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    Dceember 30, 1897.
THE NtiiiKAbhA iXULl'LhUL i .
All our catalogues for the fall season are now
gone. We sent out seventy-five thousand, all
told. Out of every hundred persons who redeved
these catalogues seventy-two have sent us orders
up to date and we have not heard of a single
instance of dissatisfaction by any name or of any
kind. If there is anybody amongst the fifty-four
thousand who ordered goods through this cata
logue and who is dissatisfied we want to hear
from him now. We want to know just wherein
he has cause for regret. We want to hear com
plaints of any nature, large or small. We wish
to rectify whatever may seem to be wrong.
Kx-Msyor A. H, Wir Bxplsln Why
Senator Allan'e bill Should Paw.
In reply to amplest from the Iok
PKNDKNT for hi opinion concerning the
necessity for a now government building
in Lincoln and the probable chance
of passing the bill wkleh Hetiator Allen
hue introduced providing for the necc
eary appropriation. We are in receipt
of the following communication from
Hx-Mayor A. II. Wier. The article cull
for especial consideration when it In re
membered that n mayor of the city of
Lincoln for four year Mr. Weir con
ducted the affaire of the city on a more
economical bnsi than any mayor in ite
history. Mr, Weir writ:
Koiroit Inpki'KNIibxt:
In reply to your request for my view
in reference to the proposed government
building In thl city, will my that I am
heartily in favor of the proportion. I
know the general feeling among the
member of the people party in refer,
ence to expenditure etc. and that the
propoHnl will meet with more or lee op
poult ion becnu of thi fact, but audi
condition ought not to Influence polit
ical Intercut when the question U one
that relate to an actually needed public
improvement. I am a much opposed
a any one to a useless expenditure of
public fund. There bo been altogether
too much squandering of the public
money, and I left the republican party
in the In tercet of a morn economical
government a well a other public re
form, bat I am not willing to oppose
any improvement that i called for by
real public necessity and i Intended for
actual public bemfit. I do not believe
that any one familiar with the fact and
condition in Lincoln, will seriously
object to the proponed new building,
utile It lie for other reaeou than those
of political economy. It me briefly
state ome of the feet.
When the preneut building waeerected,
the citv made a donation to the gov
ernment of the entire block on which
it etaudtf. There tin not beeu a day
iuce that time when thi blosk ol ground
ha not been worth more than the build
ing which the noverument placed upon
Therefore the city nctually built thi
budding, by donating property worth
more than it eoet Therefore from thi
standpoint the city i entitled to Home
consideration from the general govern
ment. Again, auy one familiar wiith the pre
ent building know that it I utterly
inadequate for the accomodation of the
volume of business now required to be
trammeled between It walla. Kvery
department I crowded to it utmot
capacity. Note the frequent change In
the pont ofllce department, made In
ordertogulua little more room and
convenience. 1'urt ol the 1ml I way ou
upjier lioor have tteeii partitloneii on to
make mom otlliee room. The I'uited
State i)ommiNioiier eay that he ha
len unutile to bold court there for wunt
of room for ome time,
Ak the euetoduin Mr. Hurks, if the
building i adapted lor IU prewut biiei
iirs. .ook at uy of the requirement
of mrli n buildiiig for the u of a my
Ilk our, and ee how far it i hort of
fulfilling th requirement There U
today 110 city in the union that li U
such a building more than doe l.iuaolu.
i( eours we i nn get along with the r-s
ent buildiuif lor a time, but that d
not alter the lut't that we need a lartfr
building and ought In hnv II. Tb
iiiimI oi.imwiKiiu ii tin eutvrprU will
develop muoiig the MilllUl Interval III
tolvwl. I alrwtdy br Intimatiouslbal
it t a ,iev ol political Jobbery oh lb
lrl id Iteliftlor A II u In cur friend
tad luflueae lor r-U'tion. I am nld
hl I hav a higher opinion of rWualor
WUm tbaa lo atinbiti lo litia inea uit
aorthv HMtlm. II stand lodrt.f lb
rHgid ir i ability and deuilum
to hi PouMtry 't Iblefeat, id y ttian In
lit t mud Mai. rWimt. lit career
ka lwa urpri lo ' o parly d
to Ik otnlry at Ur;. I hrd a
ifiiitnul ni'utiik r thai hs t
lb taw! brilliMUl bis a la Ik i.t Am
tH uluin of Ibis lrs !- aiil klm
tty b lb utitrtik ol m,IiIkI
pxmlttuaf . Um any to skua
iiMtid abdily and If kw wurtk
etr honor hm I duliiittU', kr are
elf rdt e lot t iwrpbtg inutlu
iwnl Mm. ri'nalir AlWn i In h mm
w lt tia lit iint la kt tat, aad
luf Ik kwt Coru k k aad la
lo kM Ui a kr bf k iltalrtba
lMa id 'Uli pin at, akMik t ar tvi
Uuittba, Neb., Dec. 543, 1U7.
go aomewhere whether we get them or
I eiidore fully the entiment that
prompt economy In the admlnitratloii
ol iiuMic una r. tut mucn larger eum
will be voted lor object lee deerving
than the requeet of Lincoln for n new
irovernment building. Ho lar a Lincoln
I concerned, I ho government ha prac
ticed economy towunl the city long
euouurh, IM ome other city enjoy the
bcnctltMof an economical condition for
a while.
I am in favor of thi building becauee
the nubile intereei of the city demand
it. There I no adeouat accommodation
lor the large amount of public buine
now trariHocuJ In thi city.
I em in favor of It. becaue the gov
eminent ha oructlcally extended
nothing for the city in the way of a pub
lic building. They built the prewent
structure, but they received property
worth more than the building i worth
or ever ha been worth.
I am in favor of it bi-caue I believe it
i a right and proper ue of the public
fund, find it cannot be oppowed on jut
and reoMouable ground.
It will not be loua until udi a build
fng will be an aoolute ueceity. The
condition for nccuring it now may
nevei again be equaled. With Senator
Thureton In thn prominent poeition he
occuple M Mie lender ol tne repulilicau
id" ol the eenale, Kenet if Allen a the
unqueNtioned leailer of the parly that
bold tbe balance ol power in the wnate,
Mr, Mi'wr In the houee. with a it I
claimed very cloee relwt Ion with Moeiker
Keed, and theentireelnieka delegution
in position of Influence and oower, eucii
a they never iowHed before, purely
the coudil ioneire bivorab'e, and 1 hope
that no miri wno live In Itncolu, and
i dependent on it bueine and enter
priee for hi NUMteufince will raiee hi
voir; in oiipoeition to a meimiire iheti
dcMtlned to have a weiuhty influence
upon it future troi-rity.
Thi building i (mi actual need of the
city' buMincM today. The condition
of returning properity will make thi
ail the more uniierutive and lam glad
to give to Kcuator Allen my beet effort
and whatever influence I poeeM to aid
him iu securing for Lincoln thi much
needed improvement, and hope that po
litical jeulouMie and aniiiioiiieH will
not interfere. At leaet J hope t lint no
Improper motive will lie ascribed to the
ditiiiguihed eeuator for hi effort
our behalf.
He, iio, 1W07. A. II. W'fciu
rront trt Thrta4 With Uoitras
tlou Gold Mkr I,nron th la.
Hah Fma.kco"o, Iec 80. Ac
cording to new received her
from Dawson City under dat ol
November 23, two Front ttreet
log house wer destroyed by flr. No
vember 22. One wa a lodging house
and ehureh. The lodging contained
food and outfit for men, and
nothing was saved. Th Are was
caused by the overturning of a
lighted caudle by a drunken man, and
a similar can started another three
days later, when the theater and two
saloons were burned. The snow
upon the roof saved the rest of Front
Street from destruction, Provision
aud liquor valued at IIO.O'NI were
Tbe Yukon fros Xoveiulwr 10 for
the wlnUrand sloe then about I..KHI
persons bsve started over the ice fur
Fort helklrk
Mtir4 ! HoIiIxmI,
11 UT II HI, OUI,. leu 111, At Med
ford, Frank Prak wa dttHyd from
town, brutally murdered and robbed
of IHXI Two iiiKii ami Hire women
who action are suspicious ar under
rrt for lb crime.
MsasM ! Ural 4 Us
llr WMtl-Ni L a( N 4 i
, .-'. N t i rti It
klt Skill . K I. i M a ftOe,
H t M, 4 . t tt4 1ltl.
SMlH Wklil-Hi ,!, H- 1, fs
(I4H-UII.4 St i J, K I tlV.
S 4 it Wsim ufat A i, N
JV M 4 !
I sills - Htiss, ttlTtl?t4 lSln4
l,stslls, IvSitSlV,
is imii t4v It !) kiiksr
shiii as4 ism4 . Mt'Nt
l SSIIf fctllt4 S, BU St
it 141 ft, asiif r4 M I'Nti iH
lt MwMis. 14 4i
I s et.tuis, ikiiMl 14,
Tw isitk iJr la kt la
(! , M( tis4 4ik fill
a4 UUwkieH taeoiae lUa4ttk
Report of the Investigating
mlttee upon This
Crmparatlvo Statement of Colt
Under State and Con
tract Management.
IrmrU That the Journal Oritllled,
The report of the legislative Investi
gating committee upon the Nbrnka
state H'uitentlary, wa filed lat week
by Fred Jewell, expert nwouiitatit, and
Kenator C. W, lieal, of ('nler county
One statement iu the rejiort stand ou
like a mountain peek of fact in tbe
multitude of minor detail lo command
the intnnt attention of every taipnyer
In Nebraska. Til statement wn care
fully omit ted by the Lincoln HfateJourn
a! and other republican paper iu thi
state, which publiehed an absfruet of the
commlttes'report, but thi omlelon
will not prevent the tropic id1 (he slate
from knowing (he bu:U, Th tatemeut
i iu th form of a comparative state
ment of the cost of malutulning t he con
vict under the old system which pre
vailed during the Mosher Htouf ttor-
gan contraet and the cost of main lain
lug them under state management a at
present. Here ft Is:
AvWo. Vimtitl krl'iimi AtnM
llltlnm 1'rmnr Mltn r mt piU
snm, mould H-rmn
isdt m f i.m.4 $1,01 1. o i7,e
lK, ll ifM.7l7.3H 4.M4J1 II HI
a lis M,,mm.w inM
wm-i Wi 7s.Me 1,77211 lesw
W M 1,VM1 iJtm.tA H US
April AtU to Hof, SIS, W7, svros ihiihIhs,
A verage cos per month to the
tat for each convict for above
yeor under Mosher Hlout Mor
gan con tract,,,,,,, ,$ J, J
Under mate management and
control.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 3,38
Tbe committee add a "note" to this
comparative showing, stating that their
reason for not including the blenlum of
1815 0 In the statement 1 that that
period wa partly under th contract
system and partly nnder slat manage
merit. Hi) i not really a MUlflclen
reason for its exclusion and for th pur
pose of making t he showing complete.
w have secured the figure for IMKi-li
and aplierid them;
l or iwrwii Average number prison
ere, 31 H; average cost per mould, 3,
Yl't Wl; average cost lor each prisoner
per month, i',?,ftl.
J ake the entire tieriod 01 ten year an
the rates of cost of caring for convict
In the penitentiary of Nebraska under
the old system and under the new sys
tem is a A to 1, J hi I act ieak more
than hunnred of p:ige of comment. It
should fe pbwsef 5etor every voter ami
every taxpayer In Nebraska, and if re
publican newsptters riinse U iwm It
helore their readers, populist shouh
see that their neighoors are made to
know it regardle of party
I he committee makes a further llnding
of the prof) I of the contractor who
have been working I he con vtet of tin
stale the past twenty year, Thi state
ment 1 not important lor any purpose
ol recovery, out I Interesting In view ol
the tremendous change mad by the
cancellation of the old contract and the
abolition of the MosherI'organ regime,
This finding i Irorn official statement
of tbe contractor and state official on
Die and i that the contractors made a
net profit by $'JH 'i'S annually on the
labor of each prisoner and in th eight
een year from 177 to lH'J.'i a tote I
leicitimate profit of at least ll'J,407.77
and beside thi the con tree tor succeed
ed ia lobbying through bill for repair
and improvement, which, under their
contract, they were bound to pay for
themselves, to the amount ol lit,
;)!),'1H2, making a total of f .VPl,Mf;.r,l
in the eighteen years. As affair go In
the commercial world, it is 01 course
nothing against the contractor that
they drov a good bargain with the
stat arid then carried It along for
twenty years, but the change In exisms
of maintaining th prison, will oiieu the
eye of a good many Nebraskau who
have heretofore lieen party-blind to tb
fault and abuse of management of
state affair,
These are the luaiii feature the Jin
porttmt Item of th report. They are
the one the tropin ur most concerned
In and ought to give the most nouslder
ation. They point out the radical differ
em- between lit old and III new ienl-
lentinry management so unmislakenbly
that no one can miss It, They area
solid refutation of the campaign pre
diction of monopolists and corieiratioa
it regarding populist admliiistriition
aud nu impregnable challenge
lo the Un
rumiiel end Jo JoIiiumhis
ol parlismi
I tack t d iy.
Hilt belde tl , there Mr M great
many minor item in th report thnl ar
lull ol Interest and mniug, On of
the I (be saU ol slate proerly, seven
shot gun, On ripetienr carbine, ou
Kiiriiitilteld rarblue, umhI by guards, by
. II. I torgaa, contractor, lo lb slat
In bis axttleiiM'iil, The vshis ol this
prnrly a paid lor, wa 11.17. wke li
amouiil 1 rorly reuverubi Irum
Morttan, who I s'lll 111 l.lueolu,
Another of lb HlygriilMi. long reog
u 1 -i b eiisloin wii'ler lb old niNiing
iua I, Is thoroughly tiMd bytlir
K,ft i4 I bi lneUgn!ioM. It I lb
prarltt ol lofimr wrdeu in itiarging
up r diwia br rouvtynig prtoinr and
up r tiiwia lor roiivtying prioinr ani
lu harging ba k hire lo and Iniui lb
(euiisaiitiry, wb, a a matter ollwi-t,
lb iri- wrmtl in lhslrl earaal
anip.uid ! lolasaly i, IhI 1 1
ilma ba k at a ol lbr doiUr,
1 lis itilloH id f diUI i bargoa l,r h
anln l"f slleii'lMi 1011M wtih iriwH
r, lui'r wi "f w P't-oiossa
ui. in.. i. ml, la 11 (IAIN .li, r,
.',l, lit lb sourl Md thai Ik sab
art id Ik wards ass li, by Uw at
ILVmi and ki living, and U assail
b waasalilM lo, Uod Ikal, a lo
be reimbursed lor tuoiisr aeiaaliy si
ivM.U'd, fxilwltbslaadisg IkkiiWisiou.
bit lasalf isars, btitk rut.iuaa and
l,tasrr4) aardvaa, (lb taller uadr
tluv, liuyd adatlsisliaiu.s), k
charged and co!loctel from the state per
diem, hack hire and mileage charges
never contemplated by law and express
ly lorb.iIJeii by the decision ol the hu
preme court. Here i a sample bill of
that kind made by warden A. D. I5eemer,
and paid by order 01 the noaru 01 rub-
lie Land and lluildings:
votriiKii mo, H4,OH3, vm. 5lb, 1801.
For conducting Oreen H, (jravelv, irom
lemlteutiary to Lincoln, Neb,, Jan. 17,
1804, sell and guard one day f 5.00
Mileiige .', 0
ton veynnce,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.. ,.... ii.00
Actual ex inius a shown by alt)
davit of firavely, wa street car
fares to and from Lincoln, a total of , 1 5
Over charge,,,.,,,.
There are score of these overcharge
made In fae of the plain decision of the
supreme court, allowed by I he board ol
public laud and building In dellauca of
law and paid by the slate treasurer,
Th amount which the committee Hud
and I he recovery of which they recom
mend from ex-warden and ex-slate of
llcial are a follows:
From H, W, Dyers, warden and
slat officials , I 11.30
From I mi HopkiUN, warden and
stale olllcial,,,,,,,,,,, ., HUM
From J, I', Mallon, warden and
slate official , H0.40
From A, l, fleemer, warden aud
late olllclnl,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,.,.,,,-,, 148,88
lieside 1 hen (her are considerable
amount which Ar outlawed and there,
for not subject lo recovery.
The el en ling of f 10,000 appropriated
for building a new cell bouse In 1801,
the in vest Igation of I he same by the leg
islature of 1803, the iuipeuchmentof
Allen, Humphrey, Hastings, and Hill for
their part Iu the transaction, their trial
before I he supreme court ill (he summer
Of 1803, the decieioii of Judge Norval
and 1'ost which virtually found them
guilty, but rcum'd them lo office; the
minority opinion of Judge Maxwell
which found them guilty a charged, aud
Miistained the Impeachment; and the
subsequent defeat of Judge Maxwell for
reiiommailon In the republican tal
convention because ol hi opinion ur
all matter ol familiar history in thou
sand of home over the slate. There
view of the actual fact of stealing made
by the committee Iu this report will no
doubt seem "old" and tiresome in cr
tain quarters, Hut It tin liar It
proper pine and th repetition of it I
also timely. The jeople are prone to
forget. The foci in th penitentiary
Mtenl and their subsequent whitewash
ing by th supreme court areo llagraut
I hey cannot too often be repeated.
These feet -open and eori'ieded by ail
parties now are that the board of pub
lic laud and building took f&OO of
thi 1 10,000 and spent it on a junk ting
trip in open violation ol tb law and act
ol appropriation, that by systematic
collusion of W, II, Horgau the agent lor
the stite with th contractor, th stale
wa defrauded out of most of th bal
ance ol the money aud ha nothing but
bare unfinished wall to show lor It
forty thousand dollars. The parties
responsible for this transaction have
ben turned loos by the court and
there Is nothing for the people to do but
griu and bear and remember it.
One of the new aud striking feature
of the former tsmitcntinry management
unearthed by lb committee is the action
of ex-warden A. h 'wt who on June
I, 1801 mad out a,
Htrnck for 73 day carpeater work about
the penitentiary atVXOO per day I40
which wa allowed and paid to Jiecmer,
lUmtwr, however, paid Mtrar.k only f 75
retaining Ilia balance, Hieurier also
make out and cured payment upon
another voucher for Kfrack for ol day
worK, fJOV-all ol which he kept him
self and that the aggregate of these two
claims I for 1IM day work and all per
formed between slnrcli l, 1 mm and
June 1, 1804 (a period which Include
inly 7! working days) and that ol th
total of I'M 8 received by I'.eemer, fa
paid Htrack only 97ft. There ar num
erous other minor Item In th com
mittee report which go to make up a
total ol r,r,a,,0 which th committee
believe Miibject to recovery and recom
mend suit upon.
Hi not probable that much of any
thing will ever be recovered of the
sums found Justly due the state. At
least the previou experience of tbe
sluts in seeking to recover on official
bond in not hopeful for recovery of thi
money, it I nothing against the value
of the in vestigating committee' report
that sucli I the case, the real value ol
any Investigation I not uieuNured In the
amount ol stolen fund recovered, but
In the exposure of faulty systems and
corrupt methods, in the awnkening ol
tb people so that they may be pre
vented. Verv liltleol the million stolen
by the Tweed ring Irorn the tux pay
ere of Nsw York City wa ever recovered,
but the Investigation saved them mil
lions of dollar. And If th eopl of tbe
stat of Nebraska leurn enough of the
corruption and venality ol past stat
administrations to rure them of par
tisan bliudriess whether republican or
eipuiist, lo make them deinaud and
secur strict obedience of law from pub'
ic servants, and to amend the laulty
system under wblcli much of tlistnte
usliies lots tieen done the present In
veshgittiou will have amply repuld It
Msnlti atS illf Iu Mwny UifWrnl , Ilk
nils, lliiit, ruiinilikl m,I, tail
rlwuiN Slut ImiiU sml uthrt ruitl4M.
S. i! If t is wleiliy lies lfm II, la "
I.MIM. It riles tIUMluUlr Slitll tlM ll rMhj
1 1. rl iibius ltiMi m si lli ImI Ins lbs bkaxl
lr llil'ifMirili. 1leHtelelvliiiiUiy
. illMtoiiWilt lr U ig snA.'f oi Iknm fc l'ifuU eft
Ililw lU sl Nel t ! hhii, )iuilft
Il( Sll brflUIHUijf u(hI ky
m mm ff
I II I t
I I fr I t
I C I I 11 (I 11 If II V
U U r VrJ $
1ImI1i HhmtJ rn AM!fMttt It
I'lal-AKtlufelf I lluMiAl , I II M.
foots" I1
I. I tmek,Hil s III
a tij ! tit.
Jud lottls, Ulorstf (or Ik rrw
m Melusl Isstiraiii ( u, nl ,iwela, r
I ur I Iki itioraieg ftom a Irip In 8if.
leg. ! , where k wn ! bmk Hr
oess kgal busiMM la k ilert ol Ik
1118-1126 N st.f Uncoln, Neb.
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toniKhton similar business, Tbe Increas
ing volume of busines don by the
two companies, keep th Judge bobbing
falrna Ulvs Ills VI w on th odlsgof
HsUsf to th ( olsos.
Nw Yona, Ihsa. CO "Governor
General Ulsnco's acceptance of Presi
dent Mc Kin ley' request that tb
American publlo be pe rim tied to rell v
tb sufferings of recoucentrado in
Cuba I tautarnount to acceptance) of
the offer of Intervention by tli
United htatss In th oonfllct so long
in progress between th peopl of
Cuba and thn 8panlsli govrnrnnt,w
said Thomas Kstrada Talma, th chief
of th Cuban junta In thi city, to
day. "A th administration believe
that th peace In Cuba can b restored
only by political Intervention, It can
not reject llm favorable opportunity
that thus presents itself to Intervene,
for tl purpos of ending th war
In Cuba, Th deplorable condition of
th raoonceulradoii baa been caused
by tb cruel warfare waved by Hpalo
and th government, finding itself un
all to relievo the sltuatlou, ha ap
plied to tho I'nlted 8tat for aid.
J'rssldenl McKluley must s by now
that thers 1 mi rhaiie for 1 si see to
I astabllshed In Cuba without Inter
vnllun, and living up to bis word a
given In bis previous MiestaireB, must
InUrvsn and Xpalu cannot rationally
nd ronslsleiitly rejuct luuli lntr
A t'wtll lt Mslt I Astltl ta
lhklH Nl
I-osiKj. ia sa A aiwetsl dlspttt h
from tllianiihal, saysi "It I reported
that a Japan Deal of warships li
walling aar IMa Uland, ouUld Na-
gatakl, fully iiul.pi for war, aud
only awaiting lustruciltm. Ihl lw
elud lb Yashlina an.l I ujl, two uf
lb llusst vl In lb Jspausse navy.
laud lh Uih Vmsii, Ibal wa p-
Ur 1 fr.m t blua 1 h Japan llvsl,
It I undrtHil. U a ting tik el
luiteh wild lb MrUlskk uadrow uudr
Vis AJwtlral Nr AUisudsr Uutler,
otumsudsr la ebl( tea Ike I bla sis
Hum. "JPn will eerUlaly epi r
nishssI IUmIsh ulia ff VI
Ailhsr, Tb ud4a dlsstdatHat of
Ike Jstae ill! was ewtug t tk
war yf.
f; Dinner Sets
tf A Kfl ''iy 73-f dec decr-
j ' W a v v
fated semi-porcelain
owner set,
tf C CA buy a 100 plecedec
1P U. V U orn ted Meml-porcululil
dinner et,
U d7 CA buysallO 100-plec
j iri.vv
semi-porcelain dinner
set, decorated,
iLot nn ,m' loo-piece
iruv.vv iiaviiano
dinner set.
buy a good two-blade
boy' knife.
bursa Ihreedilnds isiiirl
V 50
C bundle knife.
bur a wurrnnted thre
C blail knife.
r 431
buy a 3 blade, pearl bdl
warranted knife.
C Razors . .
f Cl RA "J genuine Mlar
' Ml.OUKafetyltaisor,
0 CI RA geniiin Ktar
J ' pO aU safety raxor with 2
f, blade leather can.
rt CI Rrt ''M"'l,''rtwiKl
i 1 , w U ish ra zor, warraa Uni,
f ' tf A A A buy th lawt raxor
; 52 00
fj Skates . . .
buy a olld steel pair
skates, worth COc.
buy a pr Klipiier Klub
k VVU Mkaies, uiued top,
1 1
It tff buy a pair nkkle plated
t'. Qi club sk ales.
tl tf f C A l"y a pair of hard
' I ,UU eti'd sbsd nickl pltd
A mItkIa.
f n 1 - A -
buy in bo
fi KA . buy 1
f, OVC aledj
witu steel Mboe.
a good strong
, larg ix.
1 I7C buy n coaster with spring
J ' I vC steel runner,
r. 0 4 C A 1
1 bay Hi bet Iron
led In tb market.
III Tin fall Haak Jlbb4.
Nile, Mich., Pea SO. Lawrcno
Walter, an aged 1rmt living thrt
mil north of Wsylaud, Co county,
had no faith In bank and placed bla
savings, consisting of about 12,600 In
greenback, 14,000 In govrnmnt
bonds, note, mortgage and other
valuable paper in a tin pall, whleh h
buried beneath the floor lo bl bars.
If had been In the habit of visiting
the hiding place every day to see if
hi fortune wa eaf. Yesterday
morning when he made the customary
visit ha found that robber bad been
Wa m Tragi Jok.
St. Loui. Ma, Ilea SO. It wa de
veloped laat night that the shooting
of Katie Dosenbach by Marcus Nas
sauer at Clayton and hi own sui
cide war the result of a practical
joke. It I claimed Naasauar'a friend
bad constantly told him the girl loved
hint deeply, and she herself entered
Into the spirit of tb fan by telling
him she wa about to leave for Oregon
to be married. Driven to dpratlon
by the thought of losing hr, Na-
sausr called at her home and shot her
and then blew out bl braina
nhl Hssr4 Hani la rf a frls
nrsl lh Tw Stiakts tales.
I'oar AV I'Hisi , llsytl, lie 3d.
At 11 o'clock last night a Ore, which
wa almost unchsoksd been us of lu!
of water to supply the . pumpt,
dtroyd tM homes, Inolul.
lug a number of warehouses, a hotel,
lh Chureli of M. Joseph and IU par
oiiakf, About Msopl wtre rn
dr hoiul
This iiiornlsg at D id tt'lli tbsra
w an rUijiisUs, lasting half a
inluuta and anting ktlght crask I
lh sarin.
a4 tbuir-lsat Mm, ,
r Iii is, Xl ii, twe, ia. A roMkan)
thai had II U Inning at lb lime vf
lb eivll war rutld la the uisrtlsg
ytiUrdsy el Irvdsiiek Vsln,
hlala Trrr of fularado, end a
MtilllfHiair kanksr wf Nni, Id NU
Koiuia atrk, IS at this etty,
Mr Hals a, what a 1'Uh vUraa,
rslsrssd la tat eity attr the war,
tftk la hwilltx and jkt, II wa4
aars I Ub la ksallk If Mra U
av aiorskj, Mlksr at hi trUe, lt
weal W and fla4 praaUne
ad a fertuaa