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Mr. and Mrs. Glen Iloback visit
ed friends at Union over the week
John Bergman was looking after
business matters in Plattsmouth last
Saturday and visited friends while
Mrs. Catherine Earhardt was vis
iting for a few days at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. Joseph Miller,
of Louisville.
George Rau has been spending a
few weeks at Excelsior Springs, Mis
souri, enjoying a rest and vacation
for his health.
Mrs. Fred Bauer, who has been
sick for the past three weeks with
an attack of flu, is reported as be
ing some better.
Herman Bergman has been con
fined to his home the past few weeks
with an attack of quinsy, but is now
recovering from the same.
Mrs. Theo Harms, who has been
sick for the past three weeks with
an attack of flu, is reported a3 some
better and able to be around again.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry O'Brien were
in Omaha several days at the bedside
of Mrs. O'Brien's mother, the late
Mrs. Frank Stander, and later at
tending the funeral which was held
Miss Leona Darveaux, housekeep
er at the St. John's parsonage in
riattsmouth, was a guest at the
home of Fred Bauers, Jr., who has
been ill the past three weeks, and
was seeking to minister to the pati
ent. A number of friends and neigh
bors of Mrs. John Rohrdanz called
at her home Monday of last week to
surprise her on her birthday, and
Bpend a very pleasant evening. Mrs.
Rohrdanz received a number of gifts
in honor of the occasion.
Entertained Friends
Mr. and Mrs. Thor Hansen enter
tained a group of friends Saturday
evening of last week at supper and
a pinochle party. These present in
cluded Mr. and Mrs. Carter Nelson,
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Nelson and Mr.
and Mrs. Herman Rauth.
Silver Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rauth were
united in marriage on January 15,
1914 twenty-five years ago and
have made their home near Manley
during the. entire quarter of a cen
tury of their wedded life. On the oc
casion of their anniversary last Sun
day, they were guests at the home
of Miss Anna Rauth of Omaha. The
intention was to also have celebrat
ed the eighteenth anniversary of her
nephew, John Rauth, son of Mr. and
Mrs. A. F. Rauth, of near York, but
due to illness the A. F. Rauth fam
ily were not able to be present. In
cluded among those who enjoyed the
day together were Miss Rena Chris
tensen, of Omaha, a sister of, Mrs.
Rauth, Mrs. Boyd Reese and Mrs.
amma Simmons of Iowa Falls, low,
sisters of Mr. Rauth's mother. A
most enjoyable day was spent and a
fine wedding dinner served by the
hostess, Miss Anna Rauth, with the
guests of honor being showered with
congratulations and best wishes for
many more happy years of wedded
Remembered on Birthday
Mrs. E. M. Ruby enjoyed the pass
ing of her birthday on January 15,
and in the evening a number of
friends came to help make the oc
casion a merry one. All enjoyed
themselves and extended to Mrs.
Ruby best wishes for many years of
happiness and good health. Three
days later, on January 18, Mr. and
Mrs. Ruby arrived at their fortieth
wedding anniversary, but concluded
to wait another ten years when they
reach their fiftieth anniversary be
fore celebrating the occasion.
Dinner Club Supper at Eauth's
The Dinner club, which has as its
members a number of families of
this vicinity, met at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rauth on last
Monday evening, when they played
pinochle and enjoyed a splendid sup
per. Those present to enjoy the oc
casion were Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Haws. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Berg
man, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Dowler,
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Keckler and
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Weseman. The
high scores went to Mrs. Bergman
and Ralph Keckler.
Visited Friends Here
Miss Margaret Murphy of Omaha
was spending a few days in- the vir
cinity of Manley, being a guest at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Murphy, where all enjoyed a splen
did time. Last Saturday they took
Miss Margaret home, all being anx
ious to go. a& a little nephew, the
son of Mr. . and Mrs. Lawrence
O'Brien, who was born January 6,
was waiting to greet them. The
mother was formerly Miss Anna
Murphy of Manley.
Attended Funeral in Omaha
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Rauth, Mr.
and Mrs. Herman Rauth, Father
Hennessy and Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Rau, of Manley, and August Pautsch
of Louisville were at Omaha on
Friday, where they attended the
funeral of the late Mrs. Mary Stan
der, wife of Frank A. Stander and
a sister of John C. Rauth. Besides
those named, a large number of
others from this vicinity attended
the funeral of Mrs. Stander.
Having Dead Trees Eemoved
A number of large trees that for
many years have graced the yard at
the August Krecklow home, were
unable to stand the prolonged drouth
of the past few years and died. So
Mr. Krecklow had John Gruber pull
them out with his tractor last Wed
nesday. In the spring Mr. Krecklow
will set out a grove of Chinese elm
to replace them.
Wabash News
John Cardwell has disposed of his
old car and acquired a late model
John Sherman, of Louisville, was
a business visitor in Wabash during
the past week.
John Wood and his brother, M.
Wood have been busy hauling
stone from the county quarry to
the various places where it is being
used to hard surface roads and for
other purposes.
Kensington Ladies Meet
The Manley Kensington which
has as members a goodly number of
the ladies of this vicinity, met last
Wednesday at th home of Mr. and
Mrs. Neil Dorr. The afternoon was
very pleasantly spent in looking af
ter the affairs of the society and in
planning some work for the future.
Stone Business is Good
Ole Olsen, the stone merchant of
Weeping Water, has just completed
the shipment of some 500 tons of
crushed rock to Scottsbluff, where it
is to be used in the beet sugar fac
tory during the process of refining
sugar. He also has a contract to
deliver 500 car-loads of stone to
Gibson, where it will be used in the
Missouri river improvement program.
Such orders as this help to give men
employment and we hope the fore
going are but an indication of vol
ume demands when the season opens
up in the spring. Cass county's rock
quarries have bf come one of the im
portant industries and give employ
ment to many men.
Entertains E. L. C. E.
Miss Geraldine Schmidt, of Mur
dock, where sh3 conducts a beauty
shop, was hostess to the E. L. C. E.
of the Murdock church, which is a
young ladies society, entertaining
them - at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schmidt, who re
side in this vicinity. Games and
various other entertainment were
featured and a delicious lunch was
served by the hostess before the
hour of departure.
The January meeting of the Jolly
Neighbors club was most delightfully
entertained on Wednesday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Henry Knaupe.
The lesson of the day was "Facts in
Early Nebraska History Which
Every Nebraskan Should Know" and
proved most interesting under the
clever handling of the leader, Mrs.
August Wendt. The next lesson will
be in the hands of Miss Esther
Leutchens, February 8 at the home
of Mrs. Henry Schlueter with Mrs.
Wm. Voo Sprecklson assisting hos
tess. Mrs. Howard McBride served
delicious refreiihments at the close of
the meeting. Reporter.
Chessie, a Chesa peaks Bay retriev
er, had been in Henry Lovell's home
so long the family believed he knew
what they wore talking about most
of the time.
They forgot about that, however,
last night when at the dinner table:
with Cbeesie sitting nearby awaiting
a scrap or two, they talked about dis
posing of him.
He was 14 a ripe old age for a
dog and feeble and his muscles were
stiffening, they said, so it would seem
the most merciful thing to have a
veterinary destroy him painlessly.
After a time, Chessie rose, took a
long glance at his master, and left
the house.
He has not returned.
Winter Flower
Show is Much
Many Attend Event at the Public
Library Auditorium With a
Large Number Showing.
The second annual winter flower
and weed show, sponsored by the
Plattsmouth Garden v club, was held
Wednesday and Thursday, January
18 and 19 in the Plattsmouth public
library auditorium. The flower show
was an event that was attended by
a large group of the residents, in
cluding a large group of children,
to witness the many various displays.
Five states, sending in different con
tributions, were represented, they be
ing Kansas, Idaho, Oregon, California
and Texas, as well as a number of
nearby cities who also sent in con
tributions. Oneof the most outstanding con
tributions was the Obsidian feldspar
rock sent to Miss Minnie Guthmann
from her nephew, Francis Neitzel of
Idaho. The rock was procured from
near Yellowstone Park.
One of the most unique and in
teresting displays was the display of
hats that were seen. The hats were
formed out of fruit, vegetables, and
various other odds and ends which
certainly made an unusually good
One of the classes that showed
the greatest amount of attraction was
Class 8, School and Junior Depart
ment of which Mrs. William Schmidt-
man, Jr.. chairman, and Mrs. Clem
ent T. Woster were in charge. This
was the contribution of the Platts
mouth public schools who sent down
miniature gardens and indoor aquar
iums. The thought of having their
treasured school work on display at
tracted many students and their parr
The shadow boxes, which have
proven to be a popular event of this
time, were also on display and the
following contributed, shadow boxes:
Mrs. Lillian Freeman, Mrs. Carl Ofe,
Mrs. Luke Wiles, Miss Julia Svoboda,
Mrs. William Schmidtmann of this
city; Mrs. Fred Grousman, and Mrs.
Murray of Omaha.
A display commonly known a Jhe
Texan display'-'-included a iiuinMingrthe. hall -Thursday, January
or articles that came from Texas
and one that was donated by Mrs.
George K. Hetrick.
The following are the entries that
were on display and those that were
responsible for the exhibit:
Class 1 Christmas wreath and
sprays. Miss Barbara Gering, chair
man; Miss Gering, Mrs. Carl Ofe.
Class 2 Basket or dish arrange
ment of any flowers, plants, or fruits
or any combination as a Christmas
or sick gift. A small decoration suit
able for invalid's tray. Mrs. Pete
Carr, chairman; Mrs. L. S. Devoe,
Mrs. J. C. Lowson.
Class 3 Arrangement for a
Christmas table or buffet centerpiece.
Table arrangement for other purpose
or occasion.
Class 4 Arrangement of any
seeds, pods, berries or other material
suitable for a living room.
Class 5 Arrangement suitable for
other purposes. Mrs. L. L. Wiles,
chairman; Mrs. J. H. McMaken, Jr.,
Mrs. Harry Kruger.
Class 6 Tray or dish gardens
suitable for living room. Dish gar
dent with growing plants. Terrian
iums. Mrs. E. II. Wescott, chairman;
Mrs. J. M. Roberts.
Class 7 Arrangement or speci
men of gourds, pinecones, Romona
strings, etc. Mrs. Lillian Freeman,
Class 8 School and Junior De
partment. Mrs. William H. Schmidt-
man, Jr., chairman; Mrs. Clement T.
Class 9 Pantry, garden, head
gears or hats. Mrs. A. J. Trilety,
chairman: Mrs. G. K. Hetrick.
Class 10 Collection of seeds, pods,
berries and other material suitable
for winter house decoration varieties
names. Miss Julia Svoboda, chair
man; Miss Anna Ileisel.
Class 11 Window Gardens. Mrs.
J. W. Crabill, chairman; Mrs, J. E.
Wiles, Mrs. .William Baird.
Class 12 Display of vases. Mrs.
John Woest, chairman.
Class 13 Specimen house plants.
Mrs. Augusta Haupt, chairman.
Class 14 Birdnests, feeding trays,
bird houses, etc. Litchens, wasp
nests, novelties, etc. Mrs. P. T.
Heineman, chairman.
Class 15 Conservation display.
A. L. Tidd, chairman.
Class 16 Specimen of the different
kinds of trees, evergreens and shrubs,
all varieties named for identification.
Julius Pitz, chairman; Frank Kar-
vanek, Stephen Devoe, Fred Heisel,
A. L. Tidd.
Class 17 Wall pockets. Miss Dora
Fricke, chairman.
Class 18 Shadow boxes.
The flower ehow was one that
showed much enthusiasm among the
great flower and nature lovers ot
the community. The committees and
their various chairmen as well as
the Plattsmouth Garden club are to
be complimented on the splendid
work and effort that they put forth
in affording the people of this com
munity the opportunity of seeing a
real winter flower and weed show.
Goodhart Vant is working in South
Bend. ;
Claus Landergreen was on the sick
list the past week.
Mrs. Glen Peters spent Thursday
and Friday visiting in Omaha.
Raymond Howard of Weeping
Water spent the week end at home.
Mrs. Lulu Hurlbut spent last Mon
day with Mrs. Ed Hurlbut at Wav
erly. There will be a program at rural
school district No. 81 on Thursday
Mrs. Bert Alton of Omaha visited
her mother-in-law, Mrs. Fred Ether
edge Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Peters visited
at the O'Shavesey home in Lincoln
Monday evening. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wright of Om
aha were Wednesday visitors at the
Etheredge home.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Strahn and
Esther Anderson called on Mrs. Eth
eredge Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Keoler of Lincoln
called at the Glen Peters home last
Thursday evening.
Mrs. Blattler was taken to Bryan
Memorial hospital in Lincoln Thurs
day, for treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. George Walling of
Lincoln visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Etheredge Sunday afternoon.
Miss Vietta Cord will attend the
University the coming semester, tak
ing a course in teachers' training.
The Cemetery association is to
meet with Mrs. Minnie Elwood on
Wednesday afternoon, January 25.
Dorcas Society met at the church
Friday afternoon with Mrs. Joe
Brown and Mrs. John Mick enter
J. S. Gribble is planning to move
his grocery store in the near future
into the building (formerly occupied
by Smith Drug.
The Christian Endeavor members,
assisted by older folks, are working
hard on a three act play, "The Med
dlesome Maid, " be given in the
near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hurlbut, of
Louisville, Mr, and Mrs. T. O. Mc
Donald of Chicago and Paul Buck
ingham were dinner guests of Mrs.
Lulu Hurlbut last Sunday,
The Legion post No. 173 will en
tertain their wives at a joint meet-
26. A special nrograin js being ar-
ranged by the Legionnaires
i?- s.-
Mr. and Mrs. John Vant, Mr. and
Mrs. P. O. Clymer, Mr. and Mrs. G.
Vant and Mr. and Mrs. Evan Arm
strong attended a birthday party at
the W.. Hunt home in Ashland on
Thursday evening."
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown gave a
surprise party last Sunday night in
honor of Mrs. Joe Brown. Cards were
played. Mae Gomerdinger and Rob
ert " Burke were high and Mrs. Joe
Brown received the traveling prize.
Mrs. Myrtle Cameron was hostess
to the Deal-a-Deck card club Thurs
day afternoon. Mrs. Catherine Lay
man was high and Mrs. Ardis Stew
art second. A nice lunch was served
The next meeting will be held in
two weeks with Mrs. Adeline Gus-
Legion Auxiliary Meets
The first meeting of the American
Legion Auxiliary for the year 1939
was held, at the Legion hall Wed
nesday, Janrary 18.
Business matters were taken care
of in the usual procedure.
Mrs; Lorena Van Camp, of Wav
erly, a new member, was present and
welcomed to the unit. To date our
membership is nineteen, within two
of our 1939 quota.
Mrs. Collins, unit president, gave
a talk on "Legislation," stressing
the fact that the Auxiliary is behind
the five-point program as outlined
by the American Legion, namely:'
Protection for World War widows
and orphans.
Adequate national defense.
Universal service.
Employment for veterans.
Strengthening of immigration,
naturalization and deportation laws
of the xTnited States.
A delicious lunch was served at
the close of the meeting by Mrs.
Collins and Mrs. Downing.
Mrs. Gribble will be hostess at
the February meeting. '
Birthday Party
A birthday party was given in
honor of De Lores Meyers and Char
lotte Bachman at the Meyers home
Wednesday evening. Their teacher,
Miss Iona May, and pupils ot the
sixth, seventh and eighth grades
were guests. Games were played, fol
lowed by a nice lunch. All departed
wishing the girls many more happy
Funeral of Leland Hoik
Funeral services were held at an
Ashland funeral chapel last Tuesday
afternoon for Leland Jlolka, only son
of Mr. and Mrs. John -Holka, of near
Alvo. The deceased met instant death
in an auto accident last Sunday af
ternoon on the highway just north
of Greenwood when a car driven by
Wayne Backman overturned.
He was a nephew of "Fred Holka
of Greenwood. Several from this vi
cinity attended the funeral.
LONDON, Jan. 21 (UP) Latest
diplomatic reports from Berlin indi
cated today that Paul Joseph Goeb-
bels will retain the propaganda min
istry which, however, may be shorn
of its most important function.
According to the reports, matters
relating to the press will be entrust
ed to Otto Dietrich, nazi press chief
who ultimately will receive the rank
of minister. The propaganda min
ister will concentrate mostly on cul
tural questions, keeping away from
political matters.
CORDOVA, Argentina, Jan. 21
(UP) The city was threatened by
a disastrous flood today from the
watershed feeding the river Primero.
The stream overflowed its banks
sweeping away houses and drowning
eight persons. The waters began
penetrating the outskirts of the city
this afternoon.
In the County Court of Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska.
To the creditors of the estate of
Aradana Porter, deceased. No. 3372:
Take notice that the time limited
for the filing and presentation of
claims against said estate is May 22,
1939; that a hearing will be had at
the County Court room in Platts
mouth on May 26, 1939, at ten
o'clock a. m. for the purpose of ex
amining, hearing, allowing and ad
justing all claims or objections duly
Dated January 20, 1939.
(Seal) j23-3w County Judge.
In the District Court of Caaa
County, Nebraska
Liiura Etta Hendee, et al.
vs. .)
Fred McElvain, et al,
Notice is hereby given that, under
and . by virtue of an Order of Sale
entered in the above entitled cause
ou the 20th day of December, 1937,
and an Order of Sale entered on the
31st day of December, 1937, the
Sole Referee will on the 4th day of
February, 1939, at ten o'clock a. m.,
at the south front door of the court
house in Plattsmouth, in Cass coun
ty, Nebraska,- sell at public auction
to the highest bidder for cash, that
is to say, 10 on the day of sale,
and the balance when said sale shall
be confirmed by the court, the follow
ing described real estate, to-wit:
Lot 30 in the SW of the
SEVi of Section 13, Township
12, Range 13, East of the 6th
P. M., in Cass county, Nebraska.
Sale will be held open one hour.
Dated this 31st day of December,
Sole Referee.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the District Court of Caaa
I ' County, Nebraaka
Ruth M. Scheel, et al.
, vs.
Sophia Scheel, et al.
Notice is hereby given that under
and by virtue of a decree of the Dis
trict Court of Cass County, Nebras
ka, entered in the above entitled
cause on the 7th day of November,
1938, and an Order of Sale entered
on the 18th day of November, 1938,
the Sole Referee will on Saturday,
the 18th day of February, 1939, at
two o'clock p. m., at the front door
of the Murdock Co-Operative Credit
Association Building in the Village
of Murdock, Cass county, Nebraska,
sell at auction to the highest bidder
for cash, that is to Bay 10 on the
day of sale and the balance when
said sale shall be confirmed by the
court, the following described real
estate to-wit:
The SW4 of Section 35,
Township 12, North of Range
10, East of the 6th P. M., except
a tract therein described as fol
lows. Commencing at a point
two rods East and two rods
North of the SW corner of said
Section 35, running thence
North 24 rods and 13 feet:
thence East 20 rods, thence
South 24 rods and 13 feet;
thence West to the place of be
ginning. Also the following de
scribed real estate, to-wit: The
W of the SE4 of Section 35,
Township 12 North of Range
10, East of the 6th P. M., all in
Cass County, Nebraska.
Said sale will be held open for one
Dated this 14th day of January.
Sole Referee.
Attorney for Plaintiffs.
BERLIN, Jan. 21 (UP) Adolf
Hitler decreed that all Germans re
leased in the future from the army,
as well as present reservists will be
attached to the nazl storm troops
"for the maintenance of their mental
and physical powers." A special aim
will be training two track and field
events within the ranks of the storm
troops. All able-bodied Germans be
tween 17 and 45 are affected by the
In the County Court of Caaa Coun
tu, Nebraska.
To all persons interested in the
estate of William T. Richardson, de
ceased. No. 3 3 S3:
Take notice that a petition has
been filed praying for administration
of said estate and appointment of
Grace Richardson as Administratrix;
that said rftitlnn tinn hppn apt for
hearing before said Court on the
17th day of February, 1939, at ten
o'clock a. m.
Dated January 20, 1939.
(Seal) j23-3w County Judge.
In the District Court Caaa
County, Nebraska
Thomas Herbert Pollock,
The City of Plattsmouth,
a Municipal Corporation,
et al Defendants
To the Defendants. . Frank E. John
son, and wife Karoline Johnson;
Louis Thomas and Mary Thomas,
his wife, real name unknown; Ora
Smith; Dio Lewis; William Kep
hart and wife Flora Kephart; M.
W. Green, real name unknown;
Mary Green, his wife, real name
unknown; W. S. Grauf, real name
unknown; Mary Grauf, his wife,
real name unknown; and Chris
tiana Deoring; The unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal
representatives, and all persons
interested in the respective estates
of M. W. Green, deceased; Mary
Green, deceased; W. S. Grauf, de
ceased; Mary Grauf, deceased, and
Cbristiane Deoring, deceased, real
names unknown, and all persons
having or claiming an interest in
the following described real estate,
to-wit: Tax Lot 64, in the E of
Section 7, and Tax Lots 65, 66,
and 67, in the SWi of the SE
and Tax Lot 68, in the SE'i of
- the SE of Section 7, all in
Township 12, North of Range 14,
East of the 6th P. M., and all ac
cretions thereto, and Tax Lots 67,
r ST 1 7 4 ; l?5T aff d 17 ff.lf Iff Sec
tion 18. Township 12, -North of
Range 14, East of the 6th P. M..
with all accretions thereto, and
all of the real estate included
within the following described
boundaries: Commencing at the
point where the east line of the
right of way of the Chicago, Bur
lington and Quincy Railroad inter
sects the center line of Main Street
in the City of Plattsmouth, in Cass
county, .Nebraska, extended east
and thence running on said center
line of Main street projected east
1851.5 feet, thence North 8 22'
West 33.6 feet; thence North 85
47' East to the center of the chan
nel of the Missouri river; thence
commencing at the point where
the east line of the right of way
of the Chicago, Burlington and
Quincy Railroad intersects the
center line of Main Street of the
said City of Plattsmouth, thence
running in a northerly direction
along said east line of the right
of way of said railroad to a point
where said east line of said rail
road intersects the one-eighth
(18) section line of the South
east Quarter (SE1) of Section 7,
Township 12, North of Range 14,
East of the 6th P. M., and thence
east on said eighth section line to
the southeast corner of the Platts
mouth Water Corporation's land,
thence North 3" 08' East on said
line ot Plattsmouth Water Cor
poration 15.15 chains, thence East
15 chains, thence North 14.02
chains, thence North 87 8' East
444.6 feet, thence North 86. East
675 feet; thence North 85 52'
East 902.6 feet, thence North 85
07' East to the center of the chan
nel of the Missouri river, thence
Southerly along the center chan
nel of the Missouri river to the
point located on the center chan
nel of said Missouri river, all in
Cass .County, Nebraska:
You and each of you are hereby
notified that on the tenth day of
January, 1939, the Plaintiff filed his
petition in the District Court of Cass
County, Nebraska, the object and
purpose of which is to establish and
quiet and confirm the title of Thomas
Herbert Pollock, Plaintiff, in and to
the real estate above described, and
to enjoin you and each of you from
having or claiming to have any in
terest in, right or title to, or lien
upon any or all of said above de
scribed real estate, either legal or
eauitable. and to enjoin you and
eaclvof you from in any manner in
terfering with the title of Plaintiff
in and to the above described real
estate, or any part thereof, and for
equitable relief and costs of suit.
This notice is given pursuant to
an order of this court. You are here
by required to answer said petition
on or before Monday, the 27th day
of February, 1939, and falling so to
do, your default will be entered, and
judgment taken on Plaintiff's peti
. . .--Plaintiff.-- .
A. L. TIDD. x
His Attorney.
In the District Court of the
County of Caaa, Nebraska
In Re Application of Les
ter W. Meisinger, guard
diari of Wilma May
Tritsch, a minor, for Li
cense to Sell Real Estate.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned Lester W, Meisinger,
guardian of Wilma May Tritsch, a
minor, will sell at public auction to
the highest bidder for cash at the
south front door of the court house
in the City of Plattsmouth, Nebras
ka, on the 13th day of February,
1939, at 11 o'clock a. m., the fol
lowing described real estate, to-wit:
Undivided one-half of the
north half (N) of the south
west quarter (SWU) of Section
thirty-five (35), in Township
thirteen (13), north. Range
twelve (12), and the undivided
one-half of the north half
(N) of the southeast quar
ter (SEVi) of Section one (1),
Township twelve (12), north,
Range twelve (12), all east of
the 6th P. M.. in the County of
Cass, Nebraska; and at the
same time and place will sell
at public auction to the high
est bidder for cash, the un
divided one-third interest of
said minor in the southeast
quarter ( SE ) of Section
eleven (11), and the east half
(EV) of the southwest quarter
( SW 4 ) of Section eleven (11),
all in Township twelve (12),
north, Range twelve (12), east
of the 6th P. M. in the County
of Cass, Nebraska, subject to
the life estate therein to Eliza
beth Meisinger, and subject al
so to the life estate therein of
Lena Tritsch.
Said sale will remain open for one
hour; terms of sale 10 cash at
time of bid, balance on confirma
Dated January 21, 1939.
Guardian of Wilma May
Tritsch, a Minor.
Omaba .National Ilank Bids
Omaha, .rbraka
William Spence,
real name unknown, his wife, Guy
Spence, Spence, real name
unknown, his wife, Frank Clement,
Barbara E. Hulse, Hulse.
real name unknown, her husband,
Alexander Kirk McNaughton, a
minor, James Donald McNaughton,
a minor, Mollie Long, Long.
real name unknown, her husband.
Roy Keiser, otherwise known as Roy.
Kiser, Keiser . (Kiser), real
name unknown, his wife, Marion
Hebard Pettis, Dorothy Bradford
Pettis, Elsworth Final, Final,
real name unknown, his wife,
Thomas Jones, otherwise known as
Arthur Thomas Jones, Jones,
real name unknown, his wife, Isabel
Jones, Elizabeth (Bessie) Mead, Wil
liam B. Spence, John F. Ingram,
Hannah A. Martin, Gilbert E. Mar
tin, Fannie Spence Cunningham,
Bessie Spence, a minor; the heirs,
devisees, legatees, personal represen
tatives and all other persons inter
ested in the estates of James G.
Spence, deceased, except the heirs
set forth in plaintiffs' petition, Wil
liam Spence, deceased, Spence,
real name unknown, his wife, de
ceased, Guy Spence, deceased,
Spence, real name unknown, his
wife, deceased, real names unknown,
and all persons having or claiming
any interest in, rights or title to
or lien upon the
South Half (S) of the
Northeast Quarter (NEVi) and
the Southeast Quarter (SE'4)
of the Northwest Quarter (NYV
i4) of Section Thirty (30),
Townthip Twelve (12), Range
'Twelve (12), East of the 6th
P. M., in Cass County, Nebras
ka, real names unknown, are hereby
notified that Clara B. Weast and
other heirs at law of John W. Ur
win, deceased, as plaintiffs, have
commenced an action against you
and each of you In the District
Court of Cass County, Nebraska, in
which you are impleaded with other
defendants, which cause is docketed
in Appearance Docket 9 at Page 39,
Case No. 9727, of the records of said
Court, the object and purpose of
which action are to obtain a decree
of said Court quieting the title to
the above described real estate in
the parties plaintiff and defendant.
who are the owners thereof, and en
joining all other persons from as
serting any interest in, rights or
title to or lien upon said real es
tate, and to obtain judgment con
firming the respective shares of
such persons in said real estate, as
said Court shall determine are the
owners thereof or have any interest
therein, and for a partition of said
real estate according to the respec
tive rights of the parties interested
therein, or for a sale thereof in case
the same cannot be equitably divid
ed, and a division of the proceeds of
such sale among the owners thereof
according to their respective rights.
You and each of you are hereby re
quired to answer the petition 4i-be
plaintiffs in said action on or before
the 6th day of March, 1939.
CLARA B. WEAST, et al.
j23-4w Plaintiffs.
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J. Howard Davis
Attorney at Law S
PlatUmouih .Q