The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, January 03, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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    January 3, 1901.
i B
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n.:an ca.l. Mori-y -:-nt down in
th-Mf two !:rti Fpanish republics will
:; t-rtter reeul! t-rhap than if
P-it anyh-re -!. "The longer this
5Jay last Le Mronrer will become
lh? ri!od ini-re,f, as half s
dot-a Large ruisni' hae projected
line to lV;f.T oa.-t ports, acd would
like to control the freight truffle both
wa-f. tf well a the movements of
tro-r-"" The Independent Las cot the
fatetett top that thi corporation
lerted republican cocrref-s will pass
a till to h:j:li a cnal across the isth-rsas-
Senator Morgan has ;nt hit
tirs iar tr. !it fii ars trying to
rt fuch a till paM-d acd to do it
J.a njortrijre-d his voul to the leaders
ef f." republican party for the prom
is. of their as!ane. tut when his
m'j'T.'irxi.'-T.t ii er-"?!. there will oe
to eazal &crfs th inhniu. The rail
roads don't want :t and therefore It
raciiot -.
The bu.ldicr o? co-tly warthips un
iV th i r '. :. l.f.on.-. and etje-
r:a!!y by a roen.n: at situated as the
States is i:tuj.te4, is simply
throwm; c;ot.ey in the M-a. Cvery
x.t:k,n on -rth is at pr.nt building
marine io4t. All te-!s show that
they are j'.o:uiriy that they
fir. jro ius distant -s under the wa
ter; ti t they ir prcticbl? in ev
ery ay. Th larr-t armor clad war
chips is the world would be perfectly
helplet 'fore one of them. France
h&s tit already in service, the 1'nited
Ftate has two anl is building several
other. They will be a perfect pro-t-etion
to oar oat. and unless we
are to engage in wars of conquest
-ros the sm-s the warthips we no'
hate are core than cuffU ier.t for all
car n-de. In war the submarine will
Ird a mot i important field. Then she
prumice to revolutionize, or at least
.o serioutiy aHe t. conditions that
have exite.i since the first fleet of
skin boats as sent into ac tion by pre
historic mn. Heretofore it has been
poiib to combat every fighting ma
hic"oa the water with another ma
chine of similar construction. No mat
ter how t'.g the ironclad might grow,
it u &lrays possible to meet her on
even ground, or superior ground if
the other ide built a little larger. The
cnbniarti: is unique in that no ma
chine exi;s with which it is possible
to f,eht her. Wha the go s out on
the o" the only thing the enemy
can do : to run. It is impossible to
send an:h2i;r azainM Mr. even an
ether suhmarin.-. Ia the air or on the
surf are, the most formidable weapon
ri o if ray - rrst arid combated.
B:t unde" the surfa; of the water
Sik Et,t.&by Lac a4 do rm.beai'itrj work
' torn. Ctij tr eoutirjr. V. rt for i-rWcu-irm.
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you cannot see. This precludes any
measures of protection.
Those: being the facts, what sense is
there in continuing the building of
warships that cost five or six millions
of dollars each which would be de
fenseless before one of these cheap
submarine torpedo boats, which come
upon her unseen and sink her with
one shot, just as the Maine was sunk?
With a couple of Holland submarine
boats in each of our harbors no hostile
warship would dare come within twen
ty miles. They would be a perfect de
fense against the largest navy in the
world, and unless we intend to go per
manently into the war of conquest
business, what use will we have for
Immense squadrons of armour clad
One Assessor More Salary Pest
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One assessor for a whole county
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the year and let him ride through the
county back and forth, pick up the
I sales made and price per acre; in that
I way we can get an assessment of fair
j valuation all over the county. As it
is now every precinct and ward as
sessor tries to get. his territory down
regardless of comparative value.
The great concern of all the office
holders is how to make the present
legislature raise their fees and sal
aries. The sheriffs of the state have
just held a large meeting and it would
seem the only question up was how
to pocket more money from the tax
payers. Every office-holder wants
more pay and less work. Why don't
they strike and let us have a fresh set
who are willing to work for ten times
what they can get to work on a farm.
Every amendment to city charters will
provide for more officers, more taxes
and more bonded debt.
Wh; should the people of Lincoln
kick so about the location of a pest
house. They have one in the center
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out a little than free for all in the
center of the city as last winter.
Another big fuss is cropping out
over the use of sweet tallow in place
of poor butter. No wonder, for good
tallow salted a little is much better
than poor butter. Butter men don't
seem to want the tallow colored.
Then why not put on the same penalty
for coloring ereamery butter and leave
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them both In the natural color. But
ter is. higher any way than any other
farm, product. Eight pounds for a
bushel of wheat used to be the ratio
when we milked morning and evening.
WTiat difference does it" make to the
farmer he furnishes the: .tallow and
butter both. Why not stamp each roll
table tallow and sell it as such?
It ia the creamery men who are
making the fuss about tallow butter
and not the farmers. They are all in
a trust and forcing the price up thirty
or forty cents a pound. They howl
about adulteration. Our government
adulterates her gold coin and enriches
her copper coin. There is not one
fourth the copper in a penny there
used to be. The more sweet tallow
you mix with poor butter the better,
like gold in a penny. We happened to
go through the back yard of a cream
ery a few months ago and saw nearly
a score of empty barrels that looked
as though they had once contained tal
low. A little tallow in summer but
ter makes it stand up better and in
no way lessens the value.
The alarm that was sounded,, not
long ago, that the food product of the
earth would soon fall short of supply
ing the increasing population of the
world. Another economist asserts
that the nuts alone, produced at the
present time, will feed three times the
population now on the earth. It
would be good horse sense to plant
nut trees in place of elm and cotton
wood. Ex-President Harrison is now a
traitor to the republican party be
cause he will not swallow every new
infernal doctrine hatched out by the
millionaires and trusts. He occupies
about the same relation tc the rotten
old McKinley party that Bryan does
to the rotten old Cleveland party. A
loyal republican is expected to stand
up for everything the republicans ever
did and for every new thing they
want to do.
Why don't the republican papers say
something about the rotten republican
city rule of Philadelphia. Their
mouths are wide open against? New
York and Chicago, but the facts about
the three cities are proof they are all
three as rotten as a pumpkin tha
has lain in the field all winter.
Our congressmen can make "all the
blow and bluster, over the treaties and
location of the isthmian canal, they
choose, but the canal will not be
touched for at least four years. Ev
ery railroad corporation is against it
and they are one of the three powers
that elected McKinley and his con
gress. The other two, banks and
trusts, will not dare to run over their
third brother. Everything that is be
ing done and said is for the purpose
of fooling the people.
Now the plutocrats talk of making
a ifty-cent dollar for use in the isl
ands. The Filipinos like a Mexican
dollar just as well as an American dol
lar, so an imitation must be made.
Mexico can't make them fast enough
for half the world. She is producing
more silver than ever before, but still
cannot fill the demand. The Mexican
dollar will buy just about as much
property in the island as it ever would
and it is so in one-half of the world.
There seems to be much hair-splitting
in the United States supreme
court just now and all for the benefit
of the sugar, tobacco and liquor in
terest. The court will undoubtedly de
cide, as it always has, in favor of the
biggest pile of money. The declara
tion and the constitution will be de
clared void so far as holding the
states under any obligations to fair
ness and justice towards the islanders.
We can levy a high protective tariff
upon their goods when brought here,
we can go over to their country, but
we can prohibit their coming here;
we can establish saloons, polygamy
and slavery among them, or any other
institution out of which we can make
money and there is no restraining
power. In other words the islanders
have no rights the white man is bound
to respect. The treaty with Spain, on
its face, shows that we do not Intend
to give the Filipinos the same rights
of life, liberty and the pursuits of hap
piness that we claim for ourselves. Ac
cording to the treaty, we cannot pro
tect them by a tariff, for Spain is to
have the same trade privileges as we
have. In other words those nine mil
lions of people are to be our slaves.
McKinley, his congress and his party
will say amen, it's what we want.
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News of the Week
The magnificent fighting and un
paralleled generalship of Dewet still
continues to be an astonishment to the
whole world. Nearly every day some
further victory of the Boers is re
corded. There is no longer any doubt
but that some thousands of the Dutch
in Cape Colony have joined his forces
and the question with England is no
longer whether the Transvaal republic
and Orange Free State shall be an
nexed to the English dominions, but
whether England will have any pos
sessions left in South Africa at all.
Kitchener has not succeeded in driving
the invading force out of Natal and
Cape Colony, but on the contrary the
invading bodies of Boers are reported
as advancing in every direction. Some
very important posts have been cap
tured and many prisoners, as well as
large amounts of war material and
subsistence stores. The London pa
pers are demanding that at least 50.
000 cavalry shall be shipped to South
Africa immediately.
It was announced in London that a
body of New Zealand Moaris, the most
blood-thirsty fighters on earth, were
to be sent to help the English kill the
Christian Dutch burghers. The very
announcement sent a thrill of horror
through all Christendom. In Cape
Colony it was said if that "were done,
no power on earth could hold in leash
tha black savages of that continent
and the result would be a slaughter,
and devastation that, would probably
leave it ah uninhabited country. This
announcement Was perhaps thrown
out as a feeler, for it has since been
declared that the Moaris will not be
sent. '
What is going' on in China is left
for the most part tc the imagination
of the people. . The first . dispatches
said that Li Hung Chang and Prince
Ching, after receiving the note of the
powers, while not positively refusing
to accede to ;the terms demanded,
asked that they be modified. Since
that time dispatches have been pub
lished saying they accepted the
terms by authority of the emperor,
and the Chinese court would soon re
turn to Peklr.. ; How much truth there
is in all that we will have to wait to
know. One thing is certain. There is
a terrible famine raging in North
China in the region of the country in
vaded by foreign troops. The stories
of the suffering of the people are al
most too horible for belief.' It is
said that human flesh is offered for
sale in the markets. The Russian and
American officers are distributing im
mense amounts of rice to the starving
people. a
It seems that this country has gone
into the business of buying human be
ings as a permanent policy. It was
announced in the papers of Copenhag
en that the United States had offered
the Danish government 12,000,000
kroner ($3,240,000) for the Danish An
tilles. We first bought 10,000,000 Fili
pinos at $2.50 per head and now we are
going to buy some Danes and Negroes
for a little higher price. The unalien
able rights of man life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness are things
not recognized by this administration.
They - belonged to the old foggy days
of Washington and Jefferson, and this
mighty nation under the leadership
of Mark Hanna, count them as things
of the dead past and say: Let the
dead bury the dead. We have found
a more excellent way.
The financial wave of trouble that
wrecked three banks in Germany
reached London last week and four
teen brokers went into bankruptcy in
one day. .Things .financial were in
very feverish condition last week both
in London and Berlin. WThat the out
come will be nobody knows. The last
panic we had started over there and
that is the way the next panic will
That Wall street felt pretty uneasy
at the turn affairs had taken in Lon
don and Berlin was apparent. The fi
nancial writers all began to point out
why it was impossible for the dis
turbance to reach this side of the sea,
their chief reason being that a few
financiers now really controlled affairs
in this country and the millionaires
would see to it that the panic did
not reach the United States. As these
millionaires can always say with St.
Paul, "The lif i that I now live is by
faith," most of their wealth being in
stocks and bonds in which the people
must have "faith" or they would van
ish, it can be seen that things are not
as stable as they might be. One of
these writers says;; "Wall street is
full of rumors of impending deals.
Hints are heard of "extraordinary pos
sibilities Consolidation projects big
ger, than any hitherto heard are xuy
der discussion in quarters wr.ere ordi
narily idle gossip is hot indulged in."
That is to say, th "universal trust"
is near at hand and when its organi
zation is accomplished, there will b3
no more panics and bank failures, for
haif a dozen financiers will have the
world by the tail and swing as it
pleases them.
Lord Dufferin, who used to be gov
ernor of Canada, was the head of
the London and Globe Finance Co.
that failed last week. A whole lot
more of lords and dukes were on the
board of directors. The London dail
ies denounce it as another Hooley af
fair. Within half an hour after the
failure of this concern was announced,
fourteen other firms threw up and
went into bankruptcy. Thousands of
people are rendered pennyless. Itis a
strange thing that the London dailies
never know anything about these
Hooley schemes with lords and dukes
for directors until they "bust."
A newspaper man of Washington
writes The Independent that many of
the conservative old senators were
struck dumb with astonishment when
they learned that McKinley had au
thorized the signing of the joint note
to China. One of them expressed him
self in the following words: "Does
the president comprehend the import
of what he has done? He has affixed
the signature of the United States to
an "irrevocable' document. He has
made the United States the party to a
contract involving war. Does he
think that China, with 4,000,000 of
people, will for a moment seriously
contemplate the effacement of her na
tionality? Has McKinley made a
treaty with all the civilized powers
and bound the United States to a new
line of policy without ever consulting
the United States senate, which, un
der the constitution, is the real treaty
making power? What meat has this
Caesar fed upon that he has suddenly
grown so great? Is he the unfettered
autocrat of 76,000,000 people? Mind
you, the senate will have something
to say about this matter unless the
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majority has concluded to abrogate
in favor of the ruling executive."
This act of McKinley is only an
other step in the path of imperialism.
The reply of the Chinese embassadors
is ingenious to say the least. They
say: ' "If China places her coast at
the mercy of .foreign war ships, her
interior at the mercy of alien armies
in complying with the demand that
she dismantle her forts, transfer the
control of her lines of communication,
abstain from importing arms and per
mit foreign troops to be stationed at
her capital, China believes she has
the right to ask the powers td have a
regard for her helpless condition." Af
ter that statement La Hung Chang and
Prince Ching ask as a preliminary to
the signing of the "irrevocable" note
that the powers enter into a solemn
compact to respect the territory of
China and agree not to undertake to
divide it up among themselves. They
wind up by saying: "If a man hands
over the kev to his house and all
means of defending it he has a right
to know that he will not be disponed."
The more this matter is looked into
the clearer it appears that the dis
patches announcing that the Chinese
emperor had agreed to accept the
terms of the powers is a fake or that
it is done for deception. Even ac
cording to European ethics and law,
the Chinese would have a moral right
to repudiate such terms. If a man
were compelled by overwhelming force
to sign a deed to his real estate, there
is not a court in Christendom that
would not set it aside. Under the
barbaric laws of war the powers can
invade China, dispossess the ruling
power and hold it by force, but they
cannot compel the emperor to deed
awatf his sovereignty in a treaty and
then hold it. It must be force and
force alone and not treaty rights.
The latest news from South Africa
is to the effect that Botha has been
taking a hand in lampooning the Eng
lish invaders and has proved himself
as successful a fighter as Dewet The
following is Kitchener's report of the
affair- "General Lyttleton reports
that our post at Helvetia was cap
tured yesterday morning by the Boers.
About fifty were killed and wounded
and 200 taken prisoners. Colonel
Kitchener reports that he is follow
ing with a small force in the track of
the enemy, Helvetia being reoccupied
by Reeves, who has been reinforced
from Belfast. .
"Helvetia was a very strong posi
tion on the Machadodorp-Lydenburg
railway and was held by a detachment
of the Liverpool regiment. Am ask
ing for further information."
This fight close to Pretoria, while
Dewet and the other Boer commanders
were away in the Orange Free State
and invading Natal and Cape Colony,
make it look very much as if the Boers
had the British surrounded instead of
the British having them coralled. A
private letter has been received in New
York by a distinguished man who
vouches for the responsibility and
truthfulness of the writer which says
that the English censorship is very
severe and the .people in Europe know
little of the real condition of affairs
in South Africa, As an instance of
this he says that General Buller was
captured by Botha and paroled on con
dition that he would leave South Af
rica and not again fight against the
Boers. He says that is the reason of
the return of General Buller. He also
asserts that Dewet captured General
Hamilton and released him on the
same terms. There have been, many
B Commenced
morning, January 2, we commenced our regular semi-annual
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O and Thirteenth Sts., Lincoln, Nebr.
inquiries why Generals Buller and
Hamilton returned to England and no
satisfactory reason has ever been
This "letter also contains the fol
low ing paragraph: "The -best of all
is, however, that the English have to
ask for passes from the Boers field
cortiets to travel safely with their ambulances.-
All trains get held up. Th-j
Boers lately captured five trains filled
with ammunition and provisions; thi
English all made hands up. All
bridges from Malalane to Waterfal!
Onder are blown up and washed away,
and only one wooden bridge is stand
ing where the De Kaap River goes into
the Crocodile River. But this bridge
also will soon go to blazes."
The news from the Philippines dur
ing the week consisted of a very long
list of killed and wounded and the
following item from San Francisco:
"The army transport Grant arrived
today from Manila, bringing a large
passenger list and over 300 bodies of
soldiers, ninety-six of whom had died
of smallpox:" What is all this for? A
pint of glory badly off color, and a
million and a half of trade. The fol
lowing table shows , the imports into
Manila and the .countries from which
they were received during the last
year: Hong -Kong, $7,777,715; Eng
land, $3,703,759; Spain, $2,026,483; East
Indies f 1,845,016; United States, $1,
.643,846; Germany, $1,196,119; France,
$479,699; Australia, ; $528,103. '
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January 8
terest. There seems to be no doubt
that Pat Crowe, a notorious criminal,
was the man who put up the job and Friends of bis, and with
out doubt accomplices, have been send
ing letters to Mr. Cudahy threatening
to kidnap other of his children and
to commit murder If he does not with
draw the reward of $25,000 which he
offered for the capture of the crim
inals. The . mayor of Omaha has ad
vised that the city offer a reward of
the same amount and allow Mr
Cudahy to withdraw his. Mr.. Cudahy
has so far refused to withdraw. The
sending" of" the threatening letters is
an offense against the laws of the
United States. It seems that the de
tective forces of the general govern
ment. and of the city of Omaha and
the Pinkerton force which are all
spurred- on; by the great reward of
fered, now that the criminal is known,
should be able . to capture him. If
they do not, it will be an example of
very great inefficiency. All sorts of
rumors continue to be published. Pat
Crowe's brother has been arrested,
the pony that the bandit rode has been
identified, and that is about all that
has been accbmplished.
The boards cf trade In London, New
YorkJUand-.ChicagQ-.,.were astounded
upon. receiving a cablegram from Dr.
Martin , Gait ia Merou, the minister- of
agriculture of the Argentine republic,
saying tht he estimates that there
will be 1700,000 tons of wheat avail
able for expprt this season. He says
also that the corn crop is good. If
such an amount is for export there, It
means lower prices in this country.
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Estray Notice
Taken up One bay horse, about 14
years old, weight 1,000 lbs; one gray
mare, about 14 years old, weight 1,000
lbs. Owner can have same by calling
at the farm of Wm. Werger, Martel,
Neb., ' and paying feed charges and
costs of recording and for the publica
tion of this notice. Wm. Werger, Mar
tel, Neb.