The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, September 23, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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With Electric Starter!
Roadster, :
Touring, :
Old Prices Delivered
$ 704.88
: 730.91
: 939.16
: 1069.31
New Prices Delivered
1-Ton Truck no starter, 709.94
Fordson Tractors, factory 850.00
The Ford Motor Company Makes the Above BIG CUT in
Prices of Ford Cars, Ford Trucks and Fordson Tractors!
Effective Wednesday, September 22, 1 92Q
in the face of the fact that the Ford Motor Company now have 146,000 unfilled orders for immediate delivery on hand these
new low prices will mean a very large temporary loss to the Ford Motor Company while using up materials on hand, hot at the
the high prices, but Henry Ford is willing to make the sacrifice in order to assist in bringing business back to a GOING condition
as quickly as possible and to re-establish the BUYING POWER OF THE DOLLAR.
" ,a vow?
I Y. y
Henry Ford says there is no sense or wisdom in trying to maintain an artificial standard of values
and for the best interests of all it is time a real practical effort was made to bring the life of the country and
the business of the country down to regular PRE-WAR basis.
We are at your command with a force of trained Ford mechanics to insure reliable FORD SER
VICE and we are eager to fill your orders for NEW FORD CARS at the NEW FORD PRICES.
Do not overlook the fact that at these greatly reduced prices every Ford dealer will be flooded with
orders for new cars for immediately delivery and our monthly allotment will not nearly supply the demand,
so phone us or call at once and place your orders if you expect to get immediately delivery.
t .
Phone Wo. 1
Plattsmouth, Web
turn ryu 1
Snator W. F. Kirby of Arkansas.
Will Speak in This City on
Tuesday Evening;.
Thp :m nou nceinent is marie bv the
democrat ic state committee of the1
ppeaking date for Senator William
F. Kirby of Arkansas, who will be
in this" city on Tuesday evening.
September 2Mh, and speak for the
democratic national ticket.
This -s the first meeting of the
campaign and the Arkansas senator
is one well fitted to present the
cause of democracy to the people as
lie is a forceful and effective speak
er. Kverv voter regardless of politics
should attend as the meeting will !
l.e interesting and instructive to all.
The final arrangements have not
l.een completed but it is thought it
will be held at the court house.
quarter of Section
Township ten ( 10 ).
, (.'ass county, Ne-
The southwest
thirty-four ( :'.4 .
Hance nine ( f
This farm is what is known as
the John II. Weaver farm and must
b' sold to close up the estate of John
II. Weaver, deceised.
Possession given March 1st. 1921.
I n .'mi ire of II. K. Frantz or Monroe
K. Weaver, Administrators, Eagle.
To our friends and patrons of!
Greenwood and vicinity:
At this time we take the opportun-j
ity to thank you for your generous
patronage during the season just
Since we are better equipped with
our newly installed machine and our
up-to-date business methods, we ex
tend a hearty invitation to you for
your continued patronage and we
will render our same unexcelled ser
vice. Come in and place your order for
the winter's supply of 'fruits and
vegetable. As we purchased heav
ily before the sharp advance in
staples last spring, we are amply
prepared to take care of your needs.
We have just unloaded a car of
salt, consisting of crystalized blocks,
barrel, table and a specially prepared
salt for the curing of meats.
Thanking you again, we are.
At vour service.
H. M. Soennichsen Brings Suit for
Recovery on Loss of Horse
Counter-Claim Made.
The S. E. Hall residence in South
I 'ark. Eight-room house, city wa
ter, partially modern. Three lots
and surroundings, fall at the home.
21 5td.
Earl IJabbitt, Ethel Babbitt. Mabel
Copenhaver and Ruth Jacks, of
l'lattsmouth have registered this fall
at Nebraska Wesleyan in University
IMace. They find the campus alive
with college spirit, a large increase
in attendance and more students ar
riving daily. Many additions also
have been made to the faculty; en
abling the university to offer its
students unusual advantages in their
preparations for life. ,
Ten acres of good prairie hay, 3
miles west and one mile north of
Murray. Inquire or R. C Hitchman
at Pollock's Auto company, or
phone number 58, Plattsmouth. Neb.
13 2t-sw.
Mrs. Eugene Maurer and children
departed this afternoon for Council
Hluffs where they will visit at the
home of Mrs. Maurer's mother in
that city.
From Monday's Dally.
This morning in county court was
heard a case wherein II. M. Soen
nichsen brought suit again3t one,
Riley Hudelson, who resides north
west of Plattsmouth and works in
the packing houses of South Omaha.
The case grew out of the killing of a
horse belonging to Mr. Soennichsen
some time ago, while the animal was
being lead behind a delivery wagon
also the property of Mr. Soennichsen,
and which was struck by the car of
Mr. Hudelson.
Damages in the sum of $200 are
asked by Mr. Soenichsen as the
value of his horse. Hudelson offers a
counter claim of $250 which he al
leges is due him for damage done
his car, claiming that the horse was
being led by a rope of such length
that it endangered traffic and was
the cause of the accident, which pre
cipitated the case now in court.
Hearing of the case occupied most
of the forenoon, numerous witnesses
offering testimony before County
Judge lieeson.
Aubrey Duxbury, one of Platts
mouth's fast rising young attorneys
is in charge of the plaintiff's side of
the case.
As we go to press the case is still
occupying the attention of the court,
and there are a number of witnesses
yet to be examined. The outcome of
the controversy will doubtless be
known tomorrow.
Yesterday the announcement was
made through the Journal of the
fact that County Road Commission r
C. F. Vallery was the happy grani
rarent o a fine hoy born to Mr. and
Mrc. Max Vallery, but that is only
part of the story as Mr. Vallery is
grandfather to a" fine little daughter
that was born at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Spence near Stockville,
Neb., on Sunday last. The two
happy occasions has proved almost
too much for the genial road com
missioner and he feels that his cup
of joy is well near full to overflow
ing. Mrs. Spence was formerly
Miss Josephine Vallery of this city.
This afternoon Mrs. Frank Dill
of Murray returned home from Om
aha where for the past several weeks
she has been at the St. Joseph hos
pital, recovering from the effects of
an operation for appendicitis. Mr.
Dill was in Omaha today and ac
companied the wife home and it is
needless to say that the return of
the wife is the source of the greatest
of pleasure to the family and many
friends of this estimable lady over
the county.
Movies each night and dance each
night Live Stock show next week,
Tues., Wed.. Thurs., Weeping Water.
I am offering for sale, 1 mule well
broke 5 years old. 2 spotted Shetland
ponies, one 1 M years old. one 5-year-old,
one 4-year-bld black mare. 1300
pounds. Fordson tractor and Oliver
plow, used to plow 75 acres. I will
farm less next year, reason for sell
ing, tf sw.
For Sale: 6-room house and 2 lots
on North 6th Street. Electric lights,
bath, city water and gas in house.
Priced at a bargain'.
tf d.w. II. J. HOUGH.
Allie Meisinger of near Cedar
Creek, was in the city yesterday for a
few hours looking after some matters
of business while enroute home from
Frank Dill departed this morning
for Omaha, where he will accompany
his wife home from the hospital
where she has been for several weeks.
L. R. Upton-of Union and Mrs.
Upton, were here today for a few
hours hours visiting with friends,
Mr. Upton bringing In the election
returns from Liberty precinct.
C. G. Bailey of Elmwood motored
in this morning from, his home
bringing with him the election re
turns from Stove Creek precinct. He
was accompanied by Mrs. Bailey
who visited in Omaha for the day at
the Red Cross committee meeting.
Blank books! Yes you can. get
most any kind at Journal office.
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. William
Gilmour returned home from Sioux
City, Iowa, where she has been visit
ing at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Hester Butler, and was accompanied
back home by the daughter. Mrs.
Butler has been In very poor health
for several weeks past and is now
gradually recovering from the effects
of the illness and at the quiet farm
home of the parents near this city
will spend a few days resting.
Orange Model 2d is
for sale, also some
good spring boars at
$50 to $65, while
they last.
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Tel. No. 3422
Last evening two young men were
discovered in the Burlington railroad
yards engaged in prowling in one of
the cars standing on the side tracks
find in this act they were seen by
W. T. Mlbern, one of the section
bosses and the matter reported to
Chief of Police Manspeaker, who with
Officer Alvin Jones hastened to the
scene and placed the young men un
der arrest. As there had been noth
ing taken from the car or the fact
that the boys had not broken into
the car established, they were re
leased from custody.
12 Acres with a lovely 7 room
bungalow, electric lights, furnace and
water, built 4 years ago by the own
er for a home and not for profit, lo
cated on the K. T. & W. Highway, 3-4
mile south of Plattsmouth post of
fice. Most Ideal location in all the
state. Only 19 miles from Omaha
stock yards, a splendid place for
dealer In lambs, pigs and calves, or
the best poultry place on earth, hun
dreds of farmers pass this place
daily. This place is level, rich black
soil, 500 bushel of corn, plenty pota
toes and very large garden goes with
it; fruit of all kinds; possession at
once: all in finest shape.
Will take good Omaha property as
part payment, good terms to right
party, 6 per cent. This is where the
two avenues meet.
1912 Vinton St.. Omaha
ltd ltw. Tyler 905.
Fine stationery-Journal office.
Krum Monday's Dallv
Little Charlotte McLeod celebrated
at the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph McLcod, lu-r sixth
birthday with eclat and all the cere
monies. There were twenty of the little
folks and Mrs. MeLeod as assistant
hostess, well knows what makes the
hearts of the little ones happy and
had all manner of games for their
delectation and the twenty litile
folks entered into the spirit of the oc
casion. With the shouts of merri
ment and the ringing laughter was
indeed a delight for the older folks to
listen to the niin their play. The
birthday cake was in evidence and
all enjoyed the occasion to the ful
lest extent. The assistant hostess
provided a delightful luncheon of
candy, ice cream and cake for the
little one s. There were there to make
the occasion merry of little Cha
rlotte's passing her sixth birthday,
the following:
Helen Jane West, Win. and Minnie
Henricksen, "Buzzer" Walling. No
dine Cloidt. Katheryn I lowland. Ves
tetta and James E. Robertson. Louis
Eunice and Dorothy Burbridge. Edith
and Eunice Bradway, Minnie
Kearnes Arthur Moreland, El wood
Yonker, Mott Brady. Enice, Charlotte
and Kathryn McLeod.
Mrs. W. II. Woliver of Onawa. Ia..
who has been visiting in this county
and city with old time friends, de
parted yesterday afternoon for Platts
burg. Missouri, where she will enjoy
a short visit. Mrs. Woliver was for
merly Miss Garnet Mann, and resided
in the vicinity of Rock Bluffs some
thirty-five or forty years ago and in
the visit back amid the once familiar
scenes found much pleasure. While
here Mrs. Woliver was a guest at the
D. A. Young home, Mrs. Young being
a sister, and the members of the fam
ily enjoyed a trip over the hills near
where the youthful days had been
spent. Mrs. Woliver was a guest
here yesterday for a short time of Mr.
and Mrs. John Cory, old time friends.
George M. Hild and brother-in-law.
Lester Smith of El Reno, Okla
homa, returned this morning from
Perkins county where they have been
in company with Frank Vallery look
ing over the fine crops in that locality.
John Alexander and wife and
daughter. Elizabeth and Mrs. Moore,
mother of Mr. Alexander of Spokane.
Wash., and who have been here vis
iting at the home of Mrs. J. H. Halde
man. departed this afternoon for a
short trip through Iowa and Kansas
prior to returning home.
For any itching skin trouble,
eczema, salt rheum, hives, itch,
head, herpes, scabies, Doan's
ment is highly recommended,
a box at all stores.
Subscribe for The Journal
Daily Journal, 15c per week.
Vvri!ys Knight Seddr
This Sedan
"Whatever the Weather May Be
You can enjoy nature in all its moods in this Over
land Four-Door Sedan.
When the wind and dust blow or the rain falls, you
ride on without delay or inconvenience. Wearing ap
parel unsoiled! Full, unobstructed vision!
"Whatever the Weather May Be," you can easily
adjust the windows converting this Sedan into a storm
tight, closed car or a car.
Whatever the Roads May Be, Triplex Springs ab
sorb jolts and prevent the usual rough riding. Comfort
for passengers! Protection and long life for the car!
Owing to its light weight and efficiency, the up
keep as well as the first cost of this convertible car is
less than that of the ordinary heavier touring car and
you have in addition its all-season advantages and its
extraordinary riding comfort.
Women especially are enthusiastic over the beau
tiful interior of the Overland Sedan, its many conveni
ences and ease of handling.
Handle Overland and Willys-Knight Cars!
Thesecars will be kept on display at the O-K Gar
age, where appointments for demonstration can be
made. The service as formerly will be maintained at
the L. F. Terryberry Garage.
Pollock Parmele,