Will Maupin's weekly. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1911-1912, April 21, 1911, Image 8

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Published Weekly at Lincoln, Nebraska, by The
Wageworker Published Company.
"Entered m coad-claM matter February 3, 191 1, at the post
office at Lincoln, Nebraska, under the Act of March 3, 1879."
OR 01
Mr. Roosevelt denies that he made a
corrupt bargain with the Mormon
Church. However, we have not yet- forgot
ten that "My Dear Harriman" letter.
The state that produces the most corn
to the acre should not longer continue to
have so many bellachers to the square
Frankly we have been unable to inter
est ourselves in the discussion John P.
Sutton and Charles Wooster have been
holding on "hell." We have no present in
tention of going there, and we are too
much intent on having this life an an
nex to heaven to even waste a minute on
thinking about hell. We hope our good
friends, Sutton and Wooster, will devote
their energies and talents to a more
profitable discussion.
It has not been at all difficult for Will
Maupin's Weekly to get thus far in the
local campaign without charging others
with being liars and thugs, or becoming
unduly excited over the matter of candi
dates. We are too intent on boosting for
Lincoln and all Nebraska to allow our
editorial mind to be diverted by these lit
tle local details.
When President Taft opened the reci
procity box he let loose a lot of trouble
for the party that has always been able
to count on the tariff barons for the
sinews of politcal warfare.
A lot of southerners flew to the defense
of slavery, although they never owned
a slave and never hoped to. A number of
men who never had a business of their
own are awfully afraid that if Lincoln
does not settle the excise question ac
cording to their views, business will be
shot all to pieces.
As we are advertised by our loving
friends, so, too, are we often misled by
For a city that boasts so much -of its
education facilities Lincoln has an al
mighty "bum" high school building.
Nebraska wheat fields san supply the
bread for the nation, and Nebraska
creameries are ready to supply the butter
to spread on it.
Sixteen million acres of fertile Nebras
ka soil are waiting fqr the labor of hus
bandmen. Nebraska is criminally negli
gent of her duty to herself by failing to
make Ijer resources and opportunities
known to all the world.
. Will Maupin's Weekly is for Lincoln, for Lincoln wet
or dry will continue to grow and prosper; will continue
growing bigger, broader and busier. Keep that in mind.
Don't be misled by those who tell you that Lincoln will
be "shot all to hell" financially and industrially without
licensed saloons. Nothing to it! Do not believe that by
keeping the licensed saloons out Lincoln will have come
anywhere near solving the liquor question, or achieveing
municipal perfection. Nothing to it!
Don't get excited. Keep cool and sweet. And above
all, be a Good Loser. Take the cards that are dealt to
you and play the game. Then, win or lose, smile and
Don't be a piker! If you are a "wet" and Lincoln re
mains dry, smile, be a man, and Boost! If you are a
"dry" and Lincoln goes wet, smile, be a man, and Boost!
It's a dirty bird that fouls its own nest. Don't you be
that kind of a bird. Be a clean bird and Boost!
The city will not go to the demnition bow-wows if your
preferred candidate is defeated. No city's success is
is contingent upon the election of any one man. Don't
forget that. A city's success is measured by the loyalty
of her citizenship. Be a loyal citizen and Boost!
a Journal of Optimism, is boosting for Lincoln and Ne
braska all the time. Whatever happens, while life lasts
Will Maupin's Weekly will always be found Boosting.
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