Will Maupin's weekly. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1911-1912, March 01, 1912, Image 2

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A Good Order for Good People
Supreme Inn of the W orld
Order of Good Samaritans
Social and Fraternal
Lincoln's Only Native Brotherhood
Our Beacon LightsHospitality, Honor, Humanity
Wh hI)
Parent Inn No. 1, Now Founding in This City, and Offers the Following:
Guarantees Free Medical Attendance to Mem
bers and Their Families.
$7.00 Weekly for Sickness and Disability.
$100.00 Burial Guarantee
Open to White Men and Women of Good Moral Character and Sound in Mind and Body, from 18
to 60 years. Monthly Tribute, $1 for Men, 50c for Women.
So Medical Fee Required Immediate Gratuities No Levies or Assessments
What is a Good Samaritan? ,
A man or woman whose heart overflows with the milk of human kindness; who is the
soul of hospitality; the pulse and throb of good will, and a benefactor of the human race.
One whose life is a silver stream flowing into the dark and troubled ocean of humanity, and
like the Gulf Stream, a warm and soothing eurrent, melting the frigid nature and bearing
the Pilgrim on his frail bark to the haven of rest and reward.
The good ship Hospitality is about to sail for the port of Humanity.
A tried and dauntless captain with a brave and hardy crew are
awaiting your arrival and will gladly welcome you. All tickets first
class. Men $5.00. Women $3.00. Get Aboard and Enjoy the Trip.
: Register While the Scroll is Open. . . Higher Rates Later
For Further Details call, or write,
Supreme Founders 0. 0. G. S.
Anto 4826
Office open evenings until 9 o'clock
350-351-352 Fraternity Building
Bacon's Rule for 8tudy.
Lori Bacon laid down the rule that
In our Btudles we should select those
thlngfi that please us most, because we
then develop our talents, and all the
things that displease us most, because
then, we discipline the mind. He In
sisted, furthermore, that the .latter
studies are the more Important of the
two. U would be well to have these
old truths recalled, revived and re-
taught. They should be put back not
only Into our public schools but Into
our national life.
Vastnesa of the Ocean. .
To stow away the contents of the
Pacific ocean It would be necessary
to fill a tank one mile long, one mils
wide, and one mile deep every day
for 440 years. The figures of the
other oceans are In the same startling
proportions. It would take all the
aea water In the world 2,000,000 yean
to flow over Niagara.
Taking Qrease 8pets From Woolens.
For a mixture that Is excellent lor
removing grease spots from woolens,
use an ounce of pulverised borax, halt
an ounce of gum camphor and a quart
of boiling water. Bottle the mixture
and shake well before using.
8hopplng Up to Date.
"No, none of these hats suggest my
personality at all. You see, I'm a great
racegoer, adore drama, read classics
in the original, sympathise with the
woman's movement, travel a good
deal, and am intensely temperamental.
The hat I want must convey all
Argument for Vegetarianism.
Vegetarianism has been claimed as
a part of the wisdom of the east, and
It clearly has its uses, for two cen
turies ago an Edinburgh physician who
weighed 32 stone "by regular adher
ence to this regimen reduced his
weight to almost a third, became
strong, cheerful, adtlve and healthy.'
Making One Look Small.
To be mistaken, for a deer is suffi
ciently humiliating, but when one is
potted for a partridge, as happened a
Quebec guide, It's making him look
small Indeed.
o joy i
afose Persimmons Wat. T lntt ?o?
ried money enough to git d 1 . rri:
license! Now I hain't a
worry about till my Avk
due! Puck.
Moving 8 tail-way.
The advantages of moving stair
ways Include the following: a) There
la no waiting, (b) The serytse. Is con
tinuous - throughout traffic hours,
(c) Passengers are carried practically
to the point of their destination, and
the necessity for long connecting pas
sageways is thus avoided, (d) Mov
ing stairways can deliver the same
number of people for a short or long
rise, whereas with lifts the capacity
Is dependent on the number of lifts
and the depths of the shafts, (e) In
ease of breakdown passengers can
walk up a moving stairway as up an
ordinary staircase.
Bursting With 8elf-lmporiance.
"What Is the matter with Jones? He
used to be a modest sort of fellow, bat
lately he seems almost bursting with
self-importance.'' "Havent you heard?
Mrs. Jones Is suing another woman
for alienating his affections, and pnt
the damages at fifty thousand dollars."
Perish the Thought of Proofs.
"Walt a moment," said the budding
novelist. "I will show you the proofs
of my novelt" But the other hastened
away. "No, no," he said. - "I don't
need proof a. Your word Is enough."
Your Attention!
Our 1912 models of Detroit Jewel Gas
Ranges have arrived and they are now on our
display floor. The line is more complete
than any we have ever carried.
Also calling your attention to our Odorless
Gas Irons, Lion Water Heaters, Cake Griddles
and Waffle Irons, and a complete line of
Electric Appliances.
Call and inspect the above mentioned appliances, also our beautiful
new offices.
The Biggest and Best lighting Company in the City.
Lincoln Gas & Electric Light Company
Bell 75 14th and OStt. Auto B2575
C ' -m
Candidate for the Democratic Nomi
nation for Attorney General, at the
Primaries April 19th, 1912.
From the spring of 1S98 to the fall
of 1911, Mr. Morrlssey was engaged in
the practice of the law at Valentine,
the county seat of Cherry county, and
during the first four years of that time,
he was the county attorney of that
county. At the expiration of his sec
ond term, he declined to hold the
office longer and engaged in private
practice. As prosecuting officer of this
big county he met and tried cases
against many of the foremost lawyers
of the state, who had been called In
to defend in criminal cases, in suc
cessfully coping with these big men of
the profession, his reputation as a trial
lawyer spread into the adjoining coun
ties and for the past ten years he has
been rated as one cf the most suc
cessful men at the bar. In the summer
of 1911 he gave up "his residence at
Valentine and removed to Lincoln,
where he is now engaged in the prac
tice of tils profession.
He was a delegate to the last demo
cratic national convention and has a
wide acquaintance with the parts
workers of the state. His friends be
lieve that his nomination will greatly
strengthen- the state ticket, as he ii
the only man who has filed who la
representative of the western end ot
the state, and this, together with hia
high standing as a lawyer, will help to
round out a ticket that will appeal to
the voters next fall.
He is a native of the state of New
York, but has lived for twenty years
in western Nebraska and may be said
to be one of the pioneers f the state
Wanted It Located.
At an inquest in. Ellin wood a doo
tor was -testifying: "Where did the
motor car strike him?" the coroner
asked. ' "At the Junction of the dorsal
and cervical vertebrae," .replied the
medicine man. "Will you please point
that out on the map?" said the cor
oner, pointing to a map of Barton
county on the wall Kansas City Star.
Odd Nest. .. .,
A curious freak on the part of
wasps . . was recently discovered in
Maryland. The " wasps were noticed
going in and out of a lock that secured
a workshop door. The owner of the
shop had the lock removed to satisfy
his curiosity about the doings of the
busy workers. He found a neat in
side. The cells were made of mud
and were full of larvae. There were
several dead wasps Inside the lock.
As the lock was in dally use, the
wasps could not nave had a peaceful
wnmese wciicaciesw
The Chinese have several tastes In
which we do not join. The beche de
mer Is one of these, a big sort of a
wormlike creature that Is fished up out
of the Pacific for his especial benefit.
Sharks' fins also are in demand. These
are saved by Pacific islanders every
where and sold to traders who collect
them for the Chinese market. The
bird's nest soup is a well-known deli
cacy. The nests are among the most
expensive articles of ' food to be paid
for anywhere.
Millionaire's Humor.
Baron Oustave de Rothschild had a
pleasant mixture of caution and wag
gery. Once while in the synagogue
his neighbor suddenly plucked him by
the sleeve and whispered hoarsely, "I
have come away this morning without
locking the safe!" "Dont worry,' re
plied Rothschild, looking round at the
vast congregation, "we are all of us
Somewhat Rough on the Fish.
The Japanese have a novel way of
keeping fish fresh for use. You go in
to the restaurant and -pick out your
own fish in the tank. If there is more
fish than you want the chef cuts off a
piece to fit and returns the rest to the
tank to swim about till wanted.
Words, says the Houston Post,
should never be subjected to abbrevia
tion save when it is appropriately
done. "Xmas" is almost criminal. If
you find abbreviation necessary, write
it "Smas," and you will have it about
right. -v
Baltimore's Expericnc
The more you hear abon r v.
boomers is goln' to do
don't hear about what t-N
to work and -did. !;. ..,
What Could She Mean?
Miss Oldgirl "When I am doing bo
rlous work I hate ta have a lot of men
hanging around bothering me." Miss
Pert "You do a great deal of serious
work, do you not?" Baltimore Ameri
can. .
.... . Through the 8wlss Mountains.
At Bevieux (Old Bex), among the
Alps, the railroad passes the rocksalt
mines, from which the Swiss govern
ment procures most of the salt whose
ale is a government monopoly, -and
often sold only by the local postmas
ter, who deals not only in stamps, but
In salt. At this point a toothed rail
is brought into play, and the gradient
rapidly Increases, as the cars . pass
through woods of walnuts and chest
nuts, here an important item of the)
diet and Income of their owners.
Had a Practical Mind.
An English Sabbath school teacher
was laboring away on the subject of
eternal punishment. One small girl
sat so entranced by her lurid descrip
tions of fire. and brimstone that the
teacher was much encouraged until
transfixed by the explanatory question
of: "Please, teacher, what becomes of
all the smoke?"
When Walls Are Damp.
The walls of cupboards and piaiUlssv
are often damp 'on wet or sultry days
without apparent reason when other
sections of the kitchen wall will be
comparatively dry. The best device for
any wall that Is inclined to "damp"
Is to make it Impervious to moisture
by applying a varnish of one part
shellac and two parts naphtha.
Frohman Knew.
It was reported to Charles Froh
man that one of hit most prosperous,
male stars was in a fair way of get
ting married. "I don't believe It,"
answered the manager, who Is him
self a confirmed single man; "he win
escape; he was always a good fight
For the Darkness Draws Near.
If a man have the truth In him. the)
thought of his own death as an ever-
present possibility will, far from para
lysing effort, drive him to a more
faithful performance of duty. As the
poet says, "then let him turn today.
Exchange. .
The Real Puzzle.
The puzzle is not whether Bacon or
Shakespeare wrote the plays, but that
one person could get them all ac
cepted., Gas.
. Mrs. .Bacon "The man was here to
day, dear, looking for the gas leak."
Mr. Bacon "And did he find It?"
"Yes, but they haven't found the man
yet." Statesman. .
Real Trouble About Reforr?.
"I specks," said Uncle Eben," "dsi
reform would be a heap easier if dar
wasn't so many different people kfckin
bout so many different things."