announcement provoked
heiirty applause.
Mr. Hrogan then moved Unit Chas.
J. Greene act as chairman of the county
bar convention. Tho motion wa put
and declared carried.
Ed. SImoral, becoming aware for the
flret time that tho bar would not back
the Roman Catholic fight to supersede
tho action of tho various party conven
Hons, moved to adjourn, but the motion
was voted down.
Then Mr. Hoolek raised a question as
to thu legality to hi m at ii secretary
and retired. Hut on motion of Mr,
Mahoney tho cloud wa removed from
hi title.
Mr. Charle OITut, Imbued with tho
Idea that had been so tersely set forth
In Judgo Eller's letter, said that In a
much as there had been some business
transacted since the last motion to ad
journ had been made and defeated, he
would now move that the convention
do now adjourn.
Tho motion was voted down,
A formal ballot was then taken, which
showed no choice, and such a small
fraction of the bar participating, that
Mr, OITut again moved an adjournment,
stating a hi roamm that there were
nearly four hundred attorney In Doug
la county and that hardly one-fourth
of that number worn participating,
therefore they had no right to nom
inate a man for county Judge and label
him tho county bar nominee.
Hut again ho met a Waterloo, and a
second ballot was ordered, which also
resulted In no choice. A third ballot
wa taken and Mr, Irving Haxterwas
chosen. Ho received slxty-nlno votes,
and was declared tho nominee,
Mr. Haxter wns called for and
thanked tiio bar for tho honor it did
him and declared It wus "tho proudest
moment of tho thirty years of my life,"
Tho convention then adjourned.
Law Briefs.
We make a specialty of brief print
ing, and attorneys having this kind of
work should call on us. We will ho
pleased to make price which aro reas
onable, and guarantee good work.
AMI-.ttlCAN I'lTII. Cl).,
412 Sheely Mock.
Our FIUENDH should all remember
when they want a new hut, or an old
one repaired, to call on us. Wo will
give thorn good satisfaction.
Over 207 North 17th St.
m.ii U4 twists ,
T tl V i iJ Vo Awv.k ,
' fc"- ! i ' .!. tk T't . i t I
it-'( Mh, f,it it.- ft.m
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t11, Dtf I1 .,). l(l Dt.nitlkl U.t
itib. r, and wttuhle r.Hl tid lui. enr U tr lme tf tiir.t.-ntii.ii
l."wi tsij. gt-sj l),t itt one line' he W
tin- imiit r nt the Ideal leal nlt, fcitd that
the (titltcattttn wt're that mmie dny it
would ln a tlog nt yrval nbllity and
premiw. That upon a tsiuin Bight,
nut mny innnlh apt, tho pito wan
iion lhetrst, Ij ing at the intton,
when O Grady hpsned along, and
with hi going the dog topvd his
tender Isiylng and dlsapitcaeed In
other woi-ds, he allege that Dtirndy
with fotsxt and arms, stole the pup.
O'Grady admit that ho had jhw-scksIoii
of the animal, but allege that It came
alsiut by the fact that the Is ant followed
him home, a he scented the limte of
fresh meat, an article of dog diet that
had not panned Into hi stomach for
Now, as a matter of fact, at this trial
there were but six Kople all-told at
any time during the trial (including
the justice and jiersons concerned).
Tho reporter for the Ike was not in the
room during the trial. If he had been
present ho would have given adilTerent
account of tho proceedings, which I
shall here give:
Upon Sunday morning, August 13thr
while tho motor car was being got
ready for Mr. O'Grady who Is a motor
man O'Grady was up Harney street, at
some distance from Twentieth, getting
as It turns out one of my Irish
Setter puppies, which were somewhoro
near my residence, tho mother of the
puppies having a city tag on her collar.
O'Grady admits having taken the dog,
was seen to carry it to his car and tako
It away, Tho poor pupplo did not have
tlio privilege of hi own wishes In thl
case, justice Smith, in giving hiB
decision, said, that although it was be
lieved by some, that a dog was not con
sidered property that ho has never for
one moment considered a dog anything
else hut property, and that ho could not
givo any other verdict than that
O'Grady should pay for the dog fifteen
dollars ($15.00) and costs of tho suit.
O'Grady Insisted that a dog was not
property, and appealed the case. With
regards to tho worthless red and white
spotted cur, If tho reporter for tho lko
will come over to tho corner of Twen
tieth and Ilarnoy streets, I will show
him the difference between athorough-
bred and a cur which I doubt ho could
tell If ho were left to his own judg
ment. John Hosk.
Another Insult to the Plug.
Professor Walter Sims has received
a letter from Kenton Harbor, Michigan,
which describe tho celebration of
August 1st, emancipation day, which
wa held In tho sister city of St, Joseph,
which, by the way, Is Ilk o too many of
our eastern cities, almost wholly given
over to tho un-American superstition
of Homanlsm, Tlio correspondent 1
known by tho professor to he thoroughly
reliable, Tho communication state
that Roman Catholics, anarchist and
socialists joined with tho negroe on
thl occasion, and that speeches wero
made of a very revolutionary and
treasonable character, The flag and
all sign of patriotism were conspicu
ous lor their ahsonco. The writer
further says, "that as tho crowd of
negroe and Irish Catholics wero pass
ing a store whoro an American citizen
had ventured to hang out the star and
stripe, derogatory and Insulting re
marks wore made about tho (lug.
Huston Roman Catholics, If one i to
Judge from what ono ee at tho cele
bration, can only Is) trusted to respect
tlio flag when It I hung out In associa
tion with tho green flag of the papacy,
which represent Roman Catholic con
spiracy and rebellion in Ireland. With
theso significant occurrences, who
among true patriot can longer dare to
fold their arm and cry, "Pence, peace,
whoro there i no peace.". If 'ovum's
Here' Your World' Fair Opportunity!
Rate cut In twol
On and aftor Tuesday, August 1st,
tho Kurllngton Routo will sell round
trip tickets to Chicago, with a return
limit of thirty days, at $1 1.75.
Ono way tickets on alo at $7 50,
Ticket wild at rate Indicated above
are free from restrictions of any kind
and entitle holders to the fullest enjoy
ment of tho Kurllngton' miporlor ser
See tho City Ticket Atrcnt at 1.121
Farnam street and arrange to make
that long-planned trip to Chicago,
WM. CATLIN for all kinds of season
drink. Ice Cream Soda. 5 cents.
We aro uhout to make agents for
"Tun Amf.iucan" a great offer. Write
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and be In lino for action when tho time
arrives. No one unless they havo tho
liest of references need muko appllca