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JULY 4, 1921
Nehawka Department!
Prepared ia the Interests of the People of Nehawka and Surrounding Vicinity Especially
for the Journal Readers.
The Nehawka Mills purchased a A t-afe place for your m.mey a A few dollar-? per week derM-iied
load of the wheat of Mr. Sturm, and . satisfactory place to d basiuf-.-, the
will be in the maiket fr i ior as' NVhav.ka bank.
soon as it is well through the sweat Frank McDonnell has been tedect
Mrs. A. F. Sturm who is at a ht-alih ! ed as new pitcher Pr the Nehu-.v l;:t
resort at Fairbury, having been tak-I team and as Frank is .ne of the be-t
ing treatment there for some time is of pitchers will no doubt make t'ood
reported as making very satisfjeury in this capacity.
progress towards health. The foundation which is bein.
Mrs. Lucile Davis who was at the placed in position for the new resi
hospital at Omaha last week, where, dence whi.h Mr. and Mrs. A. F.
(he was taking a clinic and treatment. ; Cturm are building has been cuui
ieturned home last Wednesday but! pleted and is now ready for the sup-
is not feeling the best, though some etstiucture which is imim diate ly to'
Eugene Hicks was a visitor
N'els Anderson is hav:n?
in ti.f- Xehawi-u lJ..;ni-. 'vil! lour. t in
the yar.
littler have a ne t e;;.? for a rainy
day. Start an account in the Xt
hawk a 13a nk.
Mr-. ". A. IJo.-ncrar. and little
Hillie have I phi v: ir.njr a: the horn"
of J. G. Vur.d-i licii u urine the
v. t k.
Win. lli-d:e will dijr v tils for i he
j Km-. 1 l-:e 'nr'.t r (!. o-.d. P r Julius Eu
i gtUu r.ifir and t'er Ja-.-k l::ilp.'. in
the future.
The L'.ine of Mr. John T. la!e
which is b.inir har.nre.i by Mr. TIenry
Do you
know why
it's toasted?
To seal in
the delicious
Burlev 11a vor.
It's toasted.
iDnAHu r S3 1 mum
a 1,1 v. j 11 p., 11 ,P.i 1.. ilii-
m . A .. I. 1 net Qitiirrlov Vi7iT-r.!Te. r f li Tiir).ri . r. 1-. i ri .i! lhi a J . t Ii.i
been sent out on an inquiry .as to! south portion of Nehawka. and will j T, , ,., ,,,-". ,iie
. and his ci.-v. of ikilh-d artis-
-atis at " . i.rk, anil ;:r- t-.-tr v; tii
whv the electric juice had been with
held, and did not find out the diffi
have the same screened in to make
it mote pleasant in the '-uniuier Mr.
cultv until he bad gotten as far as Henry M. Pollard is doin- the w,i i; (" .'( Ui.,llt; ,',idlv
Plattsmcuth. I which is an as-urance it v.ill he the, ijs- (Wa'dv Ki,'.di
Meat EUZarket
JOHN OPP, Propr.
Nehawka -:- -:- Nebraska
Busy? Yes, You Bei!
We can get to your job,
though in a short time. Re
member our work and ma
terials are the best.
70 cents per hour for work
is our new low charge.
Don't delay.
!1 has l.e: n as-
-.:,. . t 1. .1... ... 1 -. w ('.,)!,
I .irtjllf, til lite I " i r tl l M -- i i.iii .in
ilr.s. I . t. 1- 11 It on who has been i I t urntit :.r,,l i : m 1 1-: i n very val
troubled with her heart for a number j liable a-.-istant in the in-t it ut ion.
( years but who ha.- been thinl.inu, Mrs. P.e!'.- Pran-s w;,s a v:-ito: here
she has vercoiue the trouble, wis ;uul was looking after the business a!
taben wit h a f ey.-re at t:: k la: 1 Tii ur-.-, 1 1,,- Fr-:ns restaurant a portion of
day and was ery s-rioiis i u- .1 tim. i ;lst week whiie Mr. and Mrs. Fran
but is now Fettinp: better. jwtre j v.ay.
Mis. Nicholas Klaurens who has
Mi's laiiiii Prans who iias jU'-'
b en at a ho-pital at orua ha 1 r ..nie , turned to her wu-k : f! r a vacation,
time is reported as beins iiimh bet -j ami Mi-s Verti.t ilarri- wer oo'i:
ter. as was able last week to be tak-l home at 1'nion for 1 heh Ponr;!i and
en to the luuiie of Ler sister Mr.-. !'.!u-! als f;.r the eeketid.
nia P.urdirk. vhere she is at pre nt. 1 Wni. Ka-t ri'-k . a:id Joh n Lawren'-e
but t links she will be able to com u ! u 111 in !m- well sinking Ptr-i-
hcine durinu liiis week. ! n,- 1 .v havimr ji: s purchase. 1 an
Warren Munn. who has been as-i c.-jiiip:!!, nt for -inkit i we Hs tl'rotmit
si.-tinu Mr. T. K. Pulton at the black- 1 t he firm of Sv.i;:-er brothers.
! smith shop for some time pas'. ia l n t any panic catch you
a-ep?td a !o-iii.ui with the Slo-bl u; w.'ii nr lnuds n nai l, yon have a
Tint -hinsr Machine and ha-, been ; ripht to have rionev when time ;
Ihiesliina; wiih 1 he crew for ."-ome ' com-' hard, an ace : u n T in the Xeliaw
days past. !U- wili expect to 1 a v wit!: Ka ll.nk will!e '.! to do this,
the crew until the work i eouipJ teri. j Mi-s liel'e Pee.i'k t he acc.uui'lisho-1
Nehawka -:- Nebraska jn th
Victor S'.uini. who ha.-
1 a tot ci! ii ic:: t s.
a" tlO1 .-!!'
Harvard law department. a:ol has
sjotfep. in thi'.t yar.-. r-einriieil hoTne
last ediit .-da . and v.ill rii!-:in dur
nitr the vacation and assist in ilw
lumber a nl and also in the buiMttu
of the new h itne whica hi.- failor is
ccn true! in
L l f'.
ws 'w' e. . j y
Miss Faiua Oehlerkins returned on
Sunday fn.n Taylor. Nebraska, where
the haet spent two weeks viituig.
Her pareiits. Mr. and airs. Georce
( lilerking. ne-.tore-ii to Lincoln to
brin." her he.ine.
C Uojjeiirief finished cutting
hi; loe a en-.; of v.heat la. t Saturday
noon. liis laoilo-r and daughter.
j I 'em. were iu from town a rouple
of days helpoir, wiih the lumse work
v bile decree and the three boys fin-i-he.j
eutt insr the grain which is in
pretty pood shape.
The watermelon s-easou is on and
1 a itt't d 'i jum 1
"'on Il.-p.l": Ille'lt Si ;!' ' sn.'V.,;in.
tne Suiolay i'iiil l"our: '1 I th-.1 h lu
of her t.artii's. at l'almr:i, niakiu.
t lo 1 rip via hi 1 - le.
T!o' wo;k w.i nil is: 1 (::;!: d'Ui- .a ! j
the hi'Iiie of I-. .Set, illlla I '-r. l!l tto
W ll(
he! ;i roiii; Ii '
home mo
W'e are selling tires at a very low price, that are of
the highest quality and guaranteed lo p;ive the best of
service. Our stock of electrical fixtures and supplies
is well filled with attractive goods at right prices.
Do not forget that we recharge batteries, hnd that
our service department is the best. We are keeping
two excellent mechanics for auto repair work. ,
The Lumberg Garage,
Mr. Suirin will r-: ui n ' chatue
e fall to complete- i:i law course j make tl
comfort and c .tiveni.-n -e of the ii
Much tvin in 1 lo- im" i'. t y. a ml e.
I o
:o!TU" o'i
I i .: ' U .-. nit will ai'.d m'.ih to tlo-i
iallv di,l tl!
it, i i is claimed t h:i t two and a
ilMil-.- fell a! p'aee ll'lih;'
da afteriM. -n. an ! t ".ten ail
r.iin makiim a l.i;"e x.joim--.
Mr. Truman Tysor and Miss i'l r
'l.ce s-'. 1. wev i'-!tinir :;l tne
he.liie of the paniiis of Mr. Tyso!
Siiiidav and the f'i: t halriviti
(..iT to !he lif!lie of Mr. Tv.-nr's pal
Clarence Tripper was - ;,.-n :1 i u the
1't.urth :it home near 1'' is.
t'haile- Schwab atnl son Prank
v. ! lo' fcinir after s.ime r . 1 -; 1 1 , -n.a-leis
in Plat t.-moiit h la : P: id. y.
S:irlinv llodf t' i.- pen-i oi :ht sum
!.vt at 1 lie lie-me of some ."!! as: on
ia.- S-'wcl! ranclh near (Jrandoy.
lame-, lilakt and l'au.-ily were
sp ndint; the Fourth at t!o. h:une of
ftinds near I'acil'i du'i'-iioa I tw.i.
lien ry P. Kropp. i :i .-. 'i
;ii!V :bns nicely ikiw . which is ve-y
u-. oil reus to iiis 1 1 ic; .is here and
; hronvoiou: t he county.
Pari Webb was It;r at :-r some'
b'.i.-ir.ess matters at Om.ihi las; Sai
f:!a iiftttnoon inakin- tin rr.p ia
1 ?d issoiiri I'.'Cil iia
The Swiizer brotlitrs have just
!'.. n installing a sy-eie :" w i ir
vie;- ;;t the Sileld.Il tio!h-r.s .stock
farm, a seif ree.ula t irii warcrer.
I.e-ttr Wundet lie h and i. (.'. West
we re looking alier .-on:e bu- in ns;it
! rs a: the county .-ea.t :.i-: S.-.'.uru.iy
a 1 ' 1 r;;io:: ma Kin t he : r'p ilieir
Ti'ier;- is liapjunnesK 1 he Home of
Mr. anu Mis. Jtis-eph t'aa ije 11. on ac
eotmt of t he arrival of a 1:"!l- e.iii
: t h.eir home, and t he d a iii: h ; --r has
;. '.'.iki i -il a ,i-ry t.;:'!-;- fe. l'n:: to.
.01 oiint of her arrival.
'i!a Sheldon ha- le-en v.ahina pa-
I.eMly for .-..llie urr:l th lo-A
whii h O rover 1 1 ..hack v. a-
Amazing Success Achieved by Celebrated Medi
cine Not Only Phenomenal, But Unprece
dentedOver 20,000,000 Bottles Sold in Six
Years Foreign Countries Clamor for It.
everyui.o who likes the luscious melon
i.: eiiea oi.i iatr to net his hi!. (Jus ! tr.e (ItllKtlld 3r a pr..a;rie':
Never before, jierhap-. in tl;e t .ry id t!.e -v.-y "
1 1 t. 1 i'"' ' .'!' '..' ''.'' I ! I
I'ait-.e1 receiveei four .lar;e meleuis on
Tuesday that weiubed 12a pounds,
and they were just as g.ood as they
looked. J-ine. red, delicious: and ap
petizing. M a v y melons are coming:
in now and most of the melons this
season are i-ood.
On Tues-lay tl:e report came that
over north of its; s-veial farmers
lo-t valuable horses dae to overheat-
i tor.
i ul re.
; I'-ai : p.. .v." K-r.Vfi
ne ".lii'.'h lip.- Iicvt :;e'r' 'Ii this (.."n-.-trv a:pl CuikkUi
'X"ots;; :;cr'e'eil hy t ' 1 i s niil
fi'fi'i iontctl.
! y T;i:''.:.:. i!k- c I--:.--':"!:
; M"! aii'o r-.-ri
a " "" i ;:-."l. t'"-.-
. - : a ' 1 1 . 1 v e ,r ; !
of Tanlue to reach
a.dd ;!: (
Its eucce
little 0 el'
1 I . I I . I '-I . A i'l .1 .- I
half l ' ulila
l'ri- u .-.ia; i.i draw n the p.--.- c. nte.-,,. -o
!: could ride to Om a i i a i::i t e v, r
th j i-; in .. s; 'T, hu; he -a-.- ti'-.w thai
!o i hill.-.- he will liaVe lo tike his
!i car, aao take '.ii-- pie I ma -r.
c. le.ld.
tits at Kiveru n. Iowa, la-' Sum
and i e! urn in-; Monday evtoiinir.
P. P
iti.I ilaa.
Will TIake Heme in Missouri
lloiate Criflitl. who has heeil niak
iu;.' his home in Nthawka for some
i. .-i and v. ho c ''ducted a rest aura ju
Mr-a Tntdi' r were visiiiuv atid l.'k-j,,,,,. ., ij,,,,., ia., v.,... w;t , the
.nr, after some l.u-iros. in Oar, h a , ; y .p.,,., ,-, , ,j , for Pa ! play. Alt..
a: i ' raiay urivtnj-. t; m 0"-n cai. where th.v lived hei.:
tira S:,e!i!oti wdi
1 for a -hert : :m
You Like to Know
that the remains of the loved one
are resting safe from interruption.
While living the downy bed was not too ?ood a place
for them to repose. Now the CONCRETE VAULT
will keep their remains secure. We have them all over
the county for sale. You'll find the satisfaction alone
worth more than the cost. Most approved vault made.
See Us for All Kinds of Cement Wcik
Miller & Grubcr,
They vi- i ; e l ,
is taking t re., in
it; una nr. p..
Om- of lhe he-1 i.ono- i n ? it ut i in." j
i- t'o- NYhawl.a Ik. '.'':. ever leady loj
look after ilo- !.-! .n : 'o an', j
ei;ian o! N'e'.a, ! .1. Tiii- Lank f I 1
lil.e wloi; t ii. y have ill'!;'' I'lit'c' P'
which h.,s Piad" tu mv j ; a N- !:av. - 1:1.
1 aonr, to A.-tira.-ka. and will tiiiiain
1 1 a ' lor the pre-ent ant will pro
make their hat:
he- re
ka pers .n. t h ha e
i I: t ere is of the- ci I .
Meil I'll' tlf
Lilt iJi J U
Ladies aprons, all sizes, lights and darks. As long
as they last at only $1.50.
Ladies dresses in prices ranging from $2.25 up to
5.00, all ready to put on.
Harvest Specie! Groceries
Raspberries, Loganberries, Blueberries, Pitted Cherries,
and Blackberries Jor pie for the Harvest.
Peaches, Apricots and Pineapple by the case Buy
these now and be prepared for winter with
a goodly supply of canned goods
Call for information and we will have your order ready.
14 2 Rings 143 Rings
Jvt) acres in ( ass county, all cood
farming land, and a man at y. 17a
pt-r acre. Pan carry one-half back
oil land. A snap; no building.
Also luu acre:-, no improvement:-.,
but all can be farmed.
CO acres, no improvements, p.e.-t
of land, and all can be farmed.
.Some TIht: "Jh lief urns
,.t-i wee',; jusi p. fore the rain of
tl.'.' and Priday ttiuht. the tbr"sh
h.o! been comim need, and th" re-
l :r:is thus far shaw very c, md : his
for all who thre he. I. J:. 15. Stone,
v. n - whtat tl ti poiiiid.h to the
Mtnck bu lo 1, also want a"'uit 1'-'
I' ciit-o pt r acre, lo-ary Sturm who
a! o threshed had a retmn of about
I wen Iv bushels.
I Tlto firtl K..II
Pred Zii l lost a valuable' . '
Prank Roit now lost a fivc-i '.' .
.. .. - .,1.1 1 ...... .. ... i J A - kl 1
ea.-oa ,.uv.. mtu..,r, s-nl p.-cple e' rvwhefe w . Ve
te. er -M.0. I he horse I rank w as () rM.OSMliz, j, ;i,":; IUed,cim- of
uMi.ff. it is said belonged to Albert I ;xt, ;i()I,!)IK:.v n,tl-j, S!M,.,. th;i,
Thie! It is reported a number quit; hav(i soJ(1 ,hnaUont tin
the held at because it (.imutrx alJ1 rali:,a sun-thma f.-r
hard on their horse.-. .,..,;. m;m,..., . -o .. . i., ,-
Tlio ft-w.til-- Cturliiti' Tfltorleill ". - - ...
were tdad to see him in town on
Tuesday morning. He hail just ,mf-t--!'.
out of the lic.spital, where he
lia- suffered severtdy from blood
poisoning as a resuit of runnint; a
nifty nail in his foot. Sterling shows
the efects of this strain, but never
ill 1
nllM, lit" I- IWIIlli, UJcruui.
' ii.. ..,.. h.-.i.o'tot t . -
of the bone ' " " '
ternational in its scope am! Kmlaiu,.
illes, es-tablisbin;.;' a record which h
j probably never been "tji:alle. if) the
I hi -t cry of the drusr tra.l" in An er-
Fame is International
The instant ami phi te n: -ua 1 : uc
cess 'wbieh Tanlac won when it w a
be is improvini; ami while- it hr-t mt ro.iuci -,as t.e-n . i. n i u to
........ i, r. nracticallv .r larue cil. sma 1
r-omt- tiiiit ut tin t itr it-.i - - -
cf his toes and a portion
of his fool had to be taken out.
Past r venincr Harry S. Hart hold
departed for Pennsylvania, where he
will spend his two weeks' vacation
ane'iia. the scenes of his early days
and with his brothers who still re-
-iae in that locality. Mr. I ".art hold !
has three brothers living in tbatj
..talc. Charles and Louis at the old j
pom in Lancaster and Adedph. re-I
sidiue. in Reading, ami the occasion
of the vNit is fine that has been i
looked forward to with the greatest j
of pleasure by all of the brother;;,;
as it ha.; been live years s-ince Mr. j
P-arthoid v. a- back in lhe old home.!
Japan, Mexico, Cuba, Hawaii, Alaska.
Porto Rico and many European coun
tries are clamoring for it.
Prom ceiast to coast and from th"
Great l.ak's. Tanlac is known an I Million:, have tak-n it with
m; I ;a ;ii if u.l;
: ; ''!.!!" e ' a '
ihil. !."; rt:
oni- !ii
t h
! .- -ills ant ha e t .
p !'. . l e t ne d ii. i lo' of all time
hi ,i of t In i.i amis of imn a ml
v aneli of aM a-'. in all w alia oi
! 1 1 e. a !: I : ci t tl villi -mael-. Ine-ra'ii
i:ol!:'y i i . r 1 1 1 t". ' . . : "ine of liieai of
i i a : i : a t i i 1 1 '' . a ' w i ' a 1 I . . u a 1 1 i
i,! - . a it I i. i it. ii-? . ' '-'.en and
women r.j' en; 1- . ii i , oi"
ci.L'a i e-, ha t e I ,1 thai I'll
ha'.e 1 o Tl fai'v re-tofed "o their
l ia ma 1 w . -ij .tit . heall I: a l.d : I reltr 1 h
I . v i ' ' 1 1 -' .
Restored to Health
Sl ii! 't' pe-f . u 1 1 o 1 1 :e I f .1 1 1 I V V. ed
m i ". i ; . t ' uh'eri ! v i! i i ion .
h-ail.o !.. -'. ahi.r'i'" of laa ath. .ii.'.v
- p-l!-. . "'.v. aa - y oii a- h -. oa'. .
!nli"!. - , . o i ! 1 1 . ot' In'" il !i. t t ip:i -lain,
bad ci .ci id.-y ion . b .. -. of a ;, t i i e.
:,rr1rro.rv'1 ;, t alei ot I'-'lil'lV
tlej'-!ei. le,r"l "tl f.- 'M'.' . : tale
that t!o y have jin e-t.lir. I" relit --l
i" t tit.-1 r--.-ins. '. aip! -iu ; a lot
re i or.-d to lo a Ii h a ml iiapj.i to ' by
th. e.-e t,f Tanlac.
The h"arir a in the Hovey estate'
ia atter which was no trial yesterday
1 t lore ' .1 mhre p.egley wa continued
until the ae-sit a of the court in Sep
ten: iter.
This morning the case of the ('. P.
(.. railroad company vs Ira Stull
wa.s on trial in which the plaintiff
asked that the defendant be enjoin
ed from tresspassing on the land
claimed by the plaintiff company.
r8Sf noti
CaEI us when you want
Meat, Groceries or
for your threshing dinner we will help you.
E5 R
a lb,
Tel. 4 or 5 -da phones 482 - night phone
KaLe Two Dig' Shij ments
e-e ;-. . ;tlon
'.lannfar-turiiig e'om-
p.tny. la.-t Sa I urda;. made two big
lipnients of the ir con- re-tc mixer.'-, in
whic.h they sent a haif a.r load each
! Omaha and S;. P.-uis. The have
c-tabiishe-d a new inn. -vation in the
working fttrce giving them a half hol
iday Saturdav.
I'llOXE a
Ice Cream!
' Killed the Miles Anyway Sheldon was troubled with
.'.une swallows who made' their nc-i
in lhe vines which : . beautifully
draped his porch, and Con;-h?d"d he
would rid himseif of the initio which
ti.e swallows fostered, and had some
tr.e give t hem the owe over with
si-.'k dip and then he had to have
the.. porch painted.
Ecosters Hie Social
The Hmsters Club of Nehawka.
were gathered in a pleasant social
at the home of H. Wolph. last Satur
dav veiling and they all enjoyed the
occasion very much.
An Excellent Milk Cow.
I 'nave for sale one pure bred -year
old. registered Jersey cow, first
calf fre: h two weeks. Not a better
cow in Pass county. If you want a
cow you can do no better.
Nehawka, Neb.
Pari Bretier, residing near Pozad.
Neb., arrived in Plattsmouth last
Thursday e-vening for an over night
vsit at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
.Gallon $1.85' """,pr- tl!p Parents of Mrs. Bretier.
j ,f i. - j arl came down to Omaha with a car
r lali gallon ... A i.UU sto-k and took advantage of the op-
Quart m 50c ' f,fr,unitv for a 1'ricf visit at the Hun
r ter home. Ho was also a pleasant cal
I int ZoCi ler r.t the Journal off ice I-rjdav morn
Plain dish . . lOel iT:fr;,TTe r0pt?; ervthing in his ur
0 1 - i r' 'he country as looking fine, a
Our old friend Oiris Shoemaker,'
f ni V-eping Water, was a brief vis
itor at the Journal office last Satur
dav evening, where he is always wel
come and we are mighty glad lo meet
him lie drove un from his home, and,
was accompanied by Mrs. Shoemaker.;- - - - - -- - ""
hisdauhter and son-in-law. Mr. and. UbSCribO FOT TftO J O U T H 3 I
Mrs. John W ;ies.
. I ...tiiiii. n.-t it'i'iuijs tine, uiiu
Sundaes 15c, Mrs. ISreuer. who is a IMattsmouth
Sodas 17c:RirK in the brst of he:,lht-
Cones 5c I
Lincoln dod 10c'
XT i 9 r ryf- i The Ladies Aid soeietv of the
iear DCCr, ror OC Christian church at Murray will be
I . entertained at the home of Mrs. i
I rFPFl fkf& jCeorgia Creamer on Wednesda v, !
, f fc uycxi , Ttiy (.U) IIostesses vi bP Mr-S j
' i xt L i ''"earner and Mrs. Walter Sans, and.
j iNiehawka - lMebraka.,ader, Mrs. Prank Head. ,
One Way to get Big
Mileage Regularly
The importance of gasttline ti ith a complete chain of lulling
point fractions
You wouldn't expect to light a green stick with a match.
Yet some gasolines are like green sticks. They neither
ignite quickly nor burn up completely because they lack
sufficient low boiling-point fractions for kindling, and have
too great a proportion cf slow-burning elements.
Itlltitt ill LI" til F VJWAi
te K W M K K B
Straight distilled gasoline
possesses the complete
chain of boiling" points
which assures quick igni
tion and practically instant,
complete combustion.
Every bit is converted into
heat and power gives big
ger mileage per gallon than
slow-burning mixtures, or
less carefully refined gaso
line. Red Crown Gasoline has a com
plete chain of foiling point
Red Crown Gasoline is straight
distilled gasoline. It meets all
specifications required by the
United States Navy for motor
gasoline. It has a complete
chain of boiling-point fractions
-low, medium and higher boiling-point
fractions which, in
right proportion, assure big
power and big mileage. It is
uniform and dependable wher
ever you buy it.
Hoic to et Lvttor results at less
The way to get mileage and
power economically, to escape
carbon troubles, to have a spry,
quick-starting engine, is by per
fect adjustment of the motor to
the fuel used. This can only be
secured by using gasoline that
is UNIFORM gasoline you
can get wherever you are
gasoline that gives a lean, dry,
powerful mixture under all
weather conditions. Use Red
Crown Gasoline.
Authorized Red Crown Dealers
Wherever you go j'ou can al
ways get Red Crown Gasoline
from reliable, competent and
obliging dealers. The gasoline
and motor oils they sell make
motor operation more economi
cal and more dependable. They
are glad to render the little
courtesies which make motor
ing pleasanter. Drive in where
you see the Red Crown Sign.
Write or ask- for a
fled Croun Road Muff