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nhtn Chtne at the rutt tot
Holding the Nf t ConcUtt
MW OH KIM ifcK II If im
t ftf tit MMIftl
tMa M r4 IV -SH-awl ..
tvrm. An ll-Hti xjrin mrt
tun Iht trtofintsl kmgtita ltv.jur r.
cls tn iM. This tH Mtls! Ht
rating IVtm g.4 M vda ftn.1
Clndnnsti The fht has bow
tntrtin on from the start, While
Louisville nmisl for ft while to rJsv
U Important lrt s.n.1 to nlbly knock
the iniimno. hr claims stt with
drawn to allow th fight to be h1
twMD Ihe two cities which came erly
and hsd ernsUr Jrrmil their claim.
This, with the election of grand en
camptnent officers, were the Important
features of the meeting yesterday.
KlvrtlAM of Ofllwri.
The (rrand encampment went Into ens
ion promptly at 9:30 a. m. and at once
proceeded U the election of officer for
the next three years. The Hon. Hugh
McCnrdy of Corrunna, Mich., was, as
anticipated, elected frrsnil master of the
Knights Templar of the United State.
Mr. McCurdy wag deputy grand master
and according to the customary rule the
Other three highest officers of the grand
encampment were moved up. W. Larue
Thomas of Danville, Ky., was elected
deputy grand master; Reuben II. Lloyd,
of San Francisco, grand generalissimo,
and H. T. Stoddard of Bryan, Tex.,
grand captain general.
Secretarial Guild of Free Masonry.
Yesterday morning was made perma
nent the organization of the "Grand
Secretarial Guild of Free Masonry for
North America," an association of the
Masouic grand secretaries and grand
recorders of North America for the
purpose of systematizing the secretarial
labors of Free Masonry. The Guild will
meet twice every three years at the tri
ennial convocations of the general grand
chapter and triennial conclaves of tiie
grand encampment. It may hold a
meeting at Chicago next year. The
officers until 1804 are:
John H, Brown of Kansas, president;
Charles E. Meyer of Pennsylvania, first
vioe president; George C. Conner of
Tennessee, second vice president; Wil
iam R. Bowen of Nebraska, secretary,
and Edward C. Parmalloe of Colorado,
Parade of Denver Firemen.
Thousands of expectant people
thronged the streets along the line f
march to witness the wand parade of
the gallant firemen of Denver. They
were well regarded, because the exhi
bition was a most creditable one. The
boys looked their best' Their uniforms
were of neat blue, with silver buttons
showing a world of hard work in the
polishing line. The different apparatus
also shown resplendent and the harness
on the horses was black as ebony. The
steeds themselves, had been polished
Bp until their L .ken skins wore a gloss
not equalled by anything of a higher
class in the city,
Carriage Worker! Adjourn.
Columbus, O., Aug. 12. The Interna
tional Carriage Workers' association ad
journed after electing the following of
ficers; President, W. A. Stuart, Cleve
land; vice president, M. Daughters, Den
ver; secretary and treasurer, J, 8. Ton
ting, Cleveland; executive board, C. A.
Bolstan, Chicago; John Gavton, Colniu
bus; R. J. Buckley, Boston; J. 8. Buker,
Island I'ark Assembly.
Bomb City, Ind., Aug. 12. This whs
governor's and the last day of the Island
Park assembly. The speakers were Sec
retary of State and Democratlo candi
date for governor Claude Matthews,
Governor Ira J. Chase, Loroy Temple
ton, of the People's Party, anil Rev. Mr.
Worth for the Prohibitionists.
Fond da Lao Cheeietnakors Tlotlmlied,
Fond du Lao, Wis., Aug. 19.
Fond du Lac county cheesemakeis are on
about $(1,000 by the disappearance of
Everett Clarke, a cheese buyor. Chirko
bought heavily four weeks ago of tin
dairy board, received the goods, and
then disappeared. Factory men were
done tip tor amounts from $300 to
Electrlo Light Companies Consolidate.
TonoNTO, Ont., Aug. 12. The conven.
tion of Edison Illuminating companies
concluded its session here. The Edison
and Thomson-Houston companies, hith
erto rivals, have bean consolidated ami
arrangements made that the consolida
tion shall apply to all cities in which
the companies are working.
Death of Hulntsn's Grandchild.
Washington, Aug. 12. Helen Har
man Harney, a grandchild of Repre
sentative Holman of Indiana, died sr,
Hamilton, Vt. The child was a great
favorite with Mr. Holman, and he whs
deeply affected by her death. Mr. Hol
man is confined to his room, suffering
from slight indisposition.
Failed to Find Revolutionists.
Washington, Aug. 12. The war de
partment has received a telegram . from
the commanding officer of the depart
ment of Tex-w stating that a party had
searched the country in the vicinity o!
Fort Reno for revolutionists said to hit
near there, but had found none.
Vein or Gold Found at Stillwater.
St. Paul, Aug. 12. John Pepin a
mining expert, claims to have made u
rich find of gold on Brown's creek, near
Stillwater. He save the vein of gold
bearing quartz is eleven inches thick at
the top ami increases in width. Tht
discovery is believed to be bona fide.
Montana, Miners Nentenced.
Boise City, Ida., Aug. 13. Judg.
Beatty imposed sentences varying from
four to eight months' imprisonment io
the county jail upon nine of tne Mm
tana rioters and discharged eleven o'
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fr r U4 lta W.vs r
rtv4 t lNii t'aTr K
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aianuM t f iUi Ntl tii
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4 w4 i-r'HWcavl It nl.-w tr
ll tnirtlM tal Vls
more! ii ,nd am lir ier K If
tirit Krr, and It, with tint. wit t
Karl. KilittiiitM t iiv.l.
nt aa the M ritiata if itn
U i a k-U) .l-'.r t?.? all !' r-vt
A' wuk it. a the nti kt a'd fM-n
h IhWih. lb jnaiilm ta trv
t and imfnMhrT irtdt t-
t'.-1., lher I Do ptMiasltnlllJ l
the frver -um h htr,
anittNiH at imtNi.
tka rarail ft Metl MemUr rromlte
He a lrge ln,
OMsltA, Aug, li. Ovl.mel Aiken, il
lustrious potentate of the Mystic Shrine,
estimates from the letters be revem
that ctr three thousand Shriners will
be in Omaha at the great parade next
Monday night. The war in railnl
fare induced snch arnsh to Denver thai
many Shriners who had intended goini
there decided to stav away for fear oi
too much of a crowd. Instead of d -creasing
the attendance of the Shriner'
meeting at this city, the circumstance
promises to increase it. Among the
Shrineis who come to this city are
many from Kansas City, St Joe and St.
Louis, and these orders if they can be
carried out will practically charter the
leading hotels.
Seven Attempts at Rnlelda.
New Haven, Conn., Aug. 12. Pe
trillo, the Italian murderer, who is in
jail here awaiting execution in No vein
bar next, added another to a long list of
futile attempts at suicide. This time
he tried to end his life by nicotine, nsimr
it as a poison. He obtained
ine drug irom nis pipe, saving it mmi
time to time until he had collected
quantity about the Bize of a marble. No
effect followed the dose, however, other
than an hour's intense nausea. This in
the seventh attempt since Petrillo was
sentenced lo be hanged ami shows a
desperate determination to kill himself
before next November.
An Kncampment Attraction.
Washington, Aug. 12. A novel fea
ture of the reunion of the naval veter
ana here at the Grand Army encamp
ment will be the erection of a model of
the old warship KearsHge, the conquerer
of the Alabama, on the grounds adju
rnnf. tn I tin White House. The model
will be 1140 feet long, built mainly or
wood, armed wun iour guns, anu nave
a rnnvua nvnr dnclr. The addresses
aro to be delivered from the poop deck,
wmie tne nertn aecK win oe niieu wn u
hammocka for the accommodation of tho
IIiirIi Hlildle Dead.
CiiiOAdO, Aug. 12, Hugh Riddle.
chairman of the executive committee of
the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific di
rectory and ex-president of the same
company, died Thursday, his him inriii
1nv nf Imnrt dlmmse. Air. ftiddle beirim
bis career as a railroad man with th.'
Krie rond fortv-six rears aio. and re
mained with that company for nearly a
quarter of a century. He entered tho
employ ol the nock xsiauu in tne year
Seised 100,000 Acres on a Judgment.
St. Paul. Minn.. Aug, PiThe North
American Loan and Trust company of
Huron, in the circuit court at Miller, n
D., took execution pBpers on IOO.Oihi
acres of Isnd belonging to the Colonli.l
and Utdted States Mortgage company nt
llv.ll li'.mrlmiil and will anil tlin amiiH Id
satisfy a lin,(H)0 judgment. The laud is
Situated in xiami, iteaoie, npina. ivnms
bury and Brookings counties. The yo,
000 acres in Hand county will be sold
Sept. J 8.
Itleh Hold Teln Htraek,
Mountain Home, Ida., Aug. 12
There Is great excitement over the dis
covery of fabulously rich gold-touring
quartz ledges in the Dixie
district, twenty-two miles up the
Rocky Bar road, un one mine a smut
has been sunk fifty feet, and has a
large vein exposed, which gives nn
average value or nrty-nine ounces to me
ton. Other and smaller veins give
muoh higher returns,
A Great Northern Strike.
Great Faua Mont., Aug. 11. -The
boilor makers in the Great Northern
railway shops in this city struck woik.
They have been receiving $;U0 and de
maud Hil.ftO tier day. General Manager
Mohlor arrived and will endeavor to
natch un a truce. The men say they
will accept nothing less than their de
Hw Iowa Hank.
Washington, Aug. 12. The First
National bunk of Kendrlck. la., capital
$50,000, was authorized to begin busi
The Farmers National bank of Shelby
vllle, Ind., has asked for authority ti
establish a National bank,
I'mplre Hurst Released,
Chicago, Ang. 12. Umpire Timoth
Hurst, of tho National League, wbs noti
fled by President Young that he hie
been released. Umpire Snyder, of tli
defunct Western League, wai appoint"
his successor. Cincinnati was primnri
responsible for Hurst's discharge.
Serious Charges AKilnl aSallna Farmer
Sauna, Ksn., Aug. 12,-George Mi
ler, a well-known farmer, was plact i'
under arrest on charge of assaulting
18-year-old daughter of his neighbor, A
J. 'Bnird.
Fslure nf a I'orllaiid Furniture Deale
Portland, Ore., Aug. 12 Ira 1",
Powers, furniture denier, has made n:
assignment. Assets, $128,000; liatnL
ties, $7,(U0.
The MHrltlehrad I.aiinrhrd.
Boston, Aug. 12. The United Stnt.
cruiser Marl.Miead was launched hi,
o'cli ck i . m.
S.Uk!fy' TMift OuktfJib; i
VtMf of jyHo jnv
ta4 Mill Me lolt e H
! et " t
Meteiin - it"
tAkpt, Ant II Tha vot if ' N
CVmr-.lewt- was e4 In the Imnae t
asrt Rt Tt.e KMma Hutu' the Ral
delate and d-iaiv te rt the addw.
kaa b4 rnale.1 tn litrretllt aict
tcitinf fealnn in. the similar ti
of the titne rl delmta tn llH, wltet
Mr. tiladMtte. now vtt.rloua,
orerthnwn. Kvery Inch tf availatle
spa n the fi sr was occupied and S"fi
of the tneiutor had to find seats In the
galleriea, and even t spck front th.e
elevated and distant positions. Kver
English tneiutor waa present, and the
total tutnlHr of ilsstilsw was only thit
teen. Tlw iedM who crowded the
outside galleries were well repaid for
their attendance by witnessing one ol
the peaceful revolutions by which Kn
gland overthrows one set of rulers and
sets up another.
Though Hertort Gladstone declares
that his father has fully; recovered his
health, and that the stories of his weak
ness are the invention of malicious
enemies, and though the British Medi
cal Journal on the authority of Sir An
drew Clarke states that Mr. Gladstone
Is sound in body and mind, and able to
work with any man of his age, never
theless, the aged statesman looked pale
and distressed and sauk into his seat as
though exhausted, lie was nervous
and irritable. The light from
the opposite windows annoyed him, his
eyes Wing still weak from the effoots of
the injury sustained by one of them dur
ing the campaign in Scotland, At a
signal irom him, the attendants ciosen
the windows and drew the curtains.
Durinur most of the debate Mr. Glad
stone listened with his eyes closed, keeu-
ing his hand to his ear in token or atten
tion to what was toing said. Mr.
Chamberlain never came so near losing
control as in his rage at the tactics em-
loyed by Tim Hoaly to prevent his
eliverinir a siieeoh. The Brummagem
Statesman's face was almost green with
choler. He heaped denunciations upon
llealy's head, iieaiy smiled sar
donically during most of the diatribe, but
when Chamberlain declared that llealy
was a person who would insult any
man, and then, pausing, added with of
fensive emphasis "or any woman," the
fice of the Irish member underwent a
sudden change of appearance, and be
came livid with suppressed rage. The
Tories yelled with delight at Chamber-
Iain's home tnrust ana Kept up in
shouting until they were hoarse. After
Chamberlain's speech, he and Jjord Jtaii-
dolp Churchill were seen chatting to
gether in the lobby the first time they
have boon known to converse in years,
The Tories were chagrined at their fail
ure to extort replies from the Llborals.
The latter were content to do very lit
tle talking and to rely upon thoir votes,
lUly's Army Increased,
Rome, Aug. 12. Signor Grinaldl,
minister of finance, plans oomplote L re
form of the imjxirt duties and hopes
thereby to increase the revenues by
about iO.000.ihh) lire. Contrary to afi
expectation General Pellonx, minister
of war, not only fails to realise the hope
of retrenchment indulged in, but hat
completed a plan for tho Increase of tho
territorial army by ton cavalry regi
ments. This plan has been approved by
the king, whose opposition toany reduc
tion of the army was confirmed during
the conference with Emperor William.
Affairs In Honduras,
Panama, Aug. 12. The report
brought here from Honduras by the 8,
B. Barracouta, nine days ago, is con
firmed. General Leonardo Nulla has
boon com met el y successful and is hoi 1-
ing his r wn in the north. General Ho
niila Is victorious in the south. There
are, however, fears of another revo i
tion and the overthrow of the govern
ment. Recovered Her Husband's Rudy.
Cincinnati. O., Aug. 12. Six months
ago Mr. Preston Twitchell, formerly of
this city, was shot dead at Tama, Mex,.
by an assassin, Ho was then master
mechanic of the Mexican Central rail
road. His widow tried to hav
his tody returned. The Mexican sn
thoritins refused to return it till flvn
years after the mnrdor had elapsed. She
anrdlnd to the state dermrtmmit at Wash
Ington and through that department
. i .1 i M . 1 A A., i,. .
and oy me payment ni niioiii f-nw u
eoure the tody from its custo lians in
Mexico she succeeded. The body ar
rived here.
Will Let the Hand Com la.
Hamilton, Ont., Aug. 12. The crle
brated Thirteenth batallion band of thi"
city, some timo ago engaged to play at
the Buffalo exposition, but last week
word was received that the engagement
had toen cancelled, as the
officials threatened the Thirteenth bund
with arrest under the alien lator law if
they went through. Word was received
that the collector of customs at Buffalo
had decided that members of the band
were skilled musicians and as such wen
not liable to the law in question, ami
the band will go direct to Buffalo from
Denver, where they are now playing foi
the big conclave.
Answer to the Sugar Trust.
Philadelphia, Aug. 12. District At
torney Ingham will in a day or two fil
a bill in the United States supreme
court In the sugar trust case. It will
to a formal document denying the po
slt'.on taken by the defendants in tin ir
a iswer. The court will be asked at It
next session to appoint an examiner t
hear the testimony and the case le
rushed to a speedy termination.
One Killed, Seven Injured.
Denver, Aug. Ii An engine on 1 1
Circle railroad struck an electric car ai
a street intersection at midnight, killini
one person and injuring seven other-,
most of them fatally. t
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Itrti l a Welt.
IUmi ii.m. lei, An U-4 ,
vHli!4 tri rttt4 ! I'' lw j
toe HUI la HUef the t a
tt rnMtiv( tM ia.V. tm
''ml a .! lilr.t fet
'.! k, and mH, iae. in,
ntih eeven Wtn A!lett lnro.
tlnam I'ltr-i A!.t. Miv-te
lrtt. tM. 1,siI- nf Kfr
ie, and J, k IStwwell, tr ths
etU, ei lrlawtiv kil).l. fvm
I ft lv, tha tretna h ttW k vlt,
Ks l an Vie eiitainM an. hishes l kxt
i.hi IdaUhaw nsiine. aa tnjntf
t,i t.ta f - The it, I fitea When tln
Mtl were titltdf rmhe-l. trnt
tler, the ,iita. V f'-4ns, t' alnt
wetamtT.1. taking th ilsm f the a"!
dnt nn ttittiMf,
a M 4t H IH HIS rft.
the M-k tailed ! IHettek lha Mm
hU 4rr ka Heel.
Nif-IIMU V. Tetiw,, Aug, II II. Osy
King, the Memphis murderer,
tonight to this city and waa at ie -Mnveye.1
to the enltentlary by the
sheriff. The journey lo Ihls plsce sm
a quiet ons, Governor Buchanan gave
as one of his reasons for commutation
to life Imprisonment of the death en
tente of King his tolief that King
Ihoulii have had a change of venue.
Affidavits were produced to show t tint
Juror Smith had communicated with
the outside and expressed an opinion on
lha case. The jury should uot have
left the slate during the trial.
I.lrtle llnrden Arrlsted.
Faix Rivkii, Mass., Aug 12. The
arrest of Miss Liexie Borden, charged
with the murder of her father and
mother, was brought about at I o'clock
p. m. Even though the community
lias lHen in some messnre prepared for
this terrible outcome by the pending
inquest, Lizzie Borden's arrest caused
an immense sensation. She was lodged
in jail, and access was denied to her by
everybody, even her counsel coming
tinder the ban. When driven through
tho streets her face waa veiled. When
the lifted her veil at the warden's resi
dence it tot rayed no emotion. It is
believed that her arrest would not have
been ventured upon unless some positive
evidence had resulted from tne con
tinued session of the inquost yesterday,
Labor Leaders Will Confer.
Nbw Yohk, Aug. 12. The executive
council of the American Federation of
Lator will hold a secret meeting some
time this week. It is called in relation
to the labor troubles at present disturb
ing the country, with particular refer
ence to tho New York and Homestead
strikes. It is said that some retaliatory
measures will be devised. The moni
tors of the council are! Samuel Goin-
pors, president, C, E. Evans, John U.
Lemon, P, McGuire and William A.
Gunning for llnllot Hoi StuftVrs,
, Bikminoiiam, Ala., Aug. 12. A panic
prevails in Hock ford, the county seat of
Coosa county. One hundred men en
tered the town, all armed, and declared
their intention of killing the probate
Judgo, Mr. Jones, the sheriff and the
circuit clerk, whom they allege tamp
ered with the ballot mixes after they
vvern reMiriit'u iu win uijiiiv tkmmi, mn
reduced the majority by which the
1 4.. , L. 1, .,. .. . , , I
county went for Kolb at the recent
The Fir Record,
Bkattlk. Wiish.. Aug. 12. -The Elliot
lodging house was burned to the ground.
Two children, aired B and 7 years, sons
of Milton Tanner, were burn td to death.
Three residences adjoining were also
burned, Loss, $11,000,
Hamilton. O.. Ang. 13. Bender
Bros.' planing mill was burned, throw
ing 700 men out of work. The loss Is
nearly $100,000. Incendiarism it sus
FJectad Herds Spreading Teias Fever.
El Reno. O. T., Aug. 12. A farmer
who has just come in from county "D,1
thirty miles northeast of El Reno, says
Texas fever, or sojie kind or disease
which resembles that malady, is raging
In that a,.H.ti If. la tiulinVnd that till!
herds which have been ejected from the
Cherokee Strip left a trail of tho terrible
Hal Pointer Kernels IMreet.
Grand IUhps, Aug. 12. The great.
est rsclnir ever seen in Michigan was
witnessed by 10,000 noople. The event
of the day the llal Pointor-Dlrect
race was taken ny winter in straight
heats. Direct pushed him consideraniy
the first turn hunts, hilt the third WflS
an easy victory for the big horse. Time,
8:0D, U.I 1 f,
Ask a Ilecelverland an Injunction.
Boston. Ang. 12. An application
was made in the sunerlor court bv cer
tlflcate holders in the United Reserve
Fund association for a receiver and an
Injunction. The concern is an endow
inwit nrdnr and waa formerly the Unit
ed Endowment league. There is about
$100,000 in the treasury.
Slashing the Hates.
Chicago, Aug. 13. The Vandalia
road announced a round trip rate of
tA.on from Indiansno lis to Kansas I'ltV.
for the Knights of Pythias encampment,
awi I ii nbii h A rfimi Tirrw-HLiiriHii n
round trip rate of $5.00 from Chicago to
Kansas uiy.
McNulty dels a Bespit.
San Francihpo, Aug. 12. Governor
Markham granted a respite of fifteen
days to John McNulty, who was to have
toen executed today. JVIcJNnlty, a long
shoreman, was convicted of the ronrder
of John Collins, another longshoreman
Went Down with the Tog.
MonthkaL, Aug. 12.-The tug Will
iatn Paul sprang a leak and filled with
water while moored at a wharf and
sank, carrying down Henry Lardse, Al
fred BcHuchamp, and a toy named
Ratel, The todies were recovered
Hied from Her Injuries.
Drnvkr. Aug. 12. Mrs. Eliza Rob
erts of Battle Crock, Mich., one of th
party who sustained injuries in tin
Santa Fe wreck near Denver Tuesd
Inorning, died at St. Joseph s hospital.
I iiHiii ti l'iHiti' we vul! !! f -t iiic nl, liill
T'U lUun, !' lht tc Mifc tVSh t' i 1 r lUi
n M..r!t iltraii r limit hnj tdln t Ii. - m il.i- 1 1 y . If lw
t i.K wlU I tin lite t til, p ni rtnlMUnl llil ll J fins
(Ticil. Will llU tl IMC With Ifljjif I U I""HH t
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door of theroimly court lioiiw, hi uie cnv 01
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order of sule lis follows, lo-wll!
I.iit niinilicrcd svett n in iiiim-k u, in
1,1111111 llr I. nililltlon hi i iriiiiiiii, snrvir''i unit riTinili'd In I lorn 1 lis county. Ne.
Iiriiskii, lo sullsfy llenlnil I, mm slid I'ruxt
Coiiiiiuny the sum of one hundred sllv-nlne
Hiid :b-illi dolliirs ifimi.:i:.'i Judkrineiit., with In
terest l hereon at mm of ten il"i percent, iht
minimi from tlieinii tiny or niny, n, i, is,r,
I ii mi ltl tn fslitUftf V. M, Mullen lllH Mtlll)
lit (lltlt liiiiulri'd mid fnrlvhnd ll IKi dollms
(lii.nili liuliiiiii'iit, snd twenty-sin mid Sflt-lxi
(lollnrs (f :ii,ail costs, wun iincnvr on immh hi
siild ttinoiints lit rule of seven .er cent, per
minimi from the (llhlliiy ofMny. A, l, !.
until puld, tJi(etlier with liccrtiliiK cosis,
....... i.lli.rf In ii liwlifiiient rendered hy tin1
district court ofsiild I Ihs coiinty, l Its
Muy term, A. II. Mni, In n cert sin itctloii itieii
nml I hern iwiidliuf, wherein ( enlnil l.oiin
mid Trust Comiiiiny wn philntllT. mid I'eier
j, Myers, .Miiry nyera iiu in u'rs nni'inn
Umiitm, neurnsKii, nayim '"!; Z'i;
il.ilii;k A. HKNNKTT.
Sheriff Of I IoukIiis County, Nehniskll,
tleorKe V. tlilmore. iitlorney, S-ft-ft
Sheriff's Sale.
t'nder snd Ijy virtue of sn eectillou on
trunscrliit, Issued by V runk K. Moores. Clerk
of the district court of liouulus county, Ne.
Iiruskii. tiMin a luiliiinent of the county court
In mid for suld county, on the nth duy of
June, IHUJ, in tniiiscrlpt of which judionenl.
wiisoii the Uilh duy of July, duly tiled
Slid diK-keled In (lie district court, within
nml for an Id county,) In fuvor of It. II Henry,
executor, snd Siriilusl Suriih lleriisleln, dm
pleaded with A. M. Hermoeln. Ilrst renl uume
unknown. I I have levied Uhiii the following
descrllMd real islale as the prosrly of the
said Sarah lleriisleln, lo wit:
The liorlh twenty-two ('.''.,) feet of the
south forty-foiiritti feel, of Hie east Ihlrly
llve (il'.i feet of lot one (Ii. hlock one hundred
and twenty-one (l:;ii, In the city of I luuihii,
liouulus county, Neliiaskii. "snd I will un the
ftth day of Si plemlMT. Istj. at u o'clock A. M.
of salif (lav at Ihe hAST front d.sir of the
Couiitv Court House In the city of (iniiiha.
iHiuiHits county. Neluiiskn. sell said real
estate at puhllc auction to the hluhest hhhler
for ciish. to satisfy said ejiecutlon, the
amount due thereon lieliur si hundred
thirty-seven and :vi-no dollars ifUM)
(liimiiire. live and su-lim dollars i' ts
wild Interest atteiilUn percent, on hold of
said a unts from .lime Hlh, SH. touether
Willi one anil s." im dollars tfi Ki) the costs of
Increase and iiccrulnu cols,
Oninliu. .Nehruska. Au(n-.t i. I .?.
FherltTof Isnnrlast oimty. Nehru-kii.
Cornl-li & HolH tison. sttomej-s. S-.V5
lind a lit in thorn you
pur cent,
Notlco of Flnnl Settlement.
Stats op Nriimasks, I
liouKiiia t oiiniy, I
In Hie 'mi n I v Court of luniuliis County.
Nehnisks. .Inly 30, A, 1 1. Mtt,
in the mniier or me estittn or I'uirii K
All nersons Interested In siiid mutter will
I ii lie notlcelhnl nil I he $11 h duy of .luly, IHti'J,
the counl y coiiit of HoiikIiis couiily, el),,
tn ii (In the followlliK olderi
liouuliiN oiimy, I
In I lie Couuly Coiii l of Hiiiiidns County,
Nehnisks. .luly an, A. It, IsW. I'lesent, J. W,
hi ler, County .indite,
in l he mniier or win estitui or ruirics
flushes, deceiisnd:
Ifiioii reudlmi mid lllllitf the IS'llllon of
.lullii Hughes, slum In) llint, she wits duly
iiiioluled mid iuiullleii us HilmiiilHiriiii li or
suld estnle, nml I hut more Hum twelvn
1 1 ii n I Ii h hii ve eliipseil since ner sunt Hppnini
menl. lind priiyliiK the court for ft flnnl set
tlement of her iiccouiil herein filed mid for H
dlsi'liiirue, mid piiiyltiK thiit such oiher mid
f ii it her oiiler nml proceed nuts muy ne nun in
(I.,. iiu i.iiiV he I'eoillrell Ii V Hill
slulules In such cases miide ii'id nrovhfed.
Ordered, tluil Hi plemlier37, A. I. lHt, lit 10
o'clock rt. Hi., he lisslttncil fof licHrlus suld -
lllhui. when nil iH't'sous inicresico in sum
mut ler muy tippeur til the Count v court, lo tin
In-Ill In mid for suld couuly, lind show citusti
why the pi liver or sum ueiitionersuoiiui not,
I,,. I, ml i In. I nolleiiof Hie nemleiicv
of suld pellllon mid llin lieurlni thereof, I in
Ulvep to Ilin tieisons iiliove mimed find sll
other iH-rsons Inleresled 111 suld tiuitler. Iiy
pilhllshliix mil Ice of this proceeding In TPS
Amkiiican, n newspiiisir urlnted In suld
county, four weeks successively previous hi
""""" I"""1""' J.VV.KM.KU,
SKAL.I Counl y .ludtfe,
Ami you wlllfurlhcr lukn nollce thitt un
less you sppeur tocontest, the suld petition of
.lullii lluuhes lit, the tlmn snd pluce sp
pointed forlhut purpose, the court muy, in
your Hlmence, npprove suld report, mid muy
Kiiiiil, the further pruyer of suld pellllon,
Witness my liiiml mid ollleliil aeiil this Mill
flii,yof.Iuly, 'si, J, W, hl.hhK,
hrai.,J s-M County JudKO,
ShoritTs Silo.
Ily virtue of mi order of sule Issued nut of
Hie iHstrlct court of IioiikJiis county, Ni
i ui... u...l i,. ..... Ilfj.'li.l. I will on Out Itlh
in linn ii , 1. 1 1 . . . . . - .... ... ... - .....
(luyof Seiilemher, A. . Ntf .10 I0o'clis-k S. m,
Ol Slllll Uliy. Ill inn I'.ini irimi, iiiitir in iiih
county court house. In the city of Omiilm,
llouuliis county, Nehriiskit, sell St liuhllc
miction the inoS'rty deserlhed In siiliforder
of sule us follows, lo wil l
All the purl of Hie soulti-west lUurter iU)
of Hie soulh-eiisl, nuiirter lit of section
llilrly'sl i;li, townsfilp flfleeti ilfth north of
runiii twelve deiist. Unit Issltiuiled west
of the center of the 1,11 lie I'Hpllllon Creek, In
IioiikIhs county, Nehrnsku, uv sndejceiit,
thlil portion hi'lwccn Ihe center line of suld
( reek mid the west llneoflhn rlKhlnf wuy
of IhnOmiiliii Melt 1,1ns Kullwsy, snd suva
mid except north Iwo CJnicres west of ssld
rlKht of wuy, contulnlns llvii IM si'res, mors
or lessi Blso S li'iicl of lund com mem Inif St S
point In the center of the l.lttln I'lipillloii
( reek Where suld creek crosses lh north
linn of lownslilp fourleen (Hi, rimioi twelve
I Hit, t hence west, ulontt Hi" nort h line of suld
township fourteen (Ul lo the riorlli-wcsl
corner of I he noi l h-eiist iiinrler 4 1 of section
one III, lownslilp fourteen tU), noilhof rmito;
twelve (Vii, eiisl, thence south sixteen snd
elKhty-one one hundred His (PI s.imi cluilns,
thence fust to the center of Little I'lipllllon
( reek, thence In ft northerly direction, t p
the center ofsiild Creek to Ihe point of he.
KliitilliK, escept triicl of lund tlfl y l) feet
wide on euclislde of (he located Unn of lh
Oimihn licit Kullwsy ( ompiiny throuith aiild
tiremlses, In liouKlus county, Nehrusk , lo
sullsfy, first out of the proceeds of the sule of
Hut suld "triicl of lund commenclnif lit S
point In (ho center of the Little I'lipllllon
I recs wnere num , -
line of township foul teen (H. rmiioi twelvii
U'ii, thence wesl ulonif Ihe north line of said
lownslilp fourteen (Iti, lo the north-wist
cornet' of Hie noil h-cast iiiurter (Vof si
Hon one Hi, lownslilp fourteen I4i, north of
rmiKe twelve (CiM'asl, thence south sMIei n
mid' elxhty-one one-liundredllis US M IKI)
chains. Ihenco east to the center of Mills
I'lipllllon ( reek, Ihciire In u northerly dlrec.
Hon, lip the center of suld Creek lo Ihe tsilnt
of lietdimlnil, except it Iraclof land fifty t.Vit
feet wide on ench side of the located line of
thedmaha Hell Hallway Company through
said premises In IioiikIiis counly. N'dirasku.
liexter I, Thomas Ihe sum of sevenli-eil
hiimlred and sixty dollnrs (il"imi wllh In
terest thereon from May Mth, Wi, st ral of
t'luht i per cent, er annuiiii to satisfy
,'iierlck KruK the sum of eighteen hundred
llnrty eliHit and "s-pm dollars if is.w.'isi with
Interest thereon lit the rate of ten dm per
cent, iicrmmuui from May Mill. IsW! tosatlsfy
Hie ( hlcHiro Luiiilicr Comiisny the sum of
elKhty-lhree and ;i"'-li dollar'ii, with
Inlerest thereon from the 'ilhdayof Miirch.
A. 1 1, sii, until iiulil, and Hilrty-tlires and
KS-ii dollars ifMM) costs, with Interest
from the Wh .day of May. A, l.
logelher wllh accrulnif cints ticcordlns:
to luilifini'iit retideii'd hy the district court
of suld HoiikIiis mty. at Its May term,
A. It In a certain action then and thers
nendlmr. wherein I rederlck hriur was
plaintiff, and Jacoh II. CfeltTer snd others
were ilefcmlunls.
(iiiiuhii, Nehrssks. Autriist ii wr;
Sheriff of HoiikIiis County. Nebraska,.
Iiexler I.. Tliomas. utlomey, s-ft-&
t rees Wliere sum i ! , .............
fJjrjP s' 1613 Douglas St.
Omaha, Neb. VU"SIC
Kctiili rs, if yon WHtit this ikmt to
siici'ct tl iHti'onize our tulvi'ftlm'rs.