The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 28, 1918, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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S53S5EZ&&JAXBg& ZE33EKJ3M3 12?!iH
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Headers
Sm Is Wealth Ip
tl Economy and banking go Jffi&$2
hand in hand, IrllA
The bank is the goal of the
man who economizes. Jj&
This country is waking up to
the value of economy. It throws
back the charge that it is a
spendthrift nation.
You cannot economize un
less you bank your surplus.
Sea us about ycur bar.hing.
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits arc Protected by the Str.te Guaranty Law.
All buiiness transactions held in strict confidence
Your Personal Bank.
Mr-;. Krnest Kichter has been quite
so k fur the past few days.
.'Ir.-. W:n. Ma sie has been on the
t-irk ii;-t l"r the pat few days.
Mrs. O. A. P.'vis i 1 1 I .Mrs. Vance
Pitman wire Piattstnouth visitors on
.inlay of this week.
Thus. Til-.m v:is tookinir
p.os. iii-on was looking alter
1 1 i matter:- of business in the coun
ty s.v.t last Fat unlay.
Kit .-ale Pure bred Duroc-Jerscy
boar-, i rice won't hurt you. Also
two Shorthorn bulls. Searl S. Davis,
W. A. Scott lias been down with
an attack of the Flu for the past few
'as. The n. any friends hope to
moi! e "Scott ies" smiling face upon
the s-'reets a -a i!..
.Mr. an 1 .Mr:-, Louie Puis have been
ufl'ering with an attack of the Flu
for the pat few days. Their con
dition was not considered serious and
ti.-jy are getting along very nicely
at tli is time.
.Miss IIorte:ue Shepherd.son ' and
M i.-s !io-'j McDermotr came down
from Om ika Saturday evening and
I . lit Hi:i"..!.y r.t t!ie lioine of Miss
Shepl.ei.Noij's sisier. Mrs. (Hen Val
!i ry and family, in J-Ziiilit Mile Groie
Always Ready for Sale
Dates far or near.
Telephone 1511 Ijlurray Exa range
Gloves and Mittens!
Just the thing for keeping your hands warm and
adding comfort to your drive.
Black leather gauntlet lined $3.75
Mititary, one finger warm lined, gauntlet mit
tens 3.50
Leather, one finger mittens, heavily lined, gaunt
let 3.25
Men's Lamb Lined Buck Mittens, take up wrist
strap 3.65
Men's Genuine Horse Hide clastic wriit mittens, 1.25
Men's Horse Hide Chopper Mitts 1.00
Mrs. Wm. Hendricks has been on
the sick list for the past few days.
Wm. Countryman has been numb
ered with the sick for tiie past few
Mrs. Will Countryman has been
numbered with the sick for the past
For S.?le -Parrel Plymouth Ilock
cockerels. and $2.00 each. Mrs.
W. O. Troop. Murray phone.
Walter Sans and family. Mrs. Jos.
Sans and family. Ted Harrows and
family took dinner last Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Doedeker.
James Delcderrier has been suf
fering for the pat few days with an
attack, of the Flu. At last reports
lie was setting along very nicely, and
will soon be restored to his former
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Klioden are
rejoicing this week over the arrival
of a bouncing bal'v bov at their
J home on Saturday. Nov. 2'ld. Stcr
j ling says he is the handsomest lad in
the. community because the neigh
j bors all say that he looks just like
his dad.
Mrs. Ted Harrows departed las Sat
urday for South . Dakota, where she
will make a few days visit with her
daughter. Miss Jessie, who is teach
ing the present term of school up
there. We are informed that Miss
Jessie likes that part of the country
cry well and that she is meeting
with excellent success in her school
work in that state.
Kighteen head of Duroe shoats.
Will weigh about DM) pounds
Murray, Neb.
. Twit
Fur Sale 15a r red Rock Cockerels,
$l.r.O each. Mrs. C. F. DeJuug.
Mrs. Fred Lutz has been nuniber-
ed v
ith the sick for the past few
James and Will Crown made an
auto trip to Omaha Tuesday after
noon. tJjis llollenberg was looking after
son;'? matters of business in the coiin-
ty seat Monday of this week. j
Miss Knler returned home to An-J
burn last week, alter having com
pleted her school work in Murray.
Morton Parilett and family are
moving this week into the Presbyter
ian parsonage, where they will make
their home for the future.
Lee IJrown shipped down a load
of feeders from South Omaha last
Friday that v ill be placed in his lots
for the winter feeding.
Little John C.ilmore celebrated his
fourth birthday anniversary Monday
afternoon of this week, and in honor
of the occasion Mrs. C.ilmore invited
in a number of his little p!amates
to assist John with his good time.
The little folks were treated to -an
ex eh-nt luncheon prepared by Mr.-
(.!o!:;:ore, and they all enjoyed the
usual good time of little folks of this
a;;e on a birthday celebration.
W. C. Hrown arrive! in Murray
last Sunday from !i is home up in
C;i':: 'd:. and will make a week's visit
with his mother. Mrs. W. A. Pdown,
and other relatives and friends at
the old home
He is the
"Hi'lie". with the smile on his face,
and says that he has been enjoying
the best of health in the north and
has been doing well from a busino--..;
standpoint as well as enjoying life.
He reports ( rops good in Canada 11:
past seas":!, and of course le.isiners
has been good. He is still had!in-r
automobiles and tractors, and this
line of h-.u-iness has been except loy
ally good.
The Alt". Canemer and W. H. Pul
-lore roou.s ate liegitiniii'-: t( look as
though the days for their completion
not far o:T. Tiie painters have al
most completed their work, and the
new thriving :i t!u- dry goods store
.;re l;-ing placed in this week by
Theo. P.imton. When these are chim
rlefd Mr. (l.m.-oiirr will lose, no
time in tr.m.-ferring the dry goods,
to th.c eat room, and then the west
room will hi.- in rdine.-.s for the hard
ware store of ir. Puis. Here will
he two very line .-tore rooms in the
very r.e:T future.
Miss Kpier. who has bi s. u tacliing
the grammar department of tiie Mur
ray School.; this term, handed in her
resignation a few days ago, which
war- accepted by the board last week
and. the vi'.caMty made by said resig
nation has h.'.'ti blleil by Miss (I race
Hailcv. of Alvo, who entered upon
the duties of her new position on
Monday of this week. Miss Hailey
tomes to Murray most highly recom
mended for her excellent school !
work in t lie
past, and will no doubt
give the 1 es t of satisfaction to the
board ami patrons of the Murray'
Farms arti Giiy Prcuetfy!
40 acres 2 1-2 mile; south
of J
Plat tsmout b ; s acre ; of alfalfa;
balance being fented.
'') acres bottom h nd, four mil-.";
northwest of Platt-unouth, adjoin
ing Orea p'dis ; ! aues prairie ba r.
cuts twice a yiar; balance farm j During (h- lasi. two weeks it lias
'4'"'- J !ia ppeiied iti some cities and towns
M acres, one mile cast. 1 U mil-.;;,,,. ,,, r.ti!,.,j states and Canada
north t.f .Murray: i acres in j .i.u. ,,. customers could not get
wheat, balance good pasture, fair : Triior s American Klixir of Hitter
j lnU'tovcments, 1. inning water, and
:-Miir fruit. Dandy hom.
Ill acres :; :i miles ;ast of Murray;
2.") aires of alfalfa; 1 acres of tim
othy; J i) acres ol pasture; 11 acres 1
.1 I. ....I. I .. I . . . .. 1 r
o. 1 ir mmi. iMMine go.,(l iarm.wm, , , ;lh( to ,,t a ncw sutDiv.,
land; two small orchards, two wells;
two sets 01 improvements, tan give
reasonable prices and terms on ab-jve
laud, or r.;:ght co:;s:dcr some trade, f
ime seven-room in .Murray, jy hjy
Nebraska, in good vhape. with good'o;ip,rs
well and ouibuildin;
good lots.
contains two
Three houses in Plattsmouth for, ;.rn Klixir cleans the intestines, j
rent. lho!r diee-rinn !iul fortlfips tbf pn.ia
acres, one mile southeast of
Plattsmouth, lays well, new hve-rooni
bungalow, close to P. & M. shops.
Can give good terms, and might con
sider sn:e trade.
Also see me for bargains in Chase,
Perkins and Keith county wheat and
ranch lands.
Murray, Neb.
Iftnyof the reari'rs of th
Journal ktior- of any vvb.l
fveiit, or iu-cn of interest in
th'.s vicinity, ami will mail
saoip to this oCire. ir will a:
Ier under this lu aciirv:. We
want U newbiu-xsKniTOH
John Farris and family were -'in
Omaha Monday of t li is week.
The Murray Home Guards will
meet for drill a'gain on next Sunday
afternoon, at 2:00. All members are
urgently requested to be present and
ai.u tal.e part in the drill. He on
Word lia-e been receive! here
from JMmuiid Kniss stating that he
is just recovering from a seige of the
I mumps. He is now located at Me-
UK'hen. X. J., and is in the ordinance
ami n'aintainance school.
Cottnto man and family, of
Iewe'.h-n, Nebraska, were in this
, vicinity for a few day.s last week vis
iiting amoni; relativts a;id friends at
fie ,M l'.ome. They were also in
:'iattc::;outli for a brief visit with
Mrs. Countryman's parents, .Mr. and
j Mr. Oliver. They returned to their
, home the latter part of last week,
! -v,r- Cur nt rymau is well pleased with
x h:lt I,:,rt ol" tlu tate, but at the
lime enjoys a visit with folk
' home occasionally.
Christian Church
Regular services next Lord's day.
A good attendance is desired. Let u;
keep the good work ioing. 10 a. in.,
Sunday school. "On Timers." 11 a.
111., morning worship, subject 'Knock'
and 7:;'0 p. m. evening worship.
Subjtri 'i'hi'iiksgivir.g Sermon." A
cordial invitation to one and all.
C. K. HAN.N'AN, Pastor.
Full blood White Leghor.i, single
comb roosters, at $1.25 each. Frank
Dill, Murray Xcb.
Duroe -Jersey
for service, at
boars, old enough 1
reasonable prices. i
Oldham Stock Farm.
rvrriTO Qinv" ATrTwr
Aiding CJstressroT-CeiiiifrynKn lo
Meet Burdens of New Gov
ernment by
The mericans of Czecho-Slovva'c
i:r)i:e!i'ian parentage, are all ox-
1--S ti
know 11
an! urged to contribute not
an one dollar each, and as
re as uiey can, to w tiat is
; .
s 1 11 a u isgi v 1 ng tillering, the
i.nui'.y to !;e used
in the payment cf
taxes of the new- Czccho-Slovuk re-i
public, which lias just been organiz- '
ed. The Czecho-Slovaks have been
under the heel of (lermau oppression
far many years and now that the op
portunity :' liberation is at hand it
Ivliiiuvi"' every ancestor of the na
tion with tru- blood running in his
veins to do ns much as he can for
this new cause of libertv.
The pen-
pie there are financially
weakened '
after four vears of warfare and on
rrevMve taxes. Just now with world
' peace a reality, what better can we
f I'tohc m.ian parentage do than show
jour fellow-countrymen that the new
republic tluy are founding is uestin-
d to live.
AH A ;u. ri'i, n-- of P.ohemian paren-
. re rtiiueteu to come lorwaru
; nor- and assist the republic, whose
p"op!e have leen subjected to such
t i-u ifering in getting their new
(country started.
1 at their !rtiggists. 1 lie unusual for thN excellent remedy
.!i!f! nrnied biublv efficient in the
, . .. - , , . , I
dr.ys of Spanish lnfiuenzH exhausted 1
all stock on hand, and the druggists
,lli;.Ki,. Pr(,-.h Our bhnr.torv h!tJc!,;'sl" " ': a ,,r(SS suit f(,r 21.S0. a
o iitblf'd the production, but in spite
cf it. in conieouence of the great
hian.I during influenza, we are harfl-
to keep up with the rush of
Hverybody should always
provide for such eventuality and " lM,fisib,e h:ince for some of US to
keen a supply at home. Triners Amtr,set out.
1 - 1
tire system against morbific germs.
At all drugstores. SI. 10. Triner's
Liriment is excellent for rheuma
tism, neuralgia, lumbago, sprains,
oin. 3." cents and G5 cents at drug
stores; by mail 15 and 75 cents.
Joseph Triner Company, 1333-134.
S. Ashland avenue, Chicago, 111.
Journal Want-Adi Fay I
Says When a little Hard Luck Hits
the Boys Occasionally They
Just, Try and Smile.
Somewhere in France,"
Oct. 2:;, 191S.
My Dear Mother and All:
How are you and all the rest at
home? I am tine and dandy and
enjoying life as much as possible.
If Ave have a little hard luck once
i in a while we just try and "smile,
lift ciuui. .
c boys who
ar, so they
iJiu-t talked to some of the
en over here a year
are also readv to return to the states
as soon as we complete our job. So;fs
vou fee I am not alone. I have re-
jeeived but one letter from you
I far. Hut have received a number of
1 them from Sis. Haven't heard from
j Harry's for rome time. It sure does ;
teem iueer to walk around the camp j
here and pass a Frenchman and you '
want to spak to him but you don't
j know what to say or how to say it. j
.... o..r0li miit .. j,it I)f French i
and by the time I return no doubt!
'l can taik it. I think "Old Kaiser (
llill" is just about ready to cash in, :
and if he eouol only f:ee w hat l ncle i
.Sam has in store for him later on.
I think he would turn up his toes
right now. Anyhow we have got;
him on the run and as they say he'vj
is taking tno steps where he used to y
take en". The only thing we don't;
(lic about it over here is that we. j
are helping to win the war for the!
; '" bjrmans" back in the
'when we return there
' more "Germany'' for
.tell tli" whole world. Well, mother,
1 think we have moved around about
all we will now for a while as-we
.nr.- planning on. being here for sever:-!
we. ks yet. Then no doubt I
will be able to write you oftener. We
, sure nave seen 101s 01 ermaii jris-j
. onero since we landed and they all
seem to like it here better than
ith- y did back in their own country,
t Well, mother, I must close and
, w rite to John. Best regards and
ioe to one- and all. I am. as ever
ymir loving son. Private Forest If.
I " i ! ghman. Co. M, 21st Engineers. A.
;!-:. F.. France.
P. S. As for (he French maidens,
1 take the American girls for mine
every time.
Rig Stcjjn on Return Trip and Sever
al Tien Washed Overboard
Lost His Clothing.
C S. S. Rochester,
Novembe rlO. ID IS.
Dear Parents:
We just arrived at port this morn
: ing. We are now at Norfolk, Va.,
1 . . .
wijl leave tomorrow morning
' ,
lor New ork,
We are coaling ship
, . -. . ,
luu.ij aim k: rti u qUiu iu irnii on
We will take on about 2,200
i The
weather here is awfully hot
;at present. We had a little rain this
, morning, but it didn't amount to
nnich. We sure had a bad trip this
j t i ni c. Awfully sold and rain and
snow all the way over and back. We
i landed in France this time but only
st a veil a few hours.
We had some hard luck on our
way back. One night when we went
to bed it was sure nice and at 10
o'clock we were in one of the biggest
storms we have had yet. Six of us
went out to drop some hatches and
two of the men were washed over
board, while myself and one of the
others were washed up on the tur
ret. The one with me had his left
arm broken. I got both my knees
skinned but they are all ri'sht now.
I was never so scared in all my life,
asr 1 was that night. Wx did not
hnd the two who were washed over
board. We also lost one of our big
Mnoke ?t ar ks at llltio. I went below
and the worst of it was I lost all of
my clothes except what I had on inc.
TiM-re vns about $1.",0 wort'.. Just
a few days before I bough C an over
coat for $22. There were about six
teen of us lost our clothes. Several
of the o facers lost their clothes abo.
I borrowed enough clothes to wear
until we came to port and this after
:m '.u I S orrowed $40' from the pay-
'master and went to Norfolk and ihii-
I 1
1 couple of hat, two suits of undcr-
de-!wt'3r' "n pair of booU 8,1,1 u rjiin
coa' 1 aIU J'ot olnK to u" an'
! than I really have to because if
I,cacp is deelared. there might be a
11 seems as though we can't make
,riP across any more unless we
have a lot of bad luck. This trip
two men were drowned and three
died from the Spanish flu. I got a
letter from brother Torn today and
they are all well.
Well, I'll have to quit for this
time and go ahead with coaling the
ship. With lots of love, I remain, as
ever, your son.
W Hi
Hardware an? implement
, m
Hardware, Stoves, Paints and
Farming Implements!
Wc Will Try to Serve You in Both
Service and Quality!
t.vf -.r..:T'v-rr.i.--'j's.iT-':
Mrs. Sayles was a i'lattsuiouth vis
itor his? Friday.
S. J. Kennies was an Omaha visitor
! Wedue.-dav. November 12th.
The flu has attacked about every
lamilv in Cedar Creek but two.
Mrs. Walter Hessenllow and baby
were in Omaha Wednesday.
The Cedar (.'reek school has been
closed for the past three weeks on
account of the flu.
:.!r. and .Mrs. s. J . were
Louisville visitors u last Thursday.
They drove up in their car.
There, was quite a nice crowd at
the John True sale which was held
in Cedar Creek on Thursday. Novem
ber 21st.
Henry Ir.heldier, of Moorelicld, Ne
braska, has been visiting at the
home of Chris Ciaurr and other old
friends for the past few days.
Mr. and Mrs. John Dice, of Wayne,
Nebraska, send an announcement of
the birth of a nne baby girl to them
on last Sunday, November 10th.
The pretty little bungalow of John
Decchler has just been completed
and now ready to move into. It
is sure a fine looking little home.
A. O. Au't and Robert Stivers are
back on duty at the store and post
office after being confined to their
bed for more than a week with the
Mrs. Louis F. Ilennings has been
in Cedar Crerk for the last week as
sist ing in the care of her parents
! and family w ho have been confined
to their bed with the Spanish influ
jenza, but ara all doing nicely at the
pic-ciit tune.
Mrs. Philip Tritsch of Iowa is here
helping take care of her sister and
husband and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Hans Schroeder, who are in bed with
the tin. Mr. Schroeder has been very
low but at the present time is re
ported better.
Mrs. James Terryberry has just re
ceived a letter from her brother,
Martin Lohnc;, who is in France, to
the effect that he is all right and
enjoying life nicely. He and his en
tire company were all right at the
It is with pleasure and
that wc thank our customers and friends for the pat
ronage the- are giving us at the present time, as wc
are unable to give them the service they are entitled
to. But we expect in the near future to be located
so we can be of better service to them than ever before.
thatch this space in
the future.
the letter and in the
. N rris from NehawK.i,
in the ity for a few hours
.t Siturday. and v hi! h-r - t::lb-d
:i i .i.Kimal f)l'ii:e to rinew his
' sciiiiion for anot.her year. Mr,
uTis has been one of our value 1
;.ders for m; 11 y years, and we are
a-.' .'s nb ;,'-ed t(j see him.
! .
! su
, t,-,
I M-jri. ability mo! character
, t !: f ic'ers by which the business
.man'.; help. If your rompcti-
or:: for a p.'.sitiu are bosi'mss-
traiivd, in an Accredited Commercial
.School, what chance have you of
'securing' the position? The bu-iness-j
'traint I buy or girl can write betltr,
:-pe!l better, compose : letter IxttiT,
and tall: better than oi. As a mat -Iter
of SKLF-PKOTKCT10N you must
' be trained in business. Send for free
' citalor: of the Grand Island Pie i-
ms College. Grand Island. N'ebras
1 i:a over thirty years experience in
! ! training young people for Govern
ment, Funking, and Doziness Posi
tions. FOR SALE.
Lanquet six-hob' range, practi
cally new, a No oil heater, new.
Mrs. L. D. Hiatt.
Cut This Out It Is Worth Money.
DON'T MISS THi?.. On' out this
.-lip. enclose with fir, to Fub-y & Co.,
2 S " Siiefii Id Ave., ''hb- ;. II!.,
writing vour name arid add re. .;
clearly You will receive in return
a trial package containing Fob;.'.;
Honey and Tar Compound. for
feu:'li:. eoiS.; and croup, Foley Kid
ney rills and Foley Cathartic Tab
lets. Sold everywhere.
Patriotic crcpo paper decorath.r.s
.t t'.p Jvii'nal i-frier-.
-P St 15 BY D!?LGQ!3TS LEkV:,7.L
J-'-'" v Imilrtl LyrlruiriS'tf 'T.
it IT-; 4 K.r..i, lii,,..(l llimnilV
t ST ' S Pill in Hr4 n ;j ti.- . .
9L" "-" 1 "n . s. r-i .tn i!,i 1 v;
H -Kt 7'il.e 1 o olKr Hut r .our v
C .if" n.V!.N; ru m iMi.i.-. i 1;.-.
r.lurray, Neb.