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    May 7, 1896.
Bradshaw has a ball team.
Lincoln has 3,000 bicyclists.
C. E. Corey has sold the Swanton
Echo to Wild Bros.
York county has already printed the
premium list for its county fair.
The Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben have de
cided to Incorporate.
The Lincoln baseball park has beer
converted into a bicycle track.
Nebraska farmers have turned from
Irrigation to tiling1 and ditching.
Brown l county has had abundant
a ins.
Norfolk Methodists work on their
church between rains.
E. D. Gould of Fullerton recently
ohipped eight carloads of fat cattle to
Xearly all the mutton devoured at
North Platte is shipped there from
South Omaha.
Newcastle has a license board, but
not enough thirsty freeholders to se
cure a saloon. -
Quite a number of Nebraska people
suffered Josses in the recent fires at
Cripple Creek.
The people of Alliance have sub
scribed $900 toward the erection of a
Baptist church. -
A shower of chinch bugs came with
the recent heavy rains. They were
traveling south.
The southeastern Nebraska Q. A. R.
reunion will be held at Falls City July
30 to 25 inclusive.
The Nuckolls county teachers' insti
tute will be held this year at Superior,
instead of Nelson.
The farmers of Nuckolls county are
rushing the season a little in getting
In their corn crop.
Lightning struck the barn of J. B.
Allen near York and caused a loss by
fire of nearly $3,000.
A. A. Record has been appointed re
ceiver of the Chadron Banking Co.,
which failed recently.
A chattel mortgage, "two calves six
years old," was filed for record last
week in Hall county.
Nebraska people are beginning to
woader how they can profitably dis
pose of this year's hay crop.
Mrs. L. Ulrich, living near Wayne
was thrown from a buggy in a runaway
and sustained a broken arm.
Ben Rosenthal of Omaha has just re
turned from a trip around the world,
which consumed fourteen months.
The druggists of Osceola agree to
orfeit 8500 if caught selling any liquor
during the present municipal year.
It is expected that Colonel Cody will
make his wild west show a side attrac
tion to the North Platte irrigation farm.
In a race near Plain view Robert Brad
shaw, a jockey, was thrown from his
horse sustaining injuries from which
he died.
Land in this state is rapidly increas
ing in value and will soon reach the
notch out of which the hot winds from
Kansas blew it.
The editor of the Butte Gazeltte re
fuses to publish any kind of poetry, and
when a jingle is printed on the patent
side it makes him angry.
The populist leaders in Burt county
have organized a newspaper publishing
company and propose to establish an
organ of their faith in Tekamah.
The stockholders of the Nebraska
City Cereal Mills company have effect
id a reorganization and will soon be
running the mill to its fiill capacity.
Several members of the Ashland and
Ithica A. O. U. W. lodges visited the
Ceresco lodge last Saturday night and
gave the Cerescoites the third degree.
Thirteen mighty tough tramps in
vaded Kearney the other day, and
were speedily ushered to the eastern
limits of the city and told to fly. They
Some one stole sixty bushels of wheat
of J. H. McLatchey of Harrisburg. He
invites the thief to come back and
get the bin, as he has no further use
for it.
Since the recent rains the farmers
dance with joy, and we are with them.
Grass and grain is unusually advanced
and as the weather is favorable many
are planting corn.
Lightning struck the Swedish Mis
sion church four miles north of Ceresco
ealy Tuesday morning and the edifice
burned to the ground. They talk of
rebuilding in Swedeburg.
Byron McGinley, the six-year-old son
of A. C. McGinley of Chadron, was se
riously burned about the eyes by the
jxploslon of some powder which an
ther boy threw into a bonfire.
Thomas Johnson, police judge of the
jwn of Ashland, committed suicide by
,enging. Loss of property is supposed
to have been the cause for the rash
act He leaves a wife and three chil
dren. One of Eagle's ladies dressed for the
dance Friday evening and then put her
little bov to bed, lying down by his
side to quiet him. She fell asleep her
self and did not awaken until after the
ball was over
Ottie Brown, daughter of Bewago
Brown, living near Imperial, wandered
into the hills after cattle, lost her
way, and became so thoroughly chilled
from exposure to the elements that
death ensued.
John Hall of Minatare, Cheyenne
county, turned his four work horses
oat to graze on a stubble field where
alfalfa was sprouting. In picking the
succulent clover the horses took too
much stubble and all perished.
Toonf Can County Woman Commit Sui
cide In Flat Union! h.
Plattsmolth, Neb., May 5. This
community was startled Saturday aft
ernoon by the report that Mrs. Conrad
Vallery, jr., wife of a prominent young
farmer living four miles west of here,
had committed suicide in a most shock
ing manner at the home of her mother,
Mrs, Neimann, in this city. Mr. and
Mrs. Valery drove into town Saturday
morning to do some trading and went
at once to the home of the latter's
mother. Mr. Vallery went down town
to transact some business and had not
yet returned when the sad news
reached him.
Mrs. Vallery went up stairs, telling
her mother that she would lie down
ind rest a few moments. Later the
mother heard a piercing scream fol
lowed by the loud report of a revolver,
and hurrying up btairs found her
daughter lying on the floor in a pool
af blood which oozed from a gaping
wound in her right temple.the revolver
still clutched in her hand. Physicians
were hastily summoned, but the un
fortunate womad died in about an
Mrs. Vallery was born in this city
about thirty years ago and was a very
handsome and popular young woman.
She was married here five years ago
and three bright little children are left
motherless. -
No motive is known for the act.
Tired of Life.
Omaha, Neb., May 5. Minnie Gentry,
a colored woman of the burnt district,
:ommitted suicide yesterday afternoon
by lumping into the Missouri river at
the foot of Jones street. She had been
living in Council Bluffs until recently.
Conductor Wilcox and Engineer Brennan
Die In a Burlington Wreck.
Lincoln, Neb., May 5. A wreck
which caused the death of Engineer
Thomas Brennan and Conductor Doug
las Wilcox occurred yesterday morn
ing at 2 o'clock, two miles east of Lib
erty on the Burlington, in Gage county.
The wrecked train was No. 63, a
freight running from St. Joseph to
Wymore. The trainmen had received
orders to run slowly and keep a close
watch for washouts, as it had been
raining for the past thirty-six hours in
that vicinity. In compliance with these
orders Conductor Wilcox was on the
engine assisting the engineer in the
task of looking ahead. The place
where the wreck occurred was at a
small culvert. The approach at One
side of the culvert had washed out un
derneath, leaving a hole that was not
visible to the trainmen on the engine.
The minute the heavy engine rolled
over the place where the embankment
had been the rails sank in and the en
gine was wrecked. The conductor and
engineer were pinioned under the en
gine, the latter being instantly killed.
Conductor Wilcox lived about an hour
after he was removed from the wreck.
The fireman escaped uninjured. A
few cars were derailed.
General Superintendent Calvert left
Lincoln for the wreck. The damage
was slight to the road and it was not
long before the wreckage was cleared
away so that traffic was not delayed.
1 he bodies of the two unfortunate
trainmen were taken to their homes
id Wymore. The remains of Mr.
Brennan will be taken to Spottsville,
Pa., for interment.
Governor Holcotnb's Finding In the Nor
folk Asylum Investigation. '
Lincoln, Neb., May 5. After and in
vestigation lasting two days, and after
having carefully considered the testi
mony introduced for and against Su
perintendent MacKay of the Norfolk
asylum, the 'governor Saturday an
nounced that he had decided not to
sustain tljecharges, The nnnoucement
reaosas iouows:
'The charges against Dr. J. J. Mao-
Kay, superintendent of the Norfolk
asylum for the insane, are in substanoe
that the superintendent had been guilty
of cruelty to patients, and also immoral
conduct. These are the only two that
I deem it necessary to consider in this
connection, and after carefully con
sidering all the evidence presented, I
am of the opinion that neither is at all
supported by the evidence, nor is there
any sufficient foundation in fact to lead
an unprejudiced mind to a different
"The charges, in my judgment, seem
to grow out of personal animosity and
resentment on the part of former em
ployes against the superintendent
rather than a disinterested desire to
promote the welfare of the institution,
"It is also quite apparent to me that
influences have been put in motion in
order to lend 1 color to the charges,
whose promoters would not hesitate to
destroy the usefulness of this or any
other public institution in the state if
it were thought that 'partisan advant
age could be gamed thereby."
Poisoned by Eating; Canned Corn.
Gordon, Neb., May 5. Little Edith
Schrandt. the nine-year-old daughter
of Charles Schrandt, died last night
from the effects of poisoning. About
three weeks ago the family ate of
canned corn purchased of one of the
local dealers and several of the house
hold were taken very sick. The little
girl has been a great sufferer and for
some days past her Ufa has been de
spaired of.
Flentyof Water. .
Osceola, Neb., May 5. This section
of Nebraska is getting its share of rain
this spring, for, according to the gov
ernment ram gauger, we have had over
eleven inches in April, and for May the
record is being kept up.
Think Him Not Insane.
Osceola, Neb., May 5. Polk county
board of insanity has spent two days
on the case of David Williams and have
decided according to the report of the
Chysician of tat board that he wasn't
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1 Sixty-one Per Cent. Interest.
In the Arena for December, 1894,
George Wilson, the Lexington, Missouri,
banker, in answering the article of David
A. Wells in the Forom of October. 1893
denied the statement of the latter that
intwrest has been low in the United States
for a number of years past. Mr. Wilson
showed that the crops of the south and
west are produced under the payment of
a very high rate of interest. Mr. Wilson
informs uie thai a man who used to lend
money in Nebraska gave him the follow
ing facts: "I used to lend money to the
farmers in Nebraska, most of my cus
tomers being hard-working, honest
Swedes who always paid their interest
promptly. I would lend a man in this
way: would take his note for a certain
sum and give him three-fourths of the
sum named in the note, thus making a
discount of twenty-five per cent, to start
on. Then he would pay me interest
monthly at the rate of three per cent, a
month on the sum named in the note.
Thus out'of a note for $100 1 would get
$25 at the start and by the end. of the
year $36 more, or sixty-one per cent, a
year on my money.
It is not likely that the Swedish corn-
growers and cuttle-feeders of Nebraska
would agree with Mr. Wells that money
is cheap and plenty. B. 0. Floweb, ed
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ins luumuiuum can oe tagen out ana the tube re
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McKinley Would Bolt.
"If the republican party in its nat ional
convention next year declares for free
silver, I will absolutely refuse to become
a candidate for the presidency, and I will
quit the party forever." So said Mc
Kinley while visiting m the south, last
year, and to this day, that statement
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ers' conspiracy Against In
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Hon. Edward Stern, Director
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Honest Money for Fictitiuos
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3! If
Attorneys 1101 O St.
In the District Court of Lancaster County, Neb.
Russell J. Brydon, Plaintiff, vs. Laura A. Bry
don, Defendant.
To Laura A. Brydon, nun-rHident defendant.
You are hereby notinetl tbat on the 27th day of
April, IX'.iC, Kussel J. Brydon filed a petition
against you in the District Court of Lancaster
County, Nebraska, the object and prayer of
which are to obtalu a divorce from yon on the
ground of extreme cruelty. You are required to
answer -said petition on or before Monday, the
8th, day of Jane, 1896.
By BANE & ALTSCHULER, his Attorneys.
Att"rn'y at Law Lincoln, Nebraska
In the District Court of Lancaster County.
In the matter of the estate of Qeorge W.
Learned deceased:
Now on the 4th day of May 18M1, Aneeline L.
Learned, administratrix of the estate of Ueorice
W. learned, deceased presented her petition duly
verified, and filed herein, to the Hon. Edward P.
Holmes, one of the Judges of the district Court of
Lanraster county, and the said Judge being fully
advised In the premises, does now npon the ap
plication of said administratrix hereby, order,
that a notice of this proceeding be published, ac
cording to the statute in such caBes made and
provided. In the Nebra-ka Indkpe.vdknt a news
paper, published in, and of general emulation
in Lancaster county, for, four successive weeks,
as follows:
To Ida L. Miller, Minnie M. Phinney, Lnc en O.
Learned, Helen Boynton, Amanda M. Myeis and
all persons Interested. Yon and each of you are
hereby notified, tbat Mrs. Angelina L. Learned,
administratrix of the estate of George W. Learn
ed deceased has presented to the Hon. Edward
P. Holmes one of theJudgesof the District Court
of Lancaster county Nebraska.her petition filed In
on said court on May 4th. i viti, praying for license
to sell the southeast quarter ol section 31, town
11, range 1 east of the nth p. m, situated in
Seward county Nebraska and on said May the 4th
lbtttf, the following order was made by said Judge
in accordance with the prayer of said petition
In the District Court of Lancaster county:
In the matter of the estate of George W.
Learned deceased,
This cause came on for hearing upon the peti
tion of Angeltne L. Learned, administratrix uf
the estate of George W. Learned cleceaned pray
ing for license to sell the southeast quarter, of
section 81, town II, ramie I, east, In Seward
county Nebraska or so much thereof or sortie cut
amount of the same, to bring the sum of Si, DO.'.
22, for the payment of debts allowed against said
estate, and the costs of administration, there not
being sufficient personal property to pay said
debts and expenses. It is therefore ordered that
Ada L. Miller of Lancaster county, Minnie M.
Phiney of Sionx county, Lnclen G. Learned ol
Seward county, Amanda M. Myers of York county
and Helen Boynton non resident, and all persons
interested in said estate, to appear before me at
the court bouse in the city of Lincoln, Lancaster
county, Nebraska, on the 17th day of June A. I).
18 at 9 o'clock a. m. of said day, or as soon
thereafter as said cause can be heard, to show
cause, if any they have, why license should not
be granted to said administratrix, to sell so
much of the above described real estate of said
deceased, as shall be necessary to pay said debts
and expenses. '
It is further ordered that notice of this pro
ceeding be published in the NEBRASKA INDE
PENDENT a newspaper published in.said I ani as
ter county for the period of four successive weeks
prior to the 17th day of June ISM the time set
for said hearing.
Judge of the District Court. "
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Notice is hereby given tha by virtue of a chat
tel mortgage sale dated on the 25th of iarch
1896, and duly filed in the office of the county
clerk in the city of Lincoln, Lancaster county,
Nebraska on the 2fith day of March 1806 at 9:40
a. m . executed by Miss Mabel Smithson to W, P.
Gutherie and which was thereafter onineitn
dav of ADril 1S96 dulv asslgued. and transferred
to James E. Adnmsoa authorizing him to col
lect the same. Said mortgage was given ly the
said Mrs Mabel Smtthson to secure the payment
of a certain nromissorv note for $90.00 and Inter
est from the 25th day of March 1896 at ihe rate of
ten per cent, per annm pnyableon demand, upon
wbich there is now due tne sum oi ttu.zo.
Default bavins been made in iDepaymtntoi
said sum and no suit or other proceedings at
law having been Instituted to recover said debt
or any part thereof, therefore I will rell at public
auction the following therein described property
to-wit: one Schoniger Upright Pinno, No. 6SEat
my residence in Lincoln known and designated as
231 South 15th Street in the city of Lincoln, Lan
caster county Nebraska on Thursday 14tb day
of Mav 1896 at 9 o'ciock a. m. on eaia asy.
46-3t Assignee. Mortgagte.
Attorney at Law, Lincoln, Neb
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an
order of sale Issued by the clerk of the district
court of the Third Judicial District of Nebraska,
within and for Lancaster county, in an action
wherein W. H. McCreery is plaintiff, and Peter
Pearson, et. al., defendants. I will, at S o'clock
p, m , on the second day of June A. D. 1896 at the
east door of the court house, in the city of Lin
coln, Lancaster county, Nebraska, offer for sale
at public auction the following described real
estate to-wit:
The west sixty (CO), acres of the northeast
quarter (neVi) uf section six (6) In townshlo
nine (8) of range six (6) in Lancaster county Ne
braska, which has been platted into six l) lots,
from one (1) to six (6) Inclusive and filed for
record in the office of the register of deeds of
Lancaster county as Pearson's subdivision, of
part of the northeast quarter (ne) of section
six (6) township nine (9) range six (A) east of the
sixth P. M. In Lancaster county Nebraska.
Given under my hand this 23d day of April, A.
D., 1896.
47-5t Sheriff.
Notice Is hereby given, That by virtue of an or
der of sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court
of the Third Judicial District of Nebraska, within
and for Lancaster County In an action wherein
Hiram Bailey Is Plaintiff, and Kate Hall sr. al.
defendants. I will, at 2 o'clock p. m., on the 12th
day of May A. D. 1896, at the East door of the
Conrt Honse, In the City of Lincoln. Lanrutin.
f County, Nebraska, offer for sale at public auction'
ine louowwg aescrinea real estate, to-wit: Lot
ten (10) and eleven (11) In block sixteen (16) In
Junction Place addition to the city of Lincoln
Lancaster county, Nebraska.
Given under my band this 8th day of Aorll
A. D. 1886. JOHN J, TROMPER.