The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, August 13, 1891, Page 7, Image 7

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11m nn l geim fa mi Ida vnllnTi,
Tim Mr lri'Htlin (Y, nil Hillli
On 1lin Imrtt riif, yellow with lichen,
A robin lit iliiKlutf nhrlll.
t.lltn n tnwny lenf In hl loin,
I.lkn n iltiit lenf In Mm what;
Iti) In ghtd of tin coming winter
An tint IIii iihIi U glint f Hut K1tf ti pr.
Tim wmtiil f tlifl Ntiiiniit' piping
Collie ill I WM fl'lllll lllwlllllt fnlil
Llkn thn rlpplo of running witter,
A tuiuiii'Mi mill iwcct hikI colli.
Thn two noiiffn iiiIiikIo tiKelherj
Lllio mid uiillkn itro they,
Fur ono notimlM tired nml pliilatlv
Ami oiin rlngn proud nml guy,
Tliey tdkn no tliniiKlit of their tuiiHln,
The lilril Hint tho h( n 1 1 1 c (nil;
II ut thn lil nl voli'ti thrllU with riitu r
Ami tho hiiiimu noto In nml, .,,
"If you hnvo never tried II, I don't
uno why you nay It In nil tionnonno,"
Hlio Maid.
"It' ftgnlnHl all tho mien of com
won nonno," replied Ilenton, "Tlio
very liloa of an illitornto woman hav.
Inir mich a power In nlmply rldleiiloun."
Ho had nt tucked clulrvoyanry merely
bcenunoMInn Dalo defended It, (Slot
nl way n knit lmt' brown at lilm ho
thoughtfully, regarded lilm ho earn.
ontly from thono bright hazel cyan, ami
pnrncd up that (lain I y llttlo mouth of
horn ho bowllohlngly, that Henton
could never roHlnl tho temptation of an
argument with her.
Hoforo coming to oollcgn Jlontoii
had known Kthol Halo Mlghtly, They
both lived In Ht. l,ouln, ami had eomo
cant at tho hiiiiio time, ho to culm
Harvard, and Mm to llvo with an aunt
in IIumIoii nml IIiiImIi lmr education
tlicro. In IiIn FroMiimin year lot tnlkoi
to IiIh nrquuliilaiieon about tho "protlv
llttlo Wontcm girl" ho called on ho
often i In bin Hophomoro year ho npoko
or "MINN (ulo" only to IiIn nionl Intl.
tnatu frlendn; ami now in IiIh Junior
yearwell, ho never mentioned her
namo at all, hut wiim never promt to
talk of tho "Ideal woman" and tint
"WoHtorri girl Kuntornlzod," Tho
only hit of muitluiont he wan guilty of
wan to Hit alono hy IiIn flro and Imng.
lun two bright cyoN peering at lilm
through tho wrenllm of IiIn tobacco
"Oh, I wan JiiMtiiM Nkoptlcnl an you
oiico," hIio contliuiiid, "but I wan con
verted, Wo lined to hnvo quite an lu
tidllgent HoaniHtroNN In Mt, J,ouln, who
became a clairvoyant after hIio left iih,
I happened to notice bur udvortlne.
mont in n lloHton paper, and went to
noo her. HIio didn't know who I wan
at all, and ntlll nlie told mo tho mont
wonderful tbliin about myHolf,"
"How dooM nlie go about It!'" inked
"Well, Mio taken you Into a dark
room and Mln down directly opponlto
to you The theory In, you know, that
your thoughtN nIiow theniHelveN by the
twitching of the norvonln yourln'gornj
Ho all through the Houncn Mm hold
your liarid, Then nlie fall Into a
tranco and telln your fortune, Hho
nil In you Homo Mrn ago Indian name
Mm called mo 'l'oralioiilun' and tnlkn
InnMirlll, piping voice thut'n awfully
weird. All of anudden Mm nay 'good
by' and won't nay another word, You'd
bettor have a neancn hoiiio dayi Ii,'h
pent fun, and I'm Hiiro you'd enjoy It,
J'vo been round to nee her qulto often,
junttotulk with her, and hIio Inn't a
bit of a fraud,"
Hut llentori nlwoliiloly rofunnd to go,
The principle of the thing wan utterly
bad, he mild, and he did not believe in
ncoi.ratrlng nuch t'im foolery, MInm
Jbiln tried In vain to convince him,
And really felt Homowbat phpied when
lio mild good-night, aiparently entirely
unmoved by her pornuiiHlonn, In
reality llenlon had thought of going
from the llrnt, and now an be walked
ut to ('ambrldgo, ho decided to vlnlt
tho clairvoyant at IiIh earllnNt oppor
tunity. , A ow day uftor thin ctmvermitlon
Jlenton wen! to have a wentu'rt. Ho
rang MInn ,lnhnion'H bell twlco lofoii
nnjtiody ciune. The door wan llnully
opetieil oy a mien, tlellcitte woman,
with ml her a phmxiiiit ixpriNNlon.
Hbo looked an mont HtnnmtroNm do,
except that thero wan morn Intelll
genco about her faco.
"In MInh .luhiiMon InP" linpiircd
Thn woman Hcrutlnlxod lilm oliwidy.
'I'm lmr; nit down and wait, I'll be
ready In a moment; ami w hen tho door
opeiiH, walk right In." Mho pointed to
A doer Junt oppoNlte, and horNolf went
out by a third door, which Henton
board her bolt on the other Hide, H
wan kept waiting for almoNt a rpuirtor
of an hour, ami wiw Junt becoming lrti
laitlent, when I he door nlowly Hwung
pen. It wiw perfectly dark lnnld,
but Ilenton ttntred without boHltatlon
Ho wiin bai'dly In, when u dark
flguro bniNhed jniHt him, lookod tho
door, and took out tho key, Ilenton
could fool hU heart give, a midden
bump agatiiHt IiIn Hide, and bin hand
lnntlnotlvely felt for bin watclu Ttio
dark flguro now camo townrdn him and
said In n trmnuloua voicm "Two
dollarn, ploiiHo," Henton kept a firm
bold on hi pui'HO hn bo piiNNod ovr
tho money.
Ah noon a hl oyen becamo unod to
the darkncHH, Kenton noticed that tho
clairvoyant wiih nhort and rather
light; In cimo of A row, bo thought,
ftn poiild, rnHlly maruigo nor. Hho wan
nroNHod entirely In black, with a black
Veil over her face, and a heavy black
Hhawl wrapped comiilclely around her
body. Her Imlr wiih entirely concealed
by a covering of whlto lace, which
looked unnaturally bright In compar.
Imoii with her dark clothing. Hho
motioned him to nit down nml drew
up her chair directly oiioohHo. Hoc
whole iipiiearanco won ho Htrnngo and
uncanny that Ilenton could not help
Hhlverlng ntlghtly iih hIio reached out
for IiIh bund, for ho expected to feel
Homethlng uioImI and cold. To bin
iiHtoiilNhment her baud wiih hoH and
warm, and Itn very touch Hoomed to
dlnpel IiIn fear,
AftiM' Hitting In this portion for
Homo moiuenlH, tho clairvoyant begun
to brealho heavily, and dually gave a
deep High. Hv thin time Ilenton liinl
entirely recovered IiIn nerve,
Tho clairvoyant nlowly nodded her
head, "I will tell you about your
pant life, brave," hIio nald, In iihIiiIII,
piping voice, The tone Hounded ho
alTectod and unnatural that Ilenton bo.
came more a nd more nccptlcal,
The cbalrvoyiirit nnemeil a llttlo iiet.
tied, nml Ilenton could feel a nllght
tremor In her hand,
"I will tell you about your pant,
bravo," nlie hiiIiI at length,
Tho ronult wan perfectly startling,
Hho told him nemo of the moHt minute
delalln of bin life at borne and at col.
lego, and finally wild that ho bud lately
lent a friend, wIiono nplrlt hIichiiw
hovering around lilm. It wan only a
week nlnco one of Ilnnton'n (tbinnnialon
had died, Ho looked at tho veiled
llguro before him with a feeling of
awe, and tho Htrnngo iiucnunlnoHH of
tho thing began to como over Mm
"Jlavo you any uuoMtloiiH, brave!'"
the clairvoyant linked abruptly, With
out taking time to rorinliier, Ilenton
Impilredi "Will Harvard or Valo
win tho biiNo-ball match next Hatur-
"Harvard," repllnd tho clairvoyant
Immediately, "Have you any moro
Huildenly It occurred to Mm to link
about Klliid, The very Idea of thin
luci'onHod hl exeltemnuti he could feol
bin heart b'allng fut again, ami wan
afraid ho could not control bin voice.
At length he pointed to a llttlo piece
of blacK ribbon, which Minn Halo bad
given him am) which he wore in bin
"1 am in lovo with the girl who
gave niu I IiIn, " ho Hiild, "and am
thinking of proponing to her in a few
dayn, Hhall i dg HP"
The fhilrvoMOtl Kceini'il tii'Hli'd Itno
Ihcfe in a olijlit ticmei1 In nr biiml.
After a I Mime nlie mild:
"Ho yon think yon low her, brave""
"I am mire of It, replied llcutnti.
I' or uIiuonI, llvo tulimtcN the cbtlrvoy
itnl nut pci'li'Cily nili'iit ainl mol ho'li'fN,
while lli'iitou could bnrilly cnulrel bin
iiIImIIiiii. At length Mie npoko dellh
eriitely, iin If wcigulng every word:
"When Harvard wlim t!ie game next
fSatunlay, go to her IminiNlliilely. If
nlie iihUn you to dinner - jiriipimel'"
"Do you mean that hIihII accept
inor cried Ilenton eagerly.
"(ioiid-by, brave," Hiild tho clalr
voyiint, ninlilciily dropping IiIh band.
Hho glided to the door and opened It,
then dlMiippimrcd through a dour at
Hie other nlde of the room. Ilenton
watched her till nho wan gone, then
rono mechanically and hurried out In
to tho Htrett. If Harvard won that
game on Hatiirdny ho would bo a con
vert to clalrvoyaiicy.
Haturday afternoon came at hint, and
Ilenton wan almoNt the llrnl iniin on tho
Held, for ho really could Hot keep
away. Jlenlon bad never nuen ho ex
citing a game In bin life. Whenever
Yale imule a run, bo thought that the
game wan lont, and whenever Harvard
made a run, ho acted like n inuntac.
In tho bint half of the ninth Inning,
with the Hcore tied, Dean knocked bin
great homo run into the wlllownln left
Held, und Harvard had wen, nlno to
eight, ilenton wan oil' like a Hindi,
tearing punt the gy miianliim and mull
ing on through the yard, At length,
all broalhloHH, bo Jumped on the back
platform of a car. The IIchI, condition
wan fullllled, Harvard had won; now
would nho ank lilm to dinner!'
It wan not till ho wan on tho door
Htep and had rung tho bell, that Ilen
ton begun to think what ho wan doing,
J'rolialuy Hho mid neeu to tho gaunt
wlt'i hoiiio other fellow. Thin nppro.
hennlon wan noon removed by f ho nor
vant girl, who mild ll Inn Halo wiih la
and would bo down directly,
"Ho far everything ban gone right,"
thought Ilenton an lie paced up ami
down th parlor to recover bin com-
ponuro, Suddenly bin cyo happened
to wander into the back room. Ho
Htarted Involuntarily. There, Htandlng
with her buck towardn ) 1 1 r it, wan thn
llguro of a woman d rowed entirely In
black, except for Home white Itum
wrapped about her bead, For Homo
moinonlH Ilenton Mood ntlll, "What
tho devil In that clairvoyant doing
hero, ban nho given mo away Ut Kth
elF" ho muttered, Tho very Idea of
Hi In mndo blm furloun, lie went up
und tapped her roughly on tho hIioiiI
dnr. Thn clairvoyant nlowly turned nho
hit 1 no veil on thin time, and a pair of
bright hazel eyon looked up at hi ill
rogulnhly, "Will you May to dinner,
Mr. HontonP" nhe nald,
Purlng th Availing ftlhnl managed
to tdl blm Unit nho had been calling
on tho clairvoyant onoiiay ana wan
Hitting at the window, when nho hmw
blm on the Mepn, Hho pemuaded tho
clairvoyant to let her play tho trick,
and being about her llguro, managed to
dlngulno liernelf completely,
"Jmnglno my foollngn," nho con-
eluded 'w ill In J wan thinking bow to
miNwer your bint question."
"Hut bow on earth did you know
that Harvard wiih going to wlnP" In
j u I red Ilenton.
"Ob, that wan by clalrvoyancy,"
laughed Klhel, "Jlo yon believe In It
"Ho II" nald Ilenton. Harvard Ad
NieiKi (ruccr I liitriiel ecl I of Men tit
Men generally cronn their legn when
there In Iciiit prcNHiire on their mlmln.
You will not very often llml a man
actually ongnged In bunlneNn with bin
eiN ci'OHHi'd, J ho IIiiiIin at Hiomii tlmen
are than at any other, bo.
cntiHo the mind mid body work Ut
geiher, A man engaged in oudlting
hccntuilN will nelilein cro' bin legn
neither w 111 a tiiioi who bt writing tui
ni llele er bo U employ t-d In any iniin
iter where bU bruin U Actively in
gngeil, When at work In a nlltlug
poHlnre 1 1n HmliN nnlurnlly cP n, vu
the Moor In a perfectly Hlraliibt llms
A man may en in hi lei'n If be In nit
ting In an olllce cbalr dlftCUNNlug nemo
piopiHltloii with anolher mo it, but tho
Iic'IhiiI, he become really In enrnont
nml perceive Honicthlng to be gained,
he 'lendn forward teward bin neluhber
and IiukIih lo iino IiIn bnmU,
HultlieHO olmervnlliuiN are mndo of
mankind In general. There are par
ticular canon that are otherwUe.
There are eerlaln men of illMllngulHheil
tnleiiin who, when engaged in literary
work, twUt their leyn Into Intrlcato
eolU, One of Hie moHt eminent ilraiu
iiIIhIn In thin couulry never ahnmloun
hlumelfto deep thought without con
torting bin lliiilm, which uro long and
Hlemler, Into a kind of lingular Heroll
work under the table. Another man,
wIioho poeuiN appenr iuomI, freipiently
In I he iniigaliieH, neenin actually tn
wring bin emol lonn out of bin legn, an
If they were HpongoH nojiped in tin'
alllaliin, However, thoNii are excep
tional mannorlHiiiH by which put tlcular
men of bralnn are InneiiNlbly alTectod.
Homo men twUt their beardii when
they are in deep thought, otliorn
Hi'ratcli their liendn a-bnlrnctodly, while
inborn, again, chew their linger iiiiIIh.
To thin abneut-mlndeil genun belongn
now and then a imin'wlio cannot pen
der Hovoroly without making bin legn
nxproHH all the emotloiin of tlionght.
New York Hoeorder.
Oi Aid lini'lly Nay I'miiiln Wliotn
Am HnveUil In NnUmm,
Tho carl of Herby nnnwered thin
fiiowllon recently in an addrenn to tho
Hcleiitllle and Technological Heboid of
Liverpool, an liintltutioii of which ho
wan one of tho foumlern, lie mild:
"Having known men of many pro.
foHHloiin, I Hhoiildnay that tho happlont
liven are thono which have been do.
voted to Hcloiico. J'lvery ntep In Inter,
anting, ami tho huccohh ol thono who
do Hiicceed In hinting,
"What general, what orator, what
ntatenmau, what man of lettern can
hope to leave a memory like that of
DarwInF An invalid In health, a man
who noldoin Htlrred from homo, a mini
until bin later yearn very llttlo known
to tho outer world, but who from bin
quiet nl inly revolutionised tho thought
of Kurope and will ho remembered an
long an Nowlon und llacon.
"If fame In worth working for I do
not nay It In that kind of fiuno In Hiiro-'
ly tho moNt durablo and tho mont de.
Hirablo of all,"
TIicno wordn aro true of the debitor-
cnted men of Helen, Wo bavo never
bad'ln thin country men moro uniform
ly cheerful and good-tempered than
rraiiklln, Hlttenhouno and JelTernon,
who Hpent moHt of tho bdnuro of their
liven In the purnult of knowledge; ami
rofoMHor AgiiNNl, wan noted for tho
buoyancy of Mh nplrltn in every com
puny where ho felt at homo. Hut wo
can nay Homethlng Hlmllar of every
pernon who ban a purnult milted to bin
talent and clrcuniNtam'en,
The happy people are they who hnvo
an occupation which they ovo, apart
from any advnnlngo It may bring them,
one that they can ptirnuo with gener
oiih ardor, It In tho element of illwln
tereHtedneHH that cheer their liven,
whether they are engaged In ordinary
ut' extraordinary vocallonnj and thin In
tho roanon why eiirnowt M.udontn bavo
Nueh a keen enlovment of exltitenco,
A lliili ltil Or,r,
I'll run doctom Joined a necret order
In Omaha, Atlhodoorof tho lodgo
room they were met by tlireo fellow
phynbdanN, The outride nentliie) wan
ft life InNiirance agent; the Inner door
keeper wan a drugglM; the onlh wan
iidmlnlnlered by amlnller; the curort
wan an undertaker ami tomhwtono
dealer, und the treanurer wan a city
Mil collector,