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    XGXDAT, JT7LT 31. I&39.
, PA02 7E&Z
Ladies See Much
of Foreign Life
Wonderful Experiences Are Told oy
Hisses Gerda and Alpha Peter
son of Old World Tour.
Following a four and a hall
months European tour. Misses Alpha
and Gerda Peterson landed in the
United . States on Sunday, July 23,
and returned to their home In this
city the earlier part of this week.
Many countries, one principality,
as well as numerous islands were
toured by the Plattsmouth ladies.
Among the countries and places in
cluded in their itinerary were Pal
estine, Syria, Egypt, Ireland. Asia
Minor. Greece. Italy. France, Bel
gium, Holland, Germany, Switzer
land. Denmark, Norway, Sweden,
Finland. England. Scotland. "Wales.
Rhoades Island. Lichenstein, a prin
cipality, and Armenia.
The ladies left on their European
city to city Misses Alpha and Gerda
Peterson sailed on eight different
.hips. The Easter period was spent
In Palestine. They desired to see
and view the customary Easter ser
Tices and celebrations that are al
ways held, but due to the uncertain
conditions which, arose about that
line the Easter services were called
off suddenly. Some of the highlights
seen in Palestine were the Dead Sea,
the River Jordan, the City of Da
mascus, which U the oldest
city in the world. Some of the
most interesting ard historical
eights witnessed by tfce Plattsmouth
'adies were the place where the Last
Supper took plaee: they walked near
the paths where Christ himself jour
neyed during this time; they saw
the spot where the crucifixion took
place; and Christ's birthplace. Dur
ing their travels In Palestine as well
as in other places they had a guide
to show them and direct them
around. One of the most amazing
facts that they found was that their
guide has been and still is familiar
with their home town of Platts
mouth. He is quite familiar with a
number of the old-time settlers and
voyage on Saturday, March 18, and J residents of Plattsmouth he being
docked in Naples, Italy. During their acquainted with such names as the
trip from country to country and Vallerys, Whites, Doveys and
many others. His name was Myers
and he left the United States fifty
six years ago for Jerusalem and has
served many years as a guide.
Following their thorough tour
through Palestine the Peterson girls
visited and sailed to these other var
ious countries mentioned above. In
Holland they saw enormous beds of
tulip fields which were in bloom at
that time; in Sweden they saw the
Land of the Midnight San; and
in Switzerland they visited the birth
place of Miss Marie Kaufmann and
visited with a cousin of Miss Kauf
mann. They also spent some time in
Finland and while there they made
the acquaintance of the American
ambassador to Finland, Mr. Watson.
Returning home the Plattsmouth
ladies brought with them many
souveniers for themselves. Among
these was the coin collection a coin
from each country that Miss Gerda
has at the present time. A collection
of dolls representing a number of
countries is Miss Alpha Peterson's
treasured collection. Some of the
dolls that are dressed in fashionable
costume representing their country
are French. Irish, Assyrian, Greek
and Scotch;
Some of the disputes in the various
countries were also discussed among
the Americans and Europeans in the
different countries, and. therefore,
the American ladies were able to
familiarize themselves with the strt
of trouble and faults of each coun
try. In Palestine there is the Arab
and Jewish feud, a trouble that was
largely the cause of the postpone
ment of the Easter services. In Ire
land and England there is at the
present the IRA rebellion and in one
instance the ladies saw where a beau
tiful building had been bombed tc
pieces by the terrorists. The Platts
mouth ladies desired to tour Czecho
slovakia but at that time the
German fuehrer, Adolf Hitler took
over the country and made it dan
gerous and uncertain to travel In
that country.
Altho making acquaintance ol
hundreds, of people was the local
ladies' chief delight but in the tour
pot a familiar face was seen, with
the exception that some of their ac
quaintances were fajniliar and knew
a number of Plattsmouth people.
After completing a very thorough
tour of these European countries
the many places of interest and facts
too numerous to mention the
Misses Alpha and Gerda Peterson
boarded the Goodwill ship at Bel
fast, Ireland and sailed for the
United States. Their trip proved to
be a very cool one; their return trip
especially was foggy, making their
landing in good old U. S. A. delayed.
When they reached New York Mayor
F. II. LaGuardia of New York, was
present to greet the ship, a task that
he undertook for the first" time dur
ing his term of mayorship. Misses
Alpha and Cerda Peterson also spent
some time at the New York World's
Fair before they returned to their
home in Plattsmouth, following a
vacation period which was profitably
spent and enjoyed immensely.
From Saturday's Daily
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Murray, who
are now located on a farm near
Louisville, were in the city today for
a few hours attending to some mat
ters of business. The Murray fam
ily have purchased a farm near
Louisville and are now engaged in
having this newly decorated and
made into a most comfortable and
plcr.sant home. They report the
crop conditions there very fine and
prospects good at this time. While
in the city they were callers at the
Journal to renew their subscription.
r -
N jL T fv mjiU fi
MONTHS, as reve.Ied by
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Petf;.
bone of Sacrnmerto, Calif,
J standi up straight, bends
over or kneels -exhibiting true balance and strong back muscles,
with only his father's hand servinf as a platform.
- Vrf 11 it.:
. 55:
These laboratory workers have developed a special machine to test
wearing power of mattresses. A 200 pound roller is pushed, pulled and
banged across the surface hour alter hmr.r"
to make sure product will stand up nrTZ
service. This process is cited by Consumers
Information as one "of scores now beir
used by American manufacturers to protect
the buyer.
Aldershot, Eng. As
sidelight during the Horse
Show held in the Rush-
moore Arena recently, a
cheetah was matched in a
race with a greyhound, and
seems to be a favorite.
. - t r . - i
- IT.- i usar
Loirs' . f-x h
i uincr, iiiuvic Btirc9, ncxrk a vboih largely
. i - - t - i - -1 - - i , ' , t .
ruuu irw era
crown and the
can either hang
the chin or draped and tied at the back of the hat.
(2) Many colored flowers are used in the decoration of
this dress. The white hat has a split crown decorated
with small bows.
c j m
sid with iris purple belting WOy? Ctf'ri J
same colored veil whichP i$ 3
! at the sides, be tied nnrfgrl i-"- H
1 I
Emil "Dutch" Leonard, ex-
Brooklyn Dodgers "knuckle-ball"
Hurler, continues to plague the
League leading New York Yankees.
So far this season he has won 9
and lost 2 for the Senators. '
r j V. V fZ i-y
NEVER TOO OLD! 81-year-old grand-l
mother of Jane Withers, who is making her
first visit to Hollywood .to appear in ai
movie as a peasant woman. Her salary!
will be turned over to the Motion Picture
Relief Fund.
"""W I I
t Kl 7i i ll 'I - Lz?
' V7 l " - Relief Fund, ,
1 tTf II II ! T VI - I
;- -Cite ul cr. ? - , r'-- -.w :
- -:fMX' -; "HGETS BOOS ANDlbl J
f ; - ! - ' y - Li:," I CHEERS John T. Hynn, 5wt-
r-- s j
- f. '
(left) Two shades of green printed on white
satin Iastex makes swim suit that Sonja
Henie prefers for comfort and becomingness.
(Right) An ardent tennis enthusiast is Laraine Day, rising film actress. She is
wearing a smart one-piece backless play suit with pleats in the front.
.N VV''a
I O ' If f ,
1 vi
j! One of the three 30,000
J KV A. 13.800 volt. 75
KrM vertical water wbeel generator being constructed at the Allis-Chalmers
plant in Milwaukee for the Chickamauga Dam of the Tennessee Valley Au
thority. The shaft proper is 34 inches in-diameter and over 21 feet long. The
mrnsi diock wucn nas oeen snrunic on to the shaft u shown being mactuned.
Approximate weight of shaft as shown in the lathe is 105,000 pounds.
CHEERS John T. Flynn,
economist and associate edi
tor of Collier's whose recent
rhartfe that "waste, collusion
and disorganization" in the
building industry is raising
rents and holding np national
recovery, nas brougnt a min
gled chorus of praise and, O Public.
;ni : i;ffiriiir to build
a house at prevailing rates,
A Flvnn hlat.
V .v V
SEAL SHELLS Miss Jane Walch of Long
oeacn aispiays ROidcn sea shells which were
awarded as trophies. '
thy Hagene organized the first aviation school in
the United States exclusively lor female stu
dents, at the Curtis Airport in East St. Louis, 11 L,
with tuition equalling the cost of two pairs of
stockings. O
The Happy Iiomemakers held their
fourth meeting Tuesday, July 25,
1929, at the home of Beverly Ann
Brubacher. All members were pres
ent. Our leader being absent, the as
sistant leader, Yvonne Deles Dernier
took charge cf the lesson, which was
on cakes, courtesies and dish wash
ing. The next meeting will be held at
the home of Irvcne Meisinger August
S, 1939.
At the close of the meeting refresh
ments were served by the hostess.
News Reporter.
Korn Klub Dance
Draws Great Crowd
to Plamore Park
Residents of the City and Friends
to the Number of Some
2.000 at Festival.
From Saturday's Dally
Last evening the dance arranged
by the King Korn Klub as a part of
the pre-carnival activities at Pla
more park, north of this city, drew
a crowd estimated at some 2,000
persons to the Platte river resort.
The occasion was most delightful
to everyone in the cool and pleasant
surroundings and the excellent eve
ning of entertainment that had been
arranged by the committee in charge.
Gracing the event was King-Frank
A. Clcidt and Queen Martha KaCen
berger of the King Korn Karnival
and who extended the greetings to
the large audience and extending the
invitation to the festival which will
be held this coming September in
Two of the live wire boosters of
the carnival. Miss Gertrude Vallery
Murray Lady
Observes 90th
Mrs. Mary A. Nickles Is Honored at
Family Dinner and Party by
Members cf Fanily.
From Saturday's Daily
Mrs. Mary A. Nickles. one of the
well known and loved f.rures in the
Murray community, observed the
passing of her ninetieth birthday an
niversary at the family home yester
day. Three of her four children and
their children were able to Le pres
ent to help Mrs. Nickles oli-brat
the birthday.
Mary A. Rhea was bom in Prince
ton, Mo., on July 2S. 1S49. Flie was
the eldest of the four living children
of her family. Several years ago
married Robert Nickles and to
this union was born four c-hlldre::.
Bertha and Alfred who make tht-ir
home with the mother. Mrs. Gforpo
Kay of Murray, and Mrs. Lucy Cro;;s
er of Wood River. Nebraska. Fbe
has eight grandchildren and tix
great-grandchildren. Her husband
passed away several years ago.
Mrs. Nickles has two brother.
James Rhea of Oregon, agc-d S4; and
R. W. Rhea aged TO, of Yates Cen
ter, Kansas; one sister. Mrs. Fanni
Runyon, aged 80, of Denver, Colo
rado. A birthday dinner was served dur
ing the nooir hour and those rres'i:t
were: Mr. and Mrs. R. YV. Rhea t
Yates Center, Kansas: Mr. and Mr.
Walter Swinford. lola, Kansas; Mr
and Mrs. Nelson Davidson. Hutch
ison. Kansas: Mrs. Geo. Rh?a. Mur
ray: Mrs. Esther Thompson and
daughter. Rose Marie. A. F. NicHe-s
and Miss Bertha Nickles.
Among other relatives calline
throughout the evening were Mr
of the Junior Woman's club and Yin-J and Mrs. J. D. Wurdeman or Leleh.
cent Kelley, Jr., president of the ; Nebraska, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Nic k
Junior Chamber of Commerce also les and son, Robert. Miss Etta Nick
gave short talk3 and urged the sup-jles. Lee Nickles of Plattsmouth. Mr.
port of the fall festival and express-j and Mrs. Glen Todd at Murray, and
ing the appreciation felt for thej Mr. and Mrs. Alvador Nickles tt
spirit of co-operation that had been j Murray.
shown by the residents of the city Mrs. R. W. Rhea and Mrs. Esther
and the surrounding communities In
the pre-carnival activities.
Walter H. Smith, genial county
attorney, served as the master of;sion
ceremonies of the evening and gavej
Thompson presented Mrs. Nickles
with birthday cakes, which were
beautifully decorated for the occa-
a very fine talk on the work of the
King Korn Klub and the spirit of
community co-operation that had
made the six years of successful fall
festivals possible.
The remainder of the evening was
spent in dancing to the music fur-
Miss Eeatrice Arn. daughter ot
! Mrs. Yernon T. Arn. Sr.. returned
j this week from a two wet-ks" visit
! in Osallala. Nebrcskr.. Miss Arn
I visited with the Charles, Ern't
niched by the Nighthawks under the ar.d Arthur Anderson families, thf
direction of Peter Gradoville. they ,men being her uncles, and with her
having a program of the popular and; aunt. Mrs. Yernon Fhshman. While
swjngful tunes of the present and jn Ogallala Miss Arn had the pleas
fhe past days. ant opportunity of renins and visit-
ing with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mad-
DEATH OF TOM KASTNER j dox, former Plattsmouth young reo-
pie. the latter being formerly Mis?
Thomas Kastner, 67, who for more Helen Jane Korp. Miss Arn and
than fifty years has been a resident Mrs. Maddox are former schoolmates
of Nebraska City, died at his home in and she reported that Mr. Maddox
that city Wednesday of a heart at-1 is engaged in construction work
that is now In progress on the dam
at Ogallala.
tack. He has been in poor health
for several years past.
.Mr. Kastner was born In Omaha
July 21. 1872, son of Thomas and
Mary Kastner. He came to Nebraska
City in 1SS6 and in 1901 was mar-j
tied to Miss Bessie O'Neill, daughter'
of the late Albert O'Neill of'Platts-j
mouth, they having since that time
made their home in Nebraska City, j
In partnership with his brother.
Terrier:, he conducted a cigr store in ! r.i:son:or:s
Nebraska City for many years, one . 1.? h lntftVj:"rH "
or trie tsouuiar nr.sine?s r.iaces on i tut nri
Central avenue. Ill health forced!. .
; his retirement from active business a
i few years ago.
There is surviving' his passing Mrs.
of T'la 1 1 rrr.o'i l. N''t!-k! "-rt ifl-a '.f
No 'JO) n' I "1h- -f ltiiMineHs
M irtrr.irc Iir-T
Ire.tnct .,n r.,aiiM i S".:''.9
ar:.I I'r. raii1
I. ;.! J'.-tat' fvii.l tt.-r
, I I nn i n ;.- len'linr
jf al lti'.te r M n '.inti''
u n o
12 '
I f i rnurr, J'lsluiff
Kastner. three children. Mrs. Robert; i:.uiinn nt
.- . . . , . . . , in Fv1fi:il llomr luii
r ame, :ei);ttK;i ; ecu wis. h , Hirk
C. Nichols and Thomas Kastner, Jr
of Iowa City. Iowa.
James ar.d Jcs?ph cf Nebraska C!ty
also survive his passing.
Mr. Kastner was a brother-in-law
of Mrs. Henry Timm of tbU citv.
Funeral serviced were held on
(-..', .T) 1 1 ii nl iit! Iii- fmm
Tfi i U j
Two brothers. 'fit l.-r Arrets
1 "
.? !4.'ii4.-.l
Jliari-n of
t n m-nt
i :i I ?i- :i !!:ti nt a nl
Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Fuit-Vai.t
, ..... It'll" :on-(PWi-is
Karstens-ratierson cnapei at iseuras-. ,,Iete i,.anM
I'f.i'ivi-lcil froflt ..
I l iilelntM t . -clare it
Phone Printing orcers to Nn. 6 !I:r:r' 1
(a) General
ka City.
1 1
on liicnm-
t 'nvii i'l
::u. i::o
4 'i ii i
r.i4 ci
(r) t'nnl ier-,-l Intert-nt on
r..uu) f. . I
il lnl Ir.ite Omul 4. ITti.7":
f I 1 n 1 I-'-j I ii t , S n I il (in
r,iura t . . 4.::." '
(f) Tne. n n'd lim'iratice
-AilvaiK-et r.."s: 1
SlTital I.iar.ilitles !.(
X !
A Good Idea!
S Where Quality Counts
County of fafs
I. C A. .tonnon. I'reslilent of 1 1 -al.ive
nmeil Ayfuriat ion. ! iiolemril'
?Wf8r tl'fit (tie ftre-i ri tc statement ff
tlie con'tltlon of the caul Asoriation 1
f ue far"! correct tc the Lest of triy
knowledK" ami r.ellef.
C. A. jousns.
Arnrovfil: I'resident.
M. n. prown.
E. P. LIT. Directors.
Sulscrlbe(! And 'orn to tiefore rr..
this liitli day of July. A. T. 193!.
(Seal) Notary Public.
(ily Commission Uxplres Aug. ti. 138;