The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, October 20, 1898, Page 3, Image 3

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    Oct. 2o, 1898
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Sell more ready-to-woar
clothing than any two
stores in Lincoln. This
is equally true of our
Furnishing Goods and
Hat Department.
Thousands now use
none other than "Arm
strong" Clothing. If you
are not on our list you
should be.
Tangible Bargain Opportunities Offered by Lincoln's
Greatest Clothing Store.
In qualities that can not be matched, at prices which baffle all
NOW IS THE TIME to make your selections of Fall and Win
ter Apparel while our stock is complete and all lines unbroken. Do
not wait for your neighbor but come direct to us, for these bargains
are for you. No such opportunity will come to you to buy in mid
season such excellent merchandise at such unheard of prices.
Positively, not one item mentioned on this page will be sold to merchants.
08' HE. OB
Buying in ouch largo
quantities and disposing
of suoh a vast amount of
merchandise annually,
the Eastern manufac
turer naturally turns to
us for a quick cash mar
ket. When the price is low
enough no quantity is
too large for us to han
dle, for we in turn give
our patrons tho benefit
of all our blose buying.
20 Styles Men's All Wool Suits, in
cheviots sod cassimeres, colors,
blue, black, grey, and fancy plaids
and mixtures, worth $7.50, with
us only 5.00
25 Styles Men's All Wool Suits, ev
ery seam sewed with silk. The
material are cheviots, tweeds,
and worsteds. They are perfect
in design and as graceful in ap
pearance as suits usually sold at
$12.00. Our price is within the
reach of all, being only 7.60
At 10.00. Thousands of Men's Fine All Wool Suits; come
in Scotch cheviots, black, blue, and grey Clay worsteds,
fine all wool cassimeres. Some are made double
breasted coats, some single-breasted coats and vests,
others single-breasted coats and double-breasted vests.
These suits are superior to those offered by other stores
about town for which are asked $12.00 to $15.00. Ours
go at only.... 10.00
At 12.50 we show a big assortment of all wool, fancy wors
teds, and cassi meres, also black and blue Clay worsteds
and serges. They come in single or double-breasted
sack suits and cutaway frock and Prince Albert styles.
These suits are thoroughly well made and have all the
appearance of made-to-measure suits. They are well
worth $18.00; our special price only 12.50
At 15 00. Men's finest dress and business suits; come in
sacks, frocks, and Prince Albert styles. The materials
are fine fancy worsteds, cassimeres, and blue and black
Hockanum cheviots and serges Just as well made,
trimmed, and fit, as well as suits made to measure, for
which you would pay $30.00 to $35.00. Our price. .15.00
At 18 00 we show this season more than 20 styles new
Fall suits; coma in round cut and double-breasted sacks,
frock and Prince Albert styles; are equal to the best
made to order at $10.00, and are better suits than you
will find in any ready-made house at $25.00. Our
sjtecial price for these suits 18 00
20 Styles Men's and Young Men'i
Coats. Come in Covert, Whip
cord, blue, black, and olive
Kerseys; also, Beavers and
Chinchillas. They are the top
notch of perfection, and are
equal to the made-to-measure
coats which oost $35.00. Our
price, ,...15.00
500 Men's and Young Men's Top
Overcoats. Come in Covert,
Melton, and Beaver cloth;
shades, tan, brown, blue, and
black; also olive. Made with
welt seams, box backs, fly
fronts, or double-breasted; as
perfectly made as the tailor
will produce for double the
money. Others will ask $16.00
for these coats; our price .... 12.60
At 10 00 we show 40 styles Men's
Top and regular length Over
coats. Some are made in the
short box style, materials:
Covert, Meltons, black, brown,
and blue Kerseys; others are
longer lengths. All are pure
aye wooi, nana-pauaea snoui
ders, and hand-made buttonholes. Such values as these
are quoted as being bargains at $15.00. Not so with
the Armstrong Clothing Co. Our price is 10.00
At 7.50 Men's all wool black, blue, and brown Kersey Over
coats, made with silk velvet collars lined with fine
quality Italian linings; fancy sleeve linings; every
' seam sewed with silk. An extra value at $10.00; spe
cial price 7.50
At 5.00 Men's all wool Covert and Beaver Coats; extra good
value at $7.00 and $8.00; go at 5.00
Other coats in substantial unions at $4.50, $3.05, and $2.75.
Notice. All our Overcoats and Ulsters selling at $10.00 and
upwards and Men's Suits selling for $7.50 and upwards are
made by liart, Schaffner & Marx, Stein Blooh Co., and L. LI pp.
man & Sons, which is a strong guarantee of their perfect tailor
ing and general goodness.
150 Men's Black and Oxford
frieze Ulsters, worth 6.00, go
at 4.90
200 Men's Black and Grey frieze
Ulsters, made with high Col
lars, Welt Seams, Fancy
Shoulder Linings and Fancy
Plaid Body Linings, worth
easy 10.00. Our special'
price ...7.50
250 Men's Black and Brown Irish
frieze Ulsters, strictly pure
Wool, 86 oz. weight, thor
oughly made and trimmed,
best Ulster in the oity for
12.00. Our price. ........ 10.00
800 Men's Black, Grey and Brown
frieze Ulsters, also a full line of
" Warm Back " Ulsters, These
coats are big values at 16.00
' and 18.00. Sale price. . . . . 12.50
fcri tJ 500 Men's Pants, Heavy Weight, part
Jjf Ff Wool, cheap at 1.00, go at 69o
300 pairs Men's Pants, 85 per cent Wool,
well made and serviceable. Good
value at 1.50, go at.... . ...950
500 Men's Cheviot Pants, Heavy Weight,
in several patterns and shades, includ
ing black and plain grey, worth
2.00, go at 1.50
200 pairs Men's extra good, all wool Pants
worth 2.75, go at 2.00
600 pairs Men's Worsted and Cassimere
Pants, worth 4.00, go at 2.76
200 Men's fine all Wool and Worsted Pants, worth 4.50
and 6.00, go at 3.75
Remember, we make this assertion, "That you will find
in our new Fall Stock twice as many new, dosirable goods
as all the other stores in Lincoln combined, and at a posi
tive saving of 25 per cent.
fH (n)
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n i i i i
1 01 3 to 1 0 1 9 0 Street, LINCOLN, NEBRASKA.
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