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    THURSDAY. JULY 24, 1910.
njaa ii Haass m.
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Ross Will Cossfinue T
"Bring Borne The Bacon"
THE profit in hog-raising isn't going to end with the
war. It's going to take a long time for the meat
supply to catch up with the demand.
The business farmer will take advantage of this condition. He will
equip himself to raise lioc;s and raise hog with the most profit.
That means a good breed of hogs and a scientifically built hog house.
A good hog house must be weatherproof warm in winter and cool
in summer with plenty of sun on the floor at farrowing time. With
such a house you can get two litters a year as easy as one, and bigger
litters and healthier pigs.
And t-uch a hoj house will pay for itself in one year in the saving of
fred alone. The feed goes into pork production not merely to keep
the hogs warm.
White Pine buildings are a permanent asset they increase your
;-ecurity and add permanent value to your farm. White Pine used
for any exposed surface docs not warp or twist or rot, even after
years cf exposure. And it works more easily than other woods.
Practical vrkir plans, specifications and complete bill of material for
the boc riutc litiizs, or ny other type of farm building, will be furnished
on retjuct, together with our estimate of the cost.
V. B. Vil !. Secretary of Labor, says. "SAVE YOUR
MONEY BY BUiLDJNG A HOME." We have been told
that wc were ovcrlv mcdest but excuse us for adding, AND
CEDAR CREEK LUMBER CO. That goes so well togeth
er t1, i: yen ran almost ting it. Come in, and we'll let you
try il o: our piano.
8 9 J r-
i LU US! hU UrJ V
Strike Out Amendment That Would
Have Put Under Bond Person Con
victed of Violating Regulations.
Cedar Creek, Nebraska.
IV. : -M
11 r i
t!. i .
:.' -jr.:.
?.r-: y w;.r:
ri' w -I i n :i
t 1.
T:;- i;;i
c- ::t ri-f-w
:i. :.'r.
!.: v.
. TI !'
'I ; 1 1-1" v. a - had i I
' -ax !i r.t the
- i !r.:-i'rr.iy cv(n--h
t!." v, at I:." r wvi
r :i v. ry ;co''l
i : mi-! !1 S( ni (l
i:'!tl KM.i tinif.
!.':- l'.-r the i:.-t
! i.:.r-t all i:f thm
jki: rc::;.c,I.
(Mt:a!i;i vi;i a ut emuhile, v.-ht-ro it vas
ilci'kd ly the attending physician
that j't fip'Tat in would lx necessary
an! tht hi 'iicc. This was done
ir;; rn"i!iitf !y and the yountr men was
rt iMirt-"! i!::rir. th- niht as xettin
i!n;i;r as -.veil as could be expected
iiii l -i thr circtmistances. TT.i niorn
in Iii- j-.;ireiis. Mr. and Mrs. .
Cr awcr and xi.Wer, Mias Hose !;.
Cr -airier, dfparted for (imaha to cee
the man s::. (t what they
t il l f r hii.i. It i.'. Iioih-I lie iii iv
jTi'i:re-; nicely and sMn be able to
j r r in: to his work entirely recov
Ir'rr 'I'.;. !:!
I.!.-i cvi'r.i;:-,' JMwan! "r r
Mit!i- :; I;. ::ij. ri wi'h a .- -vi re jittat k
:f :. i i c ir I.-. ::: v rushed to e:i:- ily. :',0c a box at all stores.
Ikir.-li physics react, weaken the
bowel.-, vil! lead to chronic consti
pation. Doan's Ke&nlets operate
at the
South Sixth St.,
Plattsmouth, Neb.,
Washington, July 21. llie pro
hibition enforcement bill, drastic
provisions and all, va3 adopted
Monday section by section by the
house, but a man's right to store
liquor in his home stood up against
all attacks. On the final count, only
three votes were recorded in favor
of an amendment to make some pos
session of intoxicants unlawful.
After all perfecting amendments
had been adopted and others design
ed to make the bill less severe were
bowled over in a choru-s of "noes
an attempt va.s made to adjourn ov
er night. This prevailed, but there
was a demand for a roll call and the
prohibition force, summoned trom
all sides by their leaders, piled into
the chamber in sufficient numbers to
keep the house in session for the
tedious roll call vote on half a dozen
amendments in dispute which had to
be passed on before vote was taken
on the bill as a whole.
Demand for a formal reading of
the engrossed bill which was not in
shape for that purpose, forced ad
journment of the home Monday
night and delayed its passage un
til Tuesday.
First Fight of Day.
The first light of the day was
over the section giving courts the
right to put under bond a person
convicted of violating the liquor
law. This was stricken out after
lit prescntat ive tJard. democrat. Ohio,
hud pointed out that it provided
double punishment for the poor
man. who might be .sent to jail. The
vote was s:; to many prohibi
tionists opposing its retention.
When the house reached section
of the hill dealing with enforce
ment of constitutional prohibit ;;;:i
and which co?itained the provision
that it was not unlawful to store
liquc.r ut home for personal u-e. the
scene was not unlike that on a stock
market on a high sales day.
Everybody wanted to spe;.l: or
offer an iinundment. fully ::nore
clamoring for recognition at onie.
Pirst consideration was given
i'hairman Volvtcad of the judiciary
committee in charge of the bill, who
had two amendments. These fixed
t ho time for reporting possession
of intoxicants. In one Mr. Volstejid
offered, and the house accepted, the
time specified in the proclamation
by the state department as to the
effective date of constitutional pro
hibition January 10. 1 !". w jus ac
cepted without discussion.
says his store can be headquarters for the
fruit canning season.
Wc also carry a full line of the
If we are short in stock, we will take your order for
next day's delivery, for we are receiving fresh goods
every day. We also carry a full line of
Abo a nice new line of
Call by phone; and a long distance call we pay the
charges. Telephone 1 16. First door south of Zuck
weiler cc Lulz's old stnd.
l'ioni Tuesday's Ially.
This morning Mrs. Ida Keown. of
Pleasant ville, Iowa, arrived at this
place, and Is visiting at the home of
her daughter. Mrs. Clem M-rritt and
family awaiting an opportunity to
visit with another daughter, .Miss
Florence Keowr . who underwent an
operation at Nebraska City Sunday
for the removal of her appendix, and
who cannot he seen until Thursday
oT this week, although it is said she
is getting along as well as could be,
We have reduced the Titan 10-20 price $225. You can
now get the world's standard 3-pIow tractor for $!3Q00.
Cash F.O.B.Fariory
$1,050 on Time
When you buy a TITAN the
original price includes:
inc iuii power 10 ire ,f tv r. , ', 1 . 1
10-20 can be quickly : f -TjSi Sf-rZ-' ;; . " -
use of the location cf iW'. ' il . . X II
clears the front whuls S F T . ' -V :ff- ,
THERE is no joker" in this price. We are
not telling you one story in this advertise
ment and then leaving it for cur dealers
to break the sad news that the advertised
price won't buy a tractor unless you pay extra
for a lot of necessary features. The Titan
dealer won't charge you extra for "starting and
service" before he can deliver the tractor. He
won't show you a machine stripped of many
essential parts belt pulley, fenders, platform,
governor, drawbar, tools and then tell you
that you can have these things by paying extra
for them. The Titan at this advertised price
is a complete 3 -plow kerosene tractor.
Then there is another thing. We are not experiment
ing at your expense when ve sell you a Titan 10-20.
There is real farm machine and tractor manufacturing:
injj experience back of it. We have been in the farm
machine business for S3 years and have been supplying;
tractors for 14 years. Not another company in the
world kno ws the farmer's power and machine require
ments as the Harvester organization docs.
Would you entrust your bank account to a man who
had never had any experience in handling- money?
Will you risk your farm profits in a tractor built by
designers whose knowledge of farming is limited to
books and a drawing board? It will pay you to think
about these things when yen buy your tractor.
Starting and Instruction Service
Another j..l:crr ! 'oi;e trader concerns is to charge you a large "starting
and service" f.-e extra. This is another way of petting a low price for adver
tising purposes. 3;:t you can't ,et the tractor without paying this charge.
They rr.ake it compulsory. The International dealer five t'vf fftis sgrtv'ee
without asking yon to pap extra inr it wh?n ton bvy a Titan 10-20. Free tractor
schnols inaugurated Sy us. ulsobenefitTilan purchaser in all parts of the country.
International Harvester Company
r irirf inn
a i : i .i i . i -i i- r"
j targe, wiue iricuon tiuu.i pinicy, niaac in nve
sizes, equipped v.-itb safetrr shiild, is mounted
directly on the crar.k-shaft of th low-speed, steady
Titan engine and delivers
driven machine. The Titan
backed into the belt beca
the pulley and the belt
and other parts of the tractor by a ger.e'ocs
margin. It is r.nt necessary to dig holes for the
. . . 1 T i r--. "
lrcmi wui-fis io dtii irnrr. i ne 1 nan
pulley was not put oi sn afteithovght. The designers diii net ovrrioo'.i it i'i
the first place. Some tractor buildeis comrr.itted this veiy M.-iii.Tr vrir,-,; due t .
lack of farm i:novledpc and experience. To remedy tli'6 errf t.:i v dei.',nv J a
Small make-shiSt pulley, in rue sire only, ettached it in an a: k-.vard place, ar 1
charge you $35 to $40 for it. The Titan 10-2Q frictinn ch-tch prl'rri i furnizhr l
milhntit extra charce.
Throttle Governor
Some tractors are sold without governors because,
perhaps, the designers did not know thatone was
r.eeded. Which is the bert ecorotny to pay en
operator a laryjusl to sit on the tractor and Ed
just the fuel to the load variations when er-gared
in belt work or let a throttle governor do it -.vth-out
extra cost? do it automatically, perfectly.
The Titan throttle governor saves fuel, prevents
grain losses by delivering uniform power to your
thresher and lengthens the life of trtcior
and driven machines. Ynti get (Inn fnrernnr
without extra charge.
Drawh-ir orne tr3Ctor builders put a
ICtWUCil hook enfi eye affair on the
tail end of their tractors and call it a dr3whar!
They seem to have overlooked the lact that a
farm tractor not only pulls plows but also
mowers, hay loaders, grain tinders, harvester
threshers, etc.. each requiring different hitch ad
justment. Perhaps they didn't know about these
other machines. Look at the Titan drawbar.
ZTt ,
Note the provisions for a wide range of adjuM-
ment both up and down arid sidewitc.
rV-j furnished without extra cost.
The Titon drnubar fits every nerd and
W ' IB?
The designers of some tractors
evidently did not know that
the drive wheels thiow dirt, dust or mud over
the operator and machine unless fenders prevent
it. The Titan 10-20 has such fenders. They are
also a "safety first" feature. The state of Michigan
has passed a law prohibiting the sale of fenderkss
tractors. Titan fenders are furnished without the
$40 to $50 extra charge made by the "low-price"
PJoftOVm Some tractor designers apparently never 6t in a tractor seat
lCtlUJIIH ten hours a day or more, jolting over rough fielK, to they
can't appreciate what a relief it is for the trrctor operator to rst himself now
and then by tandir.g tip, without lors cf time. Voa will tppreciete the Titan 10-20
platform that enables you to do this. It is a comfort feature furnished regularly
with every Titan 10--0 tractor no extra cost.
TV-. "tic A complete set cf sixteen tools is furnished with every Titan 10-20.
1 OUiO This handy tool-kit is provided in spite cf the fact that Titan 10-20
tractors get out cf order less frequently than any other tractors in the world.
Some tractor concerns whose tractors real"? need frequent adjustment and repairs,
furnish nothing but two or three wrenches. They tell you tht their product is
so good that it doesn't need adjustment. Do you believe this? As a matter of
fact, they omit necessary tools for the same reason they omit the essential f?atures
described above to make a low "camouflage price"! The Titon 1Q-2Q com
plote tool hit is hirr-ished without extra charge.
iis. aifl liusii;ii!t. !fi;;irti-l t!;i.;
moriiiiii; for tluir Ikhik- at McCool:.
Mr. Jiiiriix aud wife liv-d in this
phico years u;v, hist !::tvv been mak
ing ttu'ir Iioum" irs I In- west ior
Iuii.:; time now. The altitude at .Mc
Cook is considtrab! v lusher and the
air is drier, which fact was respon
sible for t!iir early departure, as
they had planned on remaining in
l'littsiMoutli during carnival week,
iiut were unable to do so on account
of Mrs. Iludig's condition of health
natural advantage of a I charged he will continue to make hi.
; home in Chicago. About two weeks
si'lerint; t he
;tuo weeks' advanced reason and 'oe-
iieve tiioKe who buy here will make
! 1::mhI: inri sums I'ri rn their invesJ-i
a ; ni'iit . i
Herman Kichter. v. ho formerly lived
here, and paid that he is prospering
t!ure and inciiiired about the large
number of friends he hss in this
The entire distance of 07 miles
(o Canton, was made over the Kin?;
of Trails.
.rn Tuesday's Pally.
Warren Wassell, the monument
man. is some farmer, besides bein;;
able to do a fine job of work at his
trade. We chanced pa.-t hi.s dace
last evening and round that hi.-;
cabbage patch had all been market
ed, he having hail some t'ol ones.
IUit tomato", you tell "em. lie had
some that would (ill a ijuart cup. A
total of thirty-nine vines, all tied tip
on a stake and with tin cans sunk in
the ground at the root of the plants
in which to give the vines a drink.
About as line u scheme as we ever
baw and it works too. for all one
has to do for proof is to look at I In
elegant crop of tomatoes, whi'h is
ripening rapidly. Mr. V.'asseil
has a Rock of Anconu chickens .that
lay at the age of five months.
W. A. Swatek and Family Make the
Tnn to Canton and Return
via the Auto Route.
Prom Mt ndHy'n rnjiv.
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Hudig.
have been visiting in this citv
some time past, guests at the lionu:
P'rorn Monday's l;iiv.
A few d ivs ygo Will A. Swatek
and family, who have been visiting
in the north, returned home, coinin;;
vi.i lie auto route from Canton, S.
Iak., and making the trips up and
back in one day each-
While at Canton tiny visited til
he liome of Anlone Jelinek, who is
u brother oT Mrs. Swatek, and they
report having had a most excellent
Mr. Swatek says there is about
two weeks difference in the climate
between here and there, but still tho
land is soiling at about the cam
figure as it is here, going from ?250
who 'to ?::f)0 uer acre, and raising good
fT crons. j
cuth Dakota owners think
Fmiiii Monday's Ually.
Eddie Gradoville, the man who
did the catching for the Ited Sox
yesterday and made some brilliant
"plays at that, is laid off from his
work on account of injuring nis
hand while catching a hot foul in
the game yesterday. He is giving
the injured member a good treat
ment in the hopes of soon nawng
the hand so he can go to work
Mr. Gradoville is one of the best
players in this city, and with every
game is getting better. We expect
to see him take his place with some
of the best, teams in the not distant
before his departure for overseas, he
was united in marriage with a Chi
cago girl, ami on his return he vis
ited in Chicago for several days, be
ing accompanied by bis wife to this
place for a visit with his folks, be
fore he returns to t;;l.e up his for;;. -er
pujition in Chicago.
In coming to IMattsmouth with her
hu'band for a vi:t. Mr. York,
war bride, left the windy city f ir
tht? first time in her life, she having
been born and raised there.
From Tuesday s Daily.
Frank York, nho was until just
recently :i sergeant in the L-nucu
strifes armv. has been discharged
and returned to civil life. Mr. York,
who is a telegraph operator, enlist
ed in the engineers corps in Chicago
the' and was in overseas service for many
of their daughter, Mrs. Earl M. land is selling too cheap here, con- mouths. Now that he has been dis-
in Plattsmouth by
YEOMANRY admits men and women on absolutely
equal basis and terms.
YEOMANRY fosters through its homesteads the most
cordial sociality among its members.
YEOMANRY INSURANCE the most solid and most
attractive in the world.
With full protection in event of death, it combines:
Surgical Benefits
Maternity Benefit
Total Disability Benefit
Old Age Benefits.
POLICY WORTH full face value from dale of delivery.
THE RATE will never increase just high enough to
be safe low enough to enable you to carry all
the protection you want, need and should have.
For further particulars, see, call up cr write to
M. P. JACOBSON, District Manager.
Wagner Hotel, Plattsmouth.