Plattsmouth weekly journal. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1881-1901, March 26, 1896, Image 5

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Republican City Convention Held
Friday Evening.
MptKrt. Newell. Unruh and Kerr Again
Placed on the Ticket Dave Miller
Nominated Fur Police Judge
Other Happening.
The republican city primaries were
opened at five o'clock Friday after
noon and closed at seven The coun
cilmanic ticket nominated is as fol
lows: First v.ird, Homer McKay; sec
ond ward, J F. Ilinshaw; third ward,
F. Il.Steimker; fourth ward, Charles
S.Johnson; fifth ward, Joseph Lloyd.
The convention was "harmonious''
in the extreme, and was utterly
devoid of interest, but for several very
ludicrous situations. The nomina
tions were all made by acclamation,
with the exception of members of the
school hoard. It was a noticeable
fact that not one of the nominees
thanked the convention for "honors
thrust upon them,"etc, and they also
failed to state that "the democrats
wouldn't know they had been in the
race after April 7." They foresaw
the handwriting on the wall, and
didn't feel lie cracking jokes.
S. II. Atwood called the convention
to order and J. Y. Johnson wa
made temporary chairman. Jesse L.
Root declined the secretaryship and
John lieuuie was named. The fun
commenced when the secretai y began
reading the delegates' names. The
iirst name read was that of Mike
Mauzy. the next democratic council
man from the first ward. This caused
all colors of consternation in there
publican camp, but elicited vociferous
applause from the "Sixth" warn dele
gates, who, by the way, were quite
numerous, occupying the rear end
of the room. A consultation ot
war was held, and after a few minute
Mike's name was cruelly stricken from
the list of first ward delegates, auo
substituted by that of his brother.
On motion of Ami Todd, the temp
orary organization was made perma
neut, and the nominations were thei.
declared in order.
After a few minutes of suspense.
Todd arose and nominated Mayoi
Xewell, and, as no one else desired t
risk defeat, the nomination was mad
by acclamation applause Somebod ,
presumable from the "sixth" ward
feebly called for a speech, but Mr
Xewell didn't want to disturb the har
mony, and failed to respond. Cbet
Smith nominated J. I. Unruh foi
treasurer, hich w as also made unani-
mmw ti,i Ft C. KVrr's nnminatioi
for clerk, b Crof . Eikenbary, met with
no opposition. A nominee for poli
judi:e was not out, and finally Mr
Todd arose, and, After stating tha
"the third ward could produce a can
didate for all of the offices," presented
the name of Dave Miller for that posi
tion, and he was placed upon the
S. A. Davis, II. 13. Windham and
Dr. Marshall were put up as nominees
for school board. Davis was nomi
nated on the fir3t ballot, but Wino
ham and Marsnall tied. Windham,
however, was victorious on the second
ballot, and was accordingly declared
nominat-d. This ended the business
and the meeting was adjourned.
The C'ity Morula Improvinc
Police Judge Archer, in looking ovei
his records for the past three years,
finds that the arrests made by the po
lice during that time have been grad
ually decreasing In 1S93 there wert
131 arrests made, in 1S94 only 90, while
in 1695 the record was eighty arrests.
Judge Archer says that, judging from
the first two months of this year tbt
arrests for 189C will be less than in
any of the above years. This is a mat
ter of congratulation fur every citizen
of Plattsmouth.
Painter Organize.
The painters and decorators of
Plattsmouth. feeling the need of be
ing in closer touch with each other,
met Monday and formed an organiza
tion which will be known as tb
Paiuter.-' and Decorators' association,
ot Plattsmouth. Benton Kmkead was
elected president thereof, and M. M.
Peal secretary. A scale of prices was
agreed upon, and all members agreed
to pav ten dollars into the common
treasury for every violation of the
A Grand Hall and Entertainment,
Will be given by the D. of II lodge at
Cedar Creek. Neb., Mar 27th and 2Sth,
At t he entertainment March 27' h a
beautiful silk quilt will beraflbdoff
at twenty-five cents a number, and
twenty yard t fine rag carpet will he
sold a? auction The proceeds are t
go into a relief fund to be expended
for the benefit of sick members as
occasion requires. The members of
neighboring lodges and their friends
ale r.i. ia.:y n v ii i le present and
spei d a olasan1 ev-iiirii with us
Geo. K
Recorder D. of II.
The new time table on the Missouri
Pacific, which was announced for last
Sunday, will not go into effect until
tbe29lh inst.
A stranger approached ex-Governor
Taylor of Tennessee recently with ex
tended hand, and Baid: "Your face is
familiar; where in hell did I meet
you?" "I don't know," replied the
governor; "what part of hell are you
The spectacle of Dave Miller occu
pying the ffice of police judge is al
most too funny to be believed But
the voters of Plattsmouth won't allow
the important office of police judge to
be made a faice of. Judge Archer will
be retained theie.
A horse belonging to Robert
Mathews and driven by Maurice Criss
man indulged in a lively runaway at
the Missouri Pacific depot at noon.
Mr. Crissman was thrown from the
cart and considerably bruised up. Ne
braska City News.
The assessors of Sarpy county have
decided to assess property in that
county at actual value, and a vigorous
kick from the tax-payers is expected.
An exchange states the exact truth
when it remarks that a newspaper
has five thousand readers to one thous
and subscribers. A merchant that
puts out a tbousaud bills gets possbly
three or four hundred people to read
hem, that is if the boy who is trusted
o distribute them doesn't chuck them
under the sidewalk. Newspaper ad
vertising is the best advertising on
The Journal, respectfully invites
Prof. Roentgen to cast one of bis X-
raysonthe democratic nominees for
the city offices of Plattsmouth, and see
if anything is wrong with them. If
the voters of this city want a good.
clean administration, they will place
an X (ray) opposite the name of each
democrat on the ticket.
Four safes were crackea at Lincoln
Saturday night by burglars, and the
total amount of money secured was ten
Now it is a cryptoscope, which will
"cable one to see through solid suo-
ances, such as armor plates, cannon
alls and barn doors, with the naked
ye. Next we may look for an inven
ion which will enable one to see
head and behind at the same time.
Chis might be called the gettherewith-
uothfeetscope. Nebraska City News.
This assessors of Sarpv county will
his year assess property in that county
t its actual value. "This conclusion
vas reached," says the Papillion
Pimea, "at a meeting of the assessors
ield last Tuesday. wheD a vote was
assed to "follow the statutes." That
s the first county in the state to adopt
hat course.
Since the indefatigable statistician
rias demonstrated that the meek and
lowly hn lays 8135,000,000 worth o
ner product per year, there are evi
dences of a movement to substitute
her for the eagle as our national em
blem. The eagle's importance is
principally in the looks, while the ben
remains homely and attends strictly to
business. Cincinnati Tribune.
Many years ago Barney Barnato
rented a little house in one of the
frontier towns of South Africa. Bar
ney spent considerable in improving
the house, but he quarreled with his
landlord and decided to move. By
inserting the following advertisement
in the local paper the prospective
millionaire in some measure got even
with his landlord: "Wanted, by a
gentleman who agreed to leave dwell
ing occupied by him in condition in
which lie found it, 100.000 lively black
beetles." Then followed Barney's
name and address.
These Spanish mobs will keep at
it until they hurt a Yankee or two
and then there will be some fun
Cleveland Ledger.
( rippled While Ilunnlnc a Race.
A special from Elmwood to the Bee
says: "Christ Buckleman, a farmer
living three miles northwest of this
place, while running a race with a
'earn and wagon against a man on
horseback, while tnrniDg a corner
overturned his wagon, breaking hi3
arm and and shoulder blade. lie is in
a critical condition." of Letter
Remaining unclaimed in the postoffice
at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, March 23.
Illy Frank Jackewitz, Mrs. Bertha
Kennedy, Jim Syverson, Karen
Miller. L A
Persons calling tor auy of the above
letters or parcels will please say "ad
vertised." W. K. Fox. P. M.
For Sale A new set of "Encyclo
pedia IiriUanicu " twenty-five vl
umen. b'ack silk bindine Cost $50.
will sell for $35 cash. Call at II.
Travis' office.
From Friday's Daily.
Mrs Folsom. representing the Ta
bitha hospital of Lincoln, is in the
city soliciting funds for that institu
tion. Constable Robert Hayes returned
home last evening from Alliance where
he has been visiting "Brick" Irish for
a few days.
A letter received the other day from
R. W. Ilyers, who is visiting at Spring
Lake, 111., reports that he is having a
splendid time, hunting being very
M. E. O'Brien, late superintendent
of the state fisheries at South Bend,
was in town today taking applications
for membership in the Nebraska Fish
and Game Protective association, in
wbich effort he has been quite suc
cessful. The object of the association
is what its name implies.
Star Lodge, D. of II., held an in
teresting session last evening, and
several young gentlemen members
were given the "side degree," thereby
becoming "sisters " At the conclu
sion of the business meeting a banquet
was spread in honor of Mrs. Geo.
Luschinsky, who is soon to depart for
her new home at Colorado City, Colo.
A very enjoyable time is reported by
everyone present.
Saturday's Daily.
A big revival meeting is in progress
at East Plattsmouth, conducted by
Rev. Hubbard of the U. B. church.
Some twenty conversions are reported.
Sheriff Hollow ay drove down to Ne
hawka last evening to serve some pa
pers alter returning from Lincoln. lie
returned home at about daylight this
Judge Spurloek today issued a mar
riage license to Mr. Win. A. Wellman.
itied 44. and Miss Emma R Hitch
cock, aped 31. The bride-elect is a
resident of this city, and is one of the
proprietors of the Hitchcock photo
graph gallery on North Sixth street.
Mr. Wellman resides in O'Brien
county, Iowa.
From Monday's Daily.
At the special meetinc of the Mod
ern Woodmen of America, held Satur
day evening, some fifteen candidates
were iuitiated into the mysteries ot
the order. About a cu zenmembers
from the Havelock lodge were present.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dempster tie
parted from the city today tor Omaha,
w heie they will labor for some time in
heir field of organizing lodges of the
order of Knights and Ladies of Se
curity. They made a great success ol
their work in this city, and made
many lasting friends.
Deputy Sheriff Frank Rogers ar
rived yesterday from Hepner, Oregon,
from which place he came after
Samuel Sperry, who was arrested last
week by Sheriff Hollow ay. The
officer and his prisoner departed for
Oregon this afternoon. Sperry is the
man who stole a horse out at Hepner
about eighteen months ago
From Tuesday's Daily.
The remains of the late Mrs. Han
nah Hilton were taken to St. Louis on
(be K. C train this morning. The
Degree of Honor lodge marched in a
body to the depot.
The juvenile books purchased with
the proceeds realized from the "hard
times" social given by the lads of the
Reading Room association, arrived
Saturday and are now catalogued and
ready for distribution.
There was considerable excitement
for a little while at Billy Neville's on
Saturday evening. The air tank
which furnishes the compressed air by
which the beer is forced throrgh the
pipes, burst with a loud report, break
ing a dozen pop bottles and other
things, and causing the night police to
run in from the street under the im
pression that some body had been
From Wednesday's Daily.
C. L. Graves of Union was a Platts
mouth visitor today.
Postmaster Draper of Mynard was
an Omaha visitor this afternoon.
Sheriff Holloway went out to Ash
land this morning tin official business.
G. A Rose and wife and Ezra
Murphy . of Union, were Plattsmouth
visitors today .
County Judge Spurloek is trying a
case this afternoon entitled Romine
vs. Flower, a suit on a contract.
There is talk in town among old sol
diers of organizing a new post of the
Grand Army of the Republic.
State superintendent Corbett has is
sued a pamphlet containing sugges
tions and programs for Arbor day ex
ercises in schools.
The Cass County Teacher's institute
at Weeping Wattris proving a very
successful affair in every particular,
and much good work is being accomp
lished. Another of Lem Maybee's children
died this morning, diphtheria being
the .cause. This makes the fourth
child that has died in this familv from
this dread malady within the past few
Advertise in Tile Journal.
Ilanter Drowned in the Platte.
A special from Sheldon to the Bee
says: "Lavene Burmood, aged 17, was
drowned in tte Platte river six miies
east of here Tuesday afternoon. He
was hunting on a sand bar, and an ice
gorge broke above him. The river
rose suddenly, and in attempting to
reach the main land he was drowned
in plain sight of his brother, who was
on the shore. His body has not been
Home-Seekers' txcurion.
Missouri Pacific will sell home-seekers'
tickets at the ratio of one fare
pluH $2 for round trip, with stop-over
nrivileces to points in Iowa, Minnesota,
VVisconsin, North and South Dakota,
Arkansas, Indian Territory .Oklahoma,
Texas and Arizma. Dates of sale.
March 10, April 7 and 21st and May 5
For f urther particulars call at Missouri
Pacific depot.
C. F. Stouteneorough, Agent.
That Cripple Creek gold speculation
fever has manifestly failed to come up
to the full expectation of its promot
ers There may be as many people in
the world as before willing to be
gulled, but the profits of the business
are not what they were cracked up to
be. Bee.
Farm For Sale.
The undersigned has for sale, either
in whole or in part.the property describ
ed as the north east quarter and
the east half of the north west quarter
and north east quarter of the south
west quarter and north half of the
south east quarter of section 2, and the
north west, quarter of the north west
quarter of section 1, all in township 13,
ranee 9, Saunters county, Nebraska,
comprising 400 acres. The property is
under cultivation and has a house and
outbuildings thereon Apply to
Montgomery & Mall,
G09 New York Life bldg.,
13-St Omaha, Neb.
Prominent Druggist of Illair Neb. .Writes
Magnet Chemical Co.
Dear Sirs: The goods which we
bought through your salesman are
sellers; the Magnet Pile Killer es
pecially sells good and gives excellent
satisfaction. We have re-ordered
through our jobbers several times.
Respectfully yours,
Palmer & Taylor.
For sale by Gerinn & Co.
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of an order of sale issued by George
F. lloust'wortb. clerk of the district court
within and for Cafrs county, Nebraska, and tome
directi'd. I will on the 4ili day of April, A. D.
at eleven o'clock. A. M. of said day, at the
south door of the court house, in the citv of
plattsmouth, in sdid countv, SEL AT PUBLIC
AUCTION, to the highest bidder for cash, the
following real estate, to wit:
All of lots twenty fur (24) and thirtr two (32)
in section twenty (20), township twelve (12
north, in ranKe fourteen 14 in said county of
Cass, containing seven and SO-10O acres, togeth
er with the privileges and appurtenances there
unto belonging or in anywise appertaining; the
same being levied upon and taken as the prop
erty of William and Mary Edgerton et al., de
fendants, to satisfy a judgment of paid court,
recovered by William M . Clary, and William M.
Clary as administrator of the estate of Daniel
Gregg, p.laintiff, against said defendants.
rialtsmouth. Nebraska. Fehrtiaiv 20. A, D.
10-5 Sheriff Cass county, Nebraska.
thing to patent ? Protect your ideas : they may j
bu to & cu., Patent Attorneys, Washington,
D. C, for their 21,800 prize offer.
Julius Pepperbergl
The '
The Best Ten-cent Ciear Sold
on the Market.
Mall trder to I'lattsnioutli, Kb.
First National Bank
Capital, paid up $50,000
George E. Dovet President
E'. E. White Vice president
S. Wacgh Cashier
II. N. Dovey Assistant Cashier
George E. Dovey, F. E. White, D. Dawksworth
S. Waugh and II. N. Dovey.
Careful attention given to the interests oi
customers . Collections made and promptly
remitted for. Highest marfcet pric- paid for
county warrants and state and county bonds
Omaha, 3Teb.
Corner 12th and Howard Sts.
Under the muniiRement of is oILLOWAY
It is Omaha's newest and best lilted hotel.
team heat, electric light! Rates. 52." O. $2.50or
So.ooaday. Give it a trial and you will never
want to go elsewhere.
Sixth Street Checkered Barn,
Special attention to Funerals, ilackt be
"un to all trains. "Promptness and Fidelity to
Customers"!! his motto
fact, Everything
Which he has just opened in the
Waterman IBlock.
AVING tired of
just put in an entire new stock of Gro
ceries and am prepared to serve the
public with every and anything in the Grocery
line, just from the wholesale markets. No
musty, old or shelf-worn stock on hand. I
will greet my customers with the cleanest,
neatest and most attractive grocery house in
town and my
All my former customers and everybody
else is cordially invited to call and see me
and inspect my goods and prices.
Waterman Block, - - Plattsmouth, Neb
Flour, Feed
And Corn-Meal,
Union Block, Plattsmouth
And sells at the closest mar
gin, fie invites patronage
guarantees satisfaction.
Call at F. McCourt's old stand.
W.L. Douglas
FRENCH & ENAMELLED CALF. Fine Calf&Kangarsq,
r 3.sop0UCEf3SOLE:
2.$ 175 boys'SchoqlShoes.
1509 SI 75
; rwn mo r jtbi n'-ttr-
Over One Million People wear the
W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
All our shoes are equally satisfactory
They give the best value for the money.
They equal custom thoes In style and fit.
Their wearing qualitlej are unsurpassed.
The pricea are uniform, stamped on sole.
Prom $1 to $3 saved over other makes.
If your dealer cannot supply you we ci- Sold by
Is NEW in the new
doing nothing, I have
Soli Wwimtim
0 0
The attention of farmers who expect
to plant orchards is called to the fact
that I have home-grown trees, war
ranted to be true to name, by a man
who you know, and at prices that will
compare with any nursery in the land.
.11X1.. 11,000.
Arple Trees, standard varle
ties, 3 years old
Same, 2 ypars old
Plum3, blue
J'ears, 3 years
Cherry trees, 3 years
Concord vines, S years
Peach trees
Currants, choice kinds
t .15 2.OO;8M.0O
.12 10.00
3 .
.35 23.00;.. ..
.05 3.50
"!6s WW.'.
Will take corn or part trade and
give two cents a bushel above market
Parties living too far away can send
orders. Will be carefully packed in
Fred Krug
Brewing Co.,
Prod Egenberger, Act.
Dr. Alfred Shipman,
( Office In Riley Hotel,
Main Street entrance.
Telephone iso. 95. Residence one block south
of il. p. depot.