The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, June 29, 1899, Image 8

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June 29, 1899
Bow tli tlrat Aatlttmrr W OBm
' Upon the first ".nnivernary Philadel-
5 hia made contddera bio-effort toward n
oyoue celebration. The Pennsylvania
Journal of July 9, 1777, tells abont It:
: "Yesterday, being the first an-river-Kir
of the Independence of the United
Btateaof America, waa celebrated in
Philadelphia with detnonetrations of
' , joy and festivity. Abont noon all the
armed ahipa and galleys in the river
vera drawn np before the city, dressed
in tbe gayest manner, with the color
of the United Btatee and streamers die
played. At 1 o'clock, tie yarda being
Jroperly manned, they began tbe cele
ration Of the day by a diacbarge of 18
cannon from each of tbe ships and one
from eacb of the 18 galleya in honor of
the 18 United State. ;
. "In the afternoon an elegant dinner
wai provided for, congress, to which
were invited the preuident and tbe
preme executive coon til and speakers,
of tbe amerubly of the state, toe gen
eril officers and colonela of tbe army
and strangers, of eminence and the
members . of tbe several Continental
board in town. The Hessian band of
. music, taken in Trenton tbe 2Mb of
December last, attended and height
eaeJ tbe festivity with some fine, per
formancca anited to tbe occasion, while
coriw of British deserters, taken' in
tbe service by tbe state of Georgia, be
ing drawn np before the door, filled np
the interval wltbfem de Jole." (What
a aardonlc Joke!) "After dinner a num
ber of toasts were drnnk, all breathing
' independence and a generon love of
liberty and commemorating tbe mem
orle of tbonfl brave and worthy patriota
who gallatitiy exposed their Uvea and
fell gloriously in defense of freedom and
, the rigbteooa cause cf their country,,
"Each toast wa followed by a die
cbargeof artillery and email arma and
a aoitable piece of nmale by the Hessian
, band. ,
"The gloriooa Fourth of Jnly waa r
iterated three times, accompanied with
triple diacbarge of cannon and email
arm and lond boms that resounded
from etraet to atreet throughout tbe
city. Toward evening several troop of
Jbc, a corpa of artillery and a brigade
id North Carolina force, which waa in
town on it way to join tbe grand
army, were drawn np In Second atreet
and reviewed by congress and tbe gen
eral o'lcera. The evening wa closed
witJi the rizging of bell, and at nlgbt
t&erewyja grand exhibition of fire-worl-
(which bean and concluded with
13 rocket) 00 the common, and tbe
city waa beautifully illuminated
Everything waa conducted with tbe
greatest order and decorum, and the
" face cf joy and gladness wa universal.
Tbna may the Fourth of July, that
glorious and ever memorable day, be
celebrated throtighont America 1 by tbe
socicf freedom, from age to ago, till
time aba II be no more. Amen and
menl" Chicago Inter Ocean.
The Ratal Dar.
If the natal' day of American inde-rrs-Icace
ia to be derived from tbe cere
ry of the final e!jsstnre, then it
1 : !1 be Aug. 1 If itr)Ted from tbe
r-l;tntitl legal act of aeparatlon from
tie Eritic!. crown, it abonld be the 24
cf July, tat common conaeat baa de
termined to date tbe anniversary from
the comparatively anbordinate event of
the paaaage of tbe Declaration.
Meaaorakle Oralloaa.
The Fourth of July, 1843, will be re
membered aa tbe occasion of Charlo
ftainner'a farnou epeccb on tbe "True
Grandeur of Nations," which he de
clared to be peace, and those respective
ly of 18511 and I860 aa the occaaion of
the forensic masterpieces of Bufua
Choate and Edward Everett. ,
Wartime Vaartaa.
It waa on July 4, 1863, Vickaburg
surrendered to General Grant, and Gen
eral Lee, after three daya of atubborn
fighting, began hia retreat from Gettys
burg. : , '. .
Vraadaaa'a Baaaar.
- Oh, teniWIy I he haueht jr day
nils hut Mim urn with Aral
One morn it In the mighty heaven,
And oh la our daalra.
Tha ennnon bourn a from town to town, ..
Oaf palam ere nut Ivaa.
T juy built chime their tiding down,
Viulou cittUtiaa Vutoaa btaaa.
ft t thai Anna in broad, ttlw fold
O'arnuatUna Uod sad a
On Ihlril t t.( ilia aky unrujlad
tut I 1m WattlM ut U !(.
fe m Hwa 4
Mtkl a tM
tea laa imm IM
AM of Aalf ka.
i'i lawMui Hum Aat) n m
iMMaata laa ta
a utatt 1
lanai a Ktaalf.
aw i t ! mt
k (
C ar( t a4 0W
s t r MakM.t.
I It 1 1 art al like ttt
mm -fit ' 1 a 1 r
4TIIS rillOIt TO 177G,
The Spirit of ladepoadeae Waa
Abroad Ia JTO Bacon and the Gov
raor of Vlralala Waaklaatoa at
fort Heeoaallr, ..
Independence day draws near once
more, and a it approaches we are led
to recall some of the noble "deed and
momenton event connected with tbe
Fourth of July in history. It ia an in
teresting date to remember.
first, of coarse, is tbe Fourth of
July, 1770. t It was on Thursday and
very bot, ' "sultry and oppressive,"
wrote one of the immortal signer in
bis journal. In tbe ball of tbe state
house at Philadelphia 00 men were as
sembled, end discussion was heated. A'
momentous question waa np "Resolv
ed, That these 18 colonies are and of
right ongbt to be free and independent
state," , Quite a number were opposed
to it aa 0 matter of policy.
John Hancock, who sat at the bead
of tbe table, handsome and debonair,
presided with affable grace, There were
tbe five framera long. Tom Jefferson,
tbe venerable Franklin, sturdy John
Adams, honest Boger Sherman and R.
B, Livingston of New York. Everybody
looked to these, for they were the recog
ailed leaders cf that congress. .
Hotter and hotter it grew ont of
doors, and hotter it was in Independ
ence ball. It was o'clock before they
voted. Tbe resolution bad passed.
America wax free! Hurrah, hurrah I
Ring tbe bell and fir tbe gun I
Lett go back a hundred years to
1070 and go down to Jamestown, in
Virginia. Old Sir William Berkeley,
the governor, lived there, and he was a
notable tyrant. Be waa engaged in
selling gunpowder and shot to tbe In
diana and , receiving fur in return,
which waa against tbe law. So, wben
an Indian war broke ont, be let them
massacre tbe settlers rather than com
mission any one to go to fight them.
It made a great atir all over tbe colony,
and finally a brave young man declared'
that if there was any mure trouble
from tbe eavagee be would lead the col
onists against them without any com
mission. ' 8
Within a few daya tbe Indian made
a bloody inroad upon l?ia own planta-
tion, and, true to hi promise, Na-'
tbaniel Bacon (that waa tbe yonng
planter's name) led 000 well armed aet
tiers and inflicted a terrible defeat upon
the red men. For this Governor Berke
ley declared bim and bla followers
Bnt Nathaniel Bacon bad justice and
right on bla 'side, and be did not mean j
tn ha atimriaticMl aa a 'rh1 " Hn ha i
and hia COO suldiura marched to James-1
town, determined to make the tyran
nical Berkeley give bim a commission.
They arrived before the governor's
bouse, and the old man came out and
acted and talked like a madman. Bot
Bacon waa cool and firm, and at laat
the fiery old royaliat aigned a document
making Bacon general of all the Vir
ginia forces to fight tbe Indiana. It waa
late in tbe afternoon, Jnly 4, 1070, juat
a hundred years before the aigning of
tbe Declaration., v
A rode fort built of earth and logs
stood in tbe heart of tbe wilderness of
western Pennsylvania. Inside the fort
were abont 160 provincial soldiera com
manded by a young Virginia major.
Outside were 1,000 French and Indians
led by a French marquis. For ten hours,
through a sultry, rainy Jnly night, the
Americana bad been besieged there by
the enemy. Only one of their number
bad been killed, but they bad no water
and but little food. Tbe French com
mander waa impatient, but the valor of
hia foea had taught him discretion. Aa
the aun rose through tbe mist and
shone upon the wild landscape the
marquia aent forward a flag of truce
and proposed an honorable capitulation.
Tbe young major from Virginia accept
ed tbe proposal, and on Jnly 4, 1784,
George Washington and hia little army
marched out of Fort Necessity with the
honors of war and departed through
tbe wooda for Virginia. Tbe first blood
sbed in tbe old French and Indian war
waa spilled on this occasion.
A band of explorer were proceeding
along a narrow trail through tbe prime
val forest. They were dreated in track
buee and padded doublet and bad on
steel corselets, long Ppaalah boots and
queer ktokiug steel rap. One of tbrui
bure a banner tbe (War de He of
All at once there was a Joyous shout,
and tbe party of Fteachmea defll4 oot
of the wtk! wot a! and paoead apst tba
Han of a great lake The sun waa
shining baaalifaUy frtia the sutniwef
bava, and the watore of the lake
glUtn4 like a tulrnw. It waa Hautael
de iliamplala and hi follower, and
tbe lake was that large lata ad water
that kv Wars at feMedirvtr!
Jnly 4, Hue, Tele I lh taiUats4
lee lattvf our MiawuseUe Fverthe,
rtaa aa Ud Tlaie ealoa
IWM4 tn lfu brw4 Mta,
iBt4 with oaaatlresttgi'f t lac4
ia a fl'!v that hatwea f'tfve ma 14
Uli a4 ta rvediena M Ultk sUta
MJly fv4wr4 aM H oae slrvke of
tbe wm taa a viUatU thai UU
taa t,i M fl wit a the aalrttwe te
Iwim tat 4litt chevev Tha UMs,
I tttteataalfcex, t the va.ltrua a4
tn: fitMttaawit htiM that teal the
viltia. t tl kM vf taaaa aa4 In
HkiiMMl rtulagw (thtttrh k!, kUH
awat4 l 11 tahavMiy UUree44
.iU IM fcrVaf tf U M)lt laC
IM iaWt,-a4e 4 hut-t 4 law
Mtthtal lyiaaaci haikealUrliilli
irviwpri Mte 14 wiU hiKf.n3i
iktt a4 rutf lll every latHti
a kw hrt4 h!4 f t(l
t4it U, am Cnaeits.
Begino hero Saturday, July lot,
, Here i a Sample list of the values ,
shopping: before 0 p. m.
Domeotic Dep't-Olearinc;
50 plflcea double fold percale worth 10
nlaaritiff aalo. nar vard
m"p r-"""" w
Lonsdale cambric mill ends of from 6 to 10 yards, 80 In wide, rtgular price! A
Ityc, this sale, per yd Uv
Kearosy onbleanbed sheeting full 9-4 width, Aa
this sale, per yd... ., JU
All the ready made sheets and piriow cases go during thla aale at ONE-FIFTH
All wool coeeimere suiungs tor mcycie
i -i, 4.-L.I. . . i
iroJJ, an ob line laoio, a a rnuuuuua
Mens Furnishings
Clearing '
Hens negligee shirta made of im
ported Maris, detached cutis, no
collar, sold for $1, during this A (I a
sale, eaob.... M...U VV
Mens lOe madras string ties, tblsft
0ftl9f 0&OUaeeee.feeeeeef $ttt$n W V
Hoys white blonae waists, worth Aa
aoo, tniaaaie, eacn.... ....itfv
Grocery Department-Clearing
400 cans Boston Baked Beans,
300 cans rotted Ham, Wo. 1, -v ma
, this sale per can ....,.,..........,............ t v
300 cans Anderson's Jams, any fruit, . q
this sale, per can. . .tJl'fiO
400 cans Columbia River Salmon, steak, r t fit
this sale, per can.. ................ ,. ....;.,. . uO
300 gallons Heintz's sweet pickles, 1, t -
this sale per qt. .'H9v
Newport Flakes, strictly fresh, to
- this sale per pkcr. ....... .... IOC
200 bottles assorted pickles, .
this sale, 3 bottles for, . . . , . . ... ..... . . ., .... fiDC
Oat Meal and Graham Flakes, ; . .
this sale, per lb.. . . t .................. , . . . ...... 1 1C
Choice Olives,' ;;V : v: v
i this sale, per bottle . , . , . . . . . ... UO
Choice clover honey in combs '' "
; this sale, 2lbs...
Genuine German mustard in
this gale, per jar , . . . . . ,
300 tins imported sardines,
- this sale per tin......;
200 bottles of catsup, first quality,
uo uuiucs 01 catsup, ursi quinuy, -Osi
this sale, each,.'. ; ... .. . . . . . . uO
Hires Root Beer, ' ; 1
per bottle.... .......
fea Thomaal Vnluntaanto Ba Eaeraltad
at Onea aat Mora Latan
WaaiiiNQTox, June 29. As a result
of a conference between the President
and Secretary Alger it haa been de
cided to begin the enlistment of rot
unteers for two years' aerfice in the
Philippines. It ia proposed to arm
snd equip at once three brigades, or
about 10,000 men, and to continue the
work until the whole 35,000 men au
thorised by the law are scoured.
There will be no call upon the
states. The regiments will be organ
ised as United States volunteers.
Oftloera will l appointed hi the
President and assigned to reglmenta
without regard to stale line. The
mailmuitt of the regular army of
S. ooo men has teen seeursd and uow
ulUtment will be for the pruvWIonal
army to make up t lie total strength of
li,tM tnan, txneral (Hie has ,
mea on the grouu l or under onUrs,
and volunteer will U ruthed to bins
until he haa aasffeetive foreeof tu,oMI
la the enlist mania for the Tatted
flute ulanteer. vtlaratu of the late
war, laeluding tluna who did not get
beyuad the home eatuM, but were sea
sttaed, will be gtvta the rafrae,
and tUe same wUl be tree ut the wf
aoara A brigadier general for every
three regimeau au4 a wajtr gaaeral
fvte eeek atvUloa at tar brlgada
will a arpuialoi They wilt V irt
rgnUre a4 f't voluatrt aud Oaa
rl Joe healer will h amwae the
bus War.
MIM raa ta tMa
WB4tMsaoae Dhla, June n I.
4, l tWlar4 of the t hnmWe aa4 Mr,
situate el tM Veaur, theedttoea el
tfcetw daily ftas( MUIe4
ht, tern Ni M the street.
t he trvwhie grew eat ut the If M
tke Ul llaa aU-h aa4 tie. t)
l4a ige4 artuia turisf ale
ewaMBaauraf y m a aeeee lbter ieit
ee isvaa waa fcadij hurl U the aalatt
Wt Itllar4 waa afeU4, IMV
are Itoejuatat aa4 lv tUar4
eaata tta dtetttet la the twr
4 tM leoiature.
In compUance with the Ten-Hour Law Enacted by the Last Legislaturq this
Store will open promptly at 0 a. m. and close promptly at 9 p. m. every Satur
day henceforth. : We therefore urgently reauest that vtm n vaii
ao6V12Jo Ra
aaine. an in wioe, styiee to seiecc
nitt if r 1? nu
vi unci-ui.i wi r ,
Toy Department
Hcreen wire, per aquare ft seise ll-2c
I'outtry wire in rolla of 160 ftfJQ OR
6 ft wide, per roll.....,....,..,....lyiJtatl
Screen doors, tbi sale.... 40c
lOobaae balls...... , .....5C
ajw uiii uinis. ....... ........ ............
lilue flame atoves, one burner
$4.47, two burner.., .,
this sale per can. ., , . . . 4C
, I;
Mason jars,
' . . "C
Lost XO Oat Flaea ka
Caaiaa of
Maen Gloom.
In the daya of my boyhood the cele
bration of Independence day was al
ways an interesting occaaion to me
the booming of cannon, the parade of
citizen soldiers and tbe most attractive
feature by far to my boyish mind, the
booths where sweet things were sold.
My I How I nsed to bang aronnd those
venders and wish and wish that I hadn't
lost that dime, for that waa my earliest
recollection of an nnhappy Fourth.
In those daya boys ware not given an
Aator parse to barn in powder, and I
thought I waa faring well indeed cn
tbia Fourth when my father gave me a
10 cent piece. I was so happy at tbe
thought of this weslth thst I stopped to
plsy lespfrog with some couipaatona
wbo were leas fortuBste man l, ana l
did this to my andoing. 1 rsrosiober
distinctly that 1 bad quite a crowd of
little boys following in ray wake, urn
they knew foil Weil thst whatever I
bought I would willingly ahare with
At last aa old Rip Van Winkle look
lag Italian veuder tiled outi "llare'e
your Baa cable. I sella two rot ana
eete, with a I'luma fight In the mid'
Thla was toy tipf tanllr to ahlae, I
wala4 ap tn alia proudly evuevloas
that 1 had that dint, and while tha
vender wee rountlng the rasas oat I
waa fawldlng la my tket fuf that
tola, t nvr will forget tuy coafaetoa.
The VU4 tahe4 ta lay fat, aa4 t
eUmmered out, "II I gut." We did
at get the cake, and the Veadet aal4
auue(hlng la ttaltaa at wa hartM
away ua a fraltltaa san-a that bolt
ay -l. IWaalHmltli la Haa Ftaa
Item tall.
Hag see
Cataotv, Hub,, Jaaala-Taaalaaa
( Ctwverao tnagfeaaad bla aawv-eatea
fwe annate! aa! aaiaeret.1 aa4 aaara
Item 4 iWtratt atreet raUeja wee
Urt 1a tha air by tha sun4 last
fcljht Tha te aeadlaf ae4.aiastt
aa) etaa asalUra a-Htaialaf 'h
ctaaloitl awaerahkf) aaeena war
laU est tha taWla b aaaataaaeta
aa4 It ta prwbieeaatieal when tbaaa
ttaaattaaa wUl b agaiw fabUel 4
Store opono on that day at 9 A, II,
judge of the
Waiot and J SuitDep't-rOlearinff
Percale wrapper coating upward from $1.75, tbi aale ONE FOURTH OFF.
this salJ"0NE TaLYoK n(fkMM' al1 e0,0M " ' botn Wja. and misMe,
Flneroaleablrt waists, regular $1.00 valnea, to close, f bla sale, ROft
black lawn shirt walsta with white polka dots, $1.2(5 valne-; tblai (b.
sale at ,...
Carpets and Drapery
China matting onrlSand 80 cent A A
values, this sale, per yard. UU
All wool Ingrain carpetJOc grade, C 17 A
thla sale per, yd..... ,.911;
Linoleum, regular 00c goods, tblai Q A
aaleer square yard... ...... tO V
27 Inch corduroy for npbolaterfng.Q AA
cheap at 60c, this aale, per yd...OvG
Houoehold Dopt-01oarinj
No. 8 wash boilers, full size, drop handles,
this sale, each. ,,,40
Perfection pie tins with removable bottom, quick 4 A
' this sale each . , . , , .... , . , . . . . . 1 UO
Champion sieve, heavy, tin, A
this sale, each... )C
White enamel steel dish nans, extra stroncr and deer.
14 qt, this sale , , .tjyC
Bixby's Best blacking in patent box, e
ioc size, this sale 0C
this sale.........,,..,..,,..,,.,.,,,.,.,,,.;,..., 20
Hard wood lemon squeezers, c
this saje. OC
reeness ireiana treezers, tnis sale qt, $1.67; 4 qt, $1.97
- nv $247; s at, $3-47; 10 qt, $4.47
Plunge bath tubs, 5 ft, $4.97; 6 ft, $5.89
Infant bath tubs , . , . 470
Handled shoe brushes, i n
eVi ic feat tmty ..... - 1 tl
T" - I .
trover egg oeaiers,
this sale, each ........................... . , , ,', ,'. 'r, Q
Cobbler outfits, - ' ic '
this sale. each.....,.........,...,,..;... V'.OOC
Fruit Jar Filler, retinned, , . f c
this sale 0C
Lincoln, Neb.?uiciW
Algar. la a Btaar,
Wasuiwotos, June 39. Secretary
Alger called on the lVesident and had
an extended discussion of the situa
tion in the Philippines, it la under
stood the situation in Michigan aa to
the aenatorahlp and Qovernor Pin
gree's alleged utterances also were
talked over. When the secretary left
the White House, and hi attention
waa called to reports In certain quar
ters that ho Intended to resign from
the cabinet, he promptly and emphat
loally denied their truth, lie added
that bla resignation had not been
asked for, that he cevtalnly did not
Intend to offer It and that he Intended
to remain In the cabinet until tbeei
plratlon of thla administration.
OalwIUae bf I ha Ja4a
Cubtom, Mo., June 39, Again have
the bt. Clair county judges outwitted
the federal authorities who would pre
vent their transacting eouaty business
aud drag lltaut bafore Judge PUUton
to be punished for ooalempt of eourt.
Ust week United hia Us Depatlea
Morrison and lutta guards 1 the eourt
house eonstaittly from midnight
gundsy ta mlduight Wedneadey ta
prevent the eourt from Meeting and
aeleettng a depository foe county
money, Their vigilance waa la vala
aa4 they left uiaappolated, lat
alght batweea and 19 u'eloeli the
iudgee Hpne4 quietly lata towa an4
held a meattng awarding eouaty funds
to first National bank of Appletom
City at tWtwr eeat and IreuaaoUuf
other buataa.
Kansas Lump
Rock Salt
For Stock.
aa- -ay V" $
ge A?crt fcf Cec Crf
4 -i
...... v v
Vash Goods
Immense lot of short lengths In pequea
dimitkis, organdie and other floe
Bw,ia, juau riKue wr auorc waisis or
ehlldrena dreseea, values range fron 10c
to 40c, In ons lot during this aale, per
TraM til Fora of ,
22 Year fiswIsMs.
12 VtanlaOmshs.
Medlvlna and traav
men i sant every whara
by Mall ar Cipraaa,
at tha small ctturua of
now THKATM.iT tbsieuns and saves
ynn time and nmnay.
meat cotiubluad In all eaaaa wbara It U ad via
abia. VriiMM'la, htrloiura. Hjrtihllla, In all lis
skiMtos. !-a4 ut Vlaur snd V Dakar, rsu4
Imiu abiiMia or ri'. Wakn sad !!
lirir n Kdir and Hlartrtr
CURM CUARAMTIIO In all rurabl.
( il.r. . I liiMiti I . ( iulialha
and ;mtna'li'n Im (flia knur a a m to
l rt..u. undr i Da. MCOaey
i 41 it. .a IkA. Uili. M. K. Iw..f TlIA .
aaa ra-a Bla., OMAHA, NIS.
Tbe Xloat Popular nrt la the City la
i 1. IlihSt..
ala, Htlratki,
flaa t-Mam aa4 l''ii Hat I
tM aiafaiae aMa l ta It A saiaedaj t atae
txsm r:: iali
Hn ticca.
jfta Katl tail
Ku'X fc CU3a
vaay W afta. ftwv; tv vvrva
a M -Mata-Tslf (a)
Wf.4 Cv4 Cl C