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    Marclii5, 1900.
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; - Iff Pllr
y .-. f 7 "Ariae. Sir Bill! Arise. Sir John!" New 'York
Sal I road Cappers. Jackleg Lawyers and
Mallet Head Bankers Get Tojjether
The Independent has a Reporter
,"v, :i y r'": In Earshot. - " .'
Tuesday .of last week . a conference was
held in Chadron by the republican ma
ehine leaders from Northwest Nebraska
representing the 15th senatorial and 53d
' representative districts. It was made up
of McKinley office holders, railroad plug
gers and jack -leg lawyers and skin-shop
bankers. '.. ' . -,
The republican voter who, thinks that
be will be consulted or have anything to
do with selecting the republican nomi
nees in this senatorial or representative
district, is an unsophisticated registered
chump. .The nAchine decree: has al
ready gone forth. Later cn the business
men and the few farmers that still vote
the republican ticket may imagine that
. caucuses'are being .held and .delegates
Chosen to make nominations, but the
piebald politicians have already fixed the
late.-.. '
, There i3 nothing for the republican
- "voters to do ' but bolt the machine or
gulp down the ticket.
There was trouble on over the fact
that A, G. Fisher, who was elected in
this district in 1898, stood by D. E.
Thompson, and later on bolted the repub
lican caucus. . The trouble was largely
in . Chadron and Dawes counties. In
Box Butte county the Burlington rail
j. road owns and runs the republican party.
, body, soul and , breeches. . The Burling-
win rouroau is iaroraoie to x isner as n
is to Thompson, and Fisher felt under
obligations to Thorn Dson because Thomn-
sdn had furnished the money to buy the
rotes that elected Fisher. The railroads
are very active In the fight and the
Northwestern and Burlington have pool-
d issues. - -
r It is taken for granted that the fusion
ists in their platform are coiner to nledsre
themselves to pass a law that will hold
the railroad companies liable for all
damages sustained by their employees.
They do not intend to leave the rights of
the men who work on the railroads sub
I ject to the whims and caprices of some
pass graoDing juage. ine railroads are
aware of this and they intend to fight it
to the bitter end, and the corporations
irnow mat if r isher is elected he will
vote for the railroad corporations ; and
against the employees. Hence they are
patting on the whip to all recalcitrants
R. M. Montgomery the Burlington tool
from Alliance, who is kept on the pay
roll oi that road for political purposes as
well as others were all there in force. It
was finally agreed that the demands of
the railroads should be considered and
- risner do renominated ana he was au
thorized to even tell the employees that
W 1 Jl - A 1 1
as wuuiu ui lur a vm wnicn wouia
compel the railroads to pay for all injur
ies sustained by their employees for the
' purpose ol getting their votes, but as
IXontgomery .said, t'We know you wil
vote with us when you get there Fisher
oecanse you never iauea us when we
needed you.
. Senator W. H. Reynolds who repre
sent this district now desires re-nomi
nation but Chairman Tefft of- the state
central committee was at the conference
to promise Reynolds something better.
' Chairman Tefft said that it must be
r conceded that Governor Poynter would
. be renominated and elected. That the
railroads were interested in having a
state taxing board that they can control.
He pointed out to the members present
that the governor, treasurer and auditor
were the three men who determined the
amount of taxes that the railroads had
; - to pay each year. He said the corpora
tions had made up their minds that they
could not "defeat Governor Poynter but
if. they could elect a treasurer and audi
tor they would have a majority of the
taxing board; that he was authorized to
say that a recent conference at Lincoln
atrwhlch the Burlington, the Northwest
ern Union Pacific and Missouri Pacific
and Rock Island were present it. had
been determined that Senator ' Reynolds
was the proper man to nominate for state
auditor. .This remark of. the chairman
brought forth applause which could be
V heard even in the corridors ef the Blaine
' hotel where the conference was held.
The chairman. Mr. Tefft, scowled and
berated them for the noise they were
, making and told them to keep quiet that
the matter must be kept strictly- secret
of the popttliat3 would use it against
them in .the campaign. He said that the
- populists were constantly charging them
with being subservient to the railroad
interests and then he said parenthetical-
- It, "Of course boys it is rue but I am
dek and tired of being so accused." ,
--' Hi. TeCt.said further that the: mem
; rs canst remember that they were un
. (tr crtit obligations to the railroads. I
I a paid.. that every member of
road pass and wo must not forget those
who favor us.'
Mr, A. Wl-Scatte-rffWd'f Ainsworth
said, "This republican conference meets
under happy auspices. Our cousins in
lungland have won a great victory under
the leadership of .Lord Roberts, my fel
low countrymen he is even a greater war
rior than our General Otis.-As. republi
cans we rejoice in Englands victory over
Cronje. . Every damm popocrat is for the
Boers, but as an Enarhshman I am proud
that William McKinley has the courage
to enter into alliance ,with so great
and noble a sovereign as Queen Victoria.
Since it is conceded by the members
of this conference that Senator Reynolds
is to be nominated for a state office it is
but right that the senatorial nomination
should come to the east end of the dis
trict and I think without being egotisti
cal that my county can furnish a com
petent and worthy candidate." ; Tho re
marks of Mr Bcattergood were cheered,
particularly those in reference to the
British alliance.
Captain Akers, receiver of the Land
Office at Alliance, was the next speaker
and said among other things that he was
here to represent himself , and Register,
Fred Dorrington. who stood middle-man
between Northwest Nebraska. Federal
offices and Senator John M. Thurston
and who only last year caused the 're
moval of a B. & M local agent at Craw
ford because he refused to vote the re
publican ticket straight. Mr. Aker said
he favored Captain Fisher because Fish
er was for Thompson, and the Burling
ton railroad wanted Thompson, and be
cause John L. Webster of Omaha was al
so to be elected senator this year and
Webster was opposed to the little Bohe
mian sheet which is constantly, causing
party trouble. Mr. Aker.-J said that by
the judicious use of the land office print
ing he and Mr. Dorrington of the Alii
ance land office had the papers of the
district well under control and that there
was no fear of any of them bolting the
action of the conference. I might say
also that my friend Eider Julian who
was so bitterly opposed to Uaptam l4 ish
er has.practically consented to come in
to line.
Register J. C. Pettijohn of the Valen
tine land office arose and remarked that
they had the newspapers in their dis
trict well in hand and through them con
trolled the voters and ho wished to as
sure the members presont that ho :held
a mortgage on the Valentine Democrat
which enabled him to dictate the policy
of the paper and should the editor refuse
to do his will he assured his friends the
paper would be taken out of the field.
After a few remarks by - some of the
minor members prevent the meetincr ad
journed and Captain Fisher and Elder
Julian who had been fighting each other
ever since Fisher bolted the republican
senatorial caucus clasped hands and ef
fected a truce. ' N
Chadron, Neb. . , - ,
' Mux warned,
40 gallons of Jersey milk wanted daily
for which 1 will pay- the highest cash
price. 1S37 O street, Lincoln, Nebraska.
First Prize Winning Clyde at Nebraska auil St. Louis Fairs for Five Years
fiMkmmWi mmw-i -0
mhpmm- -Vis . - :
"I am proud that I am a patriot." In
terview with Senator Kyle in Aberdeen
news.,- . ' - ,
"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoun
drel." Ben Jonson. - ,
That interesting political Jackass, Ed
gar Howard, who is to the democratic
party of Nebraska what Lucian Steb
bins, Clem Deaver, . Paul Vandervoort
and Bill Dech used to be to the popu
lists, a sort of purveyor of ammunition
for the enemy, is a candidate for state
auditor. If politics were run along mil
tary lines he would have been' shot long
ago for insubordination in the face of
the enemy. Exeter Enterprise. - '
Grosvfinor, of Ohio, tells us that it was
Mr. Bryan's influence that, caused the
ratification of the treaty with Spain.
Bryan comes back and says that it has
relieved providence of a great j reponsi
bility, inasmuch as our republican
friends have been claiming all the time
that providence had thrown the Philip
pines into our possession. Beaver Uity
Times. r ' ' ' v
One of the New York World's corres
pondents in South Africa, Lieut. Win
ston Churchill, gave in his vivid picture
of the closing scenes around Ladysmith
a few lines of what is the most sublime
and melancholly feature of this war up
on the republics. He told of the dead
bodies of soldiers of the republics found
in the trenches oM men with their
white1 hair and flowing white beards;
middle-aged men: young men, doubtless
the fathers of young families; youths,
just attaining their majority; boys, mere
ciildren, with round cheeks as smooth
as a giri's. and with little arms' clasping
rifles as long as themselvs; finally,
women, sharing in the toil and privation,
standing side by side with husband or
father in the trenches, aiming the gun
and speeding the bullet with a prayer for
the preservation of. home and the father
land. .
v it is a whole people at war. it is a
whole nation, 'regardless of sex or age,
rising up in defense of their freedom
to beat back the invader or die.
Is not this a spectacle which, should
give- England pause? 'Is not Ja sight
which must evoke the sylnpaihy andad
miration of the United States. ,?,
m i A SUCCESS.- r-X'-ii:
' Edgar Howard, editor of the Papillioh
Times, is a candidate for the nomination
for state auditor on the fusion ticket,
and besides the support of himaelf he
also has the support of the State Jour
nal and other s.-t-r-o-n-g papers. As
man able to stir up strife he is a success
but as a harmonizer he is a complete
failuro, Seward Independent.
Candidates for the state offices to be
filled next year, (an entire new . deal wil
be made,) - are being mentioned, y and
among others the name of our , esteemed
and . worthy Saunders county ! ci lizeh.
HonJ B. R. B. Weber; is mentioned as
probable - candidate for ' secretary of
state. Wahoo New'jSra.'-' 1 ;
We second the motion, Bro. Johnson.
Mr. Weber has had charge of tho Girls'
Industrial school here for the past three
years and we Know positively that no
man in the state is better qualified than
he for the responsible position. T We
also know that as secretary of the state
central committee in the campaign o
189G our magnificent vote was largely at
tributable to the untiring efforts of Ben
Weber. Since the organization-of the
party he has been in tho forefront of tho
tight in every campaign and his acquam
tance with the prominent jrften of the
party will make him a thoroughly strong
candidate. i '-.,
The Gazette gives notice right here
that we are for Weber for secretary o
state. Geneva Gazette.
....- : "
The Times-Independent of LOup City
clipping an article from tho Indepen
dent concerning the necessity of finding
a competent and fearless lawyer for the
position of attorney-general says: ,.-',
"We agree with the Independent that
the candidate should be a populist and
one who is in no wise under obligations
to the corporations. We havefinSher
man county just such ' a populist. A
man with all of the qualifications re
quired; a capable attorney, energetic
and tireless in his efforts to serve his
clients.' "The office should hunt the
man not the mats the office. No doubt
hat is the richt spirit, consequently we
demand the attention of tho office of at
torney-general for the present and direct
its footsteps towards Sherman county,
to the county seat of said county, and
to the office of our townsman, Honorable
Henry M. Mathew, who we consider the
proper man for said office to seek. We
tiave had no talk with Mr. Matnew upon
this subject, but as the "office should
seek the man" we considered that none
was necessary;'-; :. ; -;
: Some Good Work.
While at our county convention Satur-t
day last. I made a short talk before
the convention in favor of the Ne
braska Independent" and obtained the
enclosed 12 subscriptions. Several per
sons present testified to the merits of
the Independent, preferring it to any
other paper for solid, reliable news. .
. - "I- -11 -11 1-J li
. Anieiope vo. win ron up a uig major
ity for Bryan in Nov.
-Yours for Truth, Right, Home and
Country, ' "V --.-'- - " -';-.. '.' -.
J. a. DEWEY.
For such favors as the .above the In
dependent is thankful. . It is an encour
agement to continue the enlargement and
improvement of the paper. Mr. Dewey
has set a most excellent example and we
hope and believe that good for the party
will result from his labor.
There will be no middle ground in the
cominc presidential campaign. There
will be no room for mid-roaders. The
contest will be waged between the impe
rialists and those who still believe the
federal constitution and declaration of
independence to be two documents
worthy our highest consideration; it will
be waged between trusts and the friends
of commercial independence; between a
would-be moneyed aristocracy and the
advocates of government money. ?
Whatever merit there may be in the
mid-roaders' contention for independent
party action, considered abstractly, the
lines are so drawn that there are but two
sides to this controversy. Those who
con,tend for government money untram
toelled m its issue by any private inter
ests, will be found supporting William J.
Bryan; those-who believe in. the gold
standard aad a currency wholly under
the control of national bankers, will sup
port William McKinlev. . Those who be
lieve that governments derive their just
powers from the consent of the governed
will rally around Bryan as their stand
ard bearer; those who believe that the
declaration of independence and the fed
eral constitution are mere glittering gen
eralities, will follow McKinley" 11
The people's party crossed tho Rubicon
m loJb. Its action in endorsing Bryan;
after mature deliberation . and full dis
cussion, established a precedent which
-it is useless now to try to reverse., By
that endorsement the people s party said
in layo. "there,; are two great opposing
forces in this contest; there is no room
for independent action' by us; we; wil
join hands with the party that mos
nearly coincides with our views." ? J
i Tho rejuvenated democratic party o
1896 has taken long strides since then in
the . direction of populism. . Democrats
who merely opposed national banks of
issue in 1896 are now asking for govern
ment banks. Democrats who in 1896 in
sisted on coin redemption Of paper mon
ey, now freely admit the uselessness-'of
such a proceeding. ;v Democrats who in
1896 urged strict governmentr-' contxo
and regulation of railroads, now see the
futility of such control and regulation
and are to be found with the great army
of people who ask for public ownership
of public utilities...-Read Coin on Mon
ey, Trusts and Imperialism, - ye mid
roaders, and sat if any populist could
produce better populist doctrine. '
There is no room for the mid-roaders,
Th.e only honest course for them is to
openly. support McKinley if they;cannot
support Bryan.. N mid-road candidate
for the presidency could hope for even a
corporal's guard of followers, because his
chief advisors will all take no chances of
throwing away their votes, and, fearing
Bryan's success, will vote dorectly for
McKinley. . . '
The Harlan County Democrat last
week began its seventeenth year. Edi
tor Ludi deserves great credit for his
successful , efforts to give the people of
Harlan county a wide-awake democratic
paper. ." ' .'
":Jt really looks as though the church
going republicans of Omaha threw aside
party prejudice and voted for Poppleton.
But the Dave Mercer democrats voted
for Moores and nullified any gains Pop
pleton made in the republican ' strong
holds. , : ,. ' , .
In compliance with the statutes of the
State of Nebraska, in such cases made
and provided, notice is hereby given that
sealed proposals will be received at the
office of the Commissioner or jtudiic
ands and Buildines until 0 o'clock a.
m., April 2, 1900, for furnishing supplies
for the quarter ending June 30, 1900, for
the Hospitals for the Insane at Lincoln,
Hastings, and Norfolk; the State Indus
trial School at . Kearney; the Girls' In
dustrial School at Geneva; the Institu
tion for Feeble Minded Youth at Beat
rice; the Soldiers' and Sailor's Homes at
Grand Island and Milford; the Home of
the Friendless at Lincoln; the Women's
Industrial Home at Milford, and the
State Penitentiary at Lincoln.
Estimates and blank proposals may
be had upon application to the superin
tendents of the various institutions,
A bond for a sum equal to the propos
al shall accompany each bid. , All bids
to be made in duplicate.
No proposal will be received unless in
the office of the Commissioner of Public
Lands and Buildings on i or before the
day and hour above mentioned. ; ; j
The original of each accepted proposal
must , bear a 50-cent revenue stamp,
which may be affixed after the award is
made., No bid . in which samples are
called for will be considered; unless the
samples are submitted. '
The board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids. v - i - r ".
J. V. WULFJtf, secretary,
Lincoln. Neb.. March 15,1900. . t
N. B. The board will undertake to
consider all bids for all goods in one day.
' Chattel Mortgage Sale. ,
Be it known. That bv virtue of a chattel
mortgage dated June 26th, 1899, executed by
Thna. Hornbri unto Nichols hbeDara Co,
an incorporated company under the laws of
Michigan, to secure tne tmvment or five mm-
dred fifty dollars ($550.00), said mortgage having
been duly filed in the office or the county cleric
of Lancaster county. Nebraska, and, default
havinorbeen made thereon. There remaining
due and unpaid the sum of $574.10. We have
taken and shall on Thursday March Z2nd.
J IHA' Bb 1U U UWft a. Uli, Ul UIU B5& i vi.
the back door of Lincoln Transfer Co's. build
ing at 10th and Q st9. in the city of Lincoln, to
the highest bidder for cash in hand, the follow
insr described property, to-wlt : One gram sep
arator with 32 inch cylinder and nl inch rear.
comolete.- ShoD No. 9110. with Trucks, belts.
fixtures and including one ftetmrn neuraauc
stacker. One 10 H. P. Traction steam ragine
complete, shop no, 3619, all of above machinery
being oi i ichois & bhepara vo. manufacture.
' Nichols A Shepard Co,
1 By E. E. Glasscock.
Agent for the purposes of this sale.
Dated Feb. 12th., 1900. ,, .....
i J 1 r . Lincoln. Mar. 7,1900.
Indemnity Fire Insurance Co.,
of JNTev York City, m
the State of New
: ' York, .
has complied with the insurance law of this
state and is. therefore authorised to transact
the business of Fire Insurance in this state tor
the1 current year nineteen hundred.
Witness' my hand and official seal the day and
year above written. John F. Cornell,
tiis . -Insurance Commissioner.
', Isel . . Wm. B. Paica,
" , Deputy.
Lincoln, February 23. 1903.
North American Accident In
surance Company of Chi
; cago, in the State
of Illinois,
has complied with the insurance law of this
state and is, therefore authorized to transact
the business of ACCIDENT Insurance in
this state for the current year nineteen hun
dred. ' - V-.V ' .;.V".:.:
' Witness my hand and official seal the day and
year first above written.
John F. Cornell, -,
. . Insurance Commissioner. .
. seal , :';,;v W. B. Peice,
: ' : .-Deputy.
Our today's illustration is
of that fc in of Draft Ptal
liotas drawn from the St. Paul,
Neb., stud of draft and coach
tall ions. "MtGimmoi'i
HtmiJ' Bar olrde. weisht
2000 pounds. He is a low-
down, "wide-as-wacou-sort
clean, flinty bone aud feathers
fine as silk- He has been
shown with the "tops" of the
land and always proved to be
the ' KiD Notcher" at the
, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and
. great St. Louis fairs. He is
1 not only a rreat show stallion
but ft creat brood stallion as
well. His get have been first
and sweepstake winners at
leading state fairs, and his
get now on sale at the "Home
of the Winners" are out of
ight -the best in the land,
lams has barns full ot big
thick, blocky, . flab. acting
. Clyde. Shires : Black pr
cherons and coach stallions.
He has more Omaha Exposi
tion and State prize Winners;
more black stallions; more
, ton and 2300 pound stallions ;
more E&jal bred and govern
ment approved stallions, than
all importers of Nebraska.
He is selling choice J SOU and
2000 pound stallions at f800.(X
and $1,000; good terms, good
guarantees. lams pays the
freight and saves you fcOO on
a first-class stallion by buying
from Frank lama, bfc. Paul,
Neb., at his home barns, as he
has no high priced salesmen
to sell inferior horses at S2.000
and $3,000. Go and see lams.
- He will treat you whit and
sell you -winner and money
makers. - -K - v, -'u':
- New York World.
The Annual Statement
The Mutual Life
of New York
. . . .
appears on the last page.
This is the largest Life Insurance
Company in the World, and loaned
to its policy-holders upon their
policies during the year 1 899
over Four millions of dollars.
FLEMING BROS,, Managers for Iowa and Nebraska, DesMoines, Iowa
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