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NO, 23
e.- i
Dry Goods and Shoe Departments Full of Bargains.
Our CUT PRICE on hundreds of articles will be Continued an
other week. We realize that this season people are going to trade I
where they can get the best prices on the same goods.
VT In no case will we be undersold, and our constant effort will be to go below tlie prices of
any Competitor.
Ladies Fine hand turned shoes, pointed and
narrow square toes, all sizes, worth $4, this week
at 2.85.
Ladies' Dongola Shoes, flexible sole, all popu
lar styles, worth $3, this week at $'2.35.
Ladies' dongola shoes, machine sewed, patent
tips, opera and square toes, all sizes, worth $2.50,
this week at $1.85.
Ladies' dongola shoes, plain toe or patent tip
a big bargain at $1.W) and $1.7,').
Misses' dongola shoes, patent tips, new styles,
at $1.50 and $2.
Men's welt shoes, calf stock, 'all styles, worth
$4.50, reduced to $3.45.
Men's calf shoes, ba's or eongess, worth $3.50,
reduced to $2.85.
Men's heavy work shoes at $1.50 now, worth
Men's heavy work shoes at $1.75 now,- worth
Children's pebble grain and kangaroo calf
school shoes, sizes 12-2, at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75.
Children's pebble grain and kangaroo calf
school shoes, sizes 8J, 11$, at $1, ql.Io, $1.5m.
Elegant line infanta' shoes at 50c, 00c, 75c and
Infants' soft sole shoes, different colors, at 30c
and 50c.
Infants' soft sole shoes, wool lined, just the
thing for cool weather, 50c.
Men's Ladies' and children's heavy and light
weight rubbers of all descriptions now in stock
and for sale at very lowest prices.
(X)USETS-All corsets in black and drab for
Eerly sold at 75c, (his week at 47c. Fine stock of
all regular lines of corsets at $1 and $1.25.
YARNS Spanish knitting yarns, all shades,
4 skeins for 22c. German knitting yarns.all shades
2 skeins for 25c. Imported Saxony yams, all
shades, 3 skeins for 25. Zephyr yams 4c a lap.
Ice wool, black and white, 9c per box.
LINENS Turkey red table damask, 58 inch
wide, fast colors this week at 42ic. Turkey red
table damask, full lines at 22c and 33c. Lame as
sortment of German and Irish table linen at 33,
37 J, 39, 48, 05, 75c and up to $1.35 a yard. Large
assortment of napkins from 50c to $5 a dozen.
lurkish towels, firm and heavy, $1 a doz; crash
toweling at G, 7, 8, 9, 10. 11$, 12Jc a yard.
DRESS GOODS This week we will offer
some now and desirable lines in Fall Dress Goods,
including Henriettas, Serges, i'laids, Novelties,
Etc. Everything in this department will be sold
at prices especially suited to the times and the
stock will be the largest we have shown for years.
20 bales more of cotton batts to sell at 5c each . A
fine line of handkerchiefs from lc to $2. A fine
line of dress trimmings of all kinds. An elegant
assortment of buttons of all new styles. An ele-
Eant assortment of Ladies purses from 5c to $1 50
adies, men's and children's underwear from the
cheap to the best.
Special prices this week in Domestic depart
ment, Muslins, Shirtings, Ginghams, etc.all cut
to lowest point.
1026 and 1028 O Street.
It is guaranteed to give Satisfaction by the
Standard Glass & Paint Go.
Paint, Glass, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Machine Oils, Plate Glas
Mirors, German Mirrors, American Mirrors, Etc.
ftlio Id it Marvel In the Art of Murine
Architecture Her font, F.xcluiilve at
Armament, I 'J,OM0,OOO 400.3
Feet In Length Draw 34
Feat of Water anil Goes
34 Knot an Hour.
The Weekly Independent.
Published at Lincoln, Neb., injthe Interests
of Financial and Labor Relorm.
Thk Independent stands by the meu whom-the party'.has hon
or d, so long a they sUn l by the people. It hasfnc personal tight
and no sore potg. It i a populist pajxT.
Price, One Dollar Per Year.
25 Cents for Three Months.
Parlor Barber Shop.
A cleau, smooth shave for 10 cents.
Guarantee not to pull them out by the
roots. .Z.Lt
Latest Style Hair Cut 553 cents, fiivt
me a call.
Dr. W, Queen, Tie Specialist
r v -si v-s
Its (scientific
and removal
in twenty
pain or
I joSS Of
A a !rop
if of blood
Populist News.
Telegraphic Matter.
Capita City News.
For the Omaha Platform and iFrco jStlvcr or a
Free FlRht.
Wo want Agonts in Evory County.
Wo want News of The Work in
Your Comity.
Offlce Corner 11 th and M
frit. yUEI'V curen Piles and Tu
mora without pain, knife or loss of i
drop of blood, he also cure Catsrrah
Troat, Lung., Heart ami Nervous Ik
hit. Qt'F.F.N ha nifiile diseawa o!
the Stomach. Kinney, Liver, Mood an
I'iseSM- of Women a specialty fat
thirty live y.-ars. lie h restored
bearu.g to the deaf and tight to tat
Pit. llt'KKN U the specialist of th
noithwcst in the Treatment and Curt
of a1', Chronic aud Private) Ailments
having lived in Lincoln and Lancaster
"ounty fur thirty-four year.
Pl'lying to I'r. g.ien. Urn r.'.ee
rleiau. ii lsd get litctaiit Urtief and
Cure from alt Fain from Htn-mnslins
Neuraliga and all 1'kron. Ailment
ftr all medical remedie have failed
lu.tltu.i and hlae'rla Halt, dams,
(Xnlon Hlock.N H.cor. loth A O
riiii.ADKi.i'itiA, Oct. 3. The great
United .States armored cruiser Brook
lyn was launched into the waters of
the Delaware at Cramp's rhipyard to
day. nr.d'Miss Ida May ISehteren,
daughter of the mayor of the city
from which the mammoth vessel takes
its name, broke a bottle of American
champagne on the cruiser's bow, and
said: "I christen thee lirooklvn." An
immense crowd witnessed the launch
ing of this latest addition to the na
tion's lleet. On the christening stand
was a distinguished party. After the
ceremonies, luncheon was served in
the mold loft, and a number of
speeches were made, among the speak
crs being Mayor Schieren of Brooklyn,
Assistant riecrctary McAdoo, Mayor
Warwick and the Messrs. Cramp.
The Brooklyn is regarded by naval
experts as a marvel iu the art of ma
rine architecture. She is classed as a
steel armored cruiser, having four
eight inch barbette turrets. Her cost,
exclusive of armament, is SV.'Hii, )(.
The principal dimensions are: Length
on the load water line, 400.5 feet;
beam, extreme, A. OS feet; draught,
mean, normal. St foot; displace
ment, normal, 1,2U tons, indi
cated horse power, 11,000; speed
in knots per hour, 24; total coal
capacity. J. 73 3 tuns, coal carried,
normal displacement, 000 tons. The
same dimensions of tho New York are
respectively. .'isO.tii feel; 04. 1 feet;
23.:t5 feet; VJOo tons; '.',Hi0 tons; l.S'.iO
tons; 750 tons; speed, Jl knots. The
lirookl vn wilt have twin screws. There
will be four engines, of the versiesl
triple expansion type, two on each
shaft, located in four separate compartments-
There are seven boilers,
placed in three compartment. The
hull is i.f steel, not sheathed with a
double bottom and a close water tight
subdivision, running to about twelve
feet above the water line.
China Mu.t I More Than Merely I.
grade u,a offending- Viceroy.
Lonoom, Oct. 3. It is understood in
ofticial circles hero that the degrada
tion of the viceroy by no means settles
the matters in dispute between Great
Jlritain and China, and that the action
of China does not effect the possible
claims for indemnities and tho de
mands for reforms made by Great
I'rof. II. L. K. Dongluss has written
a letter to the Times, in which he says
that Viceroy Liu 1'ing Chang was de
graded last November, and it is now
thought that the recent action of the
Chinese government is nothing more
than a trick to deceive Great Uritain.
At St. ilridgcs' church, Fleet street,
to-day, there was a farewell service
prior to tho departure of 100 missiona
ries for various foreign stations. Of
this number twentv-four. including
uiiecji women, go to i.iiinu.
Tl Ulrl AUegrd to Have fleen Abdorlfed
by Father Wagner Ktturn.
.. Joskpii, Mo., Oct, a. Maude
Kteidcl arrived home from Chicago
this morning, accompanied, by her
brother-in-law, hll l'odvant. She
looked happy when she alighted from
the train, but the meeting with her
mother was very sorrowful.
Llandt, Father Wagner's brother-
in-law, was also one of the party. He
was in the custody of a detective.
The Indian fighter Iliaailed to the High"
est I'lace In the Army.
Washinotov, Oct. 1. Secretary La
mont issued an order this afternoon
detailing General Miles to duty in
Washington as general of tho army
and General Uuger, now on sneeial
duty in Washington, to the command
of the department of the east, with
headquarters in ew York.
1'riestit of I'allaa.
Kansas Crrv, Mo., Oct. X The ninth
annual l'riests of I'allas parade of
twenty floats, of subjects of mythol
ogy, poetry, romance, opera, etc., took
place last eight The spectacle wus
the most magnificent ever presented
heretofore. The biggest crowd in the
city's history witnessed the display.
Fully people were on thq
A Life Nnitenr for "Tea Hlilge."
N-kivokim.d, Mo., Oct. 3, Geortre
Canton province, China, cut the sea
embankment and let In the water so
as to destroy a large part of the rice
of the people of I'ien Cheng, which
wus then almost ready for cutting.
Reprisals followed, the lighting con
tinuing for over a month, Involving
many villages and causing a large
number of deaths. )y on side three
nnd by the other four prisoners were
taken ahvo. These men were killed
ami eaten.
Hayes, better known as 'Tea Kidge,"
pleaded guilty of murder iu the second
degree in the criminal court to-day on
a charge of murdering Oeputy Sheriff
J. II. Keller, ami was sentenced to the
nemten lary for life, lie hail just
,,'ien trieii for murder In t lie second
The shin's batterv will consist
eight right-inch breech loading ritles degree,
Of thirty-live caliber, luelvo live-inch; General IUIU.-aMII.Mly.
breech loading rules of the rapid Are i ... .. . ... , . , ,,
type, twelve sit H.nder la,'id r! , " .m' X-i!nvTl1 M'
guns, four one-poi.n.ler rapid lire guns holu t'""l,,"' "' morning does not
and four machine I'm.. The clilit-1 show any marked change. He was
inch guns will m mounted in four bar-' v"r' ,nw ,," "r,,t !"rl ' the night,
iM-tle luriets, placed one forward und ! htti '',"t comfortably toward morn
one aft on tlie renter line ami one on . '"'If ""'I his condition allows somewhat
either side of the vcsm-I amidships, i r"' r,'"" the evtreuiely critical
The guns in the turret on the center j uie l mid night. ,
line are to have train of deifieea. i . . .. " .. V "
'lh.e in the side ..rrL can ! " '"'"" V ' f !
from rirfhtahead to rhht astern, or M' a r tss jS, Ind.. V i. -Mtrt
Ila Mlsuied III. Valet.
Nkw York, Oct. 3. August Bel
luont, the multimillionaire banker, Is
charged by his valet, Harry Nichol
son, with an assault, and will appear
before Justice Taylor of Babylon to
day to answer to the charge. In his
complaint Nicholson says that Mr.
Belmont seized him by the throat and
then struck him in the eye. The valet
charges that both his eye and his,
throat were severely bruised.
A tine tilft tor Chlrago I'nUer.lly.
Ciiicaoo, Oct. 3. President Harper
of Chicago university announced that
Mrs. Mary Either Reynolds, wide... of
"Diamond Joe" Reynolds, the well
known Mississip. 1 steamboat man, has
given one-fourth million dollars to the
university, "to be used for educational
purposes in such manner as shall com
memorate the name of her husband."
Inreudlariea Fire Hedalla Houses.
Rkpama, Mo., Oct. 3. Incendiaries
set fire to two houses ia this city Mon
day night, entailing a total loss of
$o,00". One of the buildings, the Cot
tage hotel, a notorious dive, was where
Thompson Walker, who was shot and
killed Saturday night, breathed his
l'ubllo Debt Statement.
W'ASifiNoTOJf, Oct. 3. The monthly
statcmont of the public debt shows
the public debt September 30, less
cash la the treasury, to have been
V41,QaU,93D, an Increase for the month
of $1.334,t;s7.
An llilnol Mac Voluntarily Fata !llm-ll
In the iallow' Shadow.
Pkcaitr, III., Oct .J. -Charles K.
Smith, who killed bis child. I
and sister-in-law, L'dna lltichert. was
arraigned in court to-day charged with
murder and pleaded guilty to the
child, but not guilty as to his sister-in-law.
Judiro Vail said: "This U
matter. The court must sentence on
to death or to prison for life or not
less than fourteen vi-urj U' n..( !..
this do you still desire to plead guilty'.'"
- i unneruau i, said Smith calmly,
'and 1 idea t cruiltv to Lulling thn
babv." ' " '
The I II dire siiiil: - I u i.l, I,. I,s
evidence ill the case ami Inform n.v.
lf as to the history of this insn."
it wus then arranged that rvidenea
should be heard best Mondm. The
belief Is tliul .lii.l.ra u.,!l k. ...
seuteu.e of death Monday, only nin
days after the mur.b-r.
train through an are of lo decrees , " adr, nsta' t ctshit-r of Hie l ir.t!
each 1 he erutt-r of the side turret National Imnk heir, hsa disappeared
W lit be distant fr h,i the e-ntrr line . and It i said that a ,oi!e of I
of tlni vev.el atsmt t rut V three feet, lueru o.ot u, i j iksi ha. lrvi
The armor forming the I arU tie j fou,. V,le h.,. HO bad h ib:t M
whir', will p.-otrct the cairiagts. tat f r a I li ti
fo ill and tin li t n.acli nerv, wi.l be
(. I .In I I I
,.4ni -t.l Mta.f rit
Aa o. 0"t w . 0'i.
' ? W, . I' I.F .
,,' I . 4' fc,
Im J ,...-!, 4 t p- , , s .1.
, V ' -, o i , I v
-v f - I - i . . - .,-,1
PmrmM1 ' H I . I ik,
. e . t . 4 I . , .. .
. n, ,. n,
e rooi ft , t taa a s
1 vitfM III. lie II, tl.,i klo t .r a oi,,.ii
I rm sl.1,1 o ll.e li aoi of k in, the
rcpctii 'the feu anting
j l.on, um l e eil to four inebrs
i in tl.,, an. v l'n.1. r 'Ue lirn l MlU
be ,1 ,,. three In. Ii arator iiiirlliia
i t'- hit h witt prt.teel I he (,i, 11,11 m-
tn'U boisU 1 be a'Uior i lie tiuri t
ivi! be n add i'li.-l..f In. Ii, hi
i td,illls 'I l.n if il it Mill be ..
i,lttt4 ill4l tl.VV ill la w i i . ' ... I
! i) h am oinilo.q an I I 4.ld al any
llt Htl
.,, lil tflDft I It ll.SI, It. la. .4
III., I t.ll,... It. II. 4 .l I,l,.
I Ml Si Im HIS I 1 b,,,,,,j I i
hii a ' f'oio I I. li t ti.. (-.,;,' ,,f
(.,'. 1 !ie.4 t ?' , t i . i, i ,.
U i. tu r i K in ,
111 ,r limti m I Uliklla.
I S 1. , I Ittf s. it,.i ,
il ty.-ri,.- H ,t mas l,t f t r i.,.
largely imriasei
(ti- an'Sii.i' ii
i U .til, ' in ,i i- a f i
f'et msot
alii a l ine, U II
f ' I ollt s I itain 1
it 'i i ef ( elt !. i
llrr, Si-.l. It il Aai,
iniiViini, IVl Ai'on.l nj .'
t oi fi.,,i K. six, v. U. I' I., , W
Ihi i ! i a in': rt. .mi, f,.t
tit 4 1 in f i " I lie ill nd .ll'f ii t lie t
r ii I v I, ft i h It a i . t- , .. I
A Uealiay Slllaaakeeaa liUldaa Ilia l e
ate Mel wee 1mm Wleaal 4 MM rat.
Mil WAtattt.;, ttk, Oct. 1 The will
of I'ariu A. Martin, a wealthy grain
b sler of Ibis pity, vtho died August ?.
tell, the story of a ban who. for thlr
t-rn yesra, had two ea, one tit t hi
t Srf'i and the nlhir in this i ly. Il
vtaa a iMeiiilwr of the . baiuber f c-iitt
Hirrie, and tu, tan ettr he and l Mil
sukv wife m . I in the brat sosnely
I l,c is Ul t. tuiutts II;e ai it at .ire,
hu ll h, lieen torn !, I tit II sit
Mitnexed by V Umi.l and II
vii.rt, a Meil knus. U,r, f
M ti rat. l lb'B M. Martin, f ir tti,
ir the V it w!i' Ktfe. fc'i I. IU In
l,retoit l ! il il.triit her tifel'ow,
and tana J Mrlm the h(.M
wife, jrnL the in'rr,t u liii,i tr
ttf her life lha reu.alu b r .-f lha
rui, . ii i rovil uf .',i i in
lift"! oirtj sal tet et
nth'ih ) ot st snnaal f
I'm a '. tt I tiled tntneva Ull'ii
M.t; i h t r l. fhit bf th
i 'in n i.i at, t r i'.en M Vt,r: U
!i ii 'iii .fa
! M '"" J . W' H
' lUriu t ' I I '. '
' U.. 'r aslH l
j i .. i'- "r " - "
. . I s.' -1 t Al ?
Wsss s4