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Tli". nan who hxes his temper
Ir.i f d his game.
a I. so
As (here nrc exceptions to all ru'oH,
tome duties miiKt have drains.
John Hull takes to the Monroo doc
trine with the oaK0rnf83 of 11 tramp to
a bar of Boap.
Kansas farmer, have dleeovorpd that
simtlowrr h-aves make tui good cigar
fillrr-5 as cabbage leaven.
During the recent cold snap elk in tho
vicinity of Lander, Wyo., came from
the mo'iiitiiins to feed with the cattle.
The fciiKan la doing his best to prove
that he hat; lo hill the ferocious Arme
nian kIicp; lo keep thorn from biting
Tlif reputation of Chicago wan sus
tuiurd ono day lata week when ilvo
judge.' granted a hundred divorces in
three hours.
lb-fore Harry Hnytvard left Minne
apolis he had succeeded i:i making the
verdict cf the Jury and that of the pub
lic entire'' unanimous.
.somebody in Sloiibenvillo, Ohio, ad
vcrtNcv. a matrimonial pilot lor r,Q
ceni.f-. And another advertises ''di
vorces sefu:'''d on easy termn."
The ura of "perforated bed-clot lie:;"
I wcRiMcndod ;ih a cure for rheuma
tism. Tli is wunm to be merely an nm
lifb;."Uou of the porous plautcr i lea,
riirmis' attorney general liar, dc.-Idcd
that 1! its a lottery and therefore illegal
to five parch asters of nieiviiaiidliie '1
gu ,-. ;;!, die nuniixT of bcana in a jar.
An e, who ban s-e-u over
live hundred c! imlna! out of this world,
nayx lh:it not ore of these was? a teeto
taler. There's expert testimony for
V sMf.v I'.lai k, of Kililwnter, Ok., wat?
ns."'i;.'ed to a lady in Ohio for twenty
three yean i: m! dually married her one
day hint week. Think of that, impa-ti-:,l
Since tiie r.uhtitilution of electricity
for juilmal power on Htreet railways
115,010 Iioiwh have lostt Uiclr Job
nearly 71 per enl of the whole number
formerly employed.
Las! v.eel: the Salvation Army sta
tioned lit Ogdcn:d:tirg. N. Y announced
that on Saturday evening they would
:-:poi the blggo, t lu' 1" town. All the
,'ircvai icatars of note flecked lo hear the
M'o-e. r,nd the result w..n the greatest
liooni the army ever enjoyed In that
icctioi:. 11 was a great night or the
Aiuer i.-t Wiort rnadiiew,. Ia he not
i inadm.'in thai has lord, the government
of l,i:,e;ef, and I loused hither and
thither by his fury as by a tmpc;;t?
Tlie executioner and murderer of 1; U friend? It doen nil tiling by vio
lence, an well upon itself as others; and
li K in short, the master of all pas-
S-llli: .
A I'.iiii. an inrinb. r will go thundering
down the ages as the w-n who made
tiie first speech in the LIVth congress.
After the roll was called, he aroHo with
great dignity, addressed the clerk, an
nounced hiR name, and then tusked if
Mr, name had Iieen properly recorded.
This npeech was not parth ularly bril
liant, but it was the first of the LIVth
(Jentlenesji. which belong
In to be r:i;vfuily distinguished from
(he mean spirit of cowards and the
fawning assent of r.ycnphanls. It re
nounce;; no just right from fear; it give
up no important truth from flattery;
il is, indeed, nut only consistent with a
f;ru mind, but it. necessarily requires a
manly t-pirit and n fixed principle In
r to give it tiny real valu
Kv. H. O. Fi.sher, of Kansas, would
not have b en ;'.it isfaclnry ns chaplain
t-f the house of representatives, auy
vvay. l!e makes longer prayers
any ether person we keo'.v of, imhI lurg
pr .yets are not popular in cougn :-s or
nut of it. Lciiidis, lie tr 11m the J.ord
li'-nriy every dry nbout the (Ju.iui re
r.i:d. in which he was rolled In an old
! a -pi t by his wife, and saved, ar 1 there
1. 1 fu'hlng for which he will rot pe,i
ti'iu the throne ol grace, n.iy.i a Kans.i.s
i -i -r.
Or lin wcr mis la ihe Jauraal of
cn ii" fiat be i nred two v.unnt wout-
. I-,.
f ( oc.sunqu tui! ry i,ivnu ttn-in all
.i:n:t. tin v i -11111 1 i
!. They h el
t.l'l'i i utitii
iu p ;iiiiii;i a
iuiial- vim-
i, Is an ev-
.C . l.ll'l-s licit
: 'l . c- l I'.V'T iit i.te
..rly ! el, lie f si tl:
,r tul aiie'A' I 1 1. cm !
r (;'! i-.i !: n t!-i-v
-i'. The pi .inn! . l e
ih f.i! pie bi.-.'t. !(
'.s t'.e K" 1 l ii 1'
in' t i' '; ' i.-tui i 1; i:
. 1 '. T I .1 . '!
I mi
-a "u 1
I vi C
t I
i .1
l'l1 i v.i te
Oi I
, II
I I.
'1 I
i, i".
v 1 ,
f t:i
Fti-sn'tit ion I nl i-Mitm-cil l)ert:nnt!mj; the
Ifltrtllioil lif I lie lieservf ti OO.OIIO,-
000 'mill Ki !iii-'::iK its !!iil-'iiK!ii-e ul
1 hut I'olnl.
U'asiiixoto.v, .la ii. 1. Senator Sher
man of Ohio introduced in tin; Senate
to-day the following: "lU.-.-olvc-d,
That by injurious eg:..latiim by tin;
Fifty-third Congress, the revenues
of tiie 'government, cere reduced below
its necessary eNe!idi'..ure and tlie
funds created for law ful redemption
of I'nited Stales no es have been in
vaded lu heoply Mich flelieieney of
reseTTe; tiiaj Midi a misapplicitioii of
the n-tumption fund is of doubtful
legality and greatly injurious to the
public credit, and hle.uld be prevented
by restoring saiu fund to tiie iiuii of
not, less than JSIo:i,Ou;i,oiiii in gold eoin
or bullion, to be paid out only in tlie
redemption of l olled States notes and
Treasury noles, and fciich notes, v. hen
redeemed, to be re-issued only in e.:
elmngc tor gold c in or bullion. '
Wlieri the Sensit;) met Mr. I'er.;ins.
Uepuiiican, of ( alifoi nia uske i iinan
inious consent for the eutisitlurat ion of
a re-iulul ion dirccliug tlie committee,
on finance to report an ainetalmeiit to
the )loii:,n larift bill laying an addi
tional duty mi raw sugar cijiial to the
other increases of the bill.
Mr. I terry of Arkausns olijee.ted.
It was agreed to adjourn overfill
Mr. Morrill of Vermont explained
that the tinaiiei; miumktce desired to
eons tier the boint and tanlV bills on
Mr. (handler's resolution, offered
yesterday, ashing the committed on
navul uH'air lo investigate tins prices
paid by tlie government for armour
plute and as to whether any oflicia! of
the government, was interested in
patent processes, was called up. At
the .suggestion of Mr. (lormaii the
words directing an inquiry into the
facts s.s to w tiether tlie prices paid by
the I'nited States were "as low a.i
paid by the foreign governments"
were stricken oat.
The resola'iou was adopted.
Mr. Suerman then introduced his
resolut ion, w hich was listened to with
keen interest, in view of the Senator's
utterances the retirement of
Kreeiiiiack. lie gave notice that on
Friday lie would su limit some remarks
upon it.
Mr. Mitcbel of Oregon then too!; the
floor and spoke in favor of his resolu
tion instructing the (inane;! committee,
to restore the McKiiiley duties on
wool in any revenue bill reported to
the Senate,
Senator Mitchell declared thut no
industry had received such a slugger
ing and deadly legislative blow as that
indicted upon tho wool industry by
the Wilson larilf act. It had drained
from tho Fiutil States within t he last
year gTi.OUll.uoo 'u gold to pay for for
eiirn wool, and had occasioned a loss
to the wool ; rowers of this country of
more than Sl.ouo.iido. Inlcss this leg
islation wa-- changed the sheeii iudu--
trv of the l'ac'di i cons
woc.ld be mi-
Mr. Mitchell said the tariff bill
passed by the House would probably
iiitn use 'the revenue i!'1 oniMmo a yi-ar
Anictidcd, as it should be, by tilford
iug wool, lumber, barley, hops, and
other agricultural products adequate
protection it will give an add.t:oiial
revenue of Jr 'lO.dOl t, () K), mid place a
pin) lock upon the so-called 'endless
chain"' by which gold is drawn lrom
the treasury, will stop all neccs'iiy
for further issue of bonds and rescue
from unpenning ruin the wool and
other agricultural interests of this
While Mr. Mitchell was contending
that the Secretary of the Treasury
could have stopped the gold drains by"
using his discretion to redeem rices in
coin, Mr. Hill of New York asked him
if it was not true that greenbacks had
been redeemed in gold by every secre
tary since Is?!'.
Mr. Mitchell replied that, it might
be true, but in his opinion il was very
nour policy.
I "Treasury notes have only been re-
deemed in gold since I Si) I," interrupt
to virtue, Cll m,.. rock re 11 of Missouri.
Is that a fai t'.'" asked Mr. Mitchell.
"It is," replied Mr. lockrell, em
phatically. "In l-.'it in response to a
telegram sent by mo to Secretary Cos
ter he replied that the lir-t treasury
note had been redeemed by him in
gold in I-'.il."
I am talking
about greenbacks,
ha id Mr. Hill.
"Have not all the "Secretaries of tlie
Treasury redeemed these notes in gold I
ince IsT'.i'.'"'
"Crecnbacks were never pre-enled,"'
baid Mr. l ockrell,
"There was no demand for gold and
that can be show n on the record. The
Senator from I 'bio (Mr. Sherman! since
that time propoM'd to redeem and re
tire every one of thoie grernbueks
with silver dollars uiul his amendment
to that elfcet is here on record, in
which, he propose to substitute for
the greenbacks silver notes
In answer to Mr. Hill. Mr. nckrell
baidhed.d not k n w w he her .s.-.-re-tary
Foster had redeemed greenback
Ul golll.
on s.uit it had n H iieen itoni .
"Not on liei'iaiid." siid Mr, l oekrcll.
'I repel' tm veci eiarv of the
I'rfriiMiry until "itolier, l-'.M. ier the upturn to I in- holders i f
idled Stale . note . "
"hut t'liited Sl.ile uoic- wcn-ir-licciii'd
;u e.iid."
"Not u! the option of the holder.
1 he o I it ion w ,i . never 1m ii the l"i : r
until l- ':.
Siilnc- C I hi-, mill M is Ma. rv ''mi
liiem a'ls of Ji'oui ili-iil iv iit.'. ,v f.i
ii it-, cbii'cd iin.t were in in i i o I
Minors, luwa.
I' lin-'l I i. in it.liliifi.ii,
U V--IIIN.. los. .i n t. The
lllilt I w l ll.d .His l. .l,e i ,lsc I
ncres of I net f- 'i t he U.nv tr.l
1 1 ii I n ' lo live o;! 1 1 i i nt 1 1 i t
tit. iite. I Ui.lN l-l W till . t. i,
l-V III C..M ol.,. 1. 4,
I V ol' W t II III I i His l , j r t re I !
i i-i-
-e. no
! lii'H'
t.ri (
il il n .
.in.; i-i'
l-V .toi!
1 II s ll
Hid Ii ,
i,c it i
)i ,. I
of tlt
ii ii- '.
,1 n;
llll I
.I..' e
i Is
i ii."
Him i: ImmI 1 pii l iUii.iii .'or 41..ti.nCii.i(iJ
- Til" S ii. Ill Hie Details. j
Mit,' Yo!:ii. Jan. 1. Hankers in Jhis i
city who in e in i iose touch with 't be !
aiim'tiiNiraiion cxpics tiicu' opinion
regarding the
v. " I
.... 1 1 i. ... ..i.
tluit the announcement
govern men t bond issue
will i.e I
not later than Thursday. The dehtiH
of the contract with the syndicate
will c!o-i.!y eon form to those of the
previous i-suo. The loan is expected
to lie for jrli i),(uo,(K,o, with an notion
luon j
1'bc I
cn an additional SKj.'i.OUo.oo'),
arrangements jn tiie present instance
do not provide tor any tiuarautttcS by
the syndicate as in tlie last js-mc. " ,'
Formal applications for allotments I
or tin loan were received to-day
by J. I'. Morgan & Co.
Oossip from ItVrlin is t hat part of the
loan uill he placed in Ocrinatiy.
Li'ineitie apolicalious alone in this
city will aggregate l.'iO.OOO.Oou.
Washington, Jan. 1. The Evening
Post says: "A contract was signed
this afternoon by all the members"?
the new bond syndicate, subject to the
formal acceptance of tho government,
i The syndicate agrees to furnish ll,-
odi.O'iO ounces of gold, f.moiinling to
about F'.'Oii.OirUKio m gold, the govern
ment, to take one-half of this sum first
and to ha v! the tint inn of taking the
other half and to deliver four per cent,
thirty year coin bends at about the
same price as paid for the last issue of
bonds: the mamigers of the syndicate
to receive a commission of one per
cent. The price at which the la't
bonds were taken was int. l;i. rf which
they yielded ;:;:f per cent iutcr.'sl..''
I.O.M.OV. .Ian. 1. -.Mr. r.nrns of 1
Thomas M iri'au ,V Co., said: "None !
of the new i-,sue of bonds will be
Iloated in Loud'. n, owing to t he
strained reI.i,tios .n-twceu the I luted
States 11 lid (,-eat Lritai.'l. I'ho situa-
tiou looks eraver than ever this morn
ing from a commercial point of view.
'J'li is is parlly on account of Senator
Sherman's position. The affair has
made a wonderful di Here nee in the
business between London and New
York uiul will resuit. in the with
drawal of most of the American secur
ities irom iMigiariil. we are sending
home daily large quantities of tlie-,e
securities which were, thrust upon the
market. Some of the new bonds will
probably be placed in (iermany.l it t this
has not yet been decided, in my
opinion our American copatriots have
gone mad."
Ci-ni-riil Mile (VinKlileriiii; Its l lilit.v la
Army l.'iti! Woulfl l;e a Jrcnt Kiivlii;;.
W a sin no ro, Jan. L (ion. Miles is
now making a study of the horseless
vehicle, with a view to determining' its
utility in army use. The idea is to
use it, for the army trains. At. each
of its forty-one military pts our
army employs two or more wag
ons, prescribed by tin; CnurU-ruiaster
(leneral. "Tie luner, the six-mule
wag-in, is for transporting army sup
plies to and from i.i.lrcad stations on
the frontier posts. The other, known
as the escort wagon. i- pulled by two
or four mules. It is used in tin: imire
uucmv seuien regions, lor the tsme
purpose, as well as for nflicial err;
-. lJ: In
TIiom wagons have been usi
' e
army since 1 lie war,, with but 1
iiltiuation. The hor.icless vehi :1
ieasiiile, won l'l lie a lur imnrovcm
over them. I!e-.ides, it would ba
great saving.
Our sma 1 1 army of 'jri.wio ieu em
)!oys !l,."iOt) horses and. mules for uses
of the cavalry an I artillery and for
general oral t mg purposes. 1 lie aver
age cost of the-iC for the
hist tiseal
year, for instance, ranged from $.'.. lo
Jfl'iS each, the cavalry horses costing
I he least, even less than the (iovern
luciit mules, and draft horses t he most.
Thus the army makes a great outlay
each year, not only for purchasing
horses, but for keeping them well fed
and groomed.
Ills Nominal ion l lie llri ulier still
Ilelil I p.
W AsiitMvro.N. Jan. I. - -The noniiiia
tion of Colonel Coppinger to be briga
dier general of the army is still held
up in the Senate. 'There is a hard
tight being made against his nomina
tion. This tight is being conducted by
the A. P. A. The most j-erious ob
jection to the distinguished soldier is
that he is a Catholic in religion and
w hen a young manse rved in the Pone's
Coppinger came to this country in
lsi',0, entered the I'nion army, served
w it h distinction throughout the civil
w ar, has been wounded several times,
and received a eomiii-sion in the reg
ular service and in the natural order
of things reached tiie command of his
regiment and was nominated by the
President t i the grade of brigadier
general. Colonel I'ojipinger's wife was
Ihe eldest daughter of the late James
1 1. 1! hi ine, nn-1 it is si id I hat one of t he
reasons for the serious break between
the l'.laine and llai" ison families was
; ne reinal of rresi.tent M.irrisoii io i
promote Copningcr to hri 'a iren
eralship w hen i-eipieste I to do --i in'
Mrs IS, aim. I. a t summer, when a
"vacancy o.-currcd in the grade of
Iu i;;a tier general, Pi csUtcnt I'lev c(,U'd
(us. moled Co;ii.ner.
I iflf rri.l iii-II i. Muirr4 Killivl or
Injun-I ami -i-i iiti eii 1l:lni;.
i Put.-1 M . .Lin, I. All explosion of
(i'-c d imp i"c ir:-ci in a eoioery ill
il.lenbarg. I'russi in silesl.i, f . 1 1
Hi-i i' inde-. Soi Ihiiest nf th e .tv, to
il.U, lil'.v lii'liei s lire knoAii lo liive
I. e i kille I or iii)i'i-el mi l .ve.i'.icn
, ol ;.e-s 111 i' HI -tl"'
1 '.if It Iv.i i ill V III
lli i
l'.i;ivi.i', I's
Pre w ei t t In- I i. i
i mo t !i in I-.'I'll It I, I
ef'e.l 14 '!.. v oil ! '.
4I a Urn. lief
I lllllNlUtUlll.
.11. - - .fu .'.
I S' ,'. I jil i
li -I llll I I. IS
' Vei , n .-.
'Il U It i I,. 4 tnr s ; 'lii-
V .!,H I 1 lo' el . i
,-l t I lie ,! ..I' in l i t
fetr.n.i; I.ITurli lleln !Mail to r.rtnrn
tlin I'unk ' rook.
Toi i h v. Kan.. .Lin. 1. M. Ti. Tom
blin of (loodland, left to-day for Okla
homa to make another effort to secure
. . . , . - T . . . , . ,
",u """ry "" '"
ei'iMik. tn t m Kansiii nut nnnl ie. Kl. I
, . . "
wood has caused tho Oklahoma au
thorities so much trouble, that they
want lo maki! sure that they will get
rid of him. lie could be tried there
for some of his crimes, but the Kansas
cast.s are the strongest. The only fear
in Oklahoma is that LI wood may buy
off his Kansas victims.
El wood was Connected with Frank
I'oyse in the Jamaica, Iowa, bank
fraud, and Mr. Tomblin estimates
that tliev robbed the bank of Western
Kansas alone of SL'0.000 or more. Their
scheme was to establish a bank at
Jamaica and for a time do business in
apparent good faith. They thus gained
a rating in the commercial reports and
their drafts uttered in Oklahoma anp
Kansas were paid. Finally the bank
went, out of business, and following
this El weed and I'oyse imposed upon
banks of their acquainteneo through
out the country. Loth ar. well known
and by various means they were able
to realize sums often as high as S'iOO.
IJmtlicrs I.lvini; iir I-noiitenar,
ItnriH'l in their Hume.
I'lrisni no, Kan., Jan. 1. Four cf
six brothers lost their lives in the
burning of their home near l'rontenae
last night. The house was occupied
L,y i'c.
tured l-7-
Me Fad den brothers Allen,
Ilobert. Is; John, ill: James.
Jr,. William, 1.', and Arch, 1 years.
' n(.y vv(.r(. orphans and "bached." The
j three older ones worked in the mines
.....I vnrmnrled the vnnti.rer one Tho
I house is located about a halt mile from
j the town and is rather isolated and by
the time assistance arrived the dwell
ling was virtually destroyed. The
charred remains of Uobert, John,
i William and Arch were found in the
j ruins. Allen and James were in Fron
j ten ae at the time or possibly they
I might have met with the same faie.
How the tire originated is not known
and then- are some hints of foul play.
The burned bodies were carried to
the Methodist church, where tiiey
vvere viewed by hundreds of people
this morning.
lltl.eiis of l.i li;inon Oiiioiiiiip ttii itiirn
liiS ly a .Hob of Mr. Wost., Ivy., Jail. 1.- Faliy 1,000
people assembled at the court house in
this village yesterday to take action
on t he burning to death of Mrs T. .1.
West and the killing of W. A. Levers
by live men near this place Saturday
night. The speeches were all vigorous
in denunciat ion of the disgrace on Mar
ion county and the state. Very strong
resolutions were drawn up and signed
by Hon. I,, li. McF.lroy. Colonel J. 1!.
Carter. Judge If. W. Keeves, Mayor
Leed Cay, Captain A. OlVut. .Sheriff U.
K. Young ami Circuit Court Clerk 1).
J. Lancaster. These resolutions con
demn the outrages and the violence of
the mob in the stron-'est possible cx-
, tirrti..,(nn '; 'i in I I I li IT U-. ' TH fl ! 1 . i ! it i -i I It I , :i tl .
! ; ., 1., 1,.. ,!, I.. L,-., I., 11, ",;,....,.(
iiu"U'".I "Jf m..'..v .,,-........,,......
mg. a mini was raisea ny prom pi. una ;
liberal subscription to employ detec
tives to a'd in ferreting out the perpe
trators of the crime.
I.rluml unil .fudge .lohimon.
Tori:KA, K'an., Jan. 1. At .'! o'clock
' yesterday afternoon a delegation of
anti-Leland l.'epublieans from the
First Congressional district called
upon Judge Johnson and asked him to
become their candidate for delegate-at-large.
Judge Johnson replied that
he appreciated the honor, coming
trom his old home district (he used to
live in Jefferson county!, and would
accept. He made a patriotic speech
about how he would, if elected, work
for the nomination ot a winning can
didate for President.
A Mtiili-rn iilinm 1 clU
Hor Si'iitNos. AvU.. Jan. I. "Ari
s;o:ia Ciiar'u-y," vvhoen jovs the distinc
tion of having conducted a week of
bull fighting at cripple Creek. Col., in
spite of the opposition of the local
authorities ami the governor, was acci
dentally shot and pain fully wounded
last evening. I
tideuce in the
friend, whom h
bad too much enn-
mar!:manship of a
re-ine.sted to shoot a
snow b ill from the top of his head. 1
Tiie friend's nerve was bad and
( barley teee'ivc 1 a painful v.'onnd iu
the forehead.
iin.Iitioicil ?':irilous in Kiihi;h. ,
Toi-thv. Kan. Jan. 1. --Attorney
Ceneral Dawes yesterday gave an
opinion that the governor has n right
to grant pardons upon conditions.
The question came up over the cus
tom established of the governor par
doning j i. nt. keepers in on londition
t bat t hey leave the state. The Pro
hibiti.'i. sts pfotc-t upon the irri and
that Mica m i ion is il.e'j i!. The gov
ernor referred 11c mutter to the
a'ti'inev general with the rcseit as
stated '
sniiill lii-rilnr I i ir I).
' v li I u A i i -. Mo. Jan. I. Consider
iib'.e interest is man fc-ted In re us to
tin- prol'lll'ie utile n-c of the gli'llt
lie eoiiibil i". A its w nfkiliirs eiill
vet I'lilv be Hi -set, llci-.e ri-s'eit
it. l ut f -ei ii' I.iIiitIv t.' ''.vim i thi ui
elvi's. The llilp"l-ssiiil illlC'llg in. in,
nun lis and opei.iturs is that the re-
. ult w il I i iii i v to i hoi.e out of
eiten ' a I sum I cMerp: ise-, ;ui I t i
l i eve 1. 1 a ii v t a n her tl "i I s ; nm r I I he
l.iuM ii - . f . nv iidi!.t:oii.i! sin.: till'.
. ill n ol ! Ii IS s .1 mil. a
-i llo .tit
l.ti-ii Uruni,'.
J I II 1 J Mill J
nil li i .i I .i i jot-iin-1) I
g I ' I'll, l ot! fl'S'l'd
l.i tili.irt l.ol o r ul
it w .is ii f..r,- -f ,
I I ill I 1 !l I II t la)
g- ne In I sti ,i'!..
1 I I i Ol II' 1..-.II.' !ll
, " I III f i. -el IO.
. it' ' .Hid 't "I
I I I 1 V H I I.l II.
.I.'l) Ull ., , l'l
,: -:iler at l' v ' ,u
i'Mi.I.V t ' H. s
n o iioe Mat
,l,i!, s 1 hell to, U .1
-.- , ! i I .1 v i
I .. . ,1 It I l. 1
-.' It.- '( ? '
! fin, I I. v ,
t. ,tl ..
1 1.
i i tit"'
Tli.riei of
Nelirusli Tenclicr. DImiiui
K'liKiitioti In (ienenl iiml ilelail
Lducational ideas liHcil tlx
the state i
ty eamus Wednesiiay
In. 1 ue
library association hel-l forth and alius;
- .. . .. t. ....... . : l.
om- more io i.-n- .vine soi-ieiies niiuii
make for culture and progress. Today,
Thursday, closes the meeting, and all j or nail was struck many more times
concerned except, the hard-working I than any other nail, it was assumed
otiicial.s, will regret that the meeting i to be deader than other nails. Hence
is not to continue. It is such a good: the phrase, "dead as a door nail.' "
thing that it is a pity there is not mora "
of it and that the teachers cannot, con-1 The Jnn A' Salzer Sfied Co.., Of La.
tinue imbibing knowledge in this so- j Crosse, Wis., have recently purchased
cial way. tl10 complete catalogue trade of th
The morning -ssion was ridled to ' Northrup, Braslan, Goodwin Co., of
order at ! o'clock at the Fnnke opera 1 Minneapolis and Chicago. This gives
house. President Skinner presided. fhe Salzer Seed Co. the largest cata
Nominations for oflieers of the gen- j 'Sue mail trade in the world and they
era 1 association was the first busim ss ! are la splendid ehape to take care of
taken up, and nominations will le
voted on by ballot at the university
library building until 4 o'clock Thurs
day, and the result soon aftorward an
nounced. Several committei s were appointed,
the most important lieingone to revise
tho constitution.
The only speaker at the morning
session was Col. F. W. Parker, who
poke noon the "liidcpemlencoof Stud-
ies and the "New Ooography.
jt the eveninir session the teaeners
listened to a thought -arousing address
by W. llawley Smith upon the subject
of "The Common I'eople and the (am
nion Schools." His address was a most
excellent one, and the speaker was fre
fjuently interrupted with apjilause.
The )rimary and college sections of
tlie association held interesting meet
ing and elected oll'iccrs.
The high school and grammar sec
tions also held meetings lull of inter
est to teachers who are engaged in
these branches of education.
A Child Study society was formed
v!th nearly lifty members.
layer nf l ouaeilriimi Dnlioi of Omaha
l-llllllll (.iiillv.
The jury in t he mii'd. r ease of Claud
II. Hoover at Omaha retired Saturday
at 11 a. in. and came into the court
room Sunday morning at 10: 1 a with a
i-.i .. ..,... i.... ;., ii,., iit .h.irn.f.
V I I 1 1 II L Ol Jlllli'li I in in ni-i ...
and iixed the penalty at death. Thi
was the most rapid work ever seen in
Omaha or the state, 1 he act occurring
but sixteen days ago. On December
13 Hoover ij'.iarrelled w it h Samuel Du
bois, his brother-in-law and a councilman-elect,
and was discharged by the
latter from his employ. Hoover then
trot drunk and coming upon Dubois io
a shoe shop, shot him without warning .
and Dubois died the next (lay. All ine
evidence was one sided and the verdict
occasioned very little surprise.
Tho I'linriff-s lisirovi-il.
Charles li. Penney, who ,n
for som
at Pine
years past been Indian agent
Pidge and who litis been re-
moved, leaves with a clean record, not- j
withstanding the charges of dishonesty
that were preferred against him by In
spector ('adman and Special Agent
Dickson. Captain Penney is in receipt
of a letter from Commissioner Brown-
in which the Commissioner ISrown-
in"-. in wnieli ine commissioner rvivn
that he finds that the charges reflect
ing upon Captain Penney 's honesty
have not been sustained. This is very
gratifying, not only to.C;tptuiii Penney,
but to his many friends in Chadron,
who regret his departure and whose
best wishes go with him.
Yiiiip'; H'oieiiii ISmlly Injured.
Ford Clilhroe. a young man living
eight miles northwest of Fairmont,
came to tow n Monday morning to take
his sister home. Nion after starling
j home the
i down, which
liviuge tongue dropjied
so frightened Ihe horses
that lln-y became iinma nagea ble. I he
end of the tongue ran iu under I he
sidewalk and threw the buggy over on
the horses. .Miss ( lit hrm- was rendered
unconscious, her face is badly cut. one
ear being nearly cut oH'. and a bad
bruise on t he back of t he head. Mr.
'lit H roc got nil' wild a badly bruised
I r:n lnrcil His skull.
Joseph Linika. a iiro-peroiis farmer
living near I,:ivreiMe, met with an nc
( ident Tuesday evening wh'-h l-roved
fatal in a few moment.-, lie started
out to haul a load of straw. His team
became frightened and started to run,
throwing him from the wagon, the
wheel passinir over ii'sheud. fracturing
bis skull. Mr. l.imka leaves a w ife and
three children and a of ralativcs
and friends to mourn his death. His
remains will be interred in St. Stephen
cemetery. Injured In a Itiiiiuna).
I.eoree Aldrege of Fairmont reeeivcii
si telegram Tuesday evening from May
, mi i .1. stating that hi'- falher-iu-hiv.,
.1. D. Chamberlain was .'.( I hurt in
.1 iiiiiawav
and telling him to come .it
l.roi" the best stllvriotl lie
,,,i,l,l tind in Lit in. Mr. hum! i rlain
c ..I.I ,v,i,l,-it nf Ian. lion! an
III .veil to Ma v.i.o.1 -i ,v vi-.H',
Ilio-I Willi Knivr-..
ci noli Mm Si'i:i., Mo. Jan. I.
Wii liatii l;,-iie lied l'"C Hoe fouu'l.t
with knives at ll dance tit Hoe's h'Mise,
west of town, and as a re-iilf llec.- is
fill. Civ injured ami b icnin-ry N
ilou"t till."
I aril,
W I li
I. l ilt
V.IS ,ll"l
. n I." 'V.I
t . s
1 1 III lit .1 1
an I
mi I
i ,- ... -i
iv ii b no iu
I . It 11 : I ill;,'
III the ti i
. in r.oi
He iv. is i
v. tc n- "
e V '
II. ,l
t t.
s.i- l; I 111
"HI i ,.l '
.(,! th,
I h. a,, .
I I - ....
,v .1
I, e
SM ii
.nut li s
IV II " It
. ;.t Ihe
, 1 '
Origin of on !i Kirln-f.
Thts question i.ioft.'n ns1od o.s totha
origin of the o t-nsf.l phrnse, ' Uead
as a uoor nail, but is not always an
swered readily. The following expla-
nation recently appeared in tho
Chicago Journal of Commerce. "Tha
door in parlicr ti:ius vena fV
pa:j on tUli door upon which tho old
. . . . . . .
iasnionea unocner sirueic to arouse
the inmates of the house As the nlato
same, as they have recently completed
a large addition to their mammoth need
houses. Tlie IJjOC catalogue is Just out
and the largest ever issued. Sent to
any address for 5 cents to cover postage.
W. N.
Since the substitution cf electricity
for animal power on street railways
115,000 horses have lost their Job
nearly 71 per cent of the whole number
formerly emDloved.
"Hannoa'B UeIo Cera Salve."
W'arranteil to tui-o op ir.uney 1-nfumleU. Jink' yotiff
iruxjitt fur it. l'l h 15 ceutj.
Sir Ldwurd Mulct, after a long nnd sue
eessful diplomat ie career, is now employ
ing himself writing opera librettos.
FITS All Fit Ktopi wil frrj-liy Ir.Kllnr'fl?rt
erm Hv-Morvr, 1' H Mill it I M. iii-m u;i uc.
Jliirv.-lou.ii-ul'i-. Tr.-aTiseuii'l Ui!iiMn't-
fcacuACA. bci.a Utii: Kiiwt-.liol .aiviu&L.i'iiiia., I
Komo tieui!o get, u great reputation for
philanthropy by iudiieing other pcoplo to
lot them give away their money.
If tho itahy Is Cutting Teeth.
Bestir and usj that old and wcll-trlod rf:nilr, Mn
V.'iSifcow'uSooTiii.-ia Sykcp tot (,'liil.iren TocthSnj-
Henri Diuiunl, louiiiler oi the Ceneva
Pcsl Cross league, is liviug ia au old age lu
st itution.
tIi.ginnn''itiiiplior lev wll li Clyt orln.
Til-'orijomil and nnly Knwni.. I.'ure.i huppi-ii llamU
;uid tiicc.Cilaoui-'-i,iic. CO.CUi-iiCo.ti..iiaV'-L.i;i.
i There never was a sheep so old that tome
' resiaurant or hotel liar would refer to it as
- n luitib.
I the f onr-dation of hpsllh. The way to
have Ilica, lieu, iiealtiy Ulcoci i to talie
Hood's Pills cure all Liver Ills.
. cl'llUJ.
Go to
in a Tourist Sleeper.
It is the RIGHT way.
ray more aad you are ex
travagant. Pay less nnd
you are uncomfoi table.
The newest, brightest,
cleanest and easiest rid
ing Tourist S!eepcr3 are
used for our
Personally Conducted
Lxcur.sions to
which leave Omaha every
Thursday morning reach
ing San Francisco Sunday
evening, and Los Angeles
Monday noon.
'ou can join them at
any intermediate point.
Ask nearest ticket agent
for full information, or
write to
J. I'lt.vNCis, V. A., Omaha, Nob.
tiiMn.t.11 u'n'.netl.. tihr.irini? VKf.t.jf
VNl JKI1I.NO 11ACHIM I(V, etc.
srNT FKf. liBve bcoa tebloil cad
all icarrunCd.
'lull I'ltr l:nit!n 'il Irr-n Work,
fjuCrUM'ii " til lrll Mil. I'll.
Mlllllt. II. Iiiwh.
-aE ItOWEM l lll'l M' lllir!'.T t'o .
1111 VVf.t riHii-tiln MriH-t, Kftn.ft. I 11.
Patents, Trado-Marks.
Y i u .tin
lliv. Uiii.,1
ii I a rm "
H r I t
'r' (til-U if If
! l -li li l' H it Li( Mi It' u!i i r '
m in ll i' " I t i r n.fciM.
A tL, I "" '
jjsr.fisU'SviJ'ivj tii.i.ti.i-i..i.. it. .
OSiieeesisfui'v fron'ut-'t Cl.lti.
1 I a C r 'I- I . I ' ' I "III ai... 1 i,. J...
B Jj ,.1'U. I l-l.. I , ... ...iu. ., t i . a.
Cntfa STOVE REP ill. VOlkS
Ifiatta lli.nlis f,.r 40, III. O illlT. mil lint a a)
nnal riigMi lii'i uiil avi .imnilia. 'a-n
lar.ilii II i tii f I io. I lit ! I
klloM.'j.tlltHtral l.ti'iv" 0
I1..M l .....Oi t , .
J foi&t y iSrf d ;, ln'i-i'l r""
S5?'''JN.Ii' rlt l' MW, rmj
' J
,r.e -t V
Mr V
I v I. I
,m ri. i
io'.' I
.! I I .
.' " '
tin !
4 ! i li
... I..,-, ,
n s .1 in it
i. 1
-.t '0 f
i.l I 1 at .
j.. ii r.
I1 ill-,-.- Ml. I II
r of Ho
li,tr II. !
I i-v II I.
tic I .
I,. N. IT. No. 1. 1RP.
,yr: r j'j v n. in Th i pji-t v. i
V.'r ', j ta n AJftft itr,
.ii p
A, ,
, ,
I '
I'll j'' '.:l,
. s ' , it II 1 1 I la I .
ili Ii i.'l-l In
I I..-.1.
! M..,.
M' I . '
II t.
!,. t
I. li I ir il
v. I.
.! tt
j, ..(