The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, January 31, 1918, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 1818.
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People
TP 8
The war h. costing the lnited Status $1,000, COO an hour.
To offset this steady and tremendous drain upon the nation's
carh rowurcp. there must he a corresponding stream of, dollars
floving i tit y tlit' national treasury.
Thrift stamps and war savings stamps offer the people an op
portunity to ueposit their daily, weekly or monthly savings with
the ov eminent .
Iti return the govei r.r.ient will repay the principal with 4 per
cent interest . compounded quarterly. As an example of how the
i;ive?:c; o money will grow, sixteen war savings stamps, costing 25
e r.tE-. each, or 4.00 in ril. with 12 cents added, will entitle the
dpo-itor to $?.f'0 on January 1, 1923.
A? an investment, safety considered, there is nothing better
o!'. the market today. All the resources of the richest government
on earth are belli ud the stamps.
Murray State
Mi- Lva Lulinr . spent Sunday
v th Mir-s -Ethel Parris.
Born, to M and Mr:. Will lio
ii. ar. a baby boy, on Janua-y 2rd.
t'haries Cnroll returned lioni'.
-i ii we k from a vi?it with his s-on
i-:rn. near Avecr..
A;- ::iul Mrs. 1?. S. Tir. i went to !
i'lattsniouth l;o-t Sunday, where they
sa.nt the day at the home of Mr.
;h Mr;.. l ..:'.. n ii3es.
t r
:.Irs. Sadie Grwieth was taken to
O'urha Monday evening, where she
was placed in the hospital for an op
eration for appendicitis.
Mrs. Ed Ganstmer went to Omaha
3 ::! Saturday in spend the day with
her daughter. Miss Fern, who is at
tending fchool in that city.
The Ladies Aid society dinner and
:-uppcr given at the church last Sat
urday v.a:; ij'uiie well attended and
netted the ladles something over
Th" ItusterholU sale. held on Mon
day of this week was well attended.
: It hough the weather was very cold.
The i-tock and other goods offered for
sale brought good prices.
Jo";'.:: Lloyd was in I'ia ttsmouth on
Monday of this week, where he was
making preparations for his big sale
i;t ? held at his farm home on Feb
ruary 14th. Mr. Lloyd is selling off
a great deal of his farm stock and
machinery Drcparatory to moving to
his new home in Perkins count y.
':.- family will rems in in Nchawka
for ho stimmcr.
Always Ready for Sale
Dstcs far or near.
Telephone 1511 Murray Exchange
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Cream cheese, per lb
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The Missionary society will meet
with Mrs. W
S. Smith on Friday of
next week.
Miss Mary West went
Tuesday, where she spent
visiting with friends.
to Omaha
few days
H. C. Creamer went to Omaha on
I Tuesday evening to see the doctor in
regard to his injured hand.
Miss Mary Metz returned to Mur-
ray Monday of this weel after a few
days' visit with her parents in Syra
cuse. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kohrell.
a baby girl on Tuesday, January 20.
Both mother and little one are doing
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sans were
visiting.and looking after some coun
ty t-eat business matters in Platts
niouth Wednesday.
The Ked Cross workers have ni"t
with Mrs. Jackson the pact two
weeks, and will also meet there on
Thursday of this and next week.
The churches of Murray abandon
ed the evening services last Sabbath
because of the storm. The union
service will be held at the Christian
church nest Sabbath. Uev. Jackson
will preach.
The National War Service commis
sion of the United Presbyterian
church will hold a conference in the
Central church of that denomination
in Omaha next Wednesday evening,
at which time there will be addresses
given by several leading men of the
Mr. and Mrs. Will Jorgmson. and
brother, John Jorgcuson, of near Ne
hawka. were in Murray on Tuesday
driving up to see Dr. Brendel in re
gard to John's knee, in which he
had cut a hole while chopping wood.
The injury was not very serious but
needed the doctor's attention.
At the United Presbyterian church
next Sabbath. Sunday school will
meet at lo:09 a. m.. and the pastor
v ill preach at 11:00 a. m. Every
one will be welcome to these ser
vices. After next Sabbath the sec
ond service in this church will be
held aJ. 1:00 p. m., instead of 7: C9,
;i means cf conserving fuel.
17c lb.
usually pay ccius
Dutch, per can $
pT can
per sack 3.00
per roll .12
kind the people of Mur- 4
Mrs. Joe Deil has been numbered
with the sick fpr the past few days.
The two children of Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Hounds are suffering with pneu
monia. The little baby of Mr. and Mrs.
St Wixon has been suffering with
pneumonia for the past few days.
Mrs. Alba Young, of Waterloo. Ne
braska, has been in Murray for the
past few daxs visiting with friends
and relatives.
All members of the Murray erap
ter of the Ked Cross may secure their
mcinbership cards by calling at th
Murray Slate Bank. Please c
them as early as possible.
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Todd departed
Monday morning for Dakota, and
from there, after a few days" visit
villi Mrs. Todd's parents, they will
take up their journey to their home
in Canada.
G. M. Min ford returned to Mur
ray Monday from Lincoln, where he
lias been for the past few days visit
ing with his family. H report" Mrs.
Miuford, who has lc":i sick for the
past two weeks, as improving
George Lloyd lost a very valuable
horse this week, by setting down in
j the barn some
The leg
ipht and breaking his leg
was l)roken completely off end
animal will have to be killed.
W. J. Philpot was vnriiing with
I Murray friends Tuesday. Wc dn not
often find "Piliy"' visiting, but ihi?.
day we know he was.
for he told us
I at dinner he ban put in nail f
j day without making a cent. He was
i sure visiting.
Henry Creamer returned home
last Sunday moriiing from Ouiaka.
where he has beeu suueriiig from
an attack of blood poisoning lor the
past few weeks, on irom a
needle penetrating his hand. He is
improving very nicely at this time,
out still has a mighty ugly looking
wound and hand as the result of the
injury and the removing of the
Mr. and -Mrs. W. Ii. Puis went H
Coleridge, Neb., last Saturday, where
they were called owing vo the ser
ious illness of Mrs. Fred Dierks. r.
sister of Mrs. Puis. Mrs. Dierks hi:
beeu ill for several years suffering
from a stro.e of paralysis, and waii
relieved of her Euffermg-' by death
on Monday of this week. Mr. a::d
Mr-. Puis remained to attend the
John Farrir, and family and M,rs.
Crede Harris went to Lincoln Sun
day to see Mr. Harris, who has been
in the hospital in that city for the
past few days suffering from th
injuries he received in the auto ac
cident some time ago. At tiie time
they left Lincoln Mr. Harris was
improving some, but his condition
had been quite serious:. Among oth
er miuries. he was surtering irem at
fractured rib.
Frank Vallery and Louis Puis I
went to Omaha Tuesday afternoon
for the purpose of submitting the
contract from the Murray Lighting
committee to the officers of the Ne
braska Lighting Co.. for running
their line to Murray. The contract
Ls now completed and ready for the
signing by both parties. They were
accompanied to the city by Morris
Lloyd and Albert Wheeler. Mrs. Al
ba Young went with them as far as
Plattsmouth, where sh will visit for
a few days with friends.
For some time past there has beeu
a number of children in Murray that
seem to have gotten clear cut from
under their parents' control, or eise
their parents do not try to control
them. At least t'ni ; is the complaint
hat has come to the publisher of
the .lurnal. We have been authoriz
ed to inform all parents and child-
iren as well, that in case there is not
something done in the very mar fu
ture in the way of handling such
children, 1b" proper authorities will
be notified and they will be dealt
with accordingly. A little care at
this time may save your children a
great deal' of grief a little later on.
The next number of the Murray
Lyceum course will Lc given at the
iFuis & Ganscmer hall, cn Saturday
evening. February 2. It will be the
Chicago Entertainers, pud will be
one of the best of the entire course.
Do not fail to attend.
Complying with the request of the
State Council of Defense the follow
ing places of business in Murray,
will close each evening at G:30 p. m.
except Saturdays.
1-1 1 ATT & TUTT.
bmbsbbi w aaaw
Tf any of the readers of the
Journal know of any social
event or item of interest In
thlu vicinity, and will mail
same to tLis oflice. It will ap
pear under this heading. VVe
waa;tail newsUca.h F.ijITOk
Noble Kiser has been quite sick
for the past few days.
Mrs. Glen Ilhoaeu, who has beeu
quite Eick for the past few weeks,
continues to improve.
Ir. Jaite Brendel was called over
to Weeping Wat,er twice this week
owing to the illness of Mrs. Kale
W. G. Boedeker, the genial eash
itr of the Murray Sta'te bank, has
been puttering for the past few days
with a severe c;ld.
hiagton, Jan. 27. Warning to
the public to be careful in the use of
hair dyes,, hair removers and
similar cosmetics because manv of
thtm contain poisonous ingredients. I
was given by the bureau cf stand
ards. "Keuge for cheer.s or lips, has been
the cause cf serious mercury poison
ins." says the bureau's statement,
towing to the presence cf vermillion
(mercury sulphide). Hair recovers International News service. The
jut;: in general quite corrosive in j court fixed April 1 for hearing argu
j character, such as calcium, suiphi-j ments.
i drat.e with calrium hydro:;ide anil The supreme court held that the
land sometimes poisonous as calcium I secretary of labor has no jurisdiet ion
jbjriroxite with arsenic trisulphiJ".
'Byes i!S';-.i in blackening gray hair
ifueraily contain one or more of the
.-:aP.a of silver, lead, copper, iron or
his-mifth, and can cause serious poi
soning when taken internally. It is
v.--11 to treat all materials of this
character as poisonous."
Washington, Jan. "7. Bakers will
begin tomorrow the manufacture cf
the Victory loaf, a war bread con
taining a 5 per cent substitute f:r
wheat flour, prescribed by the food
administration rs a part of ifs 191S
food conservation program. At the
sari? time grocers v. ill sell to house
ho'icrs wheat flour only when the
purchaser buys an eoual amount of
some other cereal.
The percentage of substitute llouri
i sed by baking establishments will
be increased gradually until a twenty
per cent substitute is reached on
February 2. As substitutes the ba
kers may use either some other cer
( cal or flours made from potatoes or
j Hotels, restaurants and other pub-
lie eating places will be required to
; observe the regulations laid down for
flaking establishments.
asks mm LAW
Dtmiug, N. M., Jan. 2S. Charg
g lack of co-operation from "some"
officials in keeping Dentins free
from vice. Mayor M. A. Nordhaus an
nounced his resignation tonight with
a statement that lie will -make a
statement cf conditions for Secretary
of War Paker and recommend that
the city be placed under martial
lav. Cam) Cody is located here.
Utlaunin Investigating.
Doming, N. M., Jan. 26. William
Maupin, newspaper man, arrived
here today as the personal represen
tative of Governor Keith Neville of
Nebraska to prepare a report for the
governor on conditions at Camp
Cod v.
L'hvood Buttery and wife were
passengers to Omaha this afternoon,
where they are visiting with rliends
and also doing some trading.
U.d Todd of Omaha was a business
' i'.'tor in this city this morning look
ing after some business, regarding
the renting of a farm, in this ncigh
borh'iod. SOCIAL DANCE.
at the
January tjoth.
Music by the Desdundes Col
ored Orchestra, of Omaha.
Given I.y
You know the good time
that will be in store for you,
io do not fail to come.
Washington, Jan. 2S. The su
preme court, by declining to grant a
rehearing of their case and ordering
the mandate issued at once, today re-
: fuse to delay further the carrying
i out of the sentences of Emma Gold-
man and Alexander Berkman, con
victed in New York of conspiring to
violate the draft law. The court
sustained their convictions on Jan
uary 14.
Federal court decrees denying the
right of the supreme lodge, Knights
of Pythias to iucrease assessments on
' insurance of the "endowment class"
under its bylaw as amended in 1SS8
( were to set aside by the supreme
' court.
I ( curt decrees holding that in
granting school sections to Utah, the
government did not reserve mineral
lands, were also set aside by the su
preme court, in proceedings brought
by the government to cancel sales by
i the stute in Carbon county.
The supreme court agreed to expe
dite the appeal on proceedings
brought l v the Associated Press to
prevent the pirating of news by the
to arrest and deport Chinese aliens
on the sole grounds that they are
found in this country in violation of
the Chinese exclusion law, but that
deportation can only be ordered by
thev United States government or a
district court.
A baker's bread of mixed flours
begins today with a 5 per cent aub
stitution of other cereals for wheat
increasing daily until a 20 per cent
substitution is reached February 21.
Sale by retailers to householders
of an equal amount of substitute"
flours for every pound of wheat flour
purchased at the time the wheat
fiour is bought.
i'ale by millers to wholesalers and
by wholesalers to retailers of only
70 per cent of the amount of wheat
Sour sold last year.
Two wheatless days a week ou
Mondays and Wedncsdas anu one
wheat less meal a day.
One meatless day a week Tuesday
and one meatless meal a day.
Two porkless days a week Tues
lays and Saturdays.
Manufacturers of macaroni, spag
hetti, noodles, crackers and breakfas'
foods, pie, cake and pastry permittee
to buy only 70 per cent of their last
year's purchases.
Hotels and restaurants classed af
'oakeries and required to serve tht
new Victory bread.
Washington. D. C. Jan. 2S. Rail
roads v ere ordered by Director Gen
eral McAdoo tonight to dispense with
the services of legislative and polit
ical agents and all attcrnejs not en
gaged in performance of necessary
legal work, and to observe strictl
the law regulating free passes.
This, the first economy order
under government operation tf the
railroaels, will cut off large and well
paid staffs maintained by many com
panies and eliminate from payroll'
hundreds of lawyers throughout the
country who draw annual retaiue
fees;. If it is complied with to the
letter, the director general's of
fice intends to see that it is. thou
sands of free passes now held by
elate, county and municipal ofiicials
and others will be cancelled.
The order sets forth that during
the period of possession, operation
and government control of railroad?
it hi necessary that officers, director
and auents of railroad companies bp
very carelup in the handling of
moneys and in the dealing with
transportation matters.
Amsterdam, Jan. 2S. Yesterday
was the kaiser's fifty-ninth birthday
If fragmentary dispatches from the
German border signify half the
things their hidden hints imply, Wil
helrn II must have spent the better
part of the day with his ear to the
ground listening anxiously, trying to
gauge the murmurings of his people.
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In the big cities, Berlin, Cologne,
Hamburg, Leipzig, Essen and many
others, the murmur grew into tumult.
There were mass meetings at which
thunderous shouts for vent up.
Owing to the hermetical i;e.l:ng of
the frontiers only these hints filter
ed through.
The unrest which has b-.-guu to
p". eep Germany is the echo, advices
indicate, of Phiiip Seheidemann's ans
wer to Count Hertiing's hues! ;h. In lb" hearts of miliieuis of
Germans who in bygone years cele
brated the anniversary of th dr rul
er's Dirt li with enthusiastic glorifica
tion, the torch of rebellion is burn
ing. Seheidemanii'-j speech has light
ed it.
For the first time, not only i:: t lie
war, but in T0 years, doubt of the
army's finality and capability as the
arbter of the nation's fate has been
publicly raised by a. recognized lead
er of millions, and more than this,
the doubt has been published far
and wide in the empire, because the
censorship shackles had err eked und
er previous socialist onslaughts.
Political observers here have long
since agreed that any real up. ising
in either one of the Teutonic em
pires must, begin in their armies
mainly because every ahl"bod;ed man
is under arms. The root of such a
rising, however, they agree, is lack
of confidence, the feeling that new
offensives will share the fate of for
mer ones, will be undecisive and only
ntail new terrific losses.
L. G. Todd, one of the jurymen
was down home to Murray last, even
ing ajid returned to this city this
morning, to serve on the jury in the
iistrict court.
We are Receiving
and a special invitation is extended to you to
call and look them over at this time.
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Line- Jan. 1'''. Although no
puhiie announcement lias bet n made
by the rtate council of defense, it
is e..::re;.ieiy r.uiikeiy that any ac
tion will be taken r.pon the protect
i'"ed by Mrs. W. E. !5arkl"y. state
president of the Nebraska E;ual Srf
frav.e association, upon the form of
the proposed amendment vhich tho
council 's submitting thremgh the
-..i' ' ,t i e and r f'.'-renduin to dis-r-iranchise
"alien enemy voters." vim
are Kviing exemption from the draft
on the grounds that they are not
citizens, but at the same time de
sire to vote through a declaration vi
intention of becoming citizens.
Stockholm. Jan. 2S. The bug
threatened revolution in Finland, is
proeeedinc in the eastern provinces,
according to sparse reports reaching
Ilaparanda and forwarded here.
The railroad station at TIelsingfors
is reported to have been occupied by
the Russian red guard. Sharp fight
ing has taken place at Viborg.
Russia soldiers are said to be aid
ing the red guard and reinforcements
are reported to have been sen, frora
Miss Siella Gooding " arl'-J this
afternoem for Omaha, where she is
visiting with friends for the day.
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