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    ?aue five.
Put Your
The Bank f burdock
oilers any legitimate inducement which can or may be of
fered by any legitimate bank, toils patrons and customers.
We earnestly solicit your business, .and assure you
that we are not only willing, but able to take care of any
reasonable demands for loans which you may request of
Remember, we are the only bank in Murdock, in
which the depositors are guaranteed by the Depositors'
Guaranty Fund of the State of Nebraska. Your money
is absolutely safe, and you get this free insurance, at no
cost to you. Do your barking with an old, established,
reliable bank, properly and conservatively managed, and
you will never regret it.
ank of burdock
"The Bank where You Feel at Home"
HENRY A. TOOL, President J. E. GUTHMANN, Vice-Pres.
H. A. GUTHMANN, Cashier
Floor wax nr.d dancing war. at
Max Dusttrlioff's.
Mrs. II. K. llaiiM'.r, of Sioux City,
i. visiting in Murdo'K the guest at
i!..' lioin of her dauu'.iter. Mr?. O. J.
!.( Uikii Louis 1? rnemeicr
;; t hrf-hin at a rapid rate with
i;:-ir new thre.-htr run! .ropeiled by
.i r.)i '! 'U tract-.r.
Al-ili nri' .i i;?1! has sold his
t- A'it:i Mcdvod ami will depart
i;: a hrt t i ii for hi hom in WIs-
. ti -i 1 1 for a vi-ii v:i!i relatives and
Fr-.-d '-.V-i i.-i-v1 ;i!'d wife v.-;i! :t;er
littl.' dauglm r. Ma'iiH Rose of Oni'
l:a. visited for a short time at the
: !!! of Mr. a nil Mrs. Louis Schmidt
f v.v.xr Murdock. Mr. Schmidt and
Mrs. W'oodard are sisters.
A. J. Hit chock and fa.r.i:!y of Ha."
Itn k. vi::-' d at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. I,. Neitzel of Murdock last u:'
;.iy.' driving over from that place
in their car. Mrs. Hitchcock is a
d a :i gh ter cf Mr. and Mrs. Neitztl.
Mi-s Ku'h K-e.-s and Miss Marie
Schmidt v. or? isiting in Lincoln last
S inir lay. former returning home
in the evening while Mi-s M i"
iii.iiud trr limtrr visit ovtr Sun
day. Mi s Ksther S-'ninidt. d op;n-j
t .r of the .liiiock telephone co'n-
"vy and her si-tor Mi.'". I.-ah j
S l.inidt nf Khir.vood. wer-- viti.i
with friends and looking aitr Fn.e j
business, matters i:i Omaha l ist .Men-
day. i
T'e i v l..i.ik which has just;
moved into, their new building, is i
nii'v waitinsr for the arrival of it
fixtures and furniture, which will be ;
immediately placed in position after
which they will arrange for a formal
opening of business in the iif,v build
in :r whirl; will oe announced at a
later date.
I n.
On account of the business of the farmers, we
will keep our store open every night in the week dur
ing the harvest season, and until farther notice.
Murdock Mercantile Co.3
J. E. McHUGH, Manager
Automobiles and Accessories
Our machine shop is especially well equipped
wilh modern machinery and first-class workmen. We
i re ready to do all kinds of repair work, including
acctyline welding. "
Esa v3 B
Phone 35-B
You are absolutely safe in buy
ins ready mjxed paints at Max Dus
terhoff's. Our experience in paints
Itnds an additional value in every
can for every purpose.
Daniel Rueter has added his name
to the list of readers of the Journal,
having had the paper seit to his ad
dress and the family will keep in
touch with the happenings in and
near Murdock.
Mrs. It. Lawton and grand child
ren Jane Fatrica and Harry Rymer
of Wabash, spent the week end last
week at the Murdock hotel as the
Sliest of relatives and friends and
enj yed the occasion greatly.
Mr. and Mrs. I.. Neitzel entertained
two of the members of the Girls Glee
Club of the Naperville school, they
being Misses Carrie Kuth of South
Kend and AlMe Schneider of R!vk
Earth, Minn., at their home last
I M. Sorick of Lincoln was a visitor
! in Murdock durig last week a guest
I at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. H.
Lawton. the latter being his daugh
I ter, and was working; with Mr. La
i ton in the improving of his home
Dr. S. B. McDurmid of Omaha, was
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
I,. Neitzel of Murdock last Satin day
between trains. Mrs. McDurmid with
their daughter, Dolly Jane,- is sp?nd
irs a month at Lake Wakonia. Min
nesota. A. Zipple and son of Los Angrhs
California, were the gnosis at the
home -of Mr. and Mrs. L. Neitael fr
a few days past, they being old time
friends, but had not met for the past
2U vtnrs. when the former were mem
bers of the church of which "Mr. Neit
zel was pastor at Milford.
Heel proof, mar proof, water proof,
the recosnized "Best in the World
at Max DnsterhofTs. Ask for Plait
aiiiberts Xo 61.
mim oarves
Murdock, Neb.
Save the surface and you save all.
Ask Max Dusterhoff for estimates.
Gust Huge and wife were visiting
with friends' and looking after some
business matters in Weeping Water
last Friday.
Summer Hall and Kenneth Tool,
with their lady friends were in at
tendance at the dance given at
Greenwood during last week.
Gust Huge and wife, accompanied
by Fred and Ferdinand Lau, were
visiting in the county seat last Tues
day, where they were both visiting
with their friends and looking after
some business matters.
Mrs. Warren Richards and Mrs.
Ralph Dorr departed last Saturday
afternoon for the west, where they
will spend some two weeks at the
Yellowstone park and other points
of interest in the southwest.
W. O. Gillespie departed last week
for the west, going" to Denver to look
after some business and also was at
Bennett, Colorado, where he has some
land in wheat and Which he will
look after having cut and threshed
while he is in the west.
While in Lincoln. Earnest and Ella
Hornemeier of Elmwood, son and
daughter of Charles Bornemeier of
that place, driving along the streets
of that city, had their car struck by
a street car and very badly dam
aged. Foreunately the occupants
were not Uadly injured.
Harry Gillespie and wife, who have
for several days past, been visting
at the home of friends at Hampton.
Fairmont and Tobias, where they had
an excellent time, returned home la?t
Saturday evening, having found good
roads on their trip. They visited at
Hampton at the home of the brother
of Mrs. 'Gillespie, while' at Hampton
at a sister of Mr. Gillespie's mother
and at Tobias at the home of Dr. and
Mr--. Blattepeiler.
I. G. Hornbrck. the genial and ac
commodating agpnt of the Rock Is
land at Murdock. has added to his
holdings a new Ford Sedan car of the
latest style, which is a convenience
that will be greatly appreciated by
this excellent young man. Stev:
Lewis, who has had a car for some
time. Iw rather had the advantage
of Mr. Hornbeck in that he could :
any time give the young ladies a ride,
but now the Sedan, the luxury car.
has been introduced into the gam:
and it looks like the competition for
(he hand of so:n- of the fair ones f
Murdoch, has been mode a lit!!',
stronger f r Fncle Stephen.
Elected For Coming: Year.
Professor J. H. Burwel!. who wa
the superintendent of the schools of
Murdock last year, was a visitor to;
a sho-t ti.-ie in Murdock last week,
stopping for a short time to look a:
ter tome business matters and v
visit with his many friends her
I rofe?sor Burwell lias been electee
to the same position for the comir:;
year and it an advanced salary whic.'"
is a testimony to his excellent ser
vices during the time which he
taught here.
i Will Have Charge of Cream Station
Mr. Wm. Stachetzkie h:: bee:; ap
pointed as manager of the cream sta
tion ;:t Murdock by the Lincoln Ture
Butter company and has taker
charge of the work. Mrs. Stachetz
kie is well qualified to look after the
interests of the company here and i?
well known and will make an excel
lent person for the position.
Tormer Murdock Girl Injured
Mrs. Ernil Kohen of Norfolk, who
has been visiting with her parents,
the Rev. Braunn. formerly minister
at the Callihan church southwest o!
Murdock. but now living at Hastings,
v as ri ling in a car with rela
which had stopped for an instant
when a telephone truck, which Va
loaded with tools for their work
;-mong which were some pike poi?'
for raising the telephone poles. In
the backing of the truck, one of th';
snarp spike ends of the poles caught
Mrs. Kohen hi the neck, tearing the
flesh and bo;e from her neck, break
ing the vertebre at the neck and al
most severing the windpipe. A let
ter from the daughter of Rev. Schwa'
to the children of K. W. Thimgar.
tells of her critical condition and that
it had taken over 7 stitches to close
the gapping wound. Iyt little hope
is entertained for her recovery. The
young woman is a sister of Walter
Rraun who recently returned ta hi
home in Hastings after having work
ed here for some time.
Hold Mission Service.
The Kvange'ucHl .Association of
Murdock last Sunday at their church
here held a ppecial Misrion service
at which there was given the prin
ciple address on the subject of
"Where is the Young Man", by the
pastor. Rev. Leipply. There were ad
dresses also made by Mesers. L. Neit
rel. Chnrle Ixmg, CI. Uaur and. Mis"?
(Ldna Miller. There were also a num
bT of special numbers rendered and
! . . ; ; 1 1 A
a very intere-sung m'ssmhh wa n.
Mayor Tries Harvest Field.
Mayor August Par.ska went out to
the farm lest week to s?e just how
things would be to work In the field
'again, and stuck with the job for
about a half day. after 'which hecon
i eluded that the boys cut there were
getting along all right and returned
to town to assume his duties as the
Burgcmas'er of Murdock.
Nebraska Pioneer Passes Awa.
Last Friday Frank Towle. former
ly a resident of Cass county, but for
some time making his home at Los
Angeles, pa3?ed away at the home of
his daughter. Mrs. Lillian Brut at
Nebraska' City, where he had gone
but a few days since for a visit. Mr.
Towle who has two sons. Messrs. Geo.
and Earl living at V.'eeping Water,
has come back to Neba aska but a
short time ago and had ftoppedat
the home of his brother, George
Towle, Sr.. of Lincoln and after hav-.
ing visiled there had come to Weep
ing Water where he had visited at
the home of his two sons and then
went to Nebraska City for a stay at
the home of his daughter. While
there he was stricken and after a
short illness passed away." He was
nearly eighty years of age and was
born in Ohio. He has been resiling i
at Longbeach for the past thirteen
years. The funeral was held at the '
home of his son Earl Towle near
Weeping Water last Sunday after-!
noon and the interment was made
there also. George Towle was down
from Lincoln to attend the funeral of
his brother and visited Saturday ev
ening and Sunday at the home of
his daughter, Mrs. J. E. McIIugh, in
This Looks Good for Murdock
Last Saturday there was ten cars
set in at the Rock Island station for
the loading of grain for the two ele
vators at Murdock, five for each ele
vnlnr nml von mav pruess t.hev will
be busv now for a few days. There !
has been a scarcity of ears and with
the threshing on in full blast and not
the abundance of storage, the deliv
eries will surely be greatly augment
ed. This will make busy people for
one of the best sections in the fann
ing districts of Nebraska.
School Election Last Saturday,
Last Friday evening Professor
Woiley of Lincoln was a visitor in
Murdock coming over after a mee.t-
l ing at Alvo for a talk on the subject
of consolidation of the schools. The
matter had been settled at the elec
tion last month. Saturday evening
there was an election held for a
board of directors for the new dis
trict which includes much more ter
ritory than had been embraced here
tofore. Hone From the West.
Miss Selma Brauchle, who has
been visiting at the home of her sis
ter. Mrs. Thimgan at Ordway, Colo
rado, for the past two weeks returned
home last week and is again working
at the business hou?e of the Mur
dock Mercantile company. Miss
Brauchle enjoyed the trip to the
southwest greatly and returned rest
ed and refreshed and ready to rare
for the trade at the store in her for
mer capable and pleasing manner.
Enjoys Two Weeks in South.
Max Dusterhoff and mother. Mrs.
Fred Ohm and husband, and Joseph
Wutchinek and little daughter, who
have been taking an outing at ,the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Rikli.
at Orlando, Oklahoma, for the past
two weeks, returned heme last Wed
nesday having traveled nearly a
thousand miles in the trip both ways.
They found some very good roads and
also some which did not appeal to
them. They also found some excel
lent country with good crops, but
not equal those of Cass county a"
other portions of Nebraska and es
pecially in the vicinity of Murdock.
Many of the towns in Kansas which
they passed through, were models of
neatness and with people snappy and
up to date in their business methods,
which give them added zest in mak
ing Murdock the besf town in which
to live and also the best place to en
gage in business in the country. True
there are many places larger than
this town, but the opportunities are
here for making this ihe absolute
most attractive town in this portion
of the country in which it is located.
Progressive business men and you
have them here all working to make
their home town the best to bring
their dreams true. Work together
gentlemen for the best town on the
Miss Mary Peters Injured
Last Friday evening as the child
ren of the Rev. J. W. Peters were
going home from town and it being
just after nightfall, they were over
taken by a car traveling rather rapid
ly which went around them and was
followed by another, one driven by
John Schell, Jr., with Fred Lau. they
lso going at a rapid rate. The Pet
ers children had drawn slightly at
the side of the road, as the passage
of the first car had created a great
cloud of dust which obscured the road
for a short time.
During this .time the oar of Mr.
Schell, a large Buick six roadster,
struck the car of Mr. Peters carrying
it some distance and completely de
molishing the wagon and spiling the
occupants five in number, in the
roadway. They were all more or less
injured being bruised and shaken up.
The one to receive the worst cuts
and bruises was Miss Mary Peters,
who received five different cuts over
her head and body. The wounds were
dressed by Dr. Hornbeck and the
young lady confined to her bed where
it is hoped she will not have to re
main long. Fortunate indeed, was
it for those in the car that they were
not seriously injured or even killed.
Mr. Schell, like the excellent young
man. went to Rev. Peters and made
amends as far as he was able for the
untoward accident.
The dust prevented the seeing of
the tail light on the car of Rev. Pet
ers and until just on the other car
Mr. Schell did not know the car was
ahead of him. Due exercise to the
speed at which cars travel should be
observed and especially when there
is dust to obscure the vision.
Drowns in Water Tank.
Little Evaline. the two-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Rau. who live northwest of Murdock.
was drowned last Monday when she
became overbalanced when playing
about the watering tank and fell
face downward. Her little brother
and sister. Norman, aged nve. and
Irene, aged seven. w-Rnessed the ac
cident and pulled the little one from
the tank but li'e was extinct. The
Work for your own town. Beautify it. Improve it. Make it attrac
tive. The World War and the Treaty of Peace and the Protective Tariff and
all such things are important subjects; but what's the good of cleaning up the
world unless you sweep your own doorstep?
The city whose 4 main street is dirty, sordid-looking, cluttered, uninvit
ing, suffers much. Such a city wants to be cleaner, recreated, made a thing of
beauty, so that people will come miles to see it.
The best advertisement of your business is the town you live in.
Towns get reputations, as well as men. Make your town talked of all
over the State. It will thus draw people. And where the people come, there is
It does not take money. It takes something that is scarcer. It takes
Get together. Organize for civic improvement. Develop the civic nerve.
Rid your town of one eyesore after another. Clean up the vacant lots
and plant them in gardens. Make a cluttsred yard a disgrace. Make public opin
ion too hot for those who will not help.
It pays. It will promote law and order. It will help in the education of
your children. It will draw factories and other business enterprises to your lo
cality. Shiftlessness, untidiness, dirt and selfishness, as shown in your streets
and buildings, react upon your people.
Such things make your boys and girls grow up hating their home town.
Make your home town a children's paradise, something their memory
will lovinghy turn back to.
Look after your churches, schools, modem conveniences, street lights,
modern home lights and all your other means of communal enjoyment.
Make your home town happy.
It pa3's.
Come, let us co-operate and mskc Murdock 'thc very best town.'
Murdock Mercantile Co.
Murdock, Nebraska
parents have the sympathy of many i
friends in their bereavement. Burial i
was made in the churchyard ceme
tery north of Murdock last Wednes- ,
day, where the funeral services were !
conducted by Rev. J. W. Feters. j
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our thanks ,
for the kindness and the many words j
of comfort in the time of our bereave- ,
ment at the death of our little daugh- ;
ter and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Ed ,
Rau and Children. j
Honors Even in Ball Games
A week ago last Monday the team
from Wabash came to Murdock for
a game, and with some pretty good
playing trimmed the Murdock boys
to the tune of 10 to 5. They return
ed home feeling pretty good so an
other game was arranged for last
Saturday afternoon. When the big
game came off the gallant swains of
Murdock had something up their
sleeves for the warriors from Wa
bash and the result was that the
home team cleaned up the Wabash
boys to the tune of eight to four.
This makes the honors even and
will require a third game to decide
the championship. The line up of
last Saturday's game was:
Wabash Hinee, If; Towle, p; Art
Sylvester, c; Jap Golden, lb; Judd
Warner, 2b; F. Marshall, ss; Henry
Sylvester, 3b; Walter Ross, rf and
Albert Sylvester, cf.
With Park T. Otte as captain, Mur
dock was lined up as follows: Long,
lb; Schneider, 2b; McDonald, ss;
Jack Shields, 3b; Kenneth Tool, c;
Pickwell. cf; Ingwerson. If; Reeves,
rf and McCrorey in the box.
W. J. Partridge, of Weeping Water,
who is known far and wide as an ex
pert dynamiter of stumps in land
clearing work, has just returned from
the western part of the state, where
he has been working for the county
commissioners of Chase county blast
ing holes in the bottom of lagoons
for the purpose of draining them.
Mr. Partridge has found that the
idea which was of his own invention,
proves a success and while there he
drained some thirty-five lagoons. He
has been requested to return in the
6pring and continue his work, but as
he has an abundance of work here,
he purposes to look after the wants
of his customers at home before go
ing back to Chase county. Since re
turning home he has been enjoying
little rest while waiting for cooler
weather before taking up his work
A number of pure bred Poland
China boars. Telephone No. 3S0 5.
Adam Stoehr. St-Sw.
the ' -Map!
"Your Home Town First
for A5I
The Best Harvesting
i-rUrr S-w! V-. - ----cHfP'! r $H f "'
he InfomatiQnai Line Complete!
The International Harvesting machinery i3 the first standard
of excel lenco the world over.
We are now carrying Hinders. Headers, Ilarvester-Thrcs hero.
Reapers, Shockers and Threshing Outfits.
For haying we can fill your needs with Mowers, Dump Rakes.
Tedder?, Hay Loaders, Sweepes, Stackers, Daling Presses and
JERRY E. McHUGH, Manager
Painter - Decorator
-:- -:- -:- Nebraska
and Haying Machines