The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 07, 1921, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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KONDAY, MARCH 7, 1921.
A:1 ..-1- 1--
? Better Buy It NOW!
There is a Big Shortage
in Ford Cars
, 3
The buyers who had intended to pur
chase big, expensive cars are putting their
orders in for FORDS.
Beter get an order in for present or
id be able to get
new Ford when you want 'it.
If you haven't all the cash, we can
sell on the Payment Plan one-third cash,
balance in monthly payments.
We sell them for cash or will take
bankable notes.
Come in and give us your order.
Phone No. 1 Plattsmouth
M"1"M M-? I 'l l I -H
Mrs. John Gonzales of Elm wood
has a flock of 100 Single Comb Duff
Orpington hens which laid 1022 eggs
in the month of January.
Annual Meet of Farm Buieau Board
Mr. Banning of Union was elected
president, Chas. Xoyes of Louisville,
vice president. Harry Bricker of
Greenwood and Searl Davis of Platts
mouth members of the board. The
old members remaining are Geo.
Towle of Weeping Water, secretary
and treasurer. B. Wblph of Xehawka,
Geo. Foreman of Alvo. They decided
to employ a Home Demonstration
Leader and if one can be secured. she
will begin the work between March
15 and 30. Watch papr for further
Clubs at Murray. .
A great Interest was shown by the
girls and also their mothers in cook
ing and sewing club work. The old
er girls present decided on a sewing
club and held their first organization
meetinf. Temporary officers were
elected. Margaret'Spangler chairman,
and Marie Puis secretary. The con
stitution and by-laws were adopted
leaving the name of the lcub to be
voted upon at the next meeting. The
younger girls planned to have the
first organization meeting of their
coking club at the home of Elsie Puis,
Saturday, March 5, at 2:30 p. m.
The following girls were appointed
on committees: Elsie Puis to find a
Header, Leona Puis chairman of com
mittee to work out a program of work
for the club, Lois Scotten chairman of
the enrollment committee.
Both clubs expect to meet the fol
lowing requirements and line up
with other standard clubs in the
Requirements for a Standard Club:
1. At least five members work
ing on the same project.
2. A local leader in charge dur
ing the club year.
3. A club organization with offi
cers in charge.
4. Delinite program of work for
the year.
5. At least six regular meetings !
during the club year. Secretary
keeps a record of these meetings,
and also of the program of each mem
ber. 6. A local exhibit held. annually.
7. A demonstration team must
give at least one public demonstra
tion in the community.
8. A judging contest held during
the club year.
9. Annual achievement day.
10. At least 60 per cent of the
members mus tcomplete the project
and make final report.
Charteris earned by completing
1. 2. 3, 4. Seal earned by complet
ing all.
Co. Agri. Agt.
1,000 Chick Colony brooder for sale
cheap. James Miller, telephone 3732.
Fifteen ton first class alfalfa hay
in hay shed, 2 mile east of Murray.
Inquire of T. H. Pollock, Platts
mouth. ltw.
Notice to Modern Woodmen
of America!
Wednesday; March 9th
20 Candidates Officers from Lincoln
Eats, Music and a Good Time' COME!
C. F. Schmidtman, H. F. Goos,
Counsul. Clerk Cass Camp 322
Land tfbir Sale?
Arriba-Lincoln Go., Colorado.
160 -acres; 1 1 miles from Arriba, good hard land,
rolling -not rough; good farm. $35.00 per acre; $15.00
down, balance 4 to 6 years at 6.
320-acres; all good farm land; 1 35 acres in cultiva
'tion; all well fenced. Good terms at $55.00 per acre.
640-acres; 6 miles from Arriba; a perfect section on
main highway, shallow water. Perfect and good terms.
Also city property in Plattsmouth. 8-room modern
house, 1 Yz blocks from Main on Vine street, $5,000. A
5-room house and lot. West Main street, $400 cash. See
Tel. 394 or 229 Plattsmouth, Neb.
Our Spring Silks Come in Wide Range of
Beautiful Weaves and Colors!
This store has made a great effort this Spring to feature values that are the very best of their kind that can be offered. Because prices
.have reached new low levels, it does not mean that quality has been sacrificed. It means, on the contrary, that the merchandise is all of our
fine standard qualities and that the prices which accompany-mean economy practiced to the very best advantage. You will feel well repaid
for an early visit.
Our silk department is full of real values, reflecting the latest fashion trend in fabrics and colorings. Here are chiffon taffetas, soft and
fluffy, in blues, browns, grays and blacks, at $2.50 to $3.50 per yard.
Crepe de Chine, every good shade, and in good heavy quality, $1.95 per yard. '
Satin crepe meteor, the new lustrous cloth, in all new shades, 42 inches wide, at $3.85 per yard.
Canton crepe, a genuine Canton, one of the prettiest and most serviceable cloths you've seen this season. New shades arriving daily.
$4.85 per yard. '
Satins, the correct cloth where soft folds are desired. Come in various weights in all colors, at $1.95 to $5.00 per yard.
Our Voiles and Organdies Make Lovely Dresses!
There is an' air of freshness, a suggestion of youth about a dainty voile or organdie dress that is charming. These are inexpensive and
make up so readily into Springlike dresses without a great deal of effort. These range in price from 50c to $1.50.
DOTTED SWISS is one of the leading favorites for smart looking dainty dresses. These come in such pretty combinations navy
ground with white dot, brown ground with white dot, red ground with white dot, and white grounds with all colors dots. These at $1.00
to $2.25 developed with organdie sashes to match or .with a sheer white organdie collar or lace yestee, is just the dress you will want this
spring and summer. They launder beautifully and give you all kinds of service.
Kid Gloves for Easter!
and for your new Spring suit or dress
We have just received some newly
imported French kid .gloves in all the
pretty shades of brown and mode, .some
sizes in gray, at only $2.50 per pair.
The black kid, with white overseams'
and white backs in the famous "Alexan
dre" make are $3.50 per pair.
SILK GLOVES are very pretty and
decidedly different, coming in the various
wrist lengths and long ones for short
sleeves. These can be had at $1.50 to
$3.00 per pair.
Middies for School Girls!
There is nothing more girlish or suit
able for school wear than a well fitting
Middy, and our "Miss Saratoga" middies
are just the thing, for they launder so
' well and continue to give good service in
definitely. An all white middy, trimmed
with linen braid and with yoke, regula
tion style, is now only $2.25. We have
other styles in all sizes, detachable flan
nel collars, white with emblems and flan
nel, collars attached at $2.50, $3.00 and
up to $4.00 each.
Remarkable Values in Our
New Hosiery for Ladies!
Black, brown, gray and white pure
thread silk hose, lisle tops, all sizes, at
per pair, $1.00.
Pure thread silk hose, in all shades,
full fashioned, all sizes at per pair $2.00.
Ladies cotton hose, black plain or rib
top, per pair 35c
Marble days and play days for boys and girls
mean harder wear on hose. Why not get the kind
that you knoW will outwear several ordinary pair?
"Cadet" hose with double knee and heavily re
inforced heels and toes are that kind. These come
in three different weights at 50c to 55c per pair.
Hair Nets!
Our cap and fringe nets are the big
gest and best nets that can be found. Ask
us for our new "Stayfast" cap net in both
the single and double strand. You will
find that they match the hair perfectly
and are uniform in color. The sin
gle strand hair nets are 3 for 35c. One
dozen for $1.35. Double strand nets are
25c each.
Ribbons for Sashes!
or Hairbows for Little Sister
It does seem that no dress or suit is
complete without its touch of ribbon,
some bright spot of color. We have, in
stock and are constantly receiving some
new shades.. You can take last year's
dress and with a pretty piece of ribbon
make it look new and up-to-date. The
soft satin ribbons and the Moire ribbons
are best adapted for these sashes.
Yarnfor Sweaters!
Why not be making up that summer
sweater now? You'll have it when you
want it. Our Caron's yarn color range is
complete and the 2-oz. balls are now only
45c. This makes an inexpensive as well
as a very attractive summer wrap. The
summer sweater is here to stay, it has
proven its practicability. Some new in
struction' books are on the way.
A Good Quality. Goods
at a Low Price Jt '
Call Phones
53 or 54
( - -
Do you feel old before your time?
Is your back bent and stiff? Do you
suffer urinary disorders? Don't de
spair profit by Plattsmouth experi
ences. Plattsmouth people recom
mend Doan's Kidney Pills. Here's
a Plattsmouth resident's statement.
Louis Kroehler. proprietor of hard
jware store at 521 Main street, says:
"Some time ago I had my
back. I was so lame I could hardly
stoop and my kidneys were weak. I
had a tired, languid feeling all the
time and headaches were common. -I
got a supply of Doan's Kidney Pills
from Rynott & Co's. drug store and
began taking them. They soon re
lieved me of my troubles. I am
pleased to recommend such a valu
able remedy."
The above statement was given
April 10. 1912 and on May 12. 1920,
Mr. Kroehler added: "I am of the
opinion .that Doan's Kidney Pills
are a splendid remedy for kidney ail
ments. I haven't needed them in a
A umber of years and would certain
ly use them again should I ever have
kidney disorder. I have great faith
in Doan's.
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mr. Kroehler had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs.. Buffalo, N. Y.
Uncle Ben Beckman came up yes
terday afternoon from his home near
Murnij for the fret visi there in
many weeks, as he lias been unelor
the ueather with a severe cold aiTd
it was not until the bright Bunny
weather arrived that the family
would allow him to get out and
arund. He is feeling better now,
hwever, and his many friends wore
much pleased to see him.
Blank Books at the Journal Office.
From Friday's Dally.
Word has been received here by
the members of the family that Wil
liam Hoffman, one of the service men
of this community, was operated on
last week at the Public Health Ser
vice hospital in St. Louis for appen
dicitis and that he is now doing
very nicely and hopes to soon be on
the highway to complete recovery.
Mr. Hoffman has never fully re
covered from his gassing and wounds
received in battle in France and has
for the past month, been at the St.
Louis hospital taking treatments
and. his f lends trust that he may
soon be fully recovered from his sickness.
White Shepard dog with yellow
ears, lost or strayed. Any informa
tion as to whereabouts, will he
thankfully received by James Mil
ler, owner, telephone 3732.
Ed. Vallerv and Aninn WhT., .
among those going, to the metropolis
today, where thev were called tn i-.-
after a few matters of business.