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The Bank of burdock
The wise man, and the successful man, invariably is
veiy careful in the selection of his bank and his doctor.
He knows that his life may depend on the judgment and
ability of his doctor. He fully realizes that the life and
success of his business, be it professional, merchandising
or farming, may depend on his banker.
There is no question but that we shall pass through
an adjustment period, bordering on a panic, within the
next few years, present conditions foreshow this, and the
man who has not already tied up with an established, re
liable bank a bank whose officers have successfully with
stood times of stress, may shortly regret his lack of judg
ment. Select a bank that is able to take cere of you in
times of plenty, as well as in times of famine, and you can
then rest easy. Remember the solid, dependable things
of life are not based on promises, but cn deeds. Our past
record is what counts.
We have the above necessary qualities to oiTer our
customers, besides personal services whenever our opinion
is desired on business or personal matters of our friends.
All deposits in this bank is guaranteed by the depos
itors guaranty fund of the State of Nebraska.
The Bank of burdock
"The Bank where You Feci at Home"
HENRY A. TOOL, President J. E. GUTHMA1III, Yice-Prcs.
H. A. GUTHMANT7. Cashier
IV j!.' ti(k advantage of the low
prie f linsf' d oil. offered by the
i iMerhnff Slio;s. sv tf.
There is always sonic' Inns ; 1"
?;:v(i. i. Mi i ym:r ;nlv:rt:tcc by huy
ir.g :!." I iswrh.T Shop. sv tf.
-v;Ile Ingerseii was locking after
s lnii7vss ma'tprs at Elmwood
f'T his r mployer. Win. G'krt--, l.ivt
Mrs. !'r;iv.k I'.ticll was a vi-itor in
fna'.!:i l;i: Tuesday anil Wednesday
of l.i-; week. whre she was the gue:-i
of friend;- for a time.
Henry Meierjurjien. who has jiut
compb ted the threshing of his clover
t-erl. having s'-me thirty p.crcs. re-r-eiveii
about MMy bushels.
K. L. I'dt h :ist and wife wi'h their
daughter drove over from the state
capital la.-t Wednesday to visit at
the !.'n: of o. J. Pothast and wife.
Win. Gehrts was looking after some
hu-incs- matters in Omaha lai-t
Thursday and Friday, coing on the
.hrsr y and returning on the evening
train Friday.
Jacob Iluenic-lay of Crab Orchard
hii. bor visi' ir.p at the home of hi
biMt her-in-la w. August Panska. and
boMi !:( arifl visitor enjoyed the oc-ca.-
ion gr ally.
.-"ui"TiTi'":o' r.t .T. TI. F.urv.-ll of
t;:-' M"i-!'"U public sc;;' !s and Geo.
IV ."a i the principal and t:ieher
of H.e Inch srlic'l. d(p:irtea last Fri
d. v evening for tleiy hornr-s at T.:n
r, ir and 1 Diversity Place. rejpe t i ve
iy. whore they spent the Sunday va
cation wi'h their families.
A new 'irtuptne- has arrived at the
, .!!!' of Mr. ;ii:d Mrs. August KI mine
livinc ''in'1 five miles west of .Mir
dork a fid th' household is happy, they
rejoicing over the new happiness f
the home. Ti.ere is also some happi
ness at the home of grnndf.i'her and
gra ndrnot (er Krriup" as well.
Mrs. Charles Schneider, who has
bi Ai.-itinn in tiie ivwi the pa-t
f. w ks and b-in sn' at the
h rr f lo r d n URh! ' r. M?s. Arthur
Kic "! 'happd!. rturped hon last
Ti.nrsdi; y. afie- having had an excel
lent time wliilo in the f-t. !rs.
ShTH'idr says th..t the west is a
pre-at ri. re anH she enjoys livinc
Ho re. tint aisi .-ays tha: home ic"nis
pre'ty nice afKr one has been away.
, With evfj-y ;,:tirlo of paint you
Tiireha:-e. yt.u hef'-'fjl lv er.r know-
It :!'". and e?. pri'-nr e.
w e k n o w
what is best. The I ;'.-:terhrlT Shops.
The Kind that Wear!
Large Sizes
$2.25 $2.50 $3.0
Murdock Mercantile Co.,
Iva Wapner (f South Uer.d. was ;;
visiior in MuriiiM-k last Friday, look
in p: after some business iiiaiters ami
doinp soui. tradhij with the mer
chants. Cris Ki:p' Sr., is rej orte;! ;s lu
inp very sick p.t his home ne:r thi.--city
mid it is the desire of his many
friend.- iieie as wen ;is hrriimhoti
tiie county that he may have :.n early
and 'permanent recovery.
Mrs. Homer Hess of lit rn. Kar.
sas. with her little 411. KJpar. wer
.-peidir.p a number of (lays at t iu
hi me of her parent. ('. M(inry and
o.!fe of Murdook. and ;;1si isiiin--with
nu;:.f:-"us friend:- in ami near
Murdoi k.
Mis-s M;'hle liuel! is reported as
havinc been tnkon wiili the mea;-le
ami is r.t lier home wre.-tlinp wi!h
the and with the hopes of her
many younp; friends that, she may
come out the victor.
Kdward IJrownhow ;.n;"i wife, wlio
have be-.-n in the east for tne
few weeks visitir.p with relatives if.
O'' in. ami Ituliaiiii. art'; w!:er" : h y
had an excellent time, returned h
last week t:rd report that the east
;:s well as tlie west is enjoyinp, ai.
cxcfllent srop.
Herman Schmidt was a visit -.r ir.
I'irftTsmrut li last Tuesday meetinp
wi'h the tfi;'rd of county commi--si-)ners.
and advising as to the work
in this district and ai.-o found that
all of his work had been o. k'd by
the board, as beinp of first quality.
Tl oe who have hat! occasion if
travel the h'uiiway mimliVr 1'4. poir.p
fr 1:; Murray west, noticed a
short narrow culvert near tiie h me
( f H. I'. Ienninu:. wi.ich has been r.
nunr.ce to 'he traveler and esp-!v
tiiose who have had oec-uion to rnnke
the trip Sit nip'it. Last week Mr.
I'eniiir.e: widened otit the place,
which has added much tn the safety
and comfort of those traveling t In
road. V- always knew t P t Fred Stock
wa: a eood natureri rnan and always
found him Fmilinp. but n little broad
er was his smile a few days apo.
rrobuMy owing to the fact that a
uraiids'-rj had rnmr it the home (if
Wm. Stick, ir. male his homo and
r.i::ke the others l.nppy. Of course.
"W" ill and wife are rejoicing and well
!): could for the fine son. but the
P rentes! evidence f S'a.d ness is seen
on ti:e face r. Grandfather Fred
8 ia fc 8 k a
Be H M B C & T
Charles Stroy shelled corn last Fri
day, which wiiH delivered at the ele
v.itor in Murdock.
Mrs. Georpp Towle of Lincoln was
a visitor at the heme of her daugh
ter. Mrs. J. 1".. McIIugh. for a few
days last week.
"harle Scliafer was n visiter in
Greenwood last Friday evening.
a here he vas visiting and looking
.ii'.tr some li;is:,r.e'-.-t.
John Gakei: i i, r ;as recently pur
chased a liaif section of lard some
eight miles nor.h of Ashl:nd f(r
which he puid $100.twi!.
A letter from W. ). Gillespie who
is in 'he west cutting ftiif ".00 acres
of wceat. and is-pi tting along nice
ly, but will be kept to the work for
some time vet.
Mrs. Kate of Falls City,
mother of J. F. Mclluph of Murd )ck.
has been visiting at the home of her
son and family for the past few days.
11. 11. I.awton (if 15;is place is on
Kyirig a vi-it from his brother-in-law
I. G. H.itnmond of Davenport, lowp.
and also from his brother, L. L. Law
ton of Wolf Kiver. Montana.
Win. Rturtian of Omaha. son-in-law
of G. Ui'iir will in short time,
begin work o-t t!;e Fvangelieal As
sociption par'-onage at Elm wood and
which is to cr.-t eight thousand dol
lars. Mrs. Grare of Wahasli. who
has been in the employ of the Mur
doch. Hotel for som ? time past resign
ed and returned to her home at Wa
bash, as the tjnie for whih the
hotel will cont'.fue as such is. but
shott now. the pr.-seni management
expecting to cease the hotel business
a the e'id of this month.
Thomas Cromwell of Grant Neb.,
w: s a isitor in Murdook last Fri
dttv evening looking after some busi
ness matters and also interviewing
John Gakcmeier. who is also an officer
of the Cromwell Land Company of
Grrnt. Mr. Cromwell was accom
panied by Arthur Morrison of Oma
ha, who wa also looking after some
business ma'tere.
Joi n Amgwert. who was injured
while pioving bail some two 'weeks
apo. is. making iiiiprttveinents and
pestinir li'-tt. r vith the xception of
the place when- he struck the fender
(f the auto, by hi; a h.l . which
remains very lender and has a hard
ened ridge extending across the bow
el, whic h it ' f. ard may yet restil
ir. a p..rmsT!";t ir.i'.iry unless much
car" is exercised for some time.
There are virnishes for every pos
sible purm ". floor wax. and paints
of the higiiest quality. Dusterhof;
S:(jis. sw if
Are Takinp- Real Steps for Lights
The vill-'P" h; rd at a recent meet
ing appointed a committee. .consist
ing of H. A'. McDonald and August
I'ar.ska. enu.e.w ered to go to the coun
ty seat a. ml tee about the matter of
crllinp a villas:-' election for the pur
pose of votitig on bonds for the se
curing "f e'ei'rie lights for the vil
lr.go of Murdock. This is a step in
the ritiht direction for petting at the
que-ti n ;:r.:I will result in the ach
ieveni"!it of the desins of those who
1 .van' th Itphts. or will settle the
ouesiion the other way. It n:w lno1.:--Lke
the matter of lichts for Mur
.!( ck was a step nearer.
Surprised on Eirthdny.
Mrs. O. .1. i'otl-ast. who is looking
for the lost way to make people hap
py, con:- ; ved the plan of giving her
husband a suri ri- ? on his bjrthdtty
which came 0:1 Vt iIxt ;th. and in
vited some 2 of his brothers of th"
Fraternity Society of the state univer
si'y to their h- tue. ihey dyrivinp over
i -1 some eicht cars from Lincoln t'i
celebrate the event. It was indeed
11 furpris-- v.h'eii was one cf the
n,c pb-asant r. Hairs.
EHnks Will Clore.
O-i accoitnl of Columbus Day the
banks will ' se ::t Murdock f(r the
day at'fi viil o' -serve- the day on
which Coiumhus discovered America.
It would be a pretty good day for a
number of p'-otde who have spent a
go(Hi nriiiy ytars lire to discover
Americp. F'-mo who have lecn born
beer as well as ot'aers.
G-are r.n E::c-:lli rr.tertainrr.0Tit.
Mt-s Ren;! ".iltuau. who gave the
iiniial ntiniL'-r of the lecture course
which is to bless Murdoch this sea
sin, w;;. indeed a favorite, long be
fore the dose of the entertainment.
.M:ss ;iln-,un won the favor and ad
miration of her large and apprecia
tive audience early in the evening":;
entertainment. This talented artist
handled every character in the
"Sbephard of the Hills" in a way
I that be-neke lo r ability as a reader
and impersonatrr of the first das1;,
sail greatly pleased those who were
fortun?te enough to hear her. The
net number which is to be a musical
number will be given on Novem'"-.
A Kcar Serious Collision.
Just eaM of th" homo of H. C.
Baekcmyer. live?, several miles
northwest t.i .Murdock, a few days
ago -while Walter liackemeyer was
coming one way and Simon Sehlater
was g-!r. g the other, and both turn
ing a cortiT, bcir.g unabie to see each
c'lur on ftrroujt cf abstruction, they
go' together with the result that they
both had s iTiie damage to repair on
Their cars. Fortunate, it is indeed,
that th?y were no running at a rapid
rate or not aone nrre damape would
have re.fted. but the probabilities
are that they both would have been
severely injured. These dangerous
places should he cleared away.
Attended tli-. Ivistern Star.
' La?t Monday the ladies cf the East
ern Par lodge at. E'.mwood. which
composes Elmwood. Wabash and Mur
dock. were entertained by the ladies
which are members of the order at
Murdock. they scunj: frcra here, and
were composed ol Mesdames H. W.
Tool, H. V. McDonald, Kenry A. Tool,
George Mills, A. J. Tool. A. K. Horn
beck, Harry Gillespie and Ada Tool.
Spending Some Time in South.
I. G. Hornbeck, the capable and
affable agent of the Rosk Island at
this place is away on a two weeks
vacation and is spending a portion of
the time at Fort Worth. Texas, where
he will remain for some time. The
position is being filled during his ab
sence by Lloyd O. Morrison of Dcn-vt-r.
Will Give Major Program.
The men of the churches of the
Evangelical Association, which are
located at Callihan. Ehnwood. Louis
ville and Murdock. are now in prac
tainment which is to be given on
tice for a great chorus for the enter
Sunday evening, October 17th. at
which this chorus will sing. There
will be a large number of promin
ent speakers at the meeting among
which will be the Rev. 1. Laipply of
Murdock, and Revi Ezra Sohl, presid
ing elder of the district, living at Lin
coln. Sells Land at Good Profit.
11. P. Denning, who some tnree
years ago purchased some land in the
west for which he paid 35 per acre,
lias but recently disposed of a half
section at $70 per acre and getting
some 200 hundred acres of wheat.
He has also received three good crops
from the land.
Now Has a Beautiful Home.
Henry Timm. living northwest of
Murdock, where the land is produc
tive and the air balmy, with pelnty
of sunshine, has just had his home
refinisbed, both inside and out but
the artists from the Dusterhoff shops
and with the completion of the work
presents about as pretty a picture as
one cculd well care to look at. It
pays to have a home well cared for,
the painting of the home and refin-
ishing of it inside, not only makes
the place beautiful and a joy to live
in. hut preserves and adds years to
t:ie life of the building.
Young: Married People Made Merry
The young married people of Mur
dock enjoyed a gathering at the home
of H. W. Tool and wife last Friday
(veiling, whore the evening was spent
in social conversation, cards and a
" i t r ! e dancing. Those who were in
attendance enjoyed the occasion
ptvativ and ate generous in their
praise of the genial host and hostess
Having a Furnace Installed
.1. E. McHugh. manager of the
Murdock Mercantile company, is hav
ing a new furnace installed in hi
home, getting ready for the winter
which is coming. A. J. Tool is doing
the work. This will be a great bene
fit to the home and will make th'
place more comfortable.
Gave Teachers a Reception.
The citizens of Murdock, acting in
(he true apirit of sociability and
community good, last Monday gave
the faculty of .the new school a recep
tion and get-acquainted-meeting.
The evening was spent in social good
feelc.wship and enjoyed an excellent
program. H. W. Tool gave a special
number, while Joseph Wutchuknech!
and Max Dusterhoff also gave an in
strumental duet. Miss O'Halleran
gave a reading which caught the
crowd and was enjoyed by all. Ad
dresses were made by Superintendent
J. H. Rurwell.- who congratulated
the school on its having gotten to
gether for n better condition. Geo
H. Warren, the principal, ateo mr.d"
a very pleasing address in which he
challenged the attention and interest
of the people in the future of the
schools. The personal of the teach
ing force is as follows: Superintend
ent. J. H. Burwell. principal. Geo.
R. Warren: high school. Miss O'Hal
leran. and grades. Miss Rushness.
while another Miss Rushness has
charge charge of the primary. The
board of education is fortunate in
having a very efficient faculty for the
Have Bettered a Bad Place.
Those who have had occasion to
travel over that portion of th? read
v est of Murdock near A. A. Linden's
farm will be pleased to know that
under the direction of Mr. Herman
SchmioV. that the siding p'.rce that
was rutty and a menace to ail who
endeavored to travel over it. This
piece of road had been reconstructed
and brought under control and is
now in good condition. The matter
of road-making is one that requires
considerable study and much ability
as a road maker as well as plenty
cf hard work.
Has Built a Crib en Farm.
Ixuis Hornbeck. who has a quarter
of a seqtion of land west cf Murdock.
pome time ago had a new crib con
structed and before he had gotten it
(sufficiently anchored, a land breeze
ihit the structure and it was leveled
to the ground. Louis had it erected
again and this time before it had
j an oppoijtunity to become wrecked,
braced and anchored it sufficiently
j and has it secure for the crop of corn
(which he will gather in a short time.
Loses Valuable Horse.
Leo Rikli, who secured one of the
best prizes at the pure bred stock
f how at Weeping Water, only last
week had the misfortune to lose one
cf his valuable animals, which he
would have refused $1,000. The an
imal was a pure bred two year old
Percheron mare and one of the best
pnd had won the first prize at the
fhow but recently. The horses that
recently took the premiums by Mr.
Rikli were a two year old stallion.
"Geromono". which took the grand
champion and also first premium; a
two year old filly. "Gayetta" and a.
yearling stallian "Joshua". J. Joaan
son also had a stallion named "Del-
mar" that took the grand champion
Young Peoples Association.
The Young Feoples Association, an
auxiliary of the Evangelical Associa
tion, held a meeting at the home of
Henry Oehlerking last Tuesday, at
which (the regular monthly business
of the society was first transacted,
after which the young people, likf all
young folks, had an excellent time.
The time was spent in games, mu
sic and an excellent program, and as
a reminder of the hearty welcome
which was extended to this in at
tendance, a mosjL delightful luncheon
was served by the hostesses, and a
cordial invittaion given for a return
in the future for another jolly time.
Gave an Excellent Program.
The Woman's Missionary Society
of the Evangelical Association, gave
a miscellaneous missionary program
nt the church last Sunday evening, at
which a large number were in at
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Hinds and 1
son autoed to Lincoln Saturday.
Earl Wilson spent Friday with
his parents. Mr. and Mrs. O. Wilson.
Miss Sylvester is visiting with her
brother and family. Homer Sylvester.
Guy Hinds came home on Friday
evening. He Is now husking corn
for W. T. Richard.
Mr. and Mrs. Hay Norris and son I
spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. '
Norris parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hinds, j
Mrs. L. C. Todd, cf Long I'.each,
California, took dinner at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Gerbeling last
Friday. j
Mrs. Emme and daughters came
one day last week. They are going
to move on the Itichwd place one
half mile west of town. !
Mrs. Sawyer and children and Miss
Anna Berger spent a few minutes
at the home of Miss Derger's cousin,
Mrs. H. H. Gerbeling.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Jackman and
family autoed to Rising City Friday
afternoon and returned on Monday
noon. They visited at the home of
Mrs. Jackman's folks.
Fred Towle, Walter Wood, Marie
Ivers, Ella and J. D. Gerbeling mo
tored over to Mr. and Mrs. William
Stander's home near Louisville Sun
day evening in Walter Wood's car.
The evening was spent in Weeping
Water and everyone enjoyed the time
very much.
A number of young folks were in
vited to the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.
'1. Gerbeling Tuesday evening to a
good time party. The evening was
spent in out-door games and Edison
music. At a late hour water melon
was nerved, after which all depart
ed for their homes.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Jacobson and
baby and Miss Esther Jacobsn mo
tored up to Mrs. A. M. Van Every s
Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mr.".
5. A. Jacobson returned the same
evening. Miss Esther stayed and is
going to help Mrs. Albert Pool for
a while.
A number from here attended the
ball games in Murdock Sunday af
ternoon. There were two games
played. The first was between the
Louisville and Weeping Water teams
and was won by iouisville. The sec
ond was between W-H-ping Water and
a team composed of Murdock and
Wabash players. In this the latter
aggregation was victorious.
The Ladies aid met at the home
-f Mrs. M. E. McDonald Wednesday
a'ternoon. A large number attended.
monrr the out of town guests were
Mrs. George Colbert and Mrs. How
end Brown and children, of Juniata
Mr.'. Clarence Pool. Mrs. Eugene
Colbert. Mrs. Dowler and Mrs. Glenn
Atchison, of Weeping Water; Mrs. L.
L. Caygill of Elmwood: Mrs. S. A.
Jacobson and baby of Nehawka: Miss
Esther Jacobson of Oakdale and Miss
Marie Iver:-. of Colorado.
Inhaling the fumes of turpentine
and white lead often weakens the
kidneys. That's one reason why so
many painters have bad backs and .
sick kidneys. Exposure, frequent !
colds and chills and the strain of
climbing up and down ladders help
start the trouble.
If your back aches, if sharp pains
strike you in the back when stoop
ing, lifting or working; if you have
headaches, dizziness, rheumatic pains
if the urine is discolored or pass
ages painful and scanty, try Doan's
Kidney Pills, the remedy so widely
used and so well recommended by
men in the painting trade. Here's a
Plattsmouth man's testimony:
M. Lauderback, contractor, paint
er and paper hanger. Locust street,
says: "I had lumbago and kidney
trouble a few years ago. I believe
the turpentine fumes from the paint
is What waij responsible for it. I
could hardly bend over or lift any
thing and I couldn't even turn over
in bed without help. I had no con
trol over my limbs, it seemed and
when I tried to walk, I could not lift
them, just had to scuff them along.
My kidneys acted irregularly; the
secretions were highly colored and
passed with a burning sensation. I
usd Doan's Kidney Pilla and before
finishing the first box which I got at
Fricke & Co's. drug store, I felt bet
ter in every way. I used in all three
or four boxes and they gave me fine
relief. I had another little attack
this spring, but I went to Doan's the
first thing and they straightened me
out again in quick order."
(iOe. at all dealers. Foster-Milburn
I Co.. Mfrs., Buffalo. N. Y.
For Sale: One Parriott tractor.
12-25 in good condition; also one
Hubert tractor good as new and only
iused a few days. Come and see them.
Prices will be made right,
Wc arc scllir.g Buicks, Dodges and Mitchells. 'Ilirre
are no more reliable cars on the market. Ask for a
demonstration. We are always at your service. A full
line of tires and accessories always on hand. The best
of workmen for your repair jobs. Bring them in.
Phone 35-3
Keep in mind that we arc handling the V
famous "TITAN'' Tractor, and have, a
few on hand that we can delirer on short
Ask us for a demonstration, or any
thing pertaining to these tractors or the
work they will do.
1 t
Rex 6
Pure linseed oil paint jiv:;f uet-t and longest ser
vice, because IT IS a pure linseed oil paint.
The Dusterlioff Shops,
Estray Notice
I have taken up on my farm four
and one-half miles south of Murdo'k
a hog weighing ebout 1 fin pounds,
Owner "picas? call, pay for keeping
and get the hog.
s20-ow. WM. WESTFALL.
Blank books and office accessories
at tli a Jnrmal ivffi.-e
Daily Journal, lic per week.
Pare Bred Black Polantf-GSuna EES
Weeping Water,
aturday, October 30th
13 Head of Boars
17 Head of Gilts
Catalogs will soon be ready. If interested, viile
COL, W. R. YGUNC A Wht DUNN, Aueta.
S I i
Murdock, Neb.
! mmmi
am ramii
A nun bor of pure bred Poland
i hir.a b-n-rs. Telephone No. :or.
Adam Stec-hr. M-Sw.
ISuroc Hops Tor Sale.
Pure l r-d imn- bo. us. oi l enough
' ir i r ic", "Critic" and "lllu.-i.ii;-
breeding, for $ T.i.
Albert V(i!,ii::. Murray. N.'b.
t -. -