The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, August 06, 1891, Page 4, Image 4

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Telephone 1271,
tntmH at iIm Offmlm PoMolfiin Cw.DtuI
0M1CK 1215 W M'i'HKKT,
And 10 S. H 8lr't UpMsir,
W Hold all IWin American Who Swnur Al
lfjiiifir l ih Unitd'i tf Without I
Mental Hnwivntioii In rvor ol tha Popo,
MW7f B TAN I) 8.
tOAAr1 O, THOMPSON, tditor.
Tun mistake must not bo made that
thin warfare I being made ftnInHt
particular Catholic. It, I against tlio
ehiinJi a n political organization.
Artm you have rend thl paper give
It to friend, It the lfiitrwt spread,
Tub Patriotic Hon of America of
Doston have nominated Uoutouanl
Oovernor JMIIo for governor and Hon,
Arthur W, Tuft for lioutonaut-gov
ernor, It i staled Hint A, I", Plllsbnry
wa favorably mentioned in connection
with the attorney-generalship, but flint
only two nomination were tnado, We
should think the taxpayer remember
tli action of (lid last Jegilatur and
th present governor in giving to a
Jtoman lntltullon aevernl thousand
dollar of their money, If they do we
expect to be Mbld to notify our render
of the aucoe of tho campaign that
tb have waged. In Doston then) U
a much need of cleaning tfie augene
table a there I In (Mm (if),
Tn at wa a very pertinent question
asked by the Manchester Time and
copied Into tho Delfaat Weekly New,
a to "what would the United Ktnte
think If F,ngnnd allowed a standing
rru to bo kept tor the purpose of in
radiog her territory should any certain
tto robefl?" TliW inquiry was made
after the report wa f tItrHIiJ nil
owr tli worbl tlmt ih IrUh C'jUioIIo
Military Union bal bflltl an annual en
(mmjiMunt ri Hlulm MhikI, and that
th obJ(;t of thfl union wai tha llbora
lb of Ir;lnI, 'Hid jrtblnt of thi
U.iiid HImU'H ahoubl ia a proclama
tion, If within th aop of bU author
ity, llbnli the rlh C'alholifl Mfll
tary Union anl xlmilir onbir, Utn!r
th law of tb UnHuiI ritato no man
wb' prof( to b a cltlon of th
naino ;tn f nng In war with a nation
at p!a! with thlx oountry-
Tiikkk wan a bill InlroiJucn'l In th
Illinois u;natt which prvl'Id for tha
awoarinjj In of tha Oblea'i JIilirnlan
Ilillrtd atnto troopn, I, N, 0, Tha
:onfitntfon of tha JIibrnln provM
that ho I't rnon xhall bom a mbir
of tbnt ordnr utthn b la A Itoman
(Jatholle, Who tvff harl of an Atnr
Umn that waa a mmbr of tha Hiborn-
Ian H1t Hi wry nama U forwljn
What Atm tha atala of Illinois nmnn by
arranging; to aupport IhU f'rlfn, ao
tarln aocrttt tficlvtyf Jnlpndnt
Uiy Amwncan,
'I'Ihtii linvn apmiig up nil over UiU
linlloM, wllhlit llio Inwl few ytiiirn, llimia
nnU of Mticrnt aooliillim whloh linvo fur
their olijiict thti pifrpiituntlon of Ilia fnui
limtltiitloim of thU (Hiuntry, thtit aru
now lining, or that nuiy lmrimfUtr bn,
iiMiillml by tlio Miilijititta of tho popo.
I'robnbly tho otto which lift cuuaiMl
tho gruittimt (INliirlmnco In tlio miika
of tho faithful In thla atato U that
known ih tho A. 1'. A. From tho atari
It him tnkdti tli f m city, Mouth OiiihIiii,
(ii'iiml InIhikI and a nuiubor of tlio olhor
louillng cltioa of tho Ntitto by atonn,
Ilunilnxlti of loyal, (ioibfoarlng nuui
hiivo boon Initiated onch wook, mid tho
naaoolatlona aro now ao Mtrong that
many of tho buHfnoMa mon who uro
nioinbora any, u nhohltntlnly, thoy bo-
In thfa olty tho Kornun boycott will
havo no tenor fur biiHlnoaa inon who
hid on tho oulaldo, by (ho tiiuo auollior
mouth him boon uddod to tho piiMt.
My that timo niorchnnta will uinlnr-
mtnud that thoro uro na many 1'ro'toa
taula who Imvo a dollar to apoud n
thoro uro Houiana, and that thoy will
bo take ii euro of If thoy tuko a aland
for tholr country, and not knucklo to
tho Itomnn maohluo. 'J'hoy will bo
glvon good and nufllcloiit roaHoun iim
to why thoy ahould Idoutlfy thnuiMolvo
with tho Amorlcan niovomont, and why
thoy ahould cut looao from tho Homan
political machl no, Thoy will have it
domoiMtralod to thorn that the affair
of till olty, of thU county, are aafor In
tho bund of a I'rot'iNtaut than thoy are
In tho hand of tho avorngo Homan.
TImy will bo convinced that tho ox-
poimo of conducting tlioao govornmont
can and will bo materially loNxonod
when tho gang that ha for year mil
nfpulatod caucu and convention, and
held alt the ofllcoi, I relegated to tho
roar, Thoy will bo Informed of tho
action of thoao Homan county ofllclal
who contributed to a fund to get an at-
torniiy to withdraw from a caaoan
injunction Agamat another ofllclal In hi
official capacity, They will know
there I more truth than fiction in tho
charge that boodlo ha cut a promi
nent figure In the act of aomo city of
ficial, They will bo ahown a atato of
affair that will convince them that tho
Itoman are In Jt for tho money there
1 In it, and that the A. V. A, I organ
ized to bring aMwt, if poMlblo, needed
While the work of the aaaoclatlon In
thl city I bflng done (jointly it 1 being
done none the lo effectually, And,
while the work at Orand Inland linn
been done under tho fire of the inont
Ignorant (historically) zealot, It will bo
tho more enduring. We will juolo
from A letter from a friend in that city
to nbow how aecret they worki "We
want you to aend u 100 copied of Thk
Amkukiaw each week, Thing are go
ing along amoothly hern, and we are
pronperou. We hung out a atreet
lamp last Tueday evening o tho
world could aee whero wo rooat," A
It a been in (Jrand Inland o It ha
been In South Omaha. The boy began
without any founding of trumpet and
worked hard to build up the order,
A nondescript sheet aw A chance to
make if nothing more lUelf tho
mouth piece of an aaUtant-vlcur of
Cbr!i, by vlllifying the American a-
nocliitloii. Hlnco tlin war began the
memliemlnp linn tiinlily Increased.
I'hn nnHUtfliil-vbnir ha concluded Hint it
I tlnm to tntrodunu llio ltiiiiUltlon,
no ho goe to n gang working In n cer
tain brick yni'd and Instruct them to
got the aecrelu of the "white oapn" by
fair menim If poMilde, by foul menu If
noecmmiry. What kind of religion U
thl that advice men to becomo crliti
I n nl n Unit the curioHlty of n prlent tuny
bo grntliludP
TIiono aro plain aliitemeiit iim to wliril
Iiiih been dona and what will bo dona
before tho next elocllon. If you don't
want to get wet como In out of tho
1 Its Aims And Object,
Probably nothing la moro nilaumlor
atootl limn tho purponeM, objuota, and
aim of tho A. P. A, To begin will),
It I a pntilotlo orgrinlfilloii and Hockn
to defeat tlio political monmiro and
achoinea na advanced mid advocated
by Homo to control our government
and liHliliitlonH. No light I waged
ngiiliiNt Individual Catholic; nor I the
right of Cnlhollo wot'Nhlp quoMllouod.
There oxIhIm a wide dlHereuco between
Homanbou and CathollclKiii. Homan
bun I political to tho cxcIiihIoii of ro
llgioti idea, mid being directly an tug
onlNtlo to our law and government,
make It an ImpoHNlbllity for Catholic
to obey her oanimand and teaching
and keep Inviolate their oath of alleg
iance to government. Now the
Ignorant and Illiterate maH0 which
form tho body of tho Homan Oathollo
church think, and, In fact, believe thl
I all right, but tho intelligent and
thoughtful Cathollo know It to bo
wrong, and Juxt no long a Catholic
aro forbidden the right to rimaon and
lubiult to being led and impound on by
Homo, harder and fiercer will tho
battle be waged again! thl barrier
erected between roiornn and blind obed
ience. JuNt ho long a Homo denle
the right of the liberty of the pre, of
coiiHcience, of apeech, and denle the
freo exerelno of oilier religion, and
proclaim the damnation of thomi who
dlaobey her, Jut o long will there bo
call for aoclotio to alt down on audi
preemption, and audi ocletle are a
blowing to ProtoNtanl and (Jnlhollc
alike, That any foreign potentate
Mhould dictate to the people of thl
country I an Inmilt and again! all
republican Idea and reaon. (inind
Inland I well repfimented with good
Cathollo clllou, and aomo of them
have admitted tho right of oxUteneo of
the A. P. A, and Nlmllar organization
In Ornnd Iland and cluowhore, A few
Ignorant Catholic, fanatical almot' to
a point of Inaanlty, have loudly and
foollhly curcd the A, P, A, on tho
NtreeU and eUewhere. Much poolo
hurl tho church and aid the A, P, A.
They know absolutely nothing about
the order and In their ,eal to injure it,
make the mot absurd atnteuiont,
thereby calling down ridicule upon
their dofermolc head, Progre 1
the headlight of the A, P. A, and noth
ing can atop progress, It being a law of
First The A. P, A, advocate and
demand free apoeeh and free pros.
Hoeond-Tbe aeperatlon of church
and slate,
Third The unhampered maintain
a noo of our publlo chool ylem,
Fourth Hi'sli'li'led emigration.
Tho A. P. A., properly apeaklng, I
nlmply a patriot In Institution. One
ling, ono government and no Interfer
ence, i what It light for. It oppose
Humanism In America, knowing It to
bo pernicious and dangerous. Cath
olic who bellevo that Homo should bo
tho first consideration and our republic
tho second, are not good cltlens And
should move to Homo. A the A. P. A.
become belter understood nil citi.on,
regardless of creed, 111 liavo a still
kindlier feeling toward It. It work
for tho best interest of tho country wo
llvo In. Wo bellevo that Homan Cath
olicism Is a delusion and a snaro, and
our turn Is to oonvlnoo all, both Cath
olic and Protestants, that It I such, and
whatever may bo Haul I said with kind
Intent, although to tho deluded Cath
olic believer the truth may Hotnetlino
appear unpleasant. Wo bellevo that If
tho pillar of Homan Catholicism bo
torn away tho structure will fall, and
the main pillar are Ignorance, Idola
try, fanaticism, Intolerance, bigotry,
darkness, r-ealotry, blind tradition, nar
row thought, blind obedience. May
(lod give u the strength of Samson
that we may pull down these pillar
which support and uphold the tcinplo
of Hatan. (Irand Island Times.
Tho editor of tho Hadlcal of James-
vlllo, Wis., ayHi The Wisconsin login
lattiro ha finished Its work. The house
ha passed !I!)H and killed 470 mens
urc, while the annate passed 1AI and
killed 207. Among tho bill passed I
ono for the repeal of tho Dennett law
and ono providing for tho printing of
the proceeding of tho Milwaukeo city
council in the Polish language.
Constitution guard the right of per
sonal security, personal liberty, private
properly and of religion profession
and worship," Kent' Commentaries,
Vol. 1, Pago 407.
I do further de
clare the doctrine of
the church of Kng
land, of the Calvan
Ist. Ilutruenot and
other Protestants, to
be damnable, I
will help, assist and
advise all or any of
hi holiness' agents,
In any place where
over I shall be mid
to do my utmost to
extirpate the hereti
cal Protestant doc
trlno,Mostro,y their
power.regal or oth
erwise. Jesuit oat h,
I will use my
best endeavor to
promote civil and
religion liberty
H'ont tho Oath
Furnished Ameri
can aoclelie bjr
Itoman Byinpa
2013 OUMINQ QT..
Of All Kind, With
of Tub, Wa aro prepared
to do It right, quick, ana neat.