The Alliance-independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1892-1894, May 25, 1893, Image 3

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    liiii a u u l :x i uju a ai jujjjl it mj A jl
With tltrulsm fine,
Ob dsy weed of srr Iotbt:
"Pray, what mean mine and tWaaf"
And he. touched by her besuty,
ad esrelessnrss of ln.
Answered with lore and freedom.
And made the matter plain.
Those eyea." he aid. "my dearest.
In one sense, sure, are thine.
But to look with love opon them,
is mine, and only mire."
"Thy Hps so sweet and rosy.
With which none can compare.
Are thine and so thy cheeks are
And thy locks of golden hair. "
But lovingly to kiss thy lipa
And toy with locks so fine,
Are not for any other
That r!ht is only mine."
Joel Benton.
Returning from New York city by
the railroad a few years ago, I
bought of the trainboy a copy of a
Cincinnati paper, in which I read a
long account of the robbery of the
City national bank of L , Ky.,
nd the sudden disappearance of its
teller, Harry W. Swope. As usual
In such cases, he had been a trusted
employe, a member of the church
and a society young man. The rob
bery was a particularly cool one, the
gentleman having quietly slipped
190,000 in notes into a valise on the
previous Saturday afternoon, after
bank hours, and walked out into the
cold world. That was the last seen
of him, and it was not until the bank
opened on Monday morning that any
one suspected anything wrong. The
affair created an immense sensation;
! society" was shocked, the church
scandalized and the bank directors
furious. The newspapers printed
long stories of the Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr.
Hyde sort of existence the young
man had led for a number of years,
and numerous friends of the "lately
departed" knowingly shook their
heads as they told the reporters that
they knew something like that was
sure to happen soon. , -
This sensation so interested me
that when I reached Cincinnati I
scarcely realized the express was, as
usual an hour behind time, and had
failed to make connection with the
train to L . I should therefore be
compelled to take the last train going
West that night, which would cause
me to stop over night in a one-horse
town in Indiana that did not contain
a single comfortable hotel.
I knew Mr. Swope by sight, having
come in contact with him on a num
ber of occasions while doing business
with the bank of which he was teller.
The L papers I bought in the
Union depot gave further details of
the affair, and contained also the an
nouncement that the bank directors
had offered a reward of $1,000 for
Swope's capture and 10 per cent of
the cash returned, which would make
a total of $10,000 if the rascal was
caught before he got rid of his booty.
After eating an unsatisfactory
lunch I took a seat, in the general
waiting-room of the depot and rueful
ly awaited my train. As I did so I
noticed a young man approach my
seat, and, placing his valise on the
floor along side my own, to which it
bore a strong resemblance, sit down
while he looked cautiously around at
the clock on the wall and then at the
officials moving about.
How long he sat beside me I don't
remember, but after a time he slowly
arose and walked over to the tele
graph office at the further end of the
room. Before he came back a strong
lunged individual in uniform stepped
up to me and bawled out the names
of the towns to which the trains
about to start were bound for.
Hurriedly picking up my valise, I
made straight for the eato and was
soon aboard my train for the West
The journey was made with the
usual discomfort and monotony. The
depot at N Y , Ind., where I
had to stop over from 10 P. M. till 5
the next morning had been rebuilt
since my last visit to that town, and,
remembering too well my hotel ex
perience there a year before, I re
solved to spend the night in the
depot waiting-room with a few other
passengers who shared my misfor
tune. All that night the face of the
stranger who had occupied a seat
beside me in the Cincinnati depot
haunted me. There was something
about him that romlnded me of Teller
Srope he was just his size and
btlld; his moustache, to be sure,
was wanting, but that he should
shave off this appendage was to be
considered a matter of course. The
gold spectacles he wore very much
resembled those I had associated
with the face of the intellectual-looking
teller, aud I had observed on his
fingers a number cf rings, jewelry
that Mr. Swope was said to do very
partial to. As I turned the matter
over in my mind, the more convinced
I felt that I had lost a splendid
chance of capturing thj thief and
securing a $lu.000 reward.
When o o'clock at last came round
I boarded tho train for L , not In
the best of humor, and two hours
later arrived at home feeling very
blue. After taking a slight break
fust, ! went down to the oftioe, where
the big robbery was still tho talk of
th clerk, ioh of thorn had
theory of his own as to whore th
thief had (on, and whea they ao
lasted to m for my opinion I doltv
fully rwH'unti-d my eierinoif tho
previous owning, Of roursa they
unanimously agrvod with tnt that I
had very foolishly allowed th fugi
tive tllr to slip out of my floors.
Just heforo glnf tmt tn lunch, a
niesaonfor Ky Unuldty enteral the
omoj and haml.'d me a nolo frm my
wtfv Thlnkta- It was th usual
oiititUslo to t a yard or two tf
"ffiHHls like the au'te ln U'ssd." I
thrust It Into my ptx kel and started
out to dkacr. I h4 nut gone Ur Us
for I sul4tly sloped n4 took out
the fuvli' the ly bad five fee,
opened it and read it At first I
could not understand what it all
meant; then I turned it over and went
through It again. It ran as follows;
fc"Iear George: Come home at once.
In opening your valise to get your
soiled linen to send it to the laundry,
I discovered it packed with bank
notes! What does it mean? Is any
thing wrong? Come home at once."
My fir6t thought was to hasten
home, but upon reflection I resolved
to step around to the bank and
acquaint the officials of my dis
covery. I found the president of the
bank in his private office, engaged
with several lynx-eyed individuals
whom I suspected from their ap
pearance to be, as it turned out they
were, detectives.
When I was granted an interview
and explained my discovery, it
created, very naturally, a sensation.
At first the old gentleman was in
clined to regard me as a crank, but
when I asked him to allow a clerk to
accompany me home, he seemed to be
satisfied I was in earnest. He con
sented to my proposal, but after a
moment's thought he said an escort
was unnecessary, thinking, doubtless,
that the handsome reward would be
a sufficient inducement to insure the
safe delivery of the precious valise.
As I left the bank and turned up
the street In the direction of home I
was joined by a youog man who came
running out of the bank after me,
hat in hand. He said "the old man"
had reconsidered the matter, and
sent him to accompany me back with
the money. This seemed to me to
be quite satisfactory, as the fellow
was a very genial young man and im
mediately fell to discussing the rob
bery of the bank. He congratulated
me on my good fortune, and know
ingly hinted that "the old gentleman"
would treat mo cleverly in tho way
of reward.
I said this young man was a very
genial fellow, but somehow I soon
began to feel an instinctive distrust
in him. I plied him with questions
concerning the habits and business
methods of the missing teller, but he
returned evasive answers. In one or
two little things he contradicted him
self, and finally, when I unexpectedly
asked him how long he had been em
ployed in the bank, ha replied, after
looking at me in a dazed sort of way:
"Oh, about a year or two." At once
the thought came to me: What if my
"escort" was one of the young men I
had seen outside the president's of
fice; perhaps he had overheard our
conversation, and had planned this
neat scheme of playing the role of a
clerk of the bank sent me for "pro
tection," as he insinuatingly put it
If so, I readily saw that he intended
to make an effort to get his hands on
the valise and then seize the first op
portunity to bid me good-by.
This theory was strengthened when
I noted that my "protector" seemed
gradually to become very uncommu
nicative, and the conversation during
the rest of the journey referred to
passing objects and sights. Try . as
hard as I could, I failed to get any
thing satisfactory out of him con
cerning the robbery.
When I reached home I politely
asked the young man to take a seat
in the hall while I stepped upstairs
to get a glimpse of the treasure. I
found my wife at the head of the
stairs, very excited. " In an adjoining
room we examined the valise, and, at
a rough estimate, we placed the
amount at about the figure the news
papers said Swope had carried off
with himsomewhere about $90,000.
I did not tell my wife of my suspi
cions of the young man downstairs.
but I resolved at once to arm myself
in order to be prepared for the worst.
It is a well-known fact that in Ken
tucky the sixth commandment has
long ago been declared unconstitu
tional, and I quickly made up my
mind that if my bodyguard showed
any signs of playing ma false I would
let him have a dose of cold lead.
Contrary to my expectations, the
young fellow made no offer to carry
the valiso as we started on our jour
ney back to the bank. At the end of
the short street on which I lived wo
stopped to take a car. My friend
had again become very affable, and
as we stood on the corner he offered
me a cigar. I took it, thanked him, j
and, placing my valise carefully on
the ground between my feet. I struck
a match to light it. Just as I was
in the act of doing so, I received a
blow from the loft that sent mo stag
gering into tho middle of the street
At the same moment my "protector"
disappeared in the other direction.
"Look here, young man," said a
gruff-voiced follow In uniform at my
side, as he shook mo violently', "I
thought you told me you were going
to take the train Went to-night
has just pulled out, and you're left"
Opening my eyos, I looked around
the waiting-room in a confused way,
and then reached for my valine.
It was nowhere to be found!
My brusque arouser instantly took
in the situation, and, with a look of
Intense disgust .on hi face, said, as
he tiyntnl awayt
"I guess that sludont-lika sport
who was sitting beslda you ha taken
rare of your baggage. lie eol
me a few moments aga on hi way to
the train with a couple of valUe.
Nent time you go traveling, young
man, you had butter take tome on
along with yt'4 to car for you while
you sleep. "N, Y. World,
A Shaw le Its OpeeeA,
It is aiinouruu'd that the alabaster
quarries of King Tot toiuue
of r-hoUU hald at Cairo watch are
Bow being oti-avatcd by IVrvy New
berry and a survey party sent out by
the t'y I'tUct (rt low cuiamtttse,
will Ui (( lu the publ.'o ttt wla
tor. The lloverl already made
range front .' It t". ta l,tl It, II,
aud levied oe eolaUe tea-ieUeU
ted IrmrtjUvaa
Interesting I leans Gleaned from
People Party Exchangee.
The public debt increased nearly four
million dollars during the month of
Some one has appropriately named
G rover Cleveland "The-old-man-alraid-
C Wood Davis says "the man does
not live who will ever again see 3 cent
hogs or 20 cent corn in Kansas.
There is not an old soldier in the
country that will refuse to take the
silver dollar in payment of his pension,
Our sister republic, Mexico, has a
law of recent enactment placing ran
roads rates under government control
We haven't beard of any laboring
men whom Cleveland has appointed to
office. Guess laboring men are not "ic
The Standard Oil octopus reached out
its tentacles recently and took in its
only rival, the Manhattan uu compsny
and absorbed It
Jerry Simpson baa given up his trip
to Europe this season. He has been ai
Medicine Lodge for several weeks look
ing after bis farm.
The Minnesota legislature adopted
Ignatius Donnelly's resolution favoring
government ownership oi railways, un,
it is coming, sure.
The South Carolina Farmers' Alliance
saved Ha members nearly $1,000,000
during the last year in the purchase oi
fertilizers for their crops.
TVin MaaaBrtiiiBAtta Wlalature comes
TittarAri vrirn a mdmiri n I in rnmrreHM
asking for government ownership of
telegraphs and telephones.
Pat F.cftn intends to leave Chili be
fore bis successor reaches Ihere. Mr.
Kgan is considerate.- Some time is
needed for the disinfection of the lega
tion. Powderlv savs the Homestead work
men lost the fight because a dollar can
stand burger better than a stomach,
which Is ahemely but expressive way
of stating the truth.
The total number of men employed on
the railways of the United States at
present is sbout 760,000, of whom hard
ly 150,000 are members in good standing
of labor organizations.
Genersl Weaver will go east again
in a few days, snd expects to be In
Pb lede nn a about me imn. tie is
doing a grand wcrk in arousing public
t entiment down there, I
Tbeslfdse-bammerufed by George
L. Docfflas in battering down those
dcors is in the bands of the Kansas
populists, and is branded on one side
"No. 177, A. T. & 8. F."
Governor Lt welling and wife attend
ed the opening ceremonies at the
World's rair. ins governor says: -no
Kantan need feel atbamtd of our dis
play or building at the World's Fair."
Boston's monumental liar, Edward
Atkiueor, declares that western farm
mortgages are to a large extent polit
ical bugaboos, and that farmers are to
a greater extent creditors tban debtors.
The Cominff Nation Is the name of
J. A. Wayland'a new paper lately
started at Greecsburg, Indiana. Mr.
Waylacd was connected with the Com
ing CrUis at Pueblo, Colorado, for a
Farmers of the west who have been
robbed by -the great binding twine
monopoly called the cordage trust will
be pleased to hear that the great octo
pus has passed into the nands of a
The slate committee appointed to in
vestigate fenator Martin's election and
Ady's claims to a contest have con
cluded it is not necessary to eome to
Kansas, but will dispose of the case at
Washington. .
Mr. Powderly e&yr: 'Quarreling
among labor organizations should end.
If it does not end, the labor organiza
tions should end, acd quickly, lor there
Is no earthly use in organizations wast
ing effort on eaeh other."
The Omabs World-Herald in grum
bling over thehcggjsh World's Fair
rates of railroads, says: "The people
might take a notion to run the rail
roads themselves, and they will if they
take a notion." The world is moving.
The Colorado Sun very tersely says:
"The election of Carter Harrison to be
mayor of Chicago carried to the pro
spective visitor to the World's fair the
asf urance tbat if the exposition grounds
are closed on Sue day, other places will
not be."
Mr. Bisfell the new Post-Master-General
has given it out that applicants
for postil honors tbat do not intend to
give the office their undivided attention
need not apply. Getting a fat office and
then appointing deputies to do the work
is not business.
The Trades and Labor Assembly of
St. Paul, Minn., has adopted resolutions
approving the cowrie of the Minne
sota legislature in investigating the
coal com bine. Congress will alto bo
urged to take steps toward the govern
mat ownership of the great coal fields
In this country.
A cloak which sella for 120 la London
hop Is sewed by women who receive
2 cents rer cloak for their labor. The
(acts came out in a police court where
s woman who had sewed 127 cloaks sued
the oUutkmaker (or her wages, amount
log to l.ti. The clrakmaker wanted
a reduction In the price, to which she
refused to consent.
Use Northwestern Una to Chlcsgo
Low rates. last trains. CBlca HU
Call n (iv N'atWrtuan & to. for
carriage, wsgons, binders, and ll
farm lutitlcmente. We'll us you right
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I'ariua rr Mala.
Irk) acres 4 roll north of Alliance
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eultlrattoR, fcOacrv feruwd, tod houMS
and barn, tw well. V III gt I
sltwi at owe. I Mr It 11 U arrw,
)M) SAirv t inlU north til Alllancex
10 m r la cultivation, all tlllaWe.
rlc II. 0u iei acre. There) can W
other land Wig;ht adjoining- tb it
Utr4, lor further rtUsiare. aJ
tiiee., r. U Kuan,
i Alliance, Nvb.
Will completel T destroy thsdiwirs for TOBACCO In from StoSdara. Perfect! T harm
less; euiMno sick new, and may b given lit a cup of U-a or coffee without tae knowl-
eugeoi loepmueni, toviui Toiunuuiiy stopauMMUngor cue wing la slew day.
nHTTsnrrvRm m MnRPOTirp
imu it iixiii unit juuui ixiii u
the patient, by the use of our SPECIAL
lmrlna; treatment patients are allowed
pnine until sucn uine as vney snail Toinniaruy gi e in em up.
We sand particulars end pamphlet of testimonials free, and shall
e glad to place sunerrrs irom any or
uou wiut persons wnonsve oeen cured
drnsKiMLa at $ .OO per package.
Tour druKKialdoea net keep them,
na wa win eeou you, vj rvwiru uu,
wDetoer is Diets are lor looasco,
uquor naDit.
DO NOT BE DECEIVED Into purchasing
eny or ine Tenous uoniruuie mat are
onerea ior phi, ask lor " ' '
'i"Aiixiii i t3 ana uae no outer.
Manufactured only by
Ula ISOesrsBleck,
I have
(Tn writing
The Pleasures
Of Toil
are unknown to many thousands in
the world's grand army of toilers.
It's because so few of them labor
with their heads as well as with
their bands. Thinking pays; ideas
are so much capital.
What are your ideas about grass
cutters? You've heard about
The McCormick
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The Illustrated McCormick Cataloftie
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McCormick Harvesting machine Co.
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struction. For catalogue and prices write
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Pleaae mention Thb Aujancb-Indepihdim
when answering above.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed bid will be received at the office of
the County Clerk of Sherman County, at Loup
City. Neb. until noon of the 12th day of June,
IHVafor the count ruct ion of the unuroaches at
tho McAli!ne bride and the protection to natd
approaches. The approaches will probably
by 400 or more feet In lenmb and rutin t be sufli
efently wide tor safe public travel. Bidders to
furnlnh plans and speclllcatlons and gurantes
their work to stand a reasonable length of
time. The County reserves the right to reject
any r all bid.
Dated this day of April lOOS.
(SKA I.) K. 11. KittslL, County Clerk.
MACOX, Mo., April 1, 1892,
Quttn City SUt$r aod Xicitl Mating Co.,
AastSt. Louii.UL
I rtad Mrs. Valley's experience sell
Inr earns, and I am tempted to five
my experience plating. 1 paid IV 00
for one of tjuettn I'latrs, for plating
gold, silver Ar nickel. 1 had no trouble
to gel all the knives, forks, spoons,
castor and Jewelry I could plate. The
first wevk I made 7 clear profit; the
second, $Xj 40, and am now averaging
tl3 per week. I have advised a number
of my frlonds u try tm nusines, ana
they are alt doing well. The machine
I complete and doe the wiwk rapidly.
1 can wake aa much tolling t'iafcre a
iiUting. Hoping my experience will
benefit other, I am
Vour truly.
It. U. STOoasT.
I ynu want to make more cU ar tuoaey
than yoa ever made la your life, nd
f.r circular and price of the Queen
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) Dp 54.
fJll .Tl t ,
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ir4fOMf lr