The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 31, 1921, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    THUESEAY. JLABCTI 31. 1021
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Loosening Up
Matte kjuv komury Frospevous:
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Pessimism is Being Overdone
The great consumer:.' s- rikc of il)20 wiii haw. io
end before Prosperity can p.o'ccd on its Lenef-jent
way. isn't il reas ).nab!e Lo haiie w l!:at prices i.a" e
00 -.? lew enouyh.1 There is yueb a thmir as prices o-
Business is on the Up Trend
bu: it's up to ah of as to stimulate it and give it a boost our noryial, natural needs and :x keep
inr too
low and the wheel- of industry boir.i: I o reed
to a complete standstill.
KermaZ Buying Sheu!d Segln end Begin sto'J
Consumers must ero back to comuuninr. not ex
travagantly, but normally. Buying is better than Brc?.d
The wheel of succc?--!ul bushier is a contii'.uous
circle of cuvim and seiliiv. The consumer buys Irom
- if
i: c-very body pitches in and buys the things they
' ed U r ju their ordinary comforts the wheels of
Wiii whir a sors of happinecs and prosperity
the relai'er from the manutac urcr th
menu Lac iurer from the mi it' the mills from the grow
er and the leaner
The mines the farms the mill:
Tianuia-t'ircrs empiov tae peop;c vvno cac con-
sumers. his T.v!'eel is a great producer or prosperity-
kerp it goincr.
1 1 1
i n: v.iiee! will
and srnai: to suffer if it sieps.
People are demanding- value.- they are getting
values at the hands of the live retailer the live retail
er will get values from the sincere and fair-playing
manufacturers. Co-operate by buying censervative
lv cautiously buy now to keep inrJu.try going.
There is no reason for waiting.
Your Purchases
1 -77?
neep cne taoGving
men employed!
Ocnf.dohso is Our Osggssi Asset!
Le.'s get back to believing in ourselves, in each
od;e: in ouv country, in our potential prosperity.
V spring comes and flowers are blooming,
hire's cotohng, streams rippling, skies smiling and the
:.-.r;yry vh!-.a:: ci the farmer is heard as he goes forth
to sow. we feel the thrill of new life, new hopes, new
Hi?-? 0:1 the g?.s speed up! A few hills ahead
:r.':an nothing to . he; man with grit and determination
in his era v.- and the foiward look. Be3rond the prob
lems oi ihc present is the smooth, level road of suc
ce: ix: nearly cut of the woods keep going!
i.'.mish our knind of fears and doubts. Be normal
io'iov .!;-- n:;ural impulse to buy the things you need.
;y iu.'.pmg tlr o h"r fellow's business you'll be help-mi-'
your own.
A 1
sz 1$
A 0
9 8
9 1
Matching Eggs!
single coivib white Lecnoaris
m m SX Mi k A t I U W W J m Aha' v
The Wcrld?s McgI Profitable Fowls
Cheaper to raise and keep; will lay sooner and
more eggs than other breeds.
They are more hardy and require 'less housing
space than other fowls.
Those fresh, white table eggs wi-1 again be in de
mand next winter.
Egc-s from our sneciai breeding oer, headed bv
"Premier," D. W. Young strain. $2.00 per 15.
Other eggs, $5.00 per 100.
Platte Fhone 3614 - - MYNARD, NEB.
' .... o--.. r'r-i -- nA T AMijlro "r ,.-.-; - 'o C'..., t :.r nn in . i ill tin- I:r.L v;irl to
! !'."',;:': " GV4',C ;U-dvLc;iS:liIUf r "'-V1 Ln-'-..nS. h !i-c,- ! h;ni l,,.n nominated
tI-l,.:v t!!:.t v.-m ... .t. .. Si:r.?.: S.tys Irot. xvav.u of v. ::u -A;:t nn: riraus iv n.. r :.;ih;:,.;ins. .w-.norrats and
; !'' --;-, n:; ' -r- 'i-i ; 'cbiv.fka State xarm. ri:tta--g- Hen Back to Vcvf: ! lit.-.i -:!i: ns i.;,rtv. Mr. Stdmei-
i : -!; ; i) .-.:c :i i '
. t ; V :i .
r"m Tuosunv's I)Hi!.
City C'-rk 15. A. MM::v;iin i.-.d;;y
:'.(.!'. t-ii tlif urlr;.: d .'linatinn o;"
Mayer H. A. Selim-id- as caniidate
in tin- first ward to
l" ; .1 . .-t':' ' ; :e:: : i ; :
'r.t.-e tr. s i' iar.Uf iniin'i.t r
.!' . : -t i- s v il a rnatia a! i' !
w : i i -i :::!. ;i ? Me . ' i vt
i!a ii
':ei' ;:. ;'. iiov.ard. ef !!:e de;arl
:n in' i.ert It ore a; ilieMai-- i.sri'1
!,;; i ; a ! l.'u!.i .:"' S !ia t ill iieii:'.-!!
: I . urnlITii's : l I. . i i II the till r H ! t U'lt t i .X:,'Jn ion ui -r. ;
Wi-a - S"i. ; i . ; ?i . ; : V- . -. : ' la:- .n. has h, n I.-ill- l.v
; iir. Man-li
. :::: t 'i: i h.
; i !. : ii ,. ! .- i : -.-
:-r deeply a pprti'iates the evidence
i i.t" the i :mi!h! nee of hi- friends in
A li-cii.ed !!.:-);;. e-";y. lmt is r.-iiriiip from office
:'.-r i a r :if in.'ss :.s max or alter ; b. rt e vc-ry stremiuii.
a !;.:: ,.i '.i - lt)-;cir- and :' t I'- tiiat lie is erititl'-d io
I "e -i;e-.
h! -ill' erv
Mav f
; . i lei::.! n-'. i .or jti-.-a.-ure cirs, ;
: and 1 raei..r... '.' ". a- .-.a :. hai i
i: - 'i'm' . r. ; r :-: . : i. r . . vera 1 i
. i . . ii ir r - (.:' !.. .. .;. rd !!:.-
it : .. . e :!i ;.!:;,. .-Ve-.eiit .
i; now. it v ;: - i:n!; .::.!. h i l: ! -m- i
'Io :'-! t ro:;!;. io. v- t.nd ai-i-tit,. 1 'i-i-y.-tn-lrie ;:nd lilacs v a drun- vrad- rs vere in !' ::.n. one!
' di".e. f ion. :-l -en :r: v and en in-s !-!'. -s a' u.e larin in Un- inn :..; .; it ' ; r-cr : an'; ..t -,-.. i-
i.e.- 'iie. n-e Unrdi t k llliiod I'.itt-r--. , .Mo-day im-ni' -is?: Saiail I'rnii. L,oe-se-' ;.t -1 . a : !;ty '.' ; i.n v.
!' V r - illlii .1 ii ' ! I i I! V e
v. i! i i " .'i na.
h. Mr. :. 1
lima' .
C:e !".- v--'U:T !' S,t:'d;i .iini
n -. at t '" ' a! m - riy a''!'es e. : a n. e
-rvive tin ( id p 11 :i!iur; v.
' a orieo' r, a "d early .' iiruide ry. Vi-d'-t-.
,iod ai i etit,. 1 'i-i-y.-uci:!.- ;-.nd !i!ae v re drooj.
a re-; now which he can devote t.
hir. ii:;-iness inn rests. 'I'here is no
n- in the city udto will not regret
i itain ;!.:; .'dr. S.ditndder has de-Mir-d
the ot' e-f and it is t-i he hoped
tiiat t ii o (iiniuiitee of the citizen's
artv will he aide to select someone
ii!'- .stem tmiie. fri-- S l hries and cni'pi's are not yet far' 'in, . ! ::i i ":i 1 ,.
i i-e - !n -v:Il t,n tiie hnsiness
. . . i .. . . . y : 1 .
, , (. ua I i i ions oi .11. .-t-.ii!e;tiei .
ot '-'a.'.,!, j
c i i re. in a
Blank bocks ;
no st a:;y ki::d at Jotzmal office.
i v ! ad'. aii'--d I o siitf
les you can get M-",1'1 i''". ' i-.
I i ,n i e ii'- l a L ilia' in sun s i n ) i : and the nind liad rcih' d lo
' ldow. ih
ni'.icn ,-, ' I. n:a n1: !'a-i iti .' . i oir e.- ft oui e.i-'.'
' -i ! .'a- .. ". v. i'h rae T'a c '
l'-i''rt trade v-"a
al n -;aid
Const inaf ion causes headache, in-:4-nt:ci.
dizziness, drowsiness. For
mild, opening medicine, use poan's
.!, 8 i .env i., s aliove era .Moiuiay ,.,;,),n. ve-' -.iron " then Co fa-'
SinCi prn? ifflpri"''1 - from -d da-! t-,.:1. u , ;irr:u:2,,,,lv : .vricniMuMl.
y ! "4 w W a is j.1 wMMii j $xre- at 7 p. m. S'tniia.y nih.t. Sun- I -j-j ,. Vr,-; Mt.::,.. .-j.nipany an noun cod
Cj! j the mini!. urn teirperatur- -.vie j ,'...:;,v ito p: r ce"t "of men
i lier:a?iiet er rev.i n er
!o e xer; M nda v
a l ions e.-on.-
! It.-at
:'.'c a l.'ox at all stores.
'1 lie opening of the lias-hail sea
son is near at hand. A v. k from
next Tuesdy. April 1 rj. tju. We-t-
i-rn league teams will opan the r-ea-s'.'ii
at the southern end ,:' !l:- cir
cuit and .n April tj'ith tit- Omaha
team will make its initial a pp ram -und-r
th.e ownership ef Messrs I ; i r !'.
and Finn. The team is now at I'or!
Smith. Arkansas, .utdtini: in condi
tion for the openinu. Fond hopes of
the much promised hut lon.u d-aaved
pemtnt winning team li.iv ' alr-ady
received a chill with lh.e los of ii,r-e
straight practice uames to the Jopiin
.Miners t iie past few days and s.-; i he
fans to wondorinv; whether the nev
owners will Rive tlnni any
team than Kourke sinmso.-ed drain:;
his Ions; period at the helm of Omaha
hai lialldoui.
Never can tell wh.en you'll m.a:h
a finder or suffer a cut. hrni.e. ham
or scald. Fe p-epar'd. Tiioti and-,
rely on Dr. Thomas' Fcl-'-tric nil.
Your druirist sells it. ;;np : U doe.
v. i re
;:icd for t a;a: i I: v ui t tie
i ? f-'-t '
m mm
p mm
w Buv Year Groceries !
anrl Carry Them Ho?r:s!
Si. - - ' -- -
ISave foney
offer for sale thirty-one nuarte: seclicna or z.z
three miles north of Madrid, NebiaD-za, on the IJur
Hngton railway.
The price cf this land ranges from $52.00 to
$105.GC per acre.
TERMS One-third cash; two-thirds mcrtgacre,
six per cent interest.
; To men with a limited amount of money, 1
will sell one-tenth cash payment and one-eighteenth
payment each year of principal and interest. Contracts
for sale wiii be made and deeds drawn and placed in
escrow with Trust ccmpanj'.
.17 1 lb. of the best coffee in town
at 2 ?er lb-
lbs. irrecii dried ' ecs for 25c
0. oi navy beans for 25c
lbs. of fjord rics for 25c
lbs. of lima beans for 25c
No. J?1;: siLe cans neaches $1.00!
ITo. s.e cans npiiccts $1.00
'. v. cf white grapes for $1.00
'xo. 2 o size cans p?ars $1.0
gallon can apricctb 8cc
Sillon can peaches 35c
deyrees and the maxitaum :U i!i'- ,,,,!,,,, ,i r-.u ,v : now at worl;
-rf (':'- ! c?i a ; s li-iv a wee'r si-liednlf. while
S"ireta.-y of the d-parlm-nt ' th- 1 '.rot her ; jdant. whi.di op
of at;rii nit ure r reived reports from: or . ,j ;-.i.iv twv v.-ei '. aro o:: a 10 per
varnms points :, r the slate irelica' - ,i:,', -,v..s rcn-ted to he wnrl:-
int; that the cold weather has hilled ;,r i;n j,,.,. cent.
apriiol h'ootns and had!" damaized; The Packard, liud-; n a'nl l's-e
peaches. Ap !(; may he da ma ui-il . ! , ,:, n .. ;, ninniitc at ahoip ."' per
hot to what ct ni cannot he f'i!d;r(n; ;;tni I In ' a .1 i ! la c . l.inco'n. P-;i:;-for
seme time. j i . S.ndehaker. Columhi-!. Max-
Te.umseh. "March :!S. Johnson ! ''- M. ( ha Itto-- a ml ? ripps-!;.,-!, t'aa
cm:utv wa - visited !.v a n:t:di needed i ': '"- lo-re .tinnitro-:! a noanti-y pro
rain. ' "';,e ..,, ,-at'ure n.ade a d-- ,:;: ? '!'r- !u"1 "al" '" "n ' '
cidad f:!l ilardia Sate.rdav nir!'t.
and it wa.s cold Sunday, int'-rf-rinv.' ITKV ArElTIOIT TO SALES F0ECE.
with the -xpeetctl dip!ay of liasterl
honnets ;,, i!lt. churches. The svindM.1(m T;1,,,1:1V-S n.,..y
V..1 S Mill Will T lit. ' nilllT T I ' f II: : V Till' '
il was thought
it n. intn.'d to j
!dow dnrinjr the ni'-.hl lni! and early
venet ion would not he !,ur, l,t ;. vi.;.. ;(S f()reinan
car- h- uind wen. down it wa-;jM! t!,0's, it!.T,...rtunt depar
.eared the e!d nht would h- d-.uu-l h ..j.,,,.,, hi.: siti,
ir.i; to th- fruit crop, the luuls he-
1 fl ' ;lJ;u' to th- fruit cr;
Vl-ji:,. S() W,.J ;,,!v.;.i,,.t.,l.
i Fred Smith, of Omaha, who litis
haao irnn-cird wi'.ti th- Ford Motor
tui'.iny in their Omaha branch for
l armers ru'ti-
10 bars of the following; soaps 75c
i'f.AKi: V. lilTF
tejl'-i t'ar. Lenox scr.p
'k 1 ; fcrre; Luna coa;i
Thomas E. Parmele
tl"na and has naecn'cd a position on
, ts.. ...i ,j r. ....... .,r 'P if i'.oi xL .lie
.rally have had potatoes oats, and ,' , " A;;,.,, (,,..Ur- Mr.' Smith arriv-
. - . v t i.'li .1' i 'I t . 'i ir. i ' ' i .
as two weeks. C.ood Friday found
many oi hers p-t ' in in fln-ir spuds.
ill T' ' sr J
i eu inn. morninu to iai-:e np in- nf
51izz?.rd at Ellsworth
lOPsworth. iihi-cli S. ---The Idir.
;:ard that prevailed in this section,
which threatened fireat disaster I
stock, terminated the early hours of
Sunday with no other oaina-.e than
a bhir!:e' of snow as a ureeiin-- for
Fa fit r Sunday. Had this
continued tk- uiai three days tin:
X-w y.-Tl:, March - ii. Th.e New
Verk Ceniral lailroad announri-d a
ri per c n! in .'.u n '"on ?"'.' round trip
tickets, with time li; tlVeilive be-t-cn
Mav 1- ami .Pane 1. up to
would have been widespread" loss .f i Sep ember :H. to all pi ints in ils tor-
: -tock a.- th.i., -torm bor- aii the car-m.irk;-.
of an oh! t'tne bli;:ard. Trr.ins
r i f o r v .
Ke-to;a:ion of !ia "hcme-sa(d;ers
ts bound, west of
iiro -r.f l.eitir A, I , It is rrnnfix! I I'ateS !(,r CiiOll
that 'there are more than "00 polos ' rl'"" ':!r: announced These
down between Seneca and Alliance
te w.
abolished during the war.
I due to the heavv. wet biiow. The en- ,
C?5 R 9 P a5F,B!?7 I tire western f.'rt of the ctate is en-! I Lave a second hand Joliet oylin
9La S AL . veloned in snow p the extent of .", ' dcr s!;clUo- in excellent condition.
" M mMa - - ." , , .,1.;.,.. ... , I n .ilt .Vil:ir rr...lf
w T
South Sixth Street
fir ii inches, v.-fcieii i no w me:t im: j vt ry In a ;.
flattsmoatu verv fasJ. 'Nebraska.
or at least give us your order for there is now a
We are now filling signed orders in the order
in which we receive them, m if you are Roins to
be wanting a new Ford of any model soon, es
pecially a Cloned Car. better get your order in
before the other fellow, sis we are now short on
some models.
We have a few slightly used Starter Fords,
also other models at bargain prices.
Also we have, 1 Coupe like new $G50.00
One Coupe 2 . "i 0 . 0 0
One Ford Ton Truck 350.00
One 7 h. p. Gas Engine. like new l.'O.OO
We are taking in old Fords on new. Come
in and see if we can trade with you.
We sell for cash or on time payment plan.
Do not overlook the fact that the Ford Dealer
uses none but genuine Ford Parts and is personally
interested in seeing that every Ford owner gets the
very best service and attention in our shops.
We employ none but first class mechanics.
Phone No. 1 Plattsmouth