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(an corporation.)
The W?trn Manufacturing Company
oraQl7J un.ler'that name en June 10th. Ic,
commenced business on the 1st of Spu-mber
1, and Its termination la not w be uniU June
10th W. . ,
Tae palnctpal place ot transacting business
Is at Lincoln, Nebraska.
It is or? anlwi to carry on the manufacture
and sale of agricultural Implements, barrels,
butter tubs, wagons etc. , , .
Its capital stork isune HHiarea imu"
within one year thereafter.
and the balance
JlOO.OWiom dollars. Fifty per cent, oi
was oald In In September 1888,
rlthln one year inereaiwr.
t... htr a board of Ave
directors who elect f romithelr number a presi
dent, vice president, secretary and treas urer.
The highest amountof Indebtedness that It is
authorized to contract Is two-thirds,! 3l 118
capital stock. H-JpSLwfent
M. D. Wklch. President
(bbal.) Secretary.
Notice to Bridge Contractors
Notice Is hereby given that sealed bids will
1 received at the office of county clerk of
Furnas county. Nebraska on or bef ore noon i of
the auth day of June A. D. iwa. for the con
struction of the following brtdites:
One certain combination bridge across the
Republican river at or near Oxford on or near
the half section line running through the
middle of Bectlon twelve (12) township three
3) north of range twenty-one (81) west p.
tn to be built according to plans and specifi
cations now on Ble In the county.clerk office
In aald county.
Prime bridge across Turkey creek between
town three and four and section five and
thirty-two in range twenty-one west 8, p.m.
White bridge across Dry creek between
section twenty-eight and thirty-three, town
four, range twenty-two. Bathrlck bridge a
crons Elk creek between section fourteen and
twenty-three, In town four, range twenty-
thHiser bridge across Muddy creek between
section sixteen and seventeen in town four,
range twenty-three. , .
Tomblin bridges across Deer creek, oae be
tween Section nine and Mxteen, and one be
tween section fifteen and sixteen in town four
range twenty-four. . . .
One bridge across Medicine creek east of
Cambridge on south K of section twenty-nine
town four, range twenty-five.
Bold bridge across Beaver creek In Eureka
precinct, on road running north and south be
tween the south east 1-4 of section twenty and
sout h west 1-4 of town two, range twenty-three
Morgan bridge across Beaver creek on road
Tunning east and west between north-east 1-4
of section thirty -four and south-eat 1-4 of sec
tion twenty-seven, town two, range twenty
tour. .
H W. Taft bridge across Spring creek on
public road, between section twenty-three and
thirty-four In town one, range twenty-two.
One bridge across Elk creek on public road
-one-half Ue eat of Arapahoe.
0. fa. Stowe bridge across a draw on public
road between section one and twelve in Eureka
J. D. Case bridge across Dry creek t n north
line of section thirtynve, town one, range
twenty three.
One bridge across a draw known as the
Donahue draw In the north-east 1-4 of section
twenty-four, town two. range twenty-four.
W.S.Robinson bridge across Beaver creek
between section nine and ten, in towa two,
range twenty-one.
Bids received on fcoth combination and Iron
bridges 14 ft road way, 8 inch bard pine Mooring
All bids must be accompanied by good and
sufficient bonds and filed in the county clerks
office on or before noon of June 20, A. D. 1WJ.
Commisloners reserve the right to reject
any and all bids.
Dated this 6th, day of May. A. D. 1K93.
(seal) County Clerk.
W. C. T. U.
138 S 12th St., Lincoln.
First class table and attendance
Lunnho at all hours W)tf
S f Of every description, Newfound
UKJKjt O land, M.n,iff, St. Bernards,
iirevliouiuta. Hull. Fox. Skv and 8cotch Terrier.
Collies, Pug, Spaniels, Realties, Foxhounds, Set
ters and Pointers; alfb Ferrets, Malice Cati pet
animals, fancy pigeons, poultry, Send itamp far
price list. Live Foxes wanted :
Herman Bosecb, SIS Market, Bt. St. Louis
-.. ,
The Things
We Prize Most
are not the gewgaws and gimcracks
we gather about us. Every life, of
course, has its sacred tine!ed treas
ures, but in this practical work-a-day
world man is prone to value most
.those things which serve him best.
Not much sentiment in this, per
haps, but some sense all the same.
. Machine of Steel
takes first rank the world over.
Hundreds of thousands of grain
growers call it the best harvester
and binder that ever went into a
grain field, arid they prize :t accord
ingly. It isn't sentin-.ent them
it's just plain, old-fashioned com
mon sense. They like it test be
cause it serves them best.
It costs more money than some
harvesters, but that's because it's
more valuable. Its advantages more
than offset the added cost.
The " Machine of Steel" is built
to harvest the grain crop of the
world, and to do it better than any
other machine.
Ferhapt you may care to know more
about this narvwter. Our catalogue wiil
interest you.
Mccormick Harvesting machine Co.
R.B1SF0RD, Agent, Lincoln, Seb
w ),
tt toTrjr reader of thia paper.
AllP CutthUoutand arndll ou
' .--Willi your run name ana aa
alLdreM, and will aeod ou
on of tuM alrirant richly
jeweled sold flnUhed waU'taM
by eipreaa for eiamlnation,
and If you think It iaeiiual In
appeaianre to any 126.00 (fold
wati-h, pay our aample price,
S1.M,analt la youra. Wcwns
with the watch our (riiaranl
that you ran return It at any
time within on year tf not
aatiafactory, and it on sell
or caun the aale of elx w
will ifi you Write
at once we ahall aend out
aamplea tor slaty daya only.
334 Dearborn 6treet,
Makes sales in Nebraska and other states. Beit
of reference!. Fourteea yearn experleuce.
Price reuonable, correspondence solicited and
atlifactlon guaranteed
Cancers Cured.
I will pay liberally for the names and addreaaet
of pcrtoni suffering from cancer. Guarantee a
permanent cure or no charge. No matter if case
has been given up by others, write me at once,
i'hyaicians supplied with remedy at liberal dis
count. Full remedy and instructions for self
treatment, Im.
Fort Payne, Ala.
, Use Northwestern line to Chicago,
Low rates. Fast traiBs. Office 1133
O St.
Worsted dreas roods from 10
cents to$l w per yard.
Our stock of wool dress goods li
just beautiful.
Ten thousand dollar stock RnflTQ Stnrl RHdFS A. large variety of gent's, ladle's
toselectfrom DUU I O ollU wnvH and children's shoes.
Straw hats from So to II
Gent's wool and fur hats from
60c to S 00 each.
Our stock of groceries and queensware is always complete. Jur constant aim U to
give you the best goods at bottom prices.
9210 Street.
Opposite Post-Office.
ITreci Schmidt.
V ,a,?
One My KmM for Five Years!
Price, $49.75.
v0vAgents Wanted for the Kimball Pianos and Organs
l. HOSpE, Jfi Ornaha, Teb.
Prof. 0- Ybcent of Indianapolis Analyses
and Answers a Plutocratic WaiL
How the West is AdvanciogToward a
Higher Civilization. Great En
couragement for Populists,
An Able Review.
200 to 212 FIRST AVI. NORTH,
N MsnixAroLis, itnre
- .
w a m m m.
. January. HELENA, MONT.
peats o inrintwia.
CHICA60.IIL ST. LOUIS, MO. Cr"",,.S;!ud
VlUUiBi, vrj oiues,
hits, Fan, Wool,
Tallow. Creus, Dtsrtklss,
. A Moot.
itrisiNcii iv pimitttoi.
) S.M Wtmm !. Mm
. Daaaawaa t, , Ca.aa. W.
Piaaa MtMn ? S'u.a. Maat
Iih, (..P .
n., .m eM. at. i.
likettt a4aM IhiMMala Hils
0iaat IMt 4 l4t
SkiyyM tw tkta f..trim4 li a4 l
h S'.mhmj. HuMa
0 m
4 U at DUealiaaEU4 Df. TharmUsj A Mta, XaatM
CUV, M.,uawt ir tlare raiMV-. Vi h M Mill ftlalr4 We
luiliiu. I IHHM vl l'uW Ml I'tlMMiil IU kllW itaM ..I U J.B k,fa
m an, j-r wl la.ii ( la uiu a la I it h.I fwi tttil ! ku
laiwM. a4 f t MlMt4 ' h u4rU o k Ih tut-i f it, awl
bo WtvlJ 4. W l Ct Ntata Ui4. IhAXM It W M Hak II t4f
The May Forum contains an article
entitled. "Menacing Socialism in the
Western States," written by Mr. Frank
Basil Tracy, who, we are told, was born
In Iowa, graduated at the State Univer
sity in 1888 and has since been a writer
on several western papers among them
a leading dally.
Mr. Tracy has been thoroughly
frightened by the upheaval of the west
and being on the ground has had a
tolerably near view of the field. His
opinions are not at ah reassuring to the
old school politicians, but any populist
who will obtain a copy of the forum
containing the article, will buckle on
his armor anew und pursue the fleeing
foe more vigorously than ever, feeling
that the great forces of nature are
fighting for him and that success is not
far distant.
Mr. Tracy is a confirmed plutocrat of
the republican persuasion, and he takes
this sepulchral view of the situation:
"He would be indeed a blind observer
and a most superficial student who liv
ing in the west, coma not see in me
rise of the populist party and in the
wide-spread prevalence, in the western
states, of the heresies of that party,
serious conditions of public thought
and popular tendencies essentially in
imical to the stability of our present
form of goversment. If thee heresies
were confined to tne populist party, tney
would cause no necessary apprehension.
but the plain, bald truth is that this
people's party Is only an aggravated
symptom, a surface manifestation of a
disease which has fastened itself firmly
upon the mental constitutions oi tne
pdople of the great west."
George the Third could scarcely have
chosen fitter language to express his
fears and those of his courtiers one hun
dred and twenty-five years ago, regard
ing the colonies that later formed the
revolutionary confederacy, and finally
blossomed into our sisterhood of states.
Jefferson Davis, Alexsnder H. Steph
ens and Robert E. Lee might have used
similar language regarding the north
and northwest In 1856.
CBut the hysterical sobs f frightened
monarchs or antiquated politicians have
failed to check the onward step of civil
ization, and the wild dreams of the
"fanatic" of yesterday are the accepted
philosophy of today. The wonderful
outpouring of the people and the un
affected enthusiasm of the crowd, both
delegates and spectators, in the Coli
seum, July 4th, at the Populist Nation
al Convention, struck terror to the
heart of. the youthful Tracy. When he
refers with alarm to the "thirty four
minutes" of incessant cheering at the
adoption of the platform, he forgets
that similar wild scenes occurred in the
Minneapolis and Chicago conventions,
with this trifling difference in Omaha,
the cheers were for principles, while in
the other cases the cheers were given
at the mention of the names of men
who were the representatives of certain
organized banditti striving for the
ascendency, with no higher motive
actuating their frenzied demonstrations
than the desire for official place and the
attendant perquisites.
It is admitted that "property and per'
sons are entirely safe, that the west is
peaceful: it is to a degree happy, and
on the surface contented," but the
specter of socialism is ever disturbing
the cogitations of our economic tyro,
He refers to the "socialists" as of three
3. Populists.
2. Not populists, but favor govern
ment ownert hip of railways and control
of monopolies.
3. "raternallsts" in all political par
ties, and these are (horrible to relate)
"Intelligent, educated and prominent
in business, society and the church,"
and those three classes constitute in
the "deliberate judgment of the writer
a majority of the citizens of the west."
We are told that in Omaha, a typical
wskra city, are two thousand populists
and many more "socialists" and pater
nalist." that debating cluU presume to
discuss ths great underlying principle
of human liberty and decide In favor of
government and municipal ownership
of aooalUsd natural monopolies; that the
Social ChrUUaa Union ha been study
lax the "Social Aspect of Christianity
by Prof. Utuhard T. Klyj that Dcaa
Gardiner of Trinity Cathedral, U prsst-
dontof this body cf investigators, and
ail tn inner rvotor in u city are
uittbrt, and that oa of the rector
h4 tht aodadty to Uelar al opinion
that ' this government will Imkhuim
paternalistic wait it gov to the devil
first " tvmplalat U made that the
Nobraaka UgUlature aa4 otarUW
t Join It ta halldlag aad holdlag a rail
way fp.ia. MaatU.b to th Uu!f; that
ultra iclantl4 hilt are tatrude,4 la
tola Uglslalure and that "wtattra
euiUgv are flttad lth tha aUutat
and their lywuau of ua dxIJ affiirma
Uvely socialistic proposition: that
many clUes in the west own their own
water works, gas and electric light
plant, and are taking steps to acquire
control of the street railways.
The abeve is very encouraging to us,
for it conveys the intelligence that
large numbers of the people are think
ing, a sure precursor of progress. Mar
tin Luther thought deeply and endeav
ored to reform the church before he
decided to start a new one. John Knox
and Charles Wesley are other familiar
names, and these men passed through
the same experience. For long years
from Thompson and Garrison to Lincoln
and Summer the conscience of the peo
ple, in and out of the church, was
educating to recognize human liberty
above property right1. Any csllege Is
to be congratulated that Mr. Tracy has
not control of its curriculum, for then
would the study of lllcardo be substi
tuted for the works of Spencer, and
lyceums would be subjected to an es
pionage that would do credit to the
Czar of all the Russlas, in his effort to
crush out the hertsies that prevail in
those theaters of debate and investiga
tion. I suppose the debates in . the
English Parliament tbat preceded the
adoption of the Magna Charta were
considered by King John as rankest
treason, for we are informed that It was
only at the point of spear and lance
that he finally accepted the terms of
that Immortal document that assured
freedom of thought and constitutional
liberty to ths English speaking people.
The deepest thought, the most profound
research and persistent investigation
has always preceded every great ad
vance in social and political science.
It is not to be supposed that the
United States possessed itself and as
sumed the management of the postal
business of the country without a strug
gle with the express companies that
were charging twenty-five cents for the
delivery of a letter, It is altogether
possible that this great advance was
accomplished In spite of the lugubrious
groans of caviling political leaders
acting as paid attorneys of the express
companies and protesting with men
dacious, perjured' cant against the "un
constitutionality" of the proceeding.
In the midst of some incoherent rav
ings about "paternalism," grange stores
and "socialistic movement in the seven
ties," our neopbite has lucid a moment,
and thus clearly states the situation:
"The members of the second and
third classes of socialists are oot as yet
insistent or demonstrative. With them
it is more a hope am a belief than a
demand. Aud while many of these
men would demur if classed with the
populists, the difference between them
is simply in degree and not in kind.
This is the central fact which sheds a
great light on the rise of the populists,
who knew and know that joined to
them In sympathy if not In name are
thousands of their brother citizens.
And it Is this feeling which lay behind
and was the impelling force of the
Omaha convention, 'these populists
appreciate the fact tbat they are a few
steps In advance of the others, tbat
they differ only in being more logical,
and they believe that in a very short
time these others will cross the narrow
boundary lines1 and become of their
party and name. It is the thorough
and lull understanding of this condition
and these facts which furnishes to the
student his gravest apprehensions of
the fuure when the adherents of this
socialism, with which the west Is honey
combed, shall have become united, logl
cal and therefore aggressive."
It would be difficult to pen a more
complete and comprehensive view of
the situation, but if a populist had
written it, he would have been scorned
as an egotist and derided even by his
political friends for his assurance and
Tyrants always had their "gravest
apprehensions" aroused when their sub
jects began to think. 'Twas true of the
Pope when priests began to investigate.
'Twas true of Charles the First when
his retainers became thoughtful and
'logical" i In their thinking. 'Twsg
true of Louis XVI of France when he
found the thoughts of his subjects
directed by such "logical" minds as
Lafayette, Rosseau, Auguste Cornpte,
Voltaire and Thomas Paine. The
cltldal of human slavery trembled when
the thoughts of men became "united,
logical and therefore aggressive" under
the leadership of Wendell Phillips. And
the fawning flatterers that pay court at
the fact of party leaders whs prove to
be only agents of Ikrlbaum, Heldel
bach and Rothohlld, may well have
their "gravest apprehensions" aroused
since the world especially tne more
unfettered west ha begun to think
under the leadership of Kdward Bel
lamy, Hamlin Garland and Ignatius
Mr. Tracy has discernment sufficient
to locate and recognU some of tht
patent abuses under which the west baa
suffered bat h offers bo rvmedy that U
practical, but grow "ap prheatvH of
thowi that can grsp th situation and
do propuM an effectual cure for the
dUea. On ha of the situation is
thus present!;
"Ta Pacifla Hallway have frota lb
tlARlot watered thslr swuts u
Djuner tuo U known, N4lvlJoJ
MHitd bn dsvlared ou that Inflated stock
wltbiHit attrmou Mraings. Tusure
thM earning the raUway director
UI4 a a-rlfoo and laiularabU burden
uuua tae rvfton tributary to the rail
way by tuean of eiifblUot and bur.
desuKMae treltfat rat. T other rail
wait whlrh entered that Wrtttory twined
with It ft1' road la tht drain up
on the puree of the ioil. tn IN
stak-a trared by the IV'ltta rd,
freight raw are wftea four tltue the
charged tn the eatt for the sam dls-!
Nothing ran so clearly illustrate
ths part played by the government
In propagating the seeds of socialism as
the free silver lunacy in the west. No
stranger can comprehend its extent.
Every populist, nine-tenths of the demo
crats and one-half of the republicans
are devoted to this heresy. The only
difference between the fire silver popu
lists and tne hoatst free silver men of
the other parties, is that the latter are
deficient In logic, for they are really
and finally believers in fiat money."
Webster defines "logic" as "the sci
ence of classification, judgment, reason
ing and systematic arrangement." Ac
cordingly when thinkers upon the sub
ject became "logical" In their thoughts
and scientific in the arrangement of
their Ideas, they at ones become popu
late, having graduated from the fresh
man class heretofore occupied, for it is
only the thinker that refuses to aceept
the dogmas of Ikelheimer, Heidelbach
and Atkinson, and enters the fresh
man class on economic studies.
But what is to check this landslide
that threatens to overwhelm the west
and whose "logical" result will be the
engrafting of "socialistic" thought up
on the coming generations in all sec
tions of the country? Here is the
remedy in Mr. Tracy's own language.
"Dut and more systematic education
by the public schools and by the news
papers must be Inaugurated. The cardi
nal defect In our public schools lies In
the fact that they do not teach directly
the evils of such heresies, nor ao tney
give any basis upon which the , pupil
may build logical and wise views of
government aud economics. There
ought to be teachers in every school
who should be obliged to instill into
their pupils right principles of govern
ment and life. Such tuitions is of
more inherent value than all the other
studies in the curriculum. We need
more honest and penny-despising pub
lic journals, newspapers with broad
vision and Intelligent, independent
views. W need a revival of the mov
ing editorials which shall convince men
rid thorn of their heresies ana elevate
public thought. We need careful and
udlclous laws. The nice distinction
between government supervision and
government control must be made. The
government ana state legislatures must
strike down the powers of trusts, mo
nopolies and "combine" by wlssand
ust limitations. The I'acino roads
must be made to loose their grip on the
stolen millions, and render an account
ing to the government. The munici
palities should break the merciless
grasp which telephone, gas, electric
llirht and other monopolies contrive to
secure on city councils, and compel a
reduction in tne exorbitant rates Dy
which the owners grow to quick opu-
ence, and by which a grlevlous burden
Is laid upon the public The greed of
these municipal and state corporations
Is the direct and immediate antecedent
of this socialistic agitation and much of
this agitation would be temporarily
allaved if this local cause were removed.
The people wouia inon reel in a spirit
to listen to the dictates of reason and
sound economics."
Much of the above taken in the ab
stract, or unconnected with the rest of
the article would receive the ready
assent of most fair-minded people, but
taken in its connection, what does It
mean? It means that the schools should
have their courses of study supervised
in the interests of those opposed to
government ownership of railways and
free sliver.
Who are they? Heldelback, Ikelhel
mer, Henry Clews, John Sherman and
Co. who are but representatives of the
class that control In the counsels of
Wall and Threadneedle streets. It
means that the text books are to be re
vised so as to give a distinct capital!
tic trend to the thought of the youth,
lost if they be left free and un trammel
ed with only the principles of pureloglo
as a guide they might unit into sucn
heresies" as municipal ownersnip oi
natural monopolies. Tt . revision of
text books has already proceeded so far
that in the reading books, among the
few selections chosen from the bible, Is
found the parable of ten talents where
in occur the words, "Thou oughtest
therefore to have put my money to the
exchangers and then at my coming
should have received mine own with
usury." And now to complete this
prostitution of Holy Writ to the base,
mercenarv Dur noses of the horde whom
Christ soourged from the Temple with
a whip of cords, the christian churches,
muzzled by this same Moloch that sent
Ernest Seyd te America witn a nail
million of corruption fund to influence
congress to demonetize silver, tne
christian churches, through their re
presentatives, lately presented the bible
reaa;ng worm witn a sew revision ox
scripture, substituting the word "Inter
est'1 for "usury" In the above passage
well knowing when they did It tbat no
such word as our word 'interest" exist
ed at that time and that the tubstltu
tlon is a plain subversion of scripture.
Now, when the school books are again
revised to suit the "revised bible" the
youth of Dth christian and freethinker
will oe taugni amoug tneir earnest
lessons, "Thou oughtest therefore to
have Dutmv mnef to the exchangers
and then at my coral sir 1 should have
received mine own witn interest."
It 1 true that we need more news
papers with broad vUlonand Intelligent
independent views, but we hope the
former employer of Mr. Tracy Is not
the type to which ha refer, a paper
which fur rear cosiemned tn prat tle
ee of the Vactno rustd and by tu aatl
monoiioly utterance kept la tne repub
lican pari the earnest reformer who
in every Nebraska town labored la that
party fr the betterment of society, till
the duplicity of the paper disheartened
them aad they joined the popuiUU only
to find themeulvv and their principle
tradutwd and vtlllncd by the Journal
that Bret caused them to think on those
lh 'careful and ludlolut law' are
being Bavted by ptKilisU, Uslaoc
la Mot belag railroad bill wbkh
tha hbby la Nebraska kUlinl k the
tiurehaae of a senator two tear as
kt which It ctruld not defeat la the UUs
W Mature. Thevi wvk to eitravstf hm
Is also aoowuUhed by tha H-iutlU
who have lnivA hd the. late) .Nhraka
tUM urtowr (or higfe crime and Ml
demeanor in oSkse, among
which wm the etnb-izlemeat of fund
and the looting of the treasury under
every conceivable pretext.
The adoption of the railroad policy
of the populist would cut tha Gordlaa
knot and bring order out of chaos, brinar
justice in the place of atrocious in
justice. Our sophist objU to muni
cipal ownership of water-works, gas.
electric light works and street railways
and vet he demands that municipalities
shall break the "aiei-clles" grasp which
these corporations have secured and by
which the "owners grow to quick opul
ence. " The populist is "logical" enough
to go at once to the core of this fester
ing corruption and by public ownership
remove the causes of the disease. There
is a minimum of corruption and a maxi
mum of efficient service in our postal
system, which is a beacon light illumin
ing the way to the safe harbor puUie
ownershtp of natural monopolies. The
policy outlined by Mr. Tracy would
keep us for yet many years upon the
debatable ground fighting over the
"nice distinction between government
supervision and government control"
while the corporations that have us at
their mercy wou!d still further fatten,
and more firmly fasten their grasp up
on a people ever growing more helpless
In their interlacing, indisseverable
It is true that "w In the weit need
statesmen who will not be afraid to
jeopard their chances of temporary
success by preaching the true princi
ples of government," and not only the
west but all portions of the country
need them. Where can these be found
in the republican or democratic parties?
Hon John Sherman in congress Feb.
27th 188. Senator D. W. Voorhees on
January 14, 1876, aad the brilliant scin
tillating ingalls on February 14, 1878.
are familiar Instances of men whose
clarion voice rang out for the people as
against the corporate powers, but a
change came over them and instead of
the trumpet tones of freedom, their
voices became as soft as the cooing of
doves, while they deceived the people
with honeyed phrases and betrayed
them as the price of retaining an offi
cial title ana salary. The former two
havr succeeded until the present time
in tl tifr deceptive course, but the latter
has met his Waterloo, and the people
Kansas, nobly withstanding the com
bined onslaught of the briber and the
demagogue, and without a single re
creant In the populist legislature of
1890, declared they would nave in the
senate chamber one who would not mis
represent them, and Senator Peffer fills
the chair formerly occupied by the Irrl
descent Ingalls. The men who have
risen te prominence in the republican
and democratic parties are those who
have with bated breath and humble
mien doffed their hats to the corporate
powers and assisted them to fatten still
tighter their coils upon the already
helpless. J. Sterling Morton is the
latest instance of a western man gain
ing recognition in the east because he
misrepresented the sentiments lof
bis people, bent the "pregnant hlsges
of bis knee" to monopoly and cham-
loned corporations instead of standing
rmly for the people.
Oeneral Labor Notes.
Carnegie's dividends fell from 15,000000
in 1891 to 11,000,000 in 1803.
American socialists are raising funds
for canpalgn expenses in Germany.
Consumers' Circles," the new co-opera
tive scheme, Is spreading in eastern states.
Jerry Simpson Is talking of taking a
trip to Europe to study the labor orob
U in.
Methuen, Mass., voted for municipal
waterworks. Waltbau wants cheaper
The Glasgow dally labor paper Is meet-
log with success, and has $ 100,000 cap'.
Ralph Beaumont Is bombarding mo
nopolistic Pennsylvania with reform hot
St. Louis taxes the Western Union
octopus tlO a year for each "pole In the
Pittsburg has eighty-three millionaires
no report of the number of paupers.crlm
inals, etc.
Income tax has been raised In Great
Britain a penny on the pound. Plutes are
Labor Day will hereafter be celebrated
in Pennsylvania on the first Saturday la
New reform and labor papers are
springing up everywhere. Must be a de
mand for them.
The girl waiters of Chicago have or
ganized. They expect shortly to have a
membership of over 400.
Chicago's city treasury was snrlchcd by
11.349,834, the last fiscal year, as the profit
from the socialized water works.
In the future May Day will be a legal
holiday In Paris without a reduction In
the pay of municipal employes.
The lUtail Clerk's association of St.
Louis recently held a successful demon
stration and parade, celebrating their
victory for the 8:30 closlag. Six hundred
men were In line.
The other day, la speaking of the Im
proved facilities for luxurious travel la
this country ay:
"Vte are abandoning tneoiu system
of lighting the car with kerosene
lamp, and more tha halt the coaches
have already been equipped with the
most Improved and the eafoet ytem of
lighting known la this country or
Europe. With the new t'lnWch lamp
there can be no possibility of danger
trout explosion or otherwise, t the
ap paratu l ail out side aad under the
ear, and la the event of mishap, the
fixture brcoene detached aad the gas
-! Into the air,
I he bi tlilaal I'lntech tight, the finest
car illutuiaaat la existence, now la use
the Uatoa (Vino Mysteta fulfill alt
the requisite) ooed.tioe o hsppUj
acted by Mr. ivw,
Wpkm jw write to one of our adver
tleere, be sure to nieaUii Tut ALU-m,-a