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    HCirTAY. AUGUST SO. 1920.
of Murray, Nebr.
Charter No. TS in the State of Ne
braska at the eloe of business
on Aupiut lt. 15ei.
Loan anil discounts $201.4.77
1 f!.inkinr house, furniture and
fixtures 3.S30.00
Current expenses, taxes and
interest paid S."fiS.lS
lue from National
anl Stare Lank. . lie.S-M.HC
Checks anJ Items
.f exchange 161. "7
Currencv 4.:.:i.
i;ild coin'D.tej
Silver, nickels and
,e:it 613. ST. 122.74S.3S
TOTAL r.33. 70
Capital stock paid in $ 10.000.00
Surplus fund '.('00.00
l n-iivided profits 4.306.0
Individual deposits
subject to check . . $17.". 2(5. f
Time certificates of
.lj.osit 131.?.44.!4
Cashier's checks
outstanding SSS.33 207.:il7.2r.
I .epos itor's guaranty fund... 2.110.19
. . .$J3 2,;2ii.7l.
State of Nebraska 1
County of Cass J
I. "W. G. Boedeker. Cashier of the
a hove named bank lo hereby swear
that the above statement is a correct
and true copy of the report made to
the State Bureau of Bankintr.
Attest- Cashier.
FllED L. NUTZMAN. Director.
CH A3. C. PAHMELK, Director.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this rsth dav of Aueust. 192".
(Peal) Notary 1'ublic.
(My commission expires Jan. 20. 192r. )
From Saturday's Dally.
The occasion of the final victory of
the woman suffrage movement in the
United States was observed this noon
by the blowing of whistles and the
ringing of bells over the broad ex
panse of the country. In this city
the bells of a number cf the churches
were rung in honor of the occasion.
The passage of the woman suffrage
amendment is one of the most im
portant events cf the past fifty years
and is a great progressive step in
the national life. By the procla
mation of Secretary of State Colby
the women of the nation can vote at
the forthcoming presidential elec
tion. Subscribe for the Journal today.
Poultry Wanted!
Wanted, a car load of live poul
try, to be delivered at poultry car
near Burlington freight depot, in
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, on Saturday,
September 4th. one day only for
which we will pay cash as follows:
Hens, per lb. 2Sc
Springs, per lb. 2Sc
Old Cox. per lb. 14c
Ducks, per lb. 22c
Turkeys, per lb. 2"c
Beef hides, per lb. 10c
Horse hides, each $5.00
Remember the date. We will be
on hand rain or shine.
Yours truly,
Big Labor Day Celebration
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Monday, Sept. 6th
Given by the Plattsmouth Local Unions
: I
Bring the family and plenty of lunch and stay all day.
Watch for program later
Mrs. W'rn. Sheehan and Miss Nellie
Kelly were visiting with friends in
Omaha last Tuesday.
The bridge which has been out
southwest of Manley has been re
built and is now in excellent condi
tion. Miss Margaret Sheehan will soon
depart for York, where she will take
up her studies in the L'rsuline Aca
demy at that place.
John Fleischman and family were
visiting with friends and looking af
ter some business matters in Louis
ville last Friday.
Mrs, Phoebe Coon was a visitor for
a few days last week at the home of
Mrs. Alice Jac,kman at Havelock, re
maining over Sunday.
Wm. Heebner and wife were vis
iting and looking after some busi
ness matters in Omaha last Friday,
having drove up with their car.
Joseph Walpert and two sisters,
Misses Maggie and Katherine. were
viisting last Thursday at Weeping
Water and Murdock with friends.
Herman Dall the implement man.
was a visitor in Omaha and Council
Bluffs last Thursday, where he was
looking after some business matters, j
W. II. Frost and family and Mrs. j
A. II. Humble, were visiting with
friends in Omaha last Wednesday.;
driving over in Mr. Frost's Xash car.
Mrs. Rudolph Bergman and little
daughter have been visiting in Her-;
man at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Tighe, where they spent the
Jack Maple, who is farming south
of Weeping Water and who formerly
resided in Manley. was in town a
few days ago visiting with his many
friends here.
Edward Kelly and Je Maceney
were attending the ball game at
Greenwood last Thursday and also
taking in the carnival which- was be
ing held there.
Theo. Harmes and Andy Schlei
fert. were looking after the purchase
of some wheat at Avoca last Satur
urday. driving down in Mr. Schlei
fert's auto.
C. M. Andrus and Hugh O'Brien
are among the new readers of the
Journal, they having their names
added to the Manley list and will
receive the paper in the future.
Mis Lena Stander. departed a few
days ago for the west where she will
visit for some time, being the guest
at the home of her sister. Mrs. Julius
Bickart and husband of that place.
C. E. Mockenhaupt and family are
now occupying thei rne whome which
has been building in Manley for
some time past and after having had
the grading done about the place,
are well satisfied with the new home.
Henry Vogler just a few days ago.
returned from a trip to Chase coun
ty, where he was looking after some
interests and also viewing the lands
there. He is well pleased with the
country and says that the crops are
L. J. Austin, the blacksmith and
family, threw dull care and work
to the winds a week ago last Sat
urday and went to Union, their old
time home where they renewed ac
quaintances with the friends of for
mer days at the Old Settlers picnic.
W. 11. Frost is placing his finger
on the popular key when he furnish
ed for any entertainment one of his
exedlent Claxanolas for furnishing
the music for the occasion. He had
a Claxanola at the miscellaneous
shower at Joseph Millers, Wednes
day. Dr. O. F. Gillespie and wife of
Aubuen. Mo., the latter the daugh
ter of C. M. Andrus. were visiting in
Manlay the guests of Mr. Andrus for
a few days last week. They were
accompanied by the parents of Dr.
I Gillespie and uncle James Brath, who
were going by auto to Colorado,
where they will visit for several
weeks at the principle places of that
Having His Home Painted
W. J. Rau the banker, desiring to
have his home repainted and done
in an excellent manner, cast his eyes
about for some one to do the work
and as there were few painteds in
Manley he sought the counsel and
assistance of our townsman, who has
the interest of the city at heart and
Street Parade at !
10 o'clock
Arthur G. Wray
Independent Candidate
for Governor, will de
liver an address at 1
Fa :es, Base Ball, Band
Conce -ts, Big New At
tractions and Vaude
ville. Dancing at 3 P.M.
Good Music
who is willing and can turn bis hand
to any kind of work, Dan Bourke,
and was rewarded by having that es
timable gentleman work at his house.
Mr. Rau is securing an excellent
piece of work and as he was sure by
employing Mr. Bourke.
Gave Miscellaneous Shower
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller, south
west of Manley, who are of the most
popular young couples, last week
gave a miscellaneous shower for the
coming nuptials of Mrs. Henrietta
Earhart and Mr. Earl Quinn. which
is to be solemnized on September 1. 1
The occasion was attended by a large
number of friends of the young cou
ple who are to wed and of the genial
host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Mil
ler. Music and games were indulged j
in and all present enjoyed the oc
casion to the greatest extent.
The evening's pleasure culminated
in a most delicious luncheon which i
was also a very pleasing phrase of i
the pleasant evening. In departing,
besides wishing the young people a .
happy journey through life who were .
to wed, those in attendance also de
clared Mr. and Mrs. Miller most ex
cellent entertainers.
Now Ready for School.
The school board of Manley are
pretty well satisfied with the condi
tion of the school house which has j
just recently been refinished by a,
couple of excellent painters fromj
Ix)uisville. After having refinished
the building on the inside and out, I
the gentlemen also scrubbed and
cleaned the place thoroughly and the
place is in the best of condition for
the school which will soon begin.
Damaged Both Cars.
Last Wednesday, while turning a
corner on the road. Leonard W.
Wendt and Louis Rau ran together
with their cars damaged both very
much. Mr. Wendt, who car was a
Nash, took the same to Omaha, where
he had it repaired and home again
on the following Saturday.
Will Build in Manley.
During last week Fred Fleischman
the barber and fine chicken raiser,
sold a half acre of land to Dan Mc
Cready. a former citizen of Manley,
but who has been making his home
at Witten, South Dakota, where he
has been engaged in farming. Mr.
McCready will return to Manley in a
short time and will construct a home
on the land which he has just pur
chased. Will Marry This Week.
Mr. Albert Glaubitz of west of
Manley and Miss Veronica Boon of
near Wabash will unite in marriage
at Elm wood during the coming week.
They will make their home on a
farm between Manley and Murdock.
Thoroughbred Percheron stalian,
chestnut sorrel, blazed face, abso
lutely sound, a sure breeder and
very gentle disposition. This horse
represents the best blood in the
Percheron breed and has life certifi
cate, weight 1900 pounds.
30 12 t-d. Cedar Creek. Neb
In the District Court of Cass eoun
ty. Nebraska.
The Livingston Loan anil P.uil1ine
Association and Tonitha Tiiacker
Plaintiffs, vs. O. II. Irish et al, De
fendants. To the defendants. O. 11. Irish: the
unknown heirs. ilevisees. legatees
personal representatives, and all other
persons interested in the estate of )
H. Irish, deceased: John O. Havj ami
Mrs. John G. Hays, his wife, first anil
real name unknown: the unknown
heirs, devi.sees. legatees, personal rep
resentat Ives, ant all other persons in
terested In the estate of John t. Hays,
deceased; the unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees, personal representatives, and
all other persons Interested in the
estate of Mrs. John O. Hays, deceased;
. II. Pickens: the unknown heirs
('pvisn-s, legatees, personal represen
tatives, and all other nersons inter
ested in the estate of W. H. Pickens
deceased: Michael K. Bannin and Mrs.
Michael K. Hannin, his wife, first and
real name unknown: the unknown
heirs, devisees, leeatees. personal rep
resentatives. and all other persons in
terested in the estate of Michael K
Ilanrtin. deceased: the unknown heirs,
devisees, legatees, personal representa
tives, and all other persons interested
in the estate of Mrs. Michael K. Ban
nin. deceased: Kffie Olossard and
Charles Oossard. her husband: the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives, and all other
nersons interested in the estate of
Kffie Cossard. deceased: the unknown
heirs, devisees, leeatees. personal rep
resentatives and all other persons in
terested in the estate of Charles Oos
sard. deceased: Cheever; Sweet & Co.:
the unknown claimants and all other
persons interested in Lot 7 in Block 3
in Kitzererald s Addition to the Citv of
Plattsmouth. Nebraska: Lot 7 in Block
3 In Fitzgerald's Addition to the City
f f Plattsmouth. Cass county. Nebraska,
-nil all persons claiming anv interest
f anv kind In said real estate or any
part thereof:
You and each of von are lierebv no
tified that on the 24th dav of August,
' Ii. lSl'O. Plaintiffs filed their peti
''in and suit In the District Court of
'tss county. Nebraska, the object and
raver and purpose of which is to
:iiet and confirm plaintiffs titles in
r nd o the respective tracts of land.
i-wlt: The soi-th one-half of Lot 7.
i i Block .!. in Fitzgerald s Addition to
i he Citv of Plattsmouth. Cass county,
"ebraska. and the North one-half of
ot 7, in Block 3. in Fltzgerald s Ad
I'ition to the city of Plattsmouth, Cass
onnty. Nebraska, and to enjoin each
ind all of you from having or claim-i-ie
to have anv right, title. lien, or
i iterest. either legal or equitable, in,
to. or upon, said real estate or anv
I art thereof and to enjoin you and
ench of you from in any manner in
terfering with plaintiffs' possession of
s.ild respective pieces of real estate,
and enjoyment of said premises and
tor equitable relief.
This notice is given pursuant to an
order of the Court. Vou are required
to answer said petition on or before
Monday, the 11th day of October, 19:n.
or your default will be entered
The Livingston Loan and
Building Association and
Tobitha Thacker.
Thomas A. Edison Is quoted as
saying that "we do not know one
millionth of one per cent about any
thing. We are still In the champe
zes rfi&te mentally." Whether he
actually said it or not there Is a
eeM deal of truth in the statement,
and nobody understands it better
than a man like Edison who himself
has made hundreds of thousands of
So Much Stronger Since Taking
Tanlac that Housework is
Easy, Says Mrs. Snyder
"I have not only gained fifteen
pounds in weight, but am feeling
stronger and better than I have in
years," said Mrs. Edward Snyder, of
2030 K street. Lincoln, Neb.
"Before I started taking Tanlac,"
said Mrs. Snyder, "I was in such a
weak, run-down condition that I
could hardly get around the house to
do my work. I had no appetite
whatever and what little I ate nau
seated me and gave me awful pains
in my stomach. The indigestion af
fected me so much as night that I
lost much sleep and in the mornings
I was tired and worn out. I was
always having headaches and at
times felt so dizzy I thought I would
fall over. I fell off until I weighed
only a hundred and five pounds and
I was anxious about my condition.
"My sister-in-law had been so
much helped by Tanlac that she got
me to try it and it did me good
right from the start. I now have a
fine appetite and although I eat three
good hearty meals a day, I am not
bothered with indigestion. I am so
much stronger that I can do all my
work without difficulty and have
gained fifteen pounds and just feel
good all the time. Tanlac has been
such a blessing to me that I wouldn't
be without it in the house, and can
strongly recommend it to others."
Tanlac is sold in Plattsmouth by
F. G. Fricke and Company and the
leading druggist in every town.
From Thursday's Dally.
The parlors of the Christian
church were the scene of a delight
ful and pleasant afternoon enter
tainment yesterday. It was at this
time the Loyal Workers entertained
the elderly ladies, those who have
found it Impossible to assist in the
work or attend the meetings of the
society regularly, due to failing
strength. For the occasion and in
honor of their guests the parlors
had been made very attractive with
decorations of garden flowers. The
ladies had arranged a pleasing pro
gram which was greatly enjoyed and
appreciated by their guests. A por
tion of the afternoon was whiled
away in the singing of the favored
nd familiar hymns loved by the
honored guests. This pastime was
delightfully interspersed with the
relating of experiences in the work
of the society by the guests in their
days of youth and strength. This
proved very interesting to the hos
tesses as their guest shad surely ac
complished great things.
At a suitable time a dainty lunch
eon was served which was likewise
thoroughly enjoyed. A number of
the honor guests were unable to be
in attendance on account of illness,
but those fortunate enough to be
present felt very much indebted to
the hostesses for the splendid good
time they had enjoyed.
"mm Friday's Dally.
Friends tn this city have received
wor dof the return from the hos
pital in Omaha of Mrs. Jess Hard
nock, Jr.. of Alvo. who with the little
babe, is doing nicely and the family
and friends in Alvo delighted to see
them able to return home1. Mrs.
Emma Kunz Clements of Alvo has
been taken to the hospital, where
she is to be operated on for a severe
case of appendicitis.
Two pipeless furnaces. Will need
some repairs. Price $"5 each.
30 lt-w 3 t-d. E. G. DOVEY & SOX.
Blank books. Journal office.
of Plattsmouth.
Charter No. 1430 In the State of Ne
braska at the close of business
on August 16. lS-'O.
Loans and discounts $26S
Overdrafts 2
Bonds, securities, judgments,
claims, etc.. including all
government bonds
Banking house, furniture and
Current expenses, taxes and
interest paid
Cash items
Imp from National and State
CI. 900.00
Cold coin
Silver, nickels and cents....
Liberty lonn bonds held as
cash reserve
TOTAI $398,334.41
Capital stock paid in $ 0.000.00
Surplus fund 2,000.00
T'ndivided profits 10,340.25
Individual deposits subject to
check i:i:,267.47
demand certificates of deposit 51.250.00
Time certificates of deposit . $1 12.802.43
Cashier's checks outstanding 639.43
Due to National and Mate
t.anks 13.417.97
Bills payable 20.000.00
Depositor's guaranty fund... 2.616.S6
TOTAL $398,334.41 ,
State of Nebraska
County of Cass
I. T. M. Patterson. President of the
above named bank, do hereby swear
that the above statement is a correct
and true copy of the report made to
the State Bureau of Banning:.
Attest: President. ,
MARK WHITE. Director ;
A. J. SCHAFER, Director
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 25th dav of Aueust. 1P20.
(Seal) Notary Public
My Commission expires March 24, 1922.
Mrs. L. Lauritsen returned from
Omaha Friday morning.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hard
nock, August 25th, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shaffer spent
Tuesday night in South Bend.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Boyle returned
Thursday from their trip to Colo
rado. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cook and Mrs.
A. J. Brobst were in Lincoln Thurs-
Ed and Lewis Hornbeck of Mur -
doclc were calling on H. Moore last
Miss Alta Llnch, Mrs. E. M. Stone
and Mrs. J. A. Shaffer were in Lin
coln Thursday.
Mrs. Simon Brackhogge and child
ren attended a church convention at
Milford this week.
Mrs. E. J. Mower and son, Wil
liam, of Lincoln, visited Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shaffer.
Miss Lilian Curyea is spending ten
days vacation with her Grandpa
Wood and aunt. Miss Grace Wood.
Tucker Uptegrove and mother re
turned Wednesday from a month's
visit with relatives at Sayre, Okla
homa. Mrs. Harlen Wolfe of Greenwood
autoed over Sunday to visit with
her mother, Mrs. Ella Prouty and
other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Barrett and
children of Havelock spent Saturday
night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Armstrong.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stroemer and
the Misses Mildred Brown, Mary and
Agnes Peterson autoed to Lincoln
Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Wm. Bobbitt of Tekamah.
and her sister. Mrs. George Nickel,
were guests Sunday evening at the
G. P. Foreman home.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Jordan enter
tained at dinner Sunday the 22nd.
Mrs. I. J. Jamison of Porterville,
California, and Mr. and Mrs. George
Mr. and Mrs. George Curyea and
their guest, Mrs. Jamison, of Cali
fornia, were Sunday evening guests
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George
P. Foreman.
Miss Aurel Foreman returned on
Wednesday from Riverside, Califor
nia, where she spent the past two
months with her sister. Mrs. Paul
Thuresson and family.
Floyd E. Dickerson and miss Mil
dred Godbey were married in Lin
coln last Wednesday, August 25th.
After a brief wedding trip they will
make their home in Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Klyver and
children and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Klyver and their father, Peter Kly
ver were guests Sunday at the Laur
en Mickle home near Denton.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Keefer and
family have gone to Plattsmouth to
care for the home of their daughter.
Mrs. Roy O. Cole while she and Mr.
Cole make a trip to Colorado.
The Misses Mary and Agnes Pet
erson of Goodwill. Oklahoma, came
in Thursday the former to visit rel
atives here for a short time and the
latter to attend high schol here the
coming year.
Charles T. Foreman and Miss Dor
othv McKinnon were married in Om
aha last Friday, August 20. 1920.
They will make their home with the
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. P.
Foreman, for the present.
Mrs. John Campbell and daughter.
Miss Frances Campbell of South
Uend. visited Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Shaffer on Tuesday forenoon. Miss
Campbell will teach in the Alvo pub
lic schools the coming year.
R. F. Johnson and family and
mother, Mrs. Paul Johnson, and Miss
Mildred Knight autoed to the state
fisheries at South Bend Thursday,
enjoying a picnic dinner and visiting
their old friends. Supt. and Mrs. W.
J. O'Brien.
Mr. and Mrs. John Foreman and
Miss Dorothy McKinnon and Charles
Foreman returned from Omaha Sun
day evening, where they visited with
friends since Friday. Mr. and Mrs.
Turner McKinnin spent Friday and
Saturday in Omaha.
Wm. Knicely and family of Coun
cil Bluffs, Iowa, came in Sunday
evening and with Dr. and Mrs. L.
Muir and family and they autoed to
Ulysses Monday to surprise Mr. Craig
on his birthday. Mr. Craig is an
uncle of Mrs. Knicely and Mrs. Muir.
Last Sunday visitors at the home
J. M. Manners were Mrs. M. J. Mur
flin and Mrs. Susie' Smith, mother
and sister of Mrs. Manners. Paul
Smith, a nephew of Mrs. Manners,
and James Lewis and Alfred Harris,
all of Havelock were also Sunday
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Manners.
Mrs. I. J. Jamison of Porterville.
California, spent several days last
week with Mrs. George Curyea and
other friends here. She was taken
to Lincoln Monday morning by Mr.
and Mrs. Charles M. Jordan in their
car. from where she will go to
Wahoo to spend some time with her j
sister herore returning to ner nome
in the west.
Does morning find you with a
lame, stiff and aching back? Are you
tired all the time find work a
burden? Have you suspected your
kidneys? Plattsmouth people en
dorse Doan's Kidney Pills. Ask your
neighbors. You can rely on their
Mrs. F. M. Batman, S. 10th St.,
Plattsmouth, says: "I have been trou
lbed more or less with kidney ail
ments for a number of years. While
I have never been down on account
of this, yet at times my back has
bothered me quite a bit. I felt all
worn out and weak and had no am
bition to do my housework. My
kidneys were in a very disordered
condition, too. A friend advised me
to try Doan's Kidney Pills and I
found them very helpful. The relief
was a great one and whenever I
have had any such trouble I have
always used a few Doan's and they
always helped me. I would not be
without them for I know they are
a grand and good remedy in time of
need. I don't believe Doan's can be
equalled as a kidney remedy."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Uoan s Kidney Pills the same that
urs. tsatman naa. ! oster-iiiourn
j ' mrs" "unaio, --N. i.
From Saturday's Dally.
Last evening at the office of Coun
ty Judge Allen J. Beeson occurred
the marriage of Miss Leone Dasher of
this city and Mr. William E. Iohney
of Monmouth. Illinois. The wed'ling
was very quiet, the ceremony being
performed by Judge Beeson in his
usual pleasing manner and was wit
nessed by Miss Ruth Moffet of Oma
ha and Miss Grace Benson. The
bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Dasher of LaPlatte and has
spent her lifetime in this city and
vicinity while the groom is a young
man who has made his home in this
city for the pust few months.
Cured of Stomach Trouble and Con
stipation Rachel Cribley of Beaver Dam.
Ohio, was sick for two ye.irs with
stomach trouble and constipation,
taking one medicine after another,
with only temporary relief. "My
neighbor spoke so enthusiastically of
Chamberlain's Tablets," she says,
"that I procured a bottle of them at
our drug store to try. A few days'
treatment convinced me that they
were just what I needed. 1 con
tinued their use for several weeks and
they cured me.
iIow Ss the Time
to PI owl
' It's the early plowing that makes the
big wheat yield. We have a full line of horse
drawn plows; also engine plows. We will
be glad to give you a demonstration with the
Titan Tractor if you are interested.
Co at man
4T3k iif
y Mis y&3S8fi&
. We believe we can render any service to our cus
tomers than can be rendered by a country bank. We
are always ready to make good farm loans for long
terms at reasonable' rates. Our officers are well pre
pared to advise on problems of farm finance, manage
ment, accounting and on the legal matters with which
a farmer must now deal.
Deposits in This Bank are Protected by the Guaranty Tuni
of the State of Nebraska
The Farmers and Merchants Ban!:,
A LVO, N E 11 R A S K A
S.r.lMtVI.ES.Prrn. I) ll.K S. III)W.I, imhlrr I I. It It. ii .,
A. M. IIOYI.r:, Vice-I're. (till. I. i N .. Icr-I'm.
The Alvo National Farm Loan Association
S. C. BOYLKS. President 1 ) Li: S. HOY'LLM. St -Tr. a
in i.i;; .v ;:z,
Buying Grain and Stock!
Farming only pays when the man who manages
the farm receives at least one half of the net income
from the farm.
Grain and stock should be bought by individual
buyers who take an interest in keeping posted on the
Co-operative associations will never be a success
until they sell at least one-half their stock to their
Bring your Grain and Stock to us. Thirty-six
years' experience on "market conditions" and "grading
up" grain. Free to our customers.
Grain and Lumber
l't-litf'n fr A nt meiif f
tlmiiiixt r t rl x.
TU- State of N e t k a. Cass i',lv,
In t'.e County "ni:rt
In the matter of t!:e estate of I i-l
Ton ttelet. deceased
n reading and filing th petitmri
ef Charles . T'.;i:teli.t proving
i.irninisti atinTi ef s.ri.l estate fiav he
framed t 'na Laird, Ad m ; r. 1--
t ra t i i ;
ordered. That S-Memt r 15th. A I
l'.'l'H. at lO'.n'i o'ei k a. n.. is a--i-ed
lor hearir.r said petition, wl.ej, 1 1
persons interest .-d in said matter n..n
appear at a C..i:iit Court to !- ' ! I
in an. I for sa; I e'euity. :'nd si
rause why the praver of pet it
shouid ii'l be- granted: and t! at !:
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One Puick 45 Coupe. 3 passenger.
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5 passenger, $4.'y; one Davis
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Alvo, Nebraska
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