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AUgUSt 29, 1901
For otw !ity year Mrs. Window's
Soothicc Sjray bu ben used bj
jctLr for Lbelr cMldrea while teeih-lxtx-
Ar 70a disturbed at bjU and
troket of your rest Ljr a sick child
ttSTerfrx and cryttc with pla of Cut
tisg Teeth? If so seed at once and
get a fcottl of -Mrs. Win low's Sooth
Is Sjrrfcp" for Children Teething. Its
rsiu is isca!rulst!. It will rtller
tt poor Uit sufferer Immediately.
Iepesd cp-oa It, mothers, there Is no
c&Utsk about It. It cures diarrhoea,
retralates the stomach and towels,
cmres wind colls, softens the join, re
duces IciAmmatioa, and gives ton
as4 energy to the whole system. "Mrs.
Winsiows Sooininc Syrup" for chil
es Uethln Is pleasant to the taste
aad is the prescription of ooe of the
oldest aCiWst female physicians and
ccrse-t la the United States, and is for
tsle hy all dmrgists throughout ths
wcxM Price, 25 cents a bottle. Be
sure anS ssk for "Mrs. Winslor's
Soothisg Eyrcp-
The Un trust backed cp by the
tariff has raised the price of glass 232
per eect. Bat you mustn't meddle
with the tariff, for that would "dis
turb business." It would certainly
disturb the trust business.
A dairy man who would put formalin
ia milk would be hung to a lamp post.
Lots of them do it. Formalin will keep
sslik from touring. Jut as it will keep
a corpse from decay, but It will digest
in the same time as granite pebbles.
A great deal of the butter that is
rold under the trade mark "Elgin," Is
cot half as good a substitute for the
real tnlsg as oleomargarine. But as
long as it has "Elgin" on it. it goes
The City man eats it. smacks his lips
and declare that it is "gilt edged. As
long as he is talis led no one else Is
likely to kick unlet the makers of
"real" better wake up.
The pottoffice department, like every
other department. discriminates
against the country and the farmers in
erery service that the government ren
ders them. City postoSce carriers jet
& year, while the rural delivery
carrier Lo has to furnish a ooise
at4 nt hide, only gets 'JSi. AnytVn;
is goto enough tur the American farm
er, tut the Cil'es nul Lave every niag
Crst r'ats.
When Hawaii was a heathen land
the social evil was unknown. Since it
has become Christianised and annexed
to the United States a large portion of
the city wm set off under government
protection for the propegation of the
eviL Recently there has been a great
uproar over there for a reform, all of
whirl! was fought by the McKinley
carpet -hag o See-holders.
Hardv's Column
Dry Showers Blackness jMalf Bil
lion Idlest You Ow e the World j
Nickel Plate. Iowa Alive Tariffw
McKinley and Cleveland Unjust As
seasatenuw Schools of Crime Mar
riage. The vicinity about Liacoln has been
bieaed with another dry thunder
shower about thrre pints to an acre.
Loud thunder and little water is the
order this season. Since writing the
above we have had another heavy
thunder and dry shower of about three
gallons to the acre. Since writing
the above we have had a heavy thun
der cloud pats In sight of us on the
north, a few drops dropped In Lincoln.
The blackest charge now made
against ex-Senator Pettigrew Is that
he has made money by fortunate in
vestments since being left out of office.
Republicans are boasting of the half
billion of gold In the United States
treasury. That Is republican doctrine
to tax the people to their highest abil
ity to pay and lay the gold aside to
carry the next presidential election.
Cleveland or McKinley must be the
man or one just like them. Just so
they piled up money In this state under
Joe Bartley.
The world owes no man anything
only an equal chance with al! the rest
to earn a living or to grow a living bx
cultivating the soil. Really every
man owes the world a life of toll and
care for the good of himself, his fam
ily and community.
We take the liberty of urging the
readers of this column that In going
to the Buffalo exposition they take
the Nickel Plate Road from Chicago.
It starts from the Rock Island depot on
Van Buren street. Several dollars
can be saved and a most quiet, com
fortable ride had.
The Bryan men of Icwa were not
Jammed into the ground as they were
In Mark Hanna's state and It is really
pitiable to see how bad the republicans
feel about it. Bryan is the only dead
Insect that crawls up toe republican
party back. If Hill or Cleveland could
kick Bryan out and run the demo
cratic party, every republican would
be tickled to death, for then the trusts,
corporations and banke would get
what they want, no matter which party
carried the election In 1J04.
Some of the strongest eastern repub
lican papers begin to think and write
for a change in the tariff instead of
taxing the people and paying subsidies.
One paper recommends "opening the
reciprocity sluicegates In the high tar
iff dam and let trade flow unobstructed
rather than pay subsidie3." There are
several republican congressmen who
are talking change in tariff.
It is really strange how people
change In their political opinions. Ten
years ago Cleveland and McKinley
stood on the opposite sides of almost
every political question then up for
settlement; now they stand together
on the same side. Cleveland stands
where he did and McKinley has gone
over to his side. It is not reform
that has carried him over, but it has
really been anti-reform that has car
ried backward. He has advanced two
paces to the rear. He condemned
Cleveland's position on the money
question, but now stands with him,
solid. He. condemned Imperialism and
the occupation of territory by force.
In one of his speeches in congress he
said: "We have no right in law or
morals to usurp that which belongs to
another, whether It be property or
We all know that the moneyed men
run the general government of this
country and yet they pay no more
taxes to support It than the common
laboring men. Unless they use liquor,
tobacco and imported goods they pay
not one cent. Then come down to
state, county and city taxes, it is near
ly as bad. The money on the asses
sor's roll this year in Lancaster county
is only about $40,000, while the money
deposited in banks is over J4.000.000.
The assessment of notes, mortgages,
judgments, bonds and warrants are
Successful Business itten of Nebraska
v. y , j
Is the Work the British Doctors are
Doing at the Corner of 11th and N
Streets by Giving Their Services Free
of Charge and Thus Demonstrating
Their Ability to Cure Many Maladies
That are Called Incurable. .
A staff of eminent physicians and
surgeons from the British Medical In
stitute have, at the urgent solicitation
of a large number of patients under
their care in this country, established
a permanent branch of the Institute In
this city in the Sheldon block, corner
of 11th and N streets.
These eminent gentlemen have de
cided to give their services entirely
free for three months (medicine ex
cepted) to all invalids who call upon
them before September 8. These ser
vices consist not only of consultation,
examination and advice, but also of
all minor surgical operations.
The object in pursuing this course is
to become rapidly and personally ac
quainted with the sick and afflicted,
and under no conditions will any
charge whatever be made for any ser
vices rendered for three months to all
who call before September 8.
The doctors treat all forms of disease
and deformities and guarantee a cure
in every case they undertake. At the
interview a thorough examination is
made, and, if incurable, you are frank
ly and kindly told so; also advised
against spending your money for use
less treatment.
M'ale and female weakness, catarrh
'and catarrhal "deafness, also rupture,
goitre, cancer, all skin diseases and all
diseases of the rectum, are positively
cured by their new treatment.
The Chief Associate Surgeon of the
Institute is in personal charge.
Office hours, from 9 a. m. till 8 p. m.
No . Sunday hours.
Special Notice If you cannot call,
send stamp for question blank for
home treatment.
just as unjustly assessed as the money.
Every kind of property value should
be assessed and taxed according to
what it would sell for no matter
whether it is owned by rich men or
poor widows. But no, ten thousand
rich men are skipped where there is
one poor widow. Stock in corporations
should be taxed according to selling
value ,the same as farms. There are
more than six million dollars' worth
of property and obligations owned in
Lancaster county that is not taxed a
single cent. The republicans have
nominated many of the same assessors
to be re-elected next November and
others of the same stripe. If the tax
payers desire to exempt the rich from
paying their share of the taxes, they
should vote the straight republican
Many people, and preachers among
them, have concluded that the police
force of Lincoln is too small. As long
as a majority of the people vote for
saloons and other schools of crime
those who vote that way ought not to
complain of the fruit. If I plant crab
apple trees I ought to be satisfied with
that kind of fruit. We plant pauper
ism and crime and then expect our
police to reap soberness, virtue and
honor. One single policeman would
lessen the crime half if all the church
members would vote for cleaning up
the city. Wide open cities are most
popular among voters.
Maayel Boauman. the leading mer
chant of the thriving little city of
Sterling, Neb., son of the banker. D.
M. Beauman. was bora on a farm in
Hardia county, ia March 17. 1872.
When 5 years of age his parents re
moved to Nebraska and settled oa a
farm tear Sterling from which they
removed a few years later to Sterling,
where the subject of this sketch was
educated la the public schools. When
17 years of age he entered the general
store of his father, who was associated
wiih J. Jennoa, the firm being Boats
rsaa Jensoa. with whom he contin
ued cxtil his father disposed of his in
terest la the stock and retired from
tu&ines. In 113 he opened a general
store oa his own account and has built
up a Urge ant prosperous business.
He was 4 in manlage la 1535
to Clara, the aiccmpliihed daughter
of F. I. Bartling. the clothing mer
chant of Sterling. Two interesting
children have been born to this union.
Louis, aged three, and Margaret, a
lovely child, two yffcrs younger.
Mr. Boatsman is a member of the
German Lutheran church. In politics
ne is a democrat. Few. If any, young
business men of Nebraska have prom
ise of a brighter future. His well ap
pointed home Ik one of the best in the
town, wntie the large grounds sur
ruuuaing are maae Deautlful by an
abundance of Cowers, evergreens and
trees of beautiful foliage. He has also
an abundance of fruit of every kind
in fact his hoie is an Ideal one in
every respect and largely made so by
his untiring industry and ff-nnri tncta
Located as he is In the most thriving
and prosperous, nortion of the
state of Nebraska his trade Is rapidly
fcrvwins 10 large proportions.
'1 ' . -"
Sentiment and respect have changed
in relation to marriage and single life
in the last fifty years. We remem
ber the time when it was considered
almost a disgrace for a girl not to
marry before she was twenty-five.
And a male human was not considered
more than half human who did not
marry before he was thirty. Now the
single blessedness livers are as much
respected as the double blessedness
livers according to what they do.
There are many cases where they are
the mainstay of a whole neighbor
hood. They have built beautiful
homes and in most cases their homes
are the homes of many a wild rela
tive. The birds and the fawns are in
structed and polished. We would not
advise any man, young or old, to
marry a woman who smokes, chews,
drinks, gambles or spends her even
ings in saloons or billiard rooms.
Such things don't mix well with home
Keep Your Bowels Strong.
Constipation or diarrhoea when
your bowels are out of order. Cas
carets Candy Cathartic will make
them act naturally. Genuine tablets
stamped C. C. C. Never sold in
bulk. All druggists, 10c.
The thing that differentiates Ameri
can humor from that of the English is
the habit of exaggeration, but the Am
ericans got it from the Indians. As an
example, two men were seen carrying
three very large catfish on a polo be
tween them. Now it happened that
one of the men was the most success
ful fisherman in that part of the coun
try and the Indian replied: "Oh, that
fellow there. He can catch fish any
where alongside of the road wherever
he goes " An Englishman could not
possibly see any sort of a joke in such
a statement as that. He would look
at the man making it with profound
afitonFhment and that would be all.
Of a peevish, surly fellow another said:
"He never smiles except when every
thing goes wrong."
CCVEM I Chillicothe Normal School.
0 L I LH I Chillicothe Commercial College,
Chillicotlie Shorthand College,
Chillicothe Telegraphy College,
Chillicothe Pen Art College,
Chillicothe School of Or a to nr.
Chillicothe Musical Contervat'ry
Present enrollment 729. $180 pays for 48 weeks
board, tuition, room rent, and use of text books.
for tree illustrated catalogue address
ALLEN MOORE, Pres., Chillicothe, Mo.
Persons attending the state fair will
find good accommodations for sleep
ing at 1208 O street, next to Burr blk.
With the address on the wrapper of
your paper you will find the date at
which your subscription expires. This
is to enable our readers to be prompt
witn tneir renewals, -,
Views of am BnsrliaU Paonstolaa sa
This Dlaeu.
The tragic ending of the tragic life
of the Empresd Frederick has given a
new meaning to the pathetic appeal
which King Edward made to English
medical men to spare no effort to com
bat "that other terrible disease can
cer' .writes the London correspondent
of the New York Evening Post. Sir
James Paget, the famous English phy
sician, once declared that "every one
would have cancer if only he lived
long enough," and that must, I sup
pose, be accepted as a fact. But it is
evident from the medical comments of
rthe week that there is no ground for
asserting that the disease is on the in
crease in this country. An English
physician, who speaks With authority,
assures me, on the contrary, that, al
though the essential nature of the dis
ease has so far baffled research, con
siderable progrers can be recorded dur
ing the past t . o decades. In some
notes he has sent me he says: .
"Just as In the case of consumption,
cancer was believed to be mainly due
to some inherited fault of constitution,
and It need hardly be said that this
hypothesis engendered a despairing
frame of mind in the practitioner as
well as the patient. The present gen
eral belief throughout the British med
ical profession, in support of which
numerous facts might be adduced, is
that the disease is at first entirely local
or limited, and in all probability the
result of the growth of some specific
micro organism. The constitution may
possibly have some influence it is a
question of relative suitability of soil
and seed but it would not appear to
be so nearly bo Important a factor as
in some other parasitic diseases tuber
culosis, for example. The conclusion
follows that if the disease is recognized
early enough and is in some accessible
part; from which it can be removed
freely by the surgeon, there should be
a fair chance that it may never recur;
and modern improvements in diagnosis
and methods of operation have actu
ally accomplished this In large num
bers of cases. If, however, precious
time is wasted by hesitating or tem
porizing, or by submitting to the treat
ment of quacks, the malignant growth
not only destroys the part It has first
attacked, but particles are carried to
neighboring glands or to Internal or
gans, just as the seeds of a noxious
weed may be scattered over the whole
"Assuming this view to be correct,
the directions in which Improvement
may be looked for are two in the first
place, the recognition of the parasite,
and, secondly.las is now being done in
the case of tuberculosis, plague, mala
ria and many other, diseases, the at
tainment of knowledge concerning Its
life history and the conditions which
favor Its growth.
. H - S i
Invention That-Mar Enable L' to
Talk Tbronarh the Air.
Wireless telephoning Is tapping at
the door of scientific progress, accord
ing to Dr. H. P. Pratt, an electrical
expert, with an office in the Masonic
;mple, says a Chicago dispatch to the
ffew York Journal, ne Is having ap
paratus constructed with which he de
clares he will be able to demonstrate
the practicability of talking through
the air between widely separated
places. With small instruments of his
own making he has succeeded In talk
ing over the tops of three city blocks.
These experiments have satisfied the
Inventor that there Is no obstacle In
long distance telephoning, for his in
struments divide the distance into
what might be called easy stages of
vibration transmission.
Not only wireless telephoning be
tween far separated cities is possible,
according to Dr. Pratt, but communi
cation may be readily had with mov
ing trains. In short, every railroad can
have its own circuits without wires.
For long distance telephoning or tele
graphing Dr. Pratt's patents cover the
placing of pols 150 feet high and a
quarter of a mile apart. At the top of
each pole will be a hollow brass ball
two feet In diameter and pierced by a
sensitive metal pin,- one of whose
points Is toward the sender of a mes
sage, the other toward the receiver.
These globes and pins will transmit by
stages the vibrations developed by the
At both the transmitting and receiv
ing ends of the message route will be
poles capped with brass balls at least
twice the diameter of those along the
route. The needle that starts the vibra
tions on their course is not double
pointed, but Is directed merely at the
first of the Intermediate poles.
- Wheat Paid Church Debts.
The Evangelical church at Industry,
In the northern part of the county, has
Just paid off its church debt with a
crop of wheat says an Abilene (Kan.)
dispatch to the New York Times. Last
autumn the pastor, the Rev. Mr. Bru
ner, together with a number of the
leading members, rented 40 acres of
ground near the church house. The
work of seeding and the seed grain
were contributed. The yield was 950
bushels, of which one-third was paid
for rent, and the remainder has just
been sold for enough to pay the $350
mortgage on the church.
Onlr Once In a Lifetime.
It Is expected that the ceremonies at
tending the coronation "of the British
king will last three weeks, says the
Louisville Courier-Journal. Edward
was a long time getting there, and he
proposes to make the most of It.
Where Education Fatla.
A new fad In education is "organized
play." The Idea of teaching "the kid"
how to play, says the Minneapolis
Journal, Is a good deal like teaching
your grandmother how to fry potatoes.
- V
J .J&.;.L'.3
L - '
i ii "",?L .' "ill
idesic. nicely nnisned in Golden
uik, izc 411. o 111. .nign, 30 in. wiac,
freight prepajd to any point within
100 miles for $6.75. Same desk
but one size smaller
The A. M. Davis Co.
1112 1114 O. i
" o
. ' ' ' - " ' . &
We extend a cordial invitation to out of town visitors to
make our store their headquarters While in the city, AVe O
wnnlrl liVo f
farniture, carpets and house furnishings. "We are known as
the lowest priced mail order house in the middle West. Your,
money's worth or your money back.
The A;M. Davis Co.
111214 o.
j : 1 v . . , ,
Thirteenth and P Sts,
Lincoln, Neb. :
An Old Established, Reputable
Up-to-date Institution.
"Well and favorably known to the business public for the thoroughness of its work, and the oompe-
acy of its graduates. . .
"With competent instructors in every branch, teachers of Life and Energy as well as ability and
education; who employ the best modern methods of instruction with large, well lighted rooms in the
central business portion of Nebraska's capital with first class equipment in all departments.
No mistake can be made by attending a school with the reputation and facilities of the Lincoln
Business College. Complete practical courses in Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Banking, Expert Ac
counting, Shorthand, Typewriting, English, Arithmetic.
On arriving In the city, come di
rect to the College rooms, corner of
Thirteenth and P streets, and you will
find some member of the faculty to
welcome you.
No examinations are required to
enter any course in the school.
Elective Course The student may
take any study in either course with
out taking all.
Punctuality in attendance and in
preparation of lessons is required.
We give both class and indiridual in
struction and use every means to
make the student's progress as rapid
as is consistent with thoroughness.
Both sexes are received in all de
partments. Work for board can be procured
for those who need it.
When to Enter.
Terms open as follows :
Sept. 2, 1901.
Oct.. 28, 1901. .
Dec. 30,1901.
It is better to enter at the
beginning of a term, but
since individual instruction
is given in so many, of the
branches students can enter
at any time with little dis
advantage. Are you prepared to
begin business for yourself,
or to accept a position if one
was offered you? If not,
you cannot make a better in
vestment than to secure a
thorough business training.
Our Courses.
That our courses are thorough and
practical is attested by hundreds
of our graduates now located through
out this and other states.
Y. M. C. A.
The Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation is located just across the street
from the College. By becoming a
member, its reading room, gymna
sium, bath rooms, and lectures ars
free to students. The association has
a number of rooms which they rent
to students at very reasonable ratss.
Monthly reports are sent to pa
rents if desired.
Visitors are at ail times made wel
come. Especially does the College
invite its patrons to call.
Any additional Information con
cerning the school or any feature of
its work oheerfully and promptly furnished.
Our Speolalty i 1 1
Preparing Young Men and Women for
Why Not Loarn
To Do Something?
Address all communications to
P permanently oared. We can
11 1 1 L r faithfully promise 70a an ab
II r J solute cure no matter what
I IbhLb your condition for External,
Internal, Blind, Bleeding or Itching Piles,
Chronic or Recent, without undergoing any
surgical operation or interruption of business.
Thousands cured who had siren up in despair
of erer (retting relief.
costs nothing te try our treatment. Sample
and particulars mailed Free.
Hon. S. L Hadlt. Paris, 111., writes : "I
am convinced that you know your business and
can cure where all others fail. I hare doctored
for Piles for three years with no beneficial re
sults, and your treatment has cured me in a
few days. I am County Judge of Edgar County,
Illinois, and will be glad to assist you in spread
ing your remedy. Yours truly, S. I. Hkadlst.
Mr. Edward Sou res, Castleton. 111., suffered
with bleeding, swelling and protruding Piles
for thirty years doctors had given up his case
as incurable. He was completely cured by oar
treatment in three weeks.
Mb. M. McCot, Cognac, Kansas, Captain Co.
A, Fiftieth Indiana Infantry, writes: Hermit
Bemedy Co. : Dear Sirs I haye doctored for
Piles since the Civil War- thirty-six years
and am now glad to report that, after using
Jour treatment for a few weeks, I am complete
y cured. I believe yon can cure anyone, for a
man could not get in a much worse condition
than I was and live, and I am duly grateful to
you. Yours respectfully, M. McCot.
Thousands of Pile sufferers who had given up
in despair of ever being cured have written us
letters full of gratitude, after using our rem
edies for a short time. You can hare a trial
sample mailed FREE by writing us full particu
lars of your case.
733 Adams Express Building, Chicago, 111.
J. W- Mitchell Co.
1338 O STREET.
Wall Paper A n
& Painting I
for prices.
Good patterns
here to choose
Save Your
A good set of Teeth, $7.50.
22-K Gold Crown, $5.00.
Bridge work, per tooth, $5oo
Gold Fillings, from $1 up.
Silver Fillings, from 50c up.
Teeth Extracted Without Pain.
127 South 12th St., Lincoln, Nebr.
Taken Up
One colt gray weight 700 pounds horse.
Owner can have same by calling and paying for
keeping, filing notices and expense of publish-J
ing this notice. atkick ulkhon,
Davey, Neb.
Dr. Shoemaker's Private Hospital
If you are going to a Hospital for
treatment, it will pay you to consult
Dr. Shoemaker. He makes a specialty
of diseases of women, the nervous sys
tem and all surgical diseases. 1117 L
st., Lincoln, Neb. P. O. box 951.
In the District Court of Lancaster County,
Nebraska, Mary A. Carpenter, Plaintiff, vs.
Charles D. Carpenter, Defendant.
Charles D. Carpenter, Defendant, will take
notice that on the 24th day of August 1901,
Mary A. Carpenter, plaintiff herein, filed a pe
tition in the District Court of Lancaster
County, Nebraska, the object and prayer of
which are
That the defendant has purposely and will
fully abandoned this plaintiff for seven years
last past; that the defendant, although at the
time he was married was a temperate man, was
a habitual drunkard at the time of his aban
donment of this plaintiff; that although aa able
bodied man and possessed sufficient ability to
do so. grossly, wantonly and cruelly failed and
neglected to maintain and support this plain
tiff and her child, a daughter, the only issue of
their marriage; that defendant is wholly unfit
to have charge or custody of the child; That
she may be divorced from this defendant, and
be given the custody of the child and such other
relief aa in equity, she may be entitled to.
You are required to answer said petition on
or before the 7th day of October 1901.
Dated at Lincoln, Nebraska, this 24th day of
August, 1901. Mjlkx A. CAaPKNTER.
By E. If. Coffin, Her attorney.
Why suffer pain and death from can
cer? DR. T. O'CONNOR cures can
cers, tumors, and wens; no knife, blood
or plaster. Address 1306 O street. Lin
coln. Nebraska.
1029 0
Cabinet! $2.00 per dos., Little Ovals 3So per do