The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, June 29, 1899, Image 7

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June 29, 1899
The New York Imporialista who make
out the order that the Hanna admiuia
tratioa ob are preparing tor another
lielebaEier feast wbeo Dewey comes back
to t's country, but only the rich need
apply aa the price is to be one bundrsd
dollars a plate. The poor creatures who
produce the weal'.U of theee imperialistic
soobs can feast In the aoup houses. It
iti a mighty queer patriotism that has
Its eipression In hundred dollar a plate
'. dinnere.
The different associations of traveling
salesmen In the United Btatee are , wow
loudly reHolutlng against "trusts." The
members, or rather a largo majority of
"the member of these associations wre
very glib lu 1 800 in support of McKinkr,
the gold staudard and prosperity." The
gold etandard I the fuller and mother
ol all tbeltruats, airfl the traveling sal
Bjen have wn the rrror of their way.
Let us trust that all other will be as
ready to the right aa the traveling
salesmen have been. The gold standard
- will be eure of defeat next year.
Go Into ouy elty, town or village In all
the land aud note the sight to be soon
in the way of unimproved streets, di
lapidated sidewalks, broken down fwiwe
and un painted home and then tell u
If this lit a sign of general prosperity. 1 1
Utrue there is prosperity in tbia coun
try for the robber trusts and only for
.i.m n.t for th tlMSSfMl of it tolliug
fMve - ,
people, Aud theee evidunoe prove what
wa aay. -
, The Imperial! prss of tbla country
goe ofl evury other day in a spasm ovr
the "death of ailver," wblob according
to tbes paper occur nine tlmea each
week,. - .,; ' ,
Should the party of the plutocrat Iw
successful In auotber national cnuipuin,
the poor people who are largely iu the
majority lu this country may a well
makeup their tniod to abandon all
hope of battering tholr condition, may
aa wel! content thermal ve to be the serf
of plutocaey or get off the earth. The
chain are tightening already, patriot
ar forbid the mail, aud army oflisr
are suggesting law to mike labor or
ganlatlooa criminal offense, Tlwwa
are a touch of the poor man' burden.
See bre you working moo, whether
you are a member of a labor organiza
tion or whether, you are not, you nt
eathavea right to join an organiza
tion oraocfatlou for your own better
ment and the betterment of your family.
You will enrely admit tbi, wont you?
But wow count Ueneral Mrrlam, army
officer, and states, In Mpeoktng of the
recent trouble at Northern, Idubo, that
he "would suggest a law making th
formation of iabor union a kindred
ocletie, a crime." What do you think
of thl. We worklngmen? An army
officer would make it a crime for you to
join a labor organize iou. , (a but one way to WI with aucb
corporation a telephone, telegraph,
eiprecompanie,treetand ateam rail
way, gas, eletrUi light and water plant
a to taiing them, and that I to have
them pins from private to public owner
ahip. The greedy, grinding, grasping
robber who own them will not pay
taie and there la no manner of making
them pay. It I true they sometime
pay money to the public treaaurera that
is called taxe, but they collect it from
their victim bv extortionate rate. The
government make a success of the post
office business so It cau of all utilities.
Murk Manna baa gone to France to
take bath for bia ' "rheumatics." He
may get relief, it is to be hoped be will,
but there are no water In France or
elsewhere that can wah away bis greed
for gain, and oppression of the laboring
mau of the United States.
Our reader may not be In the least
surprised to hear of the Cuban making
another rngn for liberty before many
moon. They have not been fighting
almost constantly during the past eight
year for sell government just to have a
lew o! papa's boys from tbia country
pluck all the flower. It is a bad state
ofaffiirs that still exista on that ill
fated island.
The moat rabid republican will be
come an advocate of bimetallism when
ever he give the matter any study and
lay bis party history aside. All that Is
necessary to oonvlne any man that bl
nietallism la beuetluial to hi mm If a well
a to the in asm of the people, la to have
bint study the matter.
Abolish all the so-called swivel wrvk
rultw and let iimu of ability and rhar
acter BH all public immUIud. All in
civil servlee amount t is to create mi.
Billons lor poluuml baruaeU and tre
sites of lbs parly that 1 10 aulhurli in
tba white kouea.
Horn of tho administration r
that remigs.tluIHy over the dally
arntal of IK-rl oushi to
eipUi lo lh su4 why II U that II
the lsWy bill m tuieg nidi aa or
priHluoiuiM tl gold la the tra
ar? and lints ar aaful smiJ, ky
tbssUqip tsl I tut abolished?
Tk UImI Ik Ik liM of rubUr mm
kiss U m prmtikg isk rt, What will
Iks trust dvtwUsg gij-twkliiag
luiwiult l.elkril-H ris
V " V ' -" " 111111 . " I'
tV "l 4 , aa kr Maaol
rrfc lis tBM4 xftlu wl Ike
Tk la w'f m war u tar iMms
a4 that la y uittliaal rsi!,
la4Mt la mw4 Vy aa IsIsmmI vhi
dkiMa td ta assnMM bklap 4 las t..
tkia lv w ik UK 01 ta
tstasHl few kava riM i 4w
a4rtMr , as 4 It la tatis
If us aVtM la Ik rii s a
Imm im tsltHia a In uk t
at las lavai rl.i4 t il kMHi ft,.
4iMu, lflj will aataVairMjMl lrf
i4jS ! sf M lit ain If
ana, kt awiku; kt aa l
la4 t4ahMi 4 it aixw
MewtUflv mm ka4er4 MlnM
ay tass aWa I ki Um
tlkt aaaaol M eamt by llavi a i'iif
tura, rv4 fcf twa'ar. fr
hi Ut A(u,tu)Aa
I4 ky 4t4ii I,
paper have to aay about the printing
ink trosiT Well tbey willbardly cqueal
for they are too servile, :.
Now that the aseessora bbvo flnishe)
their labors in most of the atates their
work fails to show wherein old General
Frosperlty ha been blooming out very
much. In the city of South Omaha,
Nebraska, where it is claimed that more
than a million dollurs baa beeu put in
building in the past year and a halt,
the assessment is lex than it wai eight
year ago, and taxes are simply a con
flsuation of property, tb7 ure so high.
Hut high tHxes are what republicans ad
vocate a "evidence of prosperity." ' ,
( It la no disgrace, in this country at
least, for a man to be poor, to be iu
debt, or even to be unable to pay bis
debts but lb is a disgrace to a man or
to the parly to which such a mau affili
ates with, for a tnuu holding the behest
fftldal position in the world, to be
by a designing kuuve, to forsake all for
mer principles, to turn completely Inside
out and beoome the puppet of a trust
promoter and wage slave-driver, and
the open and avowed opponent of pure
Americanism as is the cuss with Jriark
hanna's president. It miuht perhaps be
better, no doubt it would be better for
the country, the people, and even for
Mr. McKinh y, Ucpnrss would appro
priate fl 18,000 of 1 Me tiulilio funris aud
pay those notesof McKinley and Walker
and tbu free the president from the con
taminating clutches of Markuunualem.
Thl cannot possibly be a government
ol the people, by the people, so long as
the veto power Is vested in the vacillat
ing possession of men who ur easily
swayed by ti ittery or boodle. The veto
i something used where It is right, but
too often it power is wielded for wrong
such being the case the peoplti should
put llwlr veto on the veto power. One
of the best ways in the world to do this
is by demuudiug the initiative and refer
endum. ;
There I not a rich tax-shirker In the
laud but faior the petty system of
blackmail and robbery called a "poll
tax," which is still levied . In the back
sumber districts but every galoot who
favors ft is opposed to mi Income tax
a tax that would beat some semblance
of j list lc. The poll tx i a dirty steal,
a robbery and au unjust imposition, It
Is nothing less tbun petty larceny aud
force the poor man td pay a tax to
maintain the premises of the rich tax
dodger. . r ;
A soon after the first of July a prac
ticable 1 will hold public auctions for
leasing about 0U5,0JO acres of school
land under the provisions of the new lnw
In the following counties; Antelope, Man
ner, Hlalrie, Hox Itutf, Urown, flhase,
Cherry, Cbe.teune, Custer, Dawes, Deuel,
Dundy, Garfield, (imut, Ilaves,
Hitchcock, Holt, Hooker, Keilh, Kya
I'aha, Kimball, Knox, Lincoln, Ltfun,
Loup, Mcl'herson, Pierce, Perkins, Rock,
Hcotle' Mutt, Sncrldon, Hloux," Thomas
and Wheeler. Under th new law, if these
lunds will not l,-ae at the public auction
at 0 per cent npon their appraised val
U, they may le leased to the fierson
offering 6 per cent upon the highest val
untiau. .
Tbese land are in the beet stock grow
ing portion of the state, where cattle,
sheep and borsea can be produced at
lees expense, aud therefore at at greater
profit, than anywhere I know of; aud yet
surrounded with a good and Intelligent
a class of cit iiens as are anywhere to be
found. The harvest truly I great and
lasts almost the year round, and no
more inviting field for the intelligent
stockman aud farmer can be found; and
now, that there is en opportunity to se
cure 25 year lease contracts thereon at
what Ihe lands ere worth, th lessee bim
stll being tlx- judge, it is confidently ex
pected that all, or nearly all of hes
lauds will be leased during thn present
year at the public auctions above men
tioned. Any one desiring to attend
any Of these leasing nuc-tioua will b no
tified of the time und place of holding
the same as soon as it has been arruugt-d
if they will write m at once, giving the
name of the counties in which they ars
interested, aud will also lie furnished a
list of the land to be leaned, so that
they may visit the counties in advamw
of lbs leasiug auction and examine the
lasds wbieb will beffred.
Notice of the auction will be duly giv
en in the local pasr. Head stamp for a
copy of the new i-chool land law ouder
which the lauds will I offered. Any fur
ther InforuiHiion will be cheerful' fur.
nlshed. J. V.WOl.Kf;
Com. of Pub. Land. 1 lildg.
Llueoln, N. b., May H, IbW.
1 km NspsblUsa frlf tis ( rssltd a tlrtal
Masf attkoM Wh ! If
frsy 1B Iks
Tba Kili-y now be!J to ao b naclouMy
by t. rsptibliean parly and M jKilwy
bskbs until wry tnily rwoived
Ik aaltsd supnrt ol tba democrats)
party, of tt k-gtlsg la Iwak Ik privit-
eg ol uisuiag papsr sioiiey, U wrtwg ia
pl.iA Mag WMftg, 1 b Imiuu-I to
da MUckh-t
Wpbcul tskinif pr o qMot
tkotlti, I alii ipy asrt tkal lbs
f iMiiim J Wsaiag aof la ovra
asratal hielka. Will aavua soalrovstt
Iks .ritina, 1 lkis aot. Tbia
HMtilNtf rigkl Wtosga isiaalrsly In
ik akob o.W, la Itniir sapasily a aa
hil gavaatit. luitrs, It U
ea t-l Ik ktgk! aa4 )! viU'ty Is
(Msriaat ol tMvfaMtt riiisg imp
hittMM, 1 1 U tot a uf surlu (
I j of - t, l l Ik akxls ktMa-U-IUa.
Tklt aaal a4 km ul
aay tiraaatlaa4t Only
km a IU "NisV ?itik4
jhi aHiH i aH It In
(a kaf'ivfaMlitii
t la Immm ssv? I will U'tm d
ibi v ! sils ,i,m, U
ts ollk-Wl IkaMbw I fc l Vkv
aiiktatMtttksil-iryiMibMa) !
tm4 k aaikssal iw4 t will
Hit IksttwHhtta of lk I ! nl'i
a- 4 !- las a,tt.
wkllsiWatfc UsviUW IMU 4
Headauarters .for Good Lumber
at low prices.
. F.w.
conferring governmental power add
privilege upon individual aud corpora
tions? . , , '
Gen. Jackson answered the question
once by destroying the national bank
monopoly that had laidlta greedy bands
upon the purse-string of the nation.
Vet we have now a mora daugerous
banking system, posessing and exercis
ing greater powers than tbu banka of
Jackson'a time possessed and exer
cised. The national banka possess special
privileges conferred upon them by the
people. These privilege belong to gov
ernment to the people, Why should
bankers be a favored class? Why should
any class, already possessing a compet
ence, nay an abundance, have the gov
ernment stand behind it to enable it to
iuoreaxe ita wealth? If there i any pro
fit or advantage in issuing paper money
why should not the people enjoy it? Are
tne people so wealthy that tuey can well
ufford to In prodigal with their favors
and special privileges?
In Jackson' time the national banka
used their opportunity to grasp the
reins of government; but Gen. Jackson
bad the wisdom, backed by the necessary
courage, to wrest the ruin from their
greedy grasp. Who will repeat the oper
ation; iMot William Rich. 1 1! ley, lor be is
very much pleased with the schema re
cently formulated by the banker to ex
tend tba power and privilege of nation
al bauk and tlx the gold standard upon
the country. Under the new scheme, or
newly formulated old scheme, the banks
will issue all the paper aud control all
the gold; ailver being already disgraced,
gold will be king, and tba bankers will
manipulate the king Ilka a jumping
juck. Here I woald emphasize the danger
point: It lie not chiefly in the gold
standard but in the bank monopoly of
money. .t - . .
Of course by mean ot tbo gold stand
ard tba monopoly is made more com
plete, Were the mints open to silver,
coo. tbo monopoly would be partially
brokou but the bank issue of all paper
money is almost aa serioo (under ex
isting conditions) a threat to our na
tion as the gold standard. Tbo dan
gar 1 In the , monopoly, backed
by tne government. '
80 it 1 with the protective privilege
couierred upon manufacturer. The-e,
too, are; governmental privilege. The
theory of protection ia to enable the
manufacturer to tax tba people to en
rich bun. Take away the right of the
manufacturer to tax tbe consumer and
there is nothing In it for him, Jlot the
right to levy a tax ia a government right
or function. It is a right that belong
to tbe people. Yet, under the tariff
tem thi function of government baa
been conferred upon, and i enjoyed by
tbe wealthy manufacturer.. The use
by them ol this special privilege ha en
abled tbem 10 pile op their millions,
drown directly frum tbe pocket of the
Ho with patent or Invention. All
that tbe owner of a patent receives for
bis product or commodity, over and
above a reasonable profit ia a tax which
be ia enabled to levy upon consumers by
reason of tbe special privilege conferred
upon him by tbe government.
Ho with transportation companies.
High judiciul authority baa decided that
the tariffs levied by railway companies
upon shipper and passenger i a tax;
that the ngkt to levy the tax come
solely from tbe government; and that in
exercising tbe right to levy this tax the
railway companies are exercising the
functions of government. Uence tbe
great wealth of the railway companies
is obtained by the exorcUe of govern
ment functious.
I buve mentioned these to enforce my
point: That the evil feature of the pres
ent and threatened monetary system,
uuder which the gold standard will be
come fixed npon tbe country Is not so
mucb In 1 be gold standard as lu Ui cre
ation and (lernetuation of a complete
monopoly of all the money in the hands
of meu who have and will bold the gov
ernment uuder tribute aud use it for
their owu selfish purposes.
To break tbis monopoly we must navs
a purely national financial system,
whereby the government will coin all the
money, gold and silver on an quality,
lsue ail paper money, do ita own bank
ing and provide, a safe banking ystetn
for the people, owned and operated by
the govern aunt. Ktop short of tbeuM
requirement and tba monopoly!!! nut
u utsiroysu.
W, I. !ln,
Kearney, Neb.
I desire to make a spMfla apidloatlon
of soma of lb detmn-ratki principle
kHVUAduu!Usslui, First of a'l . tba
iusnsg"iiteiit of party aff tlrs, as parlies
ar now constltqtrd, ought la Is actual
ly, sol ia asms only, ia lb bands o( Iks
raak and nl of Iks parly, l.v.-ry rs
ea or primary wasting ol voter ougkt
la b largvly aUsaibnl aad tka lairs I
potwlbla opportunity for amy roisr
Ihsra laaipfva klatbohs for Ukk-gatea
aa4 tredl-Lt. Tk Ua al as!
rvprssraUli asa ol Ike parly ous
in U k'4 aa dslvgais we a wktt all)
Uitkllty rwrat lk ! ol ib
nl l bis prvrlssl. CtaduUt 044k!
bl W 4tarlar4 al Tks t
ta twt In tt-t la II vutr okl
ii Miirvl kf lbN ia Ib pfmn
swsliaas, f st M a wf 4wMjiyt
Vn lr.,u 11 1 la aaa4Mkt ol
party A4tr at ia is in
"" I p4Hfci d,bsg as. Uh4
isg al tk vosiy ni a4 ii 4
Its, ! rw4 I qi ta riU v ia
ptlt ass W affiira u
baad ol tb-ssi a4 tugs, a4 lkra il
lbi IhM tt4f,
II 1 a 4sk a 4 a a ol tka ptiplst pr-
I Ixil 1,1 tmtm iMtt Ul Huih mJ ali
.l UokMiv t pMf stira, Ma4-)
" Mt ii nl aly tk fttrt4
4 tk riii wtil k a Mks4 paiy.
1 Me la rwil 4e la UM 4irttwa
llsikl .
I omi tkal aiti ka aik
4iril M !! u i Uif t a tarn-
f lasJiJsU Um )swr, ia visa wl Ik last
1 bat the other districts in tbis A&te are
represented by lawyer.
This position is unassailable aud I
hope the farmers of the district will rally
to the support of the farmer cand dab ;
or at least a man who beiougs to tbe in
dustrial, producing classes. All classes
ought to be represented In oougress.
Tbis is a fundamental principle that
ought not to lost sight of.
1 . W.L, Hand
Ovsr Thrs Blllltins Psld to oar Tank
' Hsatcri lu 81 Years of Rspnbllvsn .
In nearly all of tba thirty-seven year
of republican rule from June 80, 18U to
June 110, r&()8, according to republican
official figure ol the treasury dnpurN
niont, the people of the United States ex
ported merchandise to the value of 2,.'
108,020,101, mora than tbey imported.
What has ever come back in return for
thi excess? Let our republican friend
answer. '.- .
According to like flgnrea the people ( f
United states a the same time above
stated,' exported specie (gold and silver)
to amount ol f 1,1 wvi,70,wi more tnan
they Imported. What bus aver come
back lu return for tbi excess? lt re
publicans answer, v.
According to figures equally reliable
a those above named, In a less time
than that above mentioned, all iu time
of peace, between our great domestic
war aud tbe fpaulsn war, tne poop ot
tbe Uuiled Htates. In their various capa
cities of atates, counties, cltli s, corpora
tion and Individuals, exported cola
bond to foreigners, mostly to Drltisu
oligarchs, to amount of at least six bil
lion dollars mora than tbey Imported.
What bus e vi r come back ia return for
thi excess? Let republican answer.
And in the same time above slated,
people of the United Blab s exported real
estate title deed and traiiMler to for ;
eigner of railroad, mining, manufactur
ing and other stocks of vast amount,
some billions of dollars more than they
they I moor ted. the extent of which can
not be definitely stated here, What bus
ever come back lu retura fur this excess?
Let republicans answer,
There are a great abundance ol rich
gold aud silver mines In tbe United
Hutee, but thi country does not own 11
dollar of gold or silver coin, W hava
some borrowed on which we pay iuterrst
to forHigusr, to tbe Uritisu ongarcny, !
malnh . as also on five and a half blllii n
of cola that we have not, never bad ai d
under republican method we never Cuu
get or pay.
In tuiNcountrv wo nave no coin out
what can be so drawn upon by the Urit
isu oligarchy under their bonds at any
time a to reduce our circulation to any
bankrupt or panic purposes, and anab
tba oligarch in tbe future a they ha a
in tba past, to pruc-d aa fast as tb J
may deem pru l-nt to take la American
property at their own price.
Very aommouly railroad employee In
this couu try are by intimation instruct
ed and Intimidated or influenced about
tbeir voting. These things ntver eman
ate from any subordinate authority,
but always from tba highest, tli rail
road owners or mortgage controller, to
a very large extent no doubt tbe Dritisb
oligarch. Do American rightly estimate
tbe high criminality of tbi foreign tam
pering wit b American voters in respect
to tbeir votes? Under proper rules, this
and other kindred criminal tie would be
made cauae for confiscation of railroad
whether of foreign or domestic owner
ship, by our government.
This Philippine business is to keep tbe
bond businesa growing. Itepublican
methods have no care for way aud
mean to reduce our great foreigo coin
debt, but only to keep it growing. By
so doing, tbe republican leader provide
for themselves a they think aa alliance
with one great power, baving complete
control over the quantity of our money
circulation, and tonsfquontly over tbe
ultimate distribution of all property in
tbis country.
It Is an immense advantage to be tbns
allied with such a power so a to know
when to buy and when to sell, and 'thus
be iu secret participation with tba oue
if rent power that Is to rob tbo great
mass of pople to build tbe colossal ac
cumulations of wealth for the few, some
here and some over yonder.
Take notice everybody that one requi
site for the great success of this etupend
ou scheme is that the bonds must ba
osrued in another country and not ia
ours, otherwise pay meu ts upon tbem
would not affect tba amount of our
money circulation here.
I slated abov Ibat It Is an Immense
advantage to b allied with sncb a pow
tr, and so li is now for republican 'wad
ers, and tbs advantage will grow very
areailr if ultliiiat succtm attend th
seht-me. Hut, 1 think, It will not. IU
publican lender have nib-judged tbara-p'K-tliis
i-f Amrrlcau psople lorelf-gov
eminent, lit long tbers will be a col
lss of thus vi-iouury project of fs
publioan ba ler and lhv will b rslega
led to pliie wber tby belong.
Weii'i- ll I'hillipi w a grsai prophet.
Hi tort-rust of bumu vnts was clearly
asd boldif irsd. I'udet dais of
Aisjust l'J, 173, he wrots concerning
oar aatioual Uaaaeitil aiuagsiat aa
MVll torn) til ssuis Vallef id tk
shadow of death wbra la IH0& kbi'ul
bK k Iteaa roalraeiioa. Wo ti Iks pit
bti4l Mirty wlovb tk aalloa shall 11
ly rouiiaio rposbU fur , Ibia lii
HiataUt t Wmbrs sill U brht4 la
surwa a akom utikv kialory kor
Iksir oa ina soul l rank wtav"
lt v?y at ol boas! patissw kHk
s asd sis-lr tbt labsatuia
kk k klr, I'kiiuptsaH Ik "Uial
Ukr;" Ikal U, Ike grl iHalreikia ol
osr iuij, 0oatMMvl by lissk U
I Mtiovh. frvrvlsry o lb ir-a-nry la
t.V lsl if low wkn bi4 tf ir
trits'ss tuli tk rsiatioa abkk Ik-it
Sl foaitasikia aiaia lo ail Ik
atl a4 Mulit4 war tkal oi
ti. k sltvr ff sitMss, Isi U 14
Ik ftissbisg t4ftt'. aa I Iks
grw lufis dbl a4 Ika bititM
ul ifrsi alrvsrlr pi4 hmi It.
km k fMM.Sfakall km.kMillt
fa 4 an Ikk snlM I km k rliikil a
krsioi4 k klr, rkU wilt 4lj
la adJilioa to tk u kiilbia ol wUa
ama eVk ktsskk' avklwi l, lb
oi inussai kM4 aiioal Vbl iui
ti 4 na4r k b-situs: rat ol
rptkiAfii U a g sm4i
lt.Ki ltaUu M 11, Inuw, i-i
fl 0!,U.,t M sw4im l rosk.kta
flUial lrsary W ulassat IsorM,
U, it kat.
Fslitary, N
KOi aHapawat Imrmts sua whm hamMmm Mm
If you send It to somebody who out in small dribs you 017 expect a
lowprlos. If yoi enii It to us, ft will be stored In our lofu with millions or
pounds of other wool of the same nude and texture. When the msnufocturw
couss to buy, ha buys the lot, so J your wool goe with the rest t a good prto.
Vfo tlcr.Xo 1D,000,CCO '3.
cf IV Anr.uzHy. y, f ,v' . :,i
, Wa ajwk Kbsrsl sdvaitces on ceasttnaisats at the low rate of Bwer oent.
per annum for the money thus ussd. ,w supply nil our sblppsr wltb
free wool sack snd sswiag twine. Wa send our Circular Letter to all
I ; who iu
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We ea eliow proof of tboueande of dreew wire away to tbune who bavs snewsred or kd
rertleeinente, 411 drfsees sent promptly, Addreem , .
lfLa Paris Green, Ibu. , .,25c
W nOrfi London Purple, lb. , . . ... ... .... . ....... f . .20c
Strychnine, aw a bottle. Blue Vitrol,lb..ioc
Garden and Flower ueeas. .
White Lead, S. P., $6.00 per cwt.
Pure boiled Linseed Oil, 50c a gallon. Varnish
es; all kinds of
Golden Machine, per gallon . , , .... . 25c
Red Harvester, 40c gal. Castor Machine, ..35c
Cylinder Oil per gal. ,50c
Corner lOtlh.
G. Ac C MeerUm Co.,
' ik f'l iff
ar, XnkZ.
1 la
324 South 12tli. Lincoln.
KiiuwltHl at Ninth and T streets are now read tor basin. W give In tiehaag
fur good 60 lb. wheat 32 pouii'l of faae l ur jOiirautoel, and 10 lbs uf bran.
Try a sack of "Honest Abt" Flour.
Warranted to equal the best,
All first-class grocers r
kefp It. .
IET- Jl2.Mo jS.n
Loo Ancolca and 'Roturn. 050.
TUUtton ale June 15th lo July 8th. ify Kc
turn limit SrtrmWr 4, 18). V ull Inlormation a to
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City fkfttt Office
CrMtl3tlM Otttv
for It. It keens you lutonqM on tbe wool situation sad wool
Writ for It to-day. Address,,
lubricating; oils.
and. IP Stroota
0806 1
Hon.D.T. Brewer, Jostles of U.S. Sufftmc Court,
suy t " I couiniend it to all as tho one irraat stsud-
nrd authority,"
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and comprolMHUiiva sfntonmnts f foots snd in
imu-tli-ftl Mm as a working dictionary.
PublUheri, Springfield, Mm,, V. 8. A.
Lincoln Steel Ran?
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It jonr dealer doas not baadk than ka
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we will provide a way for 70a to ba oas at
a reasonable price. '
BuckstaH Bros. P.lf?. Co -
Patronise bona Indoatry made in Nebras
ka. We refer on to State Officers. Banks
and Express Companies of Lincoln, aad
tbousanda owing our Ranges. Bpeeial at
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