The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 17, 1920, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    MONDAY, MAY 17, 1920.
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1 u u at ka cj
H rt w n n n
Jllways ike Same
Clean-burning-, hard-hitting, power
full Red Crown Gasoline is always
the same uniformly good from the
first drop to the last.
Red Crown vaporizes readily ignites
instantly burns up completely. It
means quick starts; prompt, smooth
acceleration and plenty of power and
punch for high speeds and the hills.
Standardize on Red Crown Gasoline
every gallon mile-packed every
gallon the same.
Polarine, the correct lubricant for
every car, keeps the motor young and
Fill up at the sign of the Red Crown.
Mis. H. J. Ilennigcr was among
li" .i in? to Omaha this morning
to s-pt .!! J lie day looking after some
luatltrs f busings.
Robert Patterson and wife depart
ed this afternoon for Omaha, where
.Mr. Patterson is taking treatment of
a .--pet iulist in that city.
Pter Mei.-inrrc-r and wife were
annu s the visitors in t lie city yes
terday for a f' v hours looking after
s-- i::-.. matters of business.
Mr.:. Fred Rezner came down this
morning from Omaha for a visit here
the home of her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Tains and family.
Charles Jelinek. wife and two
hiidren came down this afternoon
m Omaha to enjoy a visit in this
city with relatives and friends for
a few hours.
tMcar Larson was among those
going to Omaha this morning to
cpend the day and consult the phy
sicians at the hospital who have
been looking after his case.
Mrs. J. II. Pierson and sister, Mrs.
C. S. Stone, who are here assisting
in the care of their mother, Mrs. M.
1J. Allison. were passengers vthis
morning for Omaha to spend the day.
W. J. Hessenflow was a visitor in
the city over night, returning this
morning Jo his home. Mr. Hessen
flow reports that the rain in his vi
cinity on Tuesday was not near as
heavy as in this city.
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From Thursday's Dally.
Last evening the members of Cas
Camp No. 332, Modern Woodmen ol
America held a very interesting ses
sion at their rooms in thev building
which the order has established in
this city as one of the monuments of
the order. Mr. Duffy is one of tin
most able speakers in the service ol
the M..W. A. and bis address last ev
ening was one followed with th
greatest of interest by the member
ship present. Mr. Duffy pointed out
that the statements that you had tc
die to secure the benefits of the or
der were not true: if a member of
the M. V. A. was suffering from tu
berculosis it was not necessary foi
' him to die to secure a benefit, as tht
order maintained a great sanitarium
in Colorado where the neighbor
might be treated absolutely free of
all cost while at a hospital he would
have to pay from $100 to $500 a
j week for his care- and treatment.
The seventy-year plan whereby the
Woodman would withdraw all that
he had paid into the beneficiary fund
gave the member an opportunity to
realize on his policy before death.
During all these years the member
had protected his family by his in
surance and might then realize on it
without the necessity of death.
Mr. Duffy also touched on the part
that this patriotic order had played
the war just closed when the head
camp had purchased over $4,000,000
worth of liberty bonds and 60,000
members of the Modern Woodmei
had served in the army and navy of
their beloved country and 2, COO had
made the supreme sacrifice. The M.
W. A. had made their policies on
the lives of the soldiers and sailor:
good and had paid out in losses from
the membership while in service,
The speaker also urged the order
to oppose the proposed bill that
would compel' the fraternal societies
to adopt the rates prepared by the
fraternal congress and which would
raise their rates to that of the old
line insurance company and deprive
, the poor man of the cheap insurance
that be enjoys in the fraternal or
der. Mr. Duffy also pointed out that
there was no sliding scale in the pay
ment of death claims. If you were
insured in tjie M". W. A. today and
died tomorrow the full value of the
policy would be paid, as the rates of
the M. W. A. were so adjusted a
to provide ample funds to care for
their losses.
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From Thurpuay's Dally.
The closing days of the public
schools are always busy ones and
;his year the forthcoming two weeks
are laden with many gatherings and
exercises incident to the departure
f the class of 1920 from the school
.vhere they have received their edu
cation to newer fields where they
vill assume the burdens of life ai d
prepare to carve out their future for
:hemselves. The class this year num
bers twenty-six, twenty-three girJs
and three boys.
The ending of school days brings
Ait li it a sense of regret to the young
jeople in that the wonderful spirit
)f fellowship and close association
.hrough the years of school life will
erniinate on the evening of co:.i
nencenient, when the members will
lepart on their respective ways
dine to continue their education
tlong the higher lines in college
.vhile others will take up their t'u
ure work in the great world in
vhich each to carve out for h illi
cit or herself a future.
The first of the closing exercises
s the baccalaureate sermon to be
ielivered to the class by Rev. H. U.
dcClusky at the First Presbyter
an church on Sunday evening, May
:3rd. Rev. McCIusky. who has per
onned this service for a number of
he graduating classes of the school
vill give the young people a high
nspiration t carry with them in
heir future years.
On Tuesday evening. May 2-"th
he class play, "What Happened I
.ones," a very clever farce comedy
vill be presented by the members of
he class at the Parniele theatre and
will be one of the school entertain
uents to which the members of the
dass are looking forward with the
reatest of interest. In the cast ar
Crnest Janda. Harley Recker, Marion
)u.bury, Janet Uajeck, Mable
'openhaver, Claire Creamer, Nellu
lay Cowles, Myrtle Petersen, Henri
tta Waintroub and Carla Rrandt
larley Cecil and Principal II. A
Itromsburg are assisting the mem
jers of the clu.-s in the play.
The commencement to which the
oung people have looked forward
or the past four years, will occur on
"riday evening. May L'Sth when the
oard of education of the city will
resent them with the diplomas that
epresent the attainment and com
detion of their education in the
'lattsmouth public schools. For the
rator of the occasion, Dr. W. E. J
Iratz, of Lincdln, pastor of the St
a ill's Methodist church of that city
las been selected. Dr. Gratz is one
f the polished and forceful orators
f the capital city and his visit here
.ill leave with the class a recollcc
ion of an address that will be worth
hile and the future welfare that
hey will enjoy in the world if they
ollow the advice of Dr. Gratz, will
e assured.
The commencement will be the
inal chapter in the school history
f the class of 1920 and from that
.ate they will be a part of the world
.-hich they have only partially rea
ized from the confines of the school
'rom Thursday s Dally.
For the 11:1st ten vears ilolstein
attle as a-dairy breed have been
trowing iti favor with the farmers
f Nebraska and in Cass county a,
lumber of the most successful dairy
nen have adoi.ted this breed for
heir use as the best milk producers
md for their hardiness and general
I'daptness to Nebraska needs in the
stock line.
A few days since fifteen head of
:hese fine cattle were purchased by
A.. S. Will. T .T Will. W.'R. Young
ind .T. J l.niines. to be nlaccd on
their farms for use in the future.
rhese gentlemen are all men of ripe
!xnfrir nop in i stock breeding line
md they have recognizd that the
'-Iplstem is the coming stocK ior .nc
rlie tendency is to
levelop the best possible dairy cattle
or use on the farms.
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LET us show you the Official Laboratory Model of the
New Edison. Eet us play it for you. Eet us teU you
of the remarkable guarantee which goes with this instrument.
A guarantee of realisml Do you know what 'this means?
'The Phonograph with a Soul
Kealism Only realism can make
the phonograph as wonderful a
ource of music as all the artists in
the world.
Realism ! How can j-ou know the
phonograph that achieves Realism?
The Official Laboratory Model
of the New Edison has proved its
Realism by direct comparison with
living artists. The singer sings or
the instrumentalist plays. Suddenly
the artist stops, and the New Edison
continues alone.
Four million people have wit
nessed these remarkable tests. They
found that only by watching the
artist could they tell when he was
singing or playing and when Ihe
New Edison was Re-Creating his
The instrument we'll show you is
an exact duplicate of the instru
ments which triumphed in these
comparison-tests. It will sustain
the same test. We guarantee it in
be capable of the -ante bcatififul and
astounding liea'i.rn, and that is
guaranteeing everything your heart
desi res. (
Come in and hear it.
Our Budget Plan solve the money problem in Imying
your Xeic Edison. Let us tell you about it.
ol tlaaraba
John Richardson, the Ferryman, to
Prepare Place for Those Who
Like Aquatic Sports.
John Richardson, the ferryman, is
preparing plans to have a regular
bathing beach prepared at the ferry
landing or nearby during the com
ing summer season for the benefit of
those who have evinced an interest
in the water sports. Last season Mr.
Richardson did not get the bathing
beach arranged until late in the sea
son, and then it was merely a tem
porary affair, 'hastily erected to fill
the wants of the residents of the
community for a spot where they
might enjoy river bathing with per
fect safety.
This season Mr. Richardson ex
pects to have- more accommodations
at the bathing beach, with better fa
cilities for dressing rooms and wili
take care in the best possible wayj
of the needs of the bathers. Mr.
Richardson is very familiar with the
river and will personally look after
the safety of thoe who patronize the
beach and see that nil poible rae.w
ures are taken to prevent accidents
and to sec that beginners are look
ed after and not allowed to talc
risks that might result seriously to
The interest this year in the mat
ter of a good, safe bathing spot has
been shown early in the season and
(he lovers of this sport will be pleas
ed to learn that Mr. Richardson will
be on the job again this season.
cover over the f!cor of a number of
the cars.
Late reports from the Xjeliolas It has been ' suggested that the
Senn hospital in Omaha .states that police notify the auto owners in
Mrs. Ilettie Covert is showing some time of rain to get the cars off the
improvement over the past few days , street, but this hr..- the drawback
and the attending physicians are. that the policeman would have to be
niroe hopeful of her recovery ami ! :i walking automobile directory a:i
should the present rate of improve- j that is something that could bard
ment be continued she will :;oca be ; ty bo expected. However, if the par
011 the highway to .recovery. 1 tica Iiappemd to be at mine public
: ; gathering it would be easy to have
the fact announced that there
need to pull the tars out of the
danger of overflowing water and t li if.
would save loss to both the car
owners and the city.
The experience of Tuesday even
ing should be? one that would cauve
automobile owners to be on the yh
when it starts to rain very much and
get their machines to a point of t ite-
The storm of Tuesday evening jty as an auto 011 Main stree t during
demonstrated one thing to a certain- the overflow that monies with a ver
Cars Parked on Main Street During
Heavy Rain Cause Water to
Overflow Sidewalks.
The reports from the Immanuel
hospital in Omaha state that Mrs.
Roy Mayfield who is in that institu
tion recovering from the effects of
a very severe operation for gall
stones, is now showing marked im
provement and her family and
friends are feeling well pleased with
the prospects for her early recovery.
It is hoped that Mrs. Mayfield may
be so far recovered by Sunday as to
be able to return home to this city,
although it will be some weeks be-
fore she fully regains her strength.
ty and that was that at the time of
a heavy rain all automobiles parked
on Main street should be gotten off
the street. Just where to have them
parked is a problem that is giving
the city authorities not a little
thought. The unfortunate fact that
it has been necessary to have the
Main street made a natural water
course also makes it necessary to see
that this watercourse is kept open
in time of heavy rains when the
great volume of water from the hills
sweeps down the street to the river.
The auto owners themselves should
realize the importance of getting the
cars off Main street at the time of a
real heavy rain as Tuesday a great
ileal of damage was done to cars by
the water which was . so high as to
severe rain is certainly out of luck
This morning a p;rty of nine
riattsinouth people departed for the
western part of the slat whereat hey
expect to spend the su nnier month.:;
in the sugar beet field -i of flirt por
tion of the state. Those in th.1 p;:rty
were Harrison Sheldon and wife,
Redford IJennett, Klijah Rennett. K.
R. Oalligan, Joe liine.; and wife and
L. O. Rennctt and wife. The uk-iu-bcrs
of Ihe party expect to locate
near Rayard, Nebraska, a nil will re
main there for the summer at least.
Their friends regret very much to
see them leave but trust that they
mav find success in their new home.
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