The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 02, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    MONDAY, KAY 2, 1921.
Nehawka Department!
Prepared io the Interests of the People of Nehawka and Surrounding Vicinity Especially
for the Journal Readers.
Fur const-rvat i e. safe hanking see
the Xehawka Lank.
Lincoln poo st rved in all flavors
at (Jrifriii' n-raiiranr.
Kd Klrkpatrick was a visitor in
Lincoln last Wednesday.
Safety Fir means that yon do
business with the .NVhawka Hank.
Try that popular drink. Lincoln
grape pop. which i --rvel at Crif
flii's re-ju'irurp.
John 1. .-Tr"il w;n looking after
jou: hiii!'.-- Matter- t .ebruk:
At Your Service
Yes that is why we are at your service and ready
to supply you with the best that is in . the Auto Sup
plies and Accessories, as well as EJectric Goods and
work in Electric Wiring- We carry a stock of Elec
trical Goods and Flash Lights and Batteries as well.
Do Battery Charging and Repairing. Workmen in
connection for expert Auto Repairing.
The Lumberg Garage
Nehawka, Nebraska.
Farm Machinery!
We Cdii supply your wants in the line of imple
ments and farm machinery just now cheaper than later
in season, as there is a considerable price advance on
stock purchased this spring, which we can save you
through having the goods in stock. Repairs, also.
Yes. the busy season is now at hand. We are pre
pared to look after your work in the painting, papering
and decorating lines. We can give you hand work or
do ycupainting with the DeVilbis air brush. All work
guaranteed satisfactory.
Remember, we have made a discount of 25 per
cent, in order to meet the lowered prices of materials
and labor in our lines.
W. B DALE, Painter Decorator
r -I
We are making the best burial vault possible to
produce. Constructed of reinforced concrete, it is bet
ter and more durable than steel and has the advantage
of costing less. Most undertakers over the country
are handling our goods.
Miller & Gruber,
Saw Mill Now Running
We Are Prepared to do All Custom Work
Sawing; Lumber and Dimension Material
Wagon Tongues, Axle Trees, Double
Trees and Eveners.
Bring Your Logs in as Soon as Possible, as a
Temporary Shut-Down Will Occur During
Latter Part of May. Prices Reasonable.
Sheldon Manufacturing Company
City last Wednesday.
Sir. anl Mrs. C. StcfTens. of Lor
ton were visiting at the home of J.
U. Steffens last Sunday
If. W. GrilTin anl family attend
ed the Xt-ha wka-Murdock hall game
at yi unlock la;t Sunday.
If. K. Kropp continues to improve,
being able to come down town for
the first" time lat Wednesday.
Kdgar (Haze nn wife, of Piatts
attendance at the Kastern Star meet
ing in Weeping Water List Fridnv
mouth visited at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. T. E. Fulton last Sunday.
The fifth grade class of the pub
lic school;? is planning to Rive a very
pleasing proeram in the near future.
H. G. Stoll ami Win. Kastrich un
loaded a car of lumber for the A. F.
Sturm lumber yard last Wednesday.
II. C. Pollard was looking after
some business matters in Lincoln
last Wednesday, driving over in his
Harry Marquard was looking af
ter some business matters in Ne
hawka last Monday, driving over in
his car.
Henry Shumaker is having con
siderable repair work done on his
home, the work being done by Hen
ry M. Pollard.
James McVey. Charles Hates and
Henry Malcolm enjoyed the ball
same at Murdoek last Sunday, driv
ing over in their car.
For real service, which is what
counts when it comes to the matter
of carefully handling finances, come
to the Nehawka Hank.
Marion Tucker and wife were vis
iting and looking after some busi
ness at Lincoln last Wednesday, mak
ing the trip in their car.
While no busy with their other
work. Messrs. C. D. St. John and
Charles Hall have been looking af
ter some repair work at the mill.
E. M. Pollard and F. A. Hoedaker
were looking after some business
matters in Omaha last Wednesday,
driving over in Mr. Pollard's auto.
The plumbing at the home of Louis
Roes has been completed by the effi
cient workmen. Switzer brothers, and
they will soon tackle another job.
Miss Florence Wessel hds accept
ed a position with the Sheldon Man
ufacturing company, beginning up
on the performance of her duties
last Monday.
Mrs. Z. W. Shrader returned home
Wednesday from Plattsmouth where
she visited at the home of her sis
ters. Mesdames A. P.. Taylor and
Thomas Sullivan.
Stanley Maple and Lawrence Con
rad, of near Avoca. were looking af
ter some business matters and visit
ing with friends in Nehawka for a
short Time last Saturday.
No danger of deposits being lost
in the Nehawka Rank as they are
carefully safeguarded by courteous,
painstaking officials and protected
by the state guarantee law.
The girls of the Latin class of the
public schools are building a bridge
of sticks which is fashioned after
the one over which Ceasar took his
army when he crossed the Rubicon.
The Home Econimics class of the
Nehawka schools entertained mem
bers of the faculty at dinner last
Wednesday, the delectable meal be
ing entirely of their own conkinsr.
Wm. Uollner. Fred McGrady. Ora
K. Copes, Charles Everett. Ir. .1. W.
Prendel ami Will O. Laker, of Mur
ray, were here last Monday attend
ing the district meeting of Odd Fel
lows. Miss Verna Harris is taking a
two weeks' vacation from her duties
iti the office of the Sheldon Manu
facturing company, during which she
will rest up and enjoy a visit with
Mrs. Jessie L. Moore of Tulsa.
Oklahoma, who has been visiting at
the home of her parents. W. H. Grif
fin and wife, of Nehawka. for some
time, returned this week to her home
in the south.
Charles Hall bar, completed the
sleeping, porch and addition to his
home, making it much more con
venient as well as affording an ex
cellent sleeping place during the hot
summer months.
John P. Sattler. Joseph Warga
and T. L. Short, of Plattsmouth. were
visitors in Nehawka last Monday, at
tending the district meeting of the
I. O. O. V.. at which Mr. Warga was
one of the speakers.
Some one thinking more of the
sport (if such it be than of having
respect for other people's property,
broke the shafts from the cart that
Mr. Griffin used to haul goods from
the station to his place of business.
James Armstrong and some twenty-five
other Odd Fellows from Green
wood lodge, were in attendance at
the district meeting which was held
here last Monday. They drove over
n cars and were sure a merry bunch
lo have present.
Henry Feltes. the painter has been
' usy with work for some time past
' aving just completed the decoration
of a number of rooms at the homes
f Mrs. T. E. Fulton. Grover Hoback
end Olaf Lnndberg.
W. B. Dale, the painter has been
kept so busy with work that he has
reeured the assistance of S. E. John
tan, who is a handy man with the
t aint brush. The two of them ought
t; be able to keep caught up.
Chalmers Switzer has traded his
truck for a touring car, making a
ceal with C. D. St. John, and both
rre much pleased with their bargain.
Mr. St. John having use for the
truck and Mr. Switzer wanting the
touring car.
R. N. Gillan. of Auburn, grand
warden of the Odd Fellows on Ne
braska, was among the prominent
three link men from out of town
who were here attending the con
vention last Monday and delivered a
fine address at the meeting.
The Agricultural class of the Ne-J
hawka school is engaged in the study
of horses and are making good pro
gress. They attended a sheep shear-
i i A nnt An e t to ti'nn cri ran V H T T
Possom. of the state university and ,
County Agent L. R. Snipes on last i
Wednesday afternoon.
Robert Chapman and wife, Mrs. I
Kate Worden and Oren Pollard and '
wife made up a party that was in
evening. They enjoyed the trip very
much, as well as the work which was
!puf on by the members of the sister
l lodge.
Notwithstanding the siens along
the street near the school house, the
owners of cars persist in driving at
a speed greatly in excess of that al
lowed by law. The law is pretty
plain in this matter and some of the
speed demons are liable to l.nd them
selves in trouble if they continue
this highly dangerous practice.
Frank P. Sheldon has been mak
ing numerous improvements to his
store building and when completed
will have it in the best of shape.
The entire inside is being remodel
ed and a new steel ceiling aided.
When the repair work if done the
building will be turned over to the
painters, after which it will present
an entirely new appearance.
Hon. E. M. Pollard returned last
Monday afternoon from his trip to
Washington. D. C. where he went
to attend the national meeting of
the Fanners Purcau. being a delegate
from Nebraska to the meeting. Mr.
Pollard is vitally interested in the
success of the farmer and gave the
convention some valuable first-hand
information regarding conditions in
the niaddle wrt.
Senator A. F. Sturm siole a few
hours away from his business here
last Monday, running up to Lincoln
in his car in attend the session of
the legislature and kep in touch
with mat tors before the senate. Mr.
F'urm lias, been kept pretty busy of
late looking after his legislative du
ties at Lincoln and his business here,
owing to the continued illness of H.
F. Kropp. who has been the right
hand man in looking after the busi
ness. Gave Birthday Surprise
The friends and relatives of Mrs.
Shrader living north of town, gave
her a delightful birthday surprise
Served by Dish or
Sold in Quantity.
Nehawka. Nebraska.
Meat Market
JOHN OPP, Propr. .
Nehawka -:- -:- Nebraska
House Moving
Modern steel trucks and
steel capstans enable me
to do my work faster.
House Moving, Excavating, Re-Sill
ing. Razing, Shoring and Mov
ing Heavy Machinery.
Two of the Best Breed
ing Stallions in Cass
CELLISCO IUack draft percher
cn stallion, weight 2,000.
ANDEAN Chestnut sorrel per
cheron stallion, weight 1,900.
Registered Spanish jack, "Spanish
Warrior," weight 1,000.
c vr?v
TERMS Service fee, $15 to guar
antee standing colt from any of the
above listed. Money becomes due
and payable upon parting with mare
or removal from the county.
While the best of care will be ex
ercised we cannot be responsible
should any accident occur.
Lien will be required on mare .and
colt until service fee is paid.
julius niiur.iAN,
Nehawka -:- Nebraska
last Wednesday evening, when they'
gathered to the number of about
sixty and made the evening one of j
pleasure for her and her family.
The evening was spent in games and
music and a delightful supper
Using Much Mill Feed
It might be supposed that with
the Nehawka mill running practical
ly full time much of the feed by
products received from the milling
of the flour would have to be ship
ped out of town, but such is not the!
case, as the demand is very heavy,
for this feed right here at home. Aj
large number of hog raisers in the'
vicinity are absorbing this product
as fast as it becomes available and
last week Mr. St. John was obliged
to ship in a car load of bran and
shorts for supplying his local trade.
Played in Hard Luck
Will O liaker. the Avoca mer
chant, accompanied by Dr. J. V.
Prendel started out Monday evening
to attend the district Odd Fellows
meeting here, leaving in plenty of
time to insure getting here early,
but had the misfortune to run onto
a tack and were forced to make the
greater part of the trip on the rim.
As a result they arrived too late for
the supper and a few minutes after
the lodge session had reconvened.
They had the tire repaired here and
made better tinif going home.
Work Masonic Degrees
At their regular meeting on last
Wednesday evening the Masonic
lodge had work in the first and third
degrees, two candidates in the form
er and one in the latter.
Martin Ross Buys New Car
Fred Rhodewald and L. O. Minor
were here from the county seat last
Tuesday looking after the interests
cf the T. H. Pollock Auto company,
and while here Mr. Rhodewald dis
Dosed of a Ford touring car to Mar
tin Ross, who resides south of town,
taking in exchange a used Ford as
part payment. He also effected the
sale of the used car. Clarence Kropp
being the purchaser.
Would Organize De Molay
Last Wednesday Messrs. Vernon
Am and Ralph J. Ilaynie. of Platts
mouth. both active members of the
Masonic order. were in Nehawka
on business connected with the orga
nizing of a De Molay chapter at the
county seat, -urhieh is an organiza
tion sponsored by the the Masonic
lodge and open to youths of from
!4 to 21 years of age. At present
it is being planned to organize but
one chapter in each county and that
at the county seat. Plattsmouth has
received its charter and is ready to
begin signing members. While the
railroad connections arc not condu
cive to members from here attend
ing the meetings and participating
in the work, the auto has largely re
moved that drawback and it is high
ly probable that a goodly number of
the young men of Nehawka will be
come members of De Molay. which is
intended as a stepping stone to ad
mission into the Masonic order and
founded to inculcate into the minds
rf the members the principles that
are taught by Masonry.
The Nehawka-Murdock Game
The baseball gam between the
Nehawka and Murdoek teams a week
ago Sunday at Murdoek resulted dis
astrously for the home boy, who.
nevertheless put up a good fight.
They speak in pleasant terms of the
fine treatment accorded them at Mur
doek. Yesterday the home team was
scheduled to play Julian . at that
place, but the result is not known
at this time. The line up in the
Murdoek game was Kemlin. c; A.
Johnson and Glenn Whiteman. p;
H. W. Griffin, ss; Tom Mason, lb;
F. Miller. 2b; H. Johnson. ;b and
E. Rut ledge. L. Hodge and L. Carper
in the garden.
Installing a New Engine
In order to have more power for
propelling the machinery in his
blacksmith shop. T. K. Fulton is in
stalling a new and more powerful
engine, which he expects to have
running in a few days.
Saw Mill is Running
Elsewhere on this page is an ad
of the Sheldon Manufacturing com
pany, announcing their saw mill is
in operation and ready to do custom
work for those having logs they
wish to convert into dimension lum
ber. The latter part of May. the
mill will be shut down temporarily
on account of farm work needing at
tention at that time, and for this
reason they are urging all to have
their work done now.
A Safe and Sound Institution
There is a great deal of satisfac
tion in knowing you are doing busi- :
ness with a safe institution, be it a
mercantile establishment, manufac-j
turing concern or commercial enter
prise. More especially is this true
when applied to the banking busi-j
ness. You will find the Nehawka
Rank always safe and sane.
Pittsburg, Pa., April 2S. Alexan
der Howatt, head of the Kansas
Miners' union, has rejected the de
mand of the international union, that
he put back at work the striking
employes of the Dean Coal and Min
ing company. The demand was de
livered to Howat yesterday by the
committee of the international ex
ecutive board sent here by John L.
Lewis, international president of the
United Mine Workers of America, to
investigatethe strike.
The use of a loading machine by
theDean company without working
theday men employed at the mines,
Howat said, was an absolute viola
tion of the custom, and the Kansas
union would not agree to it. The
operators contend that under the
contract the company had a right to
use the machine while day men were
Eistrict Gathering in Nehawka Last
Monday Proves Most Success
ful Kan 7 Present.
Great preparations were made for
the district meeting of the Odd Fel
lows and Rebeckas held here on last
Monday afternoon and evening, and
so well did the plans work nut
everything went off without a sin
gle hitch. There was a Iirg" crowd
presen- from other towns over the
distric and the meeting proved one
of the best that has been held in
a good number of years.
Delegates were present from the
lodges at Weeping Water, Elmwood.
Greenwood. Avoca. Louisville and
Plattsmouth. which with Nehawka
include the list of towns in the coun
ty having lodges. There was al.-o
present. Grand Warden R. N. Gillan.
of Auburn, who gave some excellent
talks during the meeting.
The contention was called to or
der early in the afternoon follow-'
nig a pleasing musical uurnoer oy
the orchestra. Rev. E. ('. Moore, of
the Methodist church, who is an ac
tive member of the order, delivered
i he address of welcome, which was
responded to by Mr. Gillan follow
ing another musical selection. Mr.
Gillan's address was along the line:
of "Fraternities." ami met. with en
thusiastic applause. After this there
was more music, followed by the,
playler, "Does it Pay to be Popular?" i
given by the Ketiekahs. This struck
a popular ciioni and male a great hit
with the visitors.
At 6 o'clock came the bancpiet,
which was served by the Nehawka
Rebekahs and which was replete in
all its appointments. Dr. J. W. Thom
as acted as toastmaster and with
keen wit and repartee introduced
the various speakers. The first to
respond was Cyrus Livingston, of
Prairie lodge No. 2". of Weeping
Water, who spoke on the subject.
"Show Your Ticket." Mr. Living
ston, who is himself possessed of no
small amount of wit. handled his
subject in masterful style and receiv
ed hearty applause.
"Watch Your Step" was the topic
assigned to J. E. Hallstrom, Avoca's
young banker, and in his response he
urged that the brothers work in
unison and each do his full share i
toward furthering the objects sought
by the organization. "Step Lively"
was the advice of4C. S. Aldrich. of
Elm wood lodge, and in his address
he put pep into the order as well as
imbued all who heard him with a
desire to move at a faster gait.
J. L. Armstrong. of the Greenwood-
lodge, had as his subject.
"Move up Forward Please." and he
too handled it in most excellent man
ner, giving his fellow members a
good bit of helpful advice.
Then followed an address by the
grand warden, which was good.
Joe Warga. of Platte lodge No.
at Plattsmouth. responded to t he-
toast "Friendship." which he ban-,
Maul It B
Wc Will Do All Kinds of Kauliag Between
Omaha and
Save High Freight Charges!
Prompt Service and Reasonable Prices!
Phone 394 Plattsmouth, Neb.
Tires and Tubes
Cream Separators
(The Separator with the balancing bowl)
The L H. C. Full Line
Paints and Oils
White Lily Washers
Cedar Creek,
died in a masterful manner, linking
into his talk the story of the friend
ship that existed between Jonathan
and David. and around which is
founded the cardinal principle of
Oddfellowship. Mr. Warga's address
iwas well rcceive.t ami was appiauueo
loud and long.
' Following the banquet. Nehawka
lodge No. 214 exemplified the work
of the first degree,. C. W. Chrisweis
ser and William Shockley being the
candidates. At the conclusion of
t:.i.; work those present were given
opportunity of witnessing the Re
Ukah drill" team put on one of their
i . ,iriHc
It was a lite hour when Ihe even
; ing'rf entertainment was over and tie
V 1 .- 1 !
mosi of
came in auto
on th ir way
If.O'U'es. were S
horn e.
.Members of the local lodge have
jM--f cau-e to feel proud over the suc
ce -s of the meeting and the fine en
tertaiiini' im provided for those from
oil t-r :;. attending 'he cnnv-i:-i
i.i .
Delta pi.i held the annual formal
nidation and membership banquet
at the Lincoln hotel Friday evening.
The tables we re decorated in gret p.
and gold, t sororit y colors, and
white and yellow daisies were abo
used in decoration.
Those initiated were Gladys lloc-kin.-oti.
Coming. low i ; Faith Rich
ardson, Chadron; Laura Holdernes.-i
and Vera A?i!"rson. 1'niversity Place;
Ethel Tower. Edison; Wilnia and
Clarice Cook, Elm wood; Mabel Eich
koff. Fremont; Rernice Carlson, of
Lindsay; Athlene Clemens. Danbury;
Abbie keiser and Delia Larson. Ash
land and Marilyn Sewell. Winner, S.
D. Hellen Lucile Gray was toast
inistres., and the following toasts
were given: "Pledges." Rernice Carl
son; "Old Girls." Eva Hogan; Sen
iors." Luella Ruck; "Alumni," Char
lotte Pruning.
The engagement of Clarice Cook
to Gayle Pickwell was announced.
The alumna? present were Mrs. Alma
Llythe, Mrs. Charlotte limning, of
I'niverMty Place; Mrs. Marjorie W.
Aronson. Havelock: Odessa Went land
of Lincoln; Jean Mutz. David City.
Miss P.eulah was chaperone. State
Mi.-s Cook is an Elm wood young
lady, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Cook and a graduate of the Elm
wood schools. Mr. Pickwell is a
graduate of the Elmwood schoeds
and his parents live near Murdoek
El in wood Leader-Echo.
The Facts About Rheumatism.
More than nine out of ten case
of rheumatism are either chronic or
muscular rheumatism. neither of
i which require any internal treat
iment. All that is required is to
'.massage the affected parts freely
TTiwith Chamberlain's Liniment. You
will be surprised at
it affords.
the relief which
y Truck!