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THFF.5DAT, ITE?.UA?.Y 2. 1921
Prepared Exclusively for The Journal.
In the Posksls of fimsrica!
It has ben estimated that 20,000,000
Americans carry in their pockets $560,
000,000 in bills and loose change.
A Costly, Dangerous Custom
Remember this money in the pocket is
non-inlercct bearing cash, it is not in the
bank in the form cf deposits and cannot
be used as a basis of credit.
The columns of our newspapers are
filled with the records of personal hold
ups, pay roll bandits, house breaking and
pick pockets.
W hy carry money in the pocket? Far
better to carry a check book! If it is lost,
you can get another and it has no value to
the finder. A check is a receipt for money
A safe and wise place to have money
in in the bank. Deposit your pocket
money today.
nk f Union
at althul and Lincoln for some
time pas.t returned to Union last
week and reports he is feeling much
better than he has for some time
V. H. IJetts of Weeping Water,
was looking after some business mat
ters in Union last Monday.
Miss Flora Midkift" of near Avoca.
was a visitor for over Sunday at the
h'.me of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pell.
Lloyd Yonker of Plattsmouth. was
a visitor in Union last Monday,
coming down to look after some busi
ness matters and visit at the home
of his parents.
Mrs. Myron Lynde was a visitor in
Xebiaska City last Saturday, where
both the guest of friends
looking after some busi-
she v;:s
and was
"ihe 8
This coming Saturday night at the M. W. A. Hall
vill be given the wonderful story of a man with money
to burn. Interesting, instructive, funny and realistic.
After the sl.ow, there will be given another of
those pleasant dances. Ccme and enjoy a good time.
You cannot afford to miss it.
Union Show Company
Dr. M. Swab v. a- a business
caller in Oxr.uha la-t Monday.
Mir-s An-ie .r:-':.rr.!i. who is
teaching was !:;::.' i.r a vifit over
Saturday and Sunday.
Mi-s Marv K. Fu-'er. who is em
j,'ov"'l in 'ni.;ha. was a visitor at
tii- !:'TT!" cf her parent-- over Sunday.
Mrs. II. M. Kw'.b was a vi-:'or in la.-! Saturday ;:id Sunday.
1-eir.g :!;- utie.-t of Mr-. S::w-1 while
Cliurlf- l;-ardn-aii and K. M '.-Cowan
are new rt:i .-!- f.f tie Journal,
which will make regular vi-it at their
'.:. Fr I I-vrak of Or... -.ha. was
a v i -1 " . . r in Union (-,:- Sunday, be
ing a t-o-.-r of hi- fr:- ltd. Miss .'.iary
I! -ckcr.
I'. H. lir-cU-r ?;n.-r.i last wpek at
I;ir.h';r. w-h r he was assisting on
Tiie lam: r:" Mrs. IJecker'.s father,
Cor.rrd J. Mu'.'.i-.
!.'.K.i: n I5;.r.n:ng w.i- looking after
some !;u.-in-s matter? at Nebraska
('iy las .i K. and al-o l ad son e
dental work done..
Mi- V'r.n V-rr- of Havelok. was
a vi;ior in Union for th ;k:-t few
davs he inc. the gi:e- of her friend.
Mi---- .V.-'t:.. MH'arroIl.
Ir. J:. F. Urendel was a business
visif. r in Union la-t Sunday, driv-i:-,r
lov. n ir his ear to look after
s: m pro:"-.-si; nal bu.-ine
.M T,M-!ah and Austin.
wh' ar-- tn.j.d"ved in P:::aha were
i p eu-c-s of 'heir parents. Mr. and
Mrs. !"an Austin. ea t of Union.
I I. II. Lynde and wife spent last
j Sunday at the home of the parents of
the la'ter at Nebraska City, driving
iover and returning in their ear.
j Henry Ross of south of Nehawka.
: was a visitor in Union for a short
itime while on his way to Omaha last
?!:!. day afternoon to look after some
business matters.
W. L. Stine. last Monday, built a
, new rhimney on one of his houses
(and notwithstanding the inclemency
'of the was able to make an
1 ' xrt ;t;t ji h of it.
j Clifton Clarke, who is employed in
Omaha, was a visitor in Union for
I over Sf!:djy. l.'fjng a euest at the
home of his parents. Mr. and .Mrs.
Fred Clarke- and family, northeast
of town.
J. M. Pa-.terson and G. W. Cheney
were visiting with friends and also
looking after some business matters
:n Pluttsraou'.h the first of the week.
Mrs. R. L. Newell of Craig, was
a visitor in Union at the home of
her friend. Miss Jessie Todd, and
other friends for the pan fw days.
Mom Rob': and Flossie McCarthy
were busy last Monday making some
alteration-, at the McCarthy elevator
which will make the work a little
mere handy.
Fdward Whitemarch and Samuel
Tr-nt. both of Ralston, were visit
ing with friends in Union for a few
days last week, being the guests a?
the home of W. S. Sidwell and fam
ily. A. II. Austin, who has been visitinc.
oat rnces uowm
1 THh
Chapman, who has
been attending the state university
returned home at the ending of the
first senvster and will remain until
the beginning of the- next school
The social danc- last Friday eve
ning was well attended and an ex
cellent time was had. It was con
cluded better to have had the dance
before and not following the picture
E. K. Leech. Wearley Woodard
Will Cook. John Hys. and Davie
Murray, were looking after sonu
business matters ft Nebraska Cit
last Saturday, making the trip vi?
the Missouri Pacific train.
Mrs. W. A. Drown, who has been
visiting with friends and relative,
in r;nd near Murray for the past
week, was a visitor in Union for r.
short time while on her way to the
acme of her daughter. Mrs. John
Van' :ti. at Wyoming.
Mrs. Vesta Clarke was a visitor in
Auburn for a short time last week
;?insr the guest at the home of her
'laughter. Mrs. O. W. Finney and hus
!;'.::;. the family returning to Union
for a short visit with relatives n-ro
v:k Mrs. Clarke on her return.
Mrs. Harry Toed, who has beer
visiting at the home of her son Glr
Todd and wife, was a visitor for a
short time in Union and truest a'
the home -f Miss Jessie Todd whib
here, and departed for her home in
Lincoln affr spending a few houre
Miss Ida Reynolds, who is employ
ed in Havelock as a teacher in tlu
public schools there, was a visitor a'
the home of her parents, Mr. anc
Mrs. J. T. Reynolds, southwest V
Union, spending the week end hen
and returning to her work Monday
Charles Venner. who some twenty
live years aco was engaged in part
nership with Earl Richard in th
implement business in I'nion. bu'
who has for some time been makin?
his home at Lincoln and is traveling
on the road, was a visitor in Union
lav. Monday looking after some busi
ness matters.
John Xiday is a pretty happy mar
these days, all on account of th.
kindness of the stork which left r
fine little girl baby, weighing sever
and one-half pounds and which i.
for Mr. Niday and his good wife
No wonder that John and Mrs. Joh'
are wearing a happy expression ever
is corn is down and money is scarce
Notwithstanding that there is nr
minister at this time at the Metho
dist church, the bible school and th
Kpworth league are being well at
tended. The I'.ible school in th'
morning and the Junior Endeavor
held Wednesday evening, while th
Senior and Intermediate Endeavoi
are held on Sunday evening at tlu
On Friday of this week the youns
peoples societies of the P.aptist anc
j Methodist churches, will hold a join'
j rrpeting. when ways will be devisee
j for the better working together c
: these two societies. This looks goor
!io us. and we hope that much goo
j may result from the effort of th
: team work of these two young people:
i societies.
A. L. P.e-ker. the merchant, say?
that business is good. We were in
his place of business the other da
and it looks like he and his daughter
Miss Mary, had plenty to do lookinr
after the wants of their customers.
The same thing can be said of R. I)
! STtiilo Kilt ctitl T?l,tliin fn.t
i-llllv , ... u l -lil. 1 kll V 1 . 1 Luill 11111
time for a little joshing with tht
Journal man.
W. II. Killon. a clearing salesman,
who has leen making a great sueee
with a monstrous sale with the I)ove
rtores in Plattsniouth, accompanied
' ith Charles Dovey, was a visitor ir
Union a few days ago and will prob
ably put on a large clearing am'
( :osing out sale for one of the mer-
hants in Union. Who ever arc
" joking for bargains better keep thi
; atter in mind.
Vv c will have plenty of cold weather yet. Better
order a few tons cf ccal.
Franklin county (Illinois) lump or furnace size
can now be bourrht for
V. e appreciate your patronage.
Frsns Bros', Lumber Co.,
j Kr. Matt JJcQuinn Sick.
I Mr. Matt McQuinn is reported as
; ' eing very ill at his home in Union
'; nd while he is some improved, is still
j cnf.ned to his bed and is far from
' eing well. It is hoped that before he may be able to be up and
i ut again. His many friends down
town miss his happy smiling fai
t nd general agreeable disposition, as
be was always making the path cf
life more easily traveled for thoe
with whom he associated.
Fiddler's Contest Postponed.
The Fiddler's contest which was
to be arranged for Union and for
which a few steps were taken, has
been indefinitely postponed and will
be taken up later, when the roads
become more passible. These gather-
! ings are generally of much interest
and draw large crowds of people,
they being productive of much merriment.
Will Engage in Business Here
A. W. Propst departed a few days
'ago for the western part of the state.
where he will dispose of his crops
and will return, as he has arranged
to go into business here. He and
Mr. Burbect will engage in the auto
mobile selling game and will handle h n I I ( Olll
the Ford, they now having a car load .fJllKI I. fl ff"
of these cars on hand. t U U L. I U V fi L L I
Entertained Ep worth League.
Last Thursday at the home of W.
Hl Porter. Miss Leatha. with Misses
Ida Maugay and Elsie Taylor, enter
tained the members of the Epworth
League at which a general good time
was enjoyed by the large crowd
which helped make the evening one
of pleasure. A delightful lunch
eon w;-s served afttr games and
songs had all been indulged in. Ice
?ream and cake, with coffee was the
distinguishing features of the dainty
Eev. W. A. Taylor Very 111.
The Rev. W. A. Taylor, who has
been troubled for a number of years
past with stomach trouble, and which
las given him much suffering, had
the malady culminate last week in
an attack of hemmorage of the intes
tines, which was of such a serious
nature that some did not exp"Ct iie
vould recover. With a grip (;n life
md a magnificent constitution and
'he best of care and medical atten
tion given by Dr. Garritt, the climax
"f the attack was passed and on the
1rst of this week there was hopes
:f his recovery. The many friends
-.f this excellent citizen are hoping
that he may soon b well again.
Picture Chow a Success.
"The Saphead" which was given
by IJert Willis at the movie theater
'ast Saturday night was eure a sue
es.s in the line of furnihsing a good
diow and one which caused a great
h-al of laughter during the whole
how. Everybody was well pleased
with the show. The picture for the
ruling Saturday ee:;hig is one as
'ur.ny as the one la-.t week, if r.ot
TiOtv so, and is known as "Tair and
Warmer." This a picture that
ou do not want to miss. It pljyed
n the larger show- houses of Omaha
mly a few weeks ago. claiming large
uidieuces night aftc night.
Ttoyal Neighbors Install Officers.
Last Saturday at their regular
meeting, the Koyal Neighbors of
merica installed the officers elected
"or the coming year. The order has
;en in a very flourishing condition,
nd has been Messed with a large
lumber of new members, who are
rood worker.-, and we look for still
.lore increases in their numbers and
vo.-king force. The newly installed
fhcers are: Mrs. Minerva McQuinn
raeie: Mrs. Nora Niday. vice oracle;
"i.-s Mary Niday. chancellor: Mrs.
Martha Lynn, past oracle; Mrs. Jc-s-ie
Liggett, recorder; Miss Clara Iy
art. receiver; Mrs. Delia Roddy,
na: shall.
Union School Notes.
Miss Bogenrk-f's room
Miss Gu.isie Robb visited our room
at-t Monday.
Cleoma Farris is absent from
chool on account of serious illness.
High School Notes.
Vera Upton was absent from school
ast Friday.
Pearl Eaton gave an interesting
enort la-t Monday rooming on tiic
Story of Our Continent."
The Tth and Sth grades gave a
Vogram last Thursday morning
hich consisted of readings and pi
no solos.
The members of the Sth grade eacii
ave a memory gem or quotation last
riday morning during tiie eonvooa
ion period.
This week was the first week of the
cond femtster and 'report cards
vere given out Friday evening ir.
11 the grades.
Mr. Gaines and Mrs. Subblett vis
f,d high school last Wednesday and
'ive very interesting talks that were
-eitly enjoyed by all tiie students.
Five of the high school boys sang
everal selections Wednesday morn
'rg and several of the 9th grad
rirls also gave vocal numbers and
The seventh and eighth grades
oin with the high school in the
opening exercises eaoh morning,
"rograms are given each morning by
Hfferent students and classes.
Soph more notes
The Sophmores fully enjoyed two
oeakers Wednesday, although we
:iated to miss our studies.
We want to compliment the
'Freshies" on their memory (less))
Terns ? ? ? which they rendered Fri
lay a. m.
We have taken up the study of
botany and consequently spend most
)f our time chatting yith Webster
nd the International.
La Vern Frans startel in taking
i primary course at night school
'ast Friday night and became so in
ferest(d that she forgot to watch
the clock and got locked in.
There will be communion service
following the sermon on Sunday
morning. Service at 11:15. Sunday
chool at 10:30. Evening service at
7:00. business
-ession will he held Mondav evening
n 7:30. Conference Superintendent
W. O. Jones will be present.
E. II. Pontius, Pastor.
"Fair and Warmer"
This is the name of the play
that is to be present Saturday
night, February 5th, at the
U. VV. k. HALL
This is a very popular play,
surpassing in laughter and
amusement the one which was
given last week.
Let Everybody Come
and enjoy this picture
Admission - 1 5-25c
As I am going to move to Colorado,
I vv ill offer at public auction on what
is known as the old Meyer place ;!
miles east, and one mile south of
Weeping Water. 4 miles north and 2
miles east of Avoca, Neb., on Monday,
February 7, 1S21, at 12:30 o'clock
sharp, the following described pro
perty, to-wit:
Live Stock
One bay mare, smooth mouth,
weight 12M); one black mare. S years
old. -weight 1300; one span mules,
smooth mouth, weight 000; one
spi.ii of mules. ; and 7 years old,
weight 24b0; four cows giving milk,
one of these just, fresh; four mu
that will be fresh by first of May;
two yearling heifers, two heifer
calves, ten weeks old; one short horn
bull 3 years old; one cow. X years
old. fresh in November; two year
ling steers: one small calf.
Farm Machinery
One Dudlong disc good as new,
1 John Deere riding lister combined,
1 Deering mower good as new, 1
BkK-k Hawk corn planter, 1 John
Deere two-row machine, 1 three-section
harrow. 1 Deering hay rake, 1
Avery walking cultivator, 1 Uadger
riding cultivator, " shovels, 1 top
buggy, l truck wagon, 1 hay rack,
1 pump jack, small buzz saw complete.
1 Climax feed grinder good as new, I
blacksmith forire. 1 grindstone.
tv.o-rov.- stalk cutter, 2 sets 1U inch
harness, 1 l;-:nch walking plow. 5
galvanized chicken coods, 1 55-gallon
steel barrel. 1 3o-gallon stone jar.
about six rods of lat fencing. 1
Rock Island two-row machine, 30
acres cf good stalk field that can be
pastured till March 1st. and other ar
licies loo numerous to mention.
Terms of Sale,
All sums of and under, cash
in hand; over that amount a credit
of three to six months will be gin.
pu rch.
tser giving note wit happroved
.-ecurity bearing eight per cent in
teerst from date of sale. All pro
perty must be settled for before being
removed from the premises.
W. R. Young, Auctioneer.
C. E. Butler. Clerk.
Ch. Bcv! That Show at Nehav.ka.
Yours for Best Service !
The Reo truck is built for service, being sturdy,
powerful, and having ihe action necessary for the dis
patch of business. Come in and we will be pleased to
demonstrate the wagon to 3011.
We .also handle Reo cars, Goodyear cord tires, Ac
cessories of all kinds and Ford Repairs.
110 uaiac5
You Oars Save flloney
For Groceries, Husking Gloves and Mitts, Salt and
General Hardware. Nov.' is trie time to do that Painting.
We have it now. Better take advantage of the oppor
tunity. You know what it may mean to be without.
Our Store Will Save YOU Money
UNION -:- -:- -:- NEBRASKA
Saturdav eveninsr there will be ' I
show. 'for the benefit of the auditor
ium. The pictures have been select
ed with the purpose of giving all
who attend, the fullest evening of en
joyniir.t possible. Two very funny
reels are to be furnished. "Oh. lioy I "
which has a world-wide reputation,
will be given in conjunction with
'"Fatty Arbuckle." Now if you de
sire to laugh this is. your opportun-
Yon Can Eat !
We are carrying
Fresh Groceries
and Qanned Goods!
Also Working Clothes and
Boots and Shoes!
We will have Fresh Meat from
this date on.
Bring in Your Fresh Produca
R. D. STm,
Lincoln county, Colorado, farmers harvested an
excellent crop of wheat the past season.
Come, see land where in many instances one crop
will pay fcr the Ind. We are making trips every Sat
urday. Call and see L. R. Upton for arrangements and
particulars. The best land in the west and at a price
which anyone can afford to pay.
Box No. 11 - - - Union, Nebr.
Drs. iftach a RIach, The Dentists g
The largest and best ccjuipped dcnlcl cmces in Oman;
Everts in charge of ail work. Lady ef.rruLnt. Mod- N
n MjjSJty iscnts carefully sterilized after using.
g!P FsstuEa-Pcy When Cured
" f?s ij? C?3- T. s. mt'd vtm of treatment that cares Pile.
17 Ks . " ' r. I. nri r.-ii.,r l.ortal I 'iM-a - In a abort
tin. U. It twmf a fVf-rc MTC:''.U luriiiiit. ..w
C. ;(.rof Kr:ir or v rai ana-sthetlo
tau-A. A cur rnarn-.retd ti rrv n a.- ;.'(! for tMliri.m. nr.. I no mony to bs
pa d unti: C'Jrrc Wusf f r .o5; o?. K-rtai I : f n . .tn nun.. an.i tMUmoDik
of tr.-r- tt :.t. (" r.r.r:,t .-r . p-ff..- v- r " i'v -n I- rnir-i--.liy r',!7'
tll. 11 K. KI1Y. : uitorinpi. i'-.T V.Ulg. (lire I'.tiZ.), .I.IIA, P L.
itr. il M.:inil lir-ftor
I ' - -T" 1 im m tmT rsinr- mm wnrr r inn r x inrrr - tti -n-r T- -.- J B
p 1 1 KausnaoaiiiaUdaMauuMKn isms . w
1 11 la
Mr. Edsel B. Ford, President of the Fcrd Motor Company, gives out
the following statement:
'The price'of the Fordson Tractor has been reduced from $790.00 to
$625.00, effective immediately.
l- of TI ; : 1 1 -1 : ' I -. :itnl tl;'
n ..jt 1 : v 1 :.-' ! ii'tn i- m;irui
:i:ii ni:i i. in- i..ips iiii'l l;il-
ith -ur !!.
X "i:!- i.i.i .-tJii-
(; ( tl.itt w- iive now lt.x-at1 in o;.ir n-w Tni.-i r .tar : will:
..I .r f...!!it!UL: i .1 hum. !i'.t.. ( i rrri t i H 1 Witli Ml! f'Mill'.
i'i.,l, f,;;n,,,'...u -vvir-f. irt.i. i- :..-uro.l lir-ctlv from fur, tTivinir u:' run i:i.iini c.i i.i.ii'v
I'.U i.ov-i- to ii-iluic osl !' T'"lMi-t i'in. anil !ov.n -om.-s l!i- !! i.i- !: iiri.-
L-..r i.r,ulil(4 i,f t J ... l.iW.'Sf IloSsiln'- t'l t ' WitlmUt .11 rill.' iVrfj illll'
iia:) '.f :'::;lity.
Wc'jiie v.artr-ularU- iilcasnl in l-cin?'aMf to brini,- ou t' t ii is r -I nt ion in Tii.- jit
U: is time owa use tl,e fairner , nls v tho );-) v.-.-- -an Kjv sin-! Ilih Lis "'I H pr..-.- u-i,l
I.,. t... in-Hiis of plat-irur a vaiuubie pnwr unit v.-:ttiiii the r.-a-li of pra-t i-al ly -v.-t y !; "1 t.i.-n.
i,..t to 111-11U..M industrial am! . oniin.-n ial .on--.-:::s wbifi. Ilk-wis,.- na.- ... i. . ;i i .-. . tiro silm its lis.
at..! ar- alro;,!v raiixint to u much (.THUtT ext.-nt. Its u!n,. as a f. .w. r ari.l I a ! i tit o n 1 1 l.t.t
1 a-tuti'ai !v lias tie Kr.Un Tractor j.rove.l a most a! i:a i.i,. larti r tn tl.- s;.vintr of farm labor
it tie sani,- time increasin--' tie per acre crop yield as well as rnak:i:ir possible a mlliation or
previously uncultivated land, to say notliitiit of r moving no c ,.1 of .lrod-i .
"There i no question that the use or" j ow r on t'. .- f irm is the preatt advance
ment made in the development of -iricuture. ..t v in mon.A suvnti :uui mom v ma kins r.-
suits as well as raisins? the standnds of livin - or, the fat in t. a m;o h l,...-r lev. 1. bet I.e.
i-ause of its proved value in tnakinc; every type : latid ttooe prod u -t . ve. and ori.--o ..en t , v
desire to place the l-'ruti:i within the reach of ail.
There no olimiirr in the prcxciit I'ord -nr nni! triu-U. prie. which are already at the
lowest po-sible figure and now with rock bottom reached on the tractor price, a tnrther redni-t:ot-
in price of either the Car. Truck or Tractor is o;t of th- 'i'i. ti"t.; in !a. t. the bu; price
ct'ts hav- been made in anticipation of continuous ma x im;:m pro., net ion. and u-cteases miv be
before Ions; if a laiae volume i new oustnoss is .,01 ..i.l.i m-o. i.-ie....-,
Sll'l- mcr.,se.
ne. essa ry
p!-! 0:1 r orit proi;iicts eannoi. lie udiauirm nr.ani.-L r
Ask for the book, "The Fordson at Work," which will be supplied free of cost. Let
us demonstrate the value of the Fordson on your farm, in your factory, lumber yard, coal
ard, or in any general hauling or power work you have to do and let us have your order
for a Fordson.
Authorized Ford Agency Phone No. 1 Plattsmouth, Nebraska
it t